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/hebe/ ~ StarSessions | SecretStars 4 [postSS]
File 154531941125.jpg - (4.31MB , 3999x5998 , Mila_StS.jpg )
108000 No. 108000


Welcome & good beginning! Again!
Let's continue dance on SS's grave! :]

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>> No. 108003
Hey there!
>> No. 108004
File 154531981159.jpg - (3.84MB , 6001x4001 , Mila-018-114.jpg )
>> No. 108007
File 154531995671.jpg - (3.54MB , 4000x6000 , Elena-025-131.jpg )
>> No. 108008
File 154532006539.jpg - (3.05MB , 6000x4000 , Isabella-006-132.jpg )
>> No. 108009
Welcome again and no fight!
>> No. 108018
>>108000 Please, this Mila’s set
>> No. 108019

It's pic from SS3, I don't have this set too, but hope it will be leaked soon
>> No. 108022
Thanks to OP.
>> No. 108026

oh you are God iit but where are u found this?
>> No. 108027
>>108022 Triforce has now declared the free uploadbank download host as a shekeleer.
Dear Mod, please update the Good & bad free file hosts at https://180chan.co/mir/res/3049.html Thank you.


>> No. 108031
File 154532679197.jpg - (442.80KB , 1240x1754 , Mila.jpg )
>It's pic from SS3, I don't have this set too, but hope it will be leaked soon
Incorrect my friend. It's pic number 140 from Mila-019, it has the Star Sessions logo.

Here's a quick & nasty contact sheet for Mila made from the site preview images, so it's Star Sessions ONLY. I'll be making better ones shortly using selected images from her sets.
>> No. 108032
>>108027 Hi Mod, please recall you were asked does triforce publish a list of download hosts to be avoided because they are shekeleers? You replied that list was on the https://180chan.co/mir/res/3049.html thread. So please update the shekeleers list on this thread. Thank you.


>> No. 108043
is this you brilon ? of course its all star sessions, secret stars is star sessions too
>> No. 108044
The classic error - forgot to make a note of the password - it's a RAR file - "EnglishUnit6" (contains Mila-006.mp4. Does anybody recognize it?
>> No. 108050
File 154533644483.jpg - (2.79MB , 2896x4344 , 20181220_120703.jpg )
If anyone has this set or video please post it
>> No. 108056
File 154533735891.jpg - (200.63KB , 768x1206 , Maisie.jpg )
Posted on thread 3
>> No. 108062
>>108056 I am sure that It posted from SSAdmin, because it has not the SSlogo
>> No. 108065
>>108064 I copied it from thread 3. Think before answer, fucking bastard!
>> No. 108069
>>108064 Some whiner need to go out to breathe some fresh air and dont be such a miserable crybaby OOOH THEY KILLED THE STUDIO AAAAH MY LIFE IS OVER! Damn man get over it.
>> No. 108071
>>108056 There are more SS girls with Santa's clothes?
>> No. 108100
can someone link to the site? I keep on getting redirects? maybe they changed the address?
>> No. 108102
File 154534740892.jpg - (226.52KB , 1920x1080 , el_sh.jpg )
LoL?! :D
Mods decided to move my post to old SS3 thread..
so and what's the point?

ok take it here - https://155chan.gr/hebe/res/104123.html#i108077
>> No. 108104
>>108102 ---- I would put a dick on you ---
>> No. 108107

so unfortunately you aren't an OP of 180 thread, but stupid cunt, I'm waiting for a response from him, but not from a brainless monkey like you

and yeap I ignore you dumbass
>> No. 108115
>>108107 I do not understand why it is that this chan is filled with so much whining and complaining. One would think that a platform full of all these goodies would be of high spirit and joy. However, that is not the case. Instead, their is more childish bickering across this chan, than on an elementary school playground. I personally do not care where it comes from or how it is posted. I am just glad I get the chance to look at the content.
>> No. 108125
there teenagers what do you expect.
>> No. 108127

He (I) is (am) preteen ;)
>> No. 108133
Show us your classmates tits and pussy or gtfo
>> No. 108143
Please lilu nude set
>> No. 108154
what rock you living under? the sites are completely gone. childstars/starsessions is done. dead. bye bye.
>> No. 108171
datafilehost.com you will see how many people fap with the video,and its free.
>> No. 108176
We all know there are in published sets and videos because of screen shots and the lilu picture above. Unless SS admin gave the buyers just samples.
>> No. 108178
If not why keep this thread alive?
>> No. 108183
>of course its all star sessions, secret stars is star sessions too
You may think that, but I choose to differentiate between Star Sessions (was available to all) and Secret Stars (was only available to a select few).
>> No. 108186
Why don’t y’all just post some damn pictures already??!!
>> No. 108195
Moar of this sweetheart please!!
>> No. 108198
>>108171 datafilehost.com - caught deleting a file. Blacklisted.
>> No. 108205
In future I'd like to see studios go to more of a GoFundMe system. Put out a few samples of a model's collection, then after a certain amount (say $2,000) has been donated to that particular model a full set and vid are released for all to see.
Everything eventually gets leaked. At least this way models and their photographers are compensated. I'd also love to see live chats where fans can donate to ask questions or make requests. If it's done right with proper moderation it'd make for a sweet Twitch channel.
>> No. 108206
why do ppl like this girl so much? shes not even hot?.....
>> No. 108209
>>108206 which girl(s) do you mean?
>> No. 108210
>>108205 stalkers want more contact with girls!
>> No. 108214
Are you fukin stupid. You really think any idiot would start a new studio just for you cunts to beg and steal his work for free as you have done on these chans.... Geeezus some of you cunts are thick.
>> No. 108219
File 154538882162.jpg - (3.20MB , 6000x4000 , Nina-042-065.jpg )
Free the nipple!
>> No. 108235
TOO BAD SS had to shut down the site because it was reported. it was a nice site and easy to navigate and purchase products.
>> No. 108248
please share Mila sets & vids pleaseee
>> No. 108251
>>108235 please share all SS collections on this thread. thank you.
>> No. 108257
File 154540361182.jpg - (160.39KB , 1024x1001 , German-wartime-recruitment-poster-Waffen-SS.jpg )
Who do you think you are ?
Blaming the real SS...
>> No. 108259
File 154540416140.jpg - (769.82KB , 2000x3000 , Viola-005-071 (half size).jpg )
If you're going to start a new post, let least provide links to the old posts.

SS1 - https://155chan.gr/hebe/res/75558.html
SS2 - https://155chan.gr/hebe/res/101112.html
SS3 - https://155chan.gr/hebe/res/104123.html
>> No. 108261

emm why did you steal my nick?)
>> No. 108263
He nicked yer nick and should go in the nick.
>> No. 108270
Julia? please? anything?
>> No. 108276
>> No. 108280
>>108259 Does she wear panties or do not wear panties, that's the question!
>> No. 108283
>>108102 Stalkers are lonely and lack self-esteem, yet they feel very, very important. Stalkers thrive on secrecy and privacy. Stalkers prefer anonymity to perpetrate crimes against their targeted victims through electronic and online means.
>> No. 108284
No the question is how can you be such a DUMB ASS! Michelle is the only one of the SS models who did any panty-less sets. And that is because she is under 5. I challenge you you provide a REAL NOT A FAKE image of any of the older SS models posing without panties. How they got Michelle's parents to go along with her nude is a mystery.
>> No. 108288
>>108284 Shit man you need some fresh air lol
>> No. 108289
>>108284 I am sure... there is no
>> No. 108293
>>108283 you have been rude and upset the original poster at https://180chan.co/cg/res/61471.html#68943 You should be ashamed of yourself.
>> No. 108294
File VID-20181220-WA0005.mp4 - (447.76KB )
starsessions owner have an accident, thats why the site is gone. look at the video, the machine kill him. he had a terrible dead.
>> No. 108296
do you have mila 003 video? if you hace it please post video thumbnails. thank you, you are beautiful people.
>> No. 108297
>>108293 Remember my rant(s) ?
Hey anon, I reup from scrappy filesharing to normal like free.fr, so we have new SS4 thread. SO do you need pennies that arrive for a download from scrappy host or I can reup this for all?
I would put a dick on you and you REpost from amf in another case, but since this is original content and it’s about Elena, I would like to hear your answer and if you are against, I can ignore Elena post...
to mods: I can download and save everything only for myself, no problems, I was already going to knock it out of the topic. my post was in new thread with info but mods move it here w/o pic and info :] (are they stupid morons?)
to assholes: go fuck yourself. what's your prob, u get content for free but still unhappy? no one will return your cents that you spent to the studio, accept this
>> No. 108298
i think the accident is because of mila #003 photo and video. its all about karma.
>> No. 108300
el alma de las niñas se vengaron de el creador de starsessions y lo pusieron en cárcel 25 años por producir y vender porno infantil.
>> No. 108306
Just to annoy the witless - it is reported that the webmaster has retired to Iceland where he breed Arctic terns and cultivates Potatoes. This is as absolutely true as the above suggestion that he/she died in an elevator accident....it was only a graze, and it was healed in Reykjavik on arrival.
>> No. 108308
yes she wears panties a tiny pink thong covers her butt and mound, she looks really sweeet in them. In her 04 video she wears these tight white cotton full bottom pair and stretches them to the limit, very nice butt tightly encased in white cotton very hot video
>> No. 108310
are you kids done spreading silly fake news and talking crap all the time?
learn english spaniard
>> No. 108312
File 154542111652.jpg - (139.13KB , 1024x683 , Viola-005-03-1024x683.jpg )
viola really panties you guys should have saved the previews while you could
>> No. 108314
>>108312 OH...Please, post it!!!!
>> No. 108317
es la venganza de mila. ahora el director de starsessions está ardiendo en el infierno y su alma se quemará en las llamas del fuego eterno. el video de mila 003 fue el detonante para que los demonios activaran la moledora de carne en la escalera mecánica. su alma ahora arde en llamas y ahí se quedará eternamente.
>> No. 108318
No, we're not done, witless one, and why don't you learn some Spanish, monoglot. He's probably a Colombian cartel hitman, not a Spaniard, so I'd watch out if I were you...lol
>> No. 108320
Guys... I thought something, but it is just a thought! Maybe Admin closed the site, owing to leaks and before closed the site he contacted with trusted members and give the private name of new site. And now he works with them... I hope to saying shit... I hope it does not apply!
>> No. 108324
File 154542796296.jpg - (84.30KB , 500x526 , luxury jail.jpg )
>> No. 108325
File 154542797518.jpg - (140.74KB , 470x388 , windsor_davies_1.jpg )
StarSesssions has closed? Oh dear, how sad, never mind. Shoulders back...
>> No. 108331
File 154542877269.jpg - (6.19KB , 318x159 , descarga (1).jpg )
la tierra es plana y el dueño de starsessions ya no produce mas fotos y videos.
>> No. 108333
desde que veo vídeos de starsessions estoy empezando a ver tarántulas en las paredes de mi habitación.
>> No. 108334
>>108320 No. He build a space rocket and escape from the Earth to the dark side of the Moon taking all the girls with him. After 50 ears in the future he'll return with his army of space lolis and occupy the Earth! WE ARE DOOMED!!!
>> No. 108338

Where have I been rude or where have I offended him? So as you see, some fool decided to post under my old nick (lol nick on anon board it's so funny) and there's nothing I can do with it, but on the contrary, I wrote a very respectful letter to OP on 180 chan, as it seems to me. Please read full message but not a topic only.
>> No. 108339
starsessions was not real, all girls are dolls robots. i knew it since ThE beginning of ThE site. ai-aitech.com
>> No. 108340
Guys, is there any real evidence that the studio has closed? This is really important, if they is, then it gives the green light to a capital leak on big forums in Tor!
>> No. 108341
>>108340 I hope! I am interested only secret sets/videos. Nothing else.
>> No. 108342
Next year, every starsessions customer is going to share the collections, i hope so. because TVE site is dead and agency director is con jail, sentenced 25 years un prision.
>> No. 108343
File 154543174240.gif - (2.05MB , 612x250 , ImpressiveIncredibleAlligatorsnappingturtle.gif )
i can speak spanish gracias so i will just wait for alejandro to kill me while you keep babbling witlessly, witless
>> No. 108344
File 154543185080.jpg - (4.39KB , 183x275 , green light.jpg )
lets share all we have about this shit called starsessions.biz
>> No. 108345
Mods need real proofs but not troll's screams so stop it plz!
>> No. 108347
He or she just wrote to me and told me the new website adress. she also said that now al girls are using anal sex toys. and she send me a preview of michelle using a big size square peg slink inside her ass. the video is 300 dollars. and theres another video thumbnails of mila using a huge colon snake.
>> No. 108348
Damn, sounds nice! Good to hear the SS admin is still around and even producing HC. Hopefully we get to see more HC content soon!
>> No. 108349
are you stupid or something? he is talking bullshit bro, just like most of the losers in this thread
>> No. 108356
File 154543672151.jpg - (216.78KB , 1000x667 , lightning draws near.jpg )
. . . the clouds obscure . . . what is coming

>> No. 108357
Nothing is coming. SS is dead and so is the content.
Your post along with this whole thread is useless.
>> No. 108364

. . . be careful, mortal, lest you become an electrically charred mass, pummeled to dust by righteous asgardian uru
>> No. 108365
Wow, thanks so much....love her :P
>> No. 108366
File 15454383397.jpg - (2.36MB , 4000x6000 , Julia-MaisieSS-001-278.jpg )
SS is not dead!!
>> No. 108367
I am out Happy Holiday to All

Seems like who ever leaked these customs and the Marisol customs was just some pissed of guy , probably was buying customs , then demanded HC or hee would shut them down by leaking them... Never seen a clearnet leak like this unless it was to sabotage....

My 2 cents ,, nude is ok but we just lost the best site since Vlad Models , and the new sets in the house where to die for,, lots of varaity in girls for all taste. Best for me is NN tease , nip slip here and there etc ,, way better to tease then see it all , then what boring naked,, but in NN tease you never know what to expecct , and this studio did it perfect , I will miss them, so sad we never got to have them around for a few years like Vlad.

End Rant
>> No. 108369
thanks friend , i will have to slow internet so all u get the sets n video , all i get is if you post a pic , I got a few Oliva from some nice guy , Love here nipples in the white top , so sexy yet elegent NN Tease tease is now gone , soooooo sad for this day , feel free post more and i grab the bread crumbs , Ha ha , Happy Holiday All you
>> No. 108371
File 154543975799.jpg - (415.22KB , 720x1080 , Olivia-006-01.jpg )
Please post a few Beautiful Oliva , Thanks you
>> No. 108390
File 154544411764.jpg - (445.19KB , 900x576 , Maisie-023_1080_mp4_thumbs.jpg )
vid http://dl.free.fr/vijiRsi5a 
(1920x1080 9min)

pic http://dl.free.fr/hyu7gHtgV 
(125 photos)
>> No. 108393
File 154544426677.jpg - (405.31KB , 900x576 , Maisie-024_1080_mp4_thumbs.jpg )
vid http://dl.free.fr/mbNKuulxY 
(1920x1080 7min)

pic http://dl.free.fr/boH55ln4z 
(144 photos)
>> No. 108395
File 154544432573.jpg - (420.79KB , 900x576 , Maisie-025_1080_mp4_thumbs.jpg )
vid http://dl.free.fr/v0bvSo51R 
(1920x1080 8:59min)

pic http://dl.free.fr/oqzFSsg5x 
(141 photos)
>> No. 108397
please post kathy 020 and mila 003
>> No. 108398
File 154544438878.jpg - (421.61KB , 900x576 , Nita-024_1080_mp4_thumbs.jpg )
vid http://dl.free.fr/nYiVPh9nW 
(1920x1080 8min)

pic http://dl.free.fr/kdzZSrNrv 
(140 photos)
>> No. 108400
File 154544443726.jpg - (479.93KB , 900x576 , Nita-025_1080_mp4_thumbs.jpg )
vid http://dl.free.fr/qZ9iDUukx 
(1920x1080 8min)

pic http://dl.free.fr/q3z25ZXgU 
(150 photos)
>> No. 108402
File 154544478353.jpg - (11.05KB , 229x220 , dead pool.jpg )
lets share all you have.
>> No. 108403

Thanks! I know it's asking a lot, but would appreciate some Secret Stars of them if you were lucky enough to get any.
>> No. 108404
Hey Thor - next time, aim for Thanos' head.
>> No. 108405
File 154544538523.jpg - (6.66KB , 225x225 , merry starxmas.jpg )
Thanks, wish more users do the same and upload all collections.
>> No. 108406

ohh many thanks dude, great leak, I hope that mods steal nothing, because they can)
>> No. 108408
Holy Jesus this is epic is just insane. never stop please
>> No. 108420
File 154544733035.jpg - (18.88KB , 660x330 , georgia monster on jail.jpg )
the bitch is on jail. lets leak it all. more videos are coming soon to a theater near you.
>> No. 108432

Thank you very much for the kindness to share these beauties.
>> No. 108442
Yes i have to agree that this amount of leaks could only exist from sabotage. There were many assholes from the Tor Forums like Frog/R0binH00d and MrEd that outright betrayed everyone.

MrEd fucked over everyone because he was trying to kiss Pollyfans ass and Frog never hid the fact he wants everything posted for free.

I wonder if they knew they were helping each other out or if they both are the makers of the R0binH00d prick.
>> No. 108448
>>108390 This video has real sound in some seconds... listen what Maisie say in English, in that seconds... and after second time read her lips...
>> No. 108449
I'd like to thank Thor!mYd4txT.xY for his shares of Nita & Maisie (2 new to me).

Are there any sets/vids you're after? If I have them I'll upload them for you.
>> No. 108450
Man finds terrible death on escalator in Tbilisi Georgia. the police discovered that the man was the administrator and producer of a child pornography website called starsessions. his body was crushed by the machine and was totally unrecognizable, it was because of the identity document that he had in his wallet that could be identified. REUTER news december 2018.
>> No. 108451
Wow.. thanks for that big leak!! :)
>> No. 108452
Lets pray for him, but first two more faps!
>> No. 108466
File 154545712432.jpg - (360.22KB , 720x1080 , Lisa-031-01.jpg )
please share a few nice pictures i have no money so internet i can only get single pictures you post please
i get nothing unless it is a picture posted online
>> No. 108495
Money was not the problem. The problem was the means of payment. In my country to use cryptomonedas they ask for a series of requirements that I could not fulfill and that's why I could never buy anything from starsessions. If they had accepted a visa or mastercard or even payments via moneygram then I would have bought some sets.
>> No. 108507
You and that CNN idiot from earlier could run for presidency with how much you lie. There has been no news coverage anywhere of these sites.
>> No. 108516
>> 108507

What about Georgian media?
>> No. 108534
Fuck you. we do not have such subways.

Don't listen to this kind of idiots.

If something happens, or some news and information in Georgian media I will post here links.
>> No. 108537
For fucks sake guys, that video of the dude falling into the escalator was from several months ago. He was a Turk visiting Tbilisi and survived the incident.
>> No. 108539
Good luck with that! The webmaster/webmistress/webcrocodile or whatever has just given up! That's all. End of.
>> No. 108571
Desperately nothing about Julia alone I'm crazy. Always others girls but never about my princess Julia.
>> No. 108572
Thank you for posting Star Sessions collections please share all vids& sets Lina PLEASEEEEE my god
>> No. 108576
Guys, do you really think that someone share sets when he/she has seen you message with the request?
It doesn't work, who wants, has and can, he/she does. But messages like a "please share all vids & sets with %modelname%" are so fucking stupid and useless... The thread doesn't need your spambump!
>> No. 108581
But yes, you are right, of course.
>> No. 108583
File 154547837131.jpg - (486.42KB , 1920x1080 , Julia-20-4k-vidvap1.jpg )
Well, for you, here's a vidcap from vid 20 (4K), taken from a 45 second clip already posted. I've brightened and sharpened it a bit. Haven't seen any solo sets posted either.
>> No. 108595
"MrEd fucked over everyone because he was trying to kiss Pollyfans ass and Frog never hid the fact he wants everything posted for free.

I wonder if they knew they were helping each other out or if they both are the makers of the R0binH00d prick."

Course they were helping each other. Frog and MrEd now "retired" Moderators at GAP. Both of them tried to get Robinhood into the MVP room so they could ALL read and steal infromation and links from everyones private messagies
And now Robinhood is suspected of being compromised....
Those three have caused a lott of shit for evreyone. Whatch your backs people!
>> No. 108603

Damn man, stop it! I think you haven't some insight...

Pollyfan is an old model customer, everything that comes with his WM was made many years ago (like PL videos) it's only unhoarding now.

Look at the modeling section they shared a lot for free (but what did YOU do? I'm sure that you are sitting with zero messages in read-only mode).

>And now Robinhood is suspected of being compromised...

nobody suspect him, only stupid troll and freak created a post, but he did something like this before (because he is a troll like you)

>Course they were helping each other.

and... whats prob man, if you are inactive you don't get what you want, it's fair because you didn't pay a single penny!

>Frog and MrEd now "retired" Moderators at GAP. Both of them tried to get Robinhood into the MVP room so they could ALL read and steal infromation and links from everyones private messages

...and again - you haven't some insight, moderators can't read PM, only administrators can do this but it's abuse of authority. And how does Robin's MVP relate to message steal

so I still don't understand you are crazy, troll or just a who just fool registered on the forum and makes hasty conclusions
>> No. 108604

and yeap, Star Sessions sets was banned on forums because the studio was active, but now if people like you stop spamming and someone appears who has irrefutable evidence of the closure of the studio, game really can change
>> No. 108605
>> 108595
>> 108442

I have never read so much bullshit in my life as what is written in these threads. Don't usually read this shit or visit these chans, but someone alerted me that they are talking crap here about me and others.

> "MrEd fucked over everyone because he was trying to kiss Pollyfans ass"
What on earth does Pollyfan have to do with Star Sessions? And exactly how did I 'fuck over everyone because I am trying to kiss Pollyfans ass'? This does not make sense in any way.

> "and Frog never hid the fact he wants everything posted for free."
This is true. And he has always been very honest about that. I on the other hand do not want everything posted for free because I want producers and studios to stay alive, So? What's your point?

> "Course they were helping each other. Frog and MrEd now "retired" Moderators at GAP."
Frog retired many months ago because he became admin at FF. I retired a couple of weeks ago because I want to spend less time and was losing interest. Again, I don't know what you are implying with this and what your point is.

> "Both of them tried to get Robinhood into the MVP room so they could ALL read and steal infromation and links from everyones private messagies"
And this seriously is the weirdest, most stupid thing i've read in my whole life. Frog (who has not been a mod in half a year) and I tried to get Robinhood into the MVP club? And by getting RobinHood into MVP, suddenly everyone could magically read all private messages from all members? What the fuck have you been smoking?

These replies are either of a butthurt leecher who is upset because I have tried to stop the SS leaks, or someone who is seriously delusional and high on shrooms. Probably both.

Oh and just to proof I am really mr Ed:
Hash: SHA512

A horse is a horse
Version: GnuPG v1

>> No. 108606
File 154549020258.jpg - (2.54MB , 4000x6000 , Maisie-028-001.jpg )


posted on hurt
>> No. 108611
please post mila 003 video before i died.
>> No. 108612

so what will be the point of reference for the start of the mass leaking of the sets? Is this public information in the media about the arrest of studio organizers?
>> No. 108613
File 154549227481.png - (5.07KB , 284x178 , mg.png )
Hi, i want to buy this sets: mila 003, kathy 020,nina 031, lilu 031, nita 016, nita 011, angelina 003 4k i can pay you 50 dollars forma each video, please contact me.
>> No. 108614

thx for info
>> No. 108615
File 154549312389.jpg - (8.69KB , 310x163 , descarga.jpg )
i can pay you 50 us dollars for each video. if you are interested please post video thumbnails of the videos i want: angelina 003 4K, nina 031,lilu 031, mila 003, nita 016, nita 011, kathy 020. just post the videothumbnails to proof that you have it. then contact me. its fast and easy.
>> No. 108621
File 154549649763.jpg - (277.30KB , 1372x869 , Angelina-001_4K_mp4_snapshot.jpg )
Go to https://155chan.gr/cg/res/17106.html#33647
>> No. 108622
I'm sorry amf/modelos.gratism/reposter HIT, but you know what i'm doing now)
>> No. 108626
Premium only
>> No. 108627
>>108626 Please use your premium account to download and share using free download host. Thank you.
>> No. 108631
>>108622 I am lonely and lack self-esteem, but feel very, very important. To assholes: go fuck yourself. This is my thread and I decide what can be posted on Triforce!
>> No. 108632

to amf/modelos.gratism/reposter HIT:

well you know, I really regret that I made a video re-upload, it was tactless, I really wish I had answered the poster before it was answered. So I wanted to act in accordance with his answer, but maybe I hurt him or not, I don’t know, the fact is that he was missing... But you... I'm not sorry for you, you have made a paid registration and upload to subscription crappy site like ex-load so I think it's greed and impudence. You know I'm glad to spoil your releases a bit and help ordinary people to download this w/o subscribes.

But anyway thanks OP from amf for this!

photoset: http://dl.free.fr/wAe9bp1ov
4k video: http://dl.free.fr/jsnYEBK4H

the same password as always - free*StarS4ALL_

>>108626, >>108627
enjoy if you want...

And at last, >>108631 as you wrote - go fuck yourself, so you are damn right I advise you to do this, stop spamming with this name plz, fucking troll. I almost never answer with this name without content... just a thought if you got some brains in your bean.
>> No. 108633
File 154550106149.jpg - (3.95MB , 4000x6000 , Angelina-001-049.jpg )
>> No. 108634
>I had reposted
>> No. 108639

Thanks - a good hit on HIT. Have no problem with premium sites if they're mainstream, i.e., used by more than one or two posters, such as Rapidgator. But these boutique hosts are a no-no
>> No. 108641
Some day, I hope with this fast leaks like starsessions sets to leaks secret stars collections. After that, I will rest in peace!
>> No. 108643
File 154550412221.jpg - (435.77KB , 720x1080 , Olivia-006-03.jpg )
>> No. 108644
Wow.. that looks like a great set.. thanks for that sneak peek :)
>> No. 108648
I'm truly gratefull for all the hot posts of SS girls
>> No. 108653
Did a version of the Lilu 37 or Maisie & Aleksandra videos come out without the annoying watermark ever come out?
>> No. 108655
Thanks for Angelina-001. Angelina in SecretStars should be perfect! AngelinaSS-015 with green thong, exists or not? I imagine her!
>> No. 108656
certainly officer, I have several of those. shall I wait until you have the raiding party ready before I give you my details?
>> No. 108658
im not a cop, i always bought tpi using MoneyGram. you are just paranoid.
>> No. 108659
Anyone have Olivia 001?
>> No. 108661
Thank you for all the lovely Nita, Thor!
>> No. 108666
one of my favorites when we can see up to her wet panty crotch and the thong splitting the wet lips
>> No. 108668
anyone has Nita 07?
>> No. 108673
March 26, 2018! Fucking trolls!
>> No. 108686
>>108390 Very sexy video!
05:34-05:40 "Do you like my underwear?" LIVE!
05:44-05:50 "Do you like my pants?" LIVE!
06:09-06:15 "Do you like my boobs?" not LIVE! Read her lips
07:12-07:35 She touch and squeeze her butt! LIVE!
>> No. 108692
>>108393 01:30-01:33 Front and back! Look at her face!
05:55-06:00 Up down! Look at her face!
>> No. 108694
>>108692 Sorry! The video is from this >>108606
>> No. 108703
>>108632 Do not leave this thread without adding the missing 12t pics from Maisie set 23 at
Thank you to original poster.
>> No. 108704
thanks please more more SS Mila & Lina more more
>> No. 108709
File 154551752378.jpg - (210.29KB , 1024x761 , Elena-026_4K_mp4.jpg )
on hurtmeh, thanks to OP
>> No. 108712
>>108709 Elena has Secret set?
>> No. 108715
>>108712 You niggers have not been paying attention (again). The Moderator has made it crystal clear that posting Secret Stars will not be tolerated on this /hebe/ thread.
>> No. 108716

How many times do we have to see the same question in these threads? Anyone can answer the question yes or no, but that doesn't mean or prove a damn thing. If they exist and someone decides to share them, that will answer the question yes. Otherwise, just accept that the answer is no. Asking the question over and over is pointless.
>> No. 108719
>>108715 OK! Where?
>> No. 108722

I hope so... But don't know, they are very expensive if they exist
>> No. 108741
Looking for Maisie 20 vid
>> No. 108744
>>108741 Let this thread know when you have found it!
>> No. 108756
File 154553012218.jpg - (852.21KB , 2560x2086 , Lisa-020_4k.jpg )
>>108605 MrED your work at the forums over the years is greatly appreciated. pay no attention to the trolls. this place is just an idiot magnet.

thanks Thor

Mila-009.4K also at hurtmeh

question: Lisa-020 is also available. does it need to be posted here? i don't see it.
>> No. 108757
It's available, though behind VIP access, and unposted here. I'm sure it would be very appreciated if you posted it, Nipsey.
>> No. 108766
>> No. 108771
File Mila-009.mp4 - (7.93MB )
>> No. 108773
Where do you get these videos from?
>> No. 108775
File Lisa-020.mp4 - (7.93MB )
my name
>> No. 108779
A thousand thanks to you, sir! This girl is absolutely insane.
>> No. 108781
File 15455344559.jpg - (115.61KB , 884x891 , 154531941125.jpg )
Apologies if this is OT but did anyone notice the stains on Milas panties from OPs pic? It's driving me insane. I want to know, is she wet? Did she have to Pee? Are they panties used from another scene?

Look at the varience of stains on her panties and the placing of them. Makea me wonder.
>> No. 108784
File 154553546958.jpg - (3.60MB , 4000x6000 , Mila-019-014.jpg )
those stains are on every image in Mila-019, where you can see the panty crotch that is. It gets one's imagination going doesn't it?
>> No. 108785
Can you upload this full set?
>> No. 108789
Lord have mercy, it gets more than my imagination going. I wish I had more sets of girls with panties like that, namely high res sets.
>> No. 108792
please Share Mila pleaseeee
>> No. 108796
You're damned right I'm paranoid. This material may be legal where you live, but I'm not so lucky. There is no way in hell I'm using a money transfer store to collect payment for selling what is considered child porn in my puritanical country. That's what crypto-currency and TOR is for.

Having said that, good luck in your search for your videos.
>> No. 108801
More Mila plzz
>> No. 108802
Here are the links to a Mila set I gave a friend a wee while ago, he had the leaked Mila-006 HD vid already.

Pass: 4sanp
>> No. 108806
Some Sets and vids on vip on XXXCOLLECTIONS.NET still, could anyone post?
>> No. 108816
Thank you very much for sharing this set. Really appreciate it!
>> No. 108822
Thank you
>> No. 108825
File 15455424493.jpg - (12.30KB , 271x186 , aquanal.jpg )
Hello beautiful people, please for the love of aquaman, post kathy 020 and mila 003.
>> No. 108829
File 154554395286.png - (269.53KB , 480x270 , Photo_20181223_004234.png )
please for the love of neptuno, post this set.
>> No. 108830
File 154554413065.png - (414.76KB , 480x640 , Photo_20181223_003801.png )
this set please
>> No. 108831
agree pleez ppl !!
>> No. 108833
File 154554485894.png - (255.16KB , 480x270 , Photo_20181223_005947.png )
>> No. 108846
File 154555271165.png - (391.33KB , 1350x715 , Screen Shot 2018-12-23 at 07_35_59-fullpage.png )

>"What on earth does Pollyfan have to do with Star Sessions? And exactly how did I 'fuck over everyone because I am trying to kiss Pollyfans ass'? This does not make sense in any way."
It has everything to do with it. Your were so pissed off that people were trading PL with pollyfans watermark that you decided to post everything to fuck overyone. Sets that pollyfan traded out himself that had nothing to do with you. It also doesnt help that your just a shit trader too, faggot.

>"These replies are either of a butthurt leecher who is upset because I have tried to stop the SS leaks"
Nope, these allegations come from the ones you fucked over and there are many that know of your lies and betrayals... Faggot.

And to disprove that ever tried to stop SS leaks then why were you and GaP administration so resistant to remove stating names of studios in announcements or banned content. Its because you knew that naming Starsessions would make users of a childporn site more likely to leak it. You painted a giant red target on them for that.

---Banner-Welcome to GaP---
Announcements and forum news
-Starsessions is banned

see pic

No, MrEd says he was trying to stop leaks but instead he was one of the biggest leakers of our generation. There was a group out there dedicated to the fullest at stopping leaks and YOU MR.ED are actually guilty of trying to compromise them. imagine that! What better way to get rid of anyone combating leaks then to send them to prison.

Yep. MrEd is a faggot and a dangerous faggot to boot. I wonder how many people he has driven out of the community now?
>> No. 108851

>"Don't usually read this shit or visit these chans, but someone alerted me that they are talking crap here about me and others."

That is as silly as it gets. Don't be bashful now, claim your reward. You wanted the fame of freeing all the Polar lights and starsessions or you going to let Frog take the credit for all your hard work.
>> No. 108853
Anything new??? Wheres the new???
>> No. 108857
>>108802 Mila video 006 posted at https://180chan.co/cg/res/26037.html#37724
Thank you to original poster.
>> No. 108858
>Anything new??? Wheres the new???
Are you seriously expecting anyone to post something new here now? You bring your childish bickering from another site here, and have the temerity to ask for new material?

Well, fuck you and your micro penis.
>> No. 108861
>>108854 That "bitching" give us many information, if you personally are not interested then leave us, but don't say like nobody interested. It is mods business to judge what topic belongs where, not yours so please shut up.
>> No. 108862

I think that may be some one trolling with a copy/paste name
>> No. 108866
Unleashed Loser/Frog has been leaking stuff ever since i first encountered him on GirlsHub. He always said the same stupid thing, "The police already have it, So be unleashed!"

You have to be retarded to think he will do anything else. People have already proven he is R0binh00d and they still defend him and allow him to run VIP groups on forums.
>> No. 108867

Didn't Unleashed Loser as Gamshark let GiftBox hackers root Magic Kingdom when he was upset about the opening of a market place?
>> No. 108869

This is how you know Nipsey Russell is Frog/R0binh00d. MrED has not been involved in forum moderation for even 1 year.

As a forum mod he was pretty good if you don't consider the bit about betraying his trading buddies.
>> No. 108870
Who proved RH is frog?
>> No. 108872
>>108861 Having a multiple post discussion with yourself is really, really sad. Get a life.
>> No. 108873
Wasn't Mr.ED also secretly selling secret stars on sinbox? pretty low to do that and then go onto the GaP saying sellers are the problem when he was leaking them somewhere he thought nobody could find him.
>> No. 108874
Dear Mr Nipsey please post Lilu secret Stars set please.
>> No. 108876

Lol Fapper, I did not leak anything :)
the only thing I do is reuploading from amf's ex-load
>> No. 108877

and nonuderama's mountfile
>> No. 108878
Pride before the Fall
>> No. 108879
Would you please post this full vid?
>> No. 108880
>>108879 forgotten to say thank you for clip (again).
>> No. 108888
>>108869 i think he is only fucking asshole who post useless clips and he hasn't real power in his arm
>> No. 108892
How do I get the site?
>> No. 108894

No i think he only posts clips because the chan has something like an 8MB limit on video clips. he has posted excerpts from videos that have not been posted publicly yet so he is likely cutting them himself.

He says he only reposts but you need to have something to cut from so he is a liar.
>> No. 108897

WTF?!posted today and 404 already?
>> No. 108899
File 15455663467.jpg - (1.92MB , 4000x3205 , Lisa-014-00087.jpg )
The Greedy hoarders did this to themselves. It was their own fault.
>> No. 108900
File 154556691615.jpg - (3.74MB , 4000x4191 , Mila-004-045.jpg )
The Merry Men will do as they please
>> No. 108902
>>108899 Why you are pretending to be RobinH00d? Get a life!
>> No. 108904

Whos pretending. I owe you anything.
>> No. 108905
Robin hood do you have a lilu secret Stars set? Please post. Thanks
>> No. 108907
I have all the secret stars sets and im open for business.
>> No. 108908
What kind of business?
>> No. 108910
Yeah well, OK - what kind of business?
>> No. 108917
Try spelling your name correctly before trying to scam
>> No. 108925
Mila indeed wet her panties as has Nita. The new xmas videos are pretty cute
>> No. 108926
What "new" Xmas videos? The site is closed.
>> No. 108927
SITE is closed but production continues and no one will leak this new stuff like Olivia in pink thong under xmas tree its not going to be leaked You who leaked caused the studio to go underground the site was easy to navigate and make purchases but the studio is now private
>> No. 108928
File 154557290720.jpg - (3.87MB , 4000x6000 , NatashaSS-003-183.jpg )

Try recognizing who you are talking too, peasant.
>> No. 108931
Easy to use one of his watermarked previews! Cunt!
>> No. 108932

Message encrypt with PGP key is best proof ever. So until you do it, you're just an imposter and a liar. Below is the public key from the GaP. We are w8ing for proof :)

Version: Sherwood v1.6b

>> No. 108933
File 154557327167.jpg - (1.18MB , 2000x3000 , Lilu 002.jpg )
Photoset is available for download elsewhere.
>> No. 108934
why are you assholes fucking with RobinHood who has provided great content you are real jerkoffs
>> No. 108938
File 154557350830.jpg - (1.38MB , 2667x4000 , Elena 018.jpg )
Photoset and HD Video download is elsewhere.
>> No. 108939
File 154557369978.jpg - (1.46MB , 2000x3000 , Angelina 004.jpg )
Photoset and 4K Video is available for download elsewhere.
>> No. 108940
Because he and his friends have done more harm to this community that you could ever comprehend
>> No. 108941
All right new ex-load links but I'm waiting a release for Star Sessions here - https://180chan.co/cg/res/61471+50.html and if that happens, then I won't repost anything (however I won't do anyway)
>> No. 108942

Thats not going to prove a damn thing especially if cant even provide the correct key fuckehead. And just so you know RH already has said he doesnt know how to post singned messages on GaP


He dont have to prove anything to you
>> No. 108946
File 154557492031.jpg - (1.46MB , 2667x4000 , Elena-018-113.jpg )

oh god really... Did you (or someone else) post on amf compressed set..?
>> No. 108948
Don't be so sure. The SS leaks were started by Ricochet users getting cut-sheets and pricing.In essence, they were "trusted". How has that worked out so far? I've no doubt the same practice is being used now to make sales and keep the business afloat. His prime hurdle is vetting -there is zero way he can vet all customers, including you. The fact you posted what you said only proves my point. You should have kept that information private, which only proves you are operating on a shallow basis of ego and not concern about the business. If you believe that some of those "clients" aren't active LEA then please stop by my house with the deed to your home and proof of ownership to your vehicle(s)for a poker game this weekend. My advice to you is keep your thoughts to yourself, don't give imput to this chan, and quit trying to prove your relevance as it pertains to the website being discussed. You appear young and impressionable. Wise up, you are only making a toxic situation worse.
>> No. 108951
>>108928 Oh! For the name of God! Natasha is my love. Please, upload this set or video on HurtMeh! Please!
>> No. 108953

from EXIF
Bits Per Sample8 8 8
Exif Image Size2,000 × 3,000
Photometric InterpretationRGB
Camera Model NameCanon EOS 5D Mark II
OrientationHorizontal (normal)
Samples Per Pixel3
SoftwareAdobe Photoshop CS5.1 Windows
Y Cb Cr PositioningCentered
Exposure Time1/200
F Number11.00
Exif Version0221
Date/Time Original2012:09:05 17:09:36
6 years, 3 months, 17 days, 12 hours, 30 minutes, 26 seconds ago
Components ConfigurationY, Cb, Cr, -
Shutter Speed Value1/197
Aperture Value11.31
Exposure Compensation0
Max Aperture Value2.8
Subject Distance3.65 m
FlashOff, Did not fire
Focal Length90.0 mm
User Comment
Flashpix Version0100
Color SpacesRGB
Image Size3,393 × 5,089
Interoperability IndexR98 - DCF basic file (sRGB)
Interoperability Version0100
Related Image Width3,393
Related Image Height5,089
Focal Plane X Resolution3849.211789
Focal Plane Y Resolution3908.141962
Focal Plane Resolution Unitinches
Custom RenderedNormal
Exposure ModeManual
White BalanceManual
Scene Capture TypeStandard
GPS Version ID2.2.0.0
CompressionJPEG (old-style)
Y Resolution72
Modify Date2012:09:06 11:12:32
6 years, 3 months, 16 days, 18 hours, 27 minutes, 30 seconds ago
Create Date2012:09:05 17:09:36
6 years, 3 months, 17 days, 12 hours, 30 minutes, 26 seconds ago
Resolution350 pixels/inch
X Resolution72
Thumbnail Length5,206
Thumbnail Image(5,206 bytes binary data)

>> No. 108954
i am young less than 30yo i respect my elders and will say no more
>> No. 108955

so when did studio start work if Date/Time Original is 2012:09:05 17:09:36 ?
>> No. 108958
Lilu was modelling for other studios many years before star sessions started.
>> No. 108960
>>108958 name of the studios please...
>> No. 108962
Hash: SHA512


Lol, looks like I got myself a personal troll :) You got it in for me mate? Have I done something which upset you, and now you're trying to slander me? Would be nice if you would do so in person though, with your own nick at the boards, and not anonymous at the chans.

Oh and a word of advice: it would be better to keep your delusions consistent. Or at the very least try to not contradict yourself. Am I kissing Pollyfan's ass or am I mad at him and posting sets with his watermark? You're right that I'm a shit trader though, I haven't traded anything in over half a year :D

I'm not going to reply to all this, don't have time for it and wouldn't even know where to begin because it makes no sense at all. One can't reason with insanity. Anyone who replies here after this post using the MrEd nickname is not me. Everyone can verify this signed message and the previous one with the PGP key in my profile at GaP and FF.

Version: GnuPG v1

>> No. 108965
>>108960 teen modeling tv . The site closed years ago. Some sets leaked.
>> No. 108966
Please post lilu set.
Robin hood you are the best.
>> No. 108972
File 154558130991.png - (123.10KB , 1872x305 , Capture.png )

>"Lol, looks like I got myself a personal troll :) You got it in for me mate? Have I done something which upset you, and now you're trying to slander me? Would be nice if you would do so in person though, with your own nick at the boards, and not anonymous at the chans."
In person? Id like to see you do the same when your posting these leaks and driving other users out of the community. How many posts here on these SS threads belong to you? Many. Its amazing what you can do with a few cookies and 50 bucks to pay an admin, huh. But you wouldn't know anything about that would you? Because you don't have any real skills in this sort of department do you?

Oh you left a long record my friend. A wise man once told me that if you want someone to hang themselves, be sure to give them enough rope to do so, hehe.

>"Oh and a word of advice: it would be better to keep your delusions consistent. Or at the very least try to not contradict yourself. Am I kissing Pollyfan's ass or am I mad at him and posting sets with his watermark? You're right that I'm a shit trader though, I haven't traded anything in over half a year :D"
It appears i have met my match here. Mr.Ed good work!

I'm not going to reply to all this, don't have time for it and wouldn't even know where to begin because it makes no sense at all. One can't reason with insanity. Anyone who replies here after this post using the MrEd nickname is not me. Everyone can verify this signed message and the previous one with the PGP key in my profile at GaP and FF.Lol, looks like I got myself a personal troll :) You got it in for me mate? Have I done something which upset you, and now you're trying to slander me? Would be nice if you would do so in person though, with your own nick at the boards, and not anonymous at the chans.
>> No. 108973
do you have Mila 003 ? please post videothumbnails
>> No. 108974
File videoplayback.webm - (261.10KB )
>> No. 108977

>"I'm not going to reply to all this, don't have time for it and wouldn't even know where to begin because it makes no sense at all. One can't reason with insanity. Anyone who replies here after this post using the MrEd nickname is not me. Everyone can verify this signed message and the previous one with the PGP key in my profile at GaP and FF. "

Go ahead and retreat back to your safe zone. You wont find many friends there either. Not after what you done. Your lower then whale shit

BTW how did sucking up to pollyfan work out for you? I bet he stopped talking to you after he realized you were a useless faggot riding the coat tails of everyone that got you into your position in the first place. Its amazing how one could squander such an opportunity like you did.

Oh, this is a star sessions thread, I almost forgot. You are going to post and not refute anything about your betrayals of the star sessions? WOW! Then it is confirmed then. YOU are the problem that needs to be dealt with.
>> No. 108979
So mred was really the one who leaks all the SS?
>> No. 108980
not original, ss never had small 720p videos 1080p or 2160p only
>> No. 108984
>>108928 Please, RobinHood, just image thumbnails of this Natasha’s set...
>> No. 108985
"Your lower then whale shit"

wow - 1 short sentence, 2 mistakes.
>> No. 108986
I agree mostly with what spider-man has said. MrEd and mooseman are known as two of the biggest losers/leakers on Tor forums.
>> No. 108987
>>108939 Download Angelina-004.4K.mp4 at http://dl.free.fr/fdB57oDGW
>> No. 108988
Holy crap - what have I walked into here? Has someone declared world war III?
>> No. 108992
>>108988 It's just a lonely person talking (posting) to themselves pretending to be different people and having a discussion. Ignore vile commentary. It has nothing to do with this thread.
>> No. 108994

Yeah MrEd is pretty scummy. Never heard of the other guy though. Sounds like someone made it up.
>> No. 108997
Well we have assumed it would start with cyber warfare so maybe
>> No. 108998

I've never heard of either of these names
>> No. 108999

Thats because they only come from TOR.
>> No. 109002
so shy did mrEd retiere from being mod at GaP?
>> No. 109003
lol What kind of name is Moose Man?
>> No. 109004
I wish I could find somewhere to share some more of what I got, but the darknet forums I know of aren't allowing star sessions sharing yet. And I sure not doing it here where the childish flame war going on.
>> No. 109005
File 154558987886.jpg - (1.59MB , 2000x3000 , Nita 020.jpg )
Nita 020 Photoset and 4K Video is available for download elsewhere.
>> No. 109006
File 154559007419.jpg - (1.52MB , 2000x3000 , Michelle 010.jpg )
Michelle 010 Photoset and 4K Video is available for download elsewhere.
>> No. 109007
File 154559021178.jpg - (1.02MB , 2000x3000 , Michelle 008.jpg )
Michelle 008 Photoset and 4K Video is available for download elsewhere.
>> No. 109008
File 154559044187.jpg - (933.38KB , 1667x2500 , Michelle 005.jpg )
Michelle 005 Photoset and 4K Video is available for download elsewhere.
>> No. 109009
File 154559055317.jpg - (1.47MB , 2000x3000 , Michelle 002.jpg )
Michelle 002 Photoset and 4K Video is available for download elsewhere.
>> No. 109010
any of the pro's here on hurtmeh, when i try to register it says the confirmation code was wrong. all the time. can anyone help? or can someone register for me and tell me the name and pw..? thanks
>> No. 109011

Theres plenty of darknet forums that will allow it so you have no excuse MrEd
>> No. 109014
>> No. 109015
>>109010 certainly officer. Shall I wait until you have the raiding party ready before I give you my details?
>> No. 109016
poor boy blame itself... you don't have to feel ashamed mr.ed
>> No. 109017

Never heard of a Moose man. Must be another one of MR EDs victims. Wonder what happened between them lol.
>> No. 109018

For someone who constantly tries to sound smarter then everyone else you sure eat ALOT!!!-->.. of Bait.

Its a good thing you signed those messages or else you may have actually denied posting on the chans, faggot.

>> No. 109019
Nobody gives a shit about michelles ugly ass, post other girls
>> No. 109020
mr ed
and a larger amount of trders, collectors and buyers worked very hard NOT to have these sets and videos leaked.
so the moron that is making these crazy accusations should not be given anymore air time to spew his lies and hatred.

there are others like RH and other big names that may have had these, but they NEVER leaked them. I challange anyone to find "leaks" from them. If a set was posted here first, which was done stategicly , then is was "in the public" and was not deleted or banned.

but the bottome matter here is not who did what, but what casued what.
the rampent trading was a vicem of its self. if the scum buyers were not so protective of what they hoarded and paid for, the demand would not have been so great. they caused the run on these collections. If the producers wasnt such a fuckwade, hed still be in bussiness righ now living the dream of a loli producer making crazy bank and having tight little pussys fawn all over him for attention, clothing and ymmu food!.
so this place is the real cause of all the problems and they know it as well as the ss guy.
using a clearnet site to sell cp - a fucking genius he is not!!

so all of you need to get your facts straight and lay of MR "fucking horse face". hes a dick in his own way thats for sure, but hes not the source of the massive leaks that caused the downfall and neither is Robin good.
>> No. 109022
>>109019 Please feel free to ignore any post(s) and free download hosts.
>> No. 109025
>>108927 How do you know that there is?
>> No. 109027
>>108928 Wow! Please, post thumbnails NatashaSS
>> No. 109028

MrED IS ROBINHOOD and it is his betrayals that caused everything. He leaked all the polar lights because he couldn't made any good trades on his own merit. He snuck into a high dollar transaction and essentially robbed the other trade brokers and fucked everyone.

Absolutely nobody had any interest in SS because at best you get some nipples. Michelles full nudes couldnt raise the dick on a chomo any where and where useless for trades. Literally the response if you even tried to trade them was " i am not interested in JUST topless sets" or " im interested something more then softcore".

No matter how terrible the SS admin has been for his own sake, if Tor traders where still peddling shitty Polar lights Videos and sets NOBODY would be giving a flying fuck about star sessions. If you think Ed has done anything good then why has every group he has been apart of been dissolved over (in his own words) "trust issues"!?.

Until Ed enlightens us with his side of the story with no bull shit (Why the lies? Why the betrayals, how did this get out?). I can understand fucking up and making mistakes. We learn from those but being a 2 faced, dishonest, lying son of bitch, where is there any room for forgiveness?
>> No. 109029

Secret stars post will not be tolerated? this post has been up for a long time.
>> No. 109030
There is no new collections! Everything are lies! The site is closed forever!
>> No. 109031
IN 05 MICHELLE models these cute pale pink full bottom cotton panties a real show.
>> No. 109032
>>109006 Download Michelle-010 Photoset at
Thanks to Original Poster.
>> No. 109034
you need to understand this studio has been around a long time and all of the sudden popped up last year.
The pictures are old. Don't think that sets just were photographed last year.
>> No. 109035
studio is not closed new material is being sold to trusted customers who either will leak it or hold it. New Xmas video photo of Maisie was posted here and no one has yet to post Olivia new Xmas video photo.
>> No. 109036
>>109035 It is very interested if someone will post the Xmas photo of Olivia.
>> No. 109038
>>109035 If it is true SSAdmin is idiot! I bought over 50 sets and never I don't leaked any sets or videos. I am sure that I am a trust costumer! This is not fair!
>> No. 109039
RobinHood was take from the rich and give to the poor.
Hood now is I have everything you peasant!
>> No. 109041
Oh dear Oh dear
Some of the pedos here have dealt with kids for so long, that they start behaving like them.

(and screw the ones that say 'posted elsewhere' at SECURITY BITCHING ONLY ALLOWED IN DISCUSSION SUBS PLEASE
>> No. 109047
why all of this obsession with starsessions? its just another dead agency, so lets share your collections to make world more depraveted.
>> No. 109049
>>108928 Robin Hood, become our hero and post it! Please!
>> No. 109050
>>109047 If you don't like it, go away!
>> No. 109052
NatashaSS-003, please image-thumbnail!
>> No. 109055
You've polled everyone, then? She's a sweet little thing, and your taste stinks.
>> No. 109056
>>109041 Moderator says >>108022 >>108027 shekeleer download hosts are not allowed on /hebe/ and links to external websites are not allowed. Please visit the Star Sessions thread at https://180chan.co/cg/res/61471.html Thank you.
>> No. 109059
with hiroshima data system the photos and video are automatically deleted 30 days after being downloaded and can not be uploaded or copied anywhere because the software of the system does not allow it. So the customer is forced to buy them again after 30 days. This system does not allow piracy and is ideal for each customer to buy the same video again if they want to continue enjoying it after 30 days.
>> No. 109061
File 154559775148.jpg - (8.77KB , 296x170 , descarga.jpg )
hope HDS (hiroshima data system) does not become popular on modeling agencys. it will be a pain in the ass for customers.
>> No. 109064
File 154559781636.jpg - (58.46KB , 723x720 , 5672588228.jpg )
If the site already private and if it is available only for trusted costumers, the new photos/videos and newest (and maybe old) secret stars, they will never be leaked! Good morning, good evening and good night!
>> No. 109065
Consult the prophet, did you?...lol
>> No. 109066
>>109064 I hope, everything to be lies!
>> No. 109067
There was someone who uploaded the full videos of the models but edited them by zooming in on the model's face, so you could not see the body of the model. This was done to be proud of having bought all the videos and knowing that only he could see the original videos without editing with the whole body was quite successful and masturbated with that pleasure.
>> No. 109068
you mean like the Cristmas sets
>> No. 109069
The legend of robinhood is of a highwayman savagely killing and robbing commoners who pass through Sherwood forest. In almost all recorded literature he was saved from execution by proving loyalty to the king of England.
>> No. 109070
File 154559885137.jpg - (145.35KB , 730x1024 , LisaSS-20.jpg )
>>109067 I agree... Like that<<
>> No. 109071
Time Bandits
Robbing Hood?
>> No. 109081
File 154559964910.jpg - (1.09MB , 1210x2750 , LisaSS-20.jpg )
>> No. 109083
>> No. 109085
File 154560045364.jpg - (277.71KB , 956x1440 , lmc-009-002.jpg )
I really don't get the tedious flame wars that break out around this studio. The models are so-so, the backdrops are clinically cold; OK so the composition is decent enough but I can't see StarSessions ever attaining the the iconic status of LS or Vladmodels, it just hasn't got that spark.

Merry Xmas...
>> No. 109086
>>109083 Please, upload again...
>> No. 109087
>>109083 Post it again
>> No. 109088
>>109083 wtf is this?
>> No. 109090
who is Marise?
>> No. 109091
yet you seem bothered enough by a single thread to come back here and post this.. mhh, yes merry xmas mr. don't gives a fuck.
>> No. 109092
>>109083 who or what is Marise?
>> No. 109093
Hash: SHA512

Hey guys. R0bin here. That guy above is not me. Also, I am not Mr. Ed. There is more than one pedo in the world, you know...

Yes, I said I didn't know how to make a PGP signed message. Someone explained it in the same thread. Problem solved.

Keep dreaming of Sherwood, impostor!

>> No. 109094
thought as much, wrong psychology.
>> No. 109095
A Christams Miracle.. Christ is re-borne and all is forgiven LOL
>> No. 109096
Christmas=Christ Mass, as in Christos
Christo, Logos The Anointed, Ascended Master, as in Jeshua a Master.
Esseneans Mysteries.
Already was reborn 33 times.
>> No. 109098

>>109085 here, yeah, maybe I should've sage'd my post, just to make the point about this pointless fucking thread being pointlessly bumped by pointless fucking pontificating and flaming.

Maybe you should think about learning how to use the fucking sage function yourself you fuckwit.
>> No. 109099
Marise is a new model?
>> No. 109100
>>109095 >>109096 Have you read Einstein's God letter?
>> No. 109101
>>109099 No. Maybe he meant Maisie
>> No. 109102
>>109098 what is a sage function?
>> No. 109103
I can't stand uneducated little twerps.

Einstein was fraud set up by the very people who own Time Magazine.

now go back to hunting for Stars.
>> No. 109104
>what is a sage function?
>noob detected
>> No. 109107
>>109104 So why not say you do not know?
>> No. 109109
File 154560533567.jpg - (23.36KB , 400x288 , bad-dog.jpg )
Oh FFS! Is the Internet really that hard?
>> No. 109113
>>108933 Download Lilu 002 Photoset at http://dl.free.fr/wnsqcR4et
Thank you to original poster.
>> No. 109137
File 154560994016.jpg - (359.05KB , 1621x1106 , 153142321776.jpg )
See I told you dumb gimmie gimmmie mother fuckers this guy was only leaking to close starsessions , now it is and not one new pic or cap has come out in fact no pictures at all are even being posted , We could have had years of sets , this studio was the best thing to happen in years , gone , destroyed on purpose , well now you fags can go baak to fapping over low quality NS pic , he maybe 1 day he will make high rez photos , it is almost 2020 FFS

Thank God for all the goodies that we got from Vlad Models
>> No. 109139
dude that's a troll that copied his name and pgp key

RH would never come here LOL
>> No. 109141
Please post her ass up bent over topless , is fucking xmass already, please post her ass up bent over topless
>> No. 109151
was back when we were on newsgroups and nobody had any discourse unless it was IRC and Key encryption etc.

well after VLAD a very powerful studio appeared they ordered take down of there material being posted. Then the game changed to you couldn't post anything till a year after it was out.

Maybe you heard of them they own four different major studios. and are now Fashion Land.

Chan boards was very close group back in the Vlad days.
>> No. 109154

Well Well. You have to related to Mr.Ed somehow seeing you are a glutton for bait. Its good thing you signed that message or you may have been able to deny ever being here (something you just made yourself a liar about now).
>> No. 109167
K i>>109101
Correct... autocorrect error sorry. It was Maisie masturbating. Surely there is more.
>> No. 109173

Nope. She is not really masturbating. It is one pic from a set that is very suggestive but thats all you get. Just a huge tease
>> No. 109177
Maybe G-mask would solve the hiding of kitties while allowing smart people to view the real image.
>> No. 109204
File 154562690315.jpg - (622.93KB , 3000x2000 , MilaSS-008-165 - half size.jpg )
Nice thought, but gmask wont save images that large. You'd need to reduce the image resolution significantly for that to work.
>> No. 109213
>>109204 NatashaSS pussy?
>> No. 109245
la molécula de hidrógeno se convierte en masa cuántica cuando es interpolada con neutrinos moleculares.
>> No. 109272
Pretty funny watching this flame war. A bunch of people finally exposing RH and MrEd for what they are. Lets see how they slither out of this one
>> No. 109275
Amazing how bad you showed yourself to be a liar and an idiot. It took less then 24 hours since you posted about not knowing how to sign a message and yoou proved that are do infact post on the chans, :D
>> No. 109278
Was he really re-selling sets on sinbox?
>> No. 109279
MreD is the only person that i knew that ever used sinbox, so yeah. Everyone else on the Darknet forums all said that their person who they buy and trade with doesnt use forums.

MrEd says he doesnt trade or sell, but he does. He just doesnt use that name to do business and tried to keep it on sinbox exclusively. it also doesnt help his case that he accidentally let it slip that he never buys Crypto because its not safe. So where is he getting his crypto then if he isnt buying it? The only logical explanation is that hes selling because you cant mine the amount of BTC he was spending.

He also tries to claim that he only used monero which is secure but its not. you can only buy monero with other crypto which is a security flaw in itself.
>> No. 109280
So why did mr ed and robinhood even post here, what do those text blocks mean?
>> No. 109281
So you just have no idea how monero works?
>> No. 109289
Actually I have a profound understanding of nearly all crypto chains to date. I've only been contributing code since 2009. XMR chain analysis is trivial at best and tools already exist to monitor any privacy coins.
>> No. 109294
ya its true, it gets even easier to monitor if you dont run the bc yourself
>> No. 109305
can a Mod please lock this thread , and you guys need to get a room FFS


>> No. 109312
>>109305 If you don’t like it, go away or go to hell!
>> No. 109316
I usually avoid these chans cos of all the trolls and dicks, but when told about the crazy accusations being made here and the even crazier conspiracy theories I just had to come over and have a look. Thanks guys for the funniest half hours reading I've had for a while now. Let me see......er....that makes it...er...about 15 different people that have been ID'd as RH so far (and nobody has got even close yet LOL). Amazing.
>> No. 109321
>"And this seriously is the weirdest, most stupid thing i've read in my whole life. Frog (who has not been a mod in half a year) and I tried to get Robinhood into the MVP club? And by getting RobinHood into MVP, suddenly everyone could magically read all private messages from all members? What the fuck have you been smoking?"
It is possible that the administration to take offline snapshots and open them via localhost and then they could do what ever they want to any account. It would not reflect the on the production environment doing this and no doubt the admins who have access to the offline backups would need to deploy a localhost for maintenance and testing reason alone. That would be the perfect time to snoop on some high profile accounts.

Enable high level logging on interesting profiles and it would be an easy win for any admin running the forum software.
>> No. 109322

Really I count 3. Frog, AshtonK and MrED. I bet you cant realistically name another user
>> No. 109324
Dear Moderator, please delete this thread. It is not fulfilling its intended purpose of sharing Star Sessions collections. Thank you.
>> No. 109334

Ha I see that GaP is trying to moderate the internet.

From the words of your own admin and forum mods "You cant moderate other sites and you should not want to!".

So get the fuck out of here Tor Scum, what a way to protect your freedom of speech that you dumb fucks always preach about. you cant moderate this space!
>> No. 109340
Hey mod, you at least remove the secret stars images that were stated as not being allowed. Some have been up for around a whole day now.
>> No. 109348
you can't run guys
>> No. 109349
Hash: SHA512

Okay then, one last reply. For the record. Everything I say here is the 100% truth:
- - The GaP announcement about Star Sessions was put up by an administrator, RainBowDash, who also put 'StarSessions' in the title. I added an extra personal message to that announcement. Everyone can check this for themselves at GaP. I also asked the SS admin if he was okay with the announcement and the message, or if he wanted something changed, and he was fine with it
- - As stated before, the reason that I resigned as a moderator is that I want to spend less time on tor. Also some friends in the community are not around anymore, and I am losing interest in it all, to be honest. My resignation was thus personal and has nothing to do with leaks, RobinHood, Star Sessions or anything like that.
- - I am and was not part of a group which was actively working together to prevent leaks, nor did I try to sabotage such a group. I am not aware that such a group exists, except that the FF admin seems to be actively working to prevent some leaks and the FF and GaP boards have an agreement on this
- - MOST IMPORTANTLY: I have NEVER posted, shared or traded any Star Sessions content with anyone. I have never leaked Polar Lights content either, except the rare video and set in my Polly megathread at GaP in April, and a Polly set in the MVP Beavers club. I am NOT operating under a 'RobinHood' account or any other account, nor am I cooperating with anyone who does. This is the whole honest truth, if I lie may God strike me and my family down right now.
- - Everything else that this troll is making up is also untrue. I am not trading, I've stopped trading over half a year ago. I have not 'leaked all the polar lights because he couldn't made any good trades on his own merit.' I did not 'snuck into a high dollar transaction and essentially robbed the other trade brokers and fucked everyone'. This guy has a very wild imagination.
- - And I certainly have NOT betrayed Star Sessions or anyone else, or caused anyone to leave the community or try to compromise them. That last part is especially slanderous and you've got a lot of guts to claim this without anything to back it up.

Don't know why I even bother replying to this anymore or defending myself against such an obvious and frustrated troll. You must really be very butthurt about something. Do you blame me for not getting the Star Sessions stuff you wanted? Or is it something else? If you have any guts at all, then contact me directly and tell me what's bothering you. Instead of slandering me, resorting to name calling, pretending to be different posters and making up nonsense anonymously at a chan site.

And this will really be the last time that I write here at the chans. I'm going te celebrate Christmas and New Year and will not visit here anymore, at least for a while (and probably not at the boards much either). Hope the troll will do so as well and will not spend Christmas here replying to himself. That must be lonely.

Merry Christmas to you all.

Version: GnuPG v1

>> No. 109355
Vid 18 Elena pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeasseeeeeeeee
>> No. 109359
File 154565385183.jpg - (9.91KB , 259x194 , shitetrashtalk.jpg )
>> No. 109361
>"I am and was not part of a group"

What does this even mean?
>> No. 109362
How does it work pls???
>> No. 109367
So many people butt hurting just fapp instad
>> No. 109368
I though this thread was about SS instead there is a bunch of foolish nonsense and bitching being posted
>> No. 109369
>>109368 OLIVIA PANTY LOVER, I have a question for you. Do you have access in the private SS site? You are one of trusted customers? If all these are real, admin continues do new sets? Thank you.
>> No. 109371

as much as he whines and begs here, I doubt it.
>> No. 109372
File 154566000890.png - (123.59KB , 736x491 , gog.png )
Isn't interesting how close these keys were created together? They are even prefixed the same.

Looks like you just screwed the pooch with your signing party here.
>> No. 109373
>>108928 Please, NatashaSS-003 image thumbnail?
>> No. 109383
>>109372 looks like you do not know how pgp keys, key fingerprints and hashes work
there is no 'prefix', it is a hash. if you generate two keys with the same name, version and program on the same computer, 1 minute apart, they will almost certainly have completely different fingerprints. likewise, if two people generate keys at opposite sides of the world, 50 years apart, with a different program, their key fingerprints might be almost the same. it is completely random.
>> No. 109384
Any hints as to where "elsewhere" happens to be for Michelle NN's? The usual suspects (FF, GaP, LL, Meh) come up empty, so to speak. In pain here; any help is welcome.
>> No. 109391
File 154566640242.jpg - (1.90MB , 4000x6000 , Nita-012p-019.jpg )
Merry Christmas!
>> No. 109399
Just about the only thing you got correct in that statement is calling it a hash. Computers cannot actually generate random data, they can only interpret specific instructions. The instructions given can generate data that is purposeless using a near infinite amount of methods and thus only appears to be random.

Most programs will still need a source to input from. Quite often they start with some hardware serial numbers, product codes or just any long strings they pull from cache. This can also appear random but most often there is a hierarchical election process that occurs to speed up the process of choosing and generating.

The keys are still secure because it would require an enormous amount of calculations to reverse the process. RSA 4096 has not yet been broken.

The flaws are when someone makes it far more likely to generate similar keys when they are running unique systems. Virtual environments are the worst to generate keys on. Using old programs that never update to the latest opensource library is another factor. Using an OS that boots from and image or snapshot can be a contributing factor as well and of course not providing enough telemetry during the process of generating will too.

Somebody running Tails or a Whonix box using Gpg4Usb is extremely likely to see similar key pairings because non of these are good environments for generating keys.
>> No. 109401
>> No. 109402
>> No. 109403
>> No. 109405
>> No. 109414
Every idiot post unsolicited links, except starsessions. Fucking bastards! Go away from here!
>> No. 109416
thanks for the links, camilla is so beauty.
>> No. 109418
>>109416 Camilla is not SS model. Fuck Camilla!
>> No. 109425
Could I please get some Maisie links
>> No. 109429
FFS = First Fuck Syndrome. Dad said: You don't tell your Daddy how to fuck son. Auntie Clarisse ain't your aunty. The only reason I made that nut case my secretary is because she got big Daddy case of FFS. She thinks one day I'll leave Mommy and you two shit machines for her. Son says: Really Pop? I wonder if that's why the mail man comes everyday, whether Mom got mail or not.
Thank you to original poster.
>> No. 109452
>>109384 Moderator says shekeleer download hosts are not allowed on /hebe/ and links to external websites are not allowed unless linking back to TriChans.
>> No. 109455
File 154568104020.jpg - (622.66KB , 3000x2000 , MilaSS-008-165.jpg )
More secrets gmasks
>> No. 109457
Yes sweetie i want too see all of you
>> No. 109460
>>109455 Hello, sir. Do you have NatashaSS pussy slip? Maybe from SS003?
>> No. 109464
>>109391 Is Nita's pic extra from this set?
>> No. 109466
>>109455 Holy Shit! Thank you!
>> No. 109467
>>109455 Thank you for MilaSS... What is gmasks?
>> No. 109468
File 154568469598.png - (409.72KB , 463x656 , Photo_20181224_154911.png )
all i want for xmas is mila 003 photo and video.
>> No. 109470
G-mask is basically a puzzle program. You use filters to hide a section of the image and others try to solve the problem. The answer can be very simple or so complex it is almost impossible to solve. Most maskers use the K.I.S.S. rule. Google G-mask and or How To Solve G-mask for program and help.
>> No. 109471
>>109468 I have it! I will trade with a Natasha's secret-star set.
>> No. 109473
i cant wait to see mila in that silver shiny lycra spandex, that video is totally diabolic and insane, sick perverts will adore it and love it. i could fap five times a day watching the Mila 003 video.
>> No. 109474
These SS/ secret star threads are ridiculous. Always just a bunch of sample pics no real content ever shared. And way to many people bitching and moaning. The tri force just sucks anymore
>> No. 109480
>>109474 That's right! Enough!
>> No. 109482
you dont have the Mila 003 video, if you have it then post videothumbnails.
>> No. 109485
>>109482 I will trade with a Natasha's secret-star set.
>> No. 109488
Photoset and 4K Video posted on SS thread at
Thank you to original poster.
>> No. 109490
>>109488 FUCK! Ex-load again! Only Premium!
>> No. 109497
could someone upload Mila 003 to a premium host? thanks
>> No. 109506
Photoset and 4K Video posted on SS thread at
Thank you to original poster.
>> No. 109508
>>109506 Someone, should be very stupid, if he pay on ex-load for 1 month at least, for download these set. In next the photos and videos will be available in free links (like dlfree)
>> No. 109519
someone post this!
>> No. 109521
>>109508 Stating the obvious. This /cg/ post is for someone who is willing to share with shekeleer download host.
>> No. 109525
>>109519 It is Holy Grail for me! If someone don’t want to share this set, at least, the image thumbnail of this set...
>> No. 109530
If there is Secret-star of Olivia. That’s Holy Grail for me!
>> No. 109540
forbidden fruit down or is it just for me?
>> No. 109545
No me too, I hope come back very soon
>> No. 109551
It's Christmas. The mods at FF have punishment jobs stacking the sleigh. Mr C caught them eyeing up the elves.
>> No. 109553
alright, who has enough weaponised autism to find out the beach where these videos were shot at...https://180chan.co/cg/res/61471.html#69282

inb4 someone says Iceland
>> No. 109594
dear Santa, I have been a good boy. All I want for Christmas is more Secret Stars leaks.
>> No. 109598
File 154570380628.jpg - (47.32KB , 550x310 , gonio-boulevard.jpg )
don't listen to the maroons. all beach sets were filmed in gonio beach, near Batumi, adjara region Georbia,
look at this

and this
>> No. 109600
File 154570391495.jpg - (592.01KB , 2046x991 , 154562044885.jpg )
and this
>> No. 109601
and this video

This is GEORGIA. I live HERE
>> No. 109602
File 154570453016.jpg - (3.59MB , 4000x6000 , Multi-003-053.jpg )
concerning the billiard sets is film in Tbilisi, vake district, near mikheil meskhi stadium

>> No. 109605
those beaches look the same all through turkey and bulgaria so it could be anywhere
>> No. 109606
File 154570659899.jpg - (2.64MB , 4000x6000 , Savannah-001-140 copy.jpg )
those are usenet groups
its where most of the material on these chans came from- before there even were any chans
>> No. 109607
>> No. 109615
I was left with the desire to see viola in thong
>> No. 109617
Clearly the same mountains in the background. That's the place.
>> No. 109636
>>109594 And I, and I, Santa... haha! I agree with you, my friend! Secret Star is a part of my life!
>> No. 109637
For the name of God! Some pics of Secret Star Natasha. Non nude, without slips, never mind!
>> No. 109640
File 15457188177.jpg - (181.64KB , 800x604 , 800px-LocomotiveStadium.jpg )
Is true, Vake district in Tbilisi.
>> No. 109653
>>108933 >>108938 >>108939 >>109005 >>109006 >>109007 >>109008 >>109009

Photoset and 4K Video is available for download elsewhere.

More useful if you know where to get new sets is to download from there and re-upload it to a new server to share here.
>> No. 109655
>>109653 Only for members
>> No. 109656
Okay we get that you know the area and stuff but seriously stop being a fuckin stalker. Let the girls live their lives. If they model elsewhere or just want to be left alone now that should be fine for them to do.
>> No. 109662
Merry Christmas
>> No. 109663
Merry Xmas to all of you!
>> No. 109664
File 154572926633.jpg - (49.09KB , 580x400 , 16547188856.jpg )
Merry Christmas to all of wonderfull StarSessions girls! And I hope they comeback in 2019! The spirit of Christmas to make the miracle!
>> No. 109688
>>109656 No, the people here like to destroy not only the site, but also the people who worked at the studio, so keep going doing the work for LEA!

And keep going with people without sets asking other people without sets to upload!
>> No. 109689

Hi MrEd i thought you were going to visit the chans anymore? I see your still trying to dox the photography.
>> No. 109691
Thats true, Ed starting leaking almost immediately after getting involved with the studio. You can mark it on a calendar and see that theres an immediate correlation with his arrival and the first leaks.
>> No. 109720
Someone please stop this thread before it damages the whole on topic community.
>> No. 109735
>>109653 there is no longer share if you have not noticed and you suggest sharing useless compress non-original shit? Are you stupid or saboteur-pest?
>> No. 109742
rGVZn8bsymUzXnmqtwJTtgGnZGaXA33/Sd/Cs2in1Aoega1Yfs1sV4iFePinAtKm n1Aoega1Yfs1sV4iFePinAtKm
>> No. 109744
>>109689 and >>109691 Samefag
Why do you think you are fooling everyone replying to yourself?
>> No. 109745
>> No. 109747
Hi R0binH00d

Why don't you sign this post too?
>> No. 109761
>>109742 is it some kind of encrypted message or spam?
>> No. 109762
NatashaSS image-thumbnail please?
>> No. 109794
Anyone with the NITA secret stars set?
>> No. 109795
Which onions are hosting sets right now?
>> No. 109798
Fucking adolescent tools.... gimme,gimme, gimme.... piss and moan like a bunch of high schoolers.... fucking limp dick losers. Piss off... old school respect is gone forever. I wouldn't share a piss if u were on fucking fire.

Much respect to the ancient ones who remember the old days of Mclt, LL and others on usenet...
>> No. 109801
>>109798 That's happens, because chan mods banned the leaks! This is first time happens, ever! I am speechless!
>> No. 109802
alt Satin
alt Totty
ah the good ole' days. Those days are gone but not forgotten.
>> No. 109803
File 154577638225.jpg - (176.52KB , 840x608 , 528276584767538.jpg )
I understand! There is no Xmas presents! Maybe, when Santa Claus will come...
>> No. 109806
lots of stuff on nonuderama . net but I guess you meant the secret ones...
>> No. 109809
That was in the Arctic terns days when they tried to grow Potatoes there. With any luck that phase has passed. Better of in Georgia. It's warmer...lol
>> No. 109839
Wonderful to see how this thread has degenerated into a collection of whiny little bitches crying about their butthurt. You know that the ones complaining are only doing so because the free release into the wild of ANY decent material hurts their exclusive little trading groups. TRADERS ARE SCUM!

You assholes seem to think you have some sort of proprietary rights to material you've traded and that, because of those imaginary rights, no one you trade to should be able to do whatever they want with the material they've "paid in trade" for. Guess what, you elitist scum: no one gives a fuck about your "right" to keep shit amongst yourselves! When you trade something to someone else, that someone now owns their very own copy and they have every right to do whatever the fuck they want with it! If they want to be assholes and keep it "exclusive" for years by hiding it away, fine. If they want to use it as currency in the trader-scum market for other hoarded shit, fine. If they want to release it free for everyone, BETTER THAN FINE!

Hoarding/trading leads to permanent loss of material. So much good stuff now exists only in evidence lock-ups because of asshole hoarder/traders. Open release is the only way to keep stuff from disappearing forever.

I agree that people shouldn't release studio stuff immediately after the studio starts selling it. Give the studio a few months to make some money off a new set/vid, but after a few months...

As for open release hurting the studio: release of older material into the wild usually UPS a studio's business. More people see something they like and want more of it. Open release, as long as it isn't of the most up-to-date material, is not bad for a studio.

As for the safety issue: do any of you idiots honestly believe LEA isn't fully aware of StarSessions/SecretStars, and wasn't already aware well before these leaks? Australian cops ran a kiddyporn site for MONTHS and you don't think they aren't already part of some trader groups?

The gist of it all is this: hoarders are evil, traders are hoarders, free release into the wild is good for all. Either say "thank you" to those sharing this stuff or don't but keep your whiny-ass bitching to yourself!
>> No. 109868
YOU are a motherfucking idiot!
When somebody buy a set, why he/she should give it away for free???

You don't pay for this and write all are the worst people on earth, because you don't get it all for free.

Nice try asshole!
>> No. 109885
>>109839 That’s right, my friend!
>> No. 109886
NatashaSS 003 image thumbnail, please
>> No. 109890
File 154580096140.jpg - (143.49KB , 432x227 , 03CB3312-711B-4A73-84B1-48BC4958218B.jpg )
Give us something, please
>> No. 109893
si compras un set y lo puedes compartir, por que no compartirlo? eso es ser egoísta. además, el sitio web de starsessins ya no existe mas.
>> No. 109894
Are you waiting for to visit you the 3 spirits, to share the secret sets?
>> No. 109912
>> No. 109914

Hi Frog! You forgot to sign your post.

There is a problem with your argument. Not a single trader EVER complained about material losing value. This is something you keep saying when literally only you have ever mentioned it.
>> No. 109917

OK, you caught me: yes, I fucked your mother. Yes, I was an idiot to do so, 'cause the skanky bitch gave me crabs. Oh, well, live & learn.

Did YOU pay for any of these sets? Are YOU the one releasing them? NO? I didn't think so. You've no right to be butthurt about it. If someone pays cash for them and then wants to release them freely it's their right. If they, like MOST of the people who had copies of these sets/vids got them via trade instead of buying them from the studio they STILL have the SAME RIGHT TO FREELY RELEASE. Someone originally paid for all the studio material that gets released into the wild (with a few minor hacked exceptions) but the vast majority the hoarding muthafuckers who had them didn't pay a cent.

If YOU bought them from the studio and you were the ONLY ONE to purchase them but someone hacked your computer and dumped its contents on the 'net for free then, and only then, would you have any right to bitch. Since this didn't happen, kindly shut the fuck up and go back to playing with yourself in the corner, OK? Real people are trying to SHARE shit in here.
>> No. 109918
File 154580987556.png - (13.85KB , 1240x79 , 123.png )
ya definietly Frog, fits the profile.
>> No. 109922
Actually no they do not. If preteen modeling were legal without stigma, the photography would have full rights to sue anyone that leaked anything. In almost all cases the owner of the camera is the one who retains all rights use images that camera has taken. If the photographer said not to post or trade then you shouldn't have post or traded it. This should even apply to verbal contracts as well.
>> No. 109925

I'm not Frog. I do know who he is (on the 'net, not IRL). You DO seem quite fixated on him, though.

Virtually every trader I've ever encountered has complained about "lost value" when the shit they hoard hits the wild. Most are only ever OK with free release of their hoarded files after every other trader already has it and even then many STILL want to keep it hoarded just because they're assholes that way. One must assume you are one of those from the way you cry about this.


If you want exclusivity, MAKE YOUR OWN MATERIAL & KEEP IT FOR YOURSELF! We don't need idiots like you to troll the chans: we must also assume that trolling is the only reason you come here, 'cause these chans are all about SHARING what you've got. Yeah, some shekeleers might be sharing to make a buck but as long as they don't use "premium only" hosts or settings they're still sharing instead of selling. You, being totally against sharing, have no business here and no right to an opinion. You are as out of place as a Jew in the Gestapo or a bible-thumper in an intelligent conversation. We don't go to the place you enjoy and slap the dick out of your mouth: don't come to the place we enjoy and try to keep us from enjoying our sharing.
>> No. 109926
So how do you explain Elena leaving StarSessions and the studio removing all her sets from being sold. This suggests, at least in this studio, the ownership and rights reside with the model, not the photographer or studio. Elena is such a hot little number, I can't see the studio giving up a source of revenue unless they had no choice.
>> No. 109927
File 154581178199.png - (64.96KB , 1151x269 , Screenshot from 2018-12-26 02-07-17.png )
Admin of GaP is protecting R0binh00d. The truth will get regardless.
>> No. 109928
BLA BLA BLA, dejense de idiotecez y comartan amterial, que cerebro pequeño creiria que el sitio o producor termino porque el material se compartia gratis o revenderlo, solo noobs pueden creer eso, se nota que muchos son niños ratas y estan hace poco en esto, me causan gracia leerlos
>> No. 109929
File 154581201765.png - (13.57KB , 907x135 , 1234.png )
Do not see why, MrEd was perfectly fine throwing her under the bus in a heart beat.
>> No. 109930
I don’t understand why admins of chans, forums, sites protect the starsessions and they banned the leaks. I understoid, when the site was active. But now? It is already dead. Maybe It is not good for us, but is truth. Maybe the studio is continues to be active, but private. Who knows?
>> No. 109931
This is typically resolved with contracts.
>> No. 109932
>>109926 So... the parents of models closed the studio, after the secret sets leaked.
>> No. 109933
In many cases the models have a right to a work portfolio if they wish to use the photographers images as a resume. Most often it is 2 to 3 images as proof of work that goes to a growing portfolio and if either party breaks contract before resolving who or if either party can use the images (retail or otherwise) then its likely the sets will remain in limbo.
>> No. 109934

But it's not legal material, so producers don't have legal rights. Nobody has legal rights to illegal materials. If they did then all traders would be just as guilty of violating those copyrights as the purchasers who freely release.

You can't sell me a kilo of heroin and complain when I break it up and sell it on or give it away. Contraband is contraband, period. Zero legal right. As for moral rights, well, I don't really believe you can bring "moral" into any conversation on a place like this. Morality is always completely subjective, yes, but the vast majority would say that all of us here on a Nazi-lovin' kiddyporn chan lack any morality whatsoever.

If you don't like sharing you have the option to stay away. No one forces you to come to a sharing site. If you hate sharing yet still frequent a sharing site just to rail against sharing you are nothing more than another worthless internet troll. That's NOT subjective, that's simple fact.

OK, folks, I'm finished feeding the trolls. We now return to our regularly scheduled programming.
>> No. 109936
>"But it's not legal material, so producers don't have legal rights. Nobody has legal rights to illegal materials. If they did then all traders would be just as guilty of violating those copyrights as the purchasers who freely release."
It is not legal in the west, but photographing a topless young model is perfectly fine in many countries. I have worked with many photographers in Russia and I get the same response from most. "Nude photography is possible but only under contract and express parental consent". The funniest thing about this is that its mostly female photographers that say it. The male photographers will block you right away or just never deliver. But sometimes you get lucky.

>"You can't sell me a kilo of heroin and complain when I break it up and sell it on or give it away."
A kilo of heroine cannot have digital rights. This is just false equivalency. It is finite and consumable. Although if you would like to just give away heroine, be my guest.

Whenever you look at digital products you have to think in the terms or "tangible and non-tangible" ownership rights. With digital products you can be in possession, view and use (limited) the product but never actual own any rights to it.

In the case of photography you can possess and view it. That is typically about it unless stated otherwise in the ToS or contract.
>> No. 109937
Merry Christmas
>> No. 109938
Please post a few Beautiful Oliva , Thanks you
>> No. 109941
>>109938 Olivia new set please, in front of Christmas Tree.
>> No. 109942
Does Olivia has Secret set?
>> No. 109951
Should be obvious with her avatar the admin supported the leaks all along
>> No. 109963
What else would you expect after being exposed like that. If you can not refute it, silence them.
>> No. 109964
Where and who? You are a trash liar. GO on show us proof of these traders complaining about lost value.

Again the only person who has ever even mentioned it was Robinhood and frog. Even MrEd wouldnt stoop so low to complain about that

Quite trying to rally leechers to your side. In the end its your fault that new sets are not coming out. That is a net loss for everyone including passive downloaders.

Ya'll niggas couldn't see the bigger picture.
>> No. 109965
File 154582103094.png - (481.88KB , 1350x695 , Screen Shot 2018-12-26 at 10_40_51-fullpage.png )
GaP is banning people now if you talk about Ed or R0binh00d. Funny how they claim freedom of speech is important until someone exposes how fake they are.
>> No. 109969
File 15458225021.jpg - (38.90KB , 900x650 , crying-5.jpg )
Guys look at previous threads they had at least something but here is a full of offtopic and a hotbed of trolls. So fuck you... The previous thread OP didn't want to reopen this, so I did it instead him. I will not open the 5th personally, apparently all the adequate people left and there were only assholes.

-goodbye lamp thread!
>> No. 109970
Maybe its because the police got one of their Russian administrators. TL2.0 had an article up for a fews about a bust.
>> No. 109971
You mean this one? https://darknetlive.com/post/international-authorities-bust-child-porn-forum-operator/
>> No. 109973
I think it should be patently obvious by now that GAP has been compromised by lea. A link with a trojan was posted yesterday in the hardcore section and it was up for at least 8 hours, generating several pages worth of replies with many people downloading and complaining they couldn't play the embedded malicious file.
The OP who posted it only made this 1 post, which is unusual as the resident spammer typically would go on and post dozens of fake links from each of their throwaway accounts.

However, any post critical of site's (compromised) admin, or any threads that contain SS are instantly censored or moved to the staff area for review, only a few minutes after being posted (because lea won't allow content from an active producer to be freely distributed on a site under their control; hence why during every undercover take-down, the first thing they do is shutting down the producer's area and similar sections in order to prevent the flow and dissemination of fresh stuff - in contrast, they don't mind posting stuff where the producer is already busted, as they also did on child's play, hence the no active producer rule).

Now go and tell me that it's all a coincidence.
>> No. 109975
GaP has been hacked twice now right?
>> No. 109977
Ya they need fresh producers to get in with other producers. But none of them want starsessions so its been a failure for them
>> No. 109979
Even GreytheWolf said it had been taken over before disappeared
>> No. 109981
Its pretty funny how even an AMA section was added just like childsplay. Shocking the parallels and people still just close their eyes and hears to it
>> No. 109982
Ears* typo
>> No. 109989
Where's the new vids
>> No. 109994
Who cares about SS, they were mainly a nn studio anyway, only slightly better than Candy Doll and the admin was an asshole extortionist to boot (forcing you to cough up with 1000's of $ for incredibly tame nn sets before even giving you the chance - yes, there were still no guarantees - to start purchasing anything remotely interesting like topless, let alone full nude).
>> No. 110007
>>109942 Again and again and again... Always the same question! Olivia has not any custom, idiot!
>> No. 110009
Oh Gaaaaawd!!! I don't think I can stand much more of these arguments going round in mutually abusing circles....aaaaaargh!! Even the Arctic Potato posts weren't as bad.
And Anonymous at
You do make quite a lot of sense.
>> No. 110010
You do make quite a lot of sense."

Lol thats a load of shit. Nice try frog responding to your own post.
>> No. 110011
Well, since it was definitely NOT me responding to my "own post", I now know that you are the one who doesn't seem to know what he is talking about! And actually I don't agree 100% with what was said in that post. Perhaps you, or some other trader-defender can explainin rational terms what traders are doing on a sharing chan?
>> No. 110015
Nobody gives a shit tor fag, go home.
>> No. 110019
A more literate post would have been:
"Nobody gives a shit, Tor fag. Go home."
>> No. 110020
Mabe you go cry to your mom bcus nobody gives a shiiiit about what you want tor fag
>> No. 110021
Sharechan is a completely different chan altogether
>> No. 110029
File 154584235068.jpg - (100.78KB , 597x448 , NatashaSS.jpg )
Anyone have image-thumbnails?
>> No. 110030
>>110029 Hard to find... I am sorry
>> No. 110031
Who is this fool who likes to display his semi-literacy?
>> No. 110032
>>110029 Cry idiot, cry! I have all secret of Natasha! You will never get these... hahahahaha!
>> No. 110034
natasha is angelinas big sister
>> No. 110035
>>110034 Really? How do you know?
>> No. 110038
>>110032 If you have all secret NatashaSS please post, at least, thumbnails
>> No. 110040
Haha... wow I am watching now her video SS003. She wears a micro thong blue bikini and she has many nip slip and pussy slips.. yumm! She is a little whore!!! Cry!!!!
>> No. 110042
>>110040 You are a fucking bastard! Go away from here!
>> No. 110043
File 154584422128.png - (2.50MB , 1502x947 , Natasha-SS-003.png )
>> No. 110044
>>110040 You have nothing. Post something for proofs
>> No. 110045
File 154584478067.jpg - (368.13KB , 1917x946 , Maisie-028_4K_mp4.jpg )
SS Maisie-028+Mila-009

Maisie-028 set + 4K
>> No. 110047
>>110043 Please, someone post this video!
>> No. 110048
>>110040 Stop the lies! Fuck trolls
>> No. 110049
>>110045 Thanx for the Xmas gift
>> No. 110050
>>110045 Wow! That ass!
>> No. 110051
File 154584541814.jpg - (377.49KB , 1917x946 , Mila-009_4K_mp4.jpg )
Mila-009 set + 4K
>> No. 110052
pass: diabolica
>> No. 110053
In a Secret video of Natasha has a live sound. She speak very well English... but I don't tell you what she say, because you will die from heart attack.
>> No. 110054
>>110052 Do not work
>> No. 110055
angelina said: do you think my butt is cute? (ss015) thats totally insane nasty creepy underground video.
>> No. 110056
What's this? It doesn't exist.
>> No. 110057
>>110052 Link is died
>> No. 110058
Please, post the correct link
>> No. 110059
You should have avoided the drugs they stuffed into your Christmas stocking, you lying fool. ..LOL
>> No. 110060
There is no this secret video of Angelina. Angelina has less secret collections. Fuck trolls! You are a loser!
>> No. 110061
>>110059 That's right!
>> No. 110063
>> No. 110064
>>110060 Je suis d'accord! Angelina has only 8 secret stars. Someone said it in other thread.
>> No. 110065
Please, someone knows if site is active and private?
>> No. 110068
Photoset, 1080p and 4K Videos posted on SS thread at
Thank you to original poster.
>> No. 110069
>>110068 Thank you...
>> No. 110070
File 154585025426.jpg - (718.97KB , 1280x960 , GIRL (3).jpg )
>> No. 110071
"In future I'd like to see studios go to more of a GoFundMe system. Put out a few samples of a model's collection, then after a certain amount (say $2,000) has been donated to that particular model a full set and vid are released for all to see."
>> No. 110072
File 154585084410.jpg - (546.56KB , 1280x960 , GIRL (21).jpg )
>> No. 110073
"In future I'd like to see studios go to more of a GoFundMe system. Put out a few samples of a model's collection, then after a certain amount (say $2,000) has been donated to that particular model a full set and vid are released for all to see."

In the future, I hope no new studios ever open, no new content ever gets produced, Tor boards become progressively more closed and hard to join and the schools for special needs children known as chans are forced to live off of recycled old content forever. That's what we deserve.
>> No. 110075
File 154585233938.jpg - (54.87KB , 576x1024 , GIRL (41).jpg )
>> No. 110079
AngelinaSS015 secret video, please...
>> No. 110085
File 154585327050.jpg - (11.83KB , 222x227 , images.jpg )
the aliens said they love all starsessions videos so much. they have the power to seen them all without download it.
>> No. 110115
File 154585676350.jpg - (113.73KB , 727x945 , 49543281_2304852052883488_3205903064502370304_n.jpg )
kids playing diabolic games is how the new world order teach us how to be just like the logan little girl.
>> No. 110136
Unbelievable!! LOL
>> No. 110155
Photoset and 4K Videos posted on /cg/ thread at
Thank you to original poster.
>> No. 110156
Photoset and 4K Video posted on /cg/ thread at
Thank you to original poster.
>> No. 110157
please share more more Mila please
>> No. 110159
please share Mila 003, love Mila con that silver shiny spandex leotard.
>> No. 110161
File 154587006349.jpg - (335.12KB , 720x960 , L01.jpg )
More pleaseee
>> No. 110162
File 154587060881.jpg - (411.60KB , 960x960 , L02.jpg )
More Lisa pleaseee
>> No. 110163
I love SoloEsAmor, he's a fantastic stalker. I don't know how he does it but he is a hero with these social media pictures. If there is more please post them!
>> No. 110180
Chupa pollas suban más videos de starsession
>> No. 110208
It was probably a kilo of heroin with digital copyright protection. Some good shit lol.
>> No. 110223
my penis twitch's evertime I look at her wet panties
>> No. 110225
File 15458867052.jpg - (139.66KB , 1001x435 , lilu.jpg )
Possible Photography of Multi 003 Lilu and Aleksandra
>> No. 110227
Not likely
>> No. 110228
File 154588752836.jpg - (531.86KB , 1254x2349 , 154570453016.jpg )
Maybe if you get rid of the trees between the building and the stadium. The arrow shows what appears to be a swimming pool.

On this one I think you are chasing a goose.
>> No. 110231
>> No. 110235
File 154589103467.png - (57.38KB , 894x717 , 4673476867.png )
I have evidence of a pedophile using google maps as a primary tool for stalking and harassing under privileged and under aged ethic minorities across the world.
Here are a few SFW examples of his stalking.


Below are links to a more illicit location where this pedophile uses as a group sharing outlet for his illegal activity. only visit this site with strict legal authority to do so.


With the help of google and appropriate authorities I believe you can apprehend this stalker with recent logs from recent usage of the satellite images he viewed from Google maps services. The time stamps from his postings should be fairly accurate up to a 24-48 hour margin of error.

Once receiving this information Google as a moral and legal obligation to forward this to the appropriate authorities.

Thank you.
>> No. 110236
Go ahead, keep posting those satellite images.
>> No. 110237
Actually go ahead and keep posting anything from google services. They may not give me your information but they will sure as fuck give it to the police.
>> No. 110238
File 154589237441.gif - (3.71MB , 600x338 , ezgif_com-video-to-gif.gif )
mama? Angelina-001
>> No. 110240
Photoset and 1080p Video posted on SS thread at
Thank you to original poster.
>> No. 110247
File 154589532022.jpg - (91.67KB , 400x291 , 2486652.jpg )
shit Soloesamor he got you...
>> No. 110252
anyone have a link to forbiddenfruit? the one i had is down
>> No. 110260
>>110235 More fake posts on this very odd thread!
>> No. 110267
The girl that spanish dude posted is just some random girl. That is so easy to tell its not lisa. Face shape, eyebrows, and freckles? Not lisa. And if they really are from Georgia look at that kitchen. That is a very modern kitchen.
>> No. 110268
What is fake about that?
>> No. 110269

I agree, it's not Lisa. I've seen that girl before, well before I ever saw StarSessions.
>> No. 110272
only a few people had secrets
>> No. 110274
>>110272 Yes and I am afraid they will never share again.
>> No. 110276
Finally, how many secret collections have Angelina?
>> No. 110278
Hello SS-Admin. Don't pretend like you would actually care about any pedos stalking your models. You made some big mistakes. One was to shoot in public places at all. If I were you I would run. It should be easy for authorities to backtrace who booked those locations... Instead of monitoring this thread you could give us an explanation why the hell you shut the studio down??
>> No. 110280
>>110278 You are right! I gave him, so many dollars and never gave me any secret set. I would pay for all of those... You would had extra money! Your behavor was much more ...like ice! You was nervous, many times, if someone asked about secrets... You didn't have right. And now, if the theories are correct, that studio is active, but private for trust customers, you are very stupid again and you do wrong, again. Because you loose extra money, from many other customers, because you trusted others and gave them secrets collections and the right to have them access the private site... I am sorry for you!
>> No. 110284
To the Mouth: you need to book yourself into a asylum so that your debilitating mental health can be managed.
>> No. 110285
Anyone new Secret video-thumbnail of any model?
>> No. 110286
Seriously what makes you think the admin wrote that? Hehe, just proves that assholes like Ed and Frog only want to bust people instead of helping the pedo communities they belong to.
>> No. 110288
If GaP wont host the discussion then I bet hurtmeh will


Lets see of those tor fags try to shut that one down too.

>> No. 110289
Thats because they are cops. Unleashed loser was busted a long time ago on Playpen. He has been working with the authorities ever since, hence why he always leaks and kills every VIP from every forum he manages since.
>> No. 110290
Olivia's new photo please, near Christmas Tree. She wear a red thong...
>> No. 110292
HM is the right place for a useless troll-thread. "host the conversation" - LOL. Fine, as long as you keep this thread clean from now.
>> No. 110293
I wonder why they still deny it. Anyone with a moderate amount of technical comprehension could see that all the evidence is pretty undeniable. Frog was proven through writing habits and Ed was proven through terrible system management. It also didn't help he stabbed all his friends in the back.
>> No. 110295
So why hasn't the mod removed the secret stars posts?
>> No. 110297
Where is the kind guy that has secret video-thumbnails with "nnlove" watermark?
>> No. 110298
"If GaP wont host the discussion then I bet hurtmeh will

Lets see of those tor fags try to shut that one down too."

I replied your thread at Hurt Meh. No work today, I'm at home, and FF is down. I have nothing better to do. I'm in the mood to discuss. Feed me, peasant!
>> No. 110299
"Boss Nigger!" Haha
>> No. 110301
File 154592616486.jpg - (102.80KB , 390x500 , ztd4v8xx.jpg )
""Boss Nigger!" Haha"
>> No. 110302
>>110288 god damn post good content with SS or TC(2/3) which is not there but not this fucking bullshit
>> No. 110304
>>108000 Dear Moderator, the Mouth is inflicting vile comments on other threads. Hope you are going to delete these posts. Thank you.


>> No. 110307
And yet you allow the thread below which can only be accessed by premium users..
How does that make any sense??
>> No. 110311
This is the only chan thread I'm reading. Any person posting in any other thread as Boss Nigger or any other of my names is not me.
>> No. 110314
Its true im a raging homo that wishes the death of pedos and i like to stretch my asshole with random household objects!!!
>> No. 110315

>> No. 110317
"Its true im a raging homo that wishes the death of pedos and i like to stretch my asshole with random household objects!!!"

Even though I'm not, being a "raging homo who likes to stretch his asshole with random household objects" is not an insult. What if I was? There are many good people who are that way, I myself know and am friends with some, and they are better people than you. Being a "special needs virgin teenager who likes to cuss on chans" like you is certainly worse.

As I said somewhere else, I'd rather not discuss with virgin teenagers. Try harder. C'mon. Entertain me, peasant!
>> No. 110318
File 154593180614.jpg - (15.11KB , 250x419 , GNFOS_poster.jpg )
>Its true im a raging homo that wishes the death of pedos and i like to stretch my asshole with random household objects!!!

Sir, I think the GNFOS might be a better group to associate with. Though I don't know their stance on pedophilia, seems they only aim to eradicate women.

>The film follows a group of intergalactic homosexual black men from the planet Anus, who discover the presence of female creatures on planet Earth. Using rayguns, they proceed to eliminate females one by one from Earth, eliciting gratitude from the previously oppressed male population.

:S this feels eerily prophetic.
>> No. 110319
:3 - "Gay Niggers From Outer Space."

Oh my God, I must watch this movie! :D :D :D XD XD XD
>> No. 110320
Nigger fags need to be eradicated. Im pretty sure you said that in one of your "Gas the Jews" threads. You picked a strange time to start acting like a self righteous progressive asshole. What other issues are you going to flip flop on now?

Or maybe I'll let the other guys destroy you intellectually because "Boss Nigger" seems to be only be a tutorial stage level.

My apologies if i used any words over six letters, I know you have trouble sometimes.
>> No. 110321
"Nigger fags need to be eradicated. Im pretty sure you said that in one of your "Gas the Jews" threads. You picked a strange time to start acting like a self righteous progressive asshole. What other issues are you going to flip flop on now?"

Don't know what you're on about. I make a lot of edgy prejudice-loaded jokes everyday, no matter the target. I don't keep a count. Doesn't mean anything, it's not like I'm being serious. Progressiveness has nothing to do with it, or else I wouldn't even make the jokes I make.

Also, this has nothing to do with anything else being discussed here, you're going off on a pretty far tangent here that doesn't really warrant a response.

"Or maybe I'll let the other guys destroy you intellectually because "Boss Nigger" seems to be only be a tutorial stage level.

My apologies if i used any words over six letters, I know you have trouble sometimes."

Once again, just gratuitous and ineffective provocations of teenage level that don't warrant a response. Well, this is about expected, I'm in a chan after all. Come at me, bro.
>> No. 110328
So weak. I would figure Frog be much better at this but i guess i was wrong.
>> No. 110329
tqveni deda movtyan metqiiii

თქვენი დედა მოვტყან ყველასი
>> No. 110331
File 154593660874.png - (49.19KB , 895x404 , 456dg.png )
In a strange turn of events Frog admits (although only partially) he is responsible for the leaks.
>> No. 110332
Aww, man, my goodbye post was removed. It was so fun. >.<

I sincerely apologize to the moderation if I pushed too hard with that, I never mean disrespect to fellow staffers. But I really wanted people to appreciate it. Wahhhhh!!! >.<

Anyway, as I said, I gotta go now.


>> No. 110334
"In a strange turn of events Frog admits (although only partially) he is responsible for the leaks."

Goddamn it, man, I already said I gotta go, let me go! :D

Read the entire paragraph. If you're not doing it on purpose, you have serious interpretation issues.

Replied at Hurt Meh.
>> No. 110336
a group of people on a special board using nicks and half of them are cops.
>> No. 110339
Don't worry i was able to read the "goodbye". I guess the rest of the guys didn't like it. If you want to leave the chans not going anywhere anytime soon. Just make sure to bring fire water when you return. Crown Royal for me. Im guessing your a Johnny Walker guy?
>> No. 110341
File 15459397204.jpg - (23.70KB , 615x422 , 679cm.jpg )
>> No. 110342
File 154593974390.jpg - (69.35KB , 600x594 , 16094702149_ecbd49d0bd_z.jpg )
>> No. 110343
File 154593976373.jpg - (23.80KB , 620x425 , edwxi.jpg )
>> No. 110344
File 154593978420.jpg - (47.40KB , 600x470 , im-confused-m08wjd.jpg )
>> No. 110345
File 154593980752.png - (115.42KB , 500x522 , man-iam-so-confused-15145638.png )
>> No. 110346
File 154593983245.png - (81.80KB , 720x420 , meme-kid-confused.png )
>> No. 110347
File 154593985510.jpg - (41.89KB , 500x409 , military_hat_confused_meme1.jpg )
>> No. 110348
File 154593992416.jpg - (388.31KB , 1500x1005 , qiev6.jpg )
for the love of hebes, will all y'all stop trolling each other?
>> No. 110353
idiots on this board a bunch of goofs. Juicy Mila was the last relevant post and the link to sexy Angelina what's up with the Nigga stuff I thought this was and SS board, where are the mods who tolerate this gibberish.
>> No. 110354
Ha the whole board is SS? No wonder why you fucks ruined everything
>> No. 110355
>>110353 You are right! I am so sad for that. So pity! Trolls, liars, idiots, all in this thread!
>> No. 110356
>> No. 110357
Is Star Sessions dead? Nothing at StarSessions.com or ChildStars.info, they have another backup site?
>> No. 110358
I thought this was supposed to be a Star Sessions board. Now it just looks like Asshole Central or a Moron Magnet.
>> No. 110359
New to this thread, I wager! Or just being irritating?....LOL
>> No. 110360
And what do we have? Mods who delete on-topic stuff and leave all this shit up.
>> No. 110361
I think they find it amusing. How sad is that!...lol
>> No. 110362
Look at the OP. This thread has been set as a TROLLING THREAD. So of course the mods are going to leave the shit up. It gives the Trolls a place to vent.
>> No. 110363
>"Moron Magnet." ??????????????????????

Seriously there has been some real experts here
>> No. 110364

>> No. 110365
File 154594683122.png - (256.97KB , 516x526 , 1455890676826.png )
Beats me why everyone is getting so stressed about this studio when there is so much win available elsewhere. It's just models, find real girls genuinely doing their thing, just do some searching, bros!
>> No. 110366
>> No. 110367
>> No. 110370
wow what a shit thread, you are all a bunch of losers
>> No. 110374
File 154595019432.jpg - (61.37KB , 598x653 , starsessions- latino.jpg )
just post the sexyest modeling video ever made: Mila 003 . post link here plese. i need to fap with that Mila video soon.
>> No. 110376
if you have mila 003 post videothumnails
>> No. 110377
Meh, just install 'FukkenSaved's' "War Room" script and you're done!
>> No. 110398
File Mila-003a.mp4 - (7.95MB )
>> No. 110422
Wow that Mila 003 preview is so sexyhot! complete video must be amazing. dont post the original because i could die faping so hard with it. thanks for sharing!
>> No. 110427
File 154596607977.png - (267.25KB , 712x380 , Thank-You-PNG.png )
thanks, mila 003 is delicious, please post link to full video.
>> No. 110429
please please please post mila 003 full version. use data file host server so de can see how many people will download it and have fun with it.
>> No. 110434
File 154596775249.png - (179.62KB , 480x320 , Photo_20181227_222513.png )
Hi, could someone upload complete mila 003 video full hd? thanks!
>> No. 110435
i promise to fap with Mila 003 photo and video five times a day in order to die soon. so please preety please post the links and i will be on heaven. Mila 003 is so fucking crazy hot, that set is so insane. share! all we need is love from your treasure. she deserve more demons faping her soul and body.
>> No. 110436
File 154596940271.png - (335.66KB , 625x417 , Photo_20181227_225230.png )
Mila is so yummy, please post link to download her photo and video #003 collection.
>> No. 110448
File 154597098357.jpg - (5.15KB , 208x243 , descarga.jpg )
Mila 003 set and video please. and happy happy new year faping with Mila 003 photo and video.
>> No. 110452
File 154597164046.jpg - (9.65KB , 225x225 , descarga (2).jpg )
Mila 003 photo set video please links
>> No. 110457
File 154597200988.jpg - (15.42KB , 225x224 , starsessions-secret-stars.jpg )
Mila 002 and Mila 003 photo and video. wanna have that insane oddity. share the links you good man.
>> No. 110462
Dear Sherman Hemsley, please make muy dream come true, post Mila 002 photo set.
>> No. 110512
please post Mila 002 photo set
>> No. 110519
Please, post AngelinaSS015 diabolica video
>> No. 110538
What happens in Angelina 015 diabolica video?
Does it involve any guys or just Angelina?
>> No. 110546
Not a damn thing happen its just MrEds favorite word.
>> No. 110560
Dude Mr.ED is a great guy. He traded me 6 secret stars sets for only 10 NN sets that I bought from the site. He had me register at some weird place though. I guess maybe he owns the site because its offline now.
>> No. 110561
>>110560 Hello! Which sets are you have? Do you can post the thumbnails? Just thumbnails
>> No. 110564
They have all been shared already
>> No. 110575
Was it sinbox?
>> No. 110579
Awww, why talk about SS or young teens, let's talk about GAY NIGGERS instead!!!

Dafuq is wrong with you motherfuckers???
>> No. 110583
>>110560 Hello! Do you want to trade us NN SS with Secrets?
>> No. 110587
MrEd will and R0binHood will too.
>> No. 110588
>>110587 How I contact them?
>> No. 110598
there on GaP and sinbox
>> No. 110601
>> No. 110606
File 154599378233.png - (26.18KB , 884x249 , Screenshot from 2018-12-28 04-37-18.png )
More evidence of GaP protecting Ed and R0binH00d. They just start outright making shit up and everything that is proven as fact they say its conspiracy.
>> No. 110648
File 154600890890.jpg - (245.42KB , 2046x991 , Mila 016.jpg )
could you please post mila 002 photo and video?
>> No. 110651
Does anyone know if (fruitibyizhfb5w3) is closed?
>> No. 110658
No! It's more evidence that you are just a troll. Signed up as Gameshaq on Fri Dec 28, only to construct this "evidence" - how cheap is that?
Get a life, dude!
>> No. 110660

Hard to get a life when you live in Grandma's basement and everything you own is coated in Cheetos/Doritos residue....
>> No. 110668
Please, NatshaSS003 image-thumbnail
>> No. 110670
Please, NatashaSS003 image-thumbnail
>> No. 110671
I have the video NN Mila003. I trade with secret NatashaSS003 video.
>> No. 110677
>>110671 Really?
>> No. 110679
>>110671 PM on Hurtmeh "shareboy"
>> No. 110685
>> No. 110686
>>110685 Wow! That pussy!
>> No. 110687
>>110685 Adult shaved pussy with huge nasty labia. I almost smell a fish from my screen.
>> No. 110688
muy daughter is taking modeling lessons so she needs Mila 003 video to learn more about routine. please post Mila 003 video, she said angelina dancing is horrible. so post Mila 003 she is more professional.
>> No. 110689
Please, Natasha secret 003
>> No. 110693
File 154602337834.png - (178.07KB , 800x534 , Photo_20181228_135429.png )
Mila 003 please post the link on datafilehost
>> No. 110694
shareboy only rips people off. Every trader on hurtmeh is a scammer
>> No. 110695
Ya I had to sign up on sinbox to buy from him.
>> No. 110697
Sounds like you are mad that your bullshit is finally being exposed and Frog couldn't hang with the big boys in his own arena.

Get fucked, You slimy Jew.
>> No. 110701
File 154602448924.jpg - (17.38KB , 275x183 , images.jpg )
my hands after faping with mila. please post Mila 003 set
>> No. 110702
>>110695 What is sinbox?
Link please
>> No. 110703


It is down though

>> No. 110706
>>110703 Too late! I already took the link!


>> No. 110707
File 154602564733.jpg - (5.91KB , 182x277 , images (1).jpg )
mila 003 Mila 003 Mila 003 Mila 003 Mila 003 Mila 003 mila 003
>> No. 110711
I wonder how much money Frog and Ed made off of the SS producer? They were fucking him pretty good.
>> No. 110712
Dude they were making a couple thousand dollars a month each. They could have made more but they burned through everything too fast.
>> No. 110713
File 154602863254.png - (12.38KB , 871x132 , 067.png )
So heres some proof that Frog just lies about the random shit. How could you be following drama at FF when its been down for a very long time?

I don't think he can physically bring himself to tell the truth.
>> No. 110716
Natasha SecretStar 003 image-thumbnails please
>> No. 110718
File 154603014267.jpg - (103.04KB , 1060x523 , 76930300.jpg )
>> No. 110722
File 154603286442.jpg - (18.66KB , 360x360 , 798469393999.jpg )
Natasha Secret 003...
>> No. 110723
Natasha Secret 003, image-thumbnails, please
>> No. 110725
File 154603314982.jpg - (6.22KB , 301x168 , 585286.jpg )
NatashaSS003 image-thumbnail, please
>> No. 110726
gay ass spammer
>> No. 110727
A thousand or more hotties doing all kinds of nasty things on webcams and u idiots are shitting your panties for a slip or glimpse.... fuck me! Get out of mama's basement and get a fucking life..... good lord!
>> No. 110729
File 154603374644.jpg - (415.36KB , 3840x2160 , 56259867.jpg )
>> No. 110730
>>110727 fuck off nigger dick!
>> No. 110732
Thats right Ed keep posting those leaks.
>> No. 110734
File 15460346054.jpg - (1.26MB , 1600x1420 , jstm26akm7m2.jpg )
>> No. 110735
We already have it!
>> No. 110736
Not new, Idiot is just spamming
>> No. 110739
if you post Mila 003 video thumbnails then i will post natasha ss003
>> No. 110740
This thread is fucking shit. What the happened here. Who the fuck is MRED and why isnt he posting anymore?
>> No. 110741
please Share ALL sets & vid Mila and Multi01 (Mila & Nita) pleaseeeeee
>> No. 110742
Natasha Secret Stars set 003 image-thumbnails, please...
>> No. 110743
What else would you expect?
>> No. 110744
This dumb fuck just doesn't learn
>> No. 110745
natasha ss blue thong?
>> No. 110746
Yes, my friend... but image thumbnail, not video thumbnail
>> No. 110748
File 154603576425.png - (225.35KB , 480x302 , Photo_20181228_172042.png )
this is natasha ss003 video thumbnails
>> No. 110749
Image-thumbnail, please
>> No. 110750
File 15460360681.png - (2.52MB , 1510x952 , Natasha-SS-003.png )
>> No. 110752
sorry i dont have image thumbnails of natacha 3. Mila and nita are already posted at clipmonster.net
>> No. 110754
Where? Clipmonster? How to use it?
>> No. 110755
>>110752 Clipmonster is site of Newstar
>> No. 110756
File 154603696031.png - (240.39KB , 480x480 , Photo_20181228_173945.png )
who agency is this model?
>> No. 110757
What kind of shit is that?
>> No. 110759
hey guys, i have news for ya, starssessions is closed because of ilegal content reported to icsa. thats why the siete was suspended before its dead.
>> No. 110761
>>110759 About with secrets collections, maybe HC
>> No. 110762
Please Lilu ss or Lisa.
Please post.
>> No. 110763
Thats not news. Dickheads have been reporting Starsessions for quite awhile now.
>> No. 110764
starsessions rip site all sets and videos: dl.free.fr/cO9sD18kBC
pass for all: girlsjustwannahavefun
>> No. 110765
You idiot, there is no HC. We were lucky that we even got nipples
>> No. 110768

nice rofl retard
>> No. 110769
Looks like your virus has already been deleted
>> No. 110773
File 154603865771.png - (368.16KB , 1167x335 , 23456.png )
Here is a good picture of Mr.Ed sucking up to pollyfan
>> No. 110774
oops link doesnt exist. well maybe someone will post link to all videos next year.
>> No. 110775
Yeah right! Next you'll be saying it was uploaded by Donald Tramp [sic].
>> No. 110776
lets dance, who wants to be the first. move your ass and turn on the fuck machine
>> No. 110777
"So heres some proof that Frog just lies about the random shit. How could you be following drama at FF when its been down for a very long time?

I don't think he can physically bring himself to tell the truth."

I never lie. This shit is weeks old. When FF was up, it was full of threads talking about the same goddamn shit. It's been down for four days now, not really a very long time, as you say.

Your Frog fetish is flattering, but it's time to get over it.
>> No. 110778
Give it the full potato in Iceland, you mean?
>> No. 110779
why girls are with thongs? someone could fap with them, its so dangerous. i will call her mommy.
>> No. 110780
Dec 26, 2018. The date is visible in the screenshot and proves its not weeks old. Why would you lie about such a small thing?
>> No. 110781
the lord said you will burn on hell. hahaa justo kidding. hell and heaven doesnt exist.
>> No. 110782
Sure they do, but only on the internet
>> No. 110783
File 154603988835.jpg - (80.05KB , 920x1379 , 9c3f1z2.jpg )
plese post Mila 003 photo set and video
>> No. 110784
File 154603999313.jpg - (23.12KB , 350x326 , Nelson_Ha-Ha.jpg )
Frog just got owned. He literally had no reason to lie about that.
>> No. 110785
"Dec 26, 2018. The date is visible in the screenshot and proves its not weeks old. Why would you lie about such a small thing?"

The thread may not be weeks old, but the entire drama is. As I said, when FF was up, it was full of threads talking about the same goddamn shit. Weeks old threads. Your attempts of getting my words out of context continue to be feeble.
>> No. 110786
if you dont post Mila 003 i will find you and kill you.🌐
>> No. 110788
"Yeah right! Next you'll be saying it was uploaded by Donald Tramp [sic]."

Oh great. Another thing I didn't do they'll say I did. :D :D :D
>> No. 110790
Whatever dude! You are just trash and know it. Go back to your Tor friends before you embarrass yourself anymore.
>> No. 110792
I am U.S. NSA. Post all Secret Stars sets now or I will find you and take them!
>> No. 110799
Sherlock Holmes Here! I see I see.
So One Person pretended to be two people and his actions got Star Sessions and Pollyfan destroyed.

I am going to need little more investigating to come up with a complete case.
>> No. 110810
please share more more all set & vids Mila pleaseeeee
>> No. 110816
please post Mila 003
>> No. 110819
pass: ssnatasha
>> No. 110820
>> No. 110821
>> No. 110822
>> No. 110823
>>110819 Do not work
>> No. 110829
File 154605702263.png - (48.25KB , 480x270 , Photo_20181228_231543.png )
>> No. 110835
thanks for Mila 006!
>> No. 110881
Please Lilu or Lisa SS sets.
Please post.
Please post.
>> No. 110884
NatashaSS003 image thumbnail?
>> No. 110887

For 2 14yo girls, Lilu and Lisa look like they were rode hard and put away wet. Both girls look older then their real age. To each their own but you might as well switch to an adult porn magazine. They all seem to have several 18yo girls who could pass for 16-17 in each issue.
>> No. 110891
>>110887 In a photo, any little girl in all over the world, it seems bigger than her age! If you see her on the road, it seems really her age.
>> No. 110906
GaPs Full VIP Clearnet Site.

>> No. 110907
File 154608599129.jpg - (187.91KB , 1151x955 , 0.jpg )
>> No. 110910
>>110907 Looks like a honeypot for me.
>> No. 110912
File 154608763281.jpg - (242.46KB , 1600x1067 , LISASPREAD_8685001_31102121.jpg )
Happy new year for all
>> No. 110913
MrEd is our HERO
>> No. 110919
>>110912 Lisa model should be posted in /sw/ where all the other grannies are posted.
>> No. 110921
>>110919 What is /sw/?
>> No. 110922
Here is proof that Frog contributes to the bust of producers. This producer was only busted after Gameshark leaked his postings from Magic Kingdoms Star Room into the public domain.

>> No. 110930
Wow please full set of Lisa
>> No. 110933
but you >>110919 should go fucking away because this is thread of ALL SS models
>> No. 110941
"Here is proof that Frog contributes to the bust of producers. This producer was only busted after Gameshark leaked his postings from Magic Kingdoms Star Room into the public domain."

And you call me a liar. When have I ever done that? Can you prove? Oh, this is fun.
>> No. 110944
File 154609441215.jpg - (427.56KB , 1600x1067 , LisaSS-027-02.jpg )
If you have all the SS sets then why did you post one of the pics from the preview package and not one in full res?

Also, why did you photoshop it so weirdly? Here's the original preview pic.
>> No. 110946
>>110944 Thank you, sir. Do you have a photo of Natasha pussy slip or see through?
>> No. 110947
>>110933 No. This is a /hebe/ thread. Where hebe = Hebephilia the strong, persistent sexual interest by adults in pubescent (early adolescent) children (especially those showing Tanner stages 2-3 of development), which is typically ages 11–14.
So this Lisa model has grown old and does not qualify as hebe!
>> No. 110948
>>110947 Lisa is 14yo
>> No. 110949
When you were leaking everything from the Star Room dumbass. Thats how they busted PedoCP BR. You gave the police his videos.
>> No. 110950
"When you were leaking everything from the Star Room dumbass."

Again, when have I ever done that? Can you prove?
>> No. 110951
>>110948 Thank you for confirmation that 14+ Lisa model has grown old and does not qualify as hebe.
>> No. 110955
Yes you have a long history of leaking and being Anti-VIP. And you destroyed MK when you they added a market place and the "harder(core)" section.

You were the one who leaked most of the estefy videos back on Girlshub, remember? You then threw a giant fit when they kicked out and you tried to rally leechers to your cause.
>> No. 110957
Just look how many leaks you posted under your own name before.
>> No. 110962
>>110944 but at this moment she is 14 yo and all is well even formally
>> No. 110968
"Yes you have a long history of leaking and being Anti-VIP. And you destroyed MK when you they added a market place and the "harder(core)" section."

You're making this up as you go along, ain't ya? The things you mention are all very old and well documented stories. Can you prove what you say is right and the official explanations given at the time are wrong?

"You were the one who leaked most of the estefy videos back on Girlshub, remember? You then threw a giant fit when they kicked out and you tried to rally leechers to your cause."

No, I certainly don't remember this. Again, when has this ever happened? Can you prove?

"Just look how many leaks you posted under your own name before."

Yes. Before, after and currently. I don't hide behind other identities. Anything I ever post, I let everyone know it's me.

No one I know and deal with was hurt by my releases, I always make sure of that before releasing anything. I could have released so much more, but I was tied by deals and agreements with said people I know and deal with it.

Also, I still don't understand. My persecutors accuse me of a variety of things and their stories don't match one another. What do you believe exactly? What exactly am I guilty of? Leaking or suppressing leaks? If I am guilty of leaking stuff, you filthy peasants in this cesspool should be hailing me as a hero.
>> No. 110975
Unleashed loser is one of the most well known leakers we have ever seen. Such a cowardly Tor fag.

"oh the police already have it", "Be unleashed" You are such stooge Frog.
>> No. 110977
"You are just trash and know it." "You are such stooge Frog." Funny how things end up in gratuitous juvenile insults when you lose and have nothing else to say. What was it that's been said here about embarrassing one's self and of being just a tutorial level? Keep trying, bro, you'll find something eventually. I can't wait to see what sort of bullshit you'll bring against me tomorrow.
>> No. 110988
Thats because MrEd thinks he can beat the icemarks within the photos that are used to identify the purchasers.

Its also how he frames other buyers for his leaks.
>> No. 110989
Fucking serious?

The admin blamed me for leaking something I never even bought. If Ed is really that it is seriously fucked up.
>> No. 110991
Any one even realize that Mr.Eds pgp doesn't even verify? He has been compromised.
>> No. 110994
gpg: Signature made 12/23/18 09:13:58 Central Standard Time
gpg: using RSA key 300D85CBC3B1FDFA
gpg: BAD signature from "mr. Ed" [unknown]
>> No. 110999
Please lilu ss
>> No. 111008
Please, NatashaSS003 image-thumbnails
>> No. 111016
>>110944 More photos, with pussy seethrough or pussy slips, please
>> No. 111021
Cant sign up on hurtmeh. Are they not taking new members? When I try it keeps saying captcha incorrect I've tried every variation for the captcha what am I doing g wrong any help is greatly appreciated. For the anon that traded nn for secret stuff, sounds like you've been had dude, the site mysteriously going down after the transaction feels like a set up.
>> No. 111030
Looks like Mr Ed isn't a Horse he is a COP!!!
>> No. 111036
A full potato cop...from Iceland.
>> No. 111037
NatashaSS003 image-thumbnails, please someone have it?
>> No. 111053
AngelinaSS015 video?
>> No. 111063


>> No. 111066
The 1930s German SS please - thumbnails will do if you can't bring yourself to post the full potato.
>> No. 111091
File 154612782034.jpg - (74.72KB , 635x543 , Gib1c0g_d.jpg )
Here's looking at you, troll! For kid, not do much on this thread.. So when a clear Anti comes trolling, don't you usually chuck it in the bin? Like
>>108300 saying that the models' souls are revenging the producers karma by giving him a 25y sentence to the birdshouse or the flatter head after that or even >>antichricsto.. What's the big deal anyway about this SS, someone bet on them keep producing forever? Good luck to all and don't fear castellano, there's more speaking it than english. Happy hebby Newyear all, ADMIN INCLUDED💪
>> No. 111096
>> No. 111101
No worries. We'll pay for a full potato funeral.
>> No. 111108
I see Potato is back in style!

>> No. 111109
i cum five times a day with natasha ss003 photo set and video, absolutly delicious baby. i just cant stop fapping with that bitch.
>> No. 111111
if you post complete Mila 003 photo and video i will post natasha secreto stars 003 and some nota and mila dancing together.
>> No. 111112
>>111109 Best troll
>> No. 111113
I want to fuck Natasha's asshole.
>> No. 111114
Hitler was Very Amazing!
>> No. 111115
Natasha’sSS003 image thumbnail plese?
>> No. 111117
pleaseeeeee share MOre +++++ More Mila pLEaSe
>> No. 111123
GaP's paid now?
>> No. 111130
PLEASE POST MILA 003, i need to fap with her video. and my daughter need it too, she is taking modeling lessons at belankazar, help her because she wants to model as mila 003 does.
>> No. 111131
Icemark is incredibly easy to exploit.
>> No. 111133

>>Hard to get a life when you live in Grandma's basement and everything you own is coated in Cheetos/Doritos residue....

It's kinda hard to figure out who's who when only one person is using a nick, but I do know who this is!!!
>> No. 111134
No, it's a scam site. More than likely a honeypot. Stay Away
>> No. 111138
Keep dreaming shit stain
>> No. 111139
If it were the police they would a dotcom, not a free domain. And they would likely attempt to use something easier to trace then crypto currency.

Honeypot = No
Scam = Yes
Ran by GaP = Maybe, They are slimy Russians after all.
>> No. 111140
File 154614872699.jpg - (9.17KB , 259x194 , starsessions Mila 003 video.jpg )
please post Mila 003 video
>> No. 111143
Why do you all keep telling other people how much you jerk off, or who you really want to jerk off to, or how many of your dad's friends jerked you off? Nobody gives a fuck. Just stop it. Stop.
>> No. 111145
I jerked off in your car yesterday..
>> No. 111147
i really need to fap with Mila 003, shes so fucking delicious con that silver thong, please post ver video, my dick cant wait, help me! link 🍎 i dont know what else can i said to you, do you like pizza? or pringles, maybe next year someone post mila 002 and mila 003.🍕
>> No. 111148
So MrEd tricks The SS producer into using Icemark because he knew that it was easy to exploit.
>> No. 111151
File 154615082098.png - (436.24KB , 800x445 , Photo_20181230_011211.png )
>> No. 111154
Mila 003. Mila 003. Mila 003.
Day after day, several times a day. I think we get the message. You want Mila 003. Do you think spamming daily will get it faster? I guess you think anything you want should be delivered on demand.
>> No. 111156
that is because someone here have it and dont want to post the video. so all i can do is wait to tour heart melt like an icecream
>> No. 111157
And pissing off the holder of this video will get them to post it? What color is the sky in your world? All pissing people off does is make them do the opposite of what you want.
>> No. 111158
NatashaSS003 image thumbnail please
>> No. 111161
File 154615229762.jpg - (346.64KB , 1427x811 , ss-Natasha-red-knit-tank-top-mp4.jpg )
>> No. 111163
File 154615261434.gif - (1.73MB , 276x362 , fuh-q.gif )

I've got ONE WORD for you -

>> No. 111165
NatashaSS003 image thumbnail?
>> No. 111166
Happy new years
>> No. 111168
sick fuck
>> No. 111169
File 154615315422.jpg - (8.20KB , 225x225 , troll cry.jpg )
please post Mila 002 and Mila 003 alzó kathy 020, muy life is so miserable without them.
>> No. 111171
well, i think you will post mila 003 next year, i know it because i can see that i feel it.
>> No. 111172
please post Mila 003 you fucking cop
>> No. 111174
Please, someone post a secret photo with Kathy or Isabella
>> No. 111175
Anything about secret Natasha, please?
>> No. 111176
>> No. 111177
>>111176 Mods, delete right NOW!
>> No. 111178
that is a very bad photoshop. a baby smaller than the doctors hand? hahaaha you are so funny.
>> No. 111179
>>111166 Mods, delete this, please!
>> No. 111180
so, you think im going to fap with that? im not that monster you think. maybe if she was a little girl, hahaa just kidding. i do not fap with snuff.
>> No. 111181
anyone know the person responsible for this vid. It's a fake but I still want him gone. Hey mod what the fuck is wrong with you allowing this?
>> No. 111182
it doesnt fake , seems to be real
>> No. 111183
Secret Natasha, please...
>> No. 111184
she was starsessions director murder by usa cops?
>> No. 111185
Mila 003 please
>> No. 111212
Still nothing new then
>> No. 111215
guys, hexaruple >>111111 won't say bullshit, do as he said!
>> No. 111230
Fuck you hes a lying shit head
>> No. 111238
Ya I had to sign up to sinbox to buy from someone.
>> No. 111251
Happy new Years
>> No. 111252
Thats new wow
>> No. 111253
Already dead/comatose, not even bothered. Just more more niggers acting like niggers, what's new?
>> No. 111254
I think they were doped up on some herion
>> No. 111255
The blood is still red which indicates they where at a minimum still breathing 15mins to an hour before.
>> No. 111256
This board alone is testament to how shit the mods are at moderating. Admin/mod troll thread, the only troll here is the schizo admin/mod
>> No. 111264
if you have Mila 003 please post her nasty video here please you son of a bitch.
>> No. 111266
you surely enyoy watching Mila on a snuff video, do you?
>> No. 111267
Please lilu ss set
Or Lisa ss
>> No. 111268
~11166 is that baby alive?
>> No. 111269
File 154617620360.jpg - (5.53KB , 300x168 , images.jpg )
natacha 003 set
>> No. 111270
File 154617634630.jpg - (5.01KB , 300x168 , images (1).jpg )
more natacha
>> No. 111271
>>111251 Who girl was it?
>> No. 111275
Please, NatashaSS003 image thumbnail?
>> No. 111276
Please nipsy please share a new video
>> No. 111289
111271 is was a snuff ilegal thing
>> No. 111292
>>111289 No SS girl?
>> No. 111298
no. no ss girl. just a troll posting snuff
>> No. 111301
Thank you, sir!
>> No. 111315
Looks like MrEd coward out after being exposed. Most likely after the satellite images were reported.
>> No. 111317
>>111315 Anonymous confirmed police
>> No. 111319

>> No. 111320
Has he been full potatoed, then? Let's hope so.
>> No. 111322
>>111320 Anonymous has been behind the potato farm right from the beginning. It's how they get all the arctic terns there in the first place!
>> No. 111323
File 154619140527.jpg - (1.70MB , 4000x2667 , MichelleSS-010-068.jpg )
>> No. 111324
Yup. Randy little buggers* those terns. No wonder the SS girls were sent there for training.
*Even randier than our friend who is nearly dead thinking about NatashaSS3, or is it the regular Natasha 3...?[Oops, just heard a gunshot]. Sounded like a beretta.
>> No. 111325
Potato quality shit
>> No. 111326
>>111324 Secret Natasha 003... image-thumbnail, please
>> No. 111331
>>111326 I was just about to post it in celebration of your death. oh well, carry on crying my friend. your tears of agony are delicious btw.
>> No. 111332
File 154619260546.jpg - (76.74KB , 1024x560 , 44 handgun.jpg )
Can someone please give this Mila/Natasha spammer the bullets from a .44 in the brain? A Beretta just won't cut it.
>> No. 111341
Please lilu nude ss set
>> No. 111343
Does Lilu have a nude set? Or is this more Rule 34? As you never named the set number, I am thinking you are just hoping such a set exists. Try Michelle if you want nudes from an SS model.
>> No. 111344
please post kathy 020
>> No. 111351
they will post link to nita 011 because iam cromus, king of gold and midas brother.
>> No. 111353
Julia please somebody please post a video any video thank you and happy New year
>> No. 111354
Hate to break it to you DUDE, but, in all the SS posts and requests, only one Julia set has EVER been posted, when she posed with Maisie. Face it, she's not hot. No one seems to have purchased her set or videos. No one has any Julia for you. Looks like you should have got your fix while the site was still up.
>> No. 111359
ok assholes here is my new year wish list: nina 031 💜 lilu 031 💚 nita 016 💛 nita 011 kathy 020 💖 next year is the pig year🎲
>> No. 111361
>>111359 These sets are regular or secret sets?
>> No. 111363
please post Mila 003
>> No. 111364
regular sets
>> No. 111365
could you please reup mila 009 on dl.free?
>> No. 111367
Actually, the Julia and Lilu silver leotards has been posted...somewhere. Can't remember where....... God, this spliff is fantastic!
>> No. 111368
Indeed, Uranus. or any other part of you, that would be nice...though, I'm told by some fool prophet here that next year is the year of the Potato. The full Potato, let's hope.
>> No. 111369
File 154620094717.jpg - (34.76KB , 783x391 , fullpotato.jpg )
"I'm told by some fool prophet here that next year is the year of the Potato. The full Potato, let's hope."
>> No. 111371
Full set of MichelleSS010, is aleady posted on HurtMeh.
>> No. 111372
Not a real nigger
>> No. 111373
>>111371 actually we are talking about a beautiful girl but not about ugly shit like michelle!
>> No. 111378
i agree, michelle is very ugly, her face is shit, but i will fuck her if she wants to. she was starsessions owner daughter, thats why she do nude.
>> No. 111379
Any ss videos involving pantyhose?
>> No. 111380
Any viola on spandex?
>> No. 111381
please post lucero 006
>> No. 111382
File 154620308573.png - (330.48KB , 1150x790 , Screen Shot 2018-12-30 at 20_47_40-fullpage.png )
It looks like GaP was indeed lying about being able to read your PMs.
>> No. 111383
Lilu SS set
I need it now
I can't go on without it
Please post it now
Or you will regret it
>> No. 111388
GaP the fall of Star Sessions and Pollyfan
>> No. 111390
registration is impossible. it just keeps telling me i entered the wrong captcha code
>> No. 111391
Natasha SS 003
I need it now
I can't go on without it
Please post it now
Or you will regret it
>> No. 111394
>>111391 Don't worry, my friend. Nobody has the set.
>> No. 111396
Why so salty?
>> No. 111398
File 154620561657.jpg - (687.12KB , 2050x1538 , MaisieSS-019.jpg )
>> No. 111400
>>111398 Please, someone post 1-2 pussy slip photos of this set?
>> No. 111401
MrEd keeping the leaks alive
>> No. 111403
>>111382 do you really think that your screen at least proves anything?
>> No. 111406
It proves that GaP and R0binH00d has been lying about almost everything they have ever said. Go back to your safe space where you cunts gang up on anyone that exposes you shit bags. Never once have you assholes ever proved yourself innocent. Just claim it all to be conspiracy and time after time a little more comes out proving you are just a lying piece of shit.
>> No. 111410
File 154620790224.gif - (221.38KB , 240x287 , HitlerDownWithIt.gif )
Holy Shit let's do it guys!!!!!!!
>> No. 111411
>>111406 Do you really not understand what the problem is? In short, we all understand that you are a stupid troll who is offended by the whole world. You are trying to create posts in which only misinformation and there is no evidence. So administration and adequate people can laugh at your attempts to destroy something there, but there’s a lot of newbies on the forum who don’t understand that you are saying bullshit. This'll scare them away, and among them may be worthy members of the community, not pieces of shit like you. So you are absolutely technical illiterate you do not even understand that users other than administrations cannot read messages because it is in the engine of the forum on which everything is based... So you are either a troll-asshole or a really stupid person, I bet on the first
>> No. 111412
"It looks like GaP was indeed lying about being able to read your PMs."

I see you came to cry here after being instantly debunked at GAP. Want me to copy my comments here too?
>> No. 111413
File 15462094389.png - (490.52KB , 1154x1295 , ScreenShot_1546379_31108268.png )
My comments at GAP, accompanied by the third screenshot you posted.

"This is not sufficient. An unquestionable proof would be a screenshot of the message where you say "Well ok. If you say so. [...]", showing RainbowDash as the recipient. As it is, the two screenshots we see here can well be of two unrelated messages sent to different people."

"This third screenshot just proves what I said. It's a conversation between you and Robin Hood. The first screenshot, of a conversation between you and RainbowDash, is now proven to be totally unrelated. You're just shooting yourself in the foot, mate."

"The "proof" you show here proves nothing, it's just screenshots you made at random to convince gullible people who don't read. I debunked you with two posts.

Bruh... Of the barrage of ill-intentioned people spreading fabricated lies we're seeing this week, you're by far the weakest so far."
>> No. 111425
michele secret set 010 is incomplete. there are missing more than 100 pix.
>> No. 111426
🎯please post magical mila 003 nasty spandex video.🎯
>> No. 111433
ffs,after all the mundain boring squabbling going on in this thread,someone kindly takes the time to post some thing good,and yet you still fucking moan.REALLY!
>> No. 111435
File 154621752117.jpg - (1.92MB , 2667x4000 , MichelleSS-010-204.jpg )
Yay. It's because the illiterate who reposted the link forgot the second one:


Same pass
>> No. 111440
"Do you really not understand what the problem is? In short, we all understand that you are a stupid troll who is offended by the whole world. You are trying to create posts in which only misinformation and there is no evidence. So administration and adequate people can laugh at your attempts to destroy something there, but there’s a lot of newbies on the forum who don’t understand that you are saying bullshit. This'll scare them away, and among them may be worthy members of the community, not pieces of shit like you. So you are absolutely technical illiterate you do not even understand that users other than administrations cannot read messages because it is in the engine of the forum on which everything is based... So you are either a troll-asshole or a really stupid person, I bet on the first"

Well said. As I said at GAP:

"Let's get into conspiracy territory for a moment. :P

Drama is what they do when they can't bring targets down by their own. Install a plot, create drama and controversy, cause paranoia and distrust and watch the targets fight against each other from afar. It's how they fight against terrorist groups and cartels. Remember how many Child's Play sycophants were dead determined to defame, spread hate and create drama against MK? Now remember who was in control of Child's Play for a year during that time?

As I said, conspiracy territory. But not nearly as far-fetched as the shit we're reading in this very thread."
>> No. 111441
File 154621865693.jpg - (152.80KB , 612x612 , 009-One-Direction-only.jpg )
For a group of grown ass men, y'all act like little school girls who obsess over teen idols. Do y'all have StarSessions posters on your bedroom walls?

Yes the girls are cute. But cute girls on the chans are plentiful.
>> No. 111451
>> No. 111452
uranus has a fetish for shiny one piece swimsuits. Maybe you should buy one in your size so you can wear it and pretend to be sexy.
>> No. 111454
yeah, thats right Mila 003 video is totally insane, that perversion level is so yummy. so post the damn link you sick asshole, or i will cum over your daughters face! 👿
>> No. 111455
File 154622218649.jpg - (53.26KB , 720x1080 , Mila-003-01.jpg )
>> No. 111456
i love spandex since i am six or seven yo. what is the problem with that? i know that you fap with those vídeos alone and your wife doesnt know it!
>> No. 111457
No one EVER posts ANY shiny swimsuit sets or videos. EVER. These spammers should NEVER get their desires.
>> No. 111460
File 154622314815.png - (174.68KB , 341x511 , Photo_20181230_212130.png )
you gain pleasure with your selfishness? why dont you just post the link to enjoy sexy mila?
>> No. 111465
shut up you sick ashole. late or soon sexy mila will be post.
you are just a xmas grinch.
>> No. 111496
I hope you like reading my posts because I will not rest until Mila 003 is posted! Every single day I will ask, you cannot take that right away from me!
>> No. 111497
NatashaSS003 image-thumbnail please
>> No. 111502
Does anyone where to find all Secret Stars sets/videos?

>> No. 111517
>>111502 Thank you, but nothing new. It is just an incomplete collection of only a few previously leaked Star Sessions collections.
>> No. 111529
please post mila 003
>> No. 111530
i dont want millions of dollars. i just want link to Mila 002 video. thank you young lady.
>> No. 111533
>> No. 111540
a 75yo black man found dead in his red sofa, he died from hurt attack. his tv has a usb connected and mila 003 video was un pause. 6TB of CP was found at his home in utaw.
>> No. 111543
>> No. 111544
Anyone with the Secret Stars Nita?
>> No. 111545
Could someone post both links and the password for MichelleSS-010?

I found the hurtmeh website, but every time I try to register it says:

The submitted form was invalid. Try submitting again.
The confirmation code you entered was incorrect.

I've done it 20 times and it's still not working no matter what I try.
>> No. 111546
next year is my birthday please post mila 003 and kathy 020
>> No. 111548
both links? kathy 020 and Mila 003? yes that could be just fine. please someone have both.
>> No. 111549
its already posted here
>> No. 111552
>> No. 111581
>>111546 every living soul has a birthday next year! what is your problem?
>> No. 111594
Anything new been posted
>> No. 111600
Not true. Having read through this thread, I have a beretta pointed full potato at my temple and am about to pull the trigger! No 2019 birthday for me, then....Christ! It's a .44, not a beretta. Cancel that.
>> No. 111601

Burritos should never have potatoes, disgusting.
>> No. 111605
Please, AngelinaSS015 secret video that she wear a green thong.
>> No. 111607
>>111605 How do you know that AngelinaSS-015 wears a green thong?
>> No. 111612
>>111607 Someone said it, to the previous thread. Maybe it was joke. I don't know.
>> No. 111616
of course its a joke. they would have to shoot 4-14 first in order to get set 15.
>> No. 111634
File 154627148251.jpg - (880.24KB , 1600x970 , MichelleSS-012_4K.jpg )
>> No. 111636
Hey folks any new content been posted
>> No. 111644
Quite so. And unbelievable considering that there were nowhere near 15 regular sets of her either. Regular bullshit smells like perfume compared to some of the diarrhea posts on this thread.
>> No. 111647
Anyone with the Secret Stars Tika? Thx
>> No. 111649
Any video thumbnail of Natasha (except SS003)
>> No. 111651
http://dl.free.fr/getfile.pl?file=/SWNllAdL PASS PLEASE
>> No. 111652
>>111435 Thank you but same pass? Which "same"? lol
>> No. 111659
please link to michelle ss 12 Mila 003 and sexy kathy 020, happy new year!
>> No. 111661
What did you mean under the same pass? The same as...where??? Thanks!
>> No. 111664
Secret NatashaSS003 image thumbnail, please
>> No. 111668
pass is: ##KoMbi4FrUiT##
>> No. 111669
Would any kind soul please upload a video
>> No. 111671
>>111668 Thanks and Happy New Year!🍺
>> No. 111672
for the love of god please post mila 003,
>> No. 111673
lets celebrate this happy new year with mila 003 and michelle ss 012 please post links
>> No. 111674
File 154628020997.jpg - (1.08MB , 4000x2667 , MichelleSS-010-176.jpg )
>> No. 111675
Nobody wants to see this down syndrome bitch, who the fuck like to look at retards.
>> No. 111676
OMG, please post the link!!!
>> No. 111677
Doesn't help that Kombi is gay as FUUUUCK
>> No. 111679
You guys remeber the time Mr.Ed accidentally signed his message as R0binH00d?
>> No. 111684
Please lilu ss set
>> No. 111692
fuck off spammer
>> No. 111703
>> No. 111707
Already posted

Part 1 >>111319
Part 2 >>111435
>> No. 111709
why doesn't Maisie follow her lead.
>> No. 111710
secret michelle 012 please
>> No. 111711
i wanna cum with Mila 003 please post her link🎬
>> No. 111712
i want mila 002 mila 003 kathy 020 🎯
>> No. 111713
Your problem with Michelle is her Lycra set 12 hasn't been posted. Bet if she was wearing Lycra you'd be happy to see that video and set posted.
>> No. 111715
>>111709 >>111710 >>111711 >>111712

Fuck off Lycra freak.
>> No. 111716
so how much do you protect your files? dont you understand that the only way to keep them safe is to share them, so post links. if more people hace it more safe is your file, because once you loose them you can request them here por somwhere else. 📀
>> No. 111718
File 154628928175.jpg - (24.76KB , 600x600 , Obersee-Kids-Rainbow-Gymnastics-Leotard-fa54bd8a-f.jpg )
that gay leotard is so lovely, i just love lycra. i have muy own lycra brand and store, also my own modeling agency. please post Mila 003.
>> No. 111719
Bullshit assface. all files are shared somehow someway. just because they are not public doesn't mean they are gone for forever.
>> No. 111720
did none of the other girls do this? Or are we just waiting for them to leak? That lil goblin is too young for me to feel anything sexually. Julia/nina/maisie/lisa are just perfect. Thanks anon, for the last nina set.

does this set have a clear pussy shot? cant wait to find out for myself:):):) Happy New Years Eve
>> No. 111722
kathy 020, Mila 003 🎈
>> No. 111723
and what about if your HDD crashes? you will lost everything, so you must share them all if you want to ask for them some day. evento tour dvd disc can fail.
>> No. 111724
Kathy is fucking fat as fuck, get a life troll fuck
>> No. 111728
i love kathy 020 because i love lycra piggies. that little spandex chubby is extremly hot!!! her lycra ass is so sexy and yummy🎉🎊 Happy new year with mila 003, kathy 020, nita 011,lilu 031, nina 031, nita 016 and viola 009
>> No. 111730
could anyone post kathy 020 videothumbnails?
>> No. 111733
All I ask for is one pantyhose video and this throbbing rod will go off and you will be responsible for a very hot sticky mess. my flashlight can't take it any longer I use egg whites as lube extra sloppy
>> No. 111734
File 154629106076.jpg - (7.80KB , 232x217 , descarga.jpg )
please i want MILA 003 MILA 003 MILA 003 MILA 003 MILA 003 MILA 003 MILA 003🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁 just post MILA 003
>> No. 111735
>>111733 fell through the ring train with pink ferrari under the sink with strawberry jam that's mean pastry under the blue sky with an unprecedented hanger and three long sexes under the undead elephant palm, yeah!
>> No. 111736
where is Maisie
>> No. 111737
File 154629142470.jpg - (7.74KB , 225x225 , images.jpg )
he have the video but his lacy ass dont wanna share it. what a shame it was a very sexy video.
>> No. 111739
Fuckthis place aint noithing good coming out herz any fukinhg way
>> No. 111740
File 154629181958.jpg - (6.14KB , 200x144 , 7eex3npe.jpg )
All here!
>> No. 111741
File 15462919099.jpg - (6.40KB , 250x188 , Finger_for_button.jpg )
This thread is running out 1000 posts limit we need new OFFICIAL TROLLING THREAD to PROCEED WITH CAUTION we need it NOW!!!
>> No. 111742
is Mila 003 video diabolic or something? i hope it will be post on next days
>> No. 111744
File 154629234350.png - (250.54KB , 480x480 , Photo_20181231_163640.png )
please post mila 003 set and video 📷📹
>> No. 111746
File 15462928951.jpg - (7.34KB , 225x225 , descarga (1).jpg )
any angelina 003 photo set and 4K video?
>> No. 111748
someone must post mila 003 before the new year celebration.
>> No. 111753
File 154629372460.png - (247.87KB , 480x400 , Photo_20181231_165828.png )
that guy have it because he post 31 seconds of it. please man be nice and gentle, we al know you are a good person who loves his kids.
>> No. 111760
Happy New Year!!!
>> No. 111761
StarSessions-SecretStars 5
>> No. 111792
I have Mila 003, but you have nothing I want in return. Generate something of substance to offer, then I may be willing to negotiate the Mila 003 release.

You leachers will never get what you want without offering something good to exchange for your requests.
>> No. 111807
look around through triforce there is plenty of stuff and do you think there is anything new?

There is nothing! Star Sessions is the only thing that is new. Every single model, video is old news been posted tons of time.

There is some new hey trade this. It's easy to get by others posting randomly.
>> No. 111813
File 154630420427.jpg - (237.17KB , 1267x798 , Angelina-003.jpg )
Found Angelina-003 video. Refusing to post it because of the Lycra freak.
>> No. 111815
File 154630460298.jpg - (4.95MB , 4000x6000 , StarSessions Lilu Little red Riding Hood Set 029 0.jpg )
Star Sessions is not new. I have been purchasing from them for four or five years now. Way back in the single digit set days. Before the days when Star session gave samples to AMFLand and other forums.
>> No. 111816
File 154630490252.jpg - (99.42KB , 480x583 , 11.jpg )
That is an older video. Keep it safe and it will increase in value.
>> No. 111817
new as in popping up on the net.
I know they have been around for years.
>> No. 111819
Please guys i beg of yu its new years I NEED MILA 003 plase please please please ia m on my nees!!!!
>> No. 111833
please Sherman Hemsley post complete Mila 003 video. we all love mila.
>> No. 111836
i have something for you, never post before. one six years old from my TPI collections. do you want it?
>> No. 111841
Wow lilu is hot. Please post nude set
>> No. 111848
lilu 031 please, you son of a bitch!
>> No. 111852
Wish I knew about it back then. Maybe would have been able to buy secret stars stuff before the flood happened. It’s like siberian mouse now, we know of many many sets that we might not see for 10 years or even ever. And this thread is troll haven, surprised JBL hasn’t made an appearance.
>> No. 111856
No fruit loop. You only want Mila-003 because you have some sick lust for Lycra. You are such a freak, you'd jerk off to a Lycra bodysuit with no one in it.

If you loved Mila as you stated, you'd want any of her sets and videos. Instead your every request is for any model wearing Lycra. As you spam only for Lycra, I hope no one posts any set, video or screen shot of these models wearing Lycra.

Go to the store or on eBay, buy yourself some shiny outfits and jerk off till you rip your cock off.
>> No. 111857
What's with the people asking for Mila003? Looks like a boring set
>> No. 111858
It's not people. It's one freak. He spams for every set he finds where a model is wearing shiny material. He gets turned on by the material. I'd hate to see him at a party with Mylar balloons. He's be blowing loads over everything.
>> No. 111860
Why hasn't Mila 003 been posted yet?? it is the new year now it should be posted for all to enjoy!! Where is its?? Say it with me now
We want Mila 003!
We want Mila 003!
We want Mila 003!
Three cheers for Mila 003!
>> No. 111863
So there's a new GaP link? if yes can somebody send it to me? Thanks
>> No. 111865
so yeah, i cum with every soul wearing lycra. its that to bad for you mr smart doctor? and why you are upset with that? you are just a stupid cop, go and find a real job, you damn asshole!
>> No. 111866
and i do not cum watching a dog wearing lycra!
>> No. 111867
If Tiny Dick/Brain had any intelligence at all, instead of spamming posts where people hate his spamming guts, he'd start a Shiny Lycra thread where he could encourage people to share sets and videos of girls wearing the desired clothes.

Then he could add his list of SS model sets/videos into the desired request list.
>> No. 111868

STFU, it's not a good set.
>> No. 111869
i already do that, just search on this chans!
>> No. 111870
yes officer, i dont like little girls, i just like little girls wearing lycra!
>> No. 111871
Not interested. But it seems you lost your own post and now can't find it. Let me guess, you started a tread, didn't add anything yourself and when no one else contributed, you started spamming other posts. Try putting effort into keeping your own post going.
>> No. 111876
if you dont post Mila 003, oklahoma city bomb will happend again.
>> No. 111877
carrie is my dead sister
>> No. 111878
no hay nada mas detestable que estúpidos cops creadores de estos chans que identifican cada ip que sube o comenta aquí. porquería de humanos.. pero cada idiota que sube fotos o vídeos ilegales tomados por el mismo si merece ir a prisión por idiota no por pedófilo.
>> No. 111901
Looks like Ed is trying to dox the people who exposed him on this thread. Keep trying weasel.
>> No. 111904
Thats like 911 times 1000
>> No. 111958
You couldn't scrape together $30 for a set and video when the site was up. Now you're going to bomb a city? I hope your door is kicked down soon. And you get Tasered up the bung hole. Threats of terrorist activities have a way of having the FBI demand IPs from sites.
>> No. 111963
>> No. 112183
where can i get this one video besides there ?
>> No. 112187
All these potatoes and no one's making vodka???
>> No. 112303
stfu about Mila 3 you douches
>> No. 112315
>>111815 4 or 5 years my ass ss only showed up in late 2016 but thats when you were out of touch with reality already
>> No. 112582
File 154648445611.jpg - (172.26KB , 640x480 , 7591513950_a7cbc97014_z.jpg )
"only showed up" are the key words in your comment.

The Colorado River toad is an interesting creature. It 'only shows' itself a few days each year. The rest of its life is spent underground.
It unearths to draw in a mate, before going directly back into the ground. A human may go their entire life living next to the Colorado River toad and never see one up close.
>> No. 112586
File 154648509059.jpg - (82.59KB , 1199x512 , rules.jpg )
I had Lilu 29 image set uploading, but it is the assholes who make it not worth my time to upload and share this content. Maybe if a serious thread opens up, I'll be more willing to put in some work.
>> No. 112625
>>112183 You have put many meaningless posts on triforce chans. You need help, please post your name and address so that we can contact you. Thank you.
>> No. 112877
>>112586 we are waiting for post, friend!
>> No. 112959

Lee Damschen
2582 Rush Land Dr
Henderson VA 98002

Me n my AR-15 will be waiting for ya.
>> No. 112960

That's the address for the Henderson PD and Damschen's their chief!

>> No. 113162
Title says it
>> No. 113376
I'm Julia's brother here. I heard my Sister has been selling her ass to a pedo photographer.
I would like to see some of these videos and help her get a better deal.
Can you post more Julia vids?
>> No. 113476
lmao nice try troll
>> No. 115477
mila makes me horny is this bad?
>> No. 116439
Young black girls
>> No. 116925
Wow, this thread is still open. Mod must be sleeping.


>> No. 116927
Wow, this thread is still open. Mod must be having time off.


>> No. 119570
please share more more more SS
looking Multi01 (Mila&nita plaseee share)

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