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/hebe/ ~ hebe questions
File 154414358770.jpg - (106.49KB , 960x1440 , ca-150-042.jpg )
104449 No. 104449
I've been a hebe addict for a long time and I'm curious how other hebe lovers decide what they like, how they classify hebes and why. I've composed a list of questions to bridge the gap and find what we share in common. All replies welcome even if you don't follow the format.


How long have you been into hebes?

What are the top 3 redeeming qualities of a Hebe?

How many hebes have you fallen in love with?

What hebe agency is your favorite and why?

Do you prefer nude or non nude?

Is there a hebe or hebes that will never lose your interest no matter how many times you fap?

If you had to pick one trait in a hebe that makes you go crazy what is it?

How do you organize your hebe folders, what's the determining factor?

Finally, how often do you cum to hebes?

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