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/hebe/ ~ StarSessions | SecretStars 5
File 154629334648.jpg - (64.08KB , 685x1026 , Julia-MaisieSS-001-013.jpg )
111751 No. 111751


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>> No. 116260
Please, a topless photo of early LiluSS?
>> No. 116261
File 154772061698.jpg - (490.96KB , 2004x1218 , Lilu Lisa Maisie (bathtime).jpg )
There is a holder of Secret stars named nnlove. He sell secret collections. Does someone has buy from him? Is he a trust guy? Months ago, I contact with him and he told me a big price fro this video (bathtime). 550$ via bitcoin. He is absolutely crazy!
>> No. 116264
>>116261 No. He is not crazy. This video and many others are hard to find. The *nnlove* is trust guy and now, it is one and only way to take some sets or videos of secrets. Unfortunately, only with pay!
>> No. 116265
Dont be an idiot, nnlove is a complete fag that sells after copies of shit already watermarked shit. He is the biggest faggot seller anyone knows. Just look how he spams his previews on these threads. You are better off contacting mimi69.
>> No. 116266
>>116265 mimi69 is moron! He has nothing! I heard that he is asking samples, thumbnails or previews for trade and after, he goes away. Ignore him!
>> No. 116267
Im pretty sure nnlove was the guy harassing the girls on social media. I remember him talking about how he was able to find one of the girls pages
>> No. 116268
>>116267 nnlove?
>> No. 116269
I have never asked for samples. You must be NNlove then?
>> No. 116270
mimi69, do you have SET -thumbnail of NatashaSS003? Not video-thumbnail.
>> No. 116271
File 154772286830.jpg - (476.38KB , 2003x1217 , NitaSS-05_mp4.jpg )
>> No. 116272
Yes I do. Why? has that one not leaked yet?
>> No. 116273
>>116272 No. Only video-thumbnail.
>> No. 116274
Heres what is going to happen if you buy from nnLove. He takes your 500$ and resells the same links to traders and other people for half the price. Pretty much allowing 5,10,30 other people use the links you bought. There is absolutely NO FLOW CONTROL with that guy.

And from the sounds of it he was the asshole who posted the first leaks anyways. Real scum that fucker is.
>> No. 116275
>>116261 If this video has live sound, it must be more sexy.
>> No. 116276
File 154772527688.jpg - (159.55KB , 533x800 , NatashaSS-003-183.jpg )
>> No. 116277
>>116276 Holy Grail for me
>> No. 116316
>>116276 Hey, RobinHood, welcome back
>> No. 116337
nnlove and mimi69 are scammers. They have nothing . Just samples, thumbs and previews and they trade with them
>> No. 116343
25 posts remaining. Somethin' for ending?
>> No. 116344
are you guys done posting the same thumbs over and over again instead of any news info or new thumbs?
>> No. 116345
>>116344 because there is nothing new around
>> No. 116346
This comment will be obvious to many, but it is worth reiterating for newbies to the thread, and perhaps for the naive too:
Most of the thumbnails of Secret Stars sets and videos, and sample full-size images originate with the favored few who were offered the Secret material. Most of those people probably couldn't afford them. The few rich ones who could probably weren't the sharing type. The upshot is that it is unlikely we shall ever see most of the the full sets or the videos. We can but hope, and it's worth checking to see, I suppose. As for the "traders", why should any intelligent person believe they have anything without any substantial evidence. None of them has ever produced any.
>> No. 116349
>>116346 Yes, I agree
>> No. 116350
>>116346 what a load of tosh. another troll wasted post.
>> No. 116352
>> No. 116353
A 1000 posts per thread and not one new collection posted on this thread!
>> No. 116354
Just thumbnails or some photos. Nothing!
>> No. 116357
Please, set thumbnails of secret NatashaSS003
>> No. 116361
thumbnails please
>> No. 116376
the secret is safe!
>> No. 116400
Why is it tosh? Bet you can't think of a good reason - just personal abuse. Idiot!
>> No. 116420
Any vid caps of any Nina secret stars? Supposedly 10 exist but haven't seen but one cap.
>> No. 116483
File 154780743845.jpg - (549.90KB , 2003x1217 , NinaSS-002.jpg )
>> No. 116484
Please, someone have NatashaSS003 set-thumbnail or MaisieSS0024 set-thumbnail?
>> No. 116492
I have an older laptop. Graphics card isn't the greatest. 4K videos won't start. 1080p are full of digital squares. I've noticed in other posts some people experience the same issues. To fix this issue I've been using ConvertXtoDVD to turn these videos into DVD format. Then I use DVDfab to rip the DVD format back to 720x404 AVIs. I was thinking of posting these for people with issues viewing but unsure if there'd be much demand.
>> No. 116494
>>116483 another spam post watermarked nnlove, doubtless stolen from a free posting. This person should be selling SS collections on /cg/ thread and prevented from advertising on this /hebe/ thread.
>> No. 116495
>>116492 I have no problem, but I think this work is very difficult and it needs time, my friend. But, I believe It will be help many people in here, with this problem. You know! :)
>> No. 116496
>>116492 thanks for the offer, but do not waste your time because (1) free video convertors are available from the internet, and (2) HDMI cable from PC to TV gives good video playback.
>> No. 116497
>> No. 116500
>>116484 another post from nnlove to create a market for their watermarked SS collections. Buyer beware of trolls selling something that they cannot deliver.
>> No. 116502
>>116497 speak of the devil, nnlove has now created their troll thread of secret stars at https://155chan.gr/hebe/res/116348.html
because their other Secret Stars thread at https://155chan.gr/mir/res/45656.html
has not instigated free posts of collections that they then sell on. Cheap crooks.
>> No. 116503
Many people ask whole videos or whole sets and I, I would like only thumbnail of set NatashaS003 & Maisie SS024. Nothing else! Jesus! Set-thumbnails ONLY! Not video-captures.
>> No. 116512
How long have you been making the same request? 3 weeks? A month? Yet you spam the same thing every day. Sometimes 2 or 3 times daily. It's time to stop beating that dead horse. No matter how much you beat it, it ain't going anywhere.
>> No. 116528
>>116503 Fishing for Secret Stars thumbnails so that we can all see what is leaking (and by inference who is the leaker). Is this a troll or star sessions admin?
>> No. 116691
any secretstars from Aleksandra?
>> No. 116869
>>116691 go to secret stars thread at
>> No. 116926
Wow, this thread is still open. Mod must be asleep.


>> No. 116945
>>116926 if only that was true, mod would be deleting SS troll posts from other threads on triforce chans.
>> No. 117180
I can't access 155chan.gr/hebe, are we all in the same situation?
>> No. 126573
How to save the video? Can anyone help?

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