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RIP librechan
File 154457552443.gif - (1.76MB , 848x480 , XiaoYing_Video_1544573848083.gif )
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Plz share your b+g videos here
>> No. 106122
bump plz
>> No. 115481
I wish that was me she was jacking off

File 152435796014.jpg - (239.95KB , 1600x1200 , 2013-03-23 17_28_44.jpg )
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>> No. 73065
surely you recognise screenshots when you see them - the times stamp is in original filename. pics are all dsc00xx.jpg with timestamps in the exif. screenies have the info in the name, try making one with mpc
>> No. 73067
First of all thereare only 4 screenshots, second there is a comment indicating that there was a video with sound which appears to be no longer there
>> No. 85145
>> No. 87192
Very hot
>> No. 115478
Please more

File 151344677825.jpg - (711.62KB , 1626x2452 , ll12-00.jpg )
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German, French, Danish, Dutch scans.

Certified 100% Kitty free.
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>> No. 84655
File 153742454124.jpg - (159.68KB , 1044x1200 , pat28-e.jpg )
>> No. 111590
Please.. can someone please share miyuki wakamatsu pic set?
>> No. 112931
i want to see girls grow up 9-11yo as they develop.
>> No. 115039
File 154726139450.jpg - (77.99KB , 560x565 , unknown-photo.jpg )
>>67349 - 67365

Thank you for your upload Anon! (18/06/26(Tue)18:47)
I think that girl on the cover of the magazine you uploaded is the same as the one in this image?
Does anyone know the series name of this black & white photo?
>> No. 115406
Anybody got this full collection? This girl was gorgeous.

File 154734499618.jpg - (1.29MB , 1333x2000 , IMG_2548.jpg )
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Love this girl looking for more pics or vids
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>> No. 115281
File 154734582424.jpg - (529.87KB , 1333x2000 , IMG_0655.jpg )
>> No. 115283
File 154734594331.jpg - (1.14MB , 1333x2000 , IMG_0680 (1).jpg )
Love to pull them panties off her
>> No. 115284
Wow! The last two pics are fucking hot!
>> No. 115294
They all hot wouldn't you fuck that sexy little honey
>> No. 115366
somebody have full set?, i love cheerleader dress

File 154362454668.jpg - (301.72KB , 1350x1800 , Mariya 12yo (1).jpg )
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>> No. 106484
File 154478618839.jpg - (519.73KB , 2400x1800 , Mariya 12yo (80).jpg )
>> No. 106486
File 154478624112.jpg - (511.56KB , 2400x1800 , Mariya 12yo (81).jpg )
>> No. 109307
File 154564494019.jpg - (532.52KB , 2400x1800 , Mariya 12yo (82).jpg )
>> No. 109988
File 154582727080.jpg - (577.30KB , 2400x1800 , Mariya 12yo (84).jpg )
>> No. 115341
I would like to put my 60 or old cock inside of that

File 153680192038.jpg - (14.00KB , 640x480 , hmm.jpg )
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Can we get a creampie thread started? Vids wanted but all media is appreciated.
>> No. 83091
Please do
>> No. 83158
This may get interesting
>> No. 83164
This may get interesting
>> No. 83265
It's adult pic
>> No. 115244
That would be different; )

File 154492223497.jpg - (2.19MB , 3024x4032 , IMG_0700.jpg )
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This is my girls daughter, she is 5 years old and I need to have her. The other day I was watching her while her mom was at work. She got on my lap because we were tickling each other and she kept rubbing her self on my hardening dick. She really seemed to like it. Any time I put my hand around her vagina she would move my hand away. I want to do more with her. I hope I get the chance.
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>> No. 113966
I totally understand your dilemma I think if you don’t try you will regret a missed opportunity but like the good gentleman above said go easy and make it fun
>> No. 115009
You are a lucky man to have such a sexy little girl. She is at that age of curiosity so take advantage of it. Next time your wife is gone and you are alone with her, give her a bath. After she has soaked in the water for a while go in and wash her with your bare hands. Don't make it obvious when you're washing her ass and pussy, just slide your soapy hands between her legs and rub gently. When it's time to dry her off let her stand on the toilet seat and you kneel down in front of her. As you dry her off and her back is toward you, tell her that she has a cute little ass and kiss it. When she turns around and her pussy is in your face, tell her that she has a cute little wee wee and kiss it. If she asks you to do it again, you will have many hours of pleasure with her.
>> No. 115019
Leave her alone. Don't ruin both your lives by doing something stupid.
>> No. 115172
That girl is aching to be molested, IMO
>> No. 115184
get you satisfaction by coming to this board don't do anything in real life its just not worth the risk

File Blushing.webm - (1.45MB )
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Anyone have videos of hebes blushing?

File 154698519239.jpg - (79.99KB , 450x300 , 2400403-bigthumbnail.jpg )
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Can any1 help with kleofia
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>> No. 114277
File 154702330090.jpg - (2.24MB , 2000x3000 , Silver-Starlets_Kleofia-blackstockings-7-069.jpg )
>> No. 114278
File 154702356067.jpg - (710.60KB , 1000x1265 , 153849941917.jpg )
>> No. 115076
Is there any more recent photos of Keofia? I would be interested to see how she looks now. I assume that she has become huge. If she was that chunky as a preteen, her metabolism should have caught up to her by now.
>> No. 115098
maybe she has some thicker calves and a bit of cellulite by now - but on the other had, she is Ukrainian or Russian or something Eastern European. And in my experience that is different from your burger-eating, gallons of coke swallowing American fatties. Often, they age differently and stay attractive, even if gaining a little bit weight.
>> No. 115127
She's not chunky or fat. She's obviously very fit. My guess is that she's a beautiful 18 year old by now. Wish she were doing porn - but oh well! A MarvelCharm set would be lovely too!

File 15365333555.jpg - (165.14KB , 768x1024 , eliza009.jpg )
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She is perfect.
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>> No. 82284
That looks too long to be a tampon string, but i don't know what else it could be. Nice!
>> No. 82302
It an electrical wire from the small vibrator she has inserted.
>> No. 86104
What studio / set is the first girl from?
>> No. 114209
Bump, need more from Eliza, she's a goddess.
>> No. 115112
full set


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seek for thread of lil cutie deep throat his daddy's cock
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>> No. 115065
>> No. 115067
>> No. 115068
>> No. 115081
Bump. I hope something happens here
>> No. 115099
Hurry post quick before it get's deleted

File 154227006934.jpg - (80.09KB , 898x959 , 36750449_838217613041172_4052753087788482560_n.jpg )
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What more ?
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>> No. 98782
File 154227171468.jpg - (60.85KB , 720x960 , 36780829_838213739708226_2406662826706862080_n.jpg )
Hannah my love
>> No. 98785
File 154227184923.jpg - (58.85KB , 720x960 , 37152847_844720582390875_8959787205249728512_n.jpg )
I cum so hard to them
>> No. 114341
this makes me think girls should be taught to use photographs to be sexually provocative
it is incompatible with exploitation
if she is using the camera to get a reaction out of you then it is a benefit to her confidence
the idea that only porn stars are allowed to be sexually provocative with photographs is not congruent with a free society
for example in the USA the first amendment makes it impossible for any industry including the porn industry to be a cartel for sexually provocative images
the idea that a girl HAS to be a porn star to use the camera to sexually provoke men is only for societies that aren't free
we can't think that just because a girl did this and did it successfully therefore she has a porn career waiting for her
this is a west thing
nonwest people think west women are all sluts
they think they can rape west women at the drop of a hat
they just don't get that looking sexy and provoking men is the freedom women have in a free society
anti-cp law is really anti-west law
anti-cp law just reinforces the prejudices of nonwest people
anyone in the west should be upset with public funds (police payroll) being diverted to interfere with girls using cameras to provoke the viewer sexually, yet with the current anti-cp laws, that is the world we live in, at least for now
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 115064
File 154727813598.jpg - (76.13KB , 720x960 , 29695016_783978081798459_4869574828961095116_n.jpg )
My lovies kaylie
>> No. 115066
File 154727820860.jpg - (114.70KB , 720x960 , 49210820_954417001421232_6306460098881388544_n.jpg )
My lovies hannah

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Imagine if you're a dad, and while jerking off to those cam videos of little girls and found your little daughter in one of them what would you feel? would you feel aroused and continue jerking off or stop in horror?
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>> No. 74944
>> No. 76095
Desert looks sweet, lick lick, suck suck, lick lick
>> No. 78745
File 153534787369.jpg - (17.04KB , 474x355 , 974bf02aa5ccc5c19e0d7888fb45bce2.jpg )
>> No. 78750
I am a dad just strolling by out of curiosity, and both of my daughters were legit child fashion models (print and runway). I tried to monitor their computer use, though perhaps not 100% successfully, and impressed upon them that anything they shared with anyone could be captured, saved, and shared with the entire world. They were objectively beautiful, but as a parent not sexual objects to me.
>> No. 115056
Well, the truth is my daughter gave me head in the shower when she was 10 (she initiated it), and we've had sex a few times since then. Nowadays she tells me she'd like to be a pole dance stripper (she's 14) for three or four years while trying to break into the acting field. I support it, but I warned her that she will have to find a way to mentally and emotionally deal with being objectified on a daily basis. So at some point I suspect when she does act out on this, that she may end up in someone's video somewhere. I would not be shocked or surprised, but I would be there for her to help her through any of the emotional fallout she may end up feeling as a result of her choices.

File acrobat1.mp4 - (7.21MB )
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Made recently a compilation of my fav SCDV moments, otherwise known as "Secret Junior Acrobat" series, so I thought to share them here, maybe someone likes it. I had to split them into several shorter vids and reduce their quality to fit the 8mb limit. In total 16:30min or 11 parts. I used only girls that I like (read: younger ones), so not all volumes will be presented.

There's something that makes me go back to watching these. Don't know much about the background, but seems they were made outside of Japan, possibly China. Production is different from regular idol, it feels more "natural" and sexual. Girls are probably not even Japanese but Chinese, not standard idols or models, but every day girls, although quite flexible. I love their petite, doll-like bodies and personally think they're cute. What they all have in common are amazingly shaped asses, due to regular exercise.

Anyways, let's get started. After finishing SCDV I plan sharing some other samples from my collection.
127 posts and 102 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 104913
>Just so you're warned

Warned about what exactly, you little faggot?
Posting cp is illegal and no one forces you to watch these videos. They're posted for free as short vids just as the title suggests.

>ugly, short hair, ugh

There are at least dozens of girls posted here, from what I've seen. What short hair girl? Have you ever considered someone maybe likes what you don't like? It's all subjective, you know.

It's not enough that you come to this board to jerk off to little girls, you have to play a snobby little faggot while doing it, like a little disgusting maggot that you are, don't you?
>> No. 105348
File 154440022027.jpg - (339.76KB , 1200x1600 , suku13_oonishi01_016.jpg )
I simple would like to express my sincere appreciation for this AMAZING thread with so many little Japanese idols...THANK you very much indeed to all posters...!!!...Please, go on (despite you are obliging me to almost kill myself by non stop jerking)...!!!
>> No. 105351
the cameraman obviously are hooked on her pussy like us others!
>> No. 115005
No no>>53639
Lo no
>> No. 115035
These Videos are the getestet bullshit

File 152748525816.jpg - (171.00KB , 720x805 , ShioriCollage.jpg )
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>> No. 61536
>> No. 72697
OMG This is so very beautiful...please more of this sweet family loving !!! WOW
THANK YOUUUUU for this sweet post !!!
>> No. 73010
Great Shiori Suwano share! Thanks.
>> No. 87828
MOAR pics of Shiori!
>> No. 114980
Like my wife, our first and me. So many years ago. Good days.

No. 114740 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
8yo and under thread
8 posts and 4 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 114950
>> No. 114951
>> No. 114963
>> No. 114967
>> No. 114968
Just seen your live with the 2yo hell yea rip her ass open

File 154720424769.jpg - (4.86KB , 220x204 , myhat.jpg )
114845 No. 114845 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Your precious names will now show up again in posts as well as subjects niggas I'm looking at you Nipsey.
>> No. 114932
Thanks Mod.

Long live the Triforce Trichans!

No. 76817 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
The fucking of little girls definitely needs to be encouraged, even promoted! Experience also shows that the child is naturally made to get trained for a lot of fun by a grown man (dad, uncle, friend,...)!
16 posts and 7 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 77189
File 153467801129.jpg - (615.20KB , 959x1247 , Felixxx_140429_Bvf_orgasm016.jpg )
There's indeed one more pic of her, but that's all I have too!
>> No. 78239
Love these beautiful posts ... thanks neph69 !!!
>> No. 104874
Its not incest if you dont knock them up lol
>> No. 114835
neph69 , I couldn't agree more. Voice of experience.
>> No. 114846
>>104874 Not that there's anything wrong with knocking up your daughter

File 15454998123.jpg - (376.72KB , 2400x1800 , 4612e8c6.jpg )
108628 No. 108628 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
>> No. 108629
File 154549985145.jpg - (332.11KB , 2400x1800 , 40277783.jpg )
>> No. 108630
File 154549993631.jpg - (429.19KB , 1536x2048 , Yellow (50).jpg )
Pleasee vidéos thanck
>> No. 110400
Tanechecka green towel series there has to be more to this set than these 3 photos that keep surfacing...Somebody post the whole set please
seen her other 3 sets but never the whole one of this one like all the pics leading up to her speading like that with cum on her pussy
>> No. 114844
Need more pls.

File 152420261158.jpg - (386.21KB , 1000x750 , 151908689874.jpg )
48125 No. 48125 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts]
I like it when little girls forget their panties
153 posts and 120 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 120385
File 154959012125.jpg - (259.30KB , 1280x960 , 1bb5ejpgh_29.jpg )
>> No. 120471
We need more of this
>> No. 120478
Yes please more . I have private stuff for trade
>> No. 120926
File 154987826042.jpg - (146.74KB , 720x960 , IMG_20190209_084801.jpg )
>> No. 120927
File 154987930397.jpg - (906.23KB , 1815x3019 , 153063483666.jpg )

File 154718211873.gif - (3.61MB , 240x487 , MATRIX_080012_nBd_18ccefa892ca.gif )
114806 No. 114806 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
anyone recognizes this clip? full video?
>> No. 114822
Has potential but I not recondnise that outfit or her showing me her yummies from bottom grip like i like. I would guess is here though. Somewhere. Moneric has a lot of that stuff. he has 4 threads here between all the boards. Good Luck : )

File 154693072743.jpg - (386.36KB , 2220x1080 , Screenshot_20190107-225808_Chrome.jpg )
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Dont know if I'm allowed to post a link but I'll find out soon, this is a great video of a beautiful school girl here taking it hard from her teacher (allegedly) but she loves every minute of it and looks great all the while. Finally a girl that shows tremendously that she loves the cock!
>> No. 113988
Couldn't post the link. The video of the snap is on xnxx video is called teachers horny pet
>> No. 114118
Another good one on xnxx is Russian Lolita. It is loosely based on Nabokov's Lolita, but with a very hebe-looking girl.
>> No. 114576

this is the full vid, my guess is she's 17 going on 18
>> No. 114809
File 154718309697.jpg - (119.77KB , 1920x1080 , e2e89e95f34198683a950eb4a28593b6_full.jpg )
Russian Lolita is Bad ASS! I've cum to Valeria so may times. I looked a bit and saw about same time she appeared with Galitsin Studios. But could never find better of her then that movie and when did the White/Black and other russ movies. 4th one dont know time but he was with Photographer and was kinna lame too me but I sure I'm just picky. She was get naked for him then made him get naked but not as good as puss shots as the Lolita and those other gross russ dudes fucking her. Why always got to be some giant dick? jeesh why couldn't I have seen her before wrecked. LOL

File 15462932814.jpg - (259.33KB , 1800x1075 , happy.jpg )
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Häppy Fucking New Year to Everybloody!
4 posts and 1 image omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 111844
You Want more of these two sluts
>> No. 111872
YEAH! but fucking YEAH!
>> No. 111944
Pics or vids? Did she do any HC?
>> No. 113372
File 154674889852.jpg - (252.31KB , 1920x1080 , thanks happy new year.jpg )
>> No. 113374
Love them pics thanks

No. 114742 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Anyone have this video or any other of here in mp4 format

File 154711925461.jpg - (1.07MB , 1331x1256 , 116.jpg )
114573 No. 114573 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Full set Anna


anna WFpass:

after download, rename all files like this:
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 114574
File 154711931051.jpg - (1.90MB , 1486x2074 , 117.jpg )
>> No. 114586
3h 49 min for fist file dl ??...stupide
>> No. 114587
4 hours for 70Mb!!!!!
>> No. 114640
speed is nice for me. OP whats the set name?
>> No. 114734
set name (probably, not downloaded):
Polar Lights (Paradise Birds) Anna - wounded finger

File 152194154519.jpg - (3.36MB , 2538x3302 , PORTADA 4.jpg )
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>> No. 38984
A qué juego? pues a que edito y publico una revista sobre mis gustos.
>> No. 47286
Dice Que no es formato pdf o esta dañado, resubelo por favor
>> No. 52883
File 152536972765.jpg - (129.83KB , 533x960 , 28660582_1650422225043769_8279952748397989797_n.jpg )
link caido subela
>> No. 53193

Me gusto. Me quede en la edición de Masha y si hermana. Y el video de la pareja... uff.... me volo la cabeza.
>> No. 114694
Hello friend, please, i'd like you re upload this magazine.

File 154284296886.jpg - (41.73KB , 720x777 , 582cb2601a00002400cc8426.jpg )
111905 No. 111905 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]


15 posts and 14 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 114221
File 154699968842.jpg - (185.69KB , 466x622 , xcunt.jpg )
>> No. 114335
I wonder if these pictures are going to be the straw that breaks the anti-cp camel's back.
the fact that this girl got these pictures taken with this cat demonstrates something
it isn't just modeling, there is some challenge
it takes creativity, it isn't just taking your clothes off for the camera while the photographer snaps a few pictures
at the very least I don't think, oh this is just another desperate girl who is poor
bing isn't blacklisting her
you can find pics under the search query, rikki model
she has potential but she's just a porn star
I guess she's trying to get money over pictures, and that means porn
maybe it is just too easy for her
but porn should be for everything, not just reflecting on being a captive
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 114601
Thats not Rikki its Jess,they do look similar tbh.
>> No. 114635
that's fake
>> No. 114655
I'm not getting it. I've honestly never been a fan of Rikki, Jess or Kleofia for that matter. Not trying to rain on your parade but I've never found them attractive. Especially with some of the stunning goddess coming from those studios (CandyDolls, Silvers, TMTV, Moemoe, etc.). There is certainly a lot of sets out there of these models, but I don't have any TBH.

File 152634757776.jpg - (1.30MB , 1600x1200 , marisol 44.jpg )
58048 No. 58048 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
marisol model
45 posts and 27 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 98015
Bump for more Marisol pls!
>> No. 98061
That pool shot is bewitching.
>> No. 113159
Some more svp.
>> No. 114131
bump to see more unseen marisol
>> No. 114625
Links to these sets please. She has become one of my all time favorites

File 151976354844.jpg - (93.65KB , 800x533 , DPP_9076.jpg )
23969 No. 23969 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
27 posts and 18 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 114296
Love you pedoas
>> No. 114301
She looks drunk..and ridiculous..
>> No. 114305
Zheny@ Kotov@ a Russian model.
>> No. 114360
She`s one hot 11yo.
>> No. 114600
She`s very fuckable, just love that gap between her legs.

File 154634915196.jpg - (652.80KB , 960x1280 , 154535265548.jpg )
111913 No. 111913 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Requesting fakes of Cat Goddess. I am so in love in this little slut. I know there are some really good fakes out there, sadly I did not save them. Please, if you have any, post them here, and I will be soooo happy!
9 posts and 3 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 113093
not bay pics they love those also piss SHIT and prgnant

>> No. 113123
This pic with whipped cream sure looks real. It really fooled me.
>> No. 113314
Oh I want to force that dildo in OPs picture completely into her, teaah her to become next Hotkinkyjo
>> No. 114234
>>111913Cat Goddess
>> No. 114569
File 154711867959.jpg - (1.56MB , 2304x3072 , 093.jpg )

File 154672805482.jpg - (17.70KB , 250x313 , 41T3wPGPgQL__UX250_.jpg )
113290 No. 113290 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Recently famous youtuber LAHWF interviewed lesser famous youtuber Paloma Renee.


At this mark Paloma mentions that "when she was a toddler until the age of 13 she was used in child pornography". Later she specifies, that it was both via pictures and video.

Now, out of curiosity: Anybody got an idea, if her material leaked at some point? And if, yes, under what name? She must have been a beautiful child!
1 post omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 114443
maybe she makes lesbian after of the cp
>> No. 114444
If some vid exist. Then isn't will to be with your name. If this is right, is a mission impossible found it
>> No. 114536
File 154710139418.jpg - (1.65MB , 2448x3264 , img_4276.jpg )
These popped up on a quick image search, maybe they'll jog someone's memory?
>> No. 114537
File 15471014232.png - (262.03KB , 445x453 , screen-shot-2014-09-27-at-8-03-34-pm.png )
>> No. 114538
File 154710145085.jpg - (1.79MB , 1936x2419 , img_1783.jpg )

File 154265194513.jpg - (107.67KB , 850x1016 , 7cf750d5691853c46be8183b7be65d27.jpg )
99893 No. 99893 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts]
80 posts and 77 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 114437
File 154708794981.jpg - (914.57KB , 3000x2000 , jad_050003_jpg.jpg )
>> No. 114439
File 154708804237.jpg - (727.40KB , 3000x2000 , jad_050006_jpg.jpg )
>> No. 114440
File 154708808657.jpg - (522.31KB , 2000x3000 , jad_050007_jpg.jpg )
>> No. 114441
File 154708815661.jpg - (734.62KB , 3000x2000 , jad_050019_jpg.jpg )
>> No. 114455
File 154708892371.jpg - (289.95KB , 3072x2633 , 154664379623.jpg )
Love to penarte that pussie

File 154282802475.jpg - (139.54KB , 640x446 , meat used in my stories1.jpg )
100309 No. 100309 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
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>> No. 100757
c mamut :V
>> No. 101640
I have eaten many cute underage girls and let me tell you that they are sweet and tasty, especially the ones that are between 2 and 6. No seasoning necessary.
>> No. 101793
File 154342168461.jpg - (827.31KB , 1234x1073 , kanibales.jpg )
nicole goringa REAL
>> No. 114396
we don't eat pigs :)
>> No. 114418

File 152468052590.jpg - (234.86KB , 2000x1500 , MATRIX_214954_BuN_1b4e071a2.jpg )
50354 No. 50354 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts]
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>> No. 114388
File 154707300814.jpg - (1.75MB , 4272x2848 , IMG_0045_-_Kopie.jpg )
sexual perversions
>> No. 114389
File 154707304819.jpg - (67.54KB , 654x800 , withoutpanties48.jpg )
>> No. 114390
File 154707306371.jpg - (1.69MB , 4272x2848 , IMG_0056_-_Kopie.jpg )
>> No. 114391
>> No. 114392
File 154707334793.jpg - (1.90MB , 4272x2848 , IMG_0067_-_Kopie.jpg )
I want to fuck her!

File 154697930275.jpg - (165.01KB , 720x817 , 85a4d637~2.jpg )
114170 No. 114170 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Which girl do you pick and what would you do with her?
2 posts and 1 image omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 114196
Left. I like chubby girls. They look old enough for marriage.
>> No. 114197
Red tank top > white hoodie > white shirt > pink hoodie.
>> No. 114317
i will take no 3 she is the cutiest
>> No. 114338
3 is Cally. She's the best. I wouldn't mind having a threesome with her and 2(Destinee).
>> No. 114377
File 154707222856.png - (420.65KB , 720x704 , Screenshot_20190109-103623~2.png )

File 154705374083.jpg - (69.94KB , 378x553 , 457457.jpg )
114345 No. 114345 hide watch quickreply [Reply]

File 154683824887.jpg - (690.94KB , 1199x904 , Screenshot_20181227-225436_Bing.jpg )
113655 No. 113655 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Feel free to send pictures but mostly wanting to hear some stories with the kids
>> No. 113680
>> No. 114222
Now that's the kind of laundry we all love to do.... More of this cutie for sure. How old is she? Ty too :)
>> No. 114249
When I was about 9i was in bed on night woke up with a hard dick my 13 year old step sister was sucking my dick dident know what to thing or do but it felt so good I played my head back and she kept on going when she got done sucking me of she climb on top of me etched down grabbed my dick put it in side her it felt so good I'm a grown man now been with mean women but I wll never got that night
>> No. 114343
This is a bit "out there" but it's real.
When I was 13, I loved spying on my 15 year old cousin when she'd shower.
On this particular occasion, I peaked into the bathroom and found her spread-eagle on the toilet with her Siberian Husky licking away at her crotch !
Her head was rolled back eyes closed, bitting her lower lip & trying to moan quietly.
I stood there....in the hall....jacking my dick fiercly....not thinking or caring if anyone caught me.
I climaxed quickly and slipped off to my room.
To this day, she doesn't know I know.

File 154678783777.jpg - (398.36KB , 1536x2048 , 65E23985-8DC5-4FC2-A4D3-1862EC7DDDAD.jpg )
113459 No. 113459 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Share the youngest fattest thickest best asses you got!
27 posts and 25 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 114109
File 154696685921.jpg - (465.50KB , 1424x2136 , Heidy_Model3_53.jpg )
>> No. 114113
File 154696689283.jpg - (2.63MB , 2848x4272 , Heidy_Model9_5.jpg )
>> No. 114114
File 154696694028.jpg - (3.05MB , 3456x5184 , Heidy_Model53_18.jpg )
>> No. 114115
File 154696713873.jpg - (4.86MB , 3456x5184 , Heidy_Model77_22.jpg )
>> No. 114264
Heidi used to have the best little ass, I could just like her asshole any time she wanted...

File 151849147939.jpg - (246.35KB , 956x1440 , lsh-010-088.jpg )
18186 No. 18186 hide watch quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts]

722 posts and 615 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 113967
File 154692302080.jpg - (308.39KB , 1529x989 , p6280039.jpg )
>> No. 114226
File 154700145128.jpg - (236.30KB , 1600x1200 , pb060039.jpg )
>> No. 114227
File 154700149475.jpg - (228.46KB , 1200x1600 , pb060052.jpg )
>> No. 114228
File 154700151710.jpg - (170.57KB , 1600x1200 , pc090058.jpg )
>> No. 114230
File 154700155682.jpg - (395.91KB , 2054x1045 , DSCF0017.jpg )

File 153378458686.jpg - (126.39KB , 960x1600 , leticia famosinha (24).jpg )
74806 No. 74806 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Letícia Famosinha
22 posts and 13 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 112287
Pls post her other nude videos
>> No. 112361
we all love preteen girls they were born to be fucked so much. No Rape plz and No babies
>> No. 112424
Essa Letícia tem cara de drogada (macaca também), ela realmente parece estar nas drogas. Certa vez, recebi um link do Mega, o qual continha um vasto material dessa garota (cerca de 1 GB e meio), mas não salvei nada, pois ao ver essa cara de drogada, desisti. Eu tenho muitas brasileiras, mas não tenho nenhuma macaca. Esse material é antigo e descartável.
>> No. 112589
Brasilian Mega links,please
>> No. 114205
Posta link do mega JASON, das novinhas do YouTube

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