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/hebe/ ~ 16 yo vs 6 yo
File 154391930487.jpg - (152.83KB , 600x400 , img_2968981_thumbs_600x400_5611981.jpg )
103792 No. 103792
which would you like to fuck?
I'll take the 16 yo all time..
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>> No. 103793
The 6 yo all day, but would love to get 16yo pregnant with lil girl play toy
>> No. 103813
both but mostly 16yo
>> No. 103819
I would fuck both of them in the butt
>> No. 103897
The 6yo will enjoy play that feels good.
The 16yo will DESIRE play that feels good.
I'll take either, as long as I can taste them until they orgasm.
And, by the way, a 6yo CAN orgasm if guided properly.
>> No. 103912
6yo for me of course. The taste of the tiny child pusyy and that soft untouched baby skin ooh man its pedo heaven. I will lick her pussy and all her body without even have to penetrate her child pussy.
>> No. 103916
The 16 year old you can pound that till you break the mattress, the 6yo you'll get a half ass blow job at best
>> No. 103926
Why is my reply always deleated? No matter what i say or respond to. Whithin hrs is gone not kool.
>> No. 103960
Always a Granny VS a kindergarten aged girl. Not even worth the bandwidth wasted to pose the question.
>> No. 104008
actually i would take 6-yo girl but i'll take both in this photo because the 16-yo is so hot
>> No. 104032
I would fuck the 6yo while the 16yo guides me into her and then holds and sucks my balls
>> No. 104271
30 yo woman is even better than boys for me
love girls all ages
>> No. 104278
A threesome with both would do fine for me.
>> No. 104328
I would take them both, although the 6 year old looks good enough to eat
>> No. 104335
Both,they would have to eat each others pussy before getting fucked.
>> No. 104566
huh,16-year-old girl is hot and 6-year-old girl is cute..I'll take the 16-year-old one
>> No. 104623
Prefer to fuck 16yo pussy, easier to penetrate while eating 6yo pussy because it's much more testy
>> No. 104634
Would fuck them both then have them cum swap my load.
>> No. 104643
I mainly like 13-15YO girls and older. So I'll pick the 16YO.

I would like to add that if the 6yo came on to me I wouldn't turn her down.
>> No. 104832
>> No. 104858
... hoping for a 11yo middle sister.
>> No. 104860
File 154425914437.jpg - (73.49KB , 788x788 , 46780033_151445805820646_5728915582011190785_n.jpg )
this is 16-year-old girl in this picture
she's so beautiful
>> No. 104861
File 154425916572.jpg - (136.22KB , 1080x980 , 43984925_348935059187186_1383894041576956594_n.jpg )
another photo of her
>> No. 104907
File 154427576911.jpg - (108.56KB , 1033x1280 , Cleopatra19.jpg )
too sexy
>> No. 104945
File 15442957498.jpg - (94.08KB , 1080x607 , 30942018_155381755302307_1581770299735539712_n.jpg )
that's an easy answer. 6x6. The one in the pic by the OP is the second from left, her name is Kamelia.
>> No. 106978
vaginal fuck for 16 yo
>> No. 107417
6 yrs old forever
>> No. 107698
6yo all the way for me.
>> No. 107905
vaginal fuck 5-6 years
>> No. 108281
why do I have to choose, 6yo first the 16yo
>> No. 108593
the older one
>> No. 108594
16 for me, I love teen girls. When she turns 18, I'd marry her.


>> No. 108617
The six year old......
They cry and scream more when full penetration is attempted.
I love violently bashing the head of my cock into my victims cervix.
>> No. 108855
I’d fuck the 16 year old while she’s eating the pussy of the 6 year old then when I’m ready to cum I’d pull out and cum in both their mouths then watch them making out with their cum covered tongues.
>> No. 108859
^^^^ then I’d eat the 6 year olds pussy and make her cum
>> No. 109939
I'd fuck the 6yo in the ass while she fisted the 16yo.
>> No. 109962
i need all pictures and videos
>> No. 110014
I like teen girls and %90 of heterosexual and bisexual men like teen girls because they're sexy
>> No. 119774
Definitely the 16yo! I would fuck anything 10yo and up..... 6yo is too young for me, my 11 inch member would split her in two! I would fuck the 16yo whilst eating the pussy and anus of the 6yo..... I will try not to bite her clit when I orgasm so fucking hard into her older sister! The 6yo mouth looks big enough to suck me clean after though lol
>> No. 119820
you mean 11 centimeters
>> No. 119821
It depends on what each one looks like. I prefer girls between 10 and 14. However, if the 16yo is a whale and the 6yo gorgeous, that's a no-brainer in my opinion to go with the 6yo. I usually don't like find girls <5yo attractive. Too young in my opinion.
>> No. 120010
YES, PLEASE !! 2 of each !!
>> No. 120104
I’d go for the 16-year-old in this case. Girls aged 10-14 is the ideal age for me. 10-year-olds are naive and capable of penetration—they are so incredible!
>> No. 120109
You truly are a hebe! ;) I'd have no problem to thigh fuck a preteen (which means a girlie under the age of ten), if she is beautiful that is. But let's be honest, you can only truly f them when they are 10 and above and I think that they are cutest between the age of 11 and 13 anyway. 14 and 15 can be an awkward age, when they are in between being a tween and a teen and it can fuck up their appearence quite a bit (many of them become fat in that time). Interestingly enough, they can reach a high point between the age of 17 and 23 again. After that it steadily declines, although I'm personally able to fap to them until they reach 35 (they must be beautiful though). By then they're over, definitely!

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