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/hebe/ ~ StarSessions | SecretStars Thread II
File 154316889688.jpg - (2.53MB , 4001x6001 , LiluSS-021-202.jpg )
101112 No. 101112
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>> No. 101115
File 15431698147.png - (179.78KB , 512x512 , 984375943.png )
A new beginning... Thank you!
>> No. 101116
Photos of Tika SS please
>> No. 101118
>>101116 Tika has a secret set? It will be interesting!
>> No. 101120
>> No. 101125
>>101120 This is not a proof
>> No. 101130
idk maybe yes or maybe not )) I hope someone will tell us and show
>> No. 101131
>>101130 That's right!
>> No. 101134
Welcome to the new thread of SS. So... I hope now... the leaks will be more...
>> No. 101138
Lilu is an angel. ლილუ მიყვარხარ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
>> No. 101139
LinaSS please... If she has, of course...
>> No. 101140
>>101138 I love you Lilu, very much!
>> No. 101155
File 154317520894.jpg - (425.24KB , 2390x1593 , MaisieSS-024.jpg )
I would like to see the image thumbnails of this set! It would be revelation for me!
>> No. 101160
more trolls
>> No. 101161
new release today check it out cute panties and butt video
>> No. 101162
>>101161 ... and Lilu, of course!
>> No. 101188

Absolutely perfect. As much as I want to, I don't know if my heart (and dick) could handle seeing more of her.
>> No. 101192
Do you think that girls have sex with their photographer/admin? And if yes, why? Who girls you believe did have sex with him?
>> No. 101193
no no one has sex with the photographer.
>> No. 101206
oh my fucking god! what a beautiful pair of... eyes!! :-P

Whats the number of this set?
>> No. 101207
You are way too new here. It says it in the file, LiluSS-021 and no you can’t buy it.
>> No. 101208
File Lilu-041_4K_mp4.webm - (1.30MB )
>> No. 101248
>>101208 Thank you!
>> No. 101261
setssss please
>> No. 101262
Thank you for the new thread!
>> No. 101270
>>101192 Probably Lilu, Aleksandra... maybe Tika... You know, the models over 13yo...
>> No. 101275
Please post Nina and NinaSS. Thanks.
>> No. 101282
NatashaSS thumbnails please...
>> No. 101286
>>101155 Jesus! Maisie is ready to fuck!
>> No. 101317
no one has the uncensored pic.>>101155
>> No. 101367

I DO!!




>> No. 101369
you could just upload them as a zip7 file. It's hard to believe that you have anything.
Blaming the Mods is just a scapegoat.
>> No. 101371
If you upload it to lolilust or hurtmeh then we will believe you.
>> No. 101374
no not onion
>> No. 101380
just random stuff i found on hurtmeh. hope this is ok to post here
>> No. 101383
michelle is . . . meh . . . but knowing possibly stuff like this exsists for maisie or nita or even isabella . . . man, i wait for the day these are available
>> No. 101389
She is great so beautiful ...MORE OF HER PLEASE!
Thank you for the lovely post !!!
>> No. 101390
File 154328434653.jpg - (4.57MB , 4000x6000 , Natasha-010-132.jpg )
Any NatashaSS?
>> No. 101414
>> No. 101417
I know the first part of this thread is locked to new posts, but is there any way to see the first 973 posts in that thread? Only the last 50 are visible. Thanks.
>> No. 101433
File 15432939583.jpg - (2.37MB , 2667x4000 , Elena-011-SS-001.jpg )
>> No. 101434
File 154329401238.jpg - (572.00KB , 1333x2000 , Elena-011-SS-002.jpg )
>> No. 101435
File 154329406787.jpg - (661.23KB , 1333x2000 , Elena-011-SS-003.jpg )
>> No. 101437
File 154329409642.jpg - (378.60KB , 1000x1500 , Elena-011-SS-004.jpg )
>> No. 101438
File 15432941467.jpg - (4.08MB , 4000x6000 , SS-Maisie-18-017.jpg )
>> No. 101439
File 154329417372.jpg - (1.34MB , 2000x3000 , SS-Maisie-18-018.jpg )
>> No. 101441
File 154329420381.jpg - (1.24MB , 2000x3000 , SS-Maisie-18-019.jpg )
>> No. 101442
File 15432942366.jpg - (624.19KB , 1333x2000 , SS-Maisie-18-020.jpg )
>> No. 101443
File 154329429120.jpg - (1.63MB , 3380x2535 , zSS-Nina-20-128.jpg )
>> No. 101447
File 15432947297.jpg - (2.42MB , 2666x4000 , SS-Nina-20-017.jpg )
>> No. 101450
File 154329499883.jpg - (3.70MB , 4000x6000 , Elena-022-065.jpg )
>> No. 101460
something new?🤨
>> No. 101467
Thank you. Looking forward to seeing post for Nina and NinaSS videos. Thank you.
>> No. 101468
Download Nina-020 set (151 pics, 289 MB) at
>> No. 101475
Nina-018 video download links at https://180chan.co/cg/res/26037.html#i26605.
>> No. 101477
Enjoy 14 seconds from Nina-030 video.
>> No. 101480
Enjoy 27 seconds followed by 34 seconds extracts from Nina-029 video.
>> No. 101481
Enjoy 25 seconds from Nina-031 video.
>> No. 101482
The Nina-040 video is available from source. Anyone care to share?
>> No. 101483
any set of lilu would be nice
>> No. 101484
any video of NinaSS would be nice
>> No. 101489
File 15433283032.jpg - (115.01KB , 533x801 , Natasha-011.jpg )
New Natasha is absolutely HOT!
>> No. 101503
Any one have the Michelle Secret Stars set with the blue background?
>> No. 101504
Anyone have the Nina Secret Stars video wearing only a smile?
>> No. 101507

let's go to hm ;)
there is no mods anal penetration :)
>> No. 101510
>> No. 101512
Nina is my favorite from this studio. Anyone know if she did any Secret Stars stuff?
>> No. 101514
>>101512 I don't think so. Nina has not.
>> No. 101528
Set please
>> No. 101545
Everyday I check SS thread. Unfortunately less and less new custom photos... :(((((
Today is my 22th birthday, can someone give me a biggest gift Plssss
>> No. 101547
...and I. I check again and again... but nothing... nothing... nothing...
>> No. 101549
File 154334995335.jpg - (126.95KB , 624x468 , 758585.jpg )
>>101545 Yes. Hurt Meh too... Unfortunately ...dry land! Please ...rain!
>> No. 101551
Anyone knows if all models are from Tbilisi? Are they have real names?
>> No. 101553
>>101551 Who knows?
>> No. 101558
File 154335337056.jpg - (445.10KB , 1998x1214 , MaisieSS-019.jpg )
>>101545 Enjoy
>> No. 101559
File 15433534311.jpg - (498.39KB , 1998x1214 , MilaSS-008_4K.jpg )
>> No. 101560
File 154335350417.jpg - (478.50KB , 1998x1214 , MaisieSS-013.jpg )
>> No. 101561
Just perfect! Thumbnails of sets or videos of any models it's enough for me! Thank you, sir. Thank you!
>> No. 101562
God Bless you!
>> No. 101563
Don't share NatashaSS! I'll die! PLEASE!
>> No. 101564
Thank you! You are our hero!
>> No. 101565
Please post Mila 008 PLEASE
>> No. 101566
Thank you, thank you, thank you...!!!
>> No. 101567
Christmas is not far away, I hope Santa Claus will bring us some Secret Stars this year.
>> No. 101568
>>101560 In this video, Maisie pretends to do sex...? Look at the pillow from down of her...
>> No. 101569
>>101567 I hope it!
>> No. 101572
NatashaSS... the cherry on top!
>> No. 101573
If I say it is my birthday, can I have some NatashaSS too? :D
>> No. 101574
Thumbnails of sets or videos of any models it's enough for me!
>> No. 101575
File 154335726720.jpg - (26.91KB , 193x608 , SecretStars.jpg )
>> No. 101576
>>101575 wtf is that?
>> No. 101577
File 154335755015.jpg - (139.07KB , 1100x785 , Lisa & Maisie SS.jpg )
>> No. 101578

Who are you trying to impress? Anyone can create and name folders and files whatever they want.
>> No. 101579
>>101578 That's right! Fuck trolls!
>> No. 101581
Post Maisie Star Session in White. The one with the White thong, or at least some on all fours shots from the set.
>> No. 101586
Maisie had sex!
>> No. 101588
any julia SS set ?
>> No. 101590
File 154335885436.jpg - (552.66KB , 1998x1214 , Lilu-Lisa-Maisie1 (bathtime).jpg )
Time to clean the dirty!
>> No. 101591
Holy Fuck!
>> No. 101592
>>101590 You are SANTA CLAUS! You are exist!
>> No. 101593
Unbelievable! This video has real sound?
>> No. 101595
There are more videos like this?
>> No. 101596
I love thumbnails!
>> No. 101601
Ho HO HO Merry Christmas!
>> No. 101608
Non stop, please...
>> No. 101609
Olivia has custom set?
>> No. 101610
Does anyone have full Elena pack, if she becomes a horder toy, it will be a tragedy..! We need release all sets until it happened
>> No. 101611
Thank you for all. You made my day...
>> No. 101617
somebody tell mee how to buy ss and I will upload them
>> No. 101622
Thanks. This is biggest gift for my birthday. Please do not stop. Upload video of bath scene
>> No. 101624
haha really?
http:// childstars.info/enter/?page_id=288



>> No. 101627
Whoever is uploading those thumbnails... i fuckin love you.
>> No. 101646
Oh my hell somebody needs to post these VIDS!
>> No. 101647
Oh my hell somebody needs to post these VIDS!
>> No. 101648
you are correct this new one in pink thong is fantastic. Nice crotch shots of her mound covered in pink cotton panty yummy
>> No. 101662
Prove you have these pics, post 1 or 2 from MichelleSS 010.
>> No. 101677
File 15433822022.jpg - (523.71KB , 1998x1214 , MichelleSS-010_4K.jpg )
talking about MichelleSS10
>> No. 101680
>>101677 Thank you, sir
>> No. 101681
When will we talking about Natasha?
>> No. 101683
>>101677 1 million thank you!
>> No. 101684
Michelle is so sexy! Maybe is the only model without cliothes in her SS sets.
>> No. 101685
So I do thank you for the previews however will we see the actual videos????? Asking for a friend.
>> No. 101688

Why only Michelle do complete nudes??
>> No. 101689
>> No. 101690
Of course,I'm referring to this thread: https://155chan.gr/hebe/res/75558+50.html
>> No. 101691

Julia and Maisie on secretS ?? - wow!!
please at least a tiny preview would be so great
>> No. 101692
I know this earlier thread is locked to new posts, but is there any way to view the 958 posts that are already there? Only the last 50 seem to be visible. Thanks. https://155chan.gr/hebe/res/75558+50.html
>> No. 101696
as a big Mila lover I'd love to get my meathooks on that MilaSS-008 set & vid, I'd rub my cock raw.
>> No. 101697
what about removing "+50" from the url??? Learn to use the chan noob! https://155chan.gr/hebe/res/75558.html
>> No. 101700
>> No. 101701
Is there a NinaSS similar to Nina-028?
>> No. 101703
*NatashaSS* image thumbnails or video thumbnails, before I die!
>> No. 101710
Thank you for all post! You are my hero!
>> No. 101715
shit think I'll cosplay Randy M from SP when see this full
>> No. 101716
emm wtf are u talking about?
only Nina itt and no one else set (only fucking previews to tease)
>> No. 101717
>>101716 Just Thumbnails images or videos it is enough for me. I know that I will never have any sets or videos.
>> No. 101718
Is there one of Maisie nude from behind
>> No. 101721
>>101590 Do I think parents have accepted that? They should be very confident of the admin that will be alright. Except the nudity, they left their children travel with him to Iceland. They left their children in a luxury villa, for hours, for a photoshoot and a video... and the video in the bath, they left their children in a bathroom with him and they naked... I don’t know... Who knows?
>> No. 101757
Lina has a secret-star set?
>> No. 101763
Unfortunately the leaks stopped. We wοke up of a good dream...
>> No. 101764
Don’t get me wrong. All the previews are nice as to what’s really out there BUT what’s the point of showing them if you won’t share the videos/pic sets??? Kinda just defeats the purpose.. “ hey guys here some previews but you’ll never see those cause I won’t upload them” What a dick move annon.
>> No. 101767
mila is bae
>> No. 101768
>>101764 They never uploads again any set or video or at least 1 photo of scret stars, because they afraid the admin.
>> No. 101769
>> No. 101771
>>101767 You know her?
>> No. 101772
You have forget my wonderful Julia video-10 and others maybe...????
>> No. 101773
File 154341397612.jpg - (472.51KB , 2000x1215 , JuliaSS-010.jpg )
>> No. 101778
Where are the Nina and NinaSS posted?
>> No. 101779
Nina has not Secret sets, idiot. Enough!
>> No. 101780
Please have you got thumb of nita??
>> No. 101782
Ohh Julia my lover
>> No. 101783
>>101721 They are little whores...
>> No. 101787
You know nothing. Nina has nude video and sets.
>> No. 101788
>>101787 I know it. She has not 100%, my friend...
>> No. 101789
Nina is like Natasha and Olivia. Never did special sets.
>> No. 101790
Anyone knows if Taso has secret set?
>> No. 101791
>>101790 No Taso. She is a new model and the new models, like Savannah, Taso, Viola, Leyla, Olivia have not secret sets...
>> No. 101792
>>101773 Thank you for JuliaSS thumbnail..
>> No. 101796
NatashaSS thumbnails, please...
>> No. 101805
We understand. This is the finish. Nothing else... but ...we thank you.
>> No. 101806
One question - what about Iceland? I do not understand.
Yes this beautiful girls are from Tbilisi.
Parents do not now what they are do.
Photographer is walking oh a thin line... be careful photographer/admin...if all of this are go outside... y will be set in prison
აი ძლიან არ მინდა შენ რამე შეგემთხვას... გგულშემატკივრობ
>> No. 101813
Starsessions do HC they just haven’t been leaked yet and for those trying to get in the photographers good side don’t even bother you can but the whole starsessions site and never get access so you will be wasting your time and money if that’s the plan only the first few customer that supporter the site from the beginning have access. The only way possible is if they get leaked when the sites goes down but even then people would probably only trade with other vio high level people so we won’t be seeing HC from this studio anytime soon or never
>> No. 101818
>>101806 In the first thread, someone wrote this:
"The SS webmaster regularly takes the girls to Iceland where they perform strange, unique acts with Arctic terns and other birds. The videos are going cheep - not cheap though. They are only available to every 5th customer who has bought two thirds sets and one third video, and with half ethereum, half bitcoin. I know because he sent me a telegram."
post --->No. 96874
>> No. 101819
>>101813 Maisie had sex
>> No. 101825
>>101806 Do children not tell their parents about the shoots? The admin threatens them with a gun, to not speak? Not sure. The models are very comfortable on camera and they do not look afraid and they knowing what to do...
>> No. 101826
File 154342668570.jpg - (107.72KB , 772x438 , NitaSS-07_mp4.jpg )
This thumbnail with high resolution, please...
>> No. 101827
everyone post what they have...Please
>> No. 101828
Does Lina has custom? Please, anyone knows?
>> No. 101830
Aleksandra is my favorite. please post custom
>> No. 101831

the point is to post and make yourself look like a vip without actually having anything. i bet they simply found the thumbnails somwhere and dont actually have the vids or sets. watching people argue back and forth and superficially teasing is a pleasurable act for some

just like most of the little cam girls i fap to. they like to show off, and pretend like they are sexually active, but really they have no experience in actually having sex within the context of a loving give-and-take relationship
>> No. 101832
ooh my English language is so bad.
People I just tell you if parents of this angelic girls know what They (theare children) do, they definitely kill photographer/admin... You ask - why???? answer is --- this is Georgia, Country with a lot of traditions and religious. Georgia is not Russia and Not Ukraine. gays I really do not understated how this girl (photographer) managed this girl to take a part this nude sets... for me it is absolutely misunderstand
>> No. 101834
>>101832 Your country has very beautiful girls, my friend! :)
>> No. 101835
Lilu set please
>> No. 101836
Someone be a god and post
>> No. 101837
>>101832 If you are living in Tbilisi, my friend, you are very lucky guy. If I was living in Tbilisi, I would walking day and night, everyday, everywhere and I would have the hope to see, at least 1 girl of star sessions.
>> No. 101842
>>101764 Just because, probably, they only have the caps and not the vids.
>> No. 101844
My dear Friend i do this. I can tall yo the billiard set is held near my home, district Vake, stadium Lokomotive.
when I travel in subway, bus, trams, when i walk in street of tbilisi I am looking around to find this girls... but with no success
I am love with Lisa... She is my goddess... (((((((((
>> No. 101845
>>101842 That's right!
>> No. 101846
>>101844 Lisa is near your home?
>> No. 101847
Tbilisi has 1,114 million people...
>> No. 101848
>>101844 Continue, my friend... I envy you very much...
>> No. 101850
File 154343016617.jpg - (538.92KB , 1998x1214 , JuliaSS-015_4K.jpg )
>> No. 101851
>> No. 101852
Oh... oh... oh... THANK YOU! do you have Lina or Natasha or Olivia?
>> No. 101853
Thank you for Julia! I love her more and more every day.
>> No. 101855
I wonder if the Sherwood Sheriff got Robin Hood to jail... He is gone and did not share any full set again...
>> No. 101856
I just can't walk. I move in a wheelchair. This theme for me is just a raisin to my soul. Thank you all for these little girls. I am proud of my Georgian angels
>> No. 101857
Screw the previews. Either share the sets/videos or STFU. Bunch of trolls just bitching back n forth not producing anything but previews.
>> No. 101858
>>101856 Oh, I am sorry, my friend... I hope some day you see the girls...
>> No. 101860
>>101858 thanks my anonymous friend )))
>> No. 101861
>>101858 thanks my anonymous friend )))
>> No. 101863
>>101850 Thanks for Julia...
>> No. 101879
The poster of the previews doesn't have the actual videos, I think he got them from someone/someplace offering the videos for sale, hence the watermarks on the previews. Either too high priced to or not willing to risk purchase. So can't blame the guy though. I highly doubt the guy who watermarked the previews would actually post them here.
Some day SS will cease to exist (for whatever reason), let's hope afterwards the secret sets will be shared plentiful.
>> No. 101880
Normally, you have to wait one year before posting stuff from an active producer.
>> No. 101881
>>101879 Maybe is the same guy with the watermark. When the admin of star-sessions gave them the sets and videos, he gave first of all the thumbnails of sets and videos and the members, chose what they would buy. So... everyone they have the thumbnails but no all sets/videos... My opinion!
>> No. 101883
NatashaSS, please...
>> No. 101884
Good point, you could be right, but why would you watermark a preview of a video you don't own? Because then people will contact you to buy/trade something you can't sell/offer.... Like you said, probably the ones with access have all the previews and as much as I would love to see the actual videos and pic sets, I do hope the leaks will remain very limited, allow the studio to produce more and once that stops then let the sharing really begin!
>> No. 101886
NinaSS, please...
>> No. 101890
>> No. 101892
What's this?
>> No. 101894
File 154343677731.jpg - (143.07KB , 780x520 , img_top.jpg )
>> No. 101895
Does anyone has NatashaSS?
>> No. 101901
U sound like a starving man bitching about eating leftovers. FUCK U. Some of us appreciate the concept of anticipation and foreplay.... Punk ass bitch.
>> No. 101902
need more Maisie Previews!
>> No. 101904
>> No. 101921
Something new?
>> No. 101925
Oh Julia Julia Julia thank you!!! Where you find this pictures????
>> No. 101934
oh more julia please!!
>> No. 101961
so many posts, so little actually posted
>> No. 101963
Too many text replies, like yours, and now mine. The first thread was no different, so please if you dont have content to share dont reply. If you are going to constantly ask does xx have nudes? or everyones favorite “Download NinaSS please. Thank you”....kindly fuck off. We dont need another thread with 90% bitching or other texts. We need 1000 actual content bumps. This is last text post from me as I sit and wait for content or upload my own. Rest of you annoying shitbags can either do the same or for the love of little girls, fuck off and die somewhere.
>> No. 101981
This is the same shit as before!! If you guys aren’t gonna share videos or pictures don’t comment at all and stop bitching
>> No. 102037
SS site dead?
>> No. 102047
Let us hope that the problem is temporary
>> No. 102050
No SS is still working but Windows Defender SmartScreen says this website has been reported to Microsoft and has Malicious software threat: This site contains links to viruses or other software programs that can reveal personal information stored or typed on your computer to malicious persons.
>> No. 102052
File 154348545087.jpg - (83.84KB , 1120x882 , down.jpg )
Nope, the host has been down for the last 7-8 hours. Let's hope this is maintenance related.
>> No. 102063
MaisieSS thumbnails photos/videos, please... 🤪
>> No. 102068
admin got busted! time for the leaks
>> No. 102069
got any source backing up you speculation? maintenance or ddos seems just as likely.
>> No. 102073
trust me, it's done
>> No. 102076
Time for leaks...
>> No. 102078
>>102068 When the site will be open again, we'll conversation about your idiots lies...
>> No. 102141
More,more,more!!!! Who's the Man?
>> No. 102143
>>102141 Mikheil Saakashvili. He was the third President of Georgia for two consecutive terms from 25 January 2004 to 17 November 2013.
>> No. 102147
File 154350470651.jpg - (206.66KB , 533x800 , Lilu-022-04.jpg )
any Lilu
>> No. 102148
File 154350475575.jpg - (162.54KB , 533x800 , Natalie-010-03.jpg )
or her
>> No. 102149
>>102148 Natalie stopped. Like Elena...
>> No. 102150
Does anyone knows, if Lina and Nina have secret sets? I would like to see, at least, 1 thumbnail... thank you... :)
>> No. 102151
>>102150 Neither Lina nor Nina...
>> No. 102152
Do you really think the need for new content would stop if everything was leaked.... NO!! it would make them have to go find more girls. Win,Win. its just an excuse to be hoarders and control everyone.
>> No. 102153
File 154350575426.jpg - (937.50KB , 2000x3000 , LisaSS-027.jpg )
>> No. 102154
File 154350576710.jpg - (864.14KB , 2000x3000 , Julia-MaisieSS-001.jpg )
>> No. 102155
File 154350577871.jpg - (758.44KB , 2000x3000 , IsabellaSS-001.jpg )
>> No. 102156
>>102154 JULIA AND MAISIE?????? I would like to see this images-thumbnail!
>> No. 102157
>>102153 Wow, look at Lisa's see-through panty... her pussy will overflows...
>> No. 102158
Thank you!!!
>> No. 102159
wtf. Why damn watermark?
>> No. 102161
Quit whining
>> No. 102162
File 154350809162.jpg - (957.54KB , 2000x3000 , JuliaSS-014.jpg )
>> No. 102163
File 15435081056.jpg - (831.53KB , 2000x3000 , MichelleSS-012.jpg )
>> No. 102164
File 154350812266.jpg - (819.40KB , 2000x3000 , MaisieSS-024_.jpg )
>> No. 102165
File 154350813740.jpg - (777.51KB , 2000x3000 , MilaSS-008.jpg )
>> No. 102166
File 15435081512.jpg - (491.90KB , 1334x2000 , LiluSS-016.jpg )
>> No. 102167
Got two more sets of Maisie. Maisie is a goofball but she is also very flirty. She doesn't mind showing that side, which I think is part of her sex appeal.

SS is very rich they already had professional cameras, a Mansion, and money to set up the studio, they are also not alone.

They take the girls traveling and have a good time.

They remind of me of multiple studios silverstar studios and pearl, fashion etc.
>> No. 102169
>>102164 Image thumbnails of this set, please...
>> No. 102176
MichelleSS-012 set please.
>> No. 102178
File 154350926633.jpg - (1.09MB , 2205x3310 , MaisieSS.jpg )
I think this photo, maybe is from same set, with these 2 photos >>101155 >>102164
>> No. 102179
PLEASE share the sets/vids of Michelle and Angelina in this yummy bodysuit.
>> No. 102180
>>102178 Yeah, you are right. The backround is the same...
>> No. 102220
File 154351207083.jpg - (41.21KB , 500x750 , Masie--026.jpg )
pass: NoNudeForum2014
>> No. 102221
These threads can be sooo good at times, and also very boring. Lilu, Aleksandra Tika
>> No. 102222
>> 102151
nina has over 10 secret stars!
>> No. 102223
File 154351237673.jpg - (58.50KB , 500x750 , Leyla--011.jpg )
pass: NoNudeForum2014
>> No. 102225
already posted on 180
>> No. 102228
>>102222 I don't think so, man... Sorry!
>> No. 102230
>>102222 Haha... Not secret from Nina... good troll!
>> No. 102231
Anyone have NatashaSS thumbnails?
>> No. 102234
More than 10 Nina Secret Stars videos you say. How about sharing a picture from each?
>> No. 102236
>>102222 Proofs...
>> No. 102238
More please
>> No. 102239
It is difficult keeping track of what has been posted.
>> No. 102240
pls more Aleksandra
>> No. 102241
Ah, I see the preview- fishermen have arrived.
>> No. 102243
Where is the Leyla-011 set to be found?
>> No. 102253
View Catalog is not a search engine.


>> No. 102255
>>102241 Stop troll!
>> No. 102256
Silver also had more private sets. Some of marisol topless pics have surfaced this year and hints of Valensiya being nude way before we thought. I want those to leak too.
>> No. 102258
The conversation about secret sets/custom/nude/HC is very interesting. Do you believe some NN sites did nude or topless/ HC sets/videos etc.? For example Fahion-Land or Webeweb or Vlad etc... What do you thinking about?
>> No. 102260
File 154351900698.jpg - (41.42KB , 333x500 , nss.jpg )
oh yeah whats this ? i was about to post a screenshot of my nina secret stars folder but now 1 pic is enough for you silly doubters.there are more than 10 secret photo sets and videos of nina
>> No. 102264
>>102260 Thank you sir... don't listen the dumbs... ignore them!
>> No. 102266
You know these idiots are as limp as a wet noodle.... tease all u want.... lol.... the real trolls are those complaining.... I remember an old movie..."impatient boys sometimes miss desert".... 00000
>> No. 102268
all of them did yes
>> No. 102274
Natasha has secret set?
>> No. 102276
>>102260 Thank you! You are SantaClaus for me.
>> No. 102277
>>102274 I don't think so...
>> No. 102278
I think all these agencies did nude sets. What photographer could resist? Changing costumes mid session. Hidden camera perhaps. If they haven't been seized they will appear one day. I would love to see CG Alissa nude and Starlets Rikki.
>> No. 102282
>>102260 Wow wow, Nina is my love! Please, share some pics or thumbanails... I'm going to die for her...
>> No. 102286
Are StarSessions / SecretStars the same? or are different sites (link pleasee)
>> No. 102289
please share Nina sets & vids pleaseeeee
>> No. 102294
Does Lina has secret set? Anynoe knows??
>> No. 102297
>>102278 For example... Pavel Rohel from Newstar had sex with Princess..
>> No. 102298
Nina, please...
>> No. 102299
>>102260 Thank you, sir...
>> No. 102307
The site is not even dead yet and 2 groups are already reselling their sets... bastards. And you watermarked perfectly good pics. The Admins should take them down for the same reasons they kill the pay links.
>> No. 102308
I am crazy about this girl!!!!!
>> No. 102321
Fucking stupid. Its literally one guy that keeps spamming these threads with previews he stole from other places.
>> No. 102335
They are the same. Star Sessions is the main and non nude site, besides neat slips and see-through. Secret Stars is a VIP type with mostly topless and playful stuff along with at least Michelle going full nude. People rumor about hardcore but never show proof so we don’t know about that. Right now Sessions is down and that scares us but the url is childstars(dot)info. I pray to Satan it is just maintenence related. If and when it comes back do not ask him for the secret stuff. VIP means VIP and he will block you if you try getting access right away. He’s paranoid and dumb but these girls are my favorite so I’m sticking around hoping he gives me access one day.
>> No. 102347
Plesae LoveNita

>> No. 102352
starsession site is back with new content online.
>> No. 102360
Online yes but I see nothing newer than 2 days ago
>> No. 102363
Back online.... thank God!
>> No. 102381
I'm downloading the 2 new collections now !!!
>> No. 102382
>>102381 You mean upload, not download...
>> No. 102389
View catalogue, then f3 invokes find on page. However, search for Nina gives No Results. Let me reiterate, View Catalog is not a search engine.
>> No. 102400
slightly higher there Tika set 025
>> No. 102429
Upload means saving to their account. No download means no sharing.
>> No. 102431
XXXCollections.net stamping there name on StarSessions pictures!
>> No. 102437
Thank you. Nina is dazzlingly beautiful.
>> No. 102440
File 154358675862.jpg - (86.86KB , 484x720 , IMG_20181129_095257.jpg )
pliz more info
>> No. 102441
go to hell stalker!
>> No. 102443
the hotest 10 year old on the planet. Her last 2 videos were awesome, red panties and pink panties and little nipples yum yum
>> No. 102454
>>102440 Who is she?
>> No. 102457
Lina has secret Sets?
>> No. 102458
>>102454 Maybe Lisa's sister, but I am not sure...
>> No. 102459
>>102457 Lina has not any special set...
>> No. 102466
leave the girls alone in their real lives you stalker fagget, its dumb fucks like you that cause issues and make models leave,, so fuck off cunt,, what u think shes gonna fall in love with you in real life? stupid cunt
>> No. 102470
>>102260 Thanks for Nina, sir...
>> No. 102471
File 154360066918.jpg - (759.77KB , 2001x3001 , IsabellaSS-001.jpg )
Anyone have IsabellaSS thumbnails...? She is my favorite!
>> No. 102482
Apart from that, you think he's a decent sort of chap?....lol
>> No. 102489
File 154360245853.png - (783.53KB , 1024x604 , Julia & Maisie SS-001.png )
>> No. 102490
Wow wow ... Probably never share...
>> No. 102492
U remind me of an 11 year old winning at Mario cart...lol
>> No. 102493
yea no shit those stalkers are the reason Polly is no longer around
>> No. 102495
Nice.... thanks for the share
>> No. 102498
>>102489 Oh! Anyone have 1-2 photos of this set?
>> No. 102499
Lisa 010 set + video
>> No. 102500
>>102489 Oh! Jesus! Please! Only the last photo! Please!
>> No. 102511
>>102499 ALWAYS SEXY...
>> No. 102528
File 15436181864.jpg - (3.82MB , 6000x4000 , Julia-MaisieSS-001-265.jpg )
>> No. 102529
and Im going to drop my whole collection this weekend!
fuck the traders and the "this is an active studio, we need to protect them".
fuck all the losers that paid!!!
>> No. 102530
My body is ready
>> No. 102537
how exactly will you do that? Each set is a gig with 4 meg pics.
You have to have multiple Dls for just one set!
>> No. 102542
Oh nooo, now I need to quickly panic trade all my rare SS sets!!
>> No. 102555
why not trade them for some good things first, and are you going to post the things you traded for too?
>> No. 102557
Are you guys gonna keep posting previews only? Cause this is fucking stupid. We already know SS do nudes/hc if you guys are not going share just fucking tease us what’s the point of this Chan. Stop being DICKS and assholes like the SS admin and share the fucking sets!
>> No. 102558
You anons don't really expect another anon to actually post everything he claims he has do you?
Yeah, that'll happen.
>> No. 102560
If everyone just shares what the have and ask what they are missing others will share as well so let’s get this fucking secret star thread poping.
>> No. 102561
It is difficult to disagree with that.
>> No. 102562
Er....yes, actually.
>> No. 102564
It already has been. This restarted thread has been amazing and Im greatful for those that have already posted. I would not ask for more and only hope that these godly sets make their way here. Although, im shocked nina has not had the attention some of these otheres have had.
>> No. 102582
Thank you. Provision of link is appreciated.
>> No. 102588
These are too old.

Why there's no studios anymore who fucks 4yo's to the ass?
>> No. 102590
this is the first of the rest of my collection. fuck the protectors and payers.
long live the hoods of robbing.

anyone complains about a fucking thing and I promise this will be that last one I post.
so make mirrors and share these and be thankful

667.57 MB
>> No. 102592
File 154363655827.jpg - (194.51KB , 533x800 , Nina-012-01.jpg )
Agree. Nina-model has more than 40 Star Sessions collections and more than 10 Secret Stars collections.
>> No. 102593

we love you dude. I dont understand why any of these others would complain over free content. ill be refreshing every few minutes to collect all your great work
>> No. 102594
million thanks. you are hero. do not stop
>> No. 102600
102590 you the man. Fuck the haters.. please, keep posting.
>> No. 102602
More HD, 1080 and 4K videos starting at
>> No. 102603
This thread seems to be broken. Can't view latest posts unless you click View Last 50 replies.
>> No. 102604
OK, I'm man enough to say I was wrong. I assumed the boast to post your whole collection was a troll having a dig at those begging for moar. You are a man of your word, you have my apology - and my thanks.

If I'd gotten aboard the Star Sessions bandwagon early enough to get Secret Stars material I'd offer to reciprocate, but alas all I have is standard material.
>> No. 102605
the question is who has kathy ss, noone has even teased her yet..
>> No. 102608

Some one told me her Secret Sets were just more nip slips or pussy lip slips. No real topless or nude.
>> No. 102609
The best set given away for free, definitely did not see that coming
>> No. 102610
File 154364341172.jpg - (312.51KB , 1372x869 , Nina-028.jpg )
Nina looks good in see through blouse with no bra.
>> No. 102614
best girl ever
>> No. 102615
File 154364436589.jpg - (329.09KB , 1372x869 , Nina-038.jpg )
Someone told me that the earth was flat.
Nina-038 video was interesting.
>> No. 102616

thank you so much!
>> No. 102617
Biggest thank. My respect to you
>> No. 102618
Further to my post >>102604 here's a mirror for your J&M SS-001 archive, it's your file so the PW is the same.


Happy Fapping.
>> No. 102619
Excellent. Thank you.
>> No. 102620
The girls having fun makes this even more enjoyable. Thank you.
>> No. 102621
The multi sets more sexy than solo sets.
>> No. 102622
Thank you, man. You are SantaClaus for me...
>> No. 102623
Thank you, thank you very much
>> No. 102625
File 154364896916.jpg - (192.20KB , 1099x714 , Nina-010.jpg )
>> No. 102626
File 154364915161.jpg - (307.53KB , 765x800 , Nina-010-01.jpg )
At one sitting.
>> No. 102628
File 15436494863.jpg - (281.06KB , 656x800 , Nina-010-04.jpg )
And loving every moment.
>> No. 102630
Thank you sir for Maisie and Julia...
>> No. 102631
Anyone knows if Olivia secretstar set?
>> No. 102632
File 154365112177.jpg - (3.43MB , 3826x4000 , Nina-010-00021.jpg )
tiny images bug me when there are full size ones available
>> No. 102633
File 154365116885.jpg - (2.93MB , 3280x4000 , Nina-010-00074.jpg )
>> No. 102634
Full size images put a storage strain on the server. If you have the full set and video to share, use the dl.free.fr download host. Ta.
>> No. 102636
Thanks so much for the j and m secret set. You are without doubt my king of the chan
>> No. 102638
Thank you "you know who"
>> No. 102639
thank you so much
>> No. 102640
Maisie is sooooo sexy and naughty! And she is only 11yo!
>> No. 102648
All Hail ...uh whatever your name is, our one true God
>> No. 102650
File 154365542838.jpg - (18.84KB , 284x200 , five signs.jpg )
1-This host is gay you could've used a better one

2-This password is easily guessed so the file will be deleted

3-This password is too complicated I can't copy it

4-What's the password I can't open the file

5-This girl is ugly upload another one
>> No. 102652
>> 102634
If 3Mb images are going to put a strain on the server, why does the admin allow 8Mb images to be posted?


>> No. 102653
yet the content was there and was well worth it idiot. I love these two girls sooooo much right now
>> No. 102654
>>102650 Shut up!
>> No. 102656
You seriously didn't realize poster was mocking trolls? Read what his preview image says Einsteins.
>> No. 102657
File 15436567894.jpg - (1.18MB , 3826x4000 , Nina-010-00021.jpg )
So would compressed (approx 1/3 of original file size), but full sized (original resolution) images be more acceptable to the anons & staff?

I don't usually compress images, I have terrabytes of storage - doesn't everyone?
>> No. 102658
File 154365730349.jpg - (300.69KB , 698x1368 , 4591269C-99B6-4CAE-BAB4-23E45FDA970F.jpg )
Can anyone drop this set
>> No. 102659
Nice try but your slight of hand is unlikely to work its magic.
>> No. 102660
If you have a lot of secret content I have a few questions that maybe you can answer, if you want.

do the girls ever get playful with their pussies?

do they kiss?

and because its my main fetish and there are nice closeups in the regular stuff, do they ever do anything foot fetish related?
>> No. 102662
Does the model have a name?
>> No. 102663
File 154365914235.jpg - (161.98KB , 684x1516 , _20181201_124019.jpg )
Amazing girl. Thank you bro !
>> No. 102665
Yes, to all questions.
>> No. 102667
I love life. Would love to see all of it. Would be great if admin would allow access to secretstars for me. He gotta get over the paranoia someday right?
>> No. 102668
This set (Maisie-Julia) have a video?
>> No. 102671
Please share Nina videos. Thank you.
>> No. 102675

Is there any way to view the 958 hidden posts in the first half of this thread? With it locked, there's no reply button to click on.
>> No. 102677
>> No. 102678
>> No. 102679
>> No. 102680
>>102610 Nina-028
>>101480 Nina-029
>>101477 Nina-030
>>102615 Nina-038
Is anyone willing to share their Nina videos?
>> No. 102681
Wtf was here?



>> No. 102682
File 154366189148.jpg - (39.40KB , 600x450 , DREBIN.jpg )
>> No. 102684
please reup quickly. friggin no fun havin mod people. yet everything else here is fine?
>> No. 102685
You have had at least two responses!
>> No. 102687

By all means - reup it all! Especially Lilu sets & vids.
>> No. 102688
No thanks. Use the link that has been provided and get it yourself.
>> No. 102689
Many times I imagine if all girls of all sites (vlad, chemall, webe, newstar etc.) If they had these naughty photos, these poses and so sexy clothes etc... like starsession’s models, we would have seen more things... For example, Do you imagine Laurie with Maisie’s clothes in the last set with Julia? Holly fuck!
>> No. 102694
Me too. Would be hot af.
>> No. 102697
Does anyone knows if Kathy has secret set?
>> No. 102698
you are an absolute king man, king of fucking kings, just seeing maisies spread asshole, fuck! i would stick my tongue so far up her 11yo asshole for hours and hours. thank you so much
>> No. 102699
another apologetic fucker.

'If I'd gotten aboard the Star Sessions bandwagon early enough to get Secret Stars material I'd offer to reciprocate, but alas all I have is standard material.'

I don't believe a single word. If you have 'standard' = StarSessions material, why don't you at least post this? There are still many sets not shared yet.
>> No. 102704
File 154366764242.jpg - (2.51MB , 4000x6000 , Nina-037-005.jpg )
Sincere thanks to the Julia/Maisie OP. I don't have Secret Stars to share but I do have this:
Nina 37
Set: http://dl.free.fr/ou5WNTlLx
Vid: http://dl.free.fr/uMFA8uvZT
Pass: SS-Nina
>> No. 102705
My hero.
>> No. 102706
You are a super star. Many thanks.
>> No. 102708
you are a man of your word!
>> No. 102709
Thanks, man!
>> No. 102710
What gorgeous girl. Thank you!
>> No. 102711
File 154366997315.png - (275.77KB , 282x739 , 151673382370.png )
connection is slow today, but im going to get a few more out to all of u!!
I dont have any nina secret, just the one reg set20.
ill do that one last, secrets first
>> No. 102712
>> No. 102713
>> No. 102714
>>102713 BAD FAKE...
>> No. 102715
Is this a photoshop xray rendition?
>> No. 102717
yes, will be deleted immediately
>> No. 102718
Please more
>> No. 102719
Thank you. Nina-020 set already posted at https://155chan.gr/mir/res/943.html#4022.
Can you share the Nina-020 video?
>> No. 102720
I like Julia very much. She is insanely hot.
>> No. 102721
Thanks, but can you first trade the sets for some content of other studios? There's still a lot SM and older PL content that hasn't been released. Smart move would be to trade the SS sets first.. unless you already did that and plan on releasing the content you traded for too?
>> No. 102722
File 154367259392.jpg - (51.47KB , 447x307 , Maisie & Lisa SS.jpg )
Another holy grail multiSS
>> No. 102723
>>102722 HARD TO FIND...
>> No. 102724
lets not start requesting now mate. let op decide what we should have. besides, we already have secrets of them 2 beauties.
we will be greatful for anything he decides to pass along to us
>> No. 102725
>>102724 You are right! Sorry!
>> No. 102726
here is Maisie (fake) naked, but also that will be deleted immediately


>> No. 102727
>>102726 Lovely Polly's pussy!
>> No. 102729
File 154367524541.png - (126.71KB , 614x555 , 925363674.png )
Hold on! I am comming...
>> No. 102730
Did not refresh quick enough to capture Maisie photoshop xray rendition. Mods "WEIRD" comment seems to have apologised for image delete! Does this mean that this image can be posted?


>> No. 102735
please share Multi 01 set & Vids pleaseeeeee
>> No. 102739
Just seeking clarification what the "WEIRD" comment means. No humor intended.



>> No. 102741
lets not start requesting now mate. let OP decide what we should have. besides, we already have secrets of them 2 beauties.
we will be grateful for anything he decides to pass along to us
>> No. 102742
Stop fake and post real, please...
>> No. 102743
About as much fun as you hanging out is!


>> No. 102744
Santa is comming guys!! Im soo happy! xD
>> No. 102746
could we start a new thread since this one in broken? Will only show the last 50 post's, nothing before
>> No. 102747
Can anyone understand from the pussy's size or pussy lip's size of a girl, if she is a virgin? For example, Lisa's pussy, is huge... Can she be a virgin? She is 13 yo... I understand, maybe she had sex, but her pussy is big, when she was 10yo...
>> No. 102748
you are a true legend bro, truly appreciate your sharing and i can't say thank you enough for maisie, she is my my absolute fav SS girl, if any more of her happens to grace this board my dick will be worn down to just a nub
>> No. 102750
We are all different sizes. Its in the genes and nothing to do with being a virgin. Different parts of the body grow at different rates. Biology 101.
>> No. 102751
>>102748 Yeah! Maisie is fucking sexy! That ass!
>> No. 102752
>>102750 Thank you!
>> No. 102753
File 154367769477.jpg - (23.29KB , 491x400 , R.jpg )
year, start the new treat
>> No. 102755
Does Natasha has Secret Set?
>> No. 102756
Insane that with all the sweet cam girls, the models, the slips and peeks, the LS girls going all the way beck to usenet with Mclt and LL-series, pre-teen etc the opportunity to see something new sends all of us into this weird frenzy.
>> No. 102757
Is this you >>101697 asking the same again?
>> No. 102760
this is sooo correct. Even after mashas bj and a few different full on pussy penetrations around here, we still crave more.
also, this thread is working fine. clear your cache
>> No. 102764
File 15436787725.jpg - (25.90KB , 491x400 , N-w.jpg )
>> No. 102766
File 15436788109.jpg - (23.76KB , 491x400 , O.jpg )
>> No. 102767
Stop to post girls from another sites...
>> No. 102769
>> No. 102770
File 154367917554.jpg - (3.90MB , 4000x6000 , Nina-037-128.jpg )
love nina
>> No. 102771
File 154367922361.jpg - (42.63KB , 614x500 , Ag05.jpg )
>> No. 102772
File 154367938547.jpg - (4.25MB , 6000x4000 , Nina-037-105.jpg )
please post a recent nina special
>> No. 102773
>>102771 Fuck you! Stop now! You destroy the thread!
>> No. 102776
Because we want to stay on topic maybe? lol
>> No. 102777
File 154367977952.jpg - (35.77KB , 491x400 , A.jpg )
>> No. 102778
Seems the children cannot wait and want to bump this SS Thread II to early closure!
>> No. 102779
File 154367984499.jpg - (75.64KB , 491x400 , Ag.jpg )
>> No. 102780
File 154367994359.jpg - (37.75KB , 614x500 , Ag09.jpg )
>> No. 102782
File 154368000395.jpg - (28.78KB , 614x500 , Ag10.jpg )
>> No. 102783
File 154368007530.jpg - (27.87KB , 491x400 , Al.jpg )
>> No. 102784
File 154368012435.jpg - (38.79KB , 614x500 , Al03.jpg )
>> No. 102785
File 154368019683.jpg - (26.57KB , 491x400 , K.jpg )
>> No. 102786
File 154368026259.jpg - (20.49KB , 491x400 , Kr.jpg )
>> No. 102787
File 154368035362.jpg - (42.36KB , 491x400 , N.jpg )
>> No. 102788
File 154368046748.jpg - (26.17KB , 614x500 , Va-v.jpg )
>> No. 102789
Guess that SS photoshop x-ray variants thread at https://155chan.gr/hebe/res/102732.html is not working out for you!
>> No. 102790
What is going on here? Fuck you assholes
>> No. 102791
File 154368048972.jpg - (20.21KB , 491x400 , Y.jpg )
>> No. 102792
Should have known better than calling someone out...lol
>> No. 102793
Admin deletes fake images of SS. But keeps this random bullshit. Classic..
>> No. 102794
ADMIN YOU ARE A FUCKING BASTARD! STOP THIS NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
>> No. 102796
Damn..... are u on meds? Relax dude life isn't that serious....Fuck me!
>> No. 102798
I created this thread... and now it will destroyed for this dumb... stop posting another models in this thread... please, admin, protect this thread!
>> No. 102801
File 154368225316.jpg - (17.33KB , 720x480 , D06 Daphne After Shoots D04 D05 9 yo_mpg - 00075.jpg )
Hatte Julia, Maisie, Aleksandra; Lisa, usw Sex mit Fotographen, Domain-Rechte-Inhaber, Gästen oder sons.NEIN!!! Es sind Girl´s die zu Foto´s bereit waren, die ggf. auch von den Gil`s gewollt waren!!!
Daher zum letzten mal, Daphne hatte Sex mit Pa, und der wurde zum Glück anderer jungen Mädchen, verurteilt
>> No. 102802
this idiot moron posting ugly YVM must stop cant you read you stupid fuck this is SS not keep your ugly photos to your self we dont want to see them you stupid fuck
>> No. 102803
>>102801 Wow... maybe some models of all sites had sex with their photographer...
>> No. 102804
>>102803 That's true, but hard to find...
>> No. 102805
StarSessions girls NEVER did HC!
>> No. 102808
Jawohl Adolf, zeig den Juden wo's lang geht!!
>> No. 102809
all full nude fakes... and these the mods leave...
>> No. 102812
That's daphne
>> No. 102813
That's daphne
>> No. 102814
The mods of this chan must have some great big sticks up their asses and are shoving their heads up there to try and pull them out.
>> No. 102816
File 154368417686.jpg - (2.69MB , 4000x6000 , Angelina-007-084.jpg )
>Does the model have a name?
Angelina, but don't tell anyone else - OK?
>> No. 102817
>>102816 At last!
>> No. 102818
>>102816 Angelina is absolutely sexy!
>> No. 102819
Please... IsabellaSS
>> No. 102820
I want to see Nina's tits... I 'll die...
>> No. 102821
Elena-pack please!!
>> No. 102827
>>102592 So... Secret proofs...
>> No. 102829
>>101155 ...this set and video should be perfect!
>> No. 102830
Has nina sets 24, 29 and 30 ever been posted anywhere? Ive seen short videos of 29 and 30 and wow.
>> No. 102838
is this thread dead now?
>> No. 102839
Yes. Your comment killed it. Congratulations.
>> No. 102840
Mods you FUCKED THIS UP! Just stay Away!
>> No. 102842
>>102529 desperately refreshing my browser every 5 minutes :D
>> No. 102843
got mine set for 30 seconds lol
>> No. 102844
File 154369498654.jpg - (555.92KB , 1998x1214 , maisie-michelle-001.jpg )
>> No. 102845
File 15436950505.jpg - (695.05KB , 1998x1214 , JuliaSS-005.jpg )
>> No. 102847
can't wait for Maisie to get fully nude
>> No. 102848
Thank you, sir
>> No. 102849
File 154369821525.jpg - (559.19KB , 1998x1214 , FC74D600-A623-4517-9CA1-3C91627297D2.jpg )
>> No. 102850
>>102849 Holy shit! NatashaSS!
>> No. 102851
Big thanks for your post dude, amazing!
Looking forward to some others..
>> No. 102852
File 154370001885.png - (1.63MB , 841x1051 , FatherChrismas.png )
>> No. 102858
Thanks for NatashaSS
>> No. 102859
please share secret stars sets & vidss pleaseeee
>> No. 102879
File 154371115442.jpg - (3.01MB , 3215x4000 , MichelleSS-006-00009.jpg )
Lets get back on track mo fos!
>> No. 102891
File 154371683872.jpg - (5.01MB , 6000x4000 , Lisa-025-052.jpg )
>> No. 102907
File 154371796922.jpg - (4.19MB , 4000x6000 , Lisa-023-095.jpg )
>> No. 102910
File 15437188295.jpg - (5.13MB , 6000x5032 , Julia-022-130.jpg )
>> No. 102911
File 154371901155.jpg - (3.73MB , 4344x6000 , Michelle-006-031.jpg )
>> No. 102913
File 154371924420.jpg - (666.74KB , 1600x1067 , NitaSS-006-01.jpg )
>> No. 102924
File 154372283755.jpg - (421.29KB , 1677x838 , Olivia-006_4K.jpg )
>> No. 102928
FUCKIN' A!!! That's all I can say. I will wait until my dying day for these sets to leak!
>> No. 102929
Natasha or Olivia sets :) please
>> No. 102930
File 154372492026.jpg - (3.56MB , 6000x4000 , NinaSS-008-106.jpg )
>> No. 102931
now thats what im talkin bout. thanks anon
>> No. 102933
File 154372566815.jpg - (3.57MB , 4000x6000 , Nina-024-120.jpg )
>> No. 102934
File 154372634832.jpg - (827.03KB , 1067x1600 , JuliaSS-011-02.jpg )
>> No. 102935
>>102934 Thank you, sir
>> No. 102936
File 154372700137.jpg - (604.32KB , 1600x1067 , MilaSS-003-03.jpg )
>> No. 102937
Anyone knows if Olivia has SS?
>> No. 102939
She did not have any at the time the producer shut down that side of the house.
>> No. 102940
Love to see Maisie’s SSset...
>> No. 102941
Nina cute tits... please...
>> No. 102942
this here below IS what you ask for
>> No. 102943
>>102942 I mean, solo...
>> No. 102944
>>102943 You are ungrateful!
>> No. 102949
I fully believe he is at least doing secret shoots with her (probably shooting loads on her too) just nothing new is being released because of these leaks. But these leaks are still wonderful.
>> No. 102951
>>102949 That’s right. I am sure all new girls do customs... Olivia, Savannah, Lina, Viola...
>> No. 102953
Who needs customs? Regular sets of the redhead sisters Savannah and Viola would be great to me.
>> No. 102957
>>102930 Wow... more pussy slips...
>> No. 102960
If I will see an Olivia's secret set, I'll die immediately!
>> No. 102963
Nina is enchanting in this video. Thank you.
>> No. 102964
Oh Boy! Nina is cute. Thank you.
>> No. 102965
Nina's tits should be amazing!
>> No. 102969
Agree. Sample of Nina-029 video from Nipsey Russell is very agreeable.

>> No. 102970
>>102969 Yeah! I know this video. After from that video, I fell in love her tits!
>> No. 102971
File 15437377881.jpg - (108.08KB , 1190x853 , Nina-030_mp4.jpg )
>>102970 ...and this, too...
>> No. 102975
File 154373816462.jpg - (2.87MB , 6000x4000 , Angelina-006-041.jpg )
Nina - meh, I prefer Angelina.
>> No. 102976
Please share if you have video. Thank you.
>> No. 102977
>>102975 Oh my... she is wet on her panty...
>> No. 102978
File 154373837524.jpg - (461.67KB , 1280x855 , MilaSS-008-165.jpg )
Do you have this one in HD pls pls pls?
>> No. 102982
>>102978 Holly Molly! Please Santa Claus, work your magic...
>> No. 102983
Damn sexy pic of angelina. Looks like she wants it big time.
>> No. 102984
YES she is the best! for real
>> No. 102988
Nipsey Russell's extract from Nina-030.mp4 confirms Nina is wonderful.

>> No. 102990
Hope that Nina will have the attention some of these others have had.
>> No. 102992
Please Lisa or Lily sets
>> No. 102993
Nina-model collections are excellent. Nina-model is very photogenic and the SS studio's ambient lighting should be improved to remove shadows.
>> No. 102994
Not sure what you mean. The studio lighting accentuates some of her best features. When photographer gets between studio lighting and too close to model, features appear dark. Shame that photographer is too focused on model and video quality suffers.
>> No. 102995
wanting these picture sets so hard
>> No. 102997
Please go to my thread for SS sets and videos. Ta.
>> No. 102998
That was the whole point of the question, to learn how to use the chan better. :) Thanks for the tip!

BTW, what does "chan" mean, anyway? Is it short for "channel"? Just wondering...

Thanks again.


>> No. 102999
Hey Nipsey,How do I find your ss thread please?
>> No. 103002

and where is it?
can u give us a link?
>> No. 103005
File 154374770861.png - (174.57KB , 509x295 , MaisieSS-019.png )
>> No. 103006
>>103005 Jesus! Plz.. share it...
>> No. 103011
>>103005 Hard to find...
>> No. 103012
>>103005 Wow, the 4th pic is incredible!
>> No. 103013
>>103005 Thnx for the gift...
>> No. 103014
>>103005 Wow, in that set, I want to see pussy slip... It should be perfect!
>> No. 103015
Always pause... 1st pause LisaSS-25 by RobinHood and after 2 months, 2nd pause Lisa-Julia by Anonymous... and now... the next month new SSset... Happy new year...
>> No. 103016
>>103005 thank you...
>> No. 103021
the dark web. sounds scary but it's actually a nice place. if you add up everything i ever posted it would be less than 5% of what's available on ff or gap. i only save and share what i like. you might want something else. it's all there and very organized. just register using a fake email. there are no email conformations on the darkweb.

Use privacy services? The NSA is probably tracking you
Use Tor or 'extremist' Tails Linux? Congrats, you're on an NSA list
Attacking Tor: how the NSA targets users' online anonymity

>> No. 103023
We dont want to use Tor. I think it's too risky, if you can to keep reposting vids from onion we'll be forever grateful, thank you for posting
U are the best!!!
>> No. 103024
but ss are forbidden on ff and gap
cant access them now though
>> No. 103026
Hey Nipsey I've got youre lolifox/t video thread bookmarked but it seems to be down,unless you mean somewhere else im lost witout further hint ..
>> No. 103028
Dear Nipsey Russell have searched on triforce and did not find a thread in your name. There are many posts including those for SS videos. Please keep posting Nina-model's set and video collections. Thank you.
>> No. 103032
YEAH, same here
>> No. 103037
for ex-load premium account users only
Download Lisa-032.7z (318.25 MB) photoset at
Download Lisa-032.1080.7z (571.81 MB) video at
Download Lisa-032.4K.7z (904.25 MB) video at
Please repost using dl.free.fr download host.
>> No. 103038
Another attempt to attach image.
>> No. 103039
File 15437568889.jpg - (867.29KB , 2000x3000 , Lisa-032.jpg )
yet another attempt to attach image.
>> No. 103040
Sorry, trying to use Anonymous Proxy Tunnel.
>> No. 103042
>>103039 I want to see her lovely tits in a new Secret set...
>> No. 103044

did u mean Julia-Maisie? ..or did I miss smth?
>> No. 103045
>>103044 Yes! It will take a long time to see again a whole set or video. The same with the space between LisaSS-25 and the last set Maisie-Julia. 1-1,5 month... It is not good for me!
>> No. 103053
File 154375994017.jpg - (944.34KB , 2048x1536 , MaisieSS-019.jpg )
>> No. 103056
please share it with us
>> No. 103059
Please share
>> No. 103061
Sharing another Nina-model collection would be a better option.
>> No. 103074
YES, weve already got loads of topless maisie and none from nina. After that J&M set, Julia is the best looking SS girl (to me, i know)
>> No. 103075
File 154376322523.png - (28.88KB , 218x243 , 65728565.png )
>>103074 If I'll see Nina's tits, one thing is left, to do in my life...
>> No. 103076

...why not??

set is here:
> http://dl.free.fr/qAOTOqpjj
video (4K) is here:
>part1: http://dl.free.fr/vjep0BrCL
>part2: http://dl.free.fr/vmmEZRWbU

pass for all(w/o space) : free*StarS4ALL_
>> No. 103077
File 154376344196.jpg - (91.84KB , 1074x714 , Lisa-038.jpg )
>>103076 Thank you... Anyone have Lisa's final set?
>> No. 103078
File Lisa-032.mp4 - (7.99MB )
lol i figured someone would pose as me while i was out of town.
not me. this is a troll
the second post is a quote from the random video thread >>95272 even fooled the admin.

the real me would have something new to share
>> No. 103079
>>103075 Stop talking shit. No man should kill itself for fucking tits! But! These are just a pixels on your screen, not even a real tits, come to sense man!!! lol
>> No. 103080
>>103079 Cool man... It was a joke! Calm...
>> No. 103081
More Michelle SS please
>> No. 103082
Thank you so very very muuuch!!
>> No. 103083
File 154376452922.jpg - (1.82MB , 2560x3294 , Nina- pick.jpg )
pick one for your stocking stuffer
>> No. 103084
Please Nina!!!
She has a best body among this little angel models
Nina's tits are amazing
>> No. 103085
>>102722 Anyone this multiSS
>> No. 103086
I wish Santa put a picset with black mesh...
>> No. 103087
Pink or Black

Thanks Nipsey! Been a fan across many times and many boards.
>> No. 103088
Please post Julia-Maisie SS-001 video and Maisie-Lisa SS set + video.
>> No. 103090
I pick the pink one!
>> No. 103091
>>103088 Yes yes yes !!!
>> No. 103092
Black mesh for my stocking :) :)
>> No. 103095
Please Nina-30.Very sweet girl.
>> No. 103097
1080 video please?
>> No. 103098
Dear Nipsey Clause, Nina is smiling in Nina-030 and Nina-029 is just a little more interesting. There are other interesting Nina videos such as Nina-028 but these are not within your offer. So vote for Nina-029. Thank you. Merry Xmas.
>> No. 103099
Can I to vote? ......Nina-029!
>> No. 103100
Any Secret thumbnails...?
>> No. 103102
Thank you for your generosity. Wishing you a merry Christmas and happy New Year.
>> No. 103103
File 154376813319.jpg - (2.28MB , 3822x2082 , Maisie cap 1.jpg )
*rolls dice* Come on Maise!!
>> No. 103104
Dude ....seriously? She looks bored to death. Love ur posts but bring us a serious Santy Clause surprise.... Nita or Olivia? LOL.... Fuckin with ya, thanks for all u do.... Merry Christmas
>> No. 103105
>>103103 That ass!
>> No. 103106
Vote for sweet Nina-030. Ta.
>> No. 103107
Vote secret sets~videos...
>> No. 103108
>> No. 103109
>>102529 Where is your collection? Only Maisie & Julia set? Weekend is over...
>> No. 103110
I love maisie .. I would like to penetrate her!
>> No. 103111
>> No. 103114
Tika please (((
>> No. 103115
I wonder if the attack of the low quality photos pissed him off and he ended his gifting. He also said internet was being slow
>> No. 103116
what did I say about bitching and complaining even the slightest bit??????

"anyone complains about a fucking thing and I promise this will be that last one I post."

so thanks asshole for not being able to keep you fucking stupid mouth shut.
>> No. 103117
please share Multi01 sets & vids pleaseeee
>> No. 103119
Anyone share?
>> No. 103121
someone has a photos of Tika secret stars ???
>> No. 103122
Don't worry! If you fuck her, she knows how to keep a secret! lol
>> No. 103123
>>103116 Well if you were to leak your collection to piss off the ones that are opposing to leakings, you gave clear instructions on how to stop your leaks, and then one of them followed your clear instructions to stop your leakings.. What did you expect? You can leak or not, but this situation is kind of nonsense. The ones opposed to leakings win with that attitude, they're getting what they wanted.
>> No. 103124
What's the price of a photo set from secret stars?
>> No. 103125
File 154377142011.jpg - (23.34KB , 498x625 , santa-taking-a-leak_w520.jpg )
More leaks please
>> No. 103126
The more Julia, the better. simple as that. she is perfect
>> No. 103127
Stop the fight, guys... Peace... The stupid is one. Ignore him! The thankful guys more... Thank you for the leaks...
>> No. 103130
Julia&MaisieSS-001 has a video? If yes, please, post the video-thumbnails. It will be interesting.
>> No. 103132
Dear Nipsey Clause, did you retain your copy of SS Nina-031
and could this be included as a bonus within your stocking stuffer?
>> No. 103133
jesus dude, you havnt posted in over 24 hours. were you just waiting for someone to say anything to claim they complained? mate you did say entire set and weekend together, but you posted one then sat there waiting for a complaint. I have been nothing but pleased with that J&M set you gave us, but come on. either you have no more, or you never intended to post more. with that kind of wait, we were bound to have someone say something eventually.
thanks for j&m again
>> No. 103134

Let's be realistic here. You can't be so naive as to say that after daring people like that, that you didn't see this coming. Are you telling us that you didn't expect at least one moron to take up your challenge?
>> No. 103135
Leaks Guy - you are a hero! Ignore stupid trolls.
>> No. 103137
>>103053 Please post it...
>> No. 103140
w8ing for hero with full Elena collection!!!
>> No. 103141
My opinion, It will be better to buy regular sets from the site and here, post it only secret stars (those who have them)... Because we can buy regular sets and have them. But secret sets not.
>> No. 103148
you must be a genius irl
>> No. 103150
Have you attempted to shop at SS? Because not all Star Sessions are available for purchase by any visitor. Please be thankful that any collection gets shared. And stop bitching.
>> No. 103151
Well, if you have all the regular sets and videos, start sharing them!
>> No. 103152
Exactly. His little ultimatum is a stone and a chan filled with complainers and trolls is a big glass house. He threw the stone, big glass house shatters, now he can walk away acting like he won. That J & M set though, my balls still hurt
>> No. 103153
Exactly. His little ultimatum is a stone and a chan filled with complainers and trolls is a big glass house. He threw the stone, big glass house shatters, now he can walk away acting like he won. That J & M set though, my balls still hurt
>> No. 103154
File 154377669112.jpg - (1.67MB , 2000x3000 , Viola-005-071 (half size).jpg )
May as well join in. Viola has *the* look.
>> No. 103156
Please start sharing the SS Nina collections. Thank you.
>> No. 103157
Great pic of Viola anon. She got an ass you can really work with !
>> No. 103158
Maybe admin is very rich and he shoot the girls in his luxurious home. But he can to rent a villa or a hotel suite. But what is the justification for the hotel, about girls? What it says; That it is a school? Probably. School with different ages girls...
>> No. 103159
please share Lisa-032.1080.7z (571.81 MB) video HD please
>> No. 103160
File Nina-033a.mp4 - (8.00MB )
>>103132 of course i still have it. i didn't think there would be as much interest. but you can vote for it as a "write in" candidate and we'll see.

>>103026 it changed to lolifox(dot)pw/t/
>> No. 103161
File Nina-033b.mp4 - (7.97MB )
next week will post winner.
don't fall for the troll posting as me.
real me will have preview clip.
>> No. 103162
File Nina-033c.mp4 - (7.98MB )
>> No. 103163
your sounding like a stalker
>> No. 103167
Look at new Nina's collection. She is amazing!
>> No. 103170
File 154378101887.jpg - (609.87KB , 1320x1980 , Olivia-005.jpg )
for ex-load premium account users only
Download Olivia-005.7z (520.13 MB) 166 photoset at
Download Olivia-005_1080p.7z (560.81 MB) video at
Download Olivia-005_4K.7z (886.58 MB) video at
Please repost using dl.free.fr download host.
>> No. 103171
Nita and Nina, perfect bodies!
>> No. 103181
We have a funeral. Secret-Stars passed away. So, that's it.
>> No. 103186
>>103170 Admin don't give Secret-sets, but continues to do. I believe Olivia do secret sets and she should be amazing!
>> No. 103188
Look like Santa give us many presents with shit inside. He has been uploading previews for a week. If you have a great content, post it or not, but this is terrible
>> No. 103192
Mods. Please delete these pay links, Thanks.


>> No. 103193
File 154378491695.jpg - (356.10KB , 1372x869 , Nina-042.jpg )
Dear Nipsey Russell, your lolifox thread says Nina is my fav one. You might find the Nina-042 loose top interesting. As always Nina is very photogenic.
>> No. 103194
Or maybe don't, as someone with a premium account might be motivated to post alternative links to dl.free.fr...as in 103076 above.
>> No. 103195
Is that before or after they are converted into dl.free.fr download host.
>> No. 103196
It is really annoying to get links that are only for the few. i thought this was a share-what-you-have-place.
Thanks to all who share.
>> No. 103198
someone with a premium account might be motivated to post alternative links to dl.free.fr >>103076 so that these are free for everyone.
>> No. 103199
Wait. Where's the guy who wanted to trade some of his Marisol for Secret Stars? C'mon back Mr. Sir.
>> No. 103200
>>103196 another complaint.
>>103170 says Please repost using dl.free.fr download host.
>> No. 103205
Hows it possible to see this thread I can only see about 5 percent
>> No. 103207
Thanks for the Maisie Thumbs! They stop her from showing more WTF! If I paid for a Secret I want more!
>> No. 103210
Jesus christ shut up and learn to use the fuckin internet. If it says “...+50.html” at the end of the url, in the address bar, at the top of your screen you retarded ape, DELETE THE +50!!
>> No. 103211
Pink please - or anything else that you'd like to share :)
>> No. 103217
He may just need to use a larger screen
>> No. 103218
To get help please provide name, address, telephone number and email address.
>> No. 103219
>> https://155chan.gr/hebe/res/101112.html#i102934

Wow, JuliaSS-011 (Julia topless in the gold panties) is exactly the kind of set I've been yearning for. I'd be eternally grateful if you posted it.
>> No. 103220
Not quite sure how to reply with a link back to a specific post. This time I'm trying to click the box next to the post when replying. To post 102934 (topless with gold panties), love it. Would greatly appreciate it if you posted that set.
>> No. 103222
Hmm, didn't work. How do you link back to a specific post? You know, it has >> and the the post number. If I just type >> and the post number, it isn't a link. If I copy the link, it shows the entire link to the page and clicking on it just reloads the page, but doesn't go to the specific post. Clicking the box next to a post doesn't seem to do anything.
>> No. 103225
File 154379451161.jpg - (153.31KB , 2075x1167 , 4.jpg )
>> No. 103226
File 154379469140.jpg - (117.22KB , 2066x1170 , 3.jpg )
>> No. 103227
File 154379492988.jpg - (1.58MB , 4001x6001 , 15.jpg )
true color
>> No. 103228
>>102934 really dont understand all the thumbnails and screen caps yet no downloads. Y?
>> No. 103230
To get help please provide name, address, telephone number and email address.
>> No. 103233
yea, I thought the op looked a bit off lol
>> No. 103234
you simply click on the post # and it will automaticlly add that post # to the "Message" section at the top of the page. Then type out what you wish and hit reply
>> No. 103237
but she looks amazing nonetheless..
>> No. 103239
>>103170 downloads are free, leave them running over night

4K vid
>> No. 103241
File 154379691828.jpg - (3.73MB , 6000x4000 , Nita-012-121.jpg )
Nita has the hottest ass!
>> No. 103242
>> No. 103243
no pass?
>> No. 103244
Thank you, sir
>> No. 103245
Appreciate your time and endeavours to deliver free share. Thank you.
>> No. 103246

He must be related to the SS webmaster:
"If you complain I'll stop posting"
"If you share I'll stop producing."
>> No. 103247
Can you post the pic set too? Thanks for the vid! :D
>> No. 103248
Thanks for taking the time to upload this to the free site.
>> No. 103256
God, she is gorgeous!
Thank you
>> No. 103257
Takes less than 10 minutes to download >>103239 and there is no pass >>103243. Excellent.
>> No. 103259
Does anyone have Michelle SS-012 they can share? (the secret stars set of Michelle in the shiny pink leotard) A preview is in this post:
>> No. 103261
Thank you anon!
>> No. 103262
Are you Kidding me!!! This girl is absolutely gorgeous! I've watched this 3 times already. Cute smile, very playful. TYTYTYTYTY for sharing!
>> No. 103263
She's gorgeous! Thank you Anonymous!
>> No. 103267
thanks a lot man!!!
>> No. 103268
File 154380426529.jpg - (4.05MB , 4001x6001 , 154379492988.jpg )
>> No. 103271
Ultimatums=looking to start shit you egotistical moron. And like others said, you uploading ONE set and waited an entire day, probably hitting F5 repeatedly till someone complained, to say anything else.

1. No shit someone will complain within that amount of time.
2. No one here is your fuckin slave, none of us have to do a damn thing you tell us to do.
3. Those of us who thanked you and were “behaving accordingly” were also getting pissed just waiting and waiting for nothing more from you.

Get off your high horse. Put up or shut up. There are plenty of other people who can share without getting their fuckin panties in a bunch, you could learn a thing or two from them. They earn their respect, they never demand it like a wannabe dictator. You should probably burn all your m’lady fedoras while you’re crying over a damn complaint too.
>> No. 103275
File 154380727875.jpg - (12.68KB , 480x360 , HeMad.jpg )
... But I agree! You can't let trolls, spammers and idiots piss you off!

Everyone here is impatiently awaiting something new! It's like throwing a piece of meat into a rat cage.

Just chill, and keep posting content! MOST of us appreciate it greatly!
>> No. 103276
Thank you so much for sharing mate!!! She is truly amazing and extremely beautiful!!!!
Cannot wait to see more of her, Secret Stars sets perhaps?!!!
>> No. 103277
Yeah, I put my 2nd pc on auto refresh every 30 seconds after he posted that statement. All ~20 or so hours I kept eyes on that screen for changes, new secret sets, and no more came. Then the thread was bombarded with junk and impatient aresholes then op returns to say someone complained...fuck you
>> No. 103278
She has tits and a face of a 20yr old. Please dont waste requests on adult bodies on a cp site
>> No. 103281
Meanwhile, I'm here:
downloading like a muthafuckah!
>> No. 103282
OOPS, I mean over here:

>> No. 103295
Friends, here many have already asked to upload topless photo of Nina, I also join the request, from bottom of my heart please make us happier. Thanks in advance
>> No. 103320
Can someone drop this video of mila please
>> No. 103324
>> No. 103327
>>103225 This video, please...
>> No. 103332
Question for the mod/s:

Why do you keep deleting the Michelle pics? Don't get me wrong, I don't care for that little goblin, but you guys leave up those disgusting threads of naked baby vaginas on here so there seems to be some sort of discrepancy of what's allowed on here. Or you guys are just retarded.
>> No. 103334
>>103332 That's right! There are around in this chan many disgusting threads and mods have exhausted their stringency in StarSessions thread. Are you kidding us? Feel free!
>> No. 103336
Question for the mods:
Do you like this more?
You are sick!
>> No. 103339
300 post has left (approx.). After, the thread will be locked. Hurry up to post.
>> No. 103345
>>103339 Thread 3 ...coming soon!
>> No. 103351
So... the great work become from nnlove. It is the watermark of many video-thumbnails of secret-stars. NNLOVE, your work is great. Please, post more thumbnails. Thank you for support in this thread.
>> No. 103365
Well isn't that a convenient out for not posting what you don't have. And just showing thumbnails don't prove shit. I hope everyone knows he was trolling. Otherwise why would you say that on here knowing full well someone ALWAYS complains.
>> No. 103377
Ha! From day one I thought that that Michelle was really ugly. Goblin really suits her.
>> No. 103399
My new favorite girl!!! 10yo & PERFECT LITTLE BUDS!!! Please, we need some secret stars of this cutie.
>> No. 103416
My opinion, what you said>>103186
>> No. 103417
Agreed! Perfect body and is hella cute. She was under my radar until now.
>> No. 103419
As requested this is a repost using the dl.free.fr download host.


Pass = Sta+rs_e\ssi-ons
>> No. 103421
vid HD 1080p 7:34 min - 552 mb

pw 12345
>> No. 103422
Plz reup
>> No. 103423
Nita is in
>> No. 103424
>>103423 It’s dead
>> No. 103425
>>103423 use full link
>> No. 103430

there are full set of Olivia (pic + vid) and grate CG file sharing with 1 capture and max speed

I don't know to reuped this on dl.free because everything is already fine
>> No. 103431
The third SS thread is already in use at
https://180chan.co/cg/res/61573.html. Thank you.
>> No. 103432
Not found.
>> No. 103433
>>103431 Thread 3 will be create here, in 155chan. But not now... Soon!
>> No. 103434
Thanks for the update. This SS thread is due to close soon. So posting on a different thread is good news.
>> No. 103435
>I don't want
>> No. 103436
>> No. 103438
>>103436 This is thread for TMTV... wake up!
>> No. 103441

I know that u a stupid anon who upload Nita on dfile and try to advertise your link... And you know, fuck you, son of a bitch! I'm reuploading your file on free, plz w8ing, asshole ;)
>> No. 103442
Best not to go through this again. SS tread needs to go elsewhere!
>> No. 103444
a message to the loud mouths here:
Im not on a high horse, I’m not even close to that way of thinking.

this is a ravenous group of wild dogs the way you behave. If you cant conduct yourselves like respectful positive people then you should not receive any gifts or consideration.

i am a veteran of this hobby and I have never seen this kind of behavior in my years doing this.
We help each other , we compliment each other and if we have the time and content, we share with each other.
But the loud and aggressive conduct is just out of hand it it will not result in anything positive .
I did say that I was going to dump my collection , but RL is just that.
When I have a slumber party of 8 girls to attend to , well, ya’lls just gunna have to take a back seat to them .
So back to the kind and polite ones here, it is YOUR responsibility to quell them and put things right. It is a democratic rule here and if others that speak the loudest, bully and hate are the most prevalent voice here, then you will only have the result of that as the consequence of your inactions.

It never amounts to the total that is desired, it is the small result of a lack of manners and self control.

Being anonymous here is for your security and personal protections, not permission to escape the consequence of bad behavior. Remember that for the future especially if you are pissed off right now.

So enjoy the pay and javascrpt links that have been provided to you by others for the regular sets and videos, and be carful to not reveal yourselves while downloading them. Maybe a more kind and more tolerant individual with take up the challenge and be generous enough with his time and files and will share them with all of you without any conditions.
But remember that everything in life has a price and value. The value here is the lesson of manners and conducting your selves with respect. the price, is what has been lost or not shared.
>> No. 103448
>> 103444
too sad, but it’s your choice and you have the right to do it, I just only want to thank you for your work..!
>> No. 103450
File 154384917526.jpg - (177.49KB , 1080x902 , Nita-StarSessions-015_HD_Snapshot.jpg )
it's an alternative link for video from this thread - https://180chan.co/cg/res/61573.html#i67195

LINK : http://dl.free.fr/eHPGhCxPX
pass : fuckyoudfileman

p.s. OP, I hope you're happy :)
>> No. 103453
Thanks for the many words. Agree with your overall observations.
>> No. 103455
as much as Olivia 5 was outstanding with her perky little tities, 6 is really a butt dream video when she massages here cheeks you can see how round an perfect the are as she rubs her long fingers over each cheek
>> No. 103457
the last Natasha video with he pink thong is a mound lovers dream a pink cotton panty covered mound
>> No. 103458
at 3:14 you can see nita's pussy
at 0:14 she say in Georgian "ver vitkvi" - I couldn't say
>> No. 103460
No thank you. Prefer to go to https://180chan.co/cg/res/61573.html#67195
>> No. 103461
Hey man, why everytime to buy a set, you shouldti rxplain how is it? Enough!
>> No. 103462
Hey man, why everytime you buy a set, you should explain how is it? Enough!
>> No. 103463
The man who leaked Maisie’s and Julia’s SS set is the “hellotoallagain” on HurtMeh... Ignore him!
>> No. 103465
Hey mods, can you delete posts of the spammer with his fucking link to 180chan.co/cg/res/61573.html please

because we have a good mirror here >>103450 already



>> No. 103466
The SS threads is here. Please post any set any photos or thumbnails here. Finally, the SS 3 will be create here, in 155chan. Only here!
>> No. 103478

you're right let me spoil
here -> http://i12.pixs.ru/storage/5/5/3/fnpjpg_8438430_31017553.jpg
>> No. 103481
>>103478 Thank you!
>> No. 103483
>>103478 More pussy slips of all SSgirls...
>> No. 103491
Julia please!!!!
>> No. 103492
fuck sweet do it
>> No. 103493
>>103492 You are a sick!
>> No. 103494
>>103492 Mods, please delete now! Why delete only about Secret stars?
>> No. 103495
front and beheind
>> No. 103505
>>103450 Can someone make a smaller sized vrrsion please or her pic set
>> No. 103506
The Arrogance that you use shows you had nothing else to share, you used us as bait to get back at a trader in my opinion but thanks for the set you did share all the same!
>> No. 103511
A lot of noise. What rubbish is this?
>> No. 103514
More than half of the ones that get the SecretStars (and also any "premium" of other sites out there) are not really customers. They are traders and ball-lickers. They are "The ones that know someone, or friend of other one". It is disgusting how they pretend to keep things secret just to feed their egos of being privileged, while on real life they are merely losers. It's comprehensive their attitude, but it is very disgusting. We can understand why they get so wild with the leaks, because it drains their necessity of feeling special. If it leaks, they became "normal" again. But I have bad news for you guys: You are not special, you are still a loser in front of a Screen with some rare content.
All we can do by now is thank everyone that worked to make the good stuff available for everyone. You guys are really the special ones, because you took your time to zip in many files, upload, share in the net, and make mirrors! You guys are the best!
>> No. 103515
>>103514 VERY WELL SAID! Clapping with hands and feet
>> No. 103517
>>103514 I agree with you, man
>> No. 103521
ver vit’q’vi = I cannot say it
>> No. 103526
Rarely were truer words spoken.
>> No. 103527
>>103514 You are right, my friend!
>> No. 103529
File 154386947548.jpg - (1.09MB , 2000x3000 , Mila-018-175 (smaller).jpg )
What are you looking at, Mila?
>> No. 103530
>>103529 At my dick!
>> No. 103532
File 154386990523.jpg - (253.83KB , 1677x838 , Nita-015_4K.jpg )
Ah, that is a smaller version. The full sized vid is 876Mb & 3840x2160. Let me know how much smaller you want it.
>> No. 103534
File 154386997514.jpg - (146.50KB , 720x1280 , 153053797133.jpg )
Excellent! She will certainly be trained the same way as Amanda (touching, fondling, fingering, and sexual penetration)!
>> No. 103537
>>103529 We know 1 secret set of Mila. The set-008. Does anyone have another set? Please, post image-thumbnail or video-thumbnail of another her Secret set.
>> No. 103539
Please, nnlove... for the name of Jesus, post this video!
>> No. 103542
Could you please share set-008?
>> No. 103550
File 154387164958.jpg - (519.21KB , 1998x1214 , MilaSS-009_4K.jpg )
>> No. 103553
>>103550 Wow... more...
>> No. 103554
File 154387192414.jpg - (541.83KB , 1998x1214 , Lisa-MaisieSS-002.jpg )
>> No. 103556
You, nnlove... You are SSadmin and you have all secret sets/ videos or you are God and you stolen all collections from SS admin. THANK YOU... AND DON'T STOP!!!!
>> No. 103559
nnlove, do you have photos of pussy slips of SS girls?
>> No. 103561
>> No. 103564
nn love... to make a deal! 2 video-thumbnails every day... It will be OK from me!
>> No. 103567
do want this set!!!
>> No. 103568
Natasha *image-thumbnail*, it is HOLY GRAIL for me.
>> No. 103569
My dick is hard!!!! Please Lina Secret Stars!
>> No. 103570
Unfortunately, Lina has not SS
>> No. 103571
*NNLOVE* You are our hero!
>> No. 103572
that's a secret stars video? based on the preview posted it's no more revealing than several of her star sessions videos. still, that doesn't mean i'm not gonna fap my ass off if it gets released.
>> No. 103575
Hello friends!
How order videos from Secret Stars studio? Спасибо.
>> No. 103577
>>103575 You can't... If admin give you...
>> No. 103579
My personal holy grail would be MilaSS-008 4k vid, but I'll fap to Olivia in the meantime, She's my new favorite
>> No. 103580
I want to see Nina's tits...
>> No. 103581
>>103577 What's the price for a photoset from secret stars?
>> No. 103582

we want an orginal 4k and the set too

tia ;)
>> No. 103583
>>103581 I don't know! Don't ask him! He'll blocked you. He is paranoid!
>> No. 103584
you are all a bunch of losers. not just the trader hoarders.

losing you shit to some topples sc crap; get the fuck outta here!!

LS has this studio beat by a fucking light year - and they were open almost 20 years ago!!!!!

get a grip guys.

go outside, look at the sky, and say hello to a real women.
>> No. 103585
holy man, please share the 4k version :)
>> No. 103586
A big fat LOL.... all things come to those who wait.... fuck the punk ass whining cunty losers... tease all u want boys.... love it!!! Huge thanks to all the teasers!!!!!
>> No. 103587
nnlove, please more...
>> No. 103588
Has Kathy secret set?
>> No. 103590
>>103588 No, Kathy has not any secret set.
>> No. 103591
Has Tika secret set?
>> No. 103593
>> No. 103594
File 154387726084.jpg - (111.22KB , 750x1125 , CqvrwZ.jpg )
Can someone with premium mountfile please repost this set?

>> No. 103595
File 15438773046.jpg - (0.96MB , 1212x2318 , KathySS-005.jpg )
>>103590 Are you sure?
>> No. 103597
>>103595 Wow! Pic 62, please...
>> No. 103598
>>103594 I want to see her pussy with see-through panty...
>> No. 103603
Please lilu set
>> No. 103604
>>103590 Fag after fag says no customs at all, fag after fag says all fakes, fag after fag says certain girl has no customs. Fag after fag proves themselves to be dumbasss fucking fags. All girls have customs, All customs real. Dumbass fucking fags. Go to boys board dumb fags.
>> No. 103605
File 154387849259.jpg - (615.77KB , 1200x1200 , MichelleSS-010.jpg )
>> No. 103606

yeap, I'm uploading now, bro
>> No. 103607
File 15438785685.jpg - (1.04MB , 2048x1536 , MichelleSS-007.jpg )
>> No. 103608
is the goblin the only one with bare and spread pussy? You can keep this set, my goal is to see bare NINA tits(?)
>> No. 103609
File 154387873538.jpg - (820.11KB , 2048x1536 , NitaSS-009.jpg )
>> No. 103610
File 154387882117.jpg - (1.21MB , 2048x1536 , JuliaSS-011.jpg )
>> No. 103611
>>103605 In a 2 photos at the left, she has her finger inside her ass...
Little whore!
>> No. 103612
File 15438793328.jpg - (1.01MB , 2048x1536 , LiluSS-021.jpg )
>> No. 103613
Image-thumbnails NatashaSS please...
>> No. 103615
>> No. 103616
Please please post links
>> No. 103617
does nina even have any topless photos? I have yet to see any, but when that day comes, rip balls
>> No. 103618
File 154388019347.jpg - (3.10MB , 4000x6000 , Lilu-037-100.jpg )
So I haven't any SS exclusive but I want to do my best...
enjoy, guys
>> No. 103619
pass pls
>> No. 103620
...and I hope that someday someone will show Elena boobs or pussy to me and I can calmly stop collecting the sets of the studio...
>> No. 103621
Please nude lilu set too
>> No. 103622
>>103618 Wow... I'm cumming in 5 seconds...
>> No. 103623
Image-thumbnails TikaSS please
>> No. 103624
File 154388096981.jpg - (60.23KB , 720x540 , 1421254894752.jpg )
>> No. 103625
I would need to see Maisie completely nude to be satisfied.
>> No. 103626

Thanks. Good to see so much of the Star Sessions & Secret Stars making it out into the wild. These girls are just too cute not to be shared.
>> No. 103628
Lilu ist hot please nude set
>> No. 103629
File 154388194018.jpg - (495.75KB , 1998x1214 , LisaSS-011.jpg )
>>103556 I'm the one sharing the thumbnails but I'm not NNLOVE. Actually I found all these thumbnails in a telegram chat I was last month. The chat went off and then I decided to leak them. Sorry, I don't have any of the vids, The guy in the group was asking from 100 to 300 usd for EACH video depending of the content.
>> No. 103631
>>103629 Do you leaks all you have?
>> No. 103632
>>103629 Do you can to share all you have?
>> No. 103633
>>103631 Not yet, I'll be releasing from time to time to keep the chan alive. I wan't to inspire the fighters of freedom out there lol
>> No. 103635
>>103633 OK! You are super! Don’t forget us!
>> No. 103636
>>103629 How many thumbnails you have? (Approx.)
>> No. 103639
am I a fag if i say there is not HC from SS?
>> No. 103640
Many thanks to one of the good guys. :)
>> No. 103641
Many thanks. You're one of the good guys.
>> No. 103642
>>103639 SS girls never did HC!
>> No. 103643
>>103639 SS girls never did HC!
>> No. 103645
>>103636 around fifty
>> No. 103646
>>103645 wow! We’ll have a good future!
>> No. 103648
Do you have NatashaSS?
>> No. 103650
Lot of thanks and congrats for being honest about what you (not) are, what you really have and what you offer.
>> No. 103651
Only a set of lilu naked is she so hot please
>> No. 103652
have more nude tumbnails? pleaase...
>> No. 103654
I love pussy slips! If anyone has sees pussy slip of SS girl, please post.
>> No. 103656
Do you have any thumbnail of Tika secret stars?
>> No. 103657
LisaSS011 sold for $200.00
>> No. 103658
File 154388419178.jpg - (10.63KB , 236x419 , the-grinch.jpg )
Yes you are in the higher horse, you are not a veteran if u haven't seen a flame war on chans, you seem very naive indeed, i guess you do not have anything else to post.

You just wanted people to acclaim you as Santa?, so guess who is also coming to town? hohoho
>> No. 103659
Bloody hell you lot, stop hounding the anon with the previews. He's already said he'll post them slowly so just sit back and fap to what you've already got.
>> No. 103660
Moron stop posting shit that has nothing to do with Star Sessions!
>> No. 103661
Do you ever Shut Up?
>> No. 103662
pleaseeee share Multi01 set & vids pleasee
>> No. 103664
someone share this
>> No. 103666
Natasha is a hot little girl! She's a bit of a wild child.

I second the request :)
>> No. 103667
share share Multi01 set & vis pleaseee
>> No. 103668
share lilu nude sets pls
>> No. 103681
no fully nude sets yet.
>> No. 103686
why can't reply with attach?
>> No. 103687
File 154389040887.jpg - (87.39KB , 425x474 , HC.jpg )
>> No. 103689
i recognize this Big Mac double mmmmmmmmmmmm lisaaaaaaaaaaa
>> No. 103716
No man, this is not lisa, or just fake
>> No. 103718
whats with the ugly meat bag??
>> No. 103722
trust him it's lisa pussy with enhanced contrast in pantys
>> No. 103728
thanks all posters.. great material!
>> No. 103730
File 154389909273.png - (266.20KB , 268x436 , Screen Shot 2018-12-04 at 12_49_26 AM.png )
this panty this sofa...
>> No. 103731
File 154389913626.png - (715.45KB , 735x503 , Screen Shot 2018-12-04 at 12_49_00 AM.png )
this panty this sofa
>> No. 103733
File 154389936198.jpg - (139.13KB , 567x800 , rrrrrr.jpg )
>> No. 103734
File 154390045167.jpg - (150.99KB , 1170x900 , Image1.jpg )
fucking disgusting. this is what a pussy should look like.
>> No. 103738
>>103733 Please, post some photos...
>> No. 103739
I don't care if it's ugly or not...if it's under 16 it's fuckable. As old man say me one day... if you fuck uglys you fuck all time, if fuck only beautys fuck twice or less.
>> No. 103743
More SS girls pussy lips...
>> No. 103744
>>103733 This is huge! Lisa did HC.
>> No. 103747

another virgin who thinks huge pussy lips means she had sex
>> No. 103748
Anyone who wouldn’t eat out Lisa’s pussy is also a virgin and a total faggot. But that’s okay, more for us real men and women to enjoy.
>> No. 103752
File 15439062844.jpg - (3.04MB , 6000x4000 , Julia-MaisieSS-001-178.jpg )
>>103748 I think SSadmin, if he did not had sex with some models (Lisa, Lilu, Julia, Tika...), he is gay or professional photographer and he interesting his job and he shoot art photos and produce art... ah! And maybe he respects his models... nothing else...
>> No. 103753
Look at Maisie's videos and the answer is very clear!
>> No. 103755
Please stop posting rubbish comments and images. The mouth with the derogatory and lewd language should - Shut Up - enough already.
>> No. 103756
>>103755 You are right!
>> No. 103759
Any leyla custom?
>> No. 103762
File 154391130583.jpg - (516.34KB , 1998x1214 , NitaSS-005_4K.jpg )
>> No. 103764
>>103762 Wow! Thank you! Do you have NatashaSS?
>> No. 103765
>>103759 Any new models (in last 6 months) have not customs.
>> No. 103766
>>103762 You have only video-thumbnails? Image-thumbnails?
>> No. 103767
I want to see some previews of NatashaSS 001 002 003...
>> No. 103769
Please... Nina's tits! Just one photo.
>> No. 103770
>>102849 We know that there is NatashaSS-003. Anyone have thumbnails or previews of NatashaSS 001 or 002, please post them...
>> No. 103771
File 154391356094.jpg - (22.86KB , 200x200 , trollface.jpg )
Thread will stop bumping after 128 posts.

Oops 127 now.
>> No. 103773
File 154391386388.jpg - (42.57KB , 529x514 , 67822929.jpg )
>>103771 OK! We are happy! Comming soon the Thread 3!
>> No. 103776
how do you download fropm this 1fichier crap keeps telling me to disable adblock when it is,goes round in circles and does nothing more useless hosting
>> No. 103777
File 154391525525.jpg - (2.34MB , 4288x2848 , 376882929.jpg )
Plz... Give us Xmas presents...
>> No. 103788
Please lilu nude set please
>> No. 103790
Thank you for your xmas present of the Lilu-037 photoset. The download host and unwrapping worked perfectly.
>> No. 103791
File 15439186568.jpg - (15.23KB , 600x300 , 748c4-01-huffpost_com.jpg )
>> No. 103797
Come on folks someone will have but the set by lilu of secret of stars. Please please post.
>> No. 103816
Lisa's pussy is so delicious chomp chomp om nom nom
>> No. 103824

Thakns, broh! Now, if you've got the Secret Sessions set pretty please, with sugar on top, post it!
>> No. 103825
not a male Photographer
>> No. 103827
>>103825 Yes. Maybe you are right. Maybe not. Who knows?
*Maybe the photographer is the wife of admin.
**Many times the models when they speak in their videos, look towards another point, not in fron of camera... maybe in the studio is their parents. Maybe his wife have the camera and in the studio is the admin and he give the commands...
>> No. 103828
maybe your an idiot that doesn't understand Female Psychology.
>> No. 103830
Are you idiots?
Your requests for Secrete Stars Sets are absolutely useless. There was great OP IIT but he left because of asshole here too...
>> No. 103833
>>103830 Yeah! That's right! The game is over!
>> No. 103836
still waiting for NINA
>> No. 103838
When some guy begin the leaks and post new stuff same hoarder begin the trolling with posts with self-answers in the next post, we know how you can work guy. CRY ALONE. The guy who post new Secretstars will post soon again... CRY STUPID. .... The replies of the troll with various users start in 3...2...1
>> No. 103848

He posted ONE set on Friday, then waited 2 days to single out one guy who asked where the others were and he threw a tantrum.
>> No. 103851
and its assholes like you that made him stop.
>> No. 103854
True That
>> No. 103855
thanks man two of my favorites i can not d/l sets so i am stuck with whatever single pics people postt anyone want to please post a couple from Olivia in whit i already got all the preview pics i could

thanks to all you who post pics
>> No. 103856
just read on Tor that the guy who was posting good pics here is pissed and will not post here again,, sad
>> No. 103858
You are a hero for us guy and thank for the Duo Secretstars, You need understand this: The guy who write as troll, the stupid who insult, the frustrated owner of ss membership etc... its same person... just ignore him.
>> No. 103859
He's right, this is the worst place to post anything
>> No. 103860
In some of the videos there is a woman lurking in the back ground and if you look in the mirror of the new Isabella Pool table video it looks like the videographer is a a person with long hair maybe a woman. Whoever it is god bless them the shots captured are magical
>> No. 103861
>>103860 If you have Isabella pool, please, post it...
>> No. 103862
Did you? What else did you see on Tor? OK, so when are you going to post Star Sessions and Secret Stars sets and videos?
>> No. 103864
The guy on Tor doesn't have anything, just stealing from others
>> No. 103865
One guy is named "hellotoallagain". He have not nothing! Ignore him!
>> No. 103866
I just want Lilu please.. anything of her
>> No. 103869
My top 5 girls are Olivia,Mila,Taso,Isabella and Maisie. All 5 are so cute.
>> No. 103870
>>103869 Taso in her final set, is so sexy!
>> No. 103872
Please dear God post this. Nita's little pussy drives me crazy.
>> No. 103873
This is not HC, this is tame garbage shit. Where is the real HC? Everyone says it exists but all that is posted is the tired old mediocre softcore pictures. I can't stand this stale content anymore, I want the photographer to rape these ugly eastern european bitches like the whores they are. Start posting good shit or don't post anything at all.
>> No. 103875
I fell today and broke my arm. The paramedic was a woman, though my partner thought it was a man. The photos of my broken arm are magic, though. I have a secret set of them too, much more edgy, but you're not getting to see them.
Off topic? Not relevant? Too silly? - just as worth reading as most of the posts here.
>> No. 103876
Go away then,
>> No. 103880
Yeah! Go away, because there is no HC...
>> No. 103881
File 154395489881.jpg - (155.60KB , 1920x1280 , Julia-MaisieSS-001-087.jpg )
>> No. 103882
File 154395498475.jpg - (2.58MB , 4000x6000 , Julia-MaisieSS-001-230.jpg )
>> No. 103883
>>103881 We have it... Something new?
>> No. 103885
>>103882 Do not publish photos that we already have...
>> No. 103887
There is HC, there has to be. There's no way the photographer hasn't done something with these bitches unless he is the biggest faggot to have ever lived. The content is has to be out there but not posted because of hoarding niggers who have no life. Instead of telling me to go away, you should spend your time getting them to stop being niggers and post some good shit.
>> No. 103888
Oh, just go away. There are plenty of other threads to satisfy your "desires".
>> No. 103889
>>103888 That's right!
>> No. 103892
photos is good but set and videos is better ;)
>> No. 103898
go buy some sets and post away
Stupid Dumb Ass!
>> No. 103903
Someone has set by lilu of secret stars. Please please post.
>> No. 103908
File 154396168594.jpg - (2.50MB , 2667x4000 , Lilu-023-00141.jpg )
Be careful, this is a set from mountfile and it has NOT ORIGINAL RESOLUTION (2667х4000 but not 4000x6000)

but enjoy if you want ;)
>> No. 103910
Thank you. If you have any more please post. Best naked sets
>> No. 103911
somewhat older sets dont have 4000x6000 resolution and are still original and so is lilu23. compare with lilu 1 if you have it
>> No. 103917
Thank you you're magic
>> No. 103924
Thanks SSElenaLover!
If you have any unseen Elena's sets/vids, please post them before they are lost for ever :'(
>> No. 103931
why the hell would you even care what a bunch of teenager losers say. Post and make other happy!
>> No. 103932
File 154397337944.jpg - (531.34KB , 2048x1222 , LisaSS-015.jpg )
>> No. 103962

You're a God Among JB fans.

But, seriously, pretty please, with sugar and a 14 year old girl on top...

If you've got the Secret Sessions of Lisa - fer fuck's sake - and well Xmas IS coming up - POST THEM!

Sadly, it doesn't look as if there's a single picture of her lovely, 12 year old pussy and those fat, luscious woman lips. <Sad panda>
>> No. 103989
Thank you for your xmas present of the Lilu-023 photoset.
>> No. 104009
"i am a veteran of this hobby and I have never seen this kind of behavior in my years doing this. "

Really??? I think that maybe you aren't a "veteran" of this hobby if this is the worst behavior you have seen.

"Im not on a high horse, I’m not even close to that way of thinking.

this is a ravenous group of wild dogs the way you behave. If you cant conduct yourselves like respectful positive people then you should not receive any gifts or consideration."

And just the fact that you are trying to dictate behavior by threatening to not share your precious collection is 100% proof that you ARE on a high hoarse. Why else would you give a fuck how others behave?? Personally, I dont give a shit if you share or not. These type of studio videos are very boring to me, but I am going to keep call out BULLSHIT when I see it. So go ahead and use this post as an excuse to not share.
>> No. 104020
The Nina-037-HD-Video.mp4 has been posted elsewhere (w=1920, h=1080, size=607MB). My equipment plays this video to give seamless rendition. Nina-model is gorgeous.
>> No. 104022
>>104009 Because, he has nothing!
>> No. 104027
Thank you Nipsey Clause for your very generous stocking stuffer offer. Nina is gorgeous and it is difficult to pick only one of the four videos. The black or pink video would be excellent. Ta.
>> No. 104028
For the name of God... 1 pic with Nina's tits!
>> No. 104029
A word of advice for you good sir-i'm glad you enjoyed Nina0-037HD but if you're going to collect SS videos,do yourself a favor and coughup the $$ for a 4KTV(can be had fairly cheap now if your PC doesn't have 4K vedio card),transfer 4K files to a USB and you're in for a treat..you'll see what the fuss is about with this studio
>> No. 104030
because unlike you who is not an adult he most likely is someone used to dealing with professionals in the Business world.
Hence he says I have never met a bunch of unsavory types.
He is an Adult you are not, none of you are. The way you type and what you say gives you away.
>> No. 104033
>>104029 My Christmas wish and I'm hoping SS Admin is listening..VR Videos !!! Real 3D VR-not 360*VR-Fashionland/Fashiondolls already has those but too damn tame of course..Then we'll all need new hardware but i guess thats just the price of progress! Imagine..
>> No. 104042
You have determines the set with lilu nude Nipsey Russell. Please please post.
>> No. 104044
Indeed, Nina's tits are ever elusive. Is she the new Golden Fleece?

Maybe it was wise for the leakers to start with the goblin, Michelle.
>> No. 104052
If you choose to get a large TV, get one which is rated as a combined TV + PC monitor and thereby has a high pixel density. More than 17 minutes of navoloshena's webcam video is more enjoyable good on this type of equipment.
>> No. 104054
none of those videos in that thread are 4K. You will get massive pixelation from trying to resize a webcam video to full screen.
>> No. 104056
Poster did not mention 4K. Large TV topic is combined TV + PC monitor.
>> No. 104057
even resizing to 1080 you will get pixelation making the quality even worse than looking at a 306px vid
>> No. 104060
indeed for SS video a 4k player is a requirement i use Mac and there are several players you can download. I have a Samsung 75 inch 4k true 4k you need more than the TV you also need HDMI cables to make it work. When i play a video on the big screen it all comes out the little hairs on their legs etc... pussy lips through the panty material outstanding you feel like the you are in the same room with the model.
>> No. 104061
Playing SS 4K on the 8K UHD TV seems to be OK. Did not notice any pixilation.
>> No. 104064
File 154401663226.jpg - (274.69KB , 1279x693 , Olivia Cover.jpg )
thanks man two of my favorites i can not d/l sets so i am stuck with whatever single pics people postt anyone want to please post a couple from Olivia in white i already got all the preview pics i could

thanks to all you who post pics
>> No. 104074
File 154401972477.jpg - (1.25MB , 2000x3000 , Olivia-005-007 smaller.jpg )
OK - but I have made them half size, otherwise I don't think they will appear here coz they're too big. They're still big, though. Hope you like.
>> No. 104075
File 154401981952.jpg - (1.24MB , 2000x3000 , Olivia-005-079 smaller.jpg )
>> No. 104076
Thanks for right size pics so they show up.Any of Angelina as my favorite model anon?
>> No. 104083
Dear Santa Nipsey or Santa Sherwood, so many people wants to see Nina topless, plis.
I leave my sock in the Christmas window...
>> No. 104084
File Nina-025.mp4 - (7.92MB )
>> No. 104085
NINA is number one
>> No. 104089
Now this set and the black mesh one are my top in wishlist...
>> No. 104090
I have never celebrated Christmas, but i will celebrate with you guys. Please unhoard some good stuff. Tika, Lilu ,Maisie, Lisa and Aleksandra
>> No. 104091
File 154402472210.jpg - (1.49MB , 2000x3000 , AngelinaSS-002-019 smaller.jpg )
You mean other than 102658 and 102816 and 102975 posted above?
Here's a Secret one. The whole set is available elsewhere, I think.
>> No. 104092
PLease post this set
>> No. 104093

LOL - so you invite yourself to the party, bring nothing but expect others to give "some good stuff"
>> No. 104096
Dear Nipsey Russell, thank you for the Nina-025 video preview. Nina-model continues to be wonderful and very photogenic. Your endeavours appreciated.
>> No. 104098
Dear Nipsey you can post please what the secret stars by lilu or Lisa. Thank you
>> No. 104099
Hi Nipsey can you re-up yvm Anastasya 09 part1 on 144chan please. That part is missing since the first day you share the video.
>> No. 104118
I don’t like to be the annoying guy with these questions but does Tika have any secret stars sets? I know she isn’t a fave here but I loooove her legs.
>> No. 104120
>>104118 Tika is not very beautiful girl, but she is sexy... I like her, little bit... I don't know if she has secret sets, because we are not saw anything... But, I want to see her, topless or naked... It will be very interesting...
>> No. 104124
Guys... I opened the new thread 3... but we can post here, yet. When the post will be 1000, please post here: https://155chan.gr/hebe/res/104123.html#i104123
>> No. 104127
>>104118 Tika has very nice ass!
>> No. 104129
Does anyone have NatashaSS image-thumbnails?
>> No. 104130
Fellow Tika fan here, i agree fully with both of you. Tika is my favorite and the lack of secret stars from her is disheartening.
>> No. 104131
Another thread has been created calling itself StarSessions | SecretStars 3.
>> No. 104133
I already wrote >>104124
>> No. 104135
30 posts left...
>> No. 104136
File Nina-038.mp4 - (7.98MB )
>>104099 not my upload. if the pass isn't my name i'm just re-posting the links. i didn't save that vid so i dont even have it to upload.

>>104096 you're welcome. enjoy another clip.
>> No. 104137
Nina secret, please...
>> No. 104139
>>104136 Oh my! Thanks Nipsey... Do you have secret of Nina?
>> No. 104142
>>104136 Nipsey, you are a God! Thank you!
>> No. 104143
I would like to see, at least, a preview of "bathtime" video with Lisa, Maisie and Lilu...
>> No. 104145
Please, post just 1 photo from secret Natasha!
>> No. 104148
Dear Nipsey Russell, thank you for the Nina-038 video preview. As suspected >>102615 the loose top reveal tease is there. Nina-model continues to be very photogenic. Your endeavours appreciated.
>> No. 104151
Can you please stop posting useless pieces video in low res?
>> No. 104152
You have made a dull day shine with enjoyment. Thank you.
>> No. 104154
>>104151 Βe grateful to those, who offer you!
>> No. 104155
Keep your opinions to yourself.
>> No. 104156
Guess you are the one with a 4K TV trying to spoil it for other visitors. Leave Nipsey Russell in peace!
>> No. 104157
Plz Nipsey Russell, post secret sets/videos...
>> No. 104160
File Nina-030_4K.mp4 - (8.00MB )
>>104148 ya i chose that part and even slowed it down a bit. my video editing skills aren't the greatest.

>>104152 well lets make it even better

>>104151 Can you please stop posting useless comments in low res?

as bruce buffer would say, iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit's time!

#30 just edged out
my name
>> No. 104161
Stop complaining, there is no sign of you posting anything in this thread.
>> No. 104162
File 154404816832.png - (86.96KB , 512x512 , 61+15S2Dz5L.png )
>>104160 Thank you, Nipsey Russell! You are great!
>> No. 104164
>>104160 Wow! Wow! and more Wow!
Dear Nipsey Russell, very pleased that you have shared Nina-30 with us mere mortals. Nina-Model is absolutely delightful. As always, your endeavours appreciated.
>> No. 104168
>>104160 Thank you, Nipsey...
>> No. 104170
Nina's tits! Please...
>> No. 104171
You are so right to have Nina as your favourite. Thank you.
>> No. 104172
Nipsey Russell you are my hero!
>> No. 104174
What do you mean low res. The clip is width=1920 and height 1080, so video clip is not low res.
>> No. 104175
File 154405187566.png - (319.93KB , 400x711 , image.png )
This is my first ever chan post, and I would like to use it to say TY Nipsey Russell. Your shares across the chan are appreciated.


>> No. 104182
Feel free and post here https://155chan.gr/hebe/res/104123.html#i104123
>> No. 104183
Hoping someone will post some of Michelle's secret vids for xmas!
>> No. 104185

Ohh that's nice now, thanks for this (finally not pieces)

Emmm, yeah.
I'm not original poster but I reposted from fucking premium for you and all other who have problem with it and reuped on dl.free.fr for you ass...
>> No. 104190
Thank you for anything you have posted here.
>> No. 104195
Ive been pushing for nina and you came through. Thank you so much. We finally have a full good nina vid. praise the almighty nippsey
>> No. 104211
Many Thanks to ALL Posters even ANON's with Special appreciation to Nipsey(Love the preview clips-always the best parts!) as well as Mountfile reposter(anonymous though you may be) You're All Very Much hero's in my bookhhh
>> No. 104223
File 154406884325.jpg - (45.39KB , 500x712 , Chivalry-Knighthood.jpg )
I knight you......Sir Nipsey


>> No. 104291
>>104160 Thank you, Nipsey...
>> No. 104306
Video JULIA pleeeeeeeease
>> No. 104467
>>104223 thanks XxX
ignore the man in red
>this is the color he meant to use. it's called green envy :)
>> No. 104908
please share the last video of lina pleaseeee
>> No. 105083
File 154433416981.png - (5.96KB , 210x240 , starwishes.png )
dear santa, this is my wish list: angelina 003 angelina 007 nina 031 mila 003 lilu 031 nita 016 nita 011 kathy 020 i am a poor man and life in africa. i just love this french models,specially starsessions owner daughter, michelle.
>> No. 105086
File 154433618730.png - (134.71KB , 480x480 , starsessions-models.png )
using this toy is fantastic while you watch starsessions videos, so big and deep un your secret area.
>> No. 105258
File 154438506266.jpg - (34.43KB , 500x388 , WOW-ITS-VERY.jpg )
Damn...that is yuge.
>> No. 105433
Sally has two posts on this thread and claims to have been pushing for Nina. Strange claim to have made!
>> No. 105602
thats because I dont always use a name mate. like now. trust me, i was here, being very kind to the leakers and ever so slightly asking for nina and just trying to get her into the the leakers head that we needed her. I first picked a name to call out "youknowwho" for his bs "leakingmyentirecollection"
>> No. 106408
sound like BS to you. But I did make it very clear , no complaining, and here you are ... still bitching. you jus control your self. you must be over 200Kg, right?
>> No. 106764
stfu you posted the rules on saturday morning, then claimed someone complained ~mid day sunday. You were not going to post fuck all else, you waited until someone said something to claim "complaint". Im faaarrrr from a fat fuck, Im not even half that weight. us pedos are all sizes mate
>> No. 107668
you ARE a PURE HFE & don't have a shit of worth THAT'S the truth AND the fucking ONLY truth
making your own fucking rules at a chan bloody idiot but that's the way a HFE acts
it's not a troll a HFE but quite close as those bastards never make anything then try to be as important they can be
so don't listen to this bs filled HFE cause he ain't provide shit of what he claims to have

to everyone else thanks for a fantastic thread well until the mr own rules arrived:/
>> No. 107678
starsessions.com is gone since today
>> No. 108313
what reason? News?
>> No. 108702
starsessions owner said fuck you to all the leakers and took his ball home with him.
hes a moron from jump
how could he not expect trading and reselling.
go bye to him . all the sets will come out now. be patient. find something eles to do other then hitting the refresh every 18 seconds to see if theres a new post .
>> No. 108835
please post LiluSS-021 pics and vid
>> No. 110555
Does anyone have Michelle set 10?
Would be much appreciated thanks in advanced.
>> No. 112222
oh please, this set!
>> No. 112229
julia set please!
>> No. 112492
Anyone with this yet? Nipsey?
>> No. 112500
Has any of the Nina SS sets surfaced?
>> No. 116928
Thread status is Posting mode: Reply. When will bump limit of 1000 posts be reached and this thread will thus stop bumping to the top with new posts. You know just like https://155chan.gr/hebe/res/75558.html whose thread status is also Posting mode: Reply.
>> No. 120963
can somone please help me ? Im in love with LISA

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