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/hebe/ ~ Sisters
File 154621773178.png - (5.29MB , 750x1334 , 87FFA7CE-D521-4378-8A86-D00BCBBEF489.png )
111436 No. 111436
Which one would u fuck ??
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>> No. 111453
BOTH !!! In a fucking threesome ! LoL.
>> No. 111485
File 154622488244.jpg - (50.15KB , 576x768 , 1713.jpg )
Which one would you fuck ? I prefer the one at the left.
>> No. 111586
i agree.the left
>> No. 114837
I'm with Hugh. Both.
>> No. 114908
why the fuck you'd fuck the left?
the right is smaller = cuter = more cum
>> No. 114911
I wouldn't fuck either they are too young.
>> No. 114913
I wouldn't fuck either one of them, but I would really enjoy eating their tiny bald little kittens. Sliding my tongue up and down between their smooth wet lips and sucking on their clits.
>> No. 114952
I will fuck both of them really hard in the child pussies and tight ass. The one will seat on my face licking both her tiny holes and the other will rub her kiddy pussy on my pedo dick. Then i will fuck one of them hard in the child anus and cum deep in her. The the other will lick the sperm driping out of her sister child anal.

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