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RIP librechan
File 154699286416.jpg - (17.38KB , 500x333 , hihuahhuhu.jpg )
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Looking for real sex 12-15 year old pref.


File 154697449858.jpg - (16.15KB , 292x173 , Thai.jpg )
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I know some of the guys here have had great experience with girls that aren't grannies here in Thailand and nearby.

Any tips? or experiences? I'm visiting here and looking to have some great experiences.

File 154651188624.jpg - (203.52KB , 1767x1078 , E5F965A5-6D2E-4EE3-92E3-E294F0812A9B.jpg )
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Can anyone help find and post this foot fetish video? I’ve seen it only posted once. Polar lights yes? Any help would be very appreciated
>> No. 112710
File 154652620185.jpg - (1.76MB , 6000x4000 , 287F4BDF-06E6-4AB6-96D5-26D76ED6A561.jpg )
>> No. 114135
Oh yes! Please please please someone have this?! :-)

File 152893478459.png - (482.09KB , 745x624 , Screenshot (93.png )
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Shes only 11 and has those tits!
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>> No. 114044
ooks like young
Aurora aka auroratheteddyb
>> No. 114045
It looks like an older one.
>> No. 114123
i love that age alot just lil girls especially budding girls
>> No. 114849
no its not.
>> No. 114943
She is older

File 154696608027.jpg - (1.07MB , 3199x4799 , TeensBay green and white 01 Pics photo (43).jpg )
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>> No. 114102
File 154696627438.jpg - (476.78KB , 4812x3199 , TeensBay pool 01 Pics DSC_0203.jpg )
>> No. 114106
File 154696675147.jpg - (1.00MB , 3600x5400 , TeensBay kishy tube 02 Pics photo (50).jpg )
>> No. 114108
File 154696682090.jpg - (738.09KB , 3199x4812 , TeensBay milady white lingerie 02 Pics photo (31).jpg )
>> No. 114110
Anyone have any Kisha vids

File 153971245963.jpg - (569.45KB , 1333x2000 , IMG_3497.jpg )
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She's so hot!!! Post your favorite pic or set...
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>> No. 114034
File 154694405493.jpg - (464.06KB , 1333x2000 , 154690831711.jpg )
>> No. 114035
File 154694408649.jpg - (398.26KB , 1333x2000 , 154690836930.jpg )
>> No. 114036
File 154694411887.jpg - (286.48KB , 2000x1333 , 154690854990.jpg )
>> No. 114037
File 154694414976.jpg - (361.04KB , 2133x3200 , 154690860424.jpg )
>> No. 114039
File 154694417826.jpg - (449.19KB , 2134x3200 , 154690868037.jpg )

File 153608956669.jpg - (66.74KB , 534x960 , Julia_03_09.jpg )
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and she's back in school (my girl)
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>> No. 112846
She's a gem. So is that cock. More please, would love to see her handle that hog.
>> No. 112922
>> Its fake as hell and not his kid.
>> No. 113725
Lovely little girl..Very sweet and innocent
>> No. 113968
very good start
>> No. 113985
really cute girl thanks for posting would like to see the uncensored stuff i'll bet it's good quality

File 15467313602.jpg - (88.57KB , 768x1024 , 98FAA01B-E8CD-4579-8054-8CBB177799FC.jpg )
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More of this sexy cutie please?
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>> No. 113446
Rape this little girl, over and over again, every day.
>> No. 113531
File 154680967175.jpg - (145.74KB , 500x666 , 138351567932.jpg )
>> No. 113532
File 154680970728.jpg - (118.77KB , 768x1024 , ykiuKg5-034.jpg )
>> No. 113558
File 154681346634.jpg - (98.56KB , 768x1024 , D0F35022-28CF-4EAF-B12C-CE83079B6415.jpg )
>> No. 113958

File 154488958376.jpg - (144.22KB , 1280x736 , Jenya.jpg )
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Anyone have any spy, exhibition, or exposure content to share? Or is there already a thread for that sort of stuff?

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>> No. 113359

Love it!
>> No. 113525
very nice
>> No. 113574
I was spyed on last yr (I’m 16)
>> No. 113601
Were you harmed in any way being spied on?
>> No. 113893

Show some examples? ;)

File 152312167573.jpg - (253.70KB , 1997x1207 , condition.jpg )
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Please sent innocence little nudes between 3-8
#1 Fully nude.
#2 Top part.
#3 clothes on only legs.
#4 clothes on any part but not wearing.
#5 laying down by front.
#6 Spread as much as she can
#7 2 girls in #1, #2, #3, #4, %, #6

Millions of thanks...
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>> No. 67284
actually that picture has to do with Mystery Schools and Contacting the Spiritual World. Women and their Higher Thinking.
>> No. 67288
File 152997793236.png - (2.43KB , 228x221 , images.png )
Thanks! I knew that she was not very far away...
>> No. 67425
Thank you all for sharing your precious flowers...
>> No. 93528
File 154029575142.jpg - (85.27KB , 640x640 , LAURA B (3).jpg )
>> No. 113851
don't die please

File 153275772522.jpg - (651.51KB , 935x1662 , CTQ (14).jpg )
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Please add your Nonude Camel Toe Queens

Here's a few to start out with...

justdoit out
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>> No. 113326
I saw a girl about 11 in a shoe shop trying on trainers and her foot was on the seat so her short skirt had ridden up and I could see her pants tight on her pussy showing a camel toe..she saw me looking and just smiled and Im sure she seemed to open her legs wider but then her family walked up to her and she put her leg down..only lasted a few seconds but I never lost the image and these pics helped to bring the memory back..also helped the swelling to harden.
>> No. 113653
Fuck, before I found actual CP, camel toes always got me sooo hard. I loved the fact that you could basically see their pussy through the fabric, and the teasing aspect got me so hard. At the time I hadn't really seen actual preteen pussy and coming this close really turned me on. I loved that the girls were showing it off too. Seeing such young ones put their mounds clearly on display sexually let me know that these pics were definitely meant for men to jack off too, which turned me on even more, knowing they were being sexualized purposefully. I dreamed about how hard I would be if I could just grind my dick up against the thin fabric into the warm and puffy pussy
>> No. 113679
>nowing they were being sexualized purposefully
This. I jerk off 50 times harder to a tame image posted on here than to a hard image I have privately. The process of offering and publicizing girls sexually is what gets me.
>> No. 113733
i had a shoot with a ballet girl on friday omg het camel toe was outstanding she gave me a boner and she caught me looking at it olive skin 13 years old white leotard super tight no bra and a not so warm studio my srd shoot with her and more in 2019
>> No. 113739
Post 'em

File 154571540126.jpg - (75.79KB , 1080x1350 , 15446332302.jpg )
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Who touched or hurt you as a child? For me it was my step mother. She came into my bedroom late one night, she was drunk and couldn't speak properly. I remember her reaching for my cock and kissing my face.

When I asked what she was doing she laughed and kept rubbing me. I got hard and came almost instantly but she ignored that. She kept molesting me and whispering unintelligible things into my ear.

She was relentless and consistent in the way she violated me. Every moment felt like an hour. At one point I asked her how much longer and she laughed at me. She fingered my ass and kept kissing me while I tried to push her away.

I couldn't think. I couldn't speak. I could feel my entire soul, except every inch of it was in unimaginable pain. Like there was a vice perfectly fitted around my body, crushing me down with all the weight in the world. I felt like I was drowning like, I'm at the bottom of an ocean of pure blackness, all the pressure in the entire ocean is upon me.
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>> No. 113612
There were many "firsts", but in my case they were all positive & pleasurable.
I never experienced the anguish of being forced into uncomfortable and/or painful situations.
I was a precocious boy...becoming sexually curious at a young age...always willing & excited to play & experiment.
First "show-n-tell" was at age 6 with a 5 year old girl.
First touching was shortly after with the same girl.
First concepts of masturbation were between 7 & 8.
First fondling with masturbation at age 8 with an 11 year old female cousin...rubbing her to her first orgasm (unknowingly at the time).
First mutual masturbation with another boy when we were both 10, followed by masturbating each other to orgasms shortly after.
First bestiality experiments - letting a dog lick my cock while I masturbated and stroking him when he mounted & humped - at age 12.
Biggest first was just short of 14, when I seduced (was seduced - it was mutual...lol) my drunken aunt/godmother. THAT weekend I received my first blowjob, learned cunnilingus AND had my first fuck.
There are other "firsts" but I believe these are the ones that set me on the path I've followed all of my life.
The key to my pleasure & enjoyment is (and always has been) mutuality...if all parties are not on board with what's happening, it needs to change or stop.
I've been blessed with NO negative experiences & I sorrow for those that have.
>> No. 113650
As I read all of this I can remember all the time I was raped.
It wasn’t fun and I only stated Likeing it when I was the monster. When I push myself on my cushion and I suck his dick. I wish I never had sex. I need help now but I should just kill myself and save the cop and the world time and money. Where do you get help to stop this but no get in trouble with the cop. I haven’t touch anyone in year and sure never will.
>> No. 113652
I will try to make this quick, as there were MANY firsts. I have been molested more times than I can remember. I have always chalked it up to karma, but I also came from a very incestual family. I hope these turn you on because I still jack off to many of these memories today. I am a middle-aged man and all of these people are mostly dead from age now.

1.– My Mother

First and foremost there was always her. A single mother who married a few guys that I will go into later. Since the age of 2-3 area we played “footsie” in the bathtub. It could have been earlier but I do not remember. She would across from me in the tub and put my toes on her clit and pussy, while hers went around my dick balls and ass. She would giggle and cum as I rubbed her but I did not know what was happening at the time. It was just a tickle game.

She also would sleep with me many nights. I slept in tighty witeys only, but she would often take them off when getting into bed with me. She had me lay face down and she would play with my butt and grind on me. I always remember seeing her tits and pussy since I can remember. I even to this day remember where she had cold sores, etc. We also had date nights where she would get pizza and rent a cheap motel in a bad part of town. All naked time there.

Favorite night ever I was about 10-11 and she had been backing off as I aged. But one night, as we shared a room at this time, she stood by her bed after a bath and rubbed her entire body with lotion. I laid on my bed and watch and humped the sheets. She called me over to get her back and get naked so she could lotion me as well. One of the best nights of my life, and it was out last time together.

2.– Grandmother

As should be obvious, my mother was abused by her father. He never made a move on me and I think he was not into boys. My grandmother was very domineering and I lived with her from about 8-15. She picked up where my mom left off. My mom was single then and worked two jobs. My grandmother was retired and I was literally her slave boy. My first sexual encounter with her though was when I was about 5-6. Family dinner and I would ofte
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 113671
My first time was forced when I was about 5 years old. The Babysitter's 13yo son was up in his tree house with a couple of his friends smoking cigarettes and I wanted to go up there too. I had asked a million times but of course, he said no. This time though I told him that I'd tell on him for smoking. He was angry at first but then let me come up with them. I thought to myself how cool it was, but I was so wrong. After about 5 minutes or so he asked me if I had ever seen a dick before besides my own. I answered no and he then asked if I wanted to, which his friends just chuckled. I told not really but he didn't seem to care and pulled out his dick anyways. He saw I didn't like it and I went to crawl down out of the treehouse. He grabbed me by the arm and said: "where the fuck are you going?" I told him I was going to tell on him, that was a big mistake. He pulled me back close to him and his two friends and told me I wasn't going anywhere. I started crying and all he could say was stfu as he held his hand over my mouth. One of his friends that had just been sitting there watching got up and said "I can shut him up, watch this" he pulled out his cock and as the one took his hand off my mouth, I went to scream and the boy then shoved his cock in my small mouth causing me to start gagging, both from him trying to shove it down my throat and the taste and smell. It was summer and in the 90°F range.

The other boys, the son and his friend started laughing as this one boy raped my young mouth. By this point, I had thrown up and had to swallow most of it because it had nowhere else to go since he constantly jammed his cock as far as my throat would allow. The other boy that had been watching this and jerking off reached out and ran his hand up my loose fitting shorts and starter fondling my prepubescent cock and balls. His stimulation caused it to harden. He started laughing and in a laughing voice said to his friends "this little faggot loves it" as he pulled my shorts and underwear down quickly. I started crying even harder not knowing what they would do.

As I was being abused by the two boys the bs son laughed and said "well then
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 113672
Same guy continued post

This, of course, skewed my sense of sex and relationships between adults and youth. I became hypersexualized and sought out sexual contact with other kids and adult males. Turns out there are plenty of adult men willing to go along with a boy making advances. I joined the boy scouts at 11 and immediately started seeking sexual contact with the other boys and testing the adults. Sadly I could tell very easily without revealing myself whether or not a man liked boys like me. Once we got the super slow 56k modem internet I began prowling the internet and stumbled upon gay chat rooms. At 12 I found a 48yo man that lived locally. I played innocent and he "had to talk me into it" kind of game. After a few months of playing hard to get he picked me up on a weekend late at night and took my "virginity".

I eventually talked him into joining my boy scout troop as a leader. This is also the place I turned into a predator myself. On especially cold campouts we were taught to ask your tent partner to share the same sleeping bag if it got too cold for one or both of us. At about 13 I started using this to my advantage. I always had the better sleeping bag so if the boy was my age or younger I would molest and eventually rape some of them throughout the night until I broke them. Some I kept for myself and some I shared with the older man. He was a member of my troop and we had been in what in my mind was a "relationship" from 12 to 16.

I'm bi, but I often wonder if that would be the case if it wasn't for that first time all those years ago. I only like sex with another much older man and only if it's near the brutality of rape. I "served" as a houseboy from 18 to 20 years old, even moving almost a thousand miles away to live with two men in their 50s. There I became a mostly willing sex slave where they'd throw orgies where countless men would use me all of them anon. After about 6 months it became real. As in truly their slave. I was raped by
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

File 154683131463.jpg - (420.05KB , 819x800 , 9DBE39F0-0978-4EDA-9A9F-D349E328E4FF.jpg )
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I barely see new MP4s here. So why dont we start a new thread. Mp4, gifs whatever!



>> No. 113633

File 154070501331.jpg - (193.49KB , 1600x1043 , x1waz2gqox.jpg )
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search for young nudists, nudist contest
search also vids with young nudist girls on a boat in croatia
someone help ?
2 posts and 1 image omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 109698
Where is the main Nudist/ Naturists thread!
>> No. 109700
File 154573846925.jpg - (322.50KB , 1600x1043 , edit.jpg )
>> No. 109701
>> No. 113453
i want to put a finger up all there cunts
>> No. 113631
thanks for the upload "ifsicol".
these girls/young ladies are beautiful especially because they are nude!

File 154683371343.jpg - (201.55KB , 783x1201 , 8C837F4F-9835-4865-9E14-1A87AA904FF3.jpg )
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This sweet sexy little LS girl is the cutest girl in my opinion! Imagine if she also would have peed for us!?! Have over 170 pics of her. Share pics you may also have of her.
1 post and 1 image omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 113625
File 154683377481.jpg - (186.38KB , 1201x783 , 3FD012A9-259E-4E20-9323-FD7A2A997B79.jpg )
>> No. 113626
File 154683380949.jpg - (180.99KB , 783x1201 , 9CD5F3A4-B30E-4907-BD1F-87D2768BDDF9.jpg )
>> No. 113627
File 154683383323.jpg - (172.42KB , 783x1201 , 455D9BB7-171C-4ACD-94F0-B8B43DC09461.jpg )
>> No. 113628
File 154683387916.jpg - (261.24KB , 956x1440 , 6D4DD2E8-3831-4450-B5A1-CF708BADE382.jpg )
>> No. 113629
File 154683390610.jpg - (179.89KB , 956x1440 , 91FD68FC-7AA7-4027-B35B-9FF4B22BABA9.jpg )

File 154641120726.jpg - (130.32KB , 824x505 , 72c3d23e5b81a08ce47c28ef366bb992.jpg )
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I'd take the girl all time


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>> No. 112283
File 154643893860.jpg - (88.70KB , 640x640 , 45868075_209482333302608_7369479899073738232_n.jpg )
or Amanda Edmundsson
>> No. 112316
not fag
>> No. 113431
B for me but she isnt beautiful
>> No. 113439
>> No. 113533
They have no shame continuously pushing their gay (depopulation) agenda.

Fuck off Joo

File 154012094225.jpg - (70.40KB , 750x936 , imgsrc_ru_56351302ApM.jpg )
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>> No. 101290
Thank you...nice stuff
>> No. 101628
File 154336746080.jpg - (110.06KB , 750x750 , utry (15).jpg )
>> No. 102589
File 154363578937.jpg - (161.41KB , 937x1171 , ,hgjbk;n (14).jpg )
>> No. 104684
File 154421019315.jpg - (351.64KB , 768x768 , 20181207_131721.jpg )
>> No. 113504
I like seeing the bgs girl nice to know those girls are leaving their marks too

File 154679860474.jpg - (429.96KB , 1200x1600 , IMG-20150905-WA0000.jpg )
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looking for the post with some teenage pic sets. most legal age.
>> No. 113493
all homemade by themselves or boyfrieds. non professional

File 151974439846.jpg - (259.12KB , 1280x720 , Thumbnail_1514356027731.jpg )
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(No embed slot)

This video is compiled with little "Afro-American" chicks from movies.
(NOT wank material)

My previous YT channel was taken down because of my "Lil YT" video series. I won't be uploading them again but you can find them here: https://yadi.sk/d/4kaxrpOg3S5pVR
>> No. 113448
I love me some Negrolitas. Because their niggers and not real people, you can rape them all you want and no one will care.
>> No. 113471
LOL... Internet Stud! You go boy! When you get raped in a turkish prison, no one will care either! ;)
>> No. 113472
Cocksucking racist fagot
>> No. 113474
Libk down already
>> No. 113490
Looky here fella, I am in now way shape or form involved in any niggerdom! White power!

>>Clayton Bigsby

File 154677317623.jpg - (46.30KB , 640x382 , 72e0f982c5d819b3cd137f7618a20c14.jpg )
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Fuck this girls

File 154643863762.png - (83.05KB , 255x255 , 153625671844.png )
112278 No. 112278 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
We deserve this video of her..
This leakage photo is the holy grail!
1 post and 1 image omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 112977
File 15466131958.gif - (1.16MB , 200x150 , 153576169137.gif )
>> No. 112998
We deserve 14 year old Heather and her amazing titties fucking and sucking 8 inches of man cock.

But that apparently never happened.

And, really, these brief topless scenes is all the nudity there is.
>> No. 113232
Youre right.. fucking Dave Hardman..
He must have been more careful
>> No. 113239

The man's a moron. He found a way to legally photograph underage teen girls in soft core porn. Just like Jimmy Grady of TTB. They investigated his ass for years and the cops and DAs wouldn't prosecute. They both found a way to thread the needle.

Jimmy was smart. He made a bunch of money and then quit the business. Got out right in time. I imagine he's a Jailbait Millionaire....

Hardman is even dumber than that. There was vigilante group where he lives in Florida that had been trying to get him busted for 10 years.

So, he'd gotten away with it completely...then he tries to get an 11 year old to pose in a thong. The mother freaked out...

But it was all a set up. the mother worked for the group! They used the girl as bait and he bit - hook, line and sinker.


Now that's he going down, he probably feels the fool for never fucking any of the girls!
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 113400
I bet he managed to pay Rachel for a pity handjob since she was a desperate junkie. Heather seemed a bit too sly to fall for that even though she got hooked on coke.

File 154670846254.jpg - (24.97KB , 459x798 , FB-IMG-1535303094204.jpg )
113256 No. 113256 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
11 years old. What would you do to her?
>> No. 113257
ROFL yeah 11 x 2
>> No. 113377

File 154674290144.png - (1.64MB , 750x1334 , 8BAF74F0-0A33-49B8-948F-2D16BD14230D.png )
113349 No. 113349 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
You got wet little pussies, share them in this beautiful thread!
2 posts and 2 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 113352
File 154674402468.jpg - (1.46MB , 3456x5184 , IMG_0227.jpg )
>> No. 113353
File 154674426135.jpg - (2.20MB , 3000x4000 , IMG_5349.jpg )
Im so wet a 9 inch cock would make me very happy
>> No. 113356
This little dick is fun yt? Suck on but I need 8 to 10 inches to make me cum
>> No. 113360
File 154674649731.jpg - (1.19MB , 3456x5184 , _29598fd944e1d3f4af810d869ecb620a.jpg )
Love sex but love it better when it's about 10 inches and thick as a beer can
>> No. 113362
File 154674670227.jpg - (1.12MB , 2689x1792 , 154576261747.jpg )
Come daddy you know you want it

File 154191355586.jpg - (296.63KB , 640x790 , 71F172CA-F0F8-4010-8FAA-8A94DD12F960.jpg )
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>> No. 113091
I'm really really new at this. This wed site is grate do you know eneymore websites were I can see vids online
>> No. 113095
want to see her hairy pussy on video too :3
>> No. 113222
File 154669034822.jpg - (338.48KB , 640x1077 , ABDDF701-428C-4D3F-BD07-BE2358573C35.jpg )
>> No. 113230
make story with open mouth plz I want to cum in mouth on screen
>> No. 113255
Why? Is your dick broken? Too cheap to buy a clearance sale printer? Or is this an excuse to hopefully see a cock in the "tribute" photo? You want cum on a photo, do it yourself.

File yythpz1h.mp4 - (3.55MB )
58247 No. 58247 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts]
more videos of her??
75 posts and 11 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 95903
re up link mega please 1,5gb
>> No. 108533
Re up, link mega please 1,5gb
please, please, please!
>> No. 110837

Your daughter is beautiful
>> No. 110888
You think her boobs are fake because they are out of proportion, you've never seen real tits have you?
>> No. 113220
For Fuchs sake, she is an adult and a paid camera whore. Can find a lot of her shit on adult sites. Grow the fuck up and post more white little girls with black cock

File 154666808743.png - (863.31KB , 640x1136 , 89D10BF8-0D2E-4105-927F-3206C8523E1C.png )
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>> No. 113209
File 154668442324.jpg - (12.76KB , 259x195 , download.jpg )
So we're posting trannies now on Triforce?

File 154666762125.jpg - (429.67KB , 640x867 , 4439B8BD-FEE6-4807-95EE-9B1A0EB9CAF1.jpg )
113167 No. 113167 hide watch quickreply [Reply]

File 154581589970.gif - (7.98MB , 337x600 , C2E7A9B7-87F9-4E2A-818F-D80F67954DFA.gif )
109944 No. 109944 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Apparently you can download videos if they forget to change their settings. It's easy to find what you want on TikTok because all you have to do is heart one video and follow their account and you get a bunch more TikToks thrown at you

Also sorry, it doesn't let me send the videos, so they'll have to be GIFs
5 posts and 5 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 109952
File 154581653687.gif - (2.40MB , 337x600 , 788889CC-70F7-4407-BF17-A65A940404C6.gif )
>> No. 109953
File 154581678353.gif - (1.47MB , 337x600 , A559B389-8128-4FF2-9B33-A36582D71675.gif )
>> No. 110771
That was boring asf.
>> No. 110808
>> No. 113153
No nudity no point, waste of time.

File 152744073063.jpg - (323.99KB , 1208x567 , 152513424758.jpg )
61386 No. 61386 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts]
Anybody seen this vid?
49 posts and 2 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 112842
OMG !! What a Tease!!! Nice taste ...we ned more plees !!
>> No. 112940
I've only seen them posted on 144chan (link below), which tends to be down often, and they are PAID links :(
I'm waiting for them to hopefully be posted for free.

>> No. 112944
They were posted just a day or two ago on (sorry, forget) but either 144mir, 155mir or 155cg. Spend an hour or so to look at the posts the past few days thoroughly. Seem to recall there were link shorteners so was probably 155cg.
>> No. 113002
How fucked up does your life have to be to fuck 7 year olds on camera with your face showing?

the mind boggles at these fuckers!
>> No. 113145
you've already been proven wrong.

File 154665404447.jpg - (103.14KB , 720x960 , FB_IMG_1546645104664.jpg )
113122 No. 113122 hide watch quickreply [Reply]

File 15368227787.jpg - (111.83KB , 542x800 , 152713733283.jpg )
83070 No. 83070 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
3 posts and 2 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 112144
her name for webe web is Alyssa
>> No. 112898
her real name is klaus-dieter
>> No. 112908
think you are troll not real
>> No. 112967
her name is troll?
>> No. 113053
I honestly wouldn't care what her name was..!

No. 112102 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
All of usted que reserve this video of Heather in shower showing her boobs..
1 post omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 112179
Come on guys...moar!!!
>> No. 112897
nice pic!
>> No. 112974
File 154661279798.jpg - (16.25KB , 351x226 , c.jpg )
>> No. 112976
File 154661287853.png - (56.52KB , 255x153 , 153625704232.png )
>> No. 113000
In these pics she was 14/15. Rachel was 16.

And don't doubt it. The girls ages are well known and I don't feel like arguing with idiots about commonly known jailbait facts.

File 153632035259.jpg - (820.06KB , 1280x857 , ashidamana28.jpg )
81407 No. 81407 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
>> No. 81408
File 153632052914.jpg - (673.75KB , 800x544 , aoikako1a.jpg )
>> No. 81409
File 153632082221.jpg - (854.56KB , 1440x956 , ashidamana35.jpg )
>> No. 81412
File 153632129242.jpg - (1.03MB , 1055x1500 , makiharaayu33.jpg )
>> No. 112832
>> No. 112936
More, please!

File 154646231142.jpg - (153.47KB , 1280x1599 , lilianna-kruk-photos-social-media-february-2017-46.jpg )
112445 No. 112445 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
130 random pics

>> No. 112446
File 154646245352.jpg - (261.33KB , 1280x1280 , lilianna-kruk-photos-social-media-february-2017-15.jpg )
>> No. 112447
File 154646248410.jpg - (217.71KB , 1280x1593 , lilianna-kruk-personal-pics-12-26-2018-6.jpg )
>> No. 112448
File 15464625971.jpg - (345.45KB , 1280x1600 , lilianna-kruk-social-media-06-15-2018-4.jpg )
>> No. 112890
I love Lilly's piercing blue eyes. They're gorgeous.
>> No. 112932
Freckles are so cute on young girls. I love Lilianna and Kristina Pimenova; best duo ever.

File 15465853621.jpg - (128.06KB , 910x910 , young-girls-underwear-women-stripe-bra-set.jpg )
112920 No. 112920 Locked hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Looking for the mp4 thread. Or to start one centered around underwear, tight clothing, camel toe, sleeping and what not



File 151886956422.jpg - (88.30KB , 500x500 , d100ffa1-f86e-48ca-aa4d-5bced1264c52.jpg )
19629 No. 19629 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Idk about u but we need moar cheerleaders in our lives! I was hoping everyone could share moar cheerleaders
10 posts and 3 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 110901
File 154608214879.jpg - (37.57KB , 476x599 , 1.jpg )
Instagram is full of hot girls showing of their bodys in tight clothes. From 5yo and up, but my preference is 9yo - 13yo.
>> No. 110904
File 154608538189.jpg - (75.02KB , 598x599 , 2.jpg )
>> No. 110905
File 154608540943.jpg - (50.38KB , 651x721 , 3.jpg )
>> No. 112081
File 154638839575.jpg - (84.37KB , 809x1012 , Subpost 2 - @angelpolikarpova show this beautiful .jpg )
>> No. 112912
request for NAKED OF ALL

File 15441262841.jpg - (562.44KB , 768x764 , 20181206_135505.jpg )
104395 No. 104395 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
29 posts and 27 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 105754
File 154454933270.jpg - (100.04KB , 640x640 , 1523874150359.jpg )
>> No. 107949
File 154530548584.jpg - (80.83KB , 640x640 , 46571991_303281233521386_500169707483396069_n - Co.jpg )
>> No. 112540
File 154647218484.jpg - (477.97KB , 768x946 , 20190102_173709.jpg )
>> No. 112712
File 154652623523.jpg - (78.49KB , 781x781 , 1522089294711.jpg )
>> No. 112911
where is naked ? i want it too

File 154645890624.jpg - (50.97KB , 424x345 , 417903.jpg )
112407 No. 112407 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
20 posts and 19 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 112721
File 154652921055.jpg - (2.71MB , 3200x4000 , JWsFvf4.jpg )
>> No. 112722
File 15465292455.jpg - (3.74MB , 1944x2592 , 0kukd1u.jpg )
>> No. 112865
File 154656265823.jpg - (1.76MB , 1188x1500 , 1467348762572.jpg )
>> No. 112866
File 154656274157.jpg - (393.40KB , 801x1242 , ew077.jpg )
>> No. 112868
File 15465628072.jpg - (82.13KB , 470x720 , Emma Watson - Fake Cont03.jpg )

File 154612086931.jpg - (912.18KB , 760x1140 , 154567775114.jpg )
111059 No. 111059 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Young girls (6-13) having strong orgasm (videos)
19 posts and 15 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 112175
You realise that when a girl allows you to have her, it's all about her pleasure, right? You don't use her as a fuck toy and a cum dumpster. She's not going to want to do it again if she hasn't experienced pleasure beyond her wildest expectations.
>> No. 112196
Yea, that guy is obsessed with "TRAINING". He thinks kids are animals. Rather than enjoying the experience, he would rather just train them.
>> No. 112267
Of course, she also needs to enjoy the sexual experience! But don't you think it is the case here? Otherwise her parents wouldn't have published this add in a kiddie porn mag either!
>> No. 112270
Secret rituals of sexual initiation of young girls have always existed! They are used to introduce her to sex and pleasure before being able to fully enjoy the experience!
>> No. 112864
Neph69, is there a way to get in contact with you? :)

File 154646041517.jpg - (62.70KB , 1280x720 , maxresdefault.jpg )
112436 No. 112436 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Hello. I'm a recently released "sex offender"in need of assistance. I only have a few days before the authorities cut off my access to the internet. I want to pack my flash drive with as many wonderful little girl booties as I can before then. I appreciate any help you can give me.
>> No. 112576
Start here: https://144chan.pk/mir/res/27901.html#27901
>> No. 112666
Are the kind of cop who's always losing his gun?
>> No. 112738
we should just call all of the "sex offenders" what they really are---child entertainers---and pay them to arouse and touch our children

we could demand the government put all of the "sex offenders" in a program like this and get OP to actually touch kids instead of just jacking off

the government hates it when people touch kids, this is a sign that the government needs to be changed

a bunch of thugs that hate the cycle of life are not fit to lead us
>> No. 112829
Please. I'm not a cop. And I don't know how long I'll be able to use the internet. I just need some fap pics.

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