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/hebe/ ~ 16 yo vs 6 yo
File 154391930487.jpg - (152.83KB , 600x400 , img_2968981_thumbs_600x400_5611981.jpg )
103792 No. 103792
which would you like to fuck?
I'll take the 16 yo all time..
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>> No. 103793
The 6 yo all day, but would love to get 16yo pregnant with lil girl play toy
>> No. 103813
both but mostly 16yo
>> No. 103819
I would fuck both of them in the butt
>> No. 103897
The 6yo will enjoy play that feels good.
The 16yo will DESIRE play that feels good.
I'll take either, as long as I can taste them until they orgasm.
And, by the way, a 6yo CAN orgasm if guided properly.
>> No. 103912
6yo for me of course. The taste of the tiny child pusyy and that soft untouched baby skin ooh man its pedo heaven. I will lick her pussy and all her body without even have to penetrate her child pussy.
>> No. 103916
The 16 year old you can pound that till you break the mattress, the 6yo you'll get a half ass blow job at best
>> No. 103926
Why is my reply always deleated? No matter what i say or respond to. Whithin hrs is gone not kool.
>> No. 103960
Always a Granny VS a kindergarten aged girl. Not even worth the bandwidth wasted to pose the question.
>> No. 104008
actually i would take 6-yo girl but i'll take both in this photo because the 16-yo is so hot
>> No. 104032
I would fuck the 6yo while the 16yo guides me into her and then holds and sucks my balls
>> No. 104271
30 yo woman is even better than boys for me
love girls all ages
>> No. 104278
A threesome with both would do fine for me.
>> No. 104328
I would take them both, although the 6 year old looks good enough to eat
>> No. 104335
Both,they would have to eat each others pussy before getting fucked.
>> No. 104566
huh,16-year-old girl is hot and 6-year-old girl is cute..I'll take the 16-year-old one
>> No. 104623
Prefer to fuck 16yo pussy, easier to penetrate while eating 6yo pussy because it's much more testy
>> No. 104634
Would fuck them both then have them cum swap my load.
>> No. 104643
I mainly like 13-15YO girls and older. So I'll pick the 16YO.

I would like to add that if the 6yo came on to me I wouldn't turn her down.
>> No. 104832
>> No. 104858
... hoping for a 11yo middle sister.
>> No. 104860
File 154425914437.jpg - (73.49KB , 788x788 , 46780033_151445805820646_5728915582011190785_n.jpg )
this is 16-year-old girl in this picture
she's so beautiful
>> No. 104861
File 154425916572.jpg - (136.22KB , 1080x980 , 43984925_348935059187186_1383894041576956594_n.jpg )
another photo of her
>> No. 104907
File 154427576911.jpg - (108.56KB , 1033x1280 , Cleopatra19.jpg )
too sexy
>> No. 104945
File 15442957498.jpg - (94.08KB , 1080x607 , 30942018_155381755302307_1581770299735539712_n.jpg )
that's an easy answer. 6x6. The one in the pic by the OP is the second from left, her name is Kamelia.

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