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/cg/ ~ All triple-threads locked
File 151756177625.jpg - (114.86KB , 1120x879 , notriple.jpg )
10234 No. 10234
If you copy the same links on 180chan or 144chan your thread will be locked or deleted.
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>> No. 10472
File 151821931758.jpg - (138.50KB , 1240x1240 , gchq3.jpg )
We encourage shekeleers to snitch on their colleagues if they notice they're breaking the rules by copying the same link across more than one chan. You will not earn any prizes but your own posts will have more exposure with your competitors eliminated!
>> No. 15484
File 152571015792.png - (45.90KB , 600x700 , kingdead.png )
180chan.info was the last of the old domains originally making up the Triforce in 2012 along with 144chan.org and 155chan.info. Like the ship of Theseus however, with their loss the Triforce has not been lost. We continue to live on, under braver policies, bigger populace, stranger stronger domains, and of course wiser Mods.

Pervs n' peds what the antis took away from you is now back at the new 180chan https://180chan.sh
>> No. 16367
Depfile is now DEADfiles.
>> No. 16417
File 15264930059.png - (179.91KB , 728x546 , RIPDEP.png )
Thank you Depfile, for 5 long years of helping our cause, keeping our files and ignoring those oppressive laws.
>> No. 16646
File 152666023749.jpg - (26.81KB , 400x380 , stal.jpg )
Our new 180chan is back at 180chan.ru
>> No. 16714
Ya...so they arrest him for hosting a file sharing site, of which content being hosted he has little control over, or not enough man power to filter through everything. Sounds like bullshit to me. Did they find any CP on his computer equipment they seized? Didn't mention...

Also, Thailand defense ministry tracking all foreigners that enter the country until the very moment they leave, probably to crack down on foreigners seeking child prostitution that is rampant in their country....meanwhile the elite do it on a regular basis! celebs going to 'twinker pool parties' in hollywood where kids are passed around like meat, Bill Clinton and others riding the 'Lolita Express' to Epstein island where they have sex with more kids, and even child sacrifice being committed regularly...The Vatican is one place to host such disgusting events. Oh and Pizzagate is real.

But some guy who 'accesses' a CP site will get arrested. Heard that just the other day, that is a new one i haven't heard before.
That is what they want...the elite being allowed to get away with it no problem, while at the same time promoting it through film, television, and pop music geared to sexualize little girls, but condemning the average citizen for even thinking about it. Fucked up society.
>> No. 18834
File 152802304337.jpg - (93.94KB , 499x451 , desk_flip.jpg )
Since shekeleers are effectively killing each other over /cg/ page 1 spots with false bumps and all it makes sense to ensure only those who offer users something valuable get to occupy one.

I've updated the rules to forbid posting only samples or partial sets on /cg/. If you don't have at least one set or vid for your post then GTFO and let someone else with something to offer occupy your spot.

Also since the US government could asswipe with the constitution and apply laws retroactively with SESTA/FOSTA I figured I could do the same so I locked all existing threads which posted partial sets before the new rule.

>> No. 19102
File 152821901947.jpg - (34.60KB , 640x360 , deadstal.jpg )
The Russkye comrades didn't appreciate the lolis at 180ru so we had to shift allegiance and go Western block all the way to LA.

Pervs n' peds please welcome 180chan.la 180chan.al https://180chan.co
>> No. 23673
File 153440474884.jpg - (41.21KB , 552x392 , redirect-image-1.jpg )
Just letting everybody know we'll be using trichan.de as our emergency page. Think of it as emergency board #3 besides triforce.forumside.com & Lisach

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