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RIP librechan
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Looking for this vid!

File 153407437047.jpg - (373.46KB , 762x1080 , f0ec78705615d1a77fb209fac8f9ea04.jpg )
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Because i would love to try it sometime
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>> No. 76713
I had a fun time in my late teens with cousin when she was 5 and 6. Best part is that SHE wanted it. We were making out, kissing and touching everywhere and my dick got hard like never before. Her pussy was something the best I ever felt, so incredibly tiny and soft. She spread legs for me while holding me, asking to be fucked. I even gave her a good lick. Then I entered her and next thing I remember it was all wet and sticky. Good portion of my head went deeper inside her and I heard her moans. I literally fainted for few seconds how good it felt. Her pussy just squeezed my cum out within moments. We kept doing it for whole year or two, till we just stopped, probably realizing it was wrong, and also her brother wanted it too so I had to rub my dick on his ass few times. I wasn't much into it, although it felt kinda good.
Even many years later I still remember the scent of her tiny pussy, flat chest and soft skin. Not many things in life compare to it.
I'd say it's individual, but around 5-6 some pussies can already be ready for pounding and everyone should experience it.
>> No. 76720
Oops, quoted the wrong post. Meant for >>76702
>> No. 77577

sounds like someone had already broken her in. you can definitely fuck a 5yo just need to take plenty of time to prepare them. i dont mean hours, i mean weeks. i personally believe 7 is as young as i would fuck, but i would definitely get into some serious oral play with a 4 or 5yo.
>> No. 77587
Youngest I've done was 12 and easily the best I've ever had. Always wanted to try 9
>> No. 77618
I didn't realize that back then, but she was 100%. I suspect she used to do it with her brother all the time, who is only couple of years older. But with me, they both went passive and wanted me to dominate them.
Was pretty harmless though and all three of us talk regularly after all these years. She has now a yummy little daughter and I get to see her nude all the time. She's still young though, around 3yr.

But the mental image of counsin's horny tiny 5-6yr pussy will always remain in the back of my head. A tiny smooth hole spread right before me. I'm slightly above average sized and believe me, I had a 100% erection when entering her (I was 16-17, so almost fully grown) and still managed to squeeze in my head, just enough to shoot my load inside her while feeling tight, hot honey dripping hole. She moaned, kissed me in mouth and humped me back. It was a real love making.

My favorite was playing ''marriage'' and I was always the husband, so they took turns with me. Again, it was their idea. I remained in their bedroom and one would come in and be my wife while other stays in other room, pretending it's a school day or something.
Once I finished having sex with the one, other would come in. I didn't even have to leave the bed. I always took time with female cousin and each time I got to fuck her for good few minutes. She was so into it, she would hold me until I fucked her good and then kissed me with tongue before leaving. Male cousin was around 8 at most and he would usually bend over and I would rub my throbbing penis on his ass. Never went in, but felt how it's tight and warm and loved jacking over and creaming on his ass. He really wanted my dick in and moaned like a girl, he even looked very girlish and skinny.

I'd cum at least 4-5 times per evening, mostly in my female cousin's pussy because it felt the best.

File 152997089794.png - (677.85KB , 646x668 , tumblr2.png )
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fun stuff on here sometimes.
>> No. 67292
So love this girl...
>> No. 67296
File 152998455670.jpg - (314.61KB , 1280x986 , tumblr_p8lccgDcue1x7lsemo4_1280.jpg )
>> No. 67298
She is perfect. Where can i find her? She needs a fuck.
>> No. 67328
tumblr link???
>> No. 77585
File 153482191469.jpg - (61.76KB , 512x800 , 38673101hWW.jpg )
One of the best was cassieb1hottie til she got deactivated.
11 year old that was trained by her mom to do as men say and always picked up at the playground

File 152794205812.jpg - (83.67KB , 1280x960 , 15221716019.jpg )
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Post your favorite little black assholes
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>> No. 62996
>> No. 77470
File 153475153776.jpg - (64.53KB , 444x646 , Obama painting.jpg )
Biggest black asshole on earth.
>> No. 77480
File 153475344724.jpg - (5.99KB , 208x242 , download.jpg )
>> No. 77492
Why do Americans think that everyone else is interested in their political views?


>> No. 77572
FAR FAR better than the shit we're dealing with now.

File 153045748975.jpg - (73.08KB , 675x900 , multixnxx-10 pictures-6.jpg )
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>> No. 68344
She's hot. Name?

File 153473381984.jpg - (192.75KB , 1024x768 , imgsrc_ru_61082704oIk.jpg )
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File 153462676899.jpg - (25.42KB , 446x260 , F0895ECD-0FE7-42FE-8BB8-29877A41C9A5.jpg )
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We need a revival of pictures and videos and active members. Where’s all the girl/girl? The boy/girl? The videos? The GOOD stuff??

File 153457952259.jpg - (1.29MB , 5616x3744 , 67358838.jpg )
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Who is she?
>> No. 77001
Oh! Sexy girl!

File 153459785546.jpg - (63.11KB , 640x799 , 1.jpg )
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This gorgeous girl wants people following her Instagram to share it so she can get more followers. So here we are! Everyone follow this gorgeous girl. She's mentioned a few times that she'll take booty pics if people do special things for her.

@baddie.hopee on Instagram

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File 151734665714.jpg - (83.05KB , 450x600 , LoFanily35.jpg )
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Incest fun
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>> No. 18394
intense cumshot
>> No. 18418
>>18389 drop her set please.
>> No. 18579
>> No. 76685
the links in 144chan are gone
>> No. 76686
in the link change 144chan.ws to 144chan.pk

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Searching for more

File 153234356617.jpg - (431.95KB , 1050x1346 , ltte2f4f.jpg )
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want to chat about little girls trade pics vids?
>> No. 77335
File 153449107473.jpg - (45.79KB , 800x598 , 8zzl743j.jpg )
@KPisBest i love little girls ^^

File 152459998884.jpg - (100.32KB , 512x768 , MyDownfallorEnlightenment?.jpg )
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.. or indeed, enlightenment?

>be me
>divorced for many years
>various flings, nothing meaningful
>stooge around adult porn sites
>itch not really being scratched
>click on some random 3rd party link (yeah, yeah, I know)
>before brain can say "WTF" knob hares up, like rock-solid
>OMG,OMG, OMG! what do?
>fap, and deal with guilt afterwards, fucking best hard-on I had for years!

And that was it in a nutshell. That one low-res pic of Liliana led me down a path that, looking back, I'd have never thought I would take. It's not even pornographic really.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 76339
I had a similar situation a very long time ago with my best friends brothers girlfriends little girl. She had two kids from a previous marriage a boy 5 and a girl 4. When I was first introduced to my best friends brother we got along as if we had know each other for years. We sat at the kitchen table and began to play cards using match sticks as poker chips. The little girl, so cute with big blue eyes and golden hair and tiny baby teeth. She must have sensed something about me and climbed up from under the table and into my lap. I felt a bit strange and somewhat uncomfortable but no one in the room seemed to care or notice. I reached down to reposition her on my lap and her legs spread open across my lap and she put my hand between her legs and smiled at me. She pressed my hand against her pussy and began to move it in a rubbing motion. She must have been molested before and knew she liked having her pussy rubbed. Before I knew it, my hand was inside her pants and I could feel her warm, moist, bald little slit. This went on for 6 years and us guys would always get together at his house to play cards and drink. When it was time for bed, she would ask me to read her a story before bed. The kids both slept in the same room on bunk beds with her on the top bunk. It was so effortless for me to gain access to her pussy since she had already prepared herself by not wearing anything under her nightgown and laying there with it already pulled up beyond her bellybutton under the covers. I wish I could bring those days back again.
>> No. 76352
Yes, today there is no statute of limitations. Back then, there was. I've been assured by a lawyer who specializes in this that the statute expired for me over 10 years ago. The government cannot pass laws retrospectively UNLESS IT'S SOPA/PIPA. That means they can't make up laws to punish you for what you did when there wasn't a law, as well as not being able to change the statute on you after you've committed the crime.

NB: I am not a lawyer, but I have consulted a lawyer on this as it applies to me and my specific situation. This is not legal advice.
>> No. 76353
And don't forget Clarissa Explains It All!!!!!
>> No. 76354

Yes. That's pretty much me. I love little girls, but somehow I'm wired so that that love reaches the sexual part of my brain. I've talked this over with my daughter (whom I never touched) and we've come to the conclusion that since it runs for at least several generations back, this is a gene-related problem.
>> No. 76638
The moderator said "UNLESS IT'S SOPA/PIPA."

I'm sorry, but I don't understand. Who was prosecuted for something they did before SOPA/PIPA laws were passed. I can understand why you would know what's about, but I simply don't. ---Note that my "retrospectively" comment doesn't mean that they passed a law that prohibits you from continuing to do something. It's only concerned with punishing you for doing something that was legal when you did it.

File 153194031467.png - (434.64KB , 720x1280 , Screenshot_20180707-001858.png )
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>> No. 74188
Please share the vids of that pics
>> No. 75151
anyone have the vids of these?
>> No. 75177
please share on dl.free....thanks
>> No. 76532
toy story girl says, 'give me your cum daddy'

PW 12345
>> No. 76594

File 153431112853.jpg - (588.04KB , 1800x2292 , jordyn.jpg )
76139 No. 76139 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Stupid question.

I saw a pic a year or so ago of a topless underage instagram model. Something like 14-16 years old.

She was on a beach I think, close up shot of her against a rock wall or a cliff. Tits and nipples visible under a white lace/mesh cover.

Pic here is Jordyn Jones....I don't think that's who I saw, but it was close. Does anyone have a list of sexy young instagram models like this so I can keep looking? I totally forget her name, and after lots of searching I don't think the person I'm trying to find is Jordyn.
>> No. 76216
Inka Williams?
>> No. 76264
File 153435378455.jpg - (305.67KB , 853x1280 , inka williams 1.jpg )

Yes, that's her! Thanks! I think there may be a couple that she posted censored, but I think this was the image I was thinking of.

No white mesh (I mis-remembered), but the rock wall is there.

She's at most 16 years old here. Found this image posted April 2017 and she was born September 1999.
>> No. 76438

Golly, reckon that maker her 17 1/2...

File 153431049955.jpg - (123.59KB , 750x1334 , B8FB5D93-3D54-4217-9FBC-1D5AACE7CA76.jpg )
76136 No. 76136 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Never seen before
>> No. 76268
>> No. 76388
File 153440117388.jpg - (125.41KB , 750x1334 , 54DD6448-519B-4450-BF1B-87FBC8F9A423.jpg )
>> No. 76389
File 153440119753.jpg - (121.27KB , 750x1334 , C14C0343-9438-4C22-861B-917798F1BD71.jpg )
>> No. 76390
File 153440121919.jpg - (185.14KB , 750x1334 , 512E8C0C-B555-4D09-A5F9-C9F75CE63A35.jpg )
>> No. 76391
File 153440123824.jpg - (104.98KB , 750x1334 , C8CCDF05-AD78-4C50-B399-0404AE18D700.jpg )

File 15343698043.png - (919.96KB , 750x1334 , 1534342109310.png )
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No. 76269 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
real CP on youtube !!!!

File 153434546946.jpg - (7.79KB , 208x153 , 782560.jpg )
76219 No. 76219 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Any source on this ?

No. 75766 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
>> No. 75948
the old double team, pretty slutty in my book!
>> No. 75949
ready for a load, cum guzzling for daddy

No. 75813 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
>> No. 75875
it sure is

No. 75856 hide watch quickreply [Reply]

File 152893478459.png - (482.09KB , 745x624 , Screenshot (93.png )
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Shes only 11 and has those tits!
7 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 75562
But more to the point, 11 year old pussy is 11 year old pussy. Those don’t come along every day.
>> No. 75573
She is no younger than 13, probably closer to 15

Stop being a gullible fucking retard

Girls lie about their age.

On Webcams they lie and say they are older to avoid ban
Unless they are old enough then they lie and say they are younger to get more attention

NO 11 year old has huge tits, and you cant provide any proof. Anything you post will just be your best guess like this one, its not like they brought their Photo ID
>> No. 75575
imagine how sensitive they must be! i wanna suckle them as i finger her 11 year old cunt!
>> No. 75740
You have CLEARLY NEVER seen 11yo. Yes it isn't common for them to have large tits, but some do. There was a girl on musical.ly that went by the user name second_sex that was 11 (there is a video that she said she was because someone asked her) and her tits are actually bigger than this girls. If you only saw her from the neck down you would have NO clue that she was only 11. Her videos have been around for a while now and not hard to find.
>> No. 75746
Maya from LS Magazine did.

File 152088688968.jpg - (844.80KB , 1333x2000 , 589e425ad4128.jpg )
65377 No. 65377 Locked hide watch quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts]
Post your hottest spread pics only
822 posts and 594 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 75466
>> No. 75549
>> No. 75550
Masha bobko
>> No. 75700
>> No. 75744

No. 75613 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Im looking for beastility pls
>> No. 75727
File 153413971528.png - (295.73KB , 1214x683 , 153412146087.png )
here is supposedly 2 videos which I did not download (not into it) but here it is: https://155chan.gr/mir/res/32287.html Enjoy!

File 152168162496.jpg - (130.49KB , 1600x1200 , 5724f61e9cd40.jpg )
37837 No. 37837 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Obsessed. So beautiful.
8 posts and 8 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 37909
File 152172581367.jpg - (228.78KB , 1168x1752 , 574654c963b3a.jpg )
>> No. 44083
nice fuckgirl
>> No. 44251
File 152311067034.jpg - (64.80KB , 1100x733 , 20022005-4133 (web).jpg )
>> No. 46036
I know a girl that looks Just like Sandra, She's 14 right now but it drives me nuts. She even makes some facial expressions that look like Sandra. Insane
>> No. 75368
who has photos and videos of this model ???

File 152433398811.png - (742.97KB , 1280x800 , Screenshot_2018-04-21-20-02-04.png )
48899 No. 48899 Locked hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts]
Blanke Fotze
102 posts and 64 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 74735
File 153374785380.jpg - (2.34MB , 2560x1920 , 24.jpg )
In spite of her very young age, she loves sex and pleasure (blowing her dad,...)!
>> No. 74736
File 153374794939.jpg - (2.21MB , 2560x1920 , 19.jpg )
Her tight little cunt can already be used to give her real orgasms!
>> No. 75464
File 153402067311.png - (444.67KB , 1280x800 , Screenshot_2018-08-11-22-47-01.png )
Schönes Fötzchen
>> No. 75465
File 153402070942.png - (575.83KB , 1280x800 , Screenshot_2018-08-11-22-49-00.png )
Blonde kleine Möse
>> No. 75689
Blonde kleine Möse. Any more for this cuety?!!

No. 61088 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
>> No. 61089
>> No. 61092
File 152730598237.jpg - (96.27KB , 696x934 , LodeRunner_I4x4f0qKBvfr_mb-montage-alltheway-sauna.jpg )
>> No. 61093
>> No. 75684
i would suck him off

File 153404753788.jpg - (152.93KB , 900x1200 , IMG_5187.jpg )
75517 No. 75517 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
>> No. 75525
Ihave several mainly Brazilian girls
>> No. 75530
Would you care to put them here?
>> No. 75539
File 153405670370.jpg - (151.48KB , 720x894 , imgsrc_ru_61031585mBk.jpg )
You have more of this naked girl, she looks like the actress Lorena Queiroz
>> No. 75595
I don’t sorry

File 153405694816.jpg - (129.25KB , 512x511 , jpg.jpg )
75541 No. 75541 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Does anyone have more of her videos and her videos nude?
alguém tem mais vídeos dela e os vídeos dela nua ?

>> No. 75542
File 153405703485.jpg - (24.02KB , 202x360 , 153373017978.jpg )

File 152445114851.jpg - (4.07MB , 4368x2912 , 1 and 5 then 7 and 5 z(1741).jpg )
49502 No. 49502 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
I am looking for the photo sets and videos (if they exist) of these boys when they're playing table tennis and water guns. Please share if you have!!

I will share the rest of this later when I can be bothered to get started with zippyshare or something similar
22 posts and 2 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 51534
so much bs. if boys dont turn you on, you skip the threads, and if they do you enjoy the thread.

anyone who complains about it, must have some issues. normally repressed feelings of arousal.

doesnt mean they are gay, they just want to fuck one cute boy usually. but they got all fucked up by society and the church in two ways. one about sex with any kid is wrong, and one that sex with someone the same sex is wrong too.

just going on about there being a boy thread, means you secretly like one of the boys or all boys, and are lashing out because you feel bad.

dont like something? DONT LOOK AND DONT WHINE
>> No. 51564
Please don't do cyclic reasoning :P
>> No. 51618
I may not be into the homo side of the sex, but I do need naked boys for my boy-MILF fantasies. I've learned to tolerate and cherish boy threads as long at it's a nude+solo+simple background+regular lights+good size

The kronnenberg collection in BV4 was almost perfect for my needs. The only problem with that one was that the boys are always looking straight at the camera. I bee tenkful for other similar pic sets.
>> No. 57632
...fuck off all of you gays, one thing is a litttle girl and another it's a boy, if we are pervert because we like little girls... you are double perverts because beside pedo your are gays as well.
>> No. 57743
lol at the butthurt. you claim to hate boys and yet all your anti bs is bumping the boy thread.

go see a pshrink about it. get him to make you normal so you see the thread, think not my thing (but dont get angry) instead of finding excuses to open the thread and reply to it, just so you can look at the thing you pretend you hate but secretly love.

File 152028573987.jpg - (0.96MB , 1748x2330 , Goyaale.jpg )
28097 No. 28097 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
I am very aware of the significance of this period in time. I am very aware that all eyes are on the Triforce, supporters and haters alike. I am very aware that if this project fails that no similar projects may start in the near future, and perhaps ever.

This is way more important than the Triforce, than Mod, than you guys. This is about the future of humanity. This is about whether people will be free to engage in a harmless pursue of happiness, or will the ceiling of freedom the collective grants minorities steep even lower as time passes.

If we go down, it will be another triumph for the state over the individual. For the elite over the little guy. It will be added to a long list of freedom casualties over the last 200 years, from the failure of the French, Bolshevik, and most recently American revolutions in fulfilling their promises, to 9/11 & the tearing of Magna Carta, to the fall of 8chan, Librechan, and Reddit as bastions of free speech. This is an uphill battle.

The role I am taking is not small, and I promise you, and promise future generations who I hope will be able to read these words, that I will continue to do my best to keep this project alive. Until the last minute of my time and last dollar in my pocket I will support the chans, and continue to support freedom of speech to the furthest extent permissible by law.

May we hold them back just enough for the spirit of resistance and hope to awaken in you, Average Joe. Amen.
10 posts and 7 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 68196
I may not post very often, but I can asure you that you are TRULY APPRECIATED MORE THAN YOU CAN POSSIBLY IMAGINE.
I am sure that I speak for many thousands of relatively normal people whose only desire is to see the beauty of youth portrayed in both video and image formats. I do not kid myself that I could attract the attentions from any of the indescribably beautiful young girls shown here, so I am willing to just enjoy the images from my computer. As I have been doing for many years now. Keep up the very fine work. And thanks to all who make the 3 chans possible. I know it cant be easy. Long may you prosper and keep your audience happy.
>> No. 68331
File 153048171739.gif - (0.97MB , 420x236 , 149571339549.gif )
I love the triforce and all the effort that goes into keeping these boards alive. You guys are the best. Please keep up the good works.
>> No. 68334
Is there a reason you don't have a .onion as a hub?
It could literally be 3 links, linking to the clear net addresses, and would be the last address people would ever need to bookmark.



>> No. 68416
It seems to be an appreciation thread, so let me state that I also appreciate all the work that the mods do in keeping the boards going.
>> No. 75149
File 153390454094.jpg - (16.96KB , 448x336 , autism.jpg )
Whereas a ton of preteen chans have perished under 1 or 2 suspensions your Mod has done his homework and launched 3 domains in 2 days and already has the 3 backup domains for the next 3 outages set.

That's right. Sorry to ruin your party antis. You can always try again though.

File 149726169383.jpg - (62.01KB , 435x612 , image.jpg )
174 No. 174 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts]
169 posts and 141 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 26528
File 152004921533.jpg - (602.34KB , 1600x1200 , DSCF0036.jpg )
>> No. 33247
Oh my mymy
>> No. 36318
File 15212579489.jpg - (238.65KB , 768x1024 , LoliBay_net_-_Stephanie-Model_Set6_43.jpg )
Can you say Depfile
>> No. 36525
File 152133041728.jpg - (232.32KB , 802x1223 , DSC_7231.jpg )
>>36318 pw would be helpful :)
>> No. 37496

File 151413725160.jpg - (178.02KB , 600x800 , LS Land 03 - Merry Christmas Cover 1 (lmc).jpg )
4520 No. 4520 hide watch quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts]
It's time to spread some Xmas cheer.
325 posts and 308 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 4912
File 151424011461.jpg - (227.60KB , 1440x956 , lmc-022-083.jpg )
>> No. 4913
File 151424013479.jpg - (222.83KB , 1440x956 , lmc-022-093.jpg )
>> No. 4914
File 151424016347.jpg - (311.63KB , 956x1440 , lmc-022-102.jpg )
>> No. 5015
Tremendous work, Thank you A!
>> No. 5033
I want the un-edited download

File 153384737948.jpg - (216.66KB , 835x1613 , imgsrc_ru_58595059sWq.jpg )
74922 No. 74922 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Looking for more of her she is so gorgeus
>> No. 74923
File 153384757130.jpg - (133.34KB , 575x800 , imgsrc_ru_54768725hPb.jpg )
>> No. 74925
File 153384764584.jpg - (197.00KB , 700x927 , imgsrc_ru_49881003YtH.jpg )
>> No. 74945
Damn, why do some dudes request pics of the same girls over and over even though theyre posted in a thousand different fucking places on these chans?? Get a new fetish!
>> No. 74950
Yep she is really beautiful, her sets are
on one of the chans I think. There are about
4-5 and spoilt babies a fantastic video with another model. The UFO set has some gorgeous shots of her arse.

File 151724931576.jpg - (105.32KB , 605x807 , 1340348.jpg )
12080 No. 12080 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
44 posts and 7 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 50881
dupe thread here: https://155chan.top/mir/res/12489.html
>> No. 60640
Please re-up!
>> No. 60783
The BLACK MARKER strikes again!
>> No. 74332
>> No. 74866
Sure would blow a big thick load over that face.

File 153359660730.jpg - (265.44KB , 1600x1200 , tender_pisya_teen (884).jpg )
74520 No. 74520 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
>> No. 74713
amei esse site
>> No. 74771
File 153376676939.jpg - (446.06KB , 1600x1200 , 153359660730.jpg )
>> No. 74897
You do realize that no one can read your comment balloon right?

File 152053527948.jpg - (132.74KB , 768x1024 , 205.jpg )
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i think we're missing thts thread.i think girls in tights with no underware on are hot!!!!
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>> No. 69023
i'd love to put a hole in those tights
>> No. 69840
File 153141858191.jpg - (134.06KB , 970x1293 , tights.jpg )
>> No. 69841
File 153141859785.jpg - (226.97KB , 720x576 , tite.jpg )
>> No. 71113
File 153209213776.jpg - (179.09KB , 1350x900 , marcia.jpg )
>> No. 74863
File 15338078227.jpg - (87.11KB , 575x1024 , 1513985776544.jpg )

File 152514808112.jpg - (319.22KB , 1280x960 , 2010-10-23_17-46-01_Foto0098.jpg )
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1. Download the app/visit the website chatous and create an account.
2. Add lexikitty008
3. Post her username other boards to spread it, I want her to make lots of friends

If further proof/verification is needed, email me at lexilicious@protonmail.com
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>> No. 77351
>> No. 77352
"President" kim jon un? PRESIDENT??? LOOOOL you are fuknking retard lucynena. go suck the obama bastard.
>> No. 77353
ok that was a writing error on the part of the online translator, he is not the president. but only then you will defend yourself and without being able to tell me that I am right? hahaha "you rip and suck dick penis"
>> No. 77354
Share it bro
>> No. 77358
Voces morrer

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