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RIP librechan
File 154638380371.jpg - (118.71KB , 806x591 , 1436567592_2418556_18278978.jpg )
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>> No. 112055
File 154638384423.jpg - (1.03MB , 2560x2000 , IMG015712j_6819959_30194829.jpg )
>> No. 112056
File 154638394753.jpg - (403.52KB , 1100x1467 , redsexy2Co_9360523_28350594.jpg )
>> No. 112724
File 154652962442.jpg - (134.58KB , 606x1024 , 0516528562.jpg )
>> No. 112794
File 154654849291.jpg - (362.00KB , 1600x1200 , 47ee4418.jpg )

File 154586071530.jpg - (25.86KB , 768x1249 , 48423855_350494128836065_5168859751936688128_n.jpg )
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Troque fotos e vídeos desta menina de 12 anos por fotos e vídeos de Luanda Eduarda
>> No. 110338
Eu tenho tudo dela. São 158 MB: 9 fotos e 11 vídeos. Tudo na resolução original. Você tem telegram?
>> No. 110384
Não sou idiota de passar telegram por aqui. Poste aqui que eu posto também. Só mandar os links
>> No. 110405
Se ele não postar eu posto. Só não sei como fazer. Vou tentar pelo Dlfree.
>> No. 112791
Poste aí,tah em falta,pls

File 154646648697.png - (342.76KB , 420x505 , 154481874082.png )
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>> No. 112706
Yes I wid like to see that if it is a girls
>> No. 112707
Yes I wid like to see that if it is a girl
>> No. 112759
Look for a mainstream clip from a movie called "Bastard Out of South Carolina" could be North Carolina, not 100%. Nothing explicit, but you gotta take what you can get.
>> No. 112760
Also the rape clip featuring Dakota Fanning as a youngster from "Hound Dog." No spanking but it should trip yer trigger.
>> No. 112772
I just wanted a spanking video of a girls 10-16 yo but not China

File 154604991516.png - (660.72KB , 698x592 , Sem título.png )
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Link: http://dl.free.fr/getfile.pl?file=/oeVr7mV7

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>> No. 112715
Why do you fucking idiots have SO MUCH trouble with passwords?

It's like you're fucking retarded or something.

Worked perfectly for me. Try COPY/PASTE, dipshits. Works every time.
>> No. 112716
I'd give my right arm to cum in her ass
>> No. 112718
Ya why make passwords so hard to figure out? I always have trouble with them.
>> No. 112731
Only Loser Like U Take Password Like This! Take Easy Download + Password or Leave This Perfect Place!
>> No. 112767
What makes you think she'd want your right arm?

File 153989146380.jpg - (359.19KB , 670x960 , y.jpg )
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>> No. 112349
File 154645158453.png - (320.43KB , 392x680 , Screenshot_2017-05-31-16-41-48-1.png )
>> No. 112350
File 154645163927.png - (325.05KB , 375x678 , Screenshot_2017-07-02-23-52-06-1-1.png )
>> No. 112351
File 154645178495.png - (366.72KB , 379x679 , Screenshot_2017-07-03-01-04-11-1.png )
>> No. 112357
File 154645234282.png - (348.31KB , 379x685 , Screenshot_2017-07-03-00-38-01-1.png )
We need more real selfies guys!! Let's see them!!
>> No. 112744
Zero she is lovely! do you have more of her?

File 154230773638.jpg - (62.02KB , 800x1200 , 4F3B6DC7-F2CC-4E2B-89E7-3B66AA9CEB2A.jpg )
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Sexy Diana Model. Quality fake nudes welcome!
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>> No. 99537
Moar plz.

I love her
>> No. 111727
where are the videos? why are all the video files are removed?
>> No. 111875
File 154632616641.jpg - (159.88KB , 789x1200 , 764FC76B-D65D-4902-AD50-39DD063F78DC.jpg )
>> No. 112380
I bet this girl lives in Balneario Camboriu, SC - Brazil
I've been there once and looks like all of her pictures have been taken there.
>> No. 112616
File 154648912035.jpg - (49.19KB , 400x400 , image.jpg )
Imagine that! A Brazilian agency shoots their Brazilian models in Brazil!
>also these were shot @ 2014-2015

File 154597163477.jpg - (858.78KB , 1024x768 , Chrysanthemum.jpg )
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Anti prison at any cost thread.

I want to create a thread where anyone and everyone can reduce the threat of prison at any cost whether its common sense, software,hardware,anything else, or last resort cheap or common item and least painful suicide.
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>> No. 110455
My VPN is no logging.
>> No. 110539
Millions are viewing regularly. Tens if not hundreds of thousands are uploading. There aren't enough prisons to hold all the pervs. I'm convinced LE is aware of the facts but refuses to admit. Even if they wanted to lock up all pervs they'd be further clogging the system with guys who likely don't have any valuable assets to seize. It's not worth their time or effort.
That said, if you don't wanna end up like Mark Salling don't post anything illegal, be very careful about what you chose to DL, don't keep anything on your phone and don't go showing off what you've got.
>> No. 112347
in the USA we have freedom of speech

this thread is for international concerns, not USA-related

it is damaging to the reputation of the USA to assert that the courts do not uphold and protect the Constitution and its Amendments

It is legal to publish anything you want, including code-breaking vulnerabilities in US armed forces. This is the USA. Where are you from, OP?
>> No. 112451
I was released just a few days ago. Right now, the best way to avoid prison is to live in a place where people are more accepting of pedophilia. Black, Hispanic, and Asian comunities don't care so much. Especially illegal immigrants.
>> No. 112560
I had two girl friends from an Asian neighborhood. Their parents knew about it. I met the first one when she was six. She spent most nights in my bed. The second girl was four when we met. She loved mouth games but I taught her to take it up the butt by eight. She even started asking for it.

File 154408417357.jpg - (575.32KB , 1920x1080 , D_U_V_(P3) (1).jpg )
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>> No. 104345
File 154410405074.jpg - (69.42KB , 800x450 , D_U_V_(P3) (24).jpg )
>> No. 104346
File 154410408671.jpg - (60.36KB , 800x450 , D_U_V_(P3) (25).jpg )
>> No. 104347
File 154410417661.jpg - (42.53KB , 800x450 , D_U_V_(P3) (32).jpg )
>> No. 104352
add these photos and videos
>> No. 112452
bumb for more like this

File 15464073373.jpg - (3.04MB , 2171x3420 , P90101-131016.jpg )
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Simply a lovely little girl! Whenever I go visit her, she loves to hug me, and whenever I'm somewhere, she comes up on me, sit on my lap, standing with her legs spread wide over my dick. I love it when she does it! I do not need to ask, she lives wearing clothes that show her ass, her panties and when she wears some clothes not too tight, I can see part of her little pussy! That drives me crazy! When she was younger, I could see her pussy many times, because I could play her legs open, and so open her beautiful little pussy too! I have a huge desire for her, but I control myself and I go slow, but when I can see her naked, after leaving the bath or when she changes clothes, I have to masturbate! One day I will still be able to gain her confidence and then continue to play with her over and over. I love my sweet niece and she loves me too!
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>> No. 112326
Yup. She's 5.

Do you want to see her face? Sorry, but no face for now, but I can assure you. she's an angel! s2
>> No. 112336
Go slow and easy, and never do something you both regret or hurt her. I get that urge that you want to have her, but let it be consensual, because raping or hurting little girls is the biggest sin for me.
>> No. 112354
nice lil girl to do , i love underage girls so much 5-14 just lil girls always hot for them
>> No. 112402
She is really hot. Don't wait too long!
>> No. 112434
Of course i know that! I'll never go hurt her! I'm doing all the way slow and with all the care. i will teach her, and make her like me much more than only my niece one day! But anyway, i really love her!

File 154645754510.png - (156.65KB , 218x302 , g.png )
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reply with asian download links and pics

File 154643786921.jpg - (57.44KB , 800x600 , 11173909lMq.jpg )
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>> No. 112284
File 154643906662.jpg - (293.62KB , 1600x1200 , 09_ari004.jpg )

File 154635268677.jpg - (183.47KB , 1000x1503 , 43.jpg )
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Hi all an NY. Som suchers or swallower vids or links? Thanks!!

File 154633817684.jpg - (75.05KB , 375x564 , 816c7c_42f95e9abd714886a65418d68d977f34~mv2.jpg )
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File 154582638662.jpg - (840.44KB , 1920x2560 , IMG_20181226_194750.jpg )
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I saw that since my childhood, she has a bra in age of 13.
>> No. 111910
Dafuq you trying to say??? Damn motherfucker, speak English!
>> No. 111911
Tits or GTFO

File 154631175291.jpg - (381.06KB , 611x768 , 01.jpg )
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>> No. 111847
pass: 155chan_xxx

File 154630709714.png - (39.30KB , 100x100 , 153677407539c.png )
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Anyone can please share good bath/nude/skinny dip vids that used to be on youtube or other public video sites?

File 154531941125.jpg - (4.31MB , 3999x5998 , Mila_StS.jpg )
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Welcome & good beginning! Again!
Let's continue dance on SS's grave! :]

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>> No. 115477
mila makes me horny is this bad?
>> No. 116439
Young black girls
>> No. 116925
Wow, this thread is still open. Mod must be sleeping.


>> No. 116927
Wow, this thread is still open. Mod must be having time off.


>> No. 119570
please share more more more SS
looking Multi01 (Mila&nita plaseee share)

File 15462650685.jpg - (17.26KB , 512x339 , cap1.jpg )
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9 vids pedomon


Pass: LOLIX=56$#@Egf@$2dDFdRHnj8*&&$$$@#&%8f//?1

contact me


Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 111721
lo siento pero no puedo subir los videos al MEGA
>> No. 111725
the password is:

>> No. 111726
Lo dejaré aquí
>> No. 111729
File special3.mp4 - (7.51MB )
>> No. 111732
File 154629073760.jpg - (38.74KB , 903x482 , motivo.jpg )
That's why I do not post directly on chan.

File 154629057712.jpg - (129.49KB , 628x1014 , 46B7BF6A-62C9-4F78-8E27-C51915DA5AF3.jpg )
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File 15459869725.png - (206.84KB , 1080x2220 , Screenshot_20181228-024603.png )
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kik share
>> No. 111295
File 154618263390.jpg - (271.36KB , 1050x1872 , Screenshot_20181230-090913.jpg )
Share videos on kik
>> No. 111374
Thes guys are cops. Kik = Federal Prison for 100 years. Dumbass faggots who Kik will get fucked by Bubba every day for 100 years
>> No. 111608
Need falko video,i can not find the more the better

File 154621591921.jpg - (183.33KB , 1080x1350 , 85A75EC5-B8E0-4CF8-923E-12B7F05623C9.jpg )
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>> No. 111541
Perfect, perfect, perfect please post the whole set no pass
>> No. 111596
Nice send please more

File 154516125740.jpg - (75.30KB , 537x653 , 0B209D84-5EE1-45D7-9723-1185778F72BC.jpg )
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Post your Pics preferably of girls between 11 and 16
2 posts and 1 image omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 108517
File 154546534696.jpg - (168.22KB , 768x1024 , 9a7b0e701310803.jpg )
>> No. 111303
File 154618470982.jpg - (169.81KB , 635x949 , 654079.jpg )
These two are just so lovely..two preteens in the snow..would be ripe for a roll about and a body massage to warm them up..and then some action to keep them hot..
>> No. 111360
>>111303 I wanted to jump into this picture so hard that i literally smashed my face against the screen!
>> No. 111414
from this 2 lolis in winterscapes are only a cople of pictures exist (maybe 120 + - ).
they has mad 3 movies under purenudism, but this films are never shared elsewhere for free.Fact is, you can buy this films directly on main page i remember it was 60 usd per film. i dont know.
>> No. 111592
>>111303 I wouldn't buy anything even if it totally legal. Ears ago i did stupid things and paid many times with credit card for sets and videos to one nn agency then i shared these between my friends, now i'm a little scared to attract more attention to my humble persona. Money isn't the problem, anonymous is.

File 154623268959.jpg - (75.34KB , 621x800 , 29212536ahh.jpg )
111535 No. 111535 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
I got this from Anarchy nation forums some time ago. https://imgur.com/a/oPzzZyK
>> No. 111536
File 154623271728.jpg - (55.45KB , 645x456 , 29212537VGJ.jpg )
>> No. 111537
File 154623273041.jpg - (45.48KB , 645x668 , 29212538AUp.jpg )
>> No. 111538
File 154623274469.jpg - (76.12KB , 643x800 , 29212539dEW.jpg )

File 154622956476.jpg - (38.14KB , 604x453 , 1934172_13089752802_2954_n.jpg )
111523 No. 111523 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
I thought I had more of her and I was going to add them but I guess I don't. I do intend to try and get some more. This was her when she was a kid. She was even hotter when she was younger. I have older pics of her if anyone is interested but I don't like them nearly as much.

File 154622679041.jpg - (663.62KB , 1333x2000 , 154408873361.jpg )
111498 No. 111498 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Please more real or fake
>> No. 111499
File 154622684361.jpg - (314.79KB , 1333x2000 , 154291904751.jpg )
>> No. 111500
File 154622690998.jpg - (920.84KB , 1333x2000 , 154274570995.jpg )
>> No. 111501
File 154622695966.jpg - (525.56KB , 1333x2000 , withoutpanties1273.jpg )

File webcam_pt_2016_opva_8yo_boy_11yo_girl_naked.mp4 - (7.63MB )
88691 No. 88691 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Can we get some vids and pic
>> No. 88745
Is there a vid of them fucking
>> No. 88937
>> No. 111299
What better way to celebrate what this whole site is about than that vid. Two kids having fun and cutting up. No forced smiles, no threats just pure kid fun.
>> No. 111495
Amo este video quiero más de esta niña

File 154580064826.jpg - (538.15KB , 720x1280 , IMG_20180108_022908.jpg )
109887 No. 109887 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
que le arian a ella ?
>> No. 109888
File 154580071941.jpg - (145.66KB , 1080x1440 , IMG_20170322_121054.jpg )
>> No. 109889
Todo el tipo de porno que e visto lo reproduciría con ella
>> No. 109891
Reproduciría todas las escenas porno que e visto en mi vida con ella
>> No. 111125
Saca más fotos de ella, puedes conseguir foto cachondas de ella retandola a que haga poses de yoga, tú las haces y luego cuando le toque a ella le sacas foto y las subes aquí
>> No. 111422
post your facebook or insta

File 151313412987.jpg - (264.46KB , 1146x776 , Renee_09.jpg )
2046 No. 2046 hide watch quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts]
Let's have a thread dedicated to just bare butts!


NO! kitties, labia, cookies, vagina, pussy!

NO! underwear, thongs, clothing etc. in the way of the butt. whole butt must be bare so we can see it all :)

BONUS - girl should be completely nude, no other articles of clothing, not even shoes (just a bonus, i might not play everytime)

OTHER - try not to censor. if you can't post, then don't (unless it's something rare or we've never seen before, then make sure kitties are censored)

Have fun!
546 posts and 457 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 111280
File 15461799438.jpg - (146.92KB , 800x600 , 27_07_11 (15).jpg )
>> No. 111284
File 154618033530.jpg - (185.50KB , 800x600 , [005574].jpg )
>> No. 111285
File 154618040583.jpg - (181.88KB , 600x800 , 07_01_2010 (14).jpg )
>> No. 111286
File 154618054354.jpg - (227.24KB , 600x800 , 20_01_2010 (17).jpg )
>> No. 111287
File 154618072586.jpg - (180.10KB , 600x800 , 24_05_10 (6).jpg )

File daddy_fuck_me.mp4 - (2.42MB , daddy fuck me.mp4 )
99132 No. 99132 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
19s video.
preview http://pixs.ru/showimage/daddyfuckm_5102460_30929817.jpg
5 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 99465
File 154247401056.jpg - (140.61KB , 423x403 , cute (3).jpg )
Blow you load, daddy.
>> No. 99539
love when young girls demonstrate their submission like that
>> No. 111126
Now that was hot!
>> No. 111278
File 154617902495.jpg - (134.12KB , 815x1291 , ns-13-035.jpg )
>> No. 111279
File 154617919064.jpg - (187.22KB , 809x1294 , ns-13-113.jpg )

File 154616391957.jpg - (91.67KB , 760x1280 , IMG-20181227-WA0155.jpg )
111209 No. 111209 hide watch quickreply [Reply]

File 154611338593.jpg - (89.38KB , 1000x750 , OBXxLVWf.jpg )
111029 No. 111029 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Looking for mom and young please.
>> No. 111061
>> No. 111124
Cute. Would love more please.
>> No. 111192
File 15461583723.jpg - (578.62KB , 1552x1164 , 131509650137_jpg_bv1414944209.jpg )
>> No. 111193
File 154615853188.jpg - (142.77KB , 640x480 , 1414664659030.jpg )
>> No. 111194
File 154615861553.jpg - (55.11KB , 800x599 , 1421104649197-3.jpg )

File 154105439062.jpg - (134.06KB , 638x960 , image.jpg )
111221 No. 111221 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Any tips, advice, first moves, or story's you'll like to share on getting a young cute gf.
1 post omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 111223
I was dating this you 8yo girl online for about 2 years. So i started when she was 8 and continued until she was 9. No she was not fake she did all sort of freaky stuff, like she wanted to meet me very badly reason i know she was not fake was the time spent and the things we did which i will not talk about. I can tell she got into some freaky shit because of me. I met her through her youtube channel still got her twitter. But yeah we drifted apart cause she was afraid of getting caught. She had, had sex previously at 7 or so she told me. I also had a brief relationship with a 10 year old asian girl.
>> No. 111224
I've dated two underage girls in my life one was 8 and i dated her for about 2 years so was 9 when we broke up. She was bullied in school but a nice kid i met her online through her youtube channel and yeah she really loved getting kinky online. I made her taste her own butthole and pussy from her finger and stuff like that. I also dated this asian girl what was 10 again online. Like it's risky... like my advice is make the first move but be safe there are girls out there into sex and stuff... just be sure to be extremely careful get to know the girl first... preferably you should like to know if she's had sex before both my girls claimed they had and when u found a girl like that u have a gold mine on your hands.
>> No. 111225
Yeah let me cum in her
>> No. 111226
No way to do that. Only way is rape and kidnap and closeted in a underground hole made by a shovel.
>> No. 111227
No advice on getting underage gf. I don't think that would end well. My wife discovered my interest in young porn early in our relationship. I broke down & told her I was a pedophile but that I would never act on my desires as I don't actually want to do anything to children. I told her about why I'm this way because of sexual interaction between myself & my half sister as children & never having lost interest from it. I don't know that she understands it exactly, but this was learned somewhere in our first couple years together & we've been married for over 10 years now. I don't know how to tell you how to find someone who will love you even after knowing this part of you. She does not share in this part of me. It is the most risky thing I can think of to tell someone you care about that you are a pedophile. We have 2 kids together & I have zero interest in my own kids sexually. In fact, after having kids, I don't know how someone could do anything sexually with their own kids. I have an intense urge to protect my kids from this kind of thing. In any case, I urge you to try to find someone who will love you for you. After having said that, I will say that I had a bit of a stipulation that was a sort of "man I hope this is the case because I really like her" situation with my wife. I hoped that she had a slit pussy. She does. Unfortunately it is over sensitive so she doesn't really enjoy being eaten out, but I do it any chance she gives because she knows I love it.

File 154564350629.jpg - (0.95MB , 1768x1200 , Karisha Fakes 02.jpg )
109285 No. 109285 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts]
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>> No. 109694
>>109687 Then suck it, what are you waiting for?
>> No. 109748
looks like 18 years old porngirls from United states ,
>> No. 111015
File 154610861816.jpg - (126.96KB , 844x1118 , [003977] (2).jpg )
please fake her!!
>> No. 111017

Writing fake her dosen't really help 1] who is she 2] look at the fakes before you need to give an image that has some exprssion. 3] The better quality of image the better chance of a good fake.
>> No. 111019
>>111017She is Sevina from Webe.

File 154610802287.jpg - (125.41KB , 1138x557 , capa1.jpg )
111013 No. 111013 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Link: http://dl.free.fr/getfile.pl?file=/qs4nH00p

pass: LOLIX=2#$232%7(_)*753#!@@#$$32fgJJGG

contact me

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

File 154605749962.gif - (375.73KB , 580x388 , HBiNej3.gif )
110834 No. 110834 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
What are good places to talk to girls on camera. I am a grifter by trade and can easily talk any girls clothes off. I'll share if anyone points me in the right direction.
>> No. 110866
People don't advertise good chat rooms where they find lots of win. As soon as a good site becomes known, lots of noobs flood it. Once traffic increases, the mods start banning accounts and users. The girls becomes afraid to show with all the strangers demanding they strip. So by asking for good sites, you are going to help kill any win from there.
>> No. 110938
Same with Youtube. Many girls like to show off until idiots leave rude and sexual comments. The girls parents make them close thier accounts.

File 154609175717.jpg - (188.81KB , 870x728 , 154464016914.jpg )
110932 No. 110932 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Show your favourite teen tities

File Albert_barrera_-_YouTube.mp4 - (1.79MB , Albert barrera - YouTube.mp4 )
67150 No. 67150 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Albert barrea in youtube
>> No. 67177
more? Love little black girls
>> No. 67180
think it is African American!

File 152459880975.jpg - (4.38MB , 3456x5184 , 7hupnjgkhyr7.jpg )
49957 No. 49957 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts]
just nice , cleand , hairless underarm
50 posts and 42 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 107192
File 154505711915.jpg - (74.69KB , 768x804 , sale holess.jpg )
>> No. 110737
File 154603483594.jpg - (527.34KB , 1200x1800 , 152195915767.jpg )
>> No. 110738
File 15460349222.jpg - (645.69KB , 1024x1536 , 21874531_31607.jpg )
smooth japs
>> No. 110747
File 154603556952.jpg - (202.89KB , 1064x1600 , 15230263965.jpg )
sophie underarm make me hard
>> No. 110812
fucking weirdos

File 154586028147.jpg - (74.34KB , 750x1334 , hkhg.jpg )
110134 No. 110134 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
https://twitter.com/hannahj12609113 Help a fella out
>> No. 110138
if it helps, she takes Amazon gift cards as payment.
>> No. 110147
So what's her details?

Name: Hannah J.
Age: ??
Breasts: ??
Waist: ??
Hips: ??

Is she cute? An unknown girl, unknown age, who offers to sell nudes and has her face hidden?
>> No. 110164
I mean, just look on Twitter man, people aren't gonna know from pictures.
>> No. 110787
Only got this vid >>110134


Pass NHancer

May need Xvid codec (Google)
>> No. 110798
Vid of >>110134 pic, doesn't look the same as twitter account

File 154008684260.jpg - (79.65KB , 539x800 , 9BF59071-3D74-44C1-9316-C2CE67B3AE59.jpg )
92356 No. 92356 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
post pics, vids, and nudes of her, and good quality fakes of her here!
29 posts and 22 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 105700
File 154451963227.jpg - (105.05KB , 541x800 , D6C8307C-04AB-4982-A714-9F1C4F5FC3F1.jpg )
>> No. 106242
File 154469809651.jpg - (72.82KB , 365x800 , 317055CA-ADA2-4C03-998B-8BB795FD26B5.jpg )
>> No. 106937
File 154495758671.jpg - (103.89KB , 514x800 , DA45608E-8A81-4996-BA04-73E0F5666EA6.jpg )
>> No. 106942
Want to rape this little whore over and over again.
>> No. 110624
File 154599984438.jpg - (161.62KB , 923x768 , E77EDB82-90BA-43A6-8C21-681E80867466.jpg )

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