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/hebe/ ~ cum on their food
File 154435085125.jpg - (828.42KB , 3264x1836 , 20180731_184833.jpg )
105150 No. 105150
Looking for clips, gifs, pics, little girls unknowningly eating food with cum. Maybe food cumshot for little girls? Does such a material exist at all? Pleeez help me out.
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>> No. 105233
I 2nd this. Been looking for girls being spoonfed cum for a long ass time.
>> No. 105310
there is that bus driver series but that's about it
>> No. 123203
I got my 8y/o daughter to take a big spoonful of my cum was she had a sore throat and I told her it was a new cough medecine
>> No. 123211
File 155085182559.jpg - (135.49KB , 404x404 , 154915134412.jpg )
His online nickname was “Steps,” like the bus steps his victims had to walk up every day he picked them up for school.

Monday morning, a London courtroom heard how Steps, the dark-haired man wearing a black T-shirt in the prisoner’s box, had committed some of the most depraved crimes ever described there.

The kids on the bus didn’t know they shouldn’t have accepted treats or hand lotion from the man entrusted with their safe trips to and from school.

They didn’t know he had laced the food with his own semen or that the cellphone videos he took of them eating the treats would be uploaded onto the dark web, on a child porn message board.

Steps is 30. He’s non-descript with dark hair. His father was in the courtroom to support him.

The only word Steps uttered was “guilty” after his defence lawyer waived the reading of his 23 charges that included three counts of voyeurism, one count of possessing child pornography, one count of distributing child pornography and 18 counts of making child pornography.

As part of the plea deal, the charges had been reduced from the 78 original counts.

The agreed statement of facts was filed to Ontario Court Justice Allan Maclure and made an exhibit without being read aloud. Within those pages were disgusting details.

Steps has no prior relevant criminal involvement. He worked as a school bus driver for a London bus company and drove an elementary school route.

A publication ban was placed on anything that could identify the child victims.

Their families know. The London police organized a community meeting at the school to help identify the kids in the videos and explain the court process.

The investigation revealed that 39 children were exposed to Steps’ crimes. All of them had to be tested for sexually-transmitted diseases. All the tests came back negative.

The first hints of his perversion were picked up by a corporal with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police who was investigating TOR users of a dark web site called MagicKingdom.

TOR, a computer network, allows users to conceal their identities and activities, by separating user identification and the routing of files. The website, MagicKingdom, is known as a forum for child exploitation.

Officers found four files uploaded to the website in which a man would masturbate on food, then feed the food to children on a bus and have conversations with them about it.

The RCMP began to search for where the videos originated. More files were found. One of them showed a little girl sleeping on the bus. The man’s camera pans up and down her body and focuses on her buttocks.

After they discovered the videographer used the nickname Steps, the RCMP found 24 more of his videos on another dark web site called Child’s Play. Many of them documented the same perverted routine with food.

Some of the videos showed Steps masturbating on the bus while children can be heard in the background.

The RCMP were able to narrow the location of the videos to the London region and sent some of the digital files to London police. Local officers were able to pick out landmarks in the videos and determined the school.

The bus company was able to give police the name of the driver. Ontario’s transportation ministry provided his address.

On July 25, 2017, with search warrant in hand, police went to Steps’ home and told him he was under arrest. Steps pulled out a large folding knife and held it to his own neck.

“Just kill me,” he told them, in the agreed facts presented to the court.

Police managed to take him into custody without harm to himself or an officer.

A search of the bus driver’s electronic devices showed he had 884 child-exploitive videos and images. Of the 884 files, he had created 176 of them on the school bus.

Items in the house and on the bus were tested for DNA. A comparison concluded the chances the DNA belonged to anyone other than Steps were one in 210 quadrillion. (There are seven billion people in the world.)

Steps confessed during his police interview that he took the videos during the 2015-2016 school year.

A pre-sentence report was ordered, with Steps to be sentenced July 24.
>> No. 123306
The "syrup" series has blindfolded girls being fed cum from a spoon. Also fed cum fed straight from the cock with lots of nasty dick sucking
>> No. 123307
File 155088569588.jpg - (360.90KB , 1280x720 , spoon.jpg )
>> No. 123310
That steps guy is fucked for life.. Feeding kids his cum? He's gonna die in prison. I still fap to his vids tho. Love the one with the black girl eating the cookie he came on. Props to him for making her feel like she needs to finish it
>> No. 123311
I am a fan of that series. Did this particular girl know she was sucking penis? I watched everything and it looked like she did.
>> No. 123312
It is wrong to dirty someone's food with your semen. Doesn't matter if you're doing to kids or adults. These people are so deranged.
Makes me wonder why can't some people be lazy like me and not do anything rather than doing something that's not even good.
>> No. 123318
looks like a nice series post it..123312 FUCK OFF you better hope no one post the one of the 3yo girl giving a blow job who spits the cum out which is also mixed with scat..hottest thing i ever saw..the look on her face is priceless
>> No. 123343
>Love the one with the black girl
There weren't any black girls. What are you talking about?

Never heard of that one either. Are you guys making shit up?
>> No. 123344
He also comes off as an attention whore.
>> No. 123368
File syrup_series_-_Nicky_clip.mp4 - (7.43MB , syrup series - Nicky clip.mp4 )
great series
>> No. 123369
File syrup_series_-_eating_cum.webm - (5.99MB , syrup series - eating cum.webm )
>> No. 123378
suck my cock nicky
>> No. 123413
En Bolivia🇧🇴 y Brasil 🇧🇷 crecer después polla gays niños(as) y jovincitos(as)
>> No. 123425
Now after the comment above, someone has to post the 3yo.
>> No. 123427
Love the Nicky vid she bobbed on that cock like a champ.
>> No. 123769
yum yum eat that cum
>> No. 123771
there is no such vid
>> No. 124044
where i can find that series?
>> No. 125310
This little white girl like many needs to be trained better. No matter what color the cock is you suck it the whole way down.
>> No. 125809
DL link for any or all of these?
>> No. 127591
Nicky video did not work for me. Anyone with links?
>> No. 127630
Nicky clip not playing..
>> No. 128976
Didn't work for me in tab, but it works if you save it
Where can I find more of this series though?

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