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/hebe/ ~ StarSessions | SecretStars 3
File 154404283860.jpg - (2.64MB , 4000x6000 , LisaSS-025-149.jpg )
104123 No. 104123
Welcome & good beginning!
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>> No. 104173
Please lilu nude set. Thanks
>> No. 104176
it´s Julia-MaisieSS-001-247
>> No. 104177
>> No. 104178
Hu! What on earth are you complaining about?
>> No. 104180
it´s Julia-Maisie SS-001-230
>> No. 104184

>> No. 104186
post more fakes plz
>> No. 104188
Or, even better - DON'T. We want to see what is real.
>> No. 104192
post this set pls
>> No. 104194
File 154405824063.jpg - (1.37MB , 3000x2000 , Maisie-017-034 reduced still big.jpg )
Yes, let's stick to real stuff
>> No. 104196
File 154405988845.jpg - (161.86KB , 942x1182 , 15440535081.jpg )
>> No. 104197
can we have her vid plze
>> No. 104210
New thread already ruined by fake shit. C’mon guys, we are better than this.
>> No. 104221
File 154406796367.jpg - (2.25MB , 6000x4000 , Tika-025-103.jpg )
can't get blood from a stone.. maybe we aren't ready for a ss 3 thread, or at least it seems that way. :/ hope I'm wrong.
>> No. 104229
File 15440739693.png - (2.72MB , 3840x2160 , vlcsnap-2018-09-22-08h29m16s133.png )
I wonder who this is a vidcap of?
>> No. 104232
File 154407410415.png - (3.01MB , 3840x2160 , vlcsnap-2018-09-21-08h36m56s087.png )
>> No. 104239
Less fakes and goblin posts, more cute girls pls
>> No. 104243
Stop posting old photos... something new?
>> No. 104244
leave the fakes to the fakes thread
>> No. 104288
>>104194 Please, this set...
>> No. 104293
File 154408934413.jpg - (545.30KB , 1825x1148 , LiluSS-021_4K_mp4.jpg )
>> No. 104305
HELLO !! Please tell me you have or know where to get LiluSS-021.4K.mp4
I mean I appreciate the preview pic but now I am aching for to watch video Thanks in advance
>> No. 104307
>>104293 Holly shit! Thank you!
>> No. 104308
Video JULIA pleeeeeeeeeeeeese
>> No. 104309
Well that Lilu should get this new thread off to a great start.Thank You Anonymous
>> No. 104317
Anyway... after from 15 indifferents posts, at last, something interesting!
>> No. 104318
Please post lilu movies or sets nude
>> No. 104353
File 154410710912.jpg - (620.36KB , 1920x1080 , vlcsnap-00028.jpg )
with a little help of my photoshop, only contrast.
>> No. 104355
File 154410785717.jpg - (484.99KB , 1920x1080 , vlcsnap-00004.jpg )
>> No. 104357
For the love of living please post lilu-ss21. Please and a Big THANK YOU !!!!!!!
>> No. 104359
This thread make me sad. Nothing interesting than of another two threads... So pity!
>> No. 104362
Yes we know that Nipsey Russell was recently very generous and gave us mere mortals more hard to find Nina-model videos. Media Player Classic - Home Cinema X64 is a good free video player.
So what do you hope to achieve with your photoshop images when the rest of us can play these videos and capture a snapshot image?
>> No. 104366
LiluSS-021.4K.mp4 please post
>> No. 104367
Oh my. LISA is so... oh my.... Oh MY!
>> No. 104369
Don't you just wanna hug Lisa? She's so adorable and hot. A boner hug.
>> No. 104394
File 154412587412.jpg - (59.11KB , 639x479 , 75096-6-6.jpg )
Time for rest...
>> No. 104422
I'm surprised there isn't more interest in Nita. She's cute, great body and so playful for the camera...
>> No. 104426
>>104422 There is interesting for all girls, my friend... but you see... there is no longer good new photos or new sets... Secret stars has stopped! This thread goes veeeeery slow...
>> No. 104447
Please lilu nude set or movie
>> No. 104448
since thread goes slow more fakes should be posted
>> No. 104452
Absolutely not! Fakes are for fags.
>> No. 104459
I get the allure of fakes sometimes, expanding on the imagination and all. But we don’t NEED that shit. We NEED and CRAVE the real secret stars or even just the really revealing normal sets. That fake stuff can have it’s own thread, especially since the fakes we saw here were done by an amateur and looked like shit.
>> No. 104461
File 154414557772.jpg - (465.32KB , 1333x2000 , Lisa-018-060 half size.jpg )
Lisa posing nicely is better than any FAKE nude.
>> No. 104463
Amen to that. She needs to do full nudes, I want those meaty lips upclose and uncovered.
>> No. 104464
>>104459 That’s right!
>> No. 104477
You don't even get the real secret stars though. All you get is previews pictures that only serve as teasers. When is real real stuff coming out?
>> No. 104478
>>104422 i'm interested :)

just an fyi: a large source for these was AMF. the mod, ghostbitch moved the thread to private.
posters asked not to crosspost but E1 at 180/cg/ kept crossposting instead of uploading his own links. so the thread is no longer public. you need to be a contributor over there to access any new content. replying thanks doesn't count. you have to post videos.
i'm not saying stuff isn't going to be released. just at a slower pace cause now the content is less accessible and therefore more valuable.

just sayin
>> No. 104483
Well last I checked AMF is not taking new registers at all so that fuckin blows
>> No. 104484
ya i know. i've been a member there for years. not a big enough contributor to access the private area.
>> No. 104495
are we all dead or what happens? where are the new photos
>> No. 104532
>> No. 104534
>>104532 Guys! I posted a new thumbnails of Michelle and the mods deleted it.


>> No. 104537
I post again...


>> No. 104540
I post again...



>> No. 104542
Thank you, for Michelle...
>> No. 104544
Guys! I posted a new thumbnail of Michelle and the mods deleted it. I have a video thumbnail of NatashaSS, a new thumbnail of Maisie and finally, Lisa. But I know they'll delete it. I am so sorry for them...
>> No. 104545
Post it
>> No. 104548
>>104545 Better, On hurt meh! Mods chan are paranoid. They afraid of starsessions admin. Hahahah... idiots!


>> No. 104573
lol mod are u fucking serious?

change my message?
>> No. 104575
We would have moved to lolifox long ago, if it were not for the stupid admins there, which is a ban tor exit node :(
>> No. 104576
I have a question to mods. Why you kept the link of Julia-Maise SS and you didn't delete it?
>> No. 104577
You want to kill this thread. Is it?
>> No. 104599
>>104577 Yeah! Chan Mods are an asshole! Brilliant!


>> No. 104600
nope, no they are - you are.
>> No. 104602
>>104600 That’s right!
>> No. 104608
this was already posted long long time ago.
>> No. 104609
Sigh, we don't want SS thumbnails. Fuck that noise, give us some fucking videos. Enough of the preview/thumbnail bullshit.
>> No. 104616
Wouldn't it be nice if someone in "charge" here could provide a *good* reason why the sort of thing *regularly allowed before* is now being deleted? That would actually show some maturity and clarify the situation so that those trying to be generous will not be wasting their time. Something like "We are the mods and we can do what we like" will not wash, and will only give rise to contempt.
>> No. 104620
Well, we do, but only in the sense that they are better than f-all. Let's not discourage those who are probably posting the only things they have.
>> No. 104621
Please stop posting rubbish comments and images. The mouth with the derogatory and lewd language should - Shut Up - enough already. How many times must you be told!
>> No. 104622
Lisa #25
Courtesy of JDI
>> No. 104624
vid plz plz
>> No. 104625
Please LiluSS-021
>> No. 104627
>>104622 Malwarebytes says access to website blocked due to malware. Nipsey Russell has already posted LisaSS-025 set and video at
Thanks to OP.
>> No. 104628
>>104627 malware warning is only true for subsequent dbr.ee download target site.
>> No. 104633

He didn't post it, only repost from onions forum with out reupload
>> No. 104638
You complaining again! The OP was credited. How many posts have you shared?
>> No. 104664
fuck off cunt I have freedom of speech I can say whatever I want to say
>> No. 104685
You are invited to voice your opinions to parents, teachers and police.
>> No. 104696
If someone post a picture of secret star non nude, will be ok?
>> No. 104697
Please lilu nude set please please
>> No. 104719
>>104696 No, It isn't ok! Never again Secret star.
>> No. 104733
>>104696 Is it your intention to post a picture from a secret star collection that has not been posted on any of the Triforce webpages? Will your post include download links for photoset and/or videos?
If the answer is yes to both questions, please share. Thank you.
>> No. 104745
>>104733 I will publish a photo. But I believe it will delete real soon. Download quickly...


>> No. 104747
>> No. 104749
>>104747 I told you so... Haha...
>> No. 104750
>> No. 104751
If you remove the "i" the webpage will open on the target post, for example https://180chan.co/mir/res/22560.html#29185
>> No. 104752
>>104751 Ah, OK, my friend, thank you!
>> No. 104753
Holly fuck! Maisie masturbation!
>> No. 104756
File 154422089144.jpg - (19.14KB , 357x200 , 02.jpg )
>> No. 104758
More SS pussy slips...
>> No. 104759
>>104750 File Removed.
>>104753 HAHAHAH...
>> No. 104760
>>104756 Thank you!
>> No. 104763
Stop posting old photos... something new?
>> No. 104766
I see that the mod or mods still are unable to provide us any reasoned rationale behind their deletions. This just leads me to believe that they are just behaving like childish brats - especially when they come back with silly red block capital responses.
>> No. 104767
This would have been funny if you posted this after the "file removed" post but your timing was off.

There's really no point in posting anything new here anymore. Mods download the pics for themselves and then immediately delete so that no one can have it.
>> No. 104768
I agree
>> No. 104785
Let's give them a test. Could be their last chance. Bearing in mind that they allow some really revolting stuff elsewhere, let's see if they are an epic FAIL and remove this without saying why. It's Maisie, shall we say, adjusting her panties.
>> No. 104796
>>104766 Flagrant homosexuals don't need to give reasons, the reason is obvious.
>> No. 104799
lol, 100% of secret stars will eventually leak and be available for free

>104785 moar pls
>> No. 104802
Jesus, that Maisie pic might just prove there's more to this...

Remember 15 years ago when it was ridiculous to think Vladmodels did nudes or slips? Now we have like a billion topless and nudes of various models? This is panning out the same way... the preview in the 2nd thread of Maisie & Michelle is just astonishing, she's peeling off Michelle's panties in one frame.

There's no evidence, but I'm becoming more and more of a believer that there may be more and more out there harder and harder. Probably not full on penetration, but the girls are definitely getting frisky with each other.
>> No. 104804
I hate when I miss the good stuff. Is it at least on hurtmeh or lolilust? God damn mods
>> No. 104807
File 154424225251.jpg - (4.84KB , 220x204 , myhat.jpg )
God damn you not us. Out of millions of images that could be shared you demand the ones that jeopardize one of the last remaining studios. Grow up and look beyond the tips of your penises niggers.

Let other sites have this poor photographer's busting on their conscience, but the Trichans will only do what's good for the community.

>> No. 104810
This is all such a damned paradox. I don't want the studio to get fucked over so I don't think we should share so much, especially newer stuff. But I don't have access to the secret stars so I want those so I come here. If I had access to it I wouldn't be looking here. But if I never came here I never would have known about the secret stars and I think this is where I first found out about the regular star sessions too. It's not exactly going to be advertised anywhere so some sharing should be okay. But then it's not because it puts the studio at risk when people look long enough for the secret stuff.

>> No. 104827
File 154424891614.jpg - (26.29KB , 640x360 , kpgxu6yaqod2_wd640.jpg )
OK! Let's not share regular sets, because we can to buy these and support the studio. But secret-stars is ...something ...precious. And don't let to lost them for ever, like newstar studio and many others... my opinion!
>> No. 104835
plz vids
>> No. 104838
>>104875 Please reup?
>> No. 104839
Fuck I meant >>104785
>> No. 104840
>> No. 104841
full set to finish the week? :)
>> No. 104842
As the posted pic is 1/4 the original size, the safe bet is this is a preview instead of an outtake from a set.
>> No. 104843
>>104840 Hard to find... maybe image thumbnail...?
>> No. 104844
And it's STILL UP - Thx Mods
A very fine preview it is - I only hope to live long enough to see video.Doctor said Ive only got three months Max


>> No. 104848
>>104840 I believe, we are never to take this...
>> No. 104849
2 out of 10. Would the next liar please stand up.
>> No. 104853
A voice of reason in a pack of incorrigible, desperate collectors! I for one, will patiently wait.

Do I enjoy the chaotic, erratic, incomplete, tantalizing leaks? Yes!
Do I wish for a full site rip? Yes!
Do I want to expose the content providers to possible shutdown? NO!

Like much of the stuff we all have, and share, most of it is a couple of years old (at least for me...), so I FULLY understand why everyone who has NEW material, may be reluctant to share content with us,.... a pack of hungry wolves. For the moment something is shared here, it will potentially, be all over freenet within hours!

But, I am enjoying any and all of the fresh, new material, shot in HD & 4K. Much better than the grainy, poorly lit, poorly shot video quality of 95% of the stuff that is readily available.

So, I lurk... and wait... for some generous soul to share. I am grateful for any morsel or scrap that gets tossed my way.

The people that are actually paying for this material... and I assume in most cases, may be a large sum of money, also have their own interest to protect. The moment something gets shared on a CHAN, is the moment that they put their own access to this new material at risk. Not just from blacklisting, but also from a site shutdown.

So, on behalf of all of the moochers, eagerly awaiting new content, THANK YOU!!!! Thanks to all who share their new content, and collections! I have nothing, at this level, to offer in kind, so I am appreciative of ANYTHING you are willing to share!
>> No. 104854
...Waiting for Neph69 to step in, and tell us all how this girl needs to be TRAINED for sex with adult men...
>> No. 104855

where was it leak?
>> No. 104856
It was a shared set approx 3 months ago that bought star sessions onto my radar. Since then I have bought over 150 collections to ensure I have the girls I like, and am buying about half of the new sets as they're released. They got a good customer as a result of sharing. So is sharing good?

If I, and others, shared all the sets we have then no-one else would need to buy them, thus the studio wouldn't be sustainable and would probably close. So is sharing bad?

I decided back when I started buying I wouldn't share any sets I bought until after the studio closed, but as all anyone seems to want is secret stars I don't have to worry about that.
>> No. 104857
>>104855 Maybe is joke
>> No. 104859

is it funny for someone?)
>> No. 104864
File 154425971275.png - (1.27MB , 1024x646 , LisaMaisieSS-001_mp4.png )
Did I get this here ?
Probably.But I can't find it anymore-anyway would be tough to choose #1 wish between this or
I'm really partial to babyoil(not too mention a playful pair of preteens) but still a tough choice,right?
Guess they give me something to live for !!
>> No. 104865
>>104856 So... We can to buy regular sets. We do not should share. But secret stars... they hould to share, because we have not them.
>> No. 104866
>>104864 Unfortunately, Hard to find...
>> No. 104867
I imagine, how will it is the video of Julia-MaisieSS multi. We took the set... the video should be perfect. Wow!
>> No. 104868
so.. we can't buy Elena sets, the studio doesn't sell them and doesn't receive money but no one wants to share them
>> No. 104872
>>104868 Many sets of Elena is already uploads and share...
>> No. 104884
No, WE can't buy them, but I'll bet there is a secret clientele that is feeding them lots of money for these sets! We may or may not ever see them. BUT, I fear not. If I never see them, I am no worse off than I was before I knew they existed.

Let this site keep taking shitloads of photos and vids! I don't WANT to interfere with that! Eventually, some of it will be shared, if not most, or all.

Just chill out people!!! Let the dice fall where they may. I know why this site is no longer accepting new applicants!

Now that SS is on the radar, they can't trust anyone! Only trusted followers are allowed into the inner circle.

I completely understand that. I am WOW'ed by the tidbits I've seen, and amazed by some of the 'teasers'... but I am not about to taunt SS, or private collectors into sharing their content.

Calling these people hateful names only makes you look like a foolish beggar, that thinks the world OWES you something! Personally, I'm sick of that shit! The world owes you nothing! Get off your ass and make do for yourself!
>> No. 104886
OBTW, I am not calling out a specific poster, just the collective group of ungrateful idiots that post rude, obnoxious crap on this thread (meaning SS 1, 2 & now 3)
>> No. 104887
OBTW = "Oh, By The Way"
>> No. 104889

when did you type 'many' you mean 5 sets (from 34)?
>> No. 104900
Well... The Game Is Over! God Bless You! ...
>> No. 104901
' I know why this site is no longer accepting new applicants'
Really? So the site is closed for new customers?
>> No. 104903
>>104856 'is sharing bad?'
Hey retarded guys is this really so difficult that you must discuss the same thing over and over?
It all depends on the amount of stuff and which stuff is shared if it is good or bad. It's not just black or white, but of course this is not comprehensible for you single cell brains
>> No. 104905
Hey man, yes the site may be blocked from some countries, but just use TOR and change circuit if event then the site is blocked. You WILL get to the site that way.
>> No. 104906
We know that SS admin stops sell Secret sets, but I believe the models do secret sets and newest models, of course. So, I imagine Olivia do secret sets and that dream makes me crazy! Topless? Maybe! Open legs? Maybe! See-through panties...? OMG! Wake up!
>> No. 104924
Please, a secret star photo of Natasha with censorship.
>> No. 104926
Nipsey please lilu secret set
>> No. 104933
nnlove, where are you?
>> No. 104941
Yeah please
>> No. 104942
I think anybody has not Natasha's sets or videos... only thumbnails...
>> No. 104952
Let's use polarlights as an example. How did we get all the amazing content with beautiful girls with dildos, butt plugs, anal, kid orgys and even light bdsm? The answer is that they produced most of it IN SECRET for years. Then, after time had passed, people who had been patiently buying and holding/hoarding material released it for free.

So to admin/mods point, the best strategy is to let the stuff be produced, and dont leak or share alot. Then later, release.

Who knows, if we now see snipets of maisie mastubating and spreading her asshole open, imagine what we could have if we just quietly allow the documenting of her sexual exploration to advance out of the public eye.

Good things come to those who wait.
>> No. 104967
What's a Potato?
>> No. 104971
What if someone is already 90 years old, though. Could soon be dead....LOL
>> No. 104973
File 154430040930.png - (171.46KB , 1024x1188 , potato.png )
>> No. 104974
>>104971 So... leaks, quick!
>> No. 104979
File 154430269712.jpg - (22.69KB , 407x405 , Potato.jpg )
>> No. 104981
>>104979 wtf is this?
>> No. 104990
File 154430667160.jpg - (408.34KB , 2282x818 , LisaSS0274_1595840_31036280.jpg )
From StarSessionFans
>> No. 104992
Please Link Please Link Please Link :-)
>> No. 104995
Please Please Please Link
>> No. 104996
Wow nice. Please post link
>> No. 104997
doesn't get naked meaning it's still legal there.
>> No. 104998
Liiisssaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ... had already cum :-) But it's even more ...
>> No. 104999
File 154430934227.jpg - (402.48KB , 2282x818 , MaisieSS02_5515523_31036282.jpg )
From StarSessionsFan
>> No. 105000
Moar Moar Moar !!! PLEASE !!!
>> No. 105001

That made me laugh.
>> No. 105002
>104990 Oh my... look at her pussy! Huge! I want to see her pussy in high quality photo of this set.
>> No. 105003
Thank you! More?
>> No. 105004
I bet that we'll never take these!
>> No. 105005
you are obviously looking at the Potato!!!
>> No. 105006
Lisaaaa, please, please! Topless or even better nude.
>> No. 105007
Lisa, the princess in my dreams!
>> No. 105014
I want to see Natasha's pussy
>> No. 105023
I want to see Lisa`s pussy!
>> No. 105028
what hell?
>> No. 105041

No, you really don't!
>> No. 105042
File 154431741898.jpg - (3.14MB , 4000x2667 , CqBLgh.jpg )
Can someone with premium mountfile reupload this?

>> No. 105053
Siberian guy must have produced stuff at least since 2004, may be more amateur-like at first. Sets and vids started to leak about 2009/2010, not less than SS since last year. Local snitching got him caught, NOT the leaks.
FR (Fareastern) material started even earlier and they must have been still active not so long ago.
If SS leaks were a risk to the studio, I'd say the stuff leaked so far would be enough prove for LEA. Means, further posting would make much of a difference.
As to the stealing aspect, the leaks till now were far away from a complete site-rip, much left to motivate willing-to-pay customers.
But buying is much riskier than sharing, no chan is guilty for that.

Why all these words? To say honor the xmas spirit by continuing to post in the pace of the last weeks. For the studio the theoretical loss and real advertising gain would be in balance.
>> No. 105084
What the hell you doin here faggot?
>> No. 105103
Yes, yes, yes, we know that Msisie and Lisa did topless and nude sets.

Where are the Nina thumbnails?

We have seen her barley there slips.

Please post some Nina thumbs or better yet, some sets. What a fucking body she has.
>> No. 105124
Please stop posting rubbish comments and images. The mouth with the derogatory and lewd language should - Shut Up.
>> No. 105125
Ah, so you can count to potato.

Nina is as dull as dishwater and at the bottom of the barrel, there are many SS girls way hotter than Nina.
>> No. 105134
File 154434747587.jpg - (262.99KB , 1440x2040 , tpi-europa-new.jpg )
please post kathy 020 its almost xmas and i wanna fap with this video, thanks in avance.
>> No. 105144
File 154434951566.jpg - (50.42KB , 430x539 , morepotato.jpg )
>> No. 105148
Please stop acting like you can control other people. I hate the useless blabbering that has taken up 90% of three threads too. But no one is going to just stop and shut up because some random dude on the internet asked them to.
>> No. 105153
these are good thumbs. Any of her showing her ass with out the thong?
>> No. 105166
>>105153 It is the same. Same set same video
>> No. 105167
Please lilu or Lisa secret Stars.
>> No. 105181
Thank you for the new leaks
>> No. 105183

yeap, I'm coming ..!
>> No. 105188
File 15443687107.jpg - (3.60MB , 2667x4000 , Lilu-017-00003.jpg )
Wish granted.
Request fulfilled.
Ask and ye shall receive.

Pass: Sta+rs_e\ssi-ons
>> No. 105190
File 15443687164.jpg - (3.32MB , 2667x4000 , Lilu-017-00080.jpg )
classic pass : free*StarS4ALL_

>> No. 105192
but free.fr is better than dbr.ee
>> No. 105193
free.fr = 1/9 MB/sec
dbr.ee = 6/1 MB/sec
>> No. 105195

Thank you so much!
Now - how about her Secret Stars sets/vids! And Lisa's!

either way, thanks!
>> No. 105196

yuo can't use dbree with TOR. So, there's that.
>> No. 105197
Thanks bro please more lilu maybe nute set
>> No. 105198
I can't get dl.free to work with TOR either, even setting it as Trusted. OK with a VPN.
>> No. 105199
File 154437183096.jpg - (272.15KB , 1440x2040 , goldensextoy.jpg )
angelina 003/ 007 nina 031 mila 003 lilu 031 nota 016 nita 011 kathy 020 [this are the sets]
>> No. 105201
Anyone has Olivia set 001?
>> No. 105202
File 154437285012.jpg - (152.25KB , 619x750 , stardolls.jpg )
i am only interested in spandex videos, so post nita 016, nita 011,kathy 020,angelina 003, nina 031, mila 003, lilu 031, just post the links or post a edited video with all of them.
>> No. 105204
File 154437387549.jpg - (113.46KB , 1024x1024 , star-orgasm.jpg )
i will have to install my own modeling agency because i think it is a great job and business. so, who wants to be my partner? anyone interested? email me
>> No. 105205
I'm only interested in Starsessions models fully dressed in Nasa spacesuits. Post them all immediately!.....DOH!
>> No. 105207
I'd only be interested if they were puppets on strings and if we would set up a Punch and Judy style show on English holiday resort beaches during the winter months. Could be the Anon and Maisie Show. Sound good? Email me at.... totalidiot@splat.com, or drop a text. Everyone knows my number - except the FBI.
>> No. 105209
Thanks for Lilu. Does anyone have old sets of Lisa?
>> No. 105210
Star Sessions models do HC?
>> No. 105211
My humble request is anything Nita or Michelle, especially topless.
>> No. 105212
>> No. 105213
i have my own modeling agency and need no partners.
>> No. 105215
That's more like it. Good man! lol
>> No. 105219
>>105210 Idiots! Stop to saying that! STAR SESSIONS NEVER DID HC! ENOUGH!
>> No. 105220
models are not real, they are just digital creations, they dont have blood or feelings, all of this is virtual simulated and theres no direct contact.
>> No. 105221
>> No. 105222
starsessions agency is located in france and michelle is directors daughter. thats why she is the only one that do nude.
>> No. 105224
File 154437662144.jpg - (444.01KB , 2000x1215 , MaisieSS-013 VID.jpg )
Maisie has the pillow for decoration...!? Look at her face at 05:26'...
>> No. 105225
>>105222 Not in Georgia?
>> No. 105226
>>105221 Please, full quality?
>> No. 105228
>>105224 ... and look at the Maisie's video-26 with Aleksandra, from 3:00 to 3:15, and the answer is very clear!
>> No. 105229
Yeah! The mouth of Maisie is open and she pretends that having sex... so?
>> No. 105230
Stop this converstaion! idiots!
>> No. 105237
Natasha SS pic please...
>> No. 105241
when angelina said: "do you think my but is cute?" the world just colapse and all stars fall down from heaven.
>> No. 105242
butt not but. "do you think my butt is cute?"
>> No. 105243
When did she say that?
>> No. 105244
>>105241 Angelina has only 7 collection
>> No. 105245
secret stars angelina #015 " do you think my butt is cute?" amazing, it makes me cum inmediatly
>> No. 105247
>>105245 Please.. post this preview... please please please... at least on hurt meh!
>> No. 105248
>>105245 Did she say that? She is only 8yo~!
>> No. 105249
Angelina has not 15 SS collection. She has less...
>> No. 105250
>>105245 Wow! Please... post that...
>> No. 105251
She is totally humping that pillow. I need this one. Where is our brave Robinhood? Or Nipsey?
>> No. 105252
>>105241 Please, post thumbnails of this video...
>> No. 105254
Stop this puerile conversation!
>> No. 105257
Angelina has a lof of SS
>> No. 105259
>>105254 Why? What's your problem?
>> No. 105264
File 154438610348.jpg - (33.93KB , 512x318 , potato2.jpg )
>> No. 105269
Please, post Angelina SS 15
>> No. 105272
File 154438774343.jpg - (85.32KB , 400x342 , 889.jpg )
I'm beginning to like this potato thread
>> No. 105277
File 154438855748.jpg - (6.11KB , 225x225 , images.jpg )
yeah, maybe theres something inside that pillow, let me guess what it is.
>> No. 105278
In this thread, the humiliation and acceptance from these disgusting photos and delete any Secret Stars photos for protect, is a create of chan mods. Congatulations... But we are stay to open very soon the SS 4. Because the SS thread have the most great success of all threads in all chans.
>> No. 105280
Please lilu nude set please or lisa
>> No. 105281
File 154438947647.jpg - (77.69KB , 600x450 , 2022-600x450.jpg )
angelina in green thight shiny metallic spandex thong leotard.
>> No. 105284
File 154438982944.jpg - (16.94KB , 445x450 , 65356881818.jpg )
>>105281 Lies... lies... lies...
>> No. 105286
File 154438992583.jpg - (311.47KB , 1440x2040 , spandexgreenleotard.jpg )
she is so hot on that green thong. pic not related.
>> No. 105288
File 154439056041.jpg - (11.77KB , 228x221 , images.jpg )
>>105286 You are soo funny... hahahaha...
>> No. 105290
File 154439094941.jpg - (409.92KB , 1920x1150 , kathy 020.jpg )
Here you go

pass: fap*all*day
>> No. 105292
>>105290 Where is the link?
>> No. 105300
File 154439184019.jpg - (355.56KB , 1920x1150 , mila 005.jpg )
>> No. 105302
File 154439210680.jpg - (407.44KB , 1920x1150 , nina 031.jpg )
>> No. 105303
Secret thumbnails, please...
>> No. 105304
File 154439230649.jpg - (379.20KB , 1920x1150 , nita 016.jpg )
>> No. 105305
Think you guys need to go back to posting nude Michelle pics before you lose your minds 😆
>> No. 105306
File 154439271426.jpg - (473.41KB , 1200x1200 , MichelleSS-011.jpg )
>> No. 105307
File 154439275972.jpg - (295.07KB , 720x1080 , mila 003.jpg )
>> No. 105308
You are soo funny... hahahaha...
>> No. 105309
>>105306 more secrets please...
>> No. 105311
Nina nude pls
>> No. 105315
Posts for SS Nina-model photosets or videos will not be available until late next year.
>> No. 105316
I dont care how gobliny she looks, I want this set. I want all her nides
>> No. 105317
mmm pls MilaSS
>> No. 105318
File 154439365127.jpg - (8.61KB , 206x245 , starsessions-opio.jpg )
>> No. 105321
File 154439421870.jpg - (24.95KB , 474x436 , potatoReal.jpg )
>> No. 105323
File 154439446958.png - (42.93KB , 480x360 , multiorgasmic.png )
>> No. 105325
File 154439517140.jpg - (12.05KB , 225x225 , AqllcjKPCSzd9plu8Wl5iUCL7WYcYYd_LGAMO-fNGPJtNZuPbS.jpg )
>> No. 105327
Could be jammed, though....just saying.
>> No. 105329
gymnastic lessons in her room with online couch boby the black máster.
>> No. 105331
File 154439678385.jpg - (70.30KB , 400x606 , carrot.jpg )
>> No. 105332
forgot the biggest slice.daddy's in there with her and don't want others walking in.
>> No. 105333
File 154439714742.jpg - (8.46KB , 400x300 , 153872193659s.jpg )

>> No. 105339
AngelinaSS 15 video thumbnail please...
>> No. 105343
got busted
>> No. 105352
File 154440169268.png - (431.13KB , 640x640 , preteens spandex fun.png )
>> No. 105354
File 154440260414.png - (476.80KB , 640x640 , girls fun collection -01.png )
times change, also fashion.
>> No. 105356
File 154440300597.png - (326.61KB , 480x480 , girls fun collection- main.png )
lovely design for lovely girls
>> No. 105357
File 154440399791.jpg - (55.11KB , 512x512 , youPotato.jpg )
>> No. 105358
band of abnormals
>> No. 105360
File 154440471191.png - (150.72KB , 1280x800 , Screen Shot 2018-12-08 at 6_10_15 PM.png )
>> No. 105361
File 154440473965.png - (132.19KB , 1280x800 , Screen Shot 2018-12-08 at 6_10_34 PM.png )
>> No. 105362
File 154440481597.png - (131.13KB , 1280x800 , Screen Shot 2018-12-08 at 6_11_19 PM.png )
>> No. 105372
File 154441043761.png - (9.42KB , 232x218 , libélula.png )
one of the most important things a producer must know is that video must have a girl dialogue. then she model her routine. dancing is not necesary, smile video is a gender, sad or angry is other gender. the model look directly to the camera and never stop looking at it.
>> No. 105376
Some valid points but isn't it 10x hotter when the girl is so comfortable and into it that the smiles come naturally? Candid smiles > instructed smiles.
>> No. 105391


Agreed! I don't like it when a girl does the same thing in every video or pic set. Whether it be dancing, smiling or seductive looks. I love to see personality! This is what makes Maise so friggin hot! She is animated and seems to have fun teasing her audience. She can be silly, seductive and playful. She seems to truly have fun posing for the camera. She is certainly not the most beautiful SS model, but she is by FAR, the sexiest!

On the other hand, Nina is cute, but she is kind of a one trick pony. She has a very alluring, sullen look. But she doesn't seem to be having any fun. She is posing for the money... or whatever her motivation is.

Natasha is a very sexy little wild child! She is happy doing her own thing! The camera guy can't keep up with her. She is the one that is most likely to have lots of slips and peeks. She is prancing around seemingly for her own amusement... and she doesn't care about the photo session. But she is a joy to watch.

It seems like the prettier models are typically, the most uninteresting. I have found this to be the case with several studios.

Of course, there are many notable exceptions, and they usually rise to viral status and become the icons of our CP world. Bella K and Alina-Balletstar leap to mind. Bella was the whole package. Alina was a bright star when she was 10-13yo. She was beautiful, danced, sang, was cute, funny, playful, seductive, sexy... she had a wonderful personality, and Dream studios showed her off very well!!! (I only wish digital cameras were better back then... would love to see her sets in >3000x2000) She later became oversexualized by Georgemodels... now she's just another beautiful granny, who looks sexy in lingerie. Her fun side and inner beauty, never peek through in her later photo sets.
>> No. 105398
Holy shit. agency is located in Tbilisi.
>> No. 105406
>>105391 I agree for Maisie and Natasha. I would like to see more nip slips and pussy slips... This dream make me crazy, espessially for Natasha’s pussy...
>> No. 105410
Custom sets and videos have only: Lisa, Maisie, Julia, Natasha, Michelle, Angelina, Mila, Nita.
>> No. 105414
Vids Julia pleeeese
>> No. 105417
Masie master bate now on onion OMFG
>> No. 105419
File 154443589615.jpg - (53.37KB , 450x373 , fullpotato.jpg )
>> No. 105420
no, it isn't, dickhead
>> No. 105424
maisie masturbate is not on onion fuckhead
>> No. 105428
BIG Liar!
>> No. 105430
>>105417 Where is Maisie???
>> No. 105431
he is talking complete bullshit. because he's a sad cunt
>> No. 105434
If you mean the photo with Maisie’s masturbation, it is already leaked in here, deleted 3 times and there is on hurtmeh. But just one pic... hard to find whole set.
>> No. 105458
This thread has some very odd posts, are the schools on their Christmas holiday?
>> No. 105459
this is an SS thread not a dumping ground for childish potato posts.
>> No. 105461
>>105459 That's right!
>> No. 105464
Yeah, let's not have any humor. Let's just insult each other instead...An SS thread...you don't say!...doh! If I had a Secret video I'd grasp the chance, rather than holding this big potato....lol
>> No. 105465
>>105459 Do you believe Olivia do secret sets? Did you hear something? I like Olivia very much and that's dream is going me to heaven!
>> No. 105467
>>105465 Olivia has not secret sets. She is newest model and after the leaks, admin has stopped to produced new series...
>> No. 105468
All models did and continue do secret sets... but Admin does not gives them for sale.
>> No. 105469
Star Sessions is down!
>> No. 105470
File 154445624314.jpg - (60.54KB , 480x486 , shp.jpg )
Oooo this SS thing is a hot topic now.

Teaseth and f'rbid then ye shalt wanteth t so badly.
>> No. 105471
>> No. 105472
several onion sites too. chill and relax
>> No. 105474
works for me, they added a Mila set.
>> No. 105476
File 154446163119.jpg - (57.62KB , 532x696 , 2471717656.jpg )
>> No. 105477
Already back up, nothing to worry guys
>> No. 105478
File 154446285951.png - (2.47MB , 1500x946 , Natasha-SS-003.png )
Does anyone have image-thumbnail of this set or other set?
>> No. 105479
>>105477 Star Sessions is down!
>> No. 105481
>>105478 Hard to find any of Natasha... don't ask!
>> No. 105482
is not down just blocked in some countries stupids
>> No. 105484
>>105482 It is down for everyone, because It is down and with Tor.
>> No. 105485
>>105482 It is not just you. Is DOWN for everyone. The server is not responding...
>> No. 105486
its only down for assholes like you, the site have a new catalogue where all models are naked.
>> No. 105487
>>105486 Stop saying lies...
>> No. 105488
you guys are so funny... bet you are the dickhead that posts shit all of the time on this thread, go get a life or a rope to hang yourself pls
>> No. 105490
oh no, it end of the world, site is dead

oh wait, some have said this b4
>> No. 105491
time for lealks...
>> No. 105495
its up, and now the site have babys from 2yo
>> No. 105496
It is down, yet
>> No. 105507
Welp this sucks. Site cannot be found or does not exist. He better be doing maintenence or maybe the server crashed. It’s a good thing I got a few more sets yesterday to hold me over
>> No. 105508
>> No. 105510
>>105478 Wow! Is she Natasha?
>> No. 105511
Those "not found" etc. messages are catch-alls. They can mean almost anything. Didn't this happen once before, and it was back up again the following day?
>> No. 105512
Well, it says so, doesn't it?
>> No. 105515
>> No. 105517
File 154447187329.png - (90.43KB , 791x579 , Screen Shot 2018-12-10 at 1_55_49 PM.png )
More than down. Suspended.
>> No. 105518
File 154447216111.png - (98.18KB , 783x602 , Screen Shot 2018-12-10 at 1_56_06 PM.png )
ChildStars.Info is now under suspended-domain.com
>> No. 105519
time to leak something I guess, MilaSS or NatashaSS?
>> No. 105520
File 154447263448.jpg - (4.85KB , 220x204 , myhat.jpg )
Even though we strictly banned customs I feel the chan may have inadvertently contributed to childstars suspension by giving it too much exposure. If its admin is following this thread I'd like to offer him one week of free /hebe/ banner to inform users about his new site.

This is part of my earlier commitment to the Hydra project
>> No. 105521
it's not as bad as you allowing people to post personal photos and info girls like PollyFan

see your mod but your full of it!
>> No. 105525
so the admin is really a woman, you can see her name there lol
>> No. 105526
You have DELIBERATLY help close down the best studio we have seen. Repeat ... Ever seen!!!!
You idiots
>> No. 105527
Strictly banned customs? Did you even see the first image of this thread?


>> No. 105528
not at all! it's admins own fault. this thread weren't a big number if he/she kept selling those damn secret sets and not denied them. the hype and the tease about those sets made the studio die. sorry to tell you that, but it's true
>> No. 105529
The truth is that Triforce tried to blackmail ss months ago saying if he bought banner space you would prevent ANY starsessions material being posted on all three chans. He didnt give in to you so you fucked him over.
That is the truth



>> No. 105532
>>105527 So... if topless is legal, please post any secret stars girl with topless...


>> No. 105533
mods when will you ban these shittalkers?


>> No. 105534
You leaking sons of bitches killed another website. You’re the ones that should get jailed and hung by a noose. The site runner and the girls need protection from you dumb shits.
>> No. 105535
...with vpn it will be available in my country?
>> No. 105536
NO! can you read? the fuck...
>> No. 105538
>>105531 This is true. The site is up again.
>> No. 105539
>> No. 105540
They had to close because my agency has given all the models contracts to work with us in Iceland. They are due any day for their first assignments. I also run the largest breeding colony of Artic Terns, and YOU KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS :-)
>> No. 105541
That you're full of shit?
>> No. 105543
That you're full of shit?
>> No. 105544
>>105540 So... the site close for ever?
>> No. 105545
It's time to start trading. Who wants to get the ball rolling?
>> No. 105549
what a xmas gift, starsessions is gone forever in usa and other countries. i hope the owner need more money and change this decision.
>> No. 105560
What decision? The site was simply suspended. Nothing says the studio itself shut down. He'll probably come back in a new domain tomorrow.
>> No. 105566
>>105560 If you are right, I swear in God, that I will go tomorrow in my church and I will pray for you...
>> No. 105567
Can someone please tell me how to download dk.free links
>> No. 105569
>>105567 You mean dl.free? there is the button in the middle, hit it.
>> No. 105573
File 154447840511.png - (167.02KB , 708x770 , Screen Shot 2018-12-10 at 5_44_31 PM.png )
So stop the bull shit
>> No. 105574
lol, this thread . . .

>many keks for me
>> No. 105577
I’m sorry I’m trying to figure out how to download it on an iPhone. Does anybody know
>> No. 105578
>>105573 Thank God!
>> No. 105581
and once again it's not, this is an offline-version of the site! why do you spend so much enegergy to troll people?
>> No. 105583
>>105581 It works. You should to enable the javascript.
>> No. 105584
According to a source elsewhere that I shall not pulicize, there is a crack-down in operation just now. Here is the start of the info:
International Authorities Bust Child Porn Forum Operator

December 7, 2018

Successful International investigation against child pornography platform in Darknet

Russian and German authorities collaborated in a joint operation that targetted the operator of a darkweb child pornography forum. Together, they busted the owner and closed the forum, according to a recent press release.
I don't think this relates to SS, but maybe it does. Who knows?
>> No. 105585
...don't mean relates directly, but there could be a general panic going on
>> No. 105586
>>105581 Stupid useless, is not offline version of the site, it's only without PAGE STYLES and upload faster. Stupid moron return to school class of computer basics. I yo need proves just tell me wich screenshot of the recent models you like or whatever.
>> No. 105589
There is one more thing. How will we buy in this site via Tor? Because in new his store, the download link is button, in cart. And maybe in Tor doesn't work.
>> No. 105599
So it's work with us exit node and apparently studio destroyed but and there are already working us cops and catch rogues
>> No. 105600
The site is dead. Long live the site!
>> No. 105604
Why not try the URL that is on every one of the previews on their site? Seems to work for me. Mila update on December 9th.
>> No. 105612
File 154448590174.jpg - (33.39KB , 359x372 , potatosmash.jpg )
>> No. 105620
>>105612 Are you obsessed with potatoes? dumb jew, nigga, homosexual abnormal.
>> No. 105622
If you guys were trying to access the site from your bookmark (childstars.info), you will find it is down. But if you go directly to starsessions.com, it is up and running perfectly. starsessions.com used to redirect to childstars.info, but as of today, it doesn't anymore. No idea why the change, but there it is. The site is up and running.
>> No. 105624
The only abnormal here is you. How can you not like potatoes?
>> No. 105628
File 154448953843.jpg - (84.87KB , 430x539 , potatosmashed.jpg )
>> No. 105629
>> No. 105630
He's one of those really weird guys who prefers carrots.
>> No. 105631
I don't mean to sound disrespectful, but you don't really sound like the someone who would know that.
>> No. 105632
File 154448990585.jpg - (6.80KB , 225x225 , images.jpg )
i like pringles, not potatos
>> No. 105635
Domain registered in the US the regular way. All the usual keywords in the open.
So - why would LEA need any leaks at places like here to know about the content? Eather they deliver their demands openly or - quite commonly - an officer will become the most trust-worthy and reliable paying client.

W/o public pressure they're not interested in a bust, collecting blackmail material (like clients lists) is so much more fun. You might have heard about medium level politicians suddenly stumbling over 10yo purchases, that's what happens when they're not playing ball.

One can produce such stuff secretly, may be. One might be able to sell such stuff safely, for a while. Doing both at the same time can't be done w/o powerful protection, in the REAL world, not IT safe guards.

Whatever starsessions' game is, they're still living in this real (i.e. shitty) world. Enjoy what you're getting, but don't become delusional. That includes the mods here.
>> No. 105638
File 154449277799.jpg - (27.11KB , 400x400 , potatoshine.jpg )
>> No. 105644
File 154449519798.jpg - (12.98KB , 222x227 , images.jpg )
>> No. 105646
what happend to starsessions site? is not anymore
>> No. 105647
How about reading the thread? The original URL is still working. People would be advised to be suspicious until there is evidence that it is safe, before ordering anything. Let's see how it plays out.
>> No. 105648
File 154449601577.png - (62.22KB , 480x800 , Screenshot_2018-12-10-21-38-01.png )
is out of service
>> No. 105650
band of ignorants is online just use tor
>> No. 105651
close the Fed
Bring back the Gold Standard
Allow the Gov to print money
Teach Money in School
reveal Wall Streets Dirty Secrets

Then Potato!
>> No. 105652

Happy holidays to everyone
>> No. 105656
agree band of retarded dawn synd abnormals
>> No. 105657
The site is fine, I've just bought & downloaded a collection I wanted.
>> No. 105658
which url was used to make visit?
>> No. 105663
Do you see red and blue blinking lights outside? Those aren’t your neighbors christmas lights..
>> No. 105706
why are babies ok here but not star sessions

serious question
>> No. 105707
>>105706 Very good question! But, who knows?
>> No. 105710
i agree pictures of babies are ok but photos of fashion models not. SS is not CP its non nude fashion modeling. The secret stars were different and are no longer for sale. She should keep it that way so she can stay operating
>> No. 105711
>>105710 Admin not sells secret sets/videos, but I think all models still do secret sets and maybe some day he will sales them.
>> No. 105718
File 154453602874.jpg - (50.24KB , 335x651 , potatonot.jpg )
>> No. 105721
This thread sucks compared to the other 2. I thought each one was supposed to get better and better.
>> No. 105723
>>105721 It sucks, because some guys posts unrelated contents and not about star sessions... finally, mods chan do nothing! Mods chan accept posts with babies with cum on their bodies and delete star sessions photos or secret stars and send "warning" message. I am sorry for that, I am very sad for this thread...
>> No. 105727
Fucking Cry Baby and the rest of you! What have you shared? Nothing!
Be amazed anything was shared. As for the Potatomemes they most likely being posted because you guys say the stupidest shit!
>> No. 105738
Can anyone explain what "Artic Terns", "Iceland incident" and "Star Sessions" relationship is? I've been hearing these terms being spread and I'm a bit curious about that.
>> No. 105739
File 154454352716.png - (114.37KB , 500x522 , potatohere.png )
>> No. 105742
>> No. 105743
>> No. 105746
>> No. 105748
In SSI - https://155chan.gr/hebe/res/75558.html#96874
some Anon cracked a joke when asked about HC videos being available

This joke got carried on in SSII - https://155chan.gr/hebe/res/101112.html

>> No. 105749
This is off topic - but admittedly some of those girls are extremely pretty!
>> No. 105750
>> No. 105753
Watching this treat I have feelings that something big is end in my life :(((((
>> No. 105758
>>105750 what is mean this word?
>> No. 105760
Russian chocolate truffle. Why here? God knows....maybe.
>> No. 105761
Verifying a previous posting >>105723
>> No. 105766
nothing is shared because we want the studio to survive. The secret stars stuff created a huge issue with idiots wanting hc, this is a modeling studio not a porn set.
>> No. 105768
Guys, the "childstars" is down, but "starsessions", is up. Is this correct?
>> No. 105769
File 154455471190.jpg - (43.09KB , 500x333 , must-not-laugh.jpg )
This made me Laugh!!!
>> No. 105772
the only people posting potatoes are those who's brains are mushy like a baked potato complete idiots
>> No. 105773
File 154455573516.jpg - (1.17MB , 1209x2748 , LisaSS-20.jpg )
>> No. 105775
Do you have some MilaSS or NatashaSS?
>> No. 105776
We want HC because we know the producer is dipping in to that young puss. The semi-nude stuff is already out there, may as well go the next step before his ass gets busted and we risk never getting any HC.
>> No. 105777
File 154455613817.jpg - (448.46KB , 1920x1150 , MilaSS-008_4K2.jpg )
A video-thumbnails of Natasha, it's already posted. >>105478
>> No. 105778
File 15445561825.jpg - (465.81KB , 1610x1074 , MilaSS-003-03.jpg )
>> No. 105779
they haven't done anything illegal.
>> No. 105780
>>105776 Star Sessions never did HC. Stop saying that!
>> No. 105781
Haha sure they haven't. Taking video and getting close ups of a nude 7 years old pussy is not illegal. You should be his lawyer for whenever he gets arrested. You might be able to reduce his sentence from getting life to prison to getting life in prison.
>> No. 105782
There's been a bunch of posts about it already, you can't hide it anymore. Remember when people thought Secretstars wasn't a real thing and was fake? Turned out it was real. Some people are saying HC is fake but I guess we will see how that turns out.
>> No. 105783
not where they are no.
>> No. 105784
>>105782 There is no HC! Enough!
>> No. 105785
It doesn't matter if where he is it's not illegal. The fact is he is selling it over the internet to many people where this material is illegal. If he doesn't get caught by his own country, some other country like the US will want to extradite him and sentence him in their courts.
>> No. 105786
if there were HC, do you really think anyone that had it could possible resist posting it or teasing it?

I think not.

so if there were any at all, we would have seen some kind of proof.
>> No. 105787
There's no way you are around that many nude girls and the photographer hasn't at least touched one of them. Remember when people thought LS was clean from that but some 15 year old got touched up the camera guy? Again, you can't fool us no matter how much you try to hide the truth.
>> No. 105788
Does she has other SS vids?
>> No. 105789
>>105786 That's right!
>> No. 105790
File 154455716089.png - (141.40KB , 500x522 , potatohead.png )
>> No. 105791
>>105788 Yes, a lot of, but I have only this thumbnail...
>> No. 105792
>>105790 Again and again...
>> No. 105793
I think so. HC content might have only been distributed for a very inner circle. The producer probably thought that the semi-nude content wasn't that big a deal because it's not illegal where he is so he was willing to sell it to random people. But he knows that HC definitely is illegal so it's only in a very few hands right now.
>> No. 105794
File 154455746348.jpg - (2.36MB , 6000x4000 , Julia-MaisieSS-001-045.jpg )
Maybe, there is no HC...
>> No. 105796
File 154455775480.jpg - (2.46MB , 4000x6000 , Julia-MaisieSS-001-276.jpg )
Look at Maisie's waist...
>> No. 105798
File 154455793288.jpg - (3.04MB , 6001x4001 , Julia-MaisieSS-001-178.jpg )
>> No. 105801
I want to see that video... Wow!
>> No. 105802
Me three. Who are these girls and where have they been all my life?
>> No. 105804
That set is on Tor
>> No. 105805
That set is on Tor
>> No. 105806
>>105804 I have it. I want the video, if it exist...
>> No. 105807
You forgotten Maisie's masturbation...
>> No. 105808
This one?
>> No. 105809
>>105808 Yes yes yes ...
>> No. 105810
Wow... more same pics from other girls...
>> No. 105811
❤️ I love Georgian girls ❤️
>> No. 105812
Anyone else find it odd that it was only after this pic suurfaced that childstars went offline?
>> No. 105813
starsessions agency is located in france,not georgia.
>> No. 105814
ss15 angelina💜💚💛
>> No. 105815
>>105814 Please, post a video-thumbnail, if this video exist, of course...
>> No. 105816
Looks like HC exists, I was right! Please post more HC!
>> No. 105817
File 154456094683.png - (264.21KB , 500x493 , countpotato.png )
>> No. 105818
Please share Lisa or lilu nude set
>> No. 105819
I'll count to potato if more HC is posted.
>> No. 105820
Look at the pic with the red contour
>> No. 105822
💖is there any chance to download all of this for free?💖
>> No. 105823
>>105820 That Michelle's set is so hot. It is the Holy Grail!
>> No. 105824
She is definitely trying to insert a finger in there. The HC is real folks!
>> No. 105825
>>105820 What does the pic has?
>> No. 105826
that is because she have a colon snake inside, and shes playing with it, she just love it.
>> No. 105827
If it is true that Angelina say: "Do you think my butt is cute?", in SS15 video, it is not normal for me... It is only 8yo and she is so comfortable to say that?
>> No. 105831
maybe she doesnt know what does it means, and she dont speak english.
>> No. 105832
Is anyone going to post their 4K video?
>> No. 105833
>>105831 I don’t think so. Because in her secret video 002, the sound is live and she knows every song and sing it.
>> No. 105834
>>105832 Share a 4K video never! Tease tease tease forever you potatoes!
>> No. 105840
File 154456904680.jpg - (360.18KB , 1280x800 , 23 PM.jpg )
If i have a photostudio, and sell the sessions, and take photos of underage girls with the hand under panties, with pleasure expression, and have another girl with huge pussy labia, with spread legs showing ass in thong see-thru panties. Tell me guys im a innocent photographer taking erotical photos, or softcore illegal guy or it's the backdoor of huge business involved girls, hardcore and much more?
>> No. 105841
File 154457006493.png - (147.85KB , 500x564 , iqpotato.png )
>> No. 105842
Sad sad poor little kid learning how to use memes... well if you are high IQ guy tell me why i can see your real IP? hahah stupid....so stupid.
>> No. 105843
-Drop mic*-
>> No. 105856
File 154457919150.jpg - (3.99MB , 2667x4000 , Lilu-017-00091.jpg )
told you guys things were gonna slow down after the amf thread went private.
there are other previews emerging elsewhere and maybe they will be shared.
half way through and nobody shared anything? lame.

Lilu-017 (reduced)
>> No. 105858
Nipsey Russell, sir, I've never asked you anything.
just for me, upload something new from secretstars. be my Santa
>> No. 105860
where is the link to nita 015 hd? i lost it, please copy and past the link, thanks.
>> No. 105862
Nita-015 HD
>> No. 105870
File 154458401632.jpg - (9.42KB , 230x345 , 15439206496s.jpg )
//dailyupIoads.net/6pspbhkcdi51 Ag02.SS.part1.rar-210.0MB
https://dailyupIoads.net/9y60tacug7m3 Ag02.SS.part2.rar-210.0MB
https://dailyupIoads.net/dwpgof90sxfy Ag02.SS.part3.rar-210.0MB
https://dailyupIoads.net/4tiebyzk4rb7 Ag02.SS.part4.rar-184.3MB
>> No. 105871
File 154458425989.jpg - (8.53KB , 345x194 , 15439206808s.jpg )
dailyupIoads.net/ace0jl6hzwvy Ag02.SS.4K.part1.rar-320.0MB
https://dailyupIoads.net/boq3u6n5epup Ag02.SS.4K.part2.rar-320.0MB
https://dailyupIoads.net/t1catct0su3g Ag02.SS.4K.part3.rar-320.0MB
https://dailyupIoads.net/tql65gnn9lub Ag02.SS.4K.part4.rar-320.0MB
https://dailyupIoads.net/0qz8uc8cxcw2 Ag02.SS.4K.part5.rar-308.8MB
>> No. 105872
File 154458470569.jpg - (7.96KB , 345x230 , 154417540111s.jpg )
https://dailyupIoads.net/ciq54pyryu5p Li32.part1.rar-200.0MB
https://dailyupIoads.net/flt3buqi2ruf Li32.part2.rar-116.5MB
>> No. 105873
File 154458480553.jpg - (8.38KB , 345x194 , 154417545988s.jpg )
https://dailyupIoads.net/z14rimgw0c62 Li32.4K.part1.rar-190.0MB
https://dailyupIoads.net/k30b3xxpf5p5 Li32.4K.part2.rar-190.0MB
https://dailyupIoads.net/8mfjva4q912d Li32.4K.part3.rar-190.0MB
https://dailyupIoads.net/9wlk9zy69z8x Li32.4K.part4.rar-190.0MB
https://dailyupIoads.net/xf1dztlj3wza Li32.4K.part5.rar-142.7MB
>> No. 105874
File 154458519624.jpg - (9.52KB , 230x345 , 154384153988s.jpg )
vid HD 1080p 7:34 min - 552 mb


pw 12345
>> No. 105880
michelle 007
no pass
full hd 578.2mb
>> No. 105881
please post michele ss 10 (school blue)
>> No. 105882
please post link of michelle ss 10 (school blue)
>> No. 105885
all previously leaked stuff, nothing new there. i suppose it'll shut the beggars up for a few minutes.
>> No. 105890
where is michelle ss 10 ? need the link.
>> No. 105893
For the name of God, AngelinaSS 15 video-thumbnail please...
>> No. 105899
Obviously nothing shuts them up for more than a few nanoseconds
>> No. 105908

u said it and repost links from this thread? >>105190
>> No. 105911
File 15446047544.jpg - (218.80KB , 1500x1000 , Isabella-007-139.jpg )
>> No. 105920
>>105911 Holy shit!
>> No. 105923

Thanks for the upload. But please, do NOT use openload (and why did you fuck up the spelling?).

The capchas are a pain in the ass and it doesn't work with TOR.

Use dl.free.fr or solidfiles. They're fast and easy.
>> No. 105926

he has upload nothing only reposted from http://180chan.co/cg/res/38620+50.html
>> No. 105928
>>105911 Wow! What ass? So hot! Thank you!
>> No. 105930
Still no posting of SS photosets or 4K videos!
>> No. 105931
Nothing new here.
>> No. 105933
>>105911 Jesus! Please, if she has any secret set or video, post a thumbnail!
>> No. 105934
>>105933 Isabella has not secret sets...
>> No. 105935
And... what? These photos are proof, that girls do HC?
>> No. 105937
OK, guys, I understand why someone has secret sets and do not post here, but anyone can to post on hurtmeh. Why?
>> No. 105942
>>105926 wrong. they are re-posts from amf, which are re-posted on hurtme, which are re-posted on 180 by E1
>> No. 105943
Star Sessions work?
>> No. 105947
Did amf admins really close SS thread?
>> No. 105948
>>105947 No. I think is open only for older members. I am member (with register-no pay) in last 6 months and I can't to access in SS thread. If you pay a subscription for 1 month or more, maybe you can access in this thread.
>> No. 105951
Well, that is an interesting question. Is anyone here any the wiser about the site status now that the childstars domain has been disabled? Some here are actually prepared to pay for sets, but won't do so until they are sure that the site hasn't been taken over. I shall be very suspicious if it doesn't update according to the usual pattern. Any one know, other than potato pickers?
>> No. 105952
starsessions.com is up only childstars.info is down
>> No. 105953
10599 a good video but the last one is off the charts little buds and nipples and tight beige thong spliting her mound in half and her butt like dental floss
>> No. 105954
Guys, don't buy anything, until the site is updated... You know, why...
>> No. 105955
>>105953 10599? Maybe is wrong number...
>> No. 105956
Please, AngelinaSS-015 video-thumbnail?
>> No. 105958
>>105658 >>105657 >>105952
starsessions.com is not fully functional.
>> No. 105961
Please lilu secret star set or movie
>> No. 105963
>>105798 Where is the Julia-MaisieSS-001 video?
>> No. 105966
lol stop posing half of the set and post the full set you idiots
>> No. 105967
if you share the sets at least share the full ones
>> No. 105973
>>105963 Maybe there is no...
>> No. 105975
>>105966 >>105967 Guess you have not been paying attention. This is a repost of set and video that was posted at https://155chan.gr/hebe/res/101112.html#103076
>> No. 105981
File 154463859067.jpg - (103.17KB , 760x507 , 526hj88292w76q3.jpg )
YES! 500 junk posts! I hope the next posts will be more good!
>> No. 106014
File 154464033361.jpg - (361.39KB , 720x1080 , Elena-020-03.jpg )

not today man..

you and bastards like you killed this thread.
>> No. 106037
>>105911 Wow, thank you!
>> No. 106038
>>106014 Look, man... this thread is mine, and previous SS2, with Lilu. I opened it with happy and I see how is it now? This post is mine >>105981 and I believe is true... Everybody publishes everything, except SS posts. Star Sessions posts is very less... This is sad... I will not open SS4. Anyone if I want, will do it... This is my end.
>> No. 106040
bye ss thanks for great time
meanwhile blaheblahe thread so up
>> No. 106042
File 154464305448.jpg - (776.90KB , 1067x1600 , Elena-027-01.jpg )

this is the end...
if the studio doesn't die in the near future then there will be no new leak

because there are 2 anon (or maybe 1) who posted something new and thread on amf... so person[s] was offended by the stupidity of trolls and freaks in the thread and leak-thread on forum was hidden or deleted...
so, thanks for threads we'll try to do smth but assholes win this game (again)
>> No. 106043
>>106038 Your identity Anonymous means nothing. Just another troll trying to justify their existence.
>> No. 106045
>>106042 I am member in amf site, but I don't have access in SS thread. There is a possibility, if I pay for 1 month or more, maybe I can to access in all their posts.
>> No. 106046
>>106038 This thread or any other thread does not belong to you. You are a troll.
>> No. 106047
>>106042 Does anyone have this set?
>> No. 106048
File 154464398375.jpg - (24.75KB , 620x413 , 450687246.jpg )
To die SS or not to die SS? LEAKS OR NOT LEAKS?
>> No. 106049

Is it an advertisement and a subscription bait?

If it's true I wana say u are so stupid......
>> No. 106050
my x-mass dream is a dead of studio and massive sharing of all sets on forums in Tor :3
>> No. 106052
>>106050 On Tor is not have anything more
>> No. 106053
Please post if you have those full sets, I can't buy them from the site anymore, I was too late to the party :(
>> No. 106061

yeah be cause set of the studio are blocked

As we are having lot of requests for content from the Starsessions studio, it is important to reinforce rule 17:

Starssessions is an active studio and the producer doesn't want to have his content posted in public forums and all content from this studio that are posted (videos/pictures/sets) will be removed by the Staff.

from GaP
>> No. 106066
File 154464905360.jpg - (828.90KB , 3216x4288 , new.jpg )
early Lisa, please more!!!
>> No. 106071
>>106066 Who is she?
>> No. 106072

I have only some preview pics and haven't sets too
>> No. 106073
Does Elena have secret set?
>> No. 106074
>> No. 106075
>>106074 Bad fake!
>> No. 106077
File 154464981425.jpg - (2.22MB , 6000x4000 , Julia-MaisieSS-001-194.jpg )
>> No. 106078
Star Sessions girls with see-through panties, please...
>> No. 106080
>> No. 106081
>>106080 Bad fake, too
>> No. 106082
>>106061 who or what is "GaP" ?
>> No. 106083
>>106082 The site Girls A Priori on Tor
>> No. 106084
>>106082 it is the void between your ears.
>> No. 106086
File 15446512512.jpg - (599.51KB , 1428x1948 , MaisieSS.jpg )
I'll sell my kidney for the image-thumbnail of that set...
>> No. 106088
theres something strange on angelina ss 15 a ghost on studio creates a shadow and get inside angelinas body, could be a demon? after that she ask: "dou you think..." and blank eyes and legs on the shoulder with hands on butt, nails green as her thong metallic shiny leotard.
>> No. 106089
careful if you are trolling Demons are real.
post pic of what you are talking about.
>> No. 106091
>> No. 106093
they are involved with satanism
>> No. 106094
>>106088 Post video-thumbnail...
>> No. 106096
File 154465308665.png - (249.37KB , 384x512 , Photo_20181212_171541.png )
please post more ss. pic not related.
>> No. 106098
>>106096 Haha, she is not Angelina
>> No. 106101
she is ugly and lies about her age
>> No. 106112
File 154465598554.jpg - (597.15KB , 1998x1214 , NinaSS-002.jpg )
>> No. 106113
File 154465606040.jpg - (588.08KB , 1998x1214 , JuliaSS-003.jpg )
>> No. 106114
File 154465617889.jpg - (556.33KB , 1998x1214 , KathySS-003_4K.jpg )
>> No. 106115
Any one have more of these ?
>> No. 106116
Like too see a huge post of them
>> No. 106119
Wow Julia is hot. Please post the set
>> No. 106121
>>106115 reup this, please
>> No. 106126
>>106112 >>106113 >>106114
These do not have Star Sessions water marks. Is this water mark plagiarism a scam?
>> No. 106132
>>106126 Note that Aleksandra-010.4K.WM.mp4, Maisie-Aleksandra-026.4k.WM.mp4 and Tika-025.4K.WM.mp4 videos are posted on Triforce. Playback of these WM videos on 4K TV is a pain and to be avoided. Do not purchase, barter, exchange, etc. and thereby perpetuate circulation of this crap.
>> No. 106133
OMG I cant wait until the day this is shared. Nina my goddess :):):) Julia also lookin fine
>> No. 106136
Now girls sucking cock is most enjoyable when its your cock..when they have done it to me I cum more quickly than when its an older teen..
>> No. 106144
>>106112 Nina is a wonderful model and sharing her collection would be excellent. However Nina collections are difficult to find, so it is unlikely that any will be shared here.
>> No. 106145
File Michelle-009a.mp4 - (7.96MB )
>>105858 i have no ss other than what's public.

but since you guys like potatoes i have a potato masher for you. just insert the potato and it automatically gets squeezed.
>> No. 106146
File Nina-031b.mp4 - (7.99MB )
can't have mashed taters without some creamy gravy
>> No. 106147
su potito de la michel ya está muy devastado. no tendrán otro mas esponjoso de repuesto? michele ass is not cute anymore. tiene celulitis.
>> No. 106151

English pedro?
>> No. 106152

I don't think its active any more
>> No. 106163
File 154467527319.jpg - (35.16KB , 297x450 , w6mtp.jpg )
Ok enough playing around...lets get back on track.
>> No. 106164
that shadow get inside angelina and take control of her body. its very creepy, at minute 06.66 you can see her eyes blank. if you everest see that video, deleted after several faps and dont share it with anyone. its totally diabolic video. and dangerous for some sensitive persons. i repeat dont share such thing. you are adviced.
>> No. 106166
are you talking about her horrible dancing?
>> No. 106167
File 154467800873.png - (200.62KB , 480x320 , angelina ss 015.png )
dont share, its dangerous, can cause damage in your mind.
>> No. 106172
starsessions is not an active studio. all of her videos were produced one year ago nov 2016 - july 2017. there is no way to know if police has hackjack the site.
>> No. 106174
More KathySS please!
>> No. 106175
File 154467962888.jpg - (344.38KB , 720x1080 , 152418368681.jpg )
a mi me gusta más kathy en spandex bien ajustado.
>> No. 106176
File 15446799348.jpg - (310.25KB , 720x1080 , 152418374939.jpg )
es una niña hermosa y visualmente deliciosa. su mirada es precisa y exacta. en lycra se le ve más apetecible hablando en términos fotogénicos.
>> No. 106177
alguien puede postear el video de kathy 020 para el deleite visual de todos los demás? could someone upload kathy 020 video to the delightful of all of her fans?
>> No. 106178
Thanks for Kathy! I love her!
>> No. 106179
Thank you “nnlove” for Kathy, Nina, Julia Secret videos...
>> No. 106181
File 154468191427.jpg - (9.30KB , 259x194 , marunia.jpg )
lets leak it all. because sharing is make other people dreams come true.
>> No. 106183
>>106112 Wow, thanks for Nina
>> No. 106184
https://youtu.be/PXCowoLX7mY 💟
>> No. 106191
Parasites! This thread is full of parasites. When I read posts that say, they want a site shut down, so that they can get new content, that is just short sighted and foolish!

So, people would rather see new content, SHUT DOWN, so that they can get whatever content remains, .... FOR FREE?

I am grateful for anything that people are willing to share. I am happy to wait! Years, if necessary... for content to be shared... If this site remains open, we may very well see some mindblowing sets that have yet to be made!

I have a feeling that Starsessions is now on the radar, and will be force to lay low. LS and BD went through this just before they were shut down. Lots of later sets were with "grannies" or were topless only of LG.

So, go ahead noob's! Cheer for site closures, so you can get a few new sets! In the long run, you will be complaining that nobody is producing new content!
>> No. 106192
Thank you thank you thank you !!!! We missed you!
>> No. 106199
You “know” when the sets were produced? How and do you have some sort of proof?
>> No. 106203
>>106199 You are right. No one never knows when created the sets or videos. The beach collection, summer, yes... we know approx. Maybe 2017 or 2018 summer, and according to age of girls, of course. In last sets, in home, maybe after September, maybe between January to May... I believe no summer... So we can know approx., but It is an activate studio... 100%
>> No. 106206

site is not accessible, been down for a couple days. Probably not active any more.
>> No. 106217
Jesus H fucking Christ, when will you morons learn. The star sessions site is working fine. Perhaps all those whining about the site being down should go back to pre-school and let the grown ups go about their business.
>> No. 106231
>>106217 which url are you using?
>> No. 106240
Star Sessions.com not work very well. If you make an order you will understand it... Some links like “cart” is with old link “childstars” and it is not works... idiot!
>> No. 106243
stop moaning kiddo
>> No. 106245
that is not anything new all know time with produced-realised is always 1-3 years.
if you see a first Lilu sets and now, it takes less than 6 years to change body for look like that. so wait, ss-studio already active 7 years?
more than 1 years

right now today all girls are 2-3 years older than we see them on the site
>> No. 106247
>>106245 Are you kidding me? A girl is change face and body in 1 year! The girls between 10-14 the physical development is very fast!
>> No. 106249
File 154470784548.jpg - (100.21KB , 2048x1536 , 635882996.jpg )
Thank you for the new thumbnails... I hope another the next days... and please, don't forget us! You are a hope of light in the dark!
>> No. 106250
>>106245 The create of the sets or videos, are 1, 2... maximum 3 weeks previous... If you remember, there is some days admin doesn't update the site for 1 week approx. In that week, creates new collections for the next days or the next weeks... Finally, in that week, he doesn't shoots all models, but some models and the next "empty" days -without site updates- he shoots other models etc...
>> No. 106265

fuck you SS admin, we all hope Georgian police will catch you ;)
>> No. 106266
>>106191 He talking like SS admin!
>> No. 106269
you know how people have their holy grails? thats one of mine. just love julia.
>> No. 106279
she or he will be on jail soon. i dont think diabolic videos of little girls can be sold to much time without been prosecuted. icsa have offices in every country of the world including somalia and etiopia.
>> No. 106281
and yet nothing is happening.
>> No. 106282
File 154472397461.jpg - (7.66KB , 225x225 , descarga.jpg )
>> No. 106283

Well the standard right now is not to give a warning so that would be an improvement.
>> No. 106285
File 154472475458.png - (234.97KB , 480x360 , Photo_20181213_131030.png )
imagine using that machine while you watch starsessions videos every day.
>> No. 106290
>>106282 Using VPN or Tor and everything will be alright
>> No. 106334
File 154473011489.jpg - (506.02KB , 2000x1215 , Lisa-MaisieSS-002.jpg )
...that video...
>> No. 106335
File 154473015716.jpg - (68.71KB , 695x305 , Maisie & Lisa SS.jpg )
...and that set... are the same...
Anyone have image-thumbnail of this set?
>> No. 106336
Hard to finds, my friend
>> No. 106337
File 154473102534.jpg - (9.72KB , 280x180 , krampus.jpg )
its krampus time in deutschland
>> No. 106339
File 154473152135.jpg - (9.51KB , 233x216 , descarga.jpg )
do you have angelina ss video dancing with the krampus?
>> No. 106340
I want to see Angelina full nude!
>> No. 106341
File 154473211418.jpg - (11.15KB , 259x194 , krampus and girls.jpg )
krampus is the new santa. every girl love it.
>> No. 106344
>>106335 Wow! Please, post some files in High res
>> No. 106345

lol he hasn't this too old screenshots
>> No. 106352
File 154473656860.jpg - (35.25KB , 503x399 , oldmeme2.jpg )
This entire thread is Autism Central
>> No. 106370
how dysfunctional these posting are other than SS now we have chicks with dicks with a dildo in the ass where are the admins to delete this utter nonsense irrelevant and non-reponsive postings. We are dealing with children who cant follow directions. Admin at SS is doing fine and dandy you fucking jealous haters.
>> No. 106374
Nice autism.
>> No. 106376
File 154474340521.jpg - (267.11KB , 1552x1074 , CWrxoL.jpg )
Vid pleassse
>> No. 106377

thank you so much
>> No. 106387

ok w8ing
>> No. 106388
why is it that I can access star sessions with microsoft edge, but not firefox?
>> No. 106391
What is it, is´s a joke
>> No. 106392
File 15447474706.jpg - (251.18KB , 1703x952 , ___.jpg )
Well I'm uploading on free but it has watermark of nnrama and nipple flashes :P
>> No. 106394
Try again. There is no reason.
>> No. 106397
Try again. There is no reason.>>106394
>> No. 106398
File 154474866719.jpg - (251.45KB , 1024x761 , Lilu-StarSessions-037_4K_WM_mp4_thumbs.jpg )
this video with WM look shot here >> 106392

>> No. 106399
File 154474977327.jpg - (1.21MB , 1500x1000 , Isabella06_151.jpg )
I like Isabella a lot . . .

(190 pics)
>pic posted here is reduced, archive has full size
>> No. 106401
Yeah actually 7 years sounds about right. You know how if you click on “view more” it sends you to that models page? The url will say “page id 2367” or whatever. Change the numbers around and eventually you can find a page with a single preview pic, a comment section, and a “date added”. Pretty sure I saw 2013 on there for one of the older sets..
>> No. 106402
>>106398 Water Mark crap.
>> No. 106405
With all the partial nip slips in this set, Isabella-06 Video would show a lot more.
>> No. 106407
Never mind I was thinking of a different website. But you can actually see the upload dates by hovering over the preview pics. And you can comment on single pic pages for whatever reason. But to say that you "know" these girls ages right now is different than what the videos say and that they were produced years before is fucking ridiculous. Your conspiracy theory is dumb enough to start a religion over.
>> No. 106409
>>106405 There are no camera flashes on the video. Photographs could have been taken at different time and reveal (or not) different attributes.
>> No. 106411
>>106405 Lilu-037 video says 14yo but model looks are those of 22yo.
>> No. 106414
Looks 22?! Then I must look 50 to you. You're a fucking moron. And probably a fag.
>> No. 106427
File 154475811097.jpg - (917.70KB , 2560x2086 , Angelina-003.jpg )
i was knighted in the last thread so i must use the right name.

ok potato heads eat fast.
the worms will devour this soon.
>> No. 106447
Sweet Jesus! I salute you Sir Nipsey. I've been looking for this one all year. Please tell me you have the rest of Angelina's collections (namely 006) and Michelle's (012). I swear these girls perform as if they know a bunch of guys are watching and they love it!
>> No. 106456
>>106427 sir Nipsey, you are me hero! God Bless you!
>> No. 106468
LOL. You people are ridiculous. I assure you I'm not. I'm just a patient guy, who wishes to have a steady flow of new content. I've been at this game for a while. Back during the BBS/Usenet days, we didn't see this level of mania and name calling. You millenials are a self destructive breed. You bully and flame anyone who comes here and shares. If someone uses a DL site that you don't like, the guy's a faggot, nigger, etc. WTF? If you don't like what is shared, move on! ... or better yet, share what you have on whatever DL site you want!

You are NOT entitled to see content that people have in their collection! Get over yourself. People here share at their own risk, for free! Keep that in mind. It is people like you, who discourage people from sharing. There is no appreciation, only disdain and entitlement!

Try a simple "Thank you" when someone shares something. If it's not new to you, don't fucking DL it! If it is new to you, be polite and grateful! Even if it's not a highest resolution, or not up to "collector" level of organization/resolution.

This thread is 700 post in only a few days! Most of it is griping and bitching, and stupid memes. It seems like you all have driven away anyone who has paid for this material, from wanting to share it with a pack of ingrates! I personally don't blame them a bit!
>> No. 106472
"i was knighted in the last thread so i must use the right name."
You should be executed for what you have done.
You and Triforce are responsible for closing down a very good producer.
>> No. 106476

You’re the man! Sir
>> No. 106478
>>106427 Thank you, Nipsey Rushell
>> No. 106479
>>106427 Thank you Nipsey Russell
>> No. 106488
Does anyone have video-thumbnail of Angelina SS 15?
>> No. 106489
365 (now 364) posts left to this thread.Thanks Nipsey for bringing something new to it ! Anybody else care to be knighted ?
>> No. 106490
ohh man thanks for new girl!
thanks for the new video and for not cutting it into pieces! ;)
>> No. 106491

ss-adming get the fuck out of here plz
>> No. 106492
amazingly crazy little beaut angel

Thank you so much!! Lord Nipsey
>> No. 106493
Thank you Nipsey, I appreciate it!
>> No. 106497
Many thanks we will be glad to see more there is.
>> No. 106503
Anyone AngelinaSS-015 video-thumbnail, please?
>> No. 106504
Why can't I see the last couple of Post when I expand this thread scroll down to the bottom the picture was from like a week ago
>> No. 106505

thx dude!
we will be happy to see her new sets!!
>> No. 106507
Does anyone knows, if secret videos have real sounds? It very sexy to listen the voice of girls, like Angelina’s secret video 002. I would like to listen what they say in our videos... the multi videos, I am sure will be more sexy they talk together and laugh and more...
>> No. 106508
>>106504 Refresh the page...
>> No. 106509
Sir Nipsey you can post please Lilu secret of stars or Lisa thank you
>> No. 106512
Are there any new Nina-model videos to be shared?
>> No. 106514
Hey, Nipsey, what is about unhoarding really rare content - unleaked Elena sets -> all sets that are still sold do not need to be leaked. What are you think about it?
>> No. 106523
File 154480953023.jpg - (6.82KB , 185x272 , dialogue.jpg )
yes, the dialogue is very sexy when are multimodels, girls talking about lingerie is so sexy hot.
>> No. 106524
Some MilaSS would make my weekend
>> No. 106528
The site is down. Time for leaks.
>> No. 106534
>>106528 SHUT UP!
>> No. 106541
Request more Nina-model videos. TYIA
>> No. 106546
Please download more SS Nina videos using dl.free.fr host. Thank you.
>> No. 106551

no prob)
>> No. 106573
Natasha video-010 still best nn stuff ever
>> No. 106575
>>106427 Thank you.
>> No. 106584
please share Multi01 sets & vids pleaseeeee
>> No. 106596
File 154484600831.jpg - (81.82KB , 689x576 , Image2.jpg )
>I've been looking for this one all year.
Are you serious? At any time in the last year you could have bought that image set for like $12.

For a lousy couple of bucks a week you could have all of Angelina's NN sets. It's easy.
>> No. 106597
File 154484627021.jpg - (37.80KB , 378x350 , img54-378x350.jpg )
kathy ss please
>> No. 106599
File 154484912952.jpg - (59.44KB , 770x436 , nolimitsfun.jpg )
la musica en el video es muy importante, si no se selecciona la adecuada el video tiene que verse con otro tipo de musica.
>> No. 106600
File 154485021476.jpg - (617.20KB , 1920x1080 , knight_humble_kneeling-1.jpg )
Thank you...Sir Nipsey!
>> No. 106622
I'm beyond OCD so I'd have to get the full collections with both sets and vids. If they offered some kinda package deal I'd have already bought it, but at present all of Angelina's and Michelle's materials would be about $500! That said, if the tiny amount of DASH I have goes way up in value this year I may have to give it to two of my new favorite cuties...
assuming SS doesn't get shut down by then of course.
>> No. 106639
no it aint that fking easy. I spent over 5 hours and 3 different bit wallets trying to start accounts and them fucks have so much fucking security and bullshit going on I gave up. I tried 2 tickets with ss admin but with his 12 hour limit and me failing at aquiring an account it just wasnt going to happen. I would have had every Nina set after 24 to current if there wasnt that fucking forced crypto payment. I understand he needed to cover his own, so now I shall just wait for the hand outs. I tried
>> No. 106703
You to late. Star Sesions will be gone very soon
>> No. 106708
File 154487376615.jpg - (0.96MB , 2000x3000 , 154484014245.jpg )
>> No. 106710
File 154487382350.jpg - (646.40KB , 1320x1980 , 154484126445.jpg )
>> No. 106711

you could have asked for alternative payments, he used to accept amazon gift cards.
>> No. 106713
Is just the site shut down, or his whole business? Has he been caught?
If I get proof of that, I will share what I have bought. If not, please give word if his site gets up again. Bitch owes me 20 dollars
>> No. 106715
They won't let you buy cryptocurrency without checking your identity. If that is a problem at that level, then fair enough, but remember that your bank or currency exchange does not know what you do with your crypto if you transfer funds to a local wallet on your device (best to be a PC. You then do business with SS from there. Apologies if you know all this already.
>> No. 106717
Please, AngelinaSS-015 video-thumbnail... Someone to give us a Xmas gift!
>> No. 106719
File 154488156072.jpg - (15.62KB , 355x355 , 5628w769h292.jpg )
Finally, what's going on, with SS site? The site doesn't works very well. Is going down forever? Temporarily? Is it Under construction? It works in other countries? Admin arrested?
>> No. 106720
Can anyone get a name and age for this girl? Maybe the original pic too?! Please and thank you.
>> No. 106722
I don't think ANYONE knows. The fact that it has not updated in a while is suspicious. The date for the last (Mila) update is also wrong. That was actually two days before what the site says. Makes you wonder.....
>> No. 106723
Please lilu movies from secret stars
>> No. 106725
It's always a matter of time before these sites get busted. Especially since this dude wasn't taking any precautions, shooting in his place that can be recognized.

Smarter to do it in hotel rooms or other people's houses or, just put up some sheets so no one can tell its your place.

In any event, I assume the US DoJ and the European Union were all over Georgia's ass about it.
>> No. 106729
It is time to set admin in jail. I will report all this sets to Georgian police. You pedophiles say goodbay, it is all over. სულ კარგათ მეყოლეთ თქვენი პედოფილი დედა მოვტყან
>> No. 106732
No. 106729 Fuck yourself you Georgian child molester!
>> No. 106733
Just wait some times you pedophiles. God bless Georgia and God will fuck all pedophiles. SS admin prepear for jail you asshole
>> No. 106737
File 154489413527.jpg - (15.96KB , 350x254 , epic-morons.jpg )
>> No. 106739
Child molesters like you should be hung at the gallows! Fuck you for hurting children!
>> No. 106740
>> No. 106744
Thanks to original OP.
>> No. 106746
>>106744 Not work...
>> No. 106748
>I'm beyond OCD so I'd have to get the full collections with both sets and vids.
Lol, me too. I have, or am getting, the complete collections of the girls I like. Only trouble is I adore several of the girls, and not the one's most other anons seem to beg for.

Damn, I'm sorry you're having so much trouble with crypto. I'd never used crypto before but with about a weeks research I dipped my toe into it and have not had a single issue with either buying it or dealing with the SS admin.

>> No. 106750
>>106746 Select one of the three download links. Go to bottom of page for free download. It is not difficult!
>> No. 106751
>>106750 It's is not work! The page is for sale!
>> No. 106756
>>106744 The page is not appear!
>> No. 106770
Thank you for the links, but as someone stated, they are not opening anything for us. Page cannot be reached. On both chrome and edge. in america anyway
>> No. 106772
>>106744 >>106746 >>106750
A good attempt to share, but you need to validate the free download link on the original webpage at LINK REMOVED FOR SHEKELEERING ON /HEBE/. AFFILIATE/PREMIUM HOSTS ALLOWED ONLY IN /CG/ OR /JB/. IF YOU'RE FULFILLING A REQUEST YOU CAN POST THERE AND LINK TO YOUR POST HERE
>> No. 106773
>>106772 It does not open, again
>> No. 106777
File 154490018329.png - (123.06KB , 480x270 , angelina 003 photo set.png )
could you please post angelina 003 photo set?
>> No. 106778
>>106772 The page does not open!!!!!!
>> No. 106788
Hello Mod. why does posting REDACTED hyperlink on triforce change to REDACTED?



>> No. 106789
FIRST OF ALL 106729 its time to get your finger out of you ass and take sniff. No pedophiles here you peeppee smoocher. In order for me to acess the site i have to enable private browser and type starsessions.com In the store you cannot access your wallet or account. You need to shop and go to your cart then log in and you will see your balance. The store was linked to childstars.com which is gone.
>> No. 106790
>>106788 Thank you for the clarification that web pages with both free and premium download links >>106744 are not allowed on Triforce.
>> No. 106791
in fact all the turds here
why not simply post every fucking sets and vids cause the stupid shitturds here don't get the simple and so bloody easy math

1 vid made cost total cam photog place outfits gals and such $2000 AND it's just an example not too hard for you so smart ones here duuuh
100 happy little idiots buy the vid $50 each vid got it so far? ok
profit $3000 nice
new vid new outfits same cost for customers to pay for vid
similar profit but vids getting popular
and all could have been just fine here with months years with new productions to PAYING customers

1 stupid fucker posts 1 vid from the studio on a chan just like this
for starters interest is ehum looks nice but duuh
same stupid fucker posts a second vid
then every little happy pencilwamker wants that bloody vid
if you don't get the math by now you should consider to ask someone to kill you as you're a complete waste of carbon and such dude
how do the guy at the studio GET MONEY TO MAKE ALL FAPMATERIAL if you idiots get it for FREE
and i know you're either too stoned oe drunk maybe both or fapped brins out for good

but you here are so fucking stupid shitheads so you don't give a FUCK about it as long as you can get something to fap you to death with
so plead beg all you want cause studio had to say hasta la vista no money and some dudes wants their investments back
and that's the story of how appless = braindead stupid fuckers like in here KILLED THEIR OWN PROVIDER OF THEIR SHITTY BORING LIVES
plus why is it like this???
you never BEEN TAUGHT TO GIVE A FUCK thanks to your bloody pears who should have been sterilized before any of you got born

thanks for killing another of all studios you've killed already thanks a million kill'm ALL ASAP
it's your loss

no i'm not mad itäs like this i am wait until i get pissed then all may get m fav color:D
>> No. 106793
hey adm I have a question for you - why do u edit messages with link but you leave shit like this >>106791 from asshole customer who spent his money for nothing (that was leaked)? What's prob man?
>> No. 106794
There will not be SS4! That's all!
>> No. 106795
Why are you fighting the SS? What's your afraid? Let it free the links and the leaks... That's ridiculous! First time in all years! Ηas not happened again in another site! Enough!
>> No. 106796
File 154490672022.jpg - (4.05MB , 5999x3999 , NinaSS-008-106.jpg )
>> No. 106798
>>106796 In this set, Nina is topless?
>> No. 106800
Will there be anymore topless sharing of SS? I'd love to see Leyla, Lilu, and Aleksandra topless
>> No. 106807
>>106798 Unknown! Await share of Nina-model photoset and videos to find out.
>> No. 106815
Have anyone SS girl with see-through panty?
>> No. 106816
>>106796 No! She is not topless.
>> No. 106820

hope last
>> No. 106824
Anyone knows if Olivia has secret set?
>> No. 106828
The following collections are now available for free download from elsewhere:
Julia-035 White Tank Top
Kathy-027 Red Tank Top
Lisa-036 Plunging Neckline
Lisa-037 White Tank Top
Maisie-028 Crop Top
>> No. 106841
Where please?????
>> No. 106842
no, maisie 028 crop top is not available anywhere
>> No. 106843
File 154491851161.jpg - (6.37KB , 174x174 , Maisie-028 Crop Top.jpg )
>>106842 looking at download now!
>> No. 106846
theyre not its a troll
>> No. 106854
>>106846 >>106847
Congratulations! No downloads will be offered to moaners. You complain too much and spoil it for others.
>> No. 106855
Actually there are some unseen sets and videos in XXXcollections, but they're on vip-only downloads. you can see the thumbnails if you open the lilu vid 21 page.
>> No. 106857
Good to know...sort of. Not even a clue as to where, then? In the local drugstore? At the top of the Empire State? In one of the craters of the Moon?
>> No. 106860
sounds good Post some Maisie.
>> No. 106861
>> No. 106862
>>106861 thank you for sharing. My attempt >>106744 failed because mod >>106788 invalidated download links. I am now reluctant to share these and >>106828 others because there is no incentive from the moaners.
>> No. 106864
I have every SS set too so fuck off cunt.
The only moaner here is you.
>> No. 106865
>>106862 please share it our way, o lord!
>> No. 106866

I only like the shiny outfit sets too.
>> No. 106867
>>106828 Julia has 34 collection...
>> No. 106868
>>106861 Thanks for Kathy. The set should be perfect!
>> No. 106870
>>106867 Yes, that’s right
>> No. 106881
File 154493686111.png - (3.58MB , 3840x2160 , Maisie-028 11yo Crop Top.png )
>looking at download now!
watching the 4k video now!
>> No. 106882
obvious troll is obvious
>> No. 106883
I would like to sodomize Maisie!
>> No. 106889
Thnx for Kathy's video
>> No. 106896
>>106881 If you look this video, you understand that Maisie do HC.
>> No. 106902
post thumbs
>> No. 106903
File 154495461573.jpg - (8.94KB , 174x174 , Julia-034 White Tank Top.jpg )
>>106867 >>106870 My bad typo. >>106828 Should have been Julia-034 White Tank Top.
>> No. 106906
Please vid Julia!!!
>> No. 106907
pass: Sta+rs_e\ssi-ons
>> No. 106908
Kathy-027 set please
>> No. 106909
>> No. 106910
>> No. 106911
>>106864 Please vid Julia-034.
>> No. 106933
>> No. 106938
>> No. 106941
>> No. 106945
>>106933 Kathy-027 links have been deleted.
>> No. 106947
>>106938 >>106941 target links work. Thank you.
>> No. 106955
>>106855 Yes. I also see unseen Star Sessions for VIP Members only.
>> No. 106958
File 154495997719.jpg - (45.72KB , 640x640 , tn_No_BS.jpg )
I hate when people try to make money on a content that is not their own! You are like a fucking jews. Get the fuck out of here rats!
>> No. 106960
>>106958 these are free download links.
>> No. 106963
Dirty bumhole sniffers
>> No. 106966
Please mila... Please... Please... I beg you😢
>> No. 106968
Yes MilaSS with pussy slips mmm
>> No. 106974
>>106816 Why then if no topless, is NinaSS-008 >>106796 not shared?
>> No. 106975
From which set is this Lilu image from?
>> No. 106976
File 154496929852.jpg - (30.44KB , 513x410 , Lilu-nn-513x410.jpg )
>>106975 From which set is this Lilu image from?
>> No. 106977
Please lilu nude set please please post
>> No. 106979
>>106976 the Lilu-nn LH bottom corner's star sessions logo is different. Very odd, did not find similar image on the star sessions web page. Looks like an early advert image and not from any set!
>> No. 106981
new thumbnails please, of secret series
>> No. 106982
File 154497200832.jpg - (607.15KB , 2000x1500 , NitaSS-009.jpg )
>> No. 106987
File 154497393635.jpg - (899.67KB , 1200x2295 , KathySS-005.jpg )
>> No. 106989
>>106987 KathySS-005 is not interesting. What makes this a secret stars collection?
>> No. 106990
>>106982 NitaSS-009 is topless and like so many other children can been seen topless on the beach. What makes this a secret stars collection?
>> No. 106991
What do you want? HC? There is no any... I am sorry!
>> No. 107005
>>106991 if you want hc go to other threads on triforce and elsewhere. Just do not understand what is so special about a secret stars collection!


>> No. 107006
Soon I will be dripping hot man milk
>> No. 107008
>> No. 107009
There is no HC, idiots!
>> No. 107010
File 154497780074.jpg - (46.11KB , 465x694 , Lilu001.jpg )
This is Lilu-001
>> No. 107012
>>107005 *Topless* *nipslips-pussyslips* *more sexy poses* and finally *live sound* (AngelinaSS002).
>> No. 107014
>>107012 For me, the special sets of starsessions, are Holy Grail of all sites ever! They have beautiful, sexy and girls without taboo. They comfortable in front of camera and there is not nothing ugly and disgusting.
>> No. 107015
>>107005 Hi Mod, your insight and endeavours appreciated. Thank you. Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
>> No. 107016
>>107014 I agree!
>> No. 107017
he meant secret stars lilu-001 is normal, liluss-001 is secret stars just some older logo there
>> No. 107018
AngelinaSS015 video-thumbnail, please...
>> No. 107019
>>107018 You mean, the secret video with the green thong that she say "do you think my butt is cute"? It was a joke from an idiot. Angelina has less secret sets/videos.
>> No. 107021
Secret multi-videos are more sexy. Anyone has video-thumbnails from these?
>> No. 107054
>>106982 Has anyone a photo of this set?
>> No. 107055
Maisie spreading that ass nude would be quite special.
>> No. 107056
>>107055 Maisie, my love...
>> No. 107057
santa santa please share Multi01 sets & vids
>> No. 107058
File 154499170657.jpg - (113.00KB , 1024x683 , MaisieSS-024.jpg )
I would spend hundreds of dollars to see that pic of Maisie, without censorship
>> No. 107060
>>107058 Does someone have image-thumbnail of this set?
>> No. 107062
File Julia-034.mp4 - (7.95MB )
>> No. 107067
>>107062 Thank you Nipsey
>> No. 107068
>>107062 Sir Nipsey, you are God! Do you have video preview of Angelina’s last sets?
>> No. 107069
File Lisa-036.mp4 - (8.00MB )
i do not
>> No. 107070
File Lisa-037.mp4 - (7.92MB )
>> No. 107071
File Maisie-028a.mp4 - (7.98MB )
>> No. 107072
File Maisie-028b.mp4 - (7.91MB )
>> No. 107073
Sir Nipsey You have a Tika video ?
>> No. 107075
File Lilu_-021.mp4 - (7.95MB , Lilu -021.mp4 )
just the watermarked 25
>> No. 107076
Just love the pic of Julia with her breasts showing and her pussy thro see thro pants..hard-on quality for sure..what I would love to do to her..
>> No. 107077
Oh my Julia full vid please mr Nipsey
>> No. 107079
Nothing like Julia. I cant wait for a full vid of her or pretty much anything.
>> No. 107080
This girl is very very crazy
>> No. 107084
please post only shiny lycra spandex dolls, not cotton.
>> No. 107085
Why are you spamming those bits of video again? Don't you have enough of your crappy thread on lolifox?
>> No. 107092
File 154500701779.jpg - (6.63KB , 174x174 , Lisa-026 Silver Thong Leotard.jpg )
Dear Nipsey Russell having been told >>106828 that SS Photoset, 1080p & 4K videos were now available for free download, you spoil us mere mortals. Thank you for the following video clips:-
>>107062 Julia-034 White Tank Top
>>107069 Lisa-036 Plunging Neckline
>>107070 Lisa-037 White Tank Top
>>107071 >>107072 Maisie-028 Crop Top
and the >>107075 bonus of Lilu-021 White Tube top.
Note that Lisa-026 Silver Thong Leotard is now publicly available.
>> No. 107093
>>107085 Moan. Moan. Moan. Moan.
>> No. 107096
what exactly are you posting?
>> No. 107101
Are there videos where you can hear Michelle or Angelina speak? I bet they have cute voices. Assuming SS hasn't been taken down they should consider letting their girls do Ask Me Anything Q&A vids for the fans.
>> No. 107102
>>107101 what a good suggestion. it will then be very easy for the authorities to track and close the studio.
>> No. 107114
Post something or shut up.
>> No. 107116
>>107114 shut up you potato! LOL
>> No. 107123
File 154501574974.jpg - (254.84KB , 1677x838 , Angelina-007_4K_mp4.jpg )
>> No. 107124
>>107123 Thank you Nipsey!
>> No. 107125
File 154501598115.jpg - (342.32KB , 1677x838 , Angelina-006_4K_mp4.jpg )
Oops, that didn't work very well
>> No. 107126
File 15450162929.jpg - (239.12KB , 1677x838 , Angelina-005_4K_mp4.jpg )

BTW, I'm NOT Nipsey - just helping him out.
>> No. 107127
>>107125 You are my God! Thank you, again!
>> No. 107128
>>107126 Thanks!
>> No. 107129
Do you have AngelinaSS 015 secret videothumbnail?
>> No. 107131
File 154501837510.jpg - (10.93KB , 400x231 , 153461941599s.jpg )
Please, this video of Kathy https://155chan.gr/hebe/src/153461941599.jpg
>> No. 107135
Christmas is the time for giving
>> No. 107136
>> No. 107139
>>107136 Triforce changed the hyperlink url again.
>> No. 107140
Please the correct link
>> No. 107146
>>107075 (and the others)
Sir Nipsey, thanks for sharing these. These clips help ... to know what 4k vids to be looking, and eagerly awaiting for!

You sir, are a GOD!
>> No. 107150
>>107102 The studio is closed , man.
>> No. 107153
>>107136 You are fucking bastard!
>> No. 107154
SS4 coming soon...
>> No. 107165

"Note that Lisa-026 Silver Thong Leotard is now publicly available."

Where is it available?
>> No. 107171
Can we have more of this stunning beauty?
>> No. 107172
>>107154 Mod says >>107136 do not post download links on /hebe/. Start SS4 thread on /cg/ or /jb/ so that download links can be posted. Not sure that this Mod advice is accurate!
>> No. 107175
No, he says you can't shekeleer in /hebe/. If you want to post premium-only or for-profit links, post them in /cg/, 'cause /hebe/ is ONLY FOR FREE LINKS! However, if you DO post your for-profit shekeleering-cocksucker links in /cg/ you can post a link to your /cg/ post in a /hebe/ topic. If this is still too hard for you to understand please exit the internet, NOW.
>> No. 107177
>>107175 not entirely true. >>107136 was a free download link, but posted url link was changed to become invalid and then it was replaced by red text.
>> No. 107179
What the fuck is a shekeleer?


>> No. 107183
>>107179 Triforce has now declared the free fiIefIares download host as a shekeleer.


>> No. 107184
>>107183 does triforce publish a list of download hosts to be avoided because they are shekeleers?


>> No. 107187
>>107183 >>107184 Thank you for the red text clarifications.
>> No. 107191
File 154505554236.jpg - (0.97MB , 2000x3000 , Kathy-027-131.jpg )
>> No. 107193
File Maisie-029.mp4 - (7.95MB )
>>107165 only pics no vids

>>107085 you'd be in a better mood if you pulled that nigger dick out your ass.
just for you i'll be posting more ftm stormy and breezy at lf/t/ in couple days.
here's another clip for you.
>> No. 107205

Dayum, thanks Nipsey. Damn shame about you and the Globetrotters.

This girl is so ready to show PINK. This photographer is such a coward. These girls will willing flash that gash and he can't make the leap. Be a bitch to go to prison for panty shots and titties.
>> No. 107211
>>107193 Sir Nipsey, do you have secret collections?
>> No. 107213
>>107193 Dear Nipsey Russell, thank you for the Maisie-029.mp4 video clip. Agree that Lisa-026 Silver Thong Leotard is only a photoset and the same goes for Julia & Maisie at https://180chan.co/cg/res/61471.html#68538
The videos are much better to watch and Nina-model is also my favourite.
>> No. 107214
I don't know who Nipsey is but I'm sure he lives at the South Pole and as a big white beard
>> No. 107227
Julia-MaisieSS have only set? Not video?
>> No. 107228
SS4 ...very soon!
>> No. 107243
would love to put those legs over my shoulders as i leaned in to eat that kitty
>> No. 107244
>>107243 It is a regular set and look at this sexy pose... That's reason I like the secret stars collections. The poses are much more and much more sexy...
>> No. 107257
On FF-Tor the member *brilon* write: "Well, I had contact with the producer. It must have been complaints about alleged pornographic representations and the producer has difficulties. I suppose, and that's just a guess that has something to do with Elena anyway, because their videos can no longer be used. The producer will probably stop, as he wrote to me."
>> No. 107261
>>107257 Very garbled message which says Elena-model collections have been removed. Other than that nothing new and the studio web page is active. Speculation is not news!
>> No. 107262
>>107261 Yes, the site works, but some links, photos and videos not work... For example, if you click the button "view more" some photos or videos not work very well...
>> No. 107264
>>107257 It supposed to be there is HC or as "pornographic representations" It means the poses or clothes?
>> No. 107268
There is no HC
>> No. 107270
Dear Sir Nipsey Russell. Please post Lilu secret Stars set. Please
>> No. 107271
damn I hope someone got all her collections before of this, also how many videos/sets did she do?
>> No. 107278
>>107271 recall Elena-034 was the most recent collection. unless someone knows better.
>> No. 107279
>>107193 Thanks but no thanks for the offer of more ftm stormy and breezy at lf/t/ ??? Prefer more full Nina-model videos. TYIA
>> No. 107284
The real question is, surely:
Has anyone managed to buy any sets/videos from the starsessions site since the childstars domain ceased to function?
>> No. 107285
>>107284 Post >>105657 dated 18/12/11(Tue)03:43 says "The site is fine, I've just bought & downloaded a collection I wanted".
>> No. 107286
>>107284 Thanks for offering to make a purchase. Please get and share the SS Nina-028.4K.mp4 video. TYIA
>> No. 107307
>> No. 107334
Last I checked it was completely legal for a girl to take her clothes off and dance, even if an adult is in the room. But if somebody takes the camera out suddenly it's a 30-to-life felony!?! Even if the girl keeps her panties on but dances "suggestively"!?!
These laws suck. They're not protecting anyone. They need to be thrown out.
>> No. 107339
File FTM_Twins.mp4 - (7.96MB , FTM Twins.mp4 )
>>107279 Stormy and Breezy
>> No. 107344
What country you in where that is legal? Asking for a friend
>> No. 107347
My point was that Angelina or Michelle could've done any of the things they did in their sets/vids in a room with a guy or a bunch of guys but no cameras and as long as nobody says anything there's no problem.
But for some reason images of a girl dancing or posing "in a lewd manner" are considered WMDs by LE, and if somebody is selling them suddenly it's some sort of conspiracy by a criminal organization.
Meanwhile a million girls are on their webcams right now performing for strangers. What I'm saying is that LE is wasting their time and our money. Anything anybody wants to do voluntarily that doesn't directly harm anyone else should be legal.
>> No. 107348
Yes, as I said in >>105657 and as pointed out by >>107285 I bought an older collection I wanted after the childstars.info domain was suspended. Everything worked fine and no red & blue blinking lights have appeared.

However I am waiting for new updates before I buy any more.
>> No. 107349
>>107348 Stop the lies. StarSessions works, but you cannot to make any order.
>> No. 107350
>>107348 >>107347 “My point was that Angelina or Michelle could've done any of the things they did in their sets/vids in a room with a guy or a bunch of guys...”
For Michelle I am not sure, but Angelina is a big whore... l Natasha too. If some girls did HC and Admin sold the sets or videos in rich customers, Angelina and Natasha are the first nominees.
>> No. 107389
I am bumping this thread to get it above those ridiculous, fake, unfunny big ugly penis threads.
>> No. 107407
File 154514273079.jpg - (304.55KB , 1280x1874 , 51e2ae53.jpg )
>> No. 107408
File 154514278396.jpg - (320.11KB , 1920x1280 , 6afe40f8.jpg )
>> No. 107421
Nina 42 here but all ex load premium i only want the full hd video please http://155chan.gr/cg/res/17106.html#i33199
>> No. 107427
>>107421 Thank you···
>> No. 107430
I really hope that in the near future it will appear there -https://180chan.co/cg/res/38620+50.html
our here is there OP and this is the best modeling thread in triforce!
>> No. 107432
File 154515175227.jpg - (729.84KB , 1320x1980 , Nina-042.jpg )
>>107430 This thread is moribund. Triforce has other and better SS treads.
>> No. 107434
>> No. 107436
File 154515312846.jpg - (356.44KB , 1372x869 , Nina-042_4K_mp4_snapshot.jpg )
>>107432 Nina-model is very photogenic. Is there anyone willing and able to download Nina-042 videos? Thank you.
>> No. 107455
Nina’s tits make me crazy! I would kill for a topless secret photo of Nina.
>> No. 107456

can u give links to it?
>> No. 107458
>>107456 >>107434 Do you have an ex-load premium account?
>> No. 107461

do u wana give me scrappy HIT thread where everything is stolen from AMF and modelos.gratis?

no thanks I don't need this, I think u have really good threads
>> No. 107462
>>107456 https://180chan.co/cg/res/61471.html#68751
>> No. 107464
>>107461 This thread is 95% rubbish. A few very generous people have used free download hosts despite 90% bitching and complaining. This leaves 5% that have said thank you for all of the hard work. It comes as no surprise that other triforce threads are now better than this one.
>> No. 107466
And now you've added to that bitching and complaining. Good job retard.
>> No. 107471
>>107466 Ha! Ha! Ha! that is very funny coming from you!
>> No. 107473
>>107462 thank you. watching Nina-042 4K video and it is very good.
>> No. 107476
I have a question for the mods and I want you answer me, immediately. Your problem is the leaks from the active studio SS. Why you don't make this and for the others active studios, for example: Wild-Kitty, Juliet-Summer or the new studio Angels-Story? https://180chan.co/mir/res/26489.html#i26489


>> No. 107477
>>107476 I am still waiting for your answer...
>> No. 107479
>>107476 So... the "secret-stars" are "custom", ah?
>> No. 107480
>>107477 soft erotic no nude no hard is clarification at https://180chan.co/mir/res/26489.html#26836
>> No. 107481
>>107480 OK! What about for Kvetinas Naomi?
>> No. 107482
>>107479 secret stars are not listed on star sessions web page. They are by invitation only collections. They are not commissioned and so are not customs.
>> No. 107483
>>107481 who is Kvetinas Naomi?
>> No. 107484
why do you all sound the same?
>> No. 107486
Naomi Kvetinas
>> No. 107487
>>107486 one more... https://155chan.gr/mir/res/40241.html#i40241
>> No. 107488
So... Kvetinas is an active studio, more hard from Secret Stars...
>> No. 107497
File 154517041571.jpg - (360.24KB , 1372x869 , Lilu-040_4K_mp4_snapshot.jpg )
The Lilu-040 Back to School 4K UHD & HD Video is now available on the open net.
>> No. 107499
Please post
>> No. 107505
To get previews and the shop/cart/account stuff to work on starsessions, change the url to say starsessions(dot)com instead of the childstars(dot)info. Really friggin simple you guys. BUT I don’t trust this situation still. And if what another post said is true and SS is gonna stop, he could be compromised and SS might be a trap.
>> No. 107506
Bitcoin dropped so much it's insane it's something like 85 percent but the whole of the market right now is in a crises for the end of 2018. That includes the Dow Jones average Russel 2000 etc.

if you payed with Crypto Coin you are not tracked. What are you worried about.
>> No. 107514
please share lina016 pleaseeee
>> No. 107517
Please post this video
It would be a very merry Christmas!
>> No. 107518
Please post this video
It would be a very merry Christmas!
>> No. 107525
File 154518721126.jpg - (15.37KB , 318x159 , ss ss video.jpg )
ss angelina 01 please post link
>> No. 107527
it is imposible to use crypto in my country and im not in china. could i pay with amazon gift cards if im not in usa?
>> No. 107530
>> No. 107536
Bitcoin is not secure. Every transaction is part of the blockchain, accessible to LEA and usable to track you down.
>> No. 107555
Does Nina have any toppless or secret stars galleries to anyones knowledge?
>> No. 107565
I found on img heaven this set and video. do not need premium membership. downloading duration is 3 hour.
>> No. 107567
Really the assholes have ruined it, I want to buy but no new sets and not much worth buying now that most of the content is leaked. I would buy any Aleksandra, Lilu or Layla set and video that came out. And maybe lisa if it was a good set
>> No. 107569
>>107565 3 hours and 40 minutes to download! Haha! It's a joke! Some day, these sites must be closed, because in 2018 can't to stay open site with payment 1 month, 2 months ... There are plent of free sites and some day these pay-sites will be disappear...
>> No. 107570
In the first Star Sessions thread we had Lisa's SS set/video 025. In the second thread, Julia/Maisie SS set. And in this thread... NOTHING!
>> No. 107572
>>107555 Maybe not. Nina hasn't any secret set with topless.
>> No. 107584
File 154521188410.jpg - (190.90KB , 1099x714 , Natalie-009_mp4_snapshot.jpg )
Natalie-009 White Tube Dress Photoset & Video is now available on the open net.
>> No. 107587
>>107584 download at
>> No. 107588
>>107569 download is one hour when using internet download manager.
>> No. 107596
>>107588 Yes, the download manager is good, but the takefile link, after the first download, you must be waiting 23 hours (!) for the next download, because you download free.
>> No. 107597
Congrats guys we have done it! 3 fucking threads on secret stars and yet nothing has been fucking shared. Just what we all fucking wanted. I appreciate the previews But cmon ain’t nobody gonna flap to that.
>> No. 107598
>>107597 Yes, that's right! 2 secret collections in 3 threads. So... NOTHING!
>> No. 107602
>>107597 >>107598 You niggers have not been paying attention (again). The Moderator has made it crystal clear that posting Secret Stars will not be tolerated on this hebe thread.
>> No. 107604
>>107596 multiple downloads are possible by changing your user ip address.
>> No. 107605
>>107602 This is not fair. This site is dead. Time for leaks! You support the mods chan. You are supposed to be legal? Hahaha!


>> No. 107608
>> No. 107609
This thread is usless



>> No. 107618
>>107608 And Secret Stars?
>> No. 107641

it's stillborn thread, last good was 2nd
>> No. 107642
Nina topless, please. It's weird, she has sucha unique face. Both beautiful and ugly at the same time. Smoking hot body, though.
>> No. 107644
Guys, I will open the SS4 on CG. Everything new post on cg SS thread, please.
>> No. 107652
starsessions.com domain is also gone forever :(
>> No. 107653
>>107644 SS thread /cg/ was created on 18/10/26(Fri)11:08 and is located at https://180chan.co/cg/res/61471.html
>> No. 107661
>>107642 look in the mirror. you are ugly.
>> No. 107663
>>107652 The end :(
>> No. 107664
>>107653 OK guys, we can to post everything in this thread... and I hope ... no fight! :)
>> No. 107669
File 154523703842.jpg - (2.68MB , 2667x4000 , Natalie-009-00057.jpg )
Natalie is 12 yo girl with first armpit hair, enjoy if u want.

and I think this is my last reupload from shitty filesharing like a ex-load and mountfile which require a premium.

GLHF dead thread...

photoset (LQ - 2667x4000): http://dl.free.fr/oU8vUurGV
video (FHD - 1080p) : http://dl.free.fr/tFNGm4FyL
classic pass : free*StarS4ALL_

p.s. as you can see greedy customers, trolls and other asshole won this war
>> No. 107670
>>107669 Thank you.
>> No. 107673
Please don't go.I get that it can be a thankless task but your reposts from premium only ARE GREATLY APPRECIATED by the silent majority if I may speak for them.SpecialThanks for Natalie-009 as she's a new one,at least for me.
>> No. 107675
>>107669 Hope that this is not your last post with a free download host. Web pages and hyperlinks with money making premium account requirements are abhorrent. Thank you for sharing.
>> No. 107681
>>107669 Thank you, sir
>> No. 107683
Now even starsessions.com is dead. Goes to GoDaddy stuff. Fuckin bullshit. Guess I’ll just wait for Tor sites to agree to let the flood happen.
>> No. 107686
Why is it the only way to see the last 60 plus post on this thread is to write a pointless comment? that seems to unlock the thread properly
>> No. 107687
Pointless comment....yep. Works...lol
>> No. 107689
Yes - lots of sets and videos will *never* see the light of day now, and the girls will have lost a source of income. I think making lewd, ridiculous comments about HC was the final straw, and I reckon not one of the ignorant idiots that made them bought or shared a single set or video. The mods should have been tougher here, not more lenient!
>> No. 107690
How to access this "lolifox" you guys talk about? I've tried .pw, .pw/t/, can't reach it... Thx!
>> No. 107691

lol this is other board - ex_brchan - post_2ch(hkch)
>> No. 107692
It's an Onion site
>> No. 107693
>>107690 put lolifox into your browser search engine and it should redirect to lolifox-home, then select t=teen from menu to give following url: lisach7(dot)cf/t/
>> No. 107701
starsessions is up again
>> No. 107702
You sure about that?
>> No. 107703
Don't think so. I'm getting redirected to GoDaddy which suggests to me that the plug has been pulled.
>> No. 107711
seems like the site has been seized or is being poorly manage (by LEA?)
>> No. 107722

god... what about try to open this throw tor-exit node?
>> No. 107723
I think it's probably to do with all the sharing, and chan postings suggesting HC when there is none. Webmasters are not all moneygrabbing bastards. Some even care about the reputations of the models.
>> No. 107742
File 154526117396.jpg - (8.54KB , 225x225 , descarga.jpg )
the starsessions site is oficially dead,no more new sets. so now you can share all of tour collections here.
>> No. 107768
File 154526318819.jpg - (77.34KB , 720x736 , 154521671450.jpg )

>> No. 107769
Michelle putting fingers in her holes, pulling on labia, and Maisie with hand in her panties suggesting she doing the same. Those are considered child porn and thus illegal. Dancing topless could be tame enough to be called just art, but that other stuff is on the line between SC and HC. And who knows what else slipped up before mods were deleting here. I had asked about foot stuff once and came back to see an answer and a deleted photo, so other fetish and hc stuff might have been there idk.
>> No. 107770

any proofs? if u rly have it plz post on GaP or FF
>> No. 107771
what was posted idiot and deleted was Michelle
>> No. 107773
File 154526538747.jpg - (4.29KB , 289x174 , images.jpg )
is she on jail? interpol caught a child modeling producer
>> No. 107774

Then why am I able to go to the website, and look at all the previews?
>> No. 107775

link or it didn't happen
>> No. 107777
She? Was SS run by a lady? That's what we need a lot more of, female photographers and studio owners. I'd really love to see a huge studio run by the models themselves. It's only a matter of time. And if they get busted LE and MSM will have to go easy on them. What are they gonna do, lock up a bunch of 9 year olds?
If it's worth collecting it's worth protecting. Anyone who has anything is probably backing it all up now. Rebel Shooter got busted yet all of Miss Alli's materials are still fairly easy to find. I wouldn't be surprised if there are massive SS dumps next year.
>> No. 107781
thepeopleimage have more than 17 years trading child pictures and videos. its an active studio because it production is legal (no nude and no zoom on genitals)
>> No. 107787
Starsessions.com is now up for sale, looks like this is the end.. it really sucks that such a great agency died way before it's time. Thanks to the asshole resellers and traders for not keeping their greed in check.
>> No. 107795
File 15452687183.jpg - (1.92MB , 2250x3375 , Nina-042-047.jpg )
Well, at the end..?)

photoset: http://dl.free.fr/k6WFKuOl9
video 4k: http://dl.free.fr/nG4OxHQ3j
>> No. 107801
pass >> free*StarS4ALL_
>> No. 107809
File 154526976836.jpg - (266.93KB , 1920x1080 , _+_+_.jpg )
>> No. 107842

Just want to say, thank you. You are a real American
>> No. 107861
I was at the store the other day and saw a girl who looked EXACTLY like Angelina. Same face, same hair, looked about the same age. She even made the same kinda facial expressions and when she danced around for a bit I recognized her moves.
I know it wasn't the actual Angelina we know and love from SS but the resemblance was shocking. Her little sister was really cute too. No matter how many studios they take down there will continue to be an endless stream of hot girls who love to show off. And I'm guessing that in the future girls (and certainly women) will have to do a lot more in order to compete with robots and VR.
>> No. 107862
First rule of business 101. Always keep the customers happy or else there won’t be any business. It’s not just about the production it’s about the customer service and which starsessions just didn’t do so well In that field. He/she mad a lot of people who are investing there money onto the site pist off and at the end this was the result. If you are not well fit to handle people then opening a business isn’t for you. RIP SS.
>> No. 107867
Ya I never talked to someone as moody and paranoid as the SS admin. I sent a bitcoin amount that ended up being less once it went through during a day it was fluctuating a lot and they went ballistic. Not my fault cryptocurrency is unreliable as fuck these days. Messaged me acting like I was trying to rip them off and shit. So fuck them. I only feel sorry for the girls. Hope someone better can start a new studio there and get at least our faves back. Even Michelle since she was the naughtiest from I’ve seen anyway
>> No. 107875
The site is back up now. Still no new update though.
>> No. 107876
Seriously, why the fuck are you on here if you HAVE pussy shots of these girls & you don't want to share them. Do you get off on ppl wanting them? Because I hate to break it to you, the ppl wanting pussy shots are going to other posts. They're not like.... viewing you as some superior being. Do you know how much child porn is out there? It's enough that you don't have a corner on the market so they don't give a fuck. Either share, or nobody cares. Plain & simple.
>> No. 107881
making nude and zoom on genitals was a big mistake, starsessions owner is on jail or maybe he or she dont need more money and have enough. what do you think? i think is on jail. theres no way to know whom of their clients start all the secret stars leaks. so she give away or now is on jail because of zoom on genitals and nude. by this times you cant open a site similar than ls models, it doesnt work like that anymore. only sites similar than thepeopleimage will continue trading and open forever because production is legal.
>> No. 107889
File 154528448950.png - (203.08KB , 480x320 , starsessions rip site.png )
it was beautiful, but nude kill the site.
>> No. 107890
File 154528481022.jpg - (129.02KB , 640x640 , b398f-10508045_1710715402488231_1104579899_n.jpg )
what happend to starsessions? it was a cool site.
>> No. 107893
File 154528543038.png - (109.91KB , 480x318 , masturbation.png )
now starsessions is a rip site, so lets leak it all. share everything you have and make our nasty mind more naughty.
>> No. 107894
Maybe the admin of SS just closed the site bcs they were sick of getting Secret stars requests... I know I was one. He/she said the site is dead now bcs of leaks. I'm sure i wasnt the only one by far maybe they got sick of it.
>> No. 107907
It was a beautiful trip! Thanks SSadmin, thank you Lisa, thank you Maisie, thank you Lilu and all beautiful girls!!!! We will miss you!
>> No. 107914
Hilarious that people think that because the site is gone that people that SPENT MONEY on these sets are just going to give them up freely. All hoarded SS just got EXTREMELY valuable. Look how long it took only a small amount of PL & SM took to leak after the studios shut down.
>> No. 107915
The site maybe gone but doesn't mean the studio shut down. He may have just decided to go private and only gave his trusted customers a way to contact him. Much like other studios.
>> No. 107917
>>107915 How? The only way for contact is a ticket! How they will know that admin wants to contact with them? The site is gone for all.
>> No. 107919
File 154529714820.jpg - (198.32KB , 720x1080 , Nita-005-03.jpg )
Yes PL takes 10 years to leak and SM 5.
>> No. 107921
And how is the SS admin going to contact said trusted customers? I certainly never gave them any way to contact me directly.

The only way to contact them was via their ticket system, and with that currently out of action no contact is possible.

If the site has truly gone forever I'll be heading to the darknet forums to find others whom purchased collections and see if we can trade sets we have for sets we don't.
>> No. 107922
>>107919 It's not the same... the speed of sharing of internet has been changed...
>> No. 107925
File 154529841319.jpg - (3.67MB , 4000x6000 , Mila.jpg )
>> No. 107933
Thanks again FreeStars4All.
I'm hoping the rumors are just that and you'll be able to keep reposting leaks yet to come our way.
Again your time and efforts are highly appreciated-Nina-042 is one of the best ive seen yet
>> No. 107935
>>107925 Please, this set?
>> No. 107936
Lol, I posted that Mila image at HurtMe and it didn't take long to get reposted here.
>> No. 107937
Lol, I posted that Mila image at HurtMe and it didn't take long to get reposted here.
>> No. 107938
>>107936 Welcome to Internet, man
>> No. 107939
>>107936 Furthermore, they posted your message twice! Deja vu is a glitch in the Matrix when the Agents change something. Be aware!
>> No. 107941
Good morning pedos
>> No. 107946
Jesus... pls post MilaSS there pls, for the love of Christmas
>> No. 107952
looks like you morons managed to kill the best site we've had in a long while. merry christmas! hope you're proud of yourself now :(

>> 107917
How? ricochet, it's how he already communicated with his customers who were eligible for secret stars in the past.

doubt he's going to produce any new content though.
>> No. 107957
File 154530817925.jpg - (846.18KB , 1620x2544 , merry christmas.jpg )
did I forget to add the pic or did mod pull it?
>> No. 107961
It is without logo!
>> No. 107964
what's wrong kiddies?
>> No. 107965
>>107952 wrong! Should the customer be a smart to waiting, when the admin will be send to him a message?
>> No. 107966
>>107957 Someone to wake me up!
>> No. 107968
Julia pleeease
>> No. 107969
if that's to be an american bless the one who could kill all the so fucking stupid US americans in particular
thanks for killilng another studio
just for another fap no mystery why it's your extinction everone wish for pathetic fapaddicted losers.........
>> No. 107973
This thread hosts quite a number of delusional, unrepentant clowns who actually think that the leaks and the trading had little or nothing to do with the closure of the site. Some are even blaming the webmaster! The leaks and the trading and the hc comments had EVERYTHING to do with its closure. Someone above said they feel sorry for the girls. Damned right! A source of much needed income gone. But I son't suppose the clowns care about that.


>> No. 107974
>>107973 Thank you Admin, for the new Xmas photo of Maisie
>> No. 107977
I hope you realize you were hacked by multiple people.
>> No. 107978
File 154531368263.jpg - (42.11KB , 183x258 , am.jpg )
>> No. 107980
File 15453159401.png - (0.96MB , 720x1080 , Photo_20181220_092336.png )
please post this set, i need the link, thanks
>> No. 107981
There was leaks! But admin had income from site, because many members bought and continue to buy collections. It was wrong to closed the site!
>> No. 107982
File 154531625645.png - (329.42KB , 437x656 , Photo_20181220_092835.png )
i want this video and photo set
>> No. 107984
This thread has 994 posts and will be closed when it has reached 1000 posts. Thank you.
>> No. 107987
File 154531709428.png - (211.62KB , 341x512 , Photo_20181220_094232.png )
>> No. 107992
video thumbnails of mila 003 please
>> No. 108001
StarSessions | SecretStars 4 >> https://155chan.gr/hebe/res/108000.html
StarSessions | SecretStars 4 >> https://155chan.gr/hebe/res/108000.html
StarSessions | SecretStars 4 >> https://155chan.gr/hebe/res/108000.html
>> No. 108002
...and will be opening the SS4... Thank you!
>> No. 108013
No escriban tanta wea
Don't write to much bullshit
Post sets & pics better!
>> No. 108014
This chan isn't to discuss, share is care!
>> No. 108016
stop telling others what to do.
sharing is not caring. sharing killed the site. sharing makes the models unhappy. sharing while the site is active is very selfish, only reason people do it is to get attention.
>> No. 108020
>>108016 fuck you moron! site and studio is dead stop u fucking cry plz! I really hope that the only set that you bought will be leaked first so that you get even worse!! asshole...
>> No. 108023
The manager shut down the studio. He sold the secret sets where he think better. If he sold it to everyone, he would have more revenue and everyone will was OK. From secret stars, they started all. I only regret the models and not that stupid.
>> No. 108047
Cant see posts, is this thread dead just like SS?
>> No. 108057
Where's the vids at
>> No. 108066
The pussy who posted this here didn't leave his username in the photo so we can see who you are. You're a piece of shit and a traitor.
>> No. 108068
>>108066 What post, my friend?
>> No. 108072
>>107957 There are more SS girls with Santa's clothes?
>> No. 108077
FHD VIDEO: http://dl.free.fr/sZGsslcf1
and pass is free*StarS4ALL_
>> No. 108101
>>108077 stolen from original poster having stated "I would put a dick on you" in post
and reposted without permission.
>> No. 108103

yeap, but I typed about it look this https://180chan.co/cg/res/61471.html#i68948

and my post was in new thread with info but mods move it here w/o pic and info :]
(are they stupid morons?)
>> No. 108105
to mods: I can download and save everything only for myself, no problems, I was already going to knock it out of the topic.

to assholes: go fuck yourself. what's your prob, u get content for free but still unhappy? no one will return your cents that you spent to the studio, accept this
>> No. 108134
please share ELena set 27 pleaseee
>> No. 108138
Wow, thanks so much....love her :P
>> No. 108182
Thank you very much!

Love the password
>> No. 108234
Well maybe you weren't one of his trusted customers.
>> No. 114722
what is lf/t/

I need dat vid o_0
>> No. 115935
File 154760501271.jpg - (545.31KB , 1825x1148 , 154408934413.jpg )
>> No. 116089
fuk dont send this without the video ... such a mean guy
>> No. 116692
Everyone looking for this vid
>> No. 116929
Thread status is Posting mode: Reply. When will bump limit of 1000 posts be reached and this thread stop bumping to the top with new posts. You know just like https://155chan.gr/hebe/res/75558.html whose thread status is also Posting mode: Reply.
>> No. 119715
please share more more SS
>> No. 120998
File 154991418524.jpg - (654.11KB , 2250x2610 , 154492868747.jpg )
SS.KATHY-027 vid

PASSWD: 1234567890

Use latest version of Winrar or 7zip

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