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/hebe/ ~ 5yo sweetness
File 154492223497.jpg - (2.19MB , 3024x4032 , IMG_0700.jpg )
106850 No. 106850
This is my girls daughter, she is 5 years old and I need to have her. The other day I was watching her while her mom was at work. She got on my lap because we were tickling each other and she kept rubbing her self on my hardening dick. She really seemed to like it. Any time I put my hand around her vagina she would move my hand away. I want to do more with her. I hope I get the chance.
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>> No. 106851
File 154492233899.jpg - (1.14MB , 3024x4032 , IMG_0702.jpg )
>> No. 106852
File 154492236757.jpg - (1.30MB , 3024x4032 , IMG_0703.jpg )
>> No. 106853
File 154492239217.jpg - (1.29MB , 3024x4032 , IMG_0705.jpg )
>> No. 106856
if she keeps pushing your hand away then Stop its not worth the risk..but if you can continue
without any more resistance proceed on
>> No. 106859
your doing it wrong.find something shes intrested in on the computer or something to get her to sit on your lap. pull her onto the leg quickly placing your hand just above that spot and pulling her back then move it away like it was for nothing else. have adult vids on your screen with large settings and point them out and tell her she can not watch those because there only for adults that will make her curious.
>> No. 106879
This is simply not worth it. You will make her life a disaster and probably your life the same. You need a job outside too.
>> No. 106905
The zoom function on your iPhone 8 Plus is terrible. All grainy. So don't use the zoom. Instead get closer. You should also learn to scrub the EXIF info from your photos before posting. Date and time taken - 2018:12:02 19:20:26
>> No. 106973
Lol at least there is no GPS data included. You can even survive!
>> No. 106984
5yo is too young. Children talk a lot and at that age she won't even understand what your doing to her. When her mom is still there, big problem, too. Forget it.

Daughters make perfect lovers, under certain circumstances. If you are single-parent, she loves you unconditionally, you can accept that she makes the rules and when she is old enough to understand.

My daughter is 14, she was almost 13 when we started having sex. But her mother left us many years ago and I've been very close with my daughter for a long time. When she hit puberty, we talked about all the stuff that's usually a mom's business. At first it was a little awkward, but it led to us getting more and more intimate, started kissing and cuddling in a more daring way. It was never a decision that I thought I want to have her now or something like that. Of course, I often dreamed how it would be and hoped for it to happen. And someday it just happened, we were fooling around and having fun,laying on the bed and watching TV. She pressed her bottom against my dick, I kissed her, slid down her panties and started to touch her pussy. When she didn't object and signaled that she liked it, I took of my pants, grabbed a condom and started rubbing myself against her pussy. She looked a little afraid and didn't really know what to do and what I expected of her, so I just kissed her and started push inside her. When she didn't signal me to stop, I gently fucked her.

After that first time, she made me promise that I'd never do anything she doesn't want and that I would never take pictures of her or ask her to do things she's not comfortable with. I do everything I can to keep her happy ever since.

Another thing you always have to keep in mind when loving your daughter is that she might one day want a boyfriend. Recently my girl started seeing some guy from her class, fortunately it didn't last long and we had sex all the while. But I was really relieved when they broke up and it was nothing serious that had happened. Right now, we are as close as never before, but that can change.
>> No. 107059
She is 5yo. Tell her to listen to dad and get naked. Then take a few thousand pictures and share here.
>> No. 107061
Give her some pills to sleep really deep. Then take off all her clothes and start to enjoy her sexy child body. Cover her with sperm and take good pics to show to us.
>> No. 113152

To me that sounds like an good idea
>> No. 113266
Lol, because it's always a good idea to give sedatives to a child! Please let us know if paramedics manage to get her resuscitated.
>> No. 113355

Children get surgery under sedatives without dying just fine. Just dose it correctly.
>> No. 113361
Let me tell you, dude, what you really need to do is to find a JOB and keep your mind busy in something worthy, leave your little daughter in peace, you big stinker bastard!!!
>> No. 113382
Leave her alone. You will regret it later. Let her be a child.
>> No. 113383
she amazing. do not hurt. you do not need "have her". you damage her forever, or you can have great time. play game with her, play wrestle, be good guy and continue fantasy. or be stupid and hurt her and you. be good man
>> No. 113384
No. 106859

That is creepy. You have no game. You're a creepy rapist loser man
>> No. 113412
Yes, and the anesthesiologist putting her under, went to medical school for 15years, and drives a Bentley for his skills at keeping your child alive.

But hey! Since doctors, performing surgery, can knock her out, why should you.

LOL... Morons.
>> No. 113454
You're suppose to protect the lolis you fuck.
Okay she rubbed on you during play. Enjoy that.
Enjoy looking at her.
But don't force yourself on her or rape her.
That's how lezbos and burners are created and then she'll be ruin for life.
Let her stay a child and enjoy the joy of even being around her.
>> No. 113469
fully agree,well said
>> No. 113720
Let me have her. I ill make her a slut while you watch. I will gape her butt good.
>> No. 113820
get a life for yourself
>> No. 113858
so do you
>> No. 113966
I totally understand your dilemma I think if you don’t try you will regret a missed opportunity but like the good gentleman above said go easy and make it fun
>> No. 115009
You are a lucky man to have such a sexy little girl. She is at that age of curiosity so take advantage of it. Next time your wife is gone and you are alone with her, give her a bath. After she has soaked in the water for a while go in and wash her with your bare hands. Don't make it obvious when you're washing her ass and pussy, just slide your soapy hands between her legs and rub gently. When it's time to dry her off let her stand on the toilet seat and you kneel down in front of her. As you dry her off and her back is toward you, tell her that she has a cute little ass and kiss it. When she turns around and her pussy is in your face, tell her that she has a cute little wee wee and kiss it. If she asks you to do it again, you will have many hours of pleasure with her.
>> No. 115019
Leave her alone. Don't ruin both your lives by doing something stupid.
>> No. 115172
That girl is aching to be molested, IMO
>> No. 115184
get you satisfaction by coming to this board don't do anything in real life its just not worth the risk

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