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/hebe/ ~ StarSessions | SecretStars 5
File 154629334648.jpg - (64.08KB , 685x1026 , Julia-MaisieSS-001-013.jpg )
111751 No. 111751


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>> No. 111752
File 154629350615.jpg - (16.44KB , 450x290 , Happy New Year.jpg )
I hope the New Year will be better about the leaks...
>> No. 111762
Some one please mila 003
>> No. 111765
Posting mila 003 will be like giving me permission to cum
>> No. 111766
File 154629766859.jpg - (928.73KB , 1600x970 , MichelleSS010.jpg )
>> No. 111767
Give me permission to cum
>> No. 111769
File 154629879147.jpg - (2.60MB , 2956x4000 , 154619822287.jpg )
>> No. 111770
>> No. 111773
File 154629921414.jpg - (433.92KB , 1440x960 , 154535097475.jpg )
Happy New year
>> No. 111774
Someone image-thumbnails of NatashaSS003?
>> No. 111775
File 154629958327.jpg - (1.75MB , 2667x4000 , MichelleSS-010-157.jpg )
Maybe HC is real...
>> No. 111776
File 15462996215.jpg - (287.90KB , 2000x3000 , Angelina 004.jpg )
Old Star Sessions posts

SS1 - https://155chan.gr/hebe/res/75558.html
SS2 - https://155chan.gr/hebe/res/101112.html
SS3 - https://155chan.gr/hebe/res/104123.html
SS4 - https://155chan.gr/hebe/res/108000.html
>> No. 111777
Happy New Thread!
>> No. 111778
Isabella have Secret sets?
>> No. 111779
Tika have Secret sets?
>> No. 111780
Neither Isabella nor Tika
>> No. 111790
I would take these threads more serious and maybe contribute to them, if they were just repeats of the previous thread. You fill it up with the same single images, the same screen shots, and obsessive remarks expecting a new experience. This is part of the reason I continue to use premium hosts, which keeps the kids off the board.
>> No. 111791
* if they were [not] just repeats of the previous thread
>> No. 111793
File 15463031674.jpg - (3.25MB , 2667x4000 , Lisa-005-00001.jpg )
>> No. 111795
File 154630321650.jpg - (3.28MB , 2667x4000 , Lisa-005-00003.jpg )
>> No. 111796
File 154630322439.jpg - (3.15MB , 2667x4000 , Lisa-005-00002.jpg )
>> No. 111797
File 15463032355.jpg - (2.81MB , 2667x4000 , Lisa-005-00006.jpg )
>> No. 111798
File 154630324420.jpg - (3.16MB , 2667x4000 , Lisa-005-00007.jpg )
>> No. 111799
File 154630325289.jpg - (3.75MB , 3200x4000 , Lisa-005-00005.jpg )
>> No. 111800
File 154630326142.jpg - (3.20MB , 2667x4000 , Lisa-005-00008.jpg )
>> No. 111801
File 154630326977.jpg - (3.12MB , 2667x4000 , Lisa-005-00010.jpg )
>> No. 111802
File 154630327659.jpg - (2.78MB , 4000x6000 , Michelle-007-029.jpg )
Set: http://dl.free.fr/getfile.pl?file=/gTmjHk7z
Video: http://dl.free.fr/getfile.pl?file=/wxH4dUSF

Password: Dr1v3M3Cr@zy
>> No. 111803
File 154630327838.jpg - (3.74MB , 4000x3200 , Lisa-005-00009.jpg )
>> No. 111804
File 154630328572.jpg - (3.30MB , 2667x4000 , Lisa-005-00004.jpg )
>> No. 111809
File 154630371195.jpg - (2.88MB , 2667x4000 , Lisa-005-00122.jpg )
You want more of what I have? Post something of substance first. Something original.
>> No. 111812
File 154630395494.jpg - (50.54KB , 475x543 , 11.jpg )
All sets I have include the complementing video.
>> No. 111822
File 154630630463.jpg - (120.89KB , 1077x721 , 12.jpg )
I would be happy to see an uncommon Tropical Cuties vid. Perhaps TC 0005.
>> No. 111828
File 154630725874.jpg - (220.55KB , 1267x798 , AngelinaSS-002_4K.jpg )

Video download

Part 1: http://dl.free.fr/bFw0E2F3y
Part 2: http://dl.free.fr/nxZ5yTCyY
Part 3: http://dl.free.fr/wOSMjuRpl
Part 4: http://dl.free.fr/sNv7UhKRJ

Photo set download

Part 1: http://dl.free.fr/n5iEBjHob
Part 2: http://dl.free.fr/j7eo4MBR2
Part 3: http://dl.free.fr/vWyyuTftA

Password: Sherwood^Forest^FOREVER
>> No. 111832
>>> 111770

I’ve seen a few of this set around. Anyone have the full set? And can you share it?
>> No. 111834
i know there was shares a long video with dildo in black and bljb but the links are gone and mobody has shared this full video againe only a short 1 min. prev
>> No. 111835
Any chance that some one with grace us with some new vids...... ?
>> No. 111849
File 15463124046.jpg - (137.32KB , 820x960 , Both Birds.jpg )
>> No. 111886
File 154633345838.jpg - (381.01KB , 2290x821 , MaisieSS-024 4K.jpg )
NatashaSS003 image thumbnail or MaisieSS024 image thumbnail, please...
>> No. 111887
File 154633354037.png - (2.51MB , 1506x950 , Natasha-SS-003 4K.png )
NatashaSS003 image thumbnail or MaisieSS024 image thumbnail...
>> No. 111888
File 154633516728.jpg - (1.40MB , 4000x2667 , TikaSS-001-137.jpg )

TikaSS exists. Boring as fuck. Zero nudity. Bra and panties only
>> No. 111891

I'm beggin here. Pls share more of this.
>> No. 111894
File 154633821376.jpg - (586.00KB , 1567x1046 , 022-04.jpg )
Please share pantyhose set Maisie 022
>> No. 111895
please help when ever i download this and other ss videos they do not playback properly of all the ss videos i have dl only a handfull playback
>> No. 111899
Please lilu nude set
>> No. 111903
Stop posting ugly Michelle and Lisa FFS
>> No. 111912
>>111751 It's beacuse they're 60fps. You need to check your player is running correct fps.
>> No. 111920
>>111895 hey... idiot learn to use the post numbers like everyone else. you stupid troll!
>> No. 111936
TY Mr.Ed for keeping the thread alive.
>> No. 111937
Thank You. You a best )) if possible post a more about Tika Happy New Year
>> No. 111946

Lisa is a goddess and we need her SecretStars sets!
>> No. 111957
File 15463640994.jpg - (9.34KB , 240x240 , squarepegslink-us369.jpg )
many of the people here cant use crypto, thats my case, so please share some shiny metallic spandex: Mila 003, nita 011, nita 016, lilu 031, nina 031.
>> No. 111962
Started out so promising. Someone posted images of Lisa-005 (Even if they wanted to trade instead of share) Michelle-007 set and video downloads posted. Angelina-002 set and video downloads posted. Even the links to the older posts added.

Now we have the shiny metallic spandex troll who got this set as a Trolling Thread again. It only takes one to destroy a good thing.
>> No. 111965
>> No. 111968
this chans have ilegal content. why they still up so many years? the answer is all this chans are operated by us cops.
>> No. 111970
Ages found at beginning of videos.
Can anyone fill in the missing 6 ages?

14 Aleksandra
14 Leyla
14 Lilu

12 Lisa
12 Natalie
12 Nina

11 Elena
11 Lina

10 Maisie
10 Natasha
10 Nita
10 Olivia

9 Viola

8 Angelina
8 Mila

7 Michelle

?? Taso
?? Tika
?? Kathy
?? Julia
?? Isabella
?? Savannah
>> No. 111972
Wow! Sneaky way of finding who has videos...lol
OK, I'll play:
14 Tika; 11 Julia; Kathy 10
So I am told, you understand.
>> No. 111973
>>111888 How do you know that she wear her panty or bra, during in all of set?
>> No. 111974
I bet you look one hell of a more like a goblin than any little girl to whom you might be referring.
>> No. 111975
Thanks for passing on what you were told.
I didn't ask to pester for videos.
Just had a personal desire to know the ages.
>> No. 111976
Are you sure that's not taking on too much? You don't want to go full potato with a dodgy dick.
>> No. 111987
You are welcome. I was being a bit tongue in cheek.
>> No. 111996
>>111992 Police, is more pedophiles than us. They let the chans, for months and years be open and active. And they know that exists.
>> No. 111999
Please lilu nude set.
>> No. 112000
What set # is that? Know it's not 17, 23 or 37.
>> No. 112001
Anyone have the image thumbnail of these sets?
>> No. 112003
please post viola 009
>> No. 112006
It's set NE. Anonymous thinks that stands for Nude Extra, when in fact it stands for Non Existent.
>> No. 112022
why starsessions doesnt exist anymore?
>> No. 112067
File 15463864337.jpg - (3.95MB , 4000x6000 , StarSessions Lilu Little red Riding Hood Set 029 0.jpg )
>> No. 112069
File 154638657276.jpg - (287.62KB , 1819x957 , 7.jpg )
>> No. 112070
File 154638660430.jpg - (4.16MB , 4000x6000 , StarSessions Lilu Little red Riding Hood Set 029 0.jpg )
>> No. 112071
File 154638661287.jpg - (3.84MB , 4000x6000 , StarSessions Lilu Little red Riding Hood Set 029 0.jpg )
>> No. 112072
File 154638661911.jpg - (3.91MB , 4000x6000 , StarSessions Lilu Little red Riding Hood Set 029 0.jpg )
>> No. 112073
Lets have an uncommon link. Something original.
>> No. 112074
File 154638663410.jpg - (4.13MB , 4000x6000 , StarSessions Lilu Little red Riding Hood Set 029 0.jpg )
>> No. 112078
SS IS DEAD and those who have are not going to share any content :( give up people move on
>> No. 112083
no Secrets of Maisie or Natasha then who gives a hoot
>> No. 112085
Some waited many weeks after AMS closed to get the complete and cut videos that became available. What makes you think SS has to be any different?
>> No. 112086
all this pathetic nn softcore shit, you hoarders of NN softcore material are patheitc, there is 10x better CP all over the darkweb for free, go fuck yourselves losers you are hoarding garbage
>> No. 112087
So why don't you just piss off, then, if you think the material is garbage? The Secret stuff is apparently only mildly more explicit - that's nearly garbage to you. Why are you here?
>> No. 112089
I don't think we should abandon hope at full potato level just yet. Going full potato is never good. Bad for the soul, not to mention the alimentary canal.
>> No. 112094


That cracks me up! Your Fucking Page is like that! All the posts all the replies.

Back to SS. Yea Full Potato is bad idea. Just wait with time everything will surface.
>> No. 112095
The image numbers are all removed. Copying the original name is overwriting the older saves.

Please upload full set so we get the images in proper order.
>> No. 112096
File 154639143199.jpg - (3.97MB , 4000x6000 , StarSessions Lilu Little red Riding Hood Set 029 0.jpg )

or maybe they have only shared their new web address with well established and distinguished customers.
>> No. 112098
Would someone Please upload the Nita secret stars set?
>> No. 112100
Nita 15 vid - https://155chan.gr/hebe/res/101112.html#103450
Nita 24 vid & pics - https://155chan.gr/hebe/res/108000.html#108398
Nita 25 vid & pics - https://155chan.gr/hebe/res/108000.html#i108400
>> No. 112114
File 154639612764.jpg - (3.87MB , 4000x6000 , StarSessions Lilu Little red Riding Hood Set 029 0.jpg )
What is in it for me?
>> No. 112121
File 154639672011.jpg - (3.42MB , 4000x6000 , StarSessions Lisa Silver Thong Leotard Set 026 001.jpg )
>> No. 112122
File 154639681386.jpg - (3.70MB , 4000x6000 , StarSessions Lisa Silver Thong Leotard Set 026 002.jpg )
>> No. 112123
File 154639682453.jpg - (3.22MB , 4000x6000 , StarSessions Lisa Silver Thong Leotard Set 026 003.jpg )
>> No. 112124
File 154639685025.jpg - (3.54MB , 4000x6000 , StarSessions Lisa Silver Thong Leotard Set 026 005.jpg )
>> No. 112125
File 154639686364.jpg - (3.50MB , 4000x6000 , StarSessions Lisa Silver Thong Leotard Set 026 004.jpg )
>> No. 112126
File 154639691270.jpg - (3.85MB , 4000x6000 , StarSessions Lisa Silver Thong Leotard Set 026 015.jpg )
>> No. 112133
but the full AMS videos never ever showed up , many great vids gone forever
>> No. 112135
Big thanks for the new Lisa and Lilu pics guys

i have nothing so i ask for nothing but gladly enjoy what you share with us , esp Hebe
>> No. 112163
do not post any spandex please!
>> No. 112210
File 154641925362.jpg - (27.55KB , 400x400 , th.jpg )
"Big thanks for the new Lisa and Lilu pics guys

i have nothing so i ask for nothing but gladly enjoy what you share with us , esp Hebe"

TY for showing some gratitude for those images. That was very polite of you.


pw Her
>> No. 112211
>>112121 >>112122 >>112123 >>112124 >>112125 >>112126 Pregnant women should be posted in /sw/. This is a /hebe/ thread and unsuitable for posting grannies.
>> No. 112225
more julia sets please!
>> No. 112234
Thanks, Dear Santa
>> No. 112244
funny how people dont even know what hebe is.
lisa is hebe.
girls like the goblin aint.
no tits yet -> not hebe
>> No. 112249
File 154643018218.jpg - (167.43KB , 1024x646 , Lisa-005_mp4_thumbs_2017_08_17_15_33_42.jpg )
Many many thanks JSG , I am from the old usnet sharing is caring days , we always waited a few months or more before posting newely released det , those where awesome days < I had subs to almost all webe models ,, sadly things are bad now and your Awesome share of Lisa ,my Fav is wasted on me , I have no money and only stolen shit wifi , only zippy lets me pick up dropped d/ls until 15 drops later i finnaly get a file. But thanks again, there is no community any more, Just gimmie gimmie , sad sad sad, I do app the single pics posted Oliva is young for my hebe raste but Dam cute in that white set , sheer top , Amazin NN Tease set , Sad we Lost SS they where the best thing since , Vlad Models , with a model for everyone , even like the one guy said Goblin lovers

Peace Bro

Sad no one has thanked you for the new lisa set
>> No. 112251
File 154643081660.jpg - (210.31KB , 933x1400 , Lisa-005-01.jpg )
that was my post above , vid cap i got from site long ago


so fuck off LOL

all I had I got months ago and has been posted , did a shitty trade , traded Hebe got michelle , deleted immediatly , 2 goblin previews i got yet to be posted No I dont have em any more , I said I deletd them , Fucker said i was getting Lisa Camo set with the curly hair
Got goblin insted Fuckity FUCK Fuck Fucker
>> No. 112263
File 154643424538.jpg - (393.28KB , 2250x1500 , MaisieSS-024.jpg )
Please, the image-thumbnail of this set? NO VIDEO-THUMBNAIL!
>> No. 112269
Stupid spammer,this shit is dead.
>> No. 112280
>>112263 This photo is from her video. In this secret serie, there is no set. Just video...
>> No. 112286
Some of them did.
>> No. 112295
>>112263 Wow! Please, the original photo?
>> No. 112297
File 154644005453.jpg - (76.74KB , 630x700 , Goblin.jpg )
This is a goblin. Goblins are MALE. If anyone here thinks that is an appropriate description of an ordinary small Georgian girl, whether pretty or not, then they need a brain replacement. If I see that word associated with a harmless little girl again here, then I shall know that the poster is a congenital idiot.
>> No. 112299
Is it possible to buy the SS stuff somewhere? I've searched but can't find anything. Noob.
>> No. 112301
>>112297 Michelle is not more beautiful than other SS models. But also is not ugly. But she is so sweet and sexy. She is not like Goblin. Stopped you say that!
>> No. 112306
please post viola 009
>> No. 112308
New photo of secret, please...
>> No. 112318
You are right - but that is what the poster was saying! Read it carefully!
>> No. 112319
File 154644567010.jpg - (4.18KB , 275x183 , secret.jpg )
Ask and it shall be given.
>> No. 112323
File 154644618165.png - (36.21KB , 235x235 , 68258828.png )
>>112318 Yes! I understand what he say and I support it. The number before my message was wrong! Sorry!
>> No. 112324
Secret MaisieSS024 set thumbnail, please...
>> No. 112327
File 154644704398.png - (3.09MB , 1585x1000 , Lisa-MaisieSS-001.png )
Please, image-thumbnail, of this video...
>> No. 112328
Well said!
>> No. 112329
>>112327 What you want, from this video? You posted the thumbnails!
>> No. 112331
>>112329 I want the image-thumbnails of set...
>> No. 112332
Make this epic!!! post vids
>> No. 112333
>>112331 Hard to find, man. Maybe there is no...
>> No. 112334
>>112327 Wow! This is Holly Grail!
>> No. 112335
Is there any other sites ss is being shared?
>> No. 112337
File 154644785418.jpg - (1.08MB , 1200x2728 , LisaSS-20.jpg )
>> No. 112338
I have to have this. What can I do to get this?
>> No. 112339
>>112338 Julia and Maisie set?
>> No. 112340
The Holly & Ivy Grail?
>> No. 112341
Can anyone be kind enough to post a link here for Michelle's green stripe bikini set on dl.free.fr? Can't get to 180 or 144. Many thanks!
>> No. 112343
It's driving me insane knowing these Secret Stars sets are out there and I can't find any of em. Lisa 20 pls. Lilu. Nina. Nitu. Pls. Anyone.
>> No. 112344
Amen to that
>> No. 112345
I want NatashaSS 003 NOW!
>> No. 112346
>>112343 I agree with you, man
>> No. 112356
>> No. 112368
My god that video looks amazing
>> No. 112371
>>112368 Yes, It's "amazing", but anybody will not be share it.
>> No. 112372
>>112371 Unfortunately, anybody have not it. Only video-thumbnail. And now that site is closed, it was lost forever, such as another sets/vids. So pity.
>> No. 112375
Please secret Natasha003 image thumbnail or some pics?
>> No. 112378
please milna 03 1080 video
>> No. 112379
>>112377 Send to "shareboy"
>> No. 112381
>>112376 Come to Italy and find me
>> No. 112390
>>112377 I have both and want to piss in your mouth 3==э--0:
>> No. 112392
To Via Delle Ragazze, Mila(3)no, Italia?
>> No. 112393
>>112390 Hahaha... you are a liar!
>> No. 112395
File 154645737033.png - (87.22KB , 396x697 , 5785w2827973.png )
>>112390 Be careful! Your nose!
>> No. 112400
>>112395 Haha... that's right! He is a BIG liar!
>> No. 112401
Does Olivia have secret set?
>> No. 112435
Answer 1 Yes - so secret that nobody has ever heard of it, or thought to mention it.
Answer 2 No.
Take your pick.
>> No. 112449
>>112401 No, she has not.
>> No. 112453
Secret NatashaSS003 set thumbnail, please
>> No. 112454
Secret TikaSS set thumbnail, please
>> No. 112456
>>112454 Tika has not secret set.
>> No. 112458
File 154646579256.jpg - (3.11MB , 4000x6000 , Leyla-011-151.jpg )
We really need Aleksandra, Lilu, and Layla stuff posted here next to nothing of them here and they are the hottest ones
>> No. 112459
I'm in love with Lisa.
>> No. 112460
Can y’all share the previews of the new sets. I know the site might be gone but they are still being released since is doing business uncover for now.
>> No. 112461
You cum five times a day with NatashaSS003 and dont want to share the video? well you will die soon. black magic over you.
>> No. 112464
>>112460 That’s very good idea. Image thumbnails and video thumbnails. That will be perfect!
>> No. 112469
this is my last warning to you: if you dont post NatashaSS003 before lovers day, i will **** this site and **** you!
>> No. 112482
>>112474 That is already post it, idiot. You don’t have set thumbnail, because you have not the set.
>> No. 112490
that's not a secret set
>> No. 112505
look at https://155chan.gr/hebe/res/111751.html#i111888
>> No. 112537
File 154647181754.jpg - (4.45MB , 6000x4000 , StarSessions Lilu Little red Riding Hood Set 029 0.jpg )
TY for the reply. I hope one day you are afforded the proper Internet access to excel in today's tech filled society. I know Internet access is not a given right, but the way tech is advancing, it may be one day soon.

I keep hearing this rumor that the Sessions sight is closed. However, no proof is given to that claim. yes the website they were using is down, but that does not mean the studio ceases to conduct business.

I will however, guarantee you this. No new content will be leaked at such a pace as the last leak. Sessions has been using hidden security features that identifies which customer is leaking. Marvel Charm and Teen Marvel use the same type of copyright security. All of the content I have purchased the past six months are stamped with my customer identification. You cannot see it with the naked eye, but it is there.

So, I will from time to time distribute some of the classic first series shoots, but I cannot give out any on the newer stuff.
>> No. 112538
File 154647182729.jpg - (26.92KB , 550x700 , 11403919st_13_f.jpg )
>> No. 112541
File 154647243390.png - (309.50KB , 640x360 , World_of_Warcraft_new_goblin_model_image3_-_Blizzc.png )
yup takes female goblines to make more

this part of the chan is called /hebe/

she is to small flat and for now fugly for most
she may turn out beautiful , lets hope

all her vids and sets are free on Tor M8
>> No. 112542
It most likely will not be shared for a while. It has the customer's id stamped on it. If it is leaked, that customer is cut off.
>> No. 112544

just say PLEASE next time , smh
Julia and Maisie
400.6 MB
filetitle dot com/vz27vfh9zepn
>> No. 112550
Croatia has joined the chat
>> No. 112554
>> No. 112558
>>112541 tor m8 - what does it mean?
>> No. 112566
File 154647553213.jpg - (53.16KB , 306x465 , 154351900698vx.jpg )
Anyone seen Nina secret star set? Or have it would be better...
>> No. 112572
>> No. 112579

wow. the best little WHITE ass I've seen in all of 2018. So her face is below average for a model. You can't tell me you wouldn't be rock hard if she planted that naked ass on your lap
>> No. 112581
I don't think that full topless set of Nina is exist
>> No. 112584
>>112566 Yet another photoshop image. Nina has no secret stars collections (sets or videos).
>> No. 112598
You are blocked. Everyone knows of your shiny lycra/spandex fixation and no one will post anything. So go ahead, do your terrorist threats to blow up cities, rape children or kill everyone.

No Lycra for you.
>> No. 112603
Last resort of a defeated person. Name calling. You seem to like throwing around the word "cop" if you don't get your own way. You just want to blow guy's whistles so you call them cops.
>> No. 112618
Niñita, how are things in El Barrio?
>> No. 112623
My guess of Spanish Harlem in NYC must have hit close to home.
>> No. 112624
>>112595 You have put many meaningless posts on triforce chans. You need help, please post your name and address so that we can contact you. Thank you.
>> No. 112633
So how is switching to Spanish and calling everyone cops working out for you? Enjoying all the Lycra sets it isn't getting uploaded for you niñita?
>> No. 112638
You're going to tell INTERPOL you got insulted on 155chan while trolling for Lycra sets of under-aged Star Sessions models and now you want them to charge the people who hurt your feeling and wouldn't give you any shiny spandex sets and videos? INTERPOL won't do anything without proof and guess who'd rise to the top of the arrest warrant when they see your threats of terrorism if the sets and videos you want are not posted? Go ahead niñita, report me. I DARE YOU.
>> No. 112641
agree lisa and Maisie have the best Asses and make up for any lack of looks with Amazin personalitys
>> No. 112651
Thank you to original poster.
>> No. 112672
MaisieSS024 set thumbnail,>>112263, please
>> No. 112673
>>112490 Yes, that is the secret video thumbnail
>> No. 112674
File 154650602862.png - (2.80MB , 1600x1009 , NatashaSS003.png )
You said that you have NatashaSS003. The video thumbnail you posted, is not a proof, because it is already posted, months ago (video-thumbnail, not the video)The real proof will be... if you post the set-thumbnail. Then I will believe you!
>> No. 112686
Someone post KathySS nip slip or topless photo?
>> No. 112729
please nude ss videos
>> No. 112746
showing these nude screenshots are you going to leak video or not
>> No. 112752
where are the nudes?
>> No. 112754
>>112584 its real its a repost of the pic i have uploaded in thread 2 https://155chan.gr/hebe/res/101112.html#i102260 and what do you know about secret stars? nothing? nina has over 10 secret stars sets and videos idiot
>> No. 112763
who cares about Nina let's see Natasha.
>> No. 112765
Probably those who prefer Nina to Natasha, or those who like both?
>> No. 112766
Natasha has secret and the only set that was even leaked was No. 10.
>> No. 112779
>>112766 Where leaked it?
>> No. 112786
Leaked in the first SS post. For quick access to past SS posts >>111776

>> No. 112796
>>112786 This is not secret video
>> No. 112801
That is Natasha-010 video that was leaked. If you expected something else, that's on you.
>> No. 112802
How many secret collection has Natasha?
>> No. 112806
File 154654971311.png - (6.25MB , 2048x2115 , JuliaSS-005 4K.png )
>> No. 112807
File 154654973547.png - (4.94MB , 2048x2115 , NitaSS-009 4K.png )
>> No. 112817
Ed I thought you were leaving the pedo scene? Still posting your leaks.
>> No. 112821
Julia has a nicer body then the few clothed previews I've seen hinted at. Would like the video but the preview is nice as well.
>> No. 112824
Who needs the video when we got the video preview it's just as fappable
>> No. 112825
Who needs the video when we got the video preview it's just as fappable
>> No. 112838
have any thumbs like this of Natasha?
>> No. 112843
File 154655902266.jpg - (1.91MB , 4000x2667 , SSMichelle-010.jpg )
If you love Star Sessions Secret Stars as much as I do. Please post this set Michelle in decent quality?
>> No. 112847
Holy mother of rounded asses! maybe never....but video link please!
>> No. 112848
Here's what's available.
Take it or leave it.
>> No. 112852
Fappable? This is horseshit.
>> No. 112858
>>112848 this set also at
https://155chan.gr/hebe/res/108000.html#111319 pt1
https://155chan.gr/hebe/res/108000.html#111435 pt2
>> No. 112859

It's been posted in decent quality, you just have to save the images through a image manipulation program (ie not just copy and paste) and they turn out just fine.

I know it's weird and I don't know the reason for this but that's the way it is. Also, when you do save them in this way the file size drops a bit, so it is like you are shedding some useless information. (I hope it's not some kind of tracking trap?)
>> No. 112860
The download at >>112848
are the same ones in the 2 links you posted with the same password. The difference is, the links are together with the password so no confusion.
>> No. 112863
Look closely Natasha10 is a normal website set not
secret stars , she only done 3 or 4
>> No. 112874
Please lilu nude set
>> No. 112875
You keep asking for a Lilu Nude set. This isn't Rule 34. You can't imagine a set exists and POOF it appears. Name the set number or STFU till you can prove such a set exists.
>> No. 112878
Anyone REALLY know what happened to Star Sessions, I was buying sets, opened a new ticket to send more BTC, checked back and GONE! he has some of my $$$, If went private, how get in touch want to buy more.
>> No. 112879
>>112878 so how much $$$ did you lose? The public Star Sessions sites were taken down. So it is unlikely that your order reached its destination. If the $$$ has not been taken, then you have lost nothing.
>> No. 112880
Sites like Star Sessions can't go private. A matter of simple economics. You go private with limited customers, they have to buy X number of sets and videos to keep paying the models for new sets, paying for the studio (even if it's in a back room) upkeep on the site, bandwidth, equipment and of course paying the site owner.

Customers can't stay loyal forever. Jobs are lost, finances change though added expenses like mortgages, car payments, insurance, kids and medical. There are arrests, deaths, hospitalization and other reasons to take paying customers out of the buying pool. As customers are lost, without a steady supply of replacement money, any site trying to remain hidden and private are doomed to fail.

Star Sessions might be trying to survive as a private site on special customers, but, more likely they folded or were closed by an LEA bust.
>> No. 112881
no they went private
>> No. 112882
If they tried going private with limited customers, they are already dead, they just haven't got the memo yet.
>> No. 112885
"If went private, how get in touch want to buy more."

They contact you if they want to do further business. Some customers received a new web address via email.
>> No. 112887
Thanks for Nita, she's beautiful!
>> No. 112889
You guys are fools, they didnt go private. The producer made a ton of money and stopped selling altogether. After the idiot posted that Christmas set picture he cut all remaining customers. He mentioned plans on having another site sometime in the next year or 2.

Although its more likely he is just going to settle down and continue with his nature photography now.
>> No. 112893
already had a ton of money
>> No. 112894
>> No. 112901
didn't lose too much $$$, started with SS when some reason coinbase closed my account. and had too send all to one address. all went too SS. back when Yandex was used. recently got back too them. used amazon gift cards till no longer used them. finally figured BTC. got some collections. wanted "more", opened ticket than nothing. Had enough in "wallet" for collection or two. really hope I get contacted for more.!!!
>> No. 112904
Had enough in "wallet for a collection or two. A while back Coinbase made me send all I had to one address and close account, sent to SS, got some collections .back when Yandex was used. now got easier used amazon gift cards for a few then finally found a reliable BTC source. wanted more and "More". now gone .
>> No. 112916
>>112901 >>112904 about a collection or two = $40.00, hardly worth bothering about. in hindsight, should have transferred into a reliable BTC wallet.
>> No. 112919
>>112916 SS 10/10/2018 Site News says "price increases are coming to all new sets. $16 (pics only), $16 (video only), $27 (collection)." Doubt that more than purchase of one collection could be undertaken when Bitcoin (BTC) has also seen significant devaluation.
>> No. 112938
Not too worried about the money lost, wanted more of Julia cause she does it for me. as a few others do. Been following these threads in hopes of some real info, about what happened, and possible new site or material. not sure how it happened but this is not the great source of info I was hoping for.
>> No. 112947
Of course they didn't go private. But a lot of self delusional people who want future sets will brain wash themselves into believing a modelling site that needs lots of paying customers are now private. Logic and reason won't convince them they are indulging in fantasy.
>> No. 112958
you honestly have no idea
>> No. 112961
Stop talking shit, start posting sets n vids. FER FUCK'S SAKE!!!!
>> No. 112962
these links are getting boring if they do not leak new vids.just prick teasing
>> No. 112965
>>112958 "I knew you would say that."
>> No. 112969
Lisa, Leyla, Kathy, Lilu and Natalie are deffo the hottest of the bunch, goddamn.

Any word if Leyla has done nude? Her vids are so tame it's a crying fucking shame.
>> No. 112975
If the site private, someone to proof it with new photo!
>> No. 112980
File 154661472514.jpg - (93.58KB , 1366x728 , Star Sessions.jpg )
>>112975 Star Sessions today
>> No. 112981
File 154661539212.png - (204.55KB , 1091x477 , 5687.png )
You must be the same guy that says they also have a private URL
>> No. 112983
>>112980 That’s not proof
>> No. 112986
I SPENT OVER 4000USD AT STARSESSIONS AND DIDN'T GET SECRETS FUCK THE ADMIN!?!!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? OFF WITH HIS HEAD!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
>> No. 112990
Considering your out here on the chans spouting that shit id say he made the right choice not to trust your, you stupid fuck.
>> No. 112994
We have some dumb fucks in here.
>> No. 112997

so, you're pussy don't leak, but you love to suck dick.

Maybe go confess your gay fantasies on another site?
>> No. 113013
>>111751 Natasha secret 003 set-thumbnail, please
>> No. 113014
File 154663274843.jpg - (39.10KB , 400x304 , 45276781717.jpg )
Secret NatashaSS003, someone...?
>> No. 113015
File 154663353082.jpg - (16.08KB , 350x219 , dragon_tales_live_1.jpg )
SS! <3
>> No. 113016
you spent 4000 ??? you are an idiot LOl!!!
>> No. 113017
I also need NatashaSS003 :(
>> No. 113018
File 154663370289.jpg - (104.38KB , 960x1280 , 154011665936.jpg )
Anyone have 3ms?
>> No. 113019
>> No. 113025
Finnaly something real,other than the utter bollocks this thread has reduced to.
>> No. 113050

let's revenge this bastard and share all sets that you have ;) :3
>> No. 113062
>> No. 113077
I bet 3ms Jahny has a penis the size, when fully extended, of one of those little flat disk watch batteries.
>> No. 113079
File 154664776526.jpg - (332.44KB , 982x779 , mila-018-bottom.jpg )
Enough trashcan posts! The site is no longer live, and no good reason to believe a replacement exists has been provided, so I don't see why we should, or can resist posting some vidcaps of Mila's bottom.
>> No. 113080
File 154664787986.jpg - (564.27KB , 1079x998 , mila-019-bottom.jpg )
...even if it is only a glimpse...
>> No. 113101
thank you very much
>> No. 113108
Not new
>> No. 113136
Original size please
>> No. 113139
The studio is done Son. And additionally, if there were any more sets to be leaked, we would have them by now. As I see it, there will be one or two leaks from time-2-time but no big dumps. Site-rips these days are far and few in between, because most studios are now selling individual sets and not full site access like times past.

That's it folks. Wrap it up...
>> No. 113170
you honestly have no idea
>> No. 113172
Trying to make yourself sound important? Hinting you are on the short list of customers? Easy solution. Screenshot. As SS dated the new sets as they were added, take a screenshot showing the new set, a recent date (2019) and a clear image of the new preview of the model. You can even remove the URL so nothing is leaked. As SS watermarks new previews, the model pic will bare their logo. Or admit you are full of shit and have no idea what you are talking about.
>> No. 113181
>>113139 Nice try! You were betrayed by yourself! We understand! The site is open and private! Now, post some new updates! Hurry up! We’ll be waiting!
>> No. 113187
>> No. 113193
File 154667865911.jpg - (660.18KB , 1622x2546 , Maisie Santa.jpg )
So... if the site is not private and the site is down, then who was he that post Maisie with Santa clothes?
>> No. 113195
>>113193 Admin posted it, to hurt us.
>> No. 113197
Someone post some photos of this set?
>> No. 113202
Yeah, because its not like that could be from LAST FUCKING YEAR. Idiot!
>> No. 113211
Please read, dear Starsessions Admin!
Please give us some Info to contact you so we don't lose the money we already gave you and so we can continue buying and supporting the studio!
>> No. 113219
They ARE original size, just with irrelevant bits cut off - unless you want to see more of her arm.
>> No. 113248
Lol your unused money is toast buddy.
>> No. 113249
>>111895 & any with play problems.
I had erratic play of 4K vids while 1080(FullHD) was ok on VLC.
Slowing the play on VLC was a big help.
I, in the last few days, got Zoom 14 as a giveaway & it plays 4k fine. There is a Zoom 14 free that may play ok too.
I also expect VLC will (or has) an upgrade to support 4K. Good luck, you just gotta try new or wait til your player upgrades.
The problem is not with the downloaded 4k VIDs.
>> No. 113251
the photos of starsessions are more than 4000 x 3000 pixels
>> No. 113252
>>113249 again.
I'm absolutely enthralled seeing the people posting the results of washing their underpants on these ss threads (1-5). Awesome what makes some function (or try to). I mean who really cares about you & your bs life bullshit anyway?
>> No. 113253
This >>113193 is what the Anon here >>112889 claims caused the shutdown. Try reading what's already posted.
>> No. 113267
File 15467131019.jpg - (158.04KB , 1024x646 , StarSessions_Maisie-024_Tiny-White-Panties_camelto.jpg )
Has this Maisie vid been posted.... Holiday drinking got me fucked.
>> No. 113269
Please, Secret NatashaSS003 set-thumbnail?
>> No. 113293
They were edited VIDCAPS, and it says so, not from the sets!
>> No. 113307
>> No. 113334

That Secret Stars set of Tika looks awesome. Yes, it may not be nude, but I love Tika's skinny body, beautiful feet, and big nose.

Please, post that set of Tika. I'm hard just thinking about it.
>> No. 113394
from before site closed, owner was offering it before he disappeared
>> No. 113424
More leaks are out on another forum. Unfortunately they are premium downloads only.
Maisie video 29 and Julia video 34
>> No. 113429
which forum, which premium hoster?
>> No. 113432
>>113424 I can see them. Thank you.
>> No. 113434
Where is the forum please
>> No. 113436

You need premium to download. More leaks coming soon
>> No. 113442
>>113434 you know that Mod does not allow posting of links to forums, so why ask. and reply to the post number by clicking on it and then posting reply. how had can it be for you?
>> No. 113444
>>113436 please use SS thread at https://180chan.co/cg/res/61471.html
>> No. 113450
>>113436 files downloaded but are password protected. Do you have password?
>> No. 113456
maybe modz deleted the password(s) with links...
>> No. 113478
New secret photo of any SSgirl?
>> No. 113482
File 154679653073.jpg - (4.06MB , 6001x4001 , NinaSS-008-106.jpg )
>> No. 113483
File 154679654390.jpg - (550.56KB , 2000x1215 , NinaSS-002 vid.jpg )
>> No. 113484
does anyone please have the pass to them?
>> No. 113486
No, no one has the passwords. If you didn't copy the passwords when you downloaded the files, it's your problem. We are not your password hound dogs to track down something you are too lazy to copy yourself. Delete the files and remember how important it is to record those passwords next time.
>> No. 113488
>>113436 hey admins please be more kind and give us the password that was deleted along with the links, thanks in advance :) :3 :*
>> No. 113491
oh my god can you shut up? not your password hound dogs lmao whattttt shhhhhh
I got the files from 180/cg and they posted it without pass. just. shhhhhhh god
>> No. 113499
I have the password. If someone would be kind enough to up the files afterwards on a free host I'll post the password.
>> No. 113500
I can post
>> No. 113501
Please, more secrets with Nina
>> No. 113503
>>113491 you are a fucking liar
>> No. 113505
Moore NinaSS, please...
>> No. 113506
Please... just one pic of secret NatashaSS003 or other secret set...
>> No. 113509
Please, Secret NatashaSS003 just one pic or set-thumbnail?
>> No. 113512
File 154680276382.png - (14.91KB , 386x219 , Screenshot_171.png )
oh am i? AM I????
it was literally posted like 2 scrolls up, what the fuck
i just happen to have the premium to it, why would i lie lmao
>> No. 113516
File 154680444415.jpg - (33.84KB , 615x338 , NatashaSS003-set-4K.jpg )
You will never get this, idiot! She has more nip slips and pussy slips in her set and her video! I can't stop to cum, every day! In the next days, I will trade and her other two Secret collections (1 & 2 ) Hahahaha... Cry!
>> No. 113517
>>113516 cry? you fap on one of the ugliest girls. so we can only pity you. you haven't sense of beauty!
>> No. 113518
>>113516 I love Natasha very much! But people like you, are fucking bastard! Tell me, now you are feeling good? I am sorry for you!
>> No. 113519
Ignore him, guys
>> No. 113523
>>113516 wtf is this?
>> No. 113524
File 154680657848.jpg - (235.36KB , 683x1024 , NatashaSS-003-183.jpg )
>> No. 113527
Lots of SS downloads here: https://180chan.co/cg/res/61573.html
>> No. 113528
>> No. 113530
>>113528 Thank you, sir
>> No. 113534
pw please
>> No. 113536
i downloaded please give pw
>> No. 113545
Please post Password for both vids
>> No. 113552
found it Barracuda-1+®

please post more
>> No. 113553
thank you
>> No. 113554
File 154681281591.jpg - (215.06KB , 1181x761 , 154678475685.jpg )
please post more mila
>> No. 113559
want this
>> No. 113567
Someone can share NatashaSS003 to make the fucking bastard shut up for good?
>> No. 113569
shoot some arrows and post this already!
>> No. 113573
File 154681850464.jpg - (125.30KB , 1489x783 , sessions.jpg )
Anyone can post pictures of files.
>> No. 113580
Need a new thread started. Lisa, lilu
>> No. 113581
imagine you are the tattoo artist you are probably hoping she doesn't fart
>> No. 113583
>>113580 No thank you. This tread is only a third of its 1000 posting allocation.
>> No. 113586
Hasn't been a secret set or video posted in a long while, since the SS 2 thread I think. Might be time to shut er down I doubt any new stuff will be shared. That's too bad I would have rather been a paying member than for SS to just fall off the face of the earth. But i guess that's what happens with greed
>> No. 113589
>>113586 No thank you. Retain this Official Trolling Thread. The SS5-hebe-thread continues to be required.
>> No. 113602
The models sometimes change but the shiny material is always the same. If you weren't such an asshole, spamming 8 times a day, insulting people for not posting, uttering death threats and being rude, you might have your jerk off material.
>> No. 113606
File 154682968478.jpg - (3.63MB , 3539x4000 , Elena-006-092.jpg )
>> No. 113607
File 154682995914.jpg - (543.43KB , 1904x1380 , cover.jpg )
Today we celebrate Orthodox Christmas in Georgia. Merry Christmas my Georgian friends. http://dl.free.fr/getfile.pl?file=/9VwwOW61
>> No. 113610
>>113607 what about original christmas present ;) ?
>> No. 113611
File 154683108736.jpg - (5.60KB , 217x232 , starsessions-shiny-spandex.jpg )
Hi, i just wanna have fun with: Mila 003, kathy 020, nita 011, nita 016, lilu 031, nina 031. you are beautiful people, so be nice and gentle, sharing your treasure will make our wishes come true. spandex is so amazing, my brain is made with lycra, i love lycra, so please post Mila 003, you my sweet darling, i love you, peace.
>> No. 113614
File 15468319685.png - (5.20KB , 220x220 , starlover.png )
Hellow beautiful people, i hope you share my sweet little Mila 003, she is so fabulous and i adore her lycra, could you please be nice and gentle, post the cute link to her nasty video, and photo set, my dick is so sad and need her session now. please share Mila 003, you my sweet darling, i love you, you are a princess. i also wanna cum with kathy 020 photo and video. please please please make my wish come true. i love you so much.
>> No. 113616
please post only shiny lycra spandex, not cotton. thanks.
>> No. 113618
i love you, and i love lycra. you are beautiful people. i adore you. my life is nothing without your treasure. please share, you my sweet darling. lycra video is so intensive, this lycra videos are so fucking delicious, share please!
>> No. 113621
i cum five times a day with angelina 003 video. could you be nice and post her photo set 003? i wanna increase my fapping frecuency. if you post her photo set , i will cum eight times a day.
>> No. 113622
Please share Angelina's pic set 3 and the set/vid where she's on the pool table (006?)
Also does anyone have Michelle's set/vid 012? Previews look really hot.
>> No. 113634
please post angelina 005 & 007
>> No. 113639
>>113607 Thank you. Is that an appendix removal scar?
>> No. 113657
File 154684163083.png - (133.16KB , 480x341 , Photo_20190107_011217.png )
please share mila 003 and kathy 020
>> No. 113659
lets dance.
>> No. 113667
>> No. 113674
>>113667 no relevance with Star Sessions. Move on.
>> No. 113684
>>113436 Thank you. Your shares have been processed compliant with moderator's instructions. Ready for more shares when you are ready. Thank you in anticipation.
>> No. 113698
File 154685523457.jpg - (427.53KB , 1200x800 , amandamirelli-bubblebath-8.jpg )
>> No. 113699
File 154685529955.jpg - (255.39KB , 1280x853 , amandamirelli-solo-18.jpg )
>> No. 113703
File 154685556733.jpg - (207.42KB , 976x1300 , set013 (1016).jpg )
>> No. 113704
Request share of Nina videos. Thank you.
>> No. 113708
NatashaSS003 is my new Holy Grail
>> No. 113710
File 154685900711.jpg - (402.58KB , 2008x3008 , Ulyana_001.jpg )
pass: Executioner@HurtMeh
>> No. 113713
U are fucking bastards!>>113711 Mods, please delete this NOW!
>> No. 113714
>>113710 This link is not the set of pic. Please admin, delete this link... it's horrible!
>> No. 113715
>>113657 Who is she?
>> No. 113716
NatashaSS003 set-thumbnail, please, or just some pics...
>> No. 113718
>>113711 Dear Moderator, this is disgusting and should not been on TriForce Chans or indeed any public webpage.
>> No. 113723
MILA shows a lot of butt in that video the pink thong separates the butt checks
>> No. 113724
Which SS girl has the best looking butt? Personally I'd go for Maisie.
>> No. 113728
>> No. 113729
>>113728 It's great, thank you... video plz...
>> No. 113730
>> No. 113731
>> No. 113732
>> No. 113735
Do you have NatashaSS003 set-thumbnail?
>> No. 113737
>>113730 Oh! That Maisie's video, is Holy Grail for me
>> No. 113738
ese tipo que trabaja en la morgue y se viola los cadáveres es mexicano?
>> No. 113752
no importa de donde es sino lo que es: un grandisimo hijo de la gran puta maldito negro judio de seguro
>> No. 113761
Did you take old preview w/0 watermark and join this with mail of scamer? Are you idiot or asshole?
>> No. 113778
Julia vid 05 please!!!!
>> No. 113783
Please lilu nude set
please please post
>> No. 113801
Natasha Secret 003 set-thumbnail please
>> No. 113803
Mods, please delete these...
>> No. 113804
>>113801 Shut up! Enough! No one have these. Neither set nor video.
>> No. 113805
>>113710 Who is she?
>> No. 113811
>>113805 She is model from teenmodels.cub
>> No. 113812
>> No. 113814
>>113811 I mean ".club"
>> No. 113815
she is so fucking delicious, please post this video.
>> No. 113819
>>113710 Please, mod delete this... the link includes a horrible video. It is not that girl.
>> No. 113821
and what is this video about?
>> No. 113823
seguro vende las fotos de los muertos. los viola y le coloca los ojos en blanco y patas al hombro le toma las fotos.
>> No. 113824
>>113821 It shows someone that suicides on the gallows
>> No. 113826
Illegal content?

What would you call this post: https://155chan.gr/hebe/res/111751.html#i112843 LEA would call it illegal
>> No. 113828
Thank you, mod


>> No. 113829
That video you re3moved was 'possibly illegal content" What would you consider the image in the highlighted post to be? That image is not legal I know that much.
>> No. 113830
the word of mod is law..

you're new here aren't you?
>> No. 113831
>>113830 That's right!
>> No. 113833
File 154689247381.jpg - (4.21MB , 4000x6000 , Lisa-025-00039.jpg )
Hello there! Guys I love you, we are cool, our army is the best ;] and I piss on OP face from https://180chan.co/cg/res/61471.html. Maybe it's not OP but just a defender of thread and a dummy... I do not care :)
So guys enjoy if you want ;)

pass for archive (w/o symbol '>', first symbol is 'O' and last is ')'):
>OP (reposter) from 180chan-cg/61573 is asshole ;)

video of this set in the thread here >>113607

Merry Christmas Army Troll of SS-hebe and remember that we are the only legitimate thread of 3f0Rce(>:@}
>> No. 113835

please post more of this model, uliana or arianna from teenmodels.club!
>> No. 113836
>>113835 this is fucking thread of SS I hope admin will delete all posts with offtop
>> No. 113843
i agree it should be deleted but i want to know where i can find more of her

please share more!
>> No. 113848
File 154689962652.jpg - (421.79KB , 2917x1501 , Julia-001_1080_mp4.jpg )
Julia's first ever video
>> No. 113853
Thank you thank you thank you for my wonderful Julia
>> No. 113865
>>113859 more plz!
>> No. 113869
>>113861 wana fuck them all thanks give us more plz!
>> No. 113870
File 154690444713.jpg - (108.86KB , 683x1024 , Polliana Set 160 polliana-blue-1.jpg )
>> No. 113871
File 154690454796.jpg - (110.30KB , 683x1024 , Polliana Set 160 polliana-blue-3.jpg )
>> No. 113872
File 154690462742.jpg - (91.36KB , 683x1024 , Polliana Set 160 polliana-blue-9.jpg )
>> No. 113873
Administrators please delete all these spam photos.


>> No. 113874
you really have problems.
>> No. 113875
>>113874 I love dolls ;)
>> No. 113876
File 154690499439.jpg - (88.55KB , 683x1024 , Polliana Set 160 polliana-blue-30.jpg )
>> No. 113878
File 154690509036.jpg - (89.45KB , 683x1024 , Polliana Set 160 polliana-blue-32.jpg )
>> No. 113879
File 154690510755.jpg - (95.15KB , 683x1024 , Polliana Set 160 polliana-blue-38.jpg )
>> No. 113880
File 154690523143.jpg - (75.62KB , 683x1024 , Polliana Set 160 polliana-blue-43.jpg )
>> No. 113897
>> No. 113900
Stupid troll
>> No. 113903
Any secret stars lilu yet?
>> No. 113906
Dude you are one sick fuck! I dont even want to know why you keep pictures of a dismembered girl on your rig. You gotta be really fucked in the head to like looking at that shit! You're like a mix between hannibal lecter, Hitler and Satan.
>> No. 113908
9 Savannah
>> No. 113910
>>113848 Thank you.
>> No. 113914
>>113826 The LEA find excuses to call everything illegal. The way laws are going now, a parent could be charged for changing a baby's diaper if an LEA officer decides the parent spent too long seeing the baby nude. (Slight exaggeration but not by much)

The LEA kidnap kids from their homes if a parent spanks them for committing crimes, sends them to bed without supper for refusing to eat or almost any complaint a child makes to an adult the adult decides might be abuse.

The LEA are hardly saints or even law abiding themselves.
>> No. 113917
>>113833 what is the pass for Lisa-025.rar?
>> No. 113918
The password is this long rant

OP (reposter) from 180chan-cg/61573 is asshole ;)
>> No. 113920
Hitler? Stalin and Moa has been responsible for 100x the murders of Hitler. Hitler killed possibly 6 million, while the previous two account for more than 100 million. If I was shooting for a scary villan's name, I would use Stalin.
>> No. 113922
>>113918 Thank you. Would never has guessed.
>> No. 113928
You fucking moron, the 6million figure only accounts for Jews in concentration camps. The reason why its always mention as a more severe humanitarian crime is because it is still unprecedented in the manner in which the Nazis where able to systemically eradicate a population of only civilians in such a short period of time.

Stalin did indeed cause a fuck ton of deaths as did most of the other Communists leaders. But those were done over the course of their entire careers and, bizarrely enough, achieved huge economical push forwards. Obviously not the best way to reduce poverty by just killing all the poor people but these same countries came out as huge world players in the end.
>> No. 113930
mods clean up these posts complete idiots on here posting non SS like dismembered legs ugly oPolliana what an ape looking thing These low IQ posters are wasting space.
>> No. 113948
Why the hell does the naked body of a child have to be marginalized to sites where people feel comfortable posting this shit? We are not the same as these monsters.
>> No. 113955
File 154692083357.jpg - (94.68KB , 1024x768 , 010.jpg )
>> No. 113957
Holy SHIIIT!!!!
>> No. 113970
>> No. 113971
you will die soon bastard SNUFF LOVER remember those words ...soon.
>> No. 113974
mods here are such fags, they remove studio pics because they're worried about legality while they let edgelords post pics and vids of actual murder.
>> No. 113975
>>113952 is a gorey snuff clip... no girls, very disturbing.

Yo mods, you should check this out (>>113952) and get rid of it.
>> No. 113976
Of course they are going to let the edgelords do whatever they fuck they want, they have katanas.
>> No. 113977
wTF retards, Polliana is NOT SNUFF. I swear you people are the dumbest trolls.
>> No. 113980
Nobody wants to fuck with somebody in a fedora either
>> No. 113984
please post Mila 003. not Mila with a colon snake inside her ass.
>> No. 113986
File 154692941485.jpg - (4.33KB , 318x159 , images.jpg )
>> No. 113991
They are obviously trying and I think succeeding in killing this thread. They need to just delete it already and remove every new SS thread. If stuff does eventually leak, it will leak and we will all get to enjoy it. Until then have some fucking patients. it's been long enough and a big enough shitstorm for everyone involved to give this once, awesome studio a rest. You never know maybe with less heat on the admin, the site might eventually open back up. (being very optimistic)
>> No. 113994
Would much rather have the video of the pic. Love seeing girls bate with water.
>> No. 114001
File 154693340032.jpg - (361.02KB , 1152x1728 , 151307748057.jpg )
>> No. 114012
>>113952 More video with parts of dead bodies. Mentally unstable individuals are a part of the real world. Very sad.
>> No. 114016
File da00f163.mp4 - (3.43MB )
People like these?
>> No. 114021
Good job mr.ed still trying to dox the producer? FYI child nude photography is legal in that part of the world with parental consent. Topless and nipslips may not even be considered nude there and the Michelle (the only one to have full nude) absolutely had consent from both the mother and father

Oh and FYI you are forgetting that a huge portion of the population speaks only Russian.
>> No. 114024
or are they existing niggers using a VPN?
>> No. 114027
may be legal in Russia and Ukraine but not in Georgia. I am from Georgia and I know what am I talking about. I am 100 % sure that no one of parents know what their daughters are doing.
and one question: Where do population speaks in Russian?
>> No. 114033
File 154694403617.jpg - (184.61KB , 1024x713 , Georgian languages.jpg )
>>114027 a good question. Georgian is the most pervasive of the Kartvelian languages, a family that also includes Svan and Megrelian (chiefly spoken in Northwest Georgia) and Laz (chiefly spoken along the Black Sea coast of Turkey, from Melyat, Rize, to the Georgian frontier).
>> No. 114046
>>114027 You said: "I am 100 % sure that no one of parents know what their daughters are doing." I don't understand it. Admin won the confidence of the girls and he told them to doesn't tell nothing to they parents? How? With a gun? If girls, around 8-10 yo, afraid him (understand it), but the girls over 11yo, 12yo and girls 14yo, like Lilu or Aleksandra? Please, someone to tell me a real explaination about.
>> No. 114054
WISH people would just share
>> No. 114056
BONUS: We get a free anthropology lesson while we wait.
>> No. 114057
>>114056 Hahaha... that's funny, my friend!
>> No. 114060
Can you please reupload this to free?:
Lilu 18-21-29-40
LINKS REMOVED FOR COPYING ON https://180chan.co/cg/res/61471.html#71137
>> No. 114061
Good question.
I still have no idea how the admin managed that the Georgian girls, the absolute majority of whom are very shy, agreed to take part in such photo sets. First of all, it is money, they are probably getting paid well, the second is that he assured them that there is no one in Georgia who will know about these sites - and this is true when the starsessesion wasn’t down it was blocked in our country, I accessed from the proxy servers there, I repeat, no one in Georgia knows about starsessions and secret stars. I searched everywhere in Georgian sites and in forums and on Facebook and Instagram… there is not even a word about them. In Georgia, no one knows what is happening under our noses. that's why I’m talking if the people know about these Sites, it will be a great scandal.
Georgia situated in the Caucasus, and in the Caucasus, parents do not allow their children such things. the admin / photographer, as you can see, is a good psychologist as well, easily convinced small children that in Georgia there is no one will not know about their nudity
>> No. 114063
>>114061 It’s a mystery for me. But for one thing, I am sure. Admin must be very rich. And maybe the girls and they family are poor. So, the money are lot.
>> No. 114065
If admin took the 50% of collection price (for example 20$ per coll) and another 50% took the girl... so, if the collection sold in 50 members, at least, the total is 500$ for admin and 500$ for a girl for 1 collection!!!!! And secrets collections? More money, because a secret collection, was too expensive! So, all this for 50 customers. Maybe one set purchased, from 70,80 and maybe 100+ customers!!!!
>> No. 114067
I am curious why Georgians are so heavily against nudity, when Russia and Ukraine seem to be much more tolerant. I assume that Georgia must be steeped in religious culture. Orthodox? Muslim? I don't know much about it. But desperate times call for desperate measures. I know the economy there is doing well, and opportunities throughout that region are scarce.

I saw a documentary about girls from Odessa, going to Turkey with the promise of work... knowing they would likely end up being trafficked. They had no other options, and went anyway!

So I think that parents, letting their teen be photographed, partially nude, then come home safe every night, is probably a good option, decent money, considering other possible outcomes.

I am not trying to offend anyone from that area, and I would appreciate some better insight into that region. Why is Turkey such a major part of global sex trafficking?
>> No. 114068
>I know the economy there is doing well

OOPS should read "NOT doing well"
>> No. 114069
Guys, I am nothing knew about Georgia. With this site, I loved Georgian girls. They looks like with the girls in my country and I love everything about Georgia! I would like to travel in Georgia in future!
>> No. 114074
File 154695570363.jpg - (333.75KB , 875x1065 , 1480320056_1480280500_1182567094880273517108543131.jpg )
Georgia has absolutely different culture and history from Russia and Ukraine despite we all are orthodox.
for example In Ukraine and Russia nudism and nudist beaches is ordinary thing. we have no.
LS magazine, Ls land, Nymphets stuio, BD-magazine, Polarlights, paradisebirds, Siberian mouse... those are russian and Ukrainian products. This is normal for Slavic countries.
We have more religious and strict tradition characters.
No I will post some photo of semi-naked girl which was a daughter of Georgian priest. The priest posted this photos in social webs, which caused a storm of protests here. Everyone said that this is not acceptable. but you see nothing controversial.

cause I say it again and again - SS model's parents don't know anything
>> No. 114075
>>114060 Hello Mod, thank you for your very considerate inclusion of /cg/ host thread link.


>> No. 114082
There should be a new SecretStars 5 and this one deleted. Worst tread yet.
>> No. 114086
read the GI Gurdjieff and learn just where and what that culture truly is.
>> No. 114088
>>114082 First Secret Stars thread at
was created on 18/12/29(Sat)23:59.
>> No. 114089
That is crazy that people would react that way, perhaps it was more about the womans sensuality than the amount of skin she was showing. I gotta admit, even though there is nothing revealing in the photos, posing wet in a waterfall, ... pretty damn hot! It's kind of a coincidence that we have a region in our country that has a reputation for being religiously prudish, and it is also called Georgia! lol. (I'm so gonna get flamed for that)

But that's the world we now live in. Everyone is OUTRAGED by everything everyone else is doing. There is no middle ground anymore.

>> No. 114091
>> No. 114099
Thats pretty funny how this guy thinks he gunna start a scandal by telling Georgian folk about some child modeling website. Dint be surprised if the only responses you get are "Who cares?" and "How do i make that much money?".

Also if you really are trying to get him arrested, then you will likely have to bribe the constable.
>> No. 114124
>First Secret Stars thread was created on 18/12/29(Sat)23:59.
Do you even try to look things up or just post shit?

SS 1 - 18/08/12(Sun)10:01
SS 2 - 18/11/25(Sun)18:01
Both started before your claim.
>> No. 114134
You Know the Difference between Secret Stars und StarSessions??????
>> No. 114138
>>114134 LOL. Wow just clicking on the given link at >>114088 seems to be beyond this person's ability.
>> No. 114148
>>114134 Well spotted. Fully agree with your observation.
>> No. 114155
Image-thumbnails of newest secret-series please...
>> No. 114159

WTF is with you and thumbnials!?!?!?

all you do is beg from crumbs.

you are like a little rodent.
>> No. 114162
>>114159 Image or video thumbnails of newest secret-series...
>> No. 114164
>>114161 It's already post on HurtMeh, by Kombi! This is a nice guy!
>> No. 114175
Hopefully Mila003 will be in the mix, so that Lycra dude will finally STFU.
>> No. 114177
Yea I gotta admit, that request is pretty meager, but! I find the thumbs and previews helpful, to serve as place holders for stuff I don't already have, and stuff I want. But I have not once begged. I am a patient man.
>> No. 114189
Kombi is a fucking bitch, thats why he got kicked out of GaP.
>> No. 114192
share the thumbs
>> No. 114207
where are activity?
>> No. 114210
share thumbs
>> No. 114229
File 154700152135.jpg - (948.66KB , 2560x2086 , NitaSS07.jpg )
Nita SS07


pic set
>> No. 114233
So who is the gutless fucking scumbag that likes to post disgusting pics and vids of people being murdered? You think the people here are worse for liking young girls? You are fucked in the head and are the one that needs several bullets in your brain you sick piece of shit, I bet you even forgot how to use your fists....fucking pussy hiding behind a gun....piece of filth.
>> No. 114239
Secret Stars is the imagination of people who assume Star Sessions released nude/custom sets. Except for a single Lilu nude pic that was denounced as a fake without another image released to support it was from a real set and a few Michelle sets, there has been nothing released to suggest there is any real so-called Secret Stars sets. Unless you decide a few topless sets like Lilu-023 are customs and fit into so hidden Secret Stars site. Without real proof of Secret Stars sets, I think the so-called Secret Stars site is so secret even Star Sessions doesn't know about it.
>> No. 114242
Once he gets Mila-003 it won't silence him, he'll just change to one of his other Lycra requests. >>111957
>> No. 114243
File Mila-003b.mp4 - (7.99MB )
i can't believe there hasn't been one request for Mila-003.
i would have thought after five threads someone would have asked for it.
oh well.
>> No. 114246
>> No. 114260
please post mila 003
>> No. 114262
wow, that is amazing. please post Mila 003 to kill this guy.
>> No. 114263
you cum mila 003
>> No. 114266
MANY thanks for the snuff sessions! gave me lovely nightmares
>> No. 114280
>>114243 Hello Nipsey Russell, recall many requests for full Nina videos and you were very kind to post some of them. Thank you.
>> No. 114283
and again Nipsey Russell.
Only kind person in SS thread. many thanks sir
>> No. 114290
File 154703151255.jpg - (135.31KB , 898x800 , Maisie & Aleksandra - #26.jpg )







<><> Aleksandra & Lilu - #3 - 169 Pics - (4000x6000)

Part 1 - https://dbr.ee/I4Cl - Part 2 https://dbr.ee/EMfy

<><> Aleksandra - #08 - 152 Pics - (4000x6000)

Part 1 - https://dbr.ee/niMb - Part 2 - https://dbr.ee/vvMm

<><> Aleksandra - #10 - 148 Pics - (4000x6000) https://dbr.ee/PhPp

<><> Aleksandra - #11 - 164 Pics - (4000x6000) https://dbr.ee/7f6w

<><> Elena - #11 - 131 Pics - (2667x4000) https://dbr.ee/YsAM

<><> Elena - #22 - 130 Pics - (4000x6000) https://dbr.ee/Wf0X

<><> Elena - #23 - 134 Pics - (4000x6000) https://dbr.ee/0apI

<><> Elena - #25 - 152 Pics - (4000x6000) https://dbr.ee/tePe

<><> Isabella - #6 - 190 Pics - (4000x6000)

Part 1 - https://dbr.ee/5DAt - Part 2 - https://dbr.ee/5IsW

<><> Leyla - #9 - 175 Pics - (4000x6000) https://dbr.ee/yyP2

<><> Lilu - #23 - 145 Pics - (2667x4000) https://dbr.ee/ooDr

<><> Lilu - #37 - 157 Pics - (4000x6000) https://dbr.ee/VTLd

<><> Lina - #03 - 141 Pics - (4000x6000) https://dbr.ee/xALo

<><> Lisa - #09 - 138 Pics - (2667x4000) https://dbr.ee/bzEL

<><> Lisa - #10 - 146 Pics - (2667x4000) https://dbr.ee/qvcq

<><> Lisa - #18 - 142 Pics - (2667x4000) https://dbr.ee/aXkD

<><> Lisa - #19 - 138 Pics - (4000x6000) https://dbr.ee/BLwN

<><> Lisa - #25 - 239 Pics - (4000x6000)

Part 1 - https://dbr.ee/0KDQ - Part 2 - https://dbr.ee/7eg3

<><> Maisie - #18 - 125 Pics - (4000x6000) https://dbr.ee/2ETW

<><> Maisie & Aleksandra - #26 - 131 Pics - (4000x6000)


<><> Michelle - #03 - 138 Pics - (4000x6000)

Part 1 - https://dbr.ee/2Zle - Part 2 - https://dbr.ee/oFvt

<><> Michelle - #07 - 164 Pics - (4000x6000) https://dbr.ee/aR6m

<><> Nina - #20 - 151 Pics - (2667x4000) https://dbr.ee/jaAO

<><> Nita - #12 - 175 Pics - (4000x6000)

Part 1 - https://dbr.ee/uB8C - Part 2 - https://dbr.ee/tvlA

<><> Olivia - #5 - 166 Pics - (4000x6000)

Part 1 - https://dbr.ee/CAdn - Part 2 - https://dbr.ee/mURK

<><> Tika - #25 - 145 Pics - 4000x6000) https://dbr.ee/T5PW

<><> BONUS COMBOS - https://pixhost.to/gallery/3awiG <><>

<><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><> HAPPY NEW YEAR!

<><><> Enjoy...justdoit <><><>

>> No. 114291
You are wrong. Parents of LS did not know about nude-photos too. Understood only when the police came in the LS Studio Agency.
>> No. 114292
Thank you so much Nipsey
>> No. 114293
on a different note bamper the hamper has new address check yandex even google
>> No. 114295
Always plays the vid - cannot download - HELP PLS!
>> No. 114298
Vid always playing - cannot download - HELÜ ÜLS!
>> No. 114300
>>114292 It's not Nipsey. It's Kombi, member for HurtMeh.
>> No. 114302
>>114290 is unsafe to download and was blocked by Windows Defender SmartScreen.
Is there a download problem?
>> No. 114303
Looks like there is a post on pastebin with the secret stars vids, who got the link? They are discussing about it at another forum
>> No. 114304
>>114290 Very odd to see a post seemingly from JDI on this thread. Looking through the list, these are all reposts of Photosets already posted on TriForce Chans, so not inclined to risk getting infected by a potential malicious troll.
>> No. 114307

>> No. 114309
>>114303 this one ?
>> No. 114310
>>114307 please look at >>113918 for clarification and password.
>> No. 114311
>>114309 Hmmm... cannot reach this page.
>> No. 114316
>>114309 link says 404 Not Found
Did you take a copy before it was removed?
>> No. 114318
>>114316 could this >>114309 post be another troll? .
>> No. 114321
bin had premium only links anyway
>> No. 114322
It posted it here, but I don't know if It's another troll.
>> No. 114323
>>114322 If someone is a member on moutfile, he can to confirm if this is a troll.
>> No. 114325
>>114322 It's fake links, guys. I have subscription for 3 months and the links are different. They have nude old women.
>> No. 114327
One free download every 24 hours - posted at
Thank you to original poster.
>> No. 114328
Do not understand what U say. I upload this vids and now try to download and play. works fine
>> No. 114329
>>114328 See Holy Grail debate at https://180chan.co/cg/res/61573.html#71287 which advocates downloads are not Secret Stars.
>> No. 114331
fake links stupid
>> No. 114333
The troll think we lost time in downloads.... we know in minutes if someone post it's a fake link STUPID TROLL... negro lover.
>> No. 114339
Thanks, from the bottom of my heart.
>> No. 114342
please share link to full hd complete Mila 003 video. you are beautiful people.
>> No. 114344
File 154705350856.jpg - (1.63MB , 2950x4000 , Lisa-018-054.jpg )
Thanks JDI for reupping all of these sets. You saved me a me ton of time searching.

All of the the links worked great without a single problem. I downloaded all
in about 30 minutes.
>> No. 114350
Bump. Upload this video. This girl's body is fun to watch.
>> No. 114351
Do upload this video. This girl's body is fun to watch.
>> No. 114352
>>114229 what no comment about fucked up files or credits?
>>114290 get lost already attention whore nothing new here anyway
>>114309 MOD REMOVED FOR CENSORING ON ALL CHANS ridiculous policy
>> No. 114353
File 154705884548.jpg - (373.68KB , 1600x970 , Michelle [Star Sessions] Naked Video Preview (Uplo.jpg )
This is an amazing video, can whoever has it upload it.
>> No. 114354
NatashaSS003, please...
>> No. 114355
If these videos are real for 1%, then, I will pray to God to bless you!
>> No. 114356
Thanks, Jdi. You da man.

But seriously, my friend. I wish you were doing this in a more protected environment, in a safer way.

Because, right now, your Operational Security is nonexistant.

1.) You must, IMMEDIATELY, start encrypting your files and passwording them. This is the most basic OpSec step of all. For the WALS/TPI sets, this doesn't matter. They are legal.

The Secret Sessions and many others are straight up CP.

***You are putting yourseld in SERIOUS danger by using dbree.***

I get it - it's fairly speedy and it allows you to continue dls.

But you're using javascript which means the cops (whether in the US or in a foreign country, wherever you are) can easily follow the IP trail right to your front door.

And, no, VPNs don't help. They all give up IP address as soon as the cops ask.

So, to repeat, you're putting yourself in danger by continuing to use a file host that forces you to reveal your physical location.

You really need to switch to dl.free.fr or solidfiles. In other words ***you need to swtich to a file host you can use with TO***.

It's a New Year, buddy, please take some care to protect yourself!
>> No. 114357
>> 114353

Only for pedophiles.

Us normal, non-perverts need the adolescents - ESPECIALLY Lilu's Secret Sessions vids! And ALL of Lisa's!
>> No. 114358
Obviously, that was "file hosts you can use with TOR."

The idiots Modfags who run this disgrace, talk shit about TOR. But that's only because they want to spend 50 years in a US maximum security penitentiary.

Don't be retards like the Triforce Mods.


>> No. 114359
you must live in US or be westerner.where I live Im more worried about police coming at night to kill me if I dont smile at someone they work for on the street
>> No. 114370
>>114290 Did someone call you here a stupid spammer? JustFuckOff_Bitch!
>> No. 114372
fuck you mod, you assholes are cp to mine crypto currencies. you stupid fucks got caught when you tried to sneak it in without notifying the users and thats why you fucks got taken off of topic links, remember?



>> No. 114373
Thank you so much for this vid of luvelly SSNita, i'd s**k your you know what if you have more!
Quite pleased
>> No. 114380
You did to try to sneak it in, you cant rewrite the conversations everyone had about it
>> No. 114393

Welcome to the internet FAGMOD
>> No. 114398
>>114372 Who or what is a TL2?
>> No. 114399
>>114398 Runic Games' Torchlight 2 is also known as TL2.
>> No. 114400
File 154708090358.jpg - (419.58KB , 2917x1501 , Julia-004_1080_mp4.jpg )
Julia 004
>> No. 114408
Thank you to original poster.
>> No. 114409

Hi Nipsey. Do you (or does anyone) have that photo set of Nita 007 without the large OMEGA text on each image? I really like her feet and that text is covering her feet in some pics which kind of ruins it for me.
>> No. 114410
well of course we do. but feet are gross and need to be covered.
you're welcome anyway.
>> No. 114411
Mila 003 Mila 003 Mila 003 🔴🔵🔴🌟🌟🌟please Mr bean ✨✨✨
>> No. 114412
>>114400 why does Windows Defender Quick Scan of Julia-004.1080.mp4 say 2 files scanned when there should only be 1 file?
>> No. 114413
File Julia-004.mp4 - (8.00MB )
looks like nipsey makes a few candid appearances.
>> No. 114414
File 154708377799.jpg - (2.76MB , 2560x8344 , choice.jpg )
pick one for the weekend
>> No. 114416
File Nita-011.mp4 - (7.94MB )
>> No. 114417
File Nina-025a.mp4 - (8.00MB )
>> No. 114419
File Nina-038a.mp4 - (7.93MB )
>> No. 114420
>>114411 Poster please go to Star Sessions Shiny Lycra Spandex thread at https://180chan.co/mir/res/31675.html thank you.
>> No. 114421
why doesn't my username show?


>> No. 114424
>>114414 Vote for full Nina-038 video.
Thank you for the pre-vote thumbs and video clips.
>> No. 114425
>>114421 All TriForce Chans currently have this problem.
>> No. 114426
Nina-038 please
>> No. 114448
Yes, Nina38 indeed! TIA
>> No. 114461
Please lilu secret set or video
>> No. 114462
Holy wow, just wow... now if we had nina in that...
>> No. 114465
please share Mila 003, i promise that i will cum with her video every week.
>> No. 114468
Do not give that troll Mila-003 or Nita-011
Please post Nina-038 if you are going to post
>> No. 114470
File 154709265256.png - (519.03KB , 480x640 , Mila 003 & Nita 011.png )
Mila 003 and Nita 011 please, you are beautiful.
>> No. 114475
so, you have Mila 003 but you dont wanna share your treasure with others? fine. lets see what happens next. nobody is going to post Mila 003 because that video is for sick people, totally insane. and you are not going to post such thing.
>> No. 114488
Those threats are why I never want to see any Lycra sets or videos posted. EVER.

You are an asshole. You act like a spoiled child throwing a temper tantrum if you don't get what you want. And you are obsessed to the point you will say anything to get those Lycra outfits. Terrorism. Death threats. What next? Are you going to fly to Georgia to take these sets from the studio?
>> No. 114492
do not post Mila 003, that video is for perverts only, and we are religious people, go to church and be good.
>> No. 114498
do not share mila 003 video. that lycra lover must remain without being able to see it. that he suffers and that he commits suicide.
>> No. 114501
Nobody is going to share what that lycra guy wants. he is just an asshole, lets have fun with him. lets make him cry.
>> No. 114505
maybe someone will post Mila 003 on 2027 😝
>> No. 114506
damn, he spoils it for everyone. you have reached the end of the internet. nitass07 wass satisfying enough :)
>> No. 114507
you definitely enjoy making people suffer. you dont like Mila? thats ok, but dont hate others with your comments.
>> No. 114508
If the Lycra freak wants Mila-003 so bad, let him shove 3 feet of broom handle up his ass and fly to Georgia to get it.
>> No. 114509
so, what is the purpose of this chans? isnt it sharing? por making people life so miserable.
>> No. 114511
Share sure. But bow down to spam, threats and demands? FORGET IT ASSHOLE.
>> No. 114512
that was very bad sir.
>> No. 114518
its ok. i can make better vídeos than mila 003. i have my own modeling agency.
>> No. 114519
you dont wanna post any lycra? fine. i can live with that. you are just idiots. gringos de mierda. metanse a su mila 003 por el culo.
>> No. 114522
and how did you know al this " anonymous" are the same person? oh, you recognize every ip,thats true.
>> No. 114523
seguro te exita mucho mas el no compartir los vídeos. es obvio, te da mucho placer hacer sufrir a otros. seguro anteriormente trabajaste en la cárcel como carcelero o gerente administrativo.
>> No. 114524
dont share any lycra. that asshole must died in hell.
>> No. 114525

and you will burn in fire 👿
>> No. 114526
>> No. 114527
nita 011 please
>> No. 114529
no cop. and you hate people with fetiches? why?
>> No. 114530
that nita 011 looks amazing, please share that jewel.
>> No. 114531
Whos that spanish girl?
>> No. 114533
What is the pass? Pretty mother fucking please
>> No. 114539
>>114533 please look at >>113918 for clarification and password.
>> No. 114540
>>114530 Poster please go to Star Sessions Shiny Lycra Spandex thread at https://180chan.co/mir/res/31675.html thank you.
>> No. 114541
>>114414 Nina-038 please. TYiA
>> No. 114542
>>114414 Prefer the most recent alluring NinaSS video. Please brighten my weekend with Nina-038. Thank you.
>> No. 114543
580 posts. This thread to close having reached 1000 posts.
>> No. 114544
Nice to see MrEd hasnt gone very far. Good to see you and Frog continuing with the leaks.
>> No. 114545
114414 would love to see Nina 38 for the weekend please.
Thanks for whatever you decide to post.
>> No. 114558
You need glasses. Pass under the first 6 dl.free links.
>> No. 114559
>>114558 Just another troll. Do not know why you bother to reply!
>> No. 114560
Not a troll. the password is


if there's a strange seeming word in a post try it. Most likely the password. You are the troll because you need someone to think for you.
>> No. 114561
then next
(eh if only)
>> No. 114567
people actually pay for this stuff?
>> No. 114572
Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you
>> No. 114577
no Hitler never did that you are brainwashed by the Jews
>> No. 114591
Is this a vote? NinaSS 038, that would be lovely mate. If not, whev they're all good, Y'ave done some much already, thanks for the gifts.
>> No. 114593
Yup. Name a single studio that is currently operating that is better
>> No. 114609
does anything work here anyway? you dont even have a PROPER search function who built this shitty chans anyway?
>> No. 114626
Leyla 8 is not there
>> No. 114631
here's a few without omega on them

pass - 123
>> No. 114633
wait did Natasha 03 get posted?
>> No. 114634
aaahh ahhhhh aaaaaaaahhhhh fuck you post Mila Mila Mila 003 Mila 003 Mila 003 i gonna kill you fuck you damn asshole. POST THE FUCKING MILA 003 video you sick clown. im getting crazy because of you!!!!!!
>> No. 114636
Jesus Fuck! There is no getting rid of this guy.
>> No. 114637
i hate you. stupid troll. Mila 003 is not for you.
>> No. 114638
😫😭😫😭please post nita 011 and mila 002
>> No. 114641
File 154714574488.jpg - (11.91KB , 250x188 , descarga.jpg )
i just wanna have fun, but you ruined all. you surely fap with Mila 003 while you read my comments, sick pervert.
>> No. 114646
>> No. 114648
😫😫😫😫😭😭😭 i just wanna Mila 003, please please, i will kill myself!!! you omg, i cant belive you are monster.
>> No. 114649
>>114631 Thank you. Some photos of Secret NatashaSS003 or MaisieSS024?
>> No. 114650
enough is enough. you really enjoy it, dont you? i dont understand why you do this. just post link to Mila 03 nita 011 kathy 020 viola 09
>> No. 114652
File NaoTL1-Session4.mp4 - (8.00MB )
>>114567 i don't but thankfully many do and support the studio.

>>114593 Kvetinas (DolceModz)
unfortunately they only have two models i like, Star and Naomi. and only Naomi has TL(topless) series naotl and duotl. it doesn't have the selection of topless that ss has. but she's topless in every regular video, not just special secretstar stuff. plus she acts slutty and there's plenty of zooming in on the right places.

i can't duplicate the 4K experience with only 8mb
heck my video software only lets me render 1920x1080, but here's an example.
>> No. 114653
File NaoTL1-Session-09.mp4 - (7.98MB )
did i mention she's a slut?
>> No. 114656
if you post lycra video im going to report the link. and you will be prosecuted.
>> No. 114658
fucking Ugly!
>> No. 114659
I never got into DolceModz either. They wear too much cheap hooker makeup, and Naomi with boner boy sets are just annoying, not sexy at all.
>> No. 114660
File 154714958223.png - (3.24MB , 1502x949 , IsabellaSS001_jpg.png )
>> No. 114661
File 15471495967.png - (2.48MB , 1502x949 , MichelleSS-012 4K_jpg.png )
>> No. 114662
File 154714960935.png - (1.79MB , 967x1127 , JuliaSS-009_jpg.png )
>> No. 114664
>>114648 Poster please go to Star Sessions Shiny Lycra Spandex thread at https://180chan.co/mir/res/31675.html and STFU.
>> No. 114668
>>114421 Mod says By browsing 155chan you consent to donating 20% of your CPU power to generate cryptocurrency for making us filthy rich (covering server costs).
Oh,,, we are also very slowly going to find a solution to the current issues, after a few drinks and all.
>> No. 114672
please michelle secret 012 please
>> No. 114673
File 154715336724.png - (104.75KB , 480x269 , Photo_20190110_154634.png )
woow, that michelle secret stars 012 looks great. could you please be nice and gentle to share them? i also need photo set
>> No. 114674
OMG, this michelle secret stars 012 is amazing, so yummy, please share only the lycra minutes.
>> No. 114675
The Mila03 poster has taken full potato posting to full bloated lycra potato level. .... Bet he has all the Spandau Ballet albums just because Spandau is nearly Spandex.
>> No. 114676
dear barbara23@ please post ONLY the lycra minutes of michelle ss 012 to proof that you have it.
>> No. 114677
i adore lycra, so do you have a problem with that?
>> No. 114678
remove the scammer posts by barbara23. Thats The frog scammer
>> No. 114679
michelle looks very sexy in that delicious lycra leotard. i wanna cum with her video. please share link!!!
>> No. 114680
please share link you damn ashole!
>> No. 114682
michelle ss 012, i want the link, and i want it now! secret starz please! I WANT IT, I NEED IT, and i gonna have it! LyCrA LyCrA LyCrA aahhh aaaaahhhhh omg i m crazy, need lYcra video now.
>> No. 114684
🙆please share link to Mila 003🙆
>> No. 114685
Guys, the SS girls did HC? What you believe about it?
>> No. 114686
😍 Please, secret NatashaSS003 set-thumbnail 😍
>> No. 114687
File 154715570495.png - (44.60KB , 512x512 , 2676758.png )
Here it is secret NatashaSS003 with blue bikini...
>> No. 114688
They may have had *H*ot and *C*old showers after secret sessions, but never any other kind of HC. They were/are? too clever to go full potato...
>> No. 114695
she is ugly
>> No. 114696
File 154715800759.jpg - (433.96KB , 3842x2162 , LisaSS027.jpg )
>> No. 114698
File 154715994720.jpg - (130.39KB , 750x937 , lycra154707375549.jpg )
Heh, lycra-mila-3 man, don't say the potato squad aren't good to you. Just take some heart medication before viewing. Practice with this. We would be truly concerned for your health if what you asked for was posted before you had eased your way into it (so to speak). We love you.
>> No. 114699
>>114684 Troll poster STFU.
>> No. 114701
Is this a model?
>> No. 114702
>>114701 candid photo
>> No. 114703
Great looking screenshot of that lisa video will you post it?
>> No. 114705
Damn, she is a cutie too. Slim chance of finding more photos of her then?
>> No. 114748
File 154717093642.jpg - (1.86MB , 2560x2086 , NaoTL1-Session4-4K.jpg )
>>114658 >>114659 samefag
oh look there's a faggot amongst us.
hey fag boy got something for you

>> No. 114749
File 154717104745.jpg - (2.01MB , 2560x2086 , NaoTL1-Session8-4K.jpg )
>> No. 114750
File 154717111280.jpg - (1.20MB , 2560x2086 , NaoTL1-Session9-4K.jpg )
>> No. 114751
File 154717115465.jpg - (1.14MB , 2560x2086 , NaoTL1-Session12-4K.jpg )
>> No. 114753
File 154717125399.jpg - (1.26MB , 2560x2086 , NaoTL1-Session14-4K.jpg )

enjoy! make fag boy mad. boo hoo hoo
>> No. 114758
open your own treath, this is about starsessions
>> No. 114762
naomi is piece of shit
>> No. 114763
It's a troll thread faggots! I'll post what i want.
You on the other hand, need to STFU!


>> No. 114764
File 154717246598.jpg - (852.04KB , 3840x2160 , NaoTL1-Session1-4Ka.jpg )
>> No. 114766
File 154717258565.jpg - (624.49KB , 3840x2160 , NaoTL1-Session1-4Kb.jpg )
>> No. 114768
please hsare more more Mila pleaseeeeeee
>> No. 114769
File 154717287088.jpg - (1.05MB , 3840x2160 , NaoTL1-Session8-4Kb.jpg )
>> No. 114770
please post viola 009 (spandex) 💜💚💛
>> No. 114771
File 154717297287.jpg - (1.06MB , 3840x2160 , NaoTL1-Session8-4Ka.jpg )
>> No. 114772
File 154717337969.jpg - (0.98MB , 3840x2160 , NaoTL-Session9-4Ka.jpg )
>> No. 114773
File 154717340175.jpg - (731.51KB , 3840x2160 , NaoTL-Session9-4Kb.jpg )
>> No. 114774
File 154717342477.jpg - (680.50KB , 3840x2160 , NaoTL-Session9-4Kc.jpg )
>> No. 114775
File 154717348911.jpg - (0.96MB , 3840x2160 , NaoTL-Session9-4Kd.jpg )
>> No. 114776
File 154717351730.jpg - (1.05MB , 3840x2160 , NaoTL-Session9-4Ke.jpg )
>> No. 114784
Nina 38 for my vote. Thanks in advance
>> No. 114791
she looks like a late twenty something that was rolled around in dirt and left out in the sun to long.
>> No. 114795
She does but still want to fuck that pussie
>> No. 114797
Pay no attention to the haters Anon. Thank you very very much for posting her.
>> No. 114798
not haters, not StarSessions or SecretStars, post in dolce, tis just spam to us
>> No. 114801
She is Beautiful. I'd LicknKissnRub 4 sure. I like Star more, then Vicky, Then Naomi. (Not a fan of electrina myself) Clare same as all too me to. Naw. But I would LOVE to see Naomies Pussy spread from bottom hold if you know whagty I mean. Just to see. But, YuP! I would pass on her for Star. What Can I say. But no Granny.
>> No. 114810
It's out there look on dolce megathread on gap
>> No. 114828
stop posting that gross mexican pls
>> No. 114832
>>114414 >>114419 Pick Nina-038 video for the weekend, thank you. As we turn another page in the Book of Life may your expectations cross your path.
>> No. 114847
>> No. 114856
why are your preview caps 4mb
>> No. 114857
keep posting Naomi she is hot not matter what others think but his is a SS thread OP should start a Dolce thread. I remember when Naomi first appeared I think it was 2012 and she was 9 a the time so do the math. No matter she still has a beautiful ass and tight snatch. She knows how to pose. SS is still my favorite but this Chan killed it off.
>> No. 114865
>>114857 "...SS is still my favorite but this Chan killed it off."
That's right!
>> No. 114867
yeah, stopposting the whore makeup spic girl. what's with that fucking eyeshadow, fucking latinos. theyall end ip fat fucks. stopfucking this thread up.
>> No. 114891
Oh, full potato fuck(ing) there!
>> No. 114899
File nicoletta.mp4 - (8.00MB )
why all the faggotry? i like naomi.
except for a few links i reposted and some clips i made there's nothing else here to look at.

i don't like the direction the board is evolving.
a few stray dogs were fed. now there's a pack of hungry dogs biting the hand that feeds them.

keep biting fags
>> No. 114909
"...pack of hungry dogs..."

>> No. 114919
you like literally everything
>> No. 114931
File 154723701674.jpg - (257.69KB , 1064x800 , NatashaSS.jpg )
Does someone knows if Natasha has another secret collections?
>> No. 115017
File 154725512585.jpg - (326.46KB , 1160x1740 , Nita-012-010.jpg )
>> No. 115031
naiomi is fine and all, just her sets and makeup are so slutty, star sessions girls are truley more beautiful and on a completely different level, thats why Naomi doesn't belong here, don't care who posts her, doesn't make it right to post her here. Sure go and yell and all, i know, wah, public etc, no rules, but it's a waste of space for people who come here for SS material or discussions.
>> No. 115032
who are you calling fag, pedo?


>> No. 115033
File 154725984660.jpg - (3.75MB , 4360x6000 , NitaSS-008-038.jpg )
>> No. 115041
What now if I claim Sergei is fucking ugly... and he sure is!
Would that make you post some Duo too? :-)
>> No. 115045
I'd rather be a pedo then a fag, you fag.
>> No. 115054
fuckin retard
>> No. 115069
File 154727853555.jpg - (411.62KB , 2667x4000 , Natalie-IMG_1294.jpg )
>> No. 115072
File 154727866667.jpg - (720.04KB , 2667x4000 , Natalie-IMG_1454.jpg )
>> No. 115073
File 154727868796.jpg - (826.41KB , 3200x4000 , Natalie-IMG_1613.jpg )
>> No. 115074
I adore public nudity
Please video
>> No. 115075
Does Natalie have secret set?
>> No. 115087
>>114414 Hello Nipsey Russell, looking forward this weekend to watching the >>113482 NinaSS-008 video. TYiA
>> No. 115103
SS Michelle-005 at
SS Michelle-008 at
Thank you to original poster.
>> No. 115107
>>115103 only the goblin again, but well...
>> No. 115108
>>115107 Hello stupid troll. STFU
>> No. 115121
The guy named “nnlove” he has plenty of secrets-srars and rare sets/videos (Lilu,Lisa, Maisie in shower) and he sell sets and videos from 250$ to 550$ via bitcoin. Someone must be crazy to give him that money and “nnlove” must be trust guy to send the file. Because he can to take the bitcoin and he won’t be send the file.
>> No. 115125
What is the video "in shower"?
>> No. 115126
File 15473066441.jpg - (518.88KB , 2002x1216 , Lilu Lisa Maisie (bathtime).jpg )
>>115125 It posted months ago...
>> No. 115128
>>115126 Oh Jesus! That's a Holy Grail!
>> No. 115140
>>115126 Hard to find!
>> No. 115142
File 154731065452.jpg - (226.58KB , 1267x798 , Julia-002_1080.jpg )
Title: Julie 11 yrs Bikini
File Name: Julia-002.1080.mp4
Frame Size: 1920x1080
File Size: 176.14 MB
Download: https://www.load.to/VmCw3HZpS3/Jewels.7z
Password: 155chan
>> No. 115144
File 154731117384.jpg - (174.55KB , 683x1024 , JuliaSS-005.jpg )
>> No. 115145
File 15473111843.jpg - (303.89KB , 683x1024 , JuliaSS-011.jpg )
>> No. 115146
Does anyone have topless pic of the first Lilu's secrets sets?
>> No. 115151
File 154731309943.jpg - (4.74KB , 329x185 , download.jpg )

Vote here:

>> No. 115152
>>115142 Thank you.
This 3:14 minute video frame rate is 60 frames/second.
>> No. 115153
>>115151 expect your personal details to be harvested and retained with targeted advertising sent to any participant.
>> No. 115154
Oops "Alina" = "Elena", mind the typo.

Strawpoll is the youtube of polling sites. Calm down.
>> No. 115156
This site uses an ad delivery service provided by Curse LLC. Curse and its partners use technology such as cookies on this site to provide services, analyze user activity, and engage in advertising activity. By continuing to use the site, you consent to the use of these technologies. Additionally, Curse engages in certain interest-based advertising activities in order to support this site and to provide personalized ad experiences. By clicking “Got it, thanks!”, you consent to this activity. If you are under the age of consent in your jurisdiction for data processing purposes, or if you wish to deny consent, please click “Learn more”.

Please review the Privacy Policy applicable to advertisements by Curse on this site, and the Privacy Policy linked in the footer of this site for all other data processing purposes. If you wish to revoke consent once given, please delete your cookies for this website.
>> No. 115157
I have the delete link if you are going to complain about what is posted. All the info about run time and frame rate are listed on the top of the posted preview.

If you don't like what is found elsewhere and re-uploaded for here, instead of acting superior, you have the option of posting something better.
>> No. 115160
File 154731699980.jpg - (2.70MB , 6000x4000 , LisaSS-025-209.jpg )
>> No. 115161
File 154731743456.jpg - (154.71KB , 1300x866 , MaisieSS01_9628129_31032617.jpg )
>> No. 115162
Mods delete this photo fast every time it's posted. Must like testing them.
>> No. 115163
>>115157 This is clarification: when people see the video judder, they are playing a 60fps video on equipment that plays 30fps. This observation has been raised many times on TriForce Chans.
>> No. 115168
Wow i thought more people would vote Lilu but apparently Elena and Julia are the best girls
>> No. 115170
>>115160 Not new!
>> No. 115171
>>115161 Not new, idiot
>> No. 115173
Mods no longer doing full potato censorship of certain posts? Very wise. Never go full potato, unless links to full SE.ST are posted, in which case a full plate of fries is well in order.
>> No. 115174
File 154732237025.jpg - (908.60KB , 1214x2321 , KathySS-005.jpg )
>> No. 115175
Please, NatashaSS003 set-thumbnail or some photos?
>> No. 115177
>>115175 Stop cry, idiot, no one have Natasha!
>> No. 115178
please share kathy 020
>> No. 115180
Yes please Kathy and Natasha
>> No. 115185
almost went full Potato there!
>> No. 115186
They'll get there yet....
>> No. 115190
File 154732579433.jpg - (3.61MB , 3999x5999 , Mila.jpg )
>> No. 115193
>>115151 Rigged survey. You added someone not a model. Then changed it to Elena making Elena twice on the list.

>>111970 And you left out 4 models
>> No. 115196
Does Julia-Maisie secret 001 has video?
>> No. 115197
>>115193 he is stupid dont worry
>> No. 115200
My bad.. Posted the results in a new thread by accident lol



>> No. 115203
More video of Mila !!!!!
>> No. 115204
File 154733013638.jpg - (459.54KB , 1601x1068 , MilaSS-003.jpg )
>> No. 115205
File 154733016431.jpg - (2.56MB , 6001x4001 , MilaSS-008.jpg )
>> No. 115208
File 154733039260.jpg - (508.27KB , 1601x1068 , NitaSS-006.jpg )
>> No. 115209
more of LS + banana dildo?
>> No. 115210
File 154733061174.jpg - (4.13MB , 5998x3998 , NinaSS-008.jpg )
>> No. 115211
File 154733078257.jpg - (3.82MB , 5999x3999 , LisaSS020.jpg )
>> No. 115212
please Share Multi 01 Mila & NIta please
>> No. 115213
File 154733152779.png - (2.44MB , 1190x1127 , Multi.png )
>> No. 115214
pass: SS
>> No. 115216
>>115211 what is OMEGA wm?
>> No. 115217
>>115216 I don't know. It posted on HurtMeh days ago
>> No. 115218
>>115213 >>115214 do you wana trade regular for custom... are you asshole or are looking for stupids lol?
>> No. 115219
>>115217 a single image or full pic-set? hm is down now (again)
>> No. 115220
>>115218 Do you want secrets? I have it!
>> No. 115221
>>115219 Single pic.
>> No. 115222
File 154733309010.png - (5.30MB , 2048x2115 , Maisie-017_4K.png )
>> No. 115223
>>115220 I wana that all hoarder died or was arrested :P
>> No. 115224
>>115223 You know!
>> No. 115225
Have you Elena unleaked set or videos?
>> No. 115226
Please, someone have NatashaSS003 secret?
>> No. 115227
>>115225 Unfortunately, not. Sorry!
>> No. 115228
>>115226 Natasha has 6 secret sets. I know that there are. I heard , that 6th is topless and plenty of pussy slips, like Mila's secret SS008!!! But I have not something.
>> No. 115229
Too sad, she is the most beautiful angel
>> No. 115230
>>115228 Hello "barbara23". Do you have Tika or Natalie Secret?
>> No. 115231
>>115228 Jesus! Are you sure? Natasha is my love!!!
>> No. 115232
>>115230 No. Neither Tika nor Natalie.
>> No. 115233
File 154733423023.png - (4.83MB , 2048x2115 , Nina-034_4K.png )
>> No. 115235
Hello, sir Barbara. Do you know if Julia-Maisie SS001 have a video?
>> No. 115236
>>115235 no It hasn't
>> No. 115238
Another troll. Enough!
>> No. 115246
barbara23 is the mrEd scammer trying to get free shit and previews, fuck off.
>> No. 115249
File 154734070464.jpg - (2.36MB , 6000x4000 , NitaSS-007-208.jpg )
>> No. 115262
>> No. 115288
A 2 way street. Even posting old stuff is better then posting nothing new except complaints. Lead by example. If you have something new, POST IT. If not, keep complaints to yourself.
>> No. 115290
>what is OMEGA wm?

It is someone who is putting their own watermark on the original material, trying to claim it as their own, preventing it from being traded. No one wants to trade for damaged material. There is always someone who doesn't care if they are putting out damaged goods if they think they can get someone to pay them later for an unmarked copy.
>> No. 115293
At least have the decency to warn people the uploaded file is nothing but previews you have no intention of sharing. Love people who come on a sharing forum looking to trade. Like going to a soup kitchen looking to sell caviar.
>> No. 115301
Brilliant analogy. But I still find these previews useful. At least I know what I'm missing, and what I am eventually waiting to see. I don't recall seeing Isabella before... but she's hot!
>> No. 115303
Isabella Set 06
>> No. 115331
Any previews of Nina secret star sets?
>> No. 115334
Actueally for this set OmegaShenlong was the recipient. The water mark was placed there with the intention that he would not trade or resell the set. He knew this before he even received the sets and he lied about trading them. Hence why they are being seen now.

This is why he was promptly cut off from receiving any other sets from me and was branded as an idiot and an untrustworthy person and trader.

Of course we can thank this Mr Ed fellow for the rest of the leaks.
>> No. 115335
>>115301 Triforce chans have catalogue and not a search engine. Posters frequently use something other than the models name. Searching for Star Sessions is pointless. Nobody knows the full extent of what has been posted and reposted.
>> No. 115349
>This is why he was promptly cut off from receiving any other sets from me and was branded as an idiot and an untrustworthy person and trader.

>Of course we can thank this Mr Ed fellow for the rest of the leaks.

So, you are on this forum as a watchdog? You seem to be against leak any leaks.
>> No. 115352
>> No. 115354

Yes, I am. In the case you have not noticed the website is none existent. We have only this chan(not a forum) to blame for that. That means NO NEW CONTENT. A collective loss for the pedo community as a whole.
>> No. 115355
Well we have R0binH00d. The fantastic works from the merry men are hard at work hacking filthy traders email accounts. There will be more leaks, just wait and see.
>> No. 115360
Angelina only has 6 votes!?! Less than half as many as Michelle!?! What planet is this?
>> No. 115365
>>115360 and we wanted to know this why?
>> No. 115368
>>115355 there is nothing stored in an email address, so hacking it is useless.
>> No. 115371
Well Kombi has posted NitaSS-07 on HM with this WM but he said he hasn't LisaSS020 with the same WM. So there are 3 options:
-'omegaputer' trade with his WM;
-Kombi stole this release and issued as his;
-Kombi is OP who spoils the content with the WM and he has LisaSS-020 set but he is lying to all that he hasn't;

Are there any other options?
>> No. 115374
Why after FF's death there was not one good leak on GaP?
>> No. 115375
>>115355 More secrets? I'm starting to completely lose my hopes... The secrets leaks move on like turtle!
>> No. 115377
>>115371 I believe Kombi has more secrets than he say... the watermark "omega", I meet it the first time in his set of Nita. The same watermark is on pic of LisaSS020. On HurtMeh, he said that Nita's secret set was posted months ago. That's not truth. Nita posted from him and was first time on HurtMeh, days ago. So, maybe he has more secrets and he believe that already posted. We need to force him to leak the collections.
>> No. 115378
>>115377 That's right! We must hurry!
>> No. 115388
Maybe the set was already posted a month ago, but we don't know where it is and he knows
>> No. 115394
NatashaSS003 set-thumbnails, please...
>> No. 115395
>>114414 the weekend draws to a close and we await the result of which video is going to make an appearance.
>> No. 115397
File 154738550539.jpg - (133.02KB , 467x663 , SS.jpg )
Can someone to tell me, what the secret files are in https://mountfile.net/d/mxxEB7 ??
>> No. 115398
File 154738569334.jpg - (22.22KB , 342x180 , Secrets.jpg )
>>115397 The Holy Grail secrets videos...
>> No. 115399
>>115397 >>115398 on a different thread, this discussion has already determined that it is a stupid troll hoax. Move on.
>> No. 115401
>>115399 this discussion started at
and it is very funny. Who knows, there could be
stupid continuation of this discussion on this
>> No. 115402
File 154738787561.jpg - (46.70KB , 681x182 , txt.jpg )
>>115397 only this one:
>> No. 115404
mountfile -nudrama is not secret sets only reg NN
>> No. 115410
pay for 7 videos is not worth it, but if you put all of them, maybe it would pay
>> No. 115411
>>115402 Is nonuderama admins the biggest troll of SS thread?
>> No. 115418
Video Mila please
>> No. 115422
I never thought I would ever get the chance to see any Nita secret stars. Having seen the post above, I thank the OP.
>> No. 115423
These girls are my favorites. I would love to see more... If anyone has them.
>> No. 115427
please Share more more
>> No. 115428
Lol nonuderama sending people here for secret stars too funny
>> No. 115432
Yes, some full potato forcing would be the way, unwise though going full potato normally is.
>> No. 115433
>>115432 Put the potatoes in your ass
>> No. 115435
>>114414 Nothing for the weekend has been posted. Speculate that this must have been another troll posting. Sure had me fooled into thinking that Nipsey Russell was to have graced this Star Sessions / Secret Stars thread with their gift of a full video. Oh well, back to an earthly existence with a heavy heart.
>> No. 115437
File 154740565067.png - (85.62KB , 352x245 , 56385769896.png )
Some day, I want to see a flood of secret stars. Every 5 minutes in every one update, someone to uploads a secret set or video... wake up! Time for the job! The life is hard!
>> No. 115438
And short
>> No. 115440
>>115437 Yeah, that's a dream!
>> No. 115441
Please, NatashaSS003 set-thumbnail?
>> No. 115444
File 154740862181.jpg - (5.52KB , 170x170 , 537682w588.jpg )
Please, just set-thumbnail of SS003 secret Natasha!!! Just set-thumbnail!
>> No. 115448
The potato shall not be silenced even from that position.....lol
>> No. 115450
please share more SS Mila pleaseee
>> No. 115454
File 154741041583.jpg - (233.45KB , 1500x946 , NatashaSS-003.jpg )
Here ya go.
NO, I don't have the darn vid!
>> No. 115455
AGAIN AND AGAIN THE SAME TIME! Thnaks, but this posted 10.000 times! SET THUMBNAIL! not video thumbnail! NO ONE UNDERSTAND IT!!!!!!!!!! GOD!
>> No. 115474
File 154741525727.jpg - (268.20KB , 1267x798 , Lilu-029_HD.jpg )

Title: Lilu 13 yrs Little Red Riding Hood
File Name: Lilu-029.HD.mkv
Frame Size: See preview
File Sizes: 200MB + 200MB + 200MB + 163.1MB = 763.1MB


Password: 155chan
>> No. 115475
Same old horseshit. First you ask for the set thumbnail preview. Once it is posted, on to the second stage, harassment for the full set to be posted. People are wise to this trick. Unless they are willing to share or are bored and want to bait leeches, the thumbnails are never posted.
>> No. 115476
bro stop posting these thumbnails
please you are killing us without a video
>> No. 115489
File 154742034459.jpg - (82.29KB , 560x840 , Lilu-029-001.jpg )
>>115474 Star Sessions Lilu-029 Photoset, 2160p & 1080p videos have already been posted at
Thank you to original poster.
>> No. 115492
>>114414 pick Nina-038.
Thank you Nipsey.
>> No. 115513
please share more, more, Mila pleaseeeeeee
>> No. 115515
No point in sharing. Some butt hurt is always acting links are stolen from another post even if there's a different size or different links. They can't accept people creating their own uploads to share. So sharing is dead here.
>> No. 115530
>> No. 115531
>> No. 115535
Not new, idiot!
>> No. 115538
>> No. 115570
um, wow... i would have love to been the photographer in this set, pretty sure i would have never finished the shoot ... 8----D
>> No. 115592
>> No. 115604
820 posts. 1000 max posts per thread. More trolls wanted to close this thread within days. Thank you.
>> No. 115609
More troll miscellaneous posts wanted.
Please post anything on this thread.
>> No. 115610
Please post anything of SS on this thread.
>> No. 115611


Lisa is Beautiful

i know the set is old but i could not get it so please share more , thanks
>> No. 115612
>> No. 115613
>>115610 Please post anything that is not SS on this thread. We need to urgently close this thread.
>> No. 115614
Where has any of the Nina Secret Stars videos surfaced?
>> No. 115615
well, weekend is over. where are you now?
>> No. 115622
🅿lease🅿ost🌸Nina⚡Secret Stars videos
>> No. 115623
😍 Please post Nina Secret Stars videos 😍
>> No. 115626
Please post Nina Secret Stars videos
>> No. 115627
milna 003 1080 vid please
>> No. 115629
Please post any Nina Secret Stars video. The more recent the better. Thank you.
>> No. 115630
Please post Nina Secret Stars 010 video.
>> No. 115631
>>115630 have it, but it has watermark, so not sharing. Does anyone have the NinaSS-10.4K.mp4 without a watermark? TYiA
>> No. 115632
Please post Nina Secret Stars videos
>> No. 115633
>>115631 How did you get that video. The studio is now private and only releasing collections to trusted customers.
>> No. 115634
long live the hoods of robbing. fuck the protectors and payers. will not share my collection with complaining trolls.
>> No. 115636
Nina has a gorgeous body and her video modelling perfection includes keeping still so that her full curvature can soak in. Please post any Nina Secret Stars video. Thank you.
>> No. 115637
He is in jail
>> No. 115641
Everyone that no share of secret stars are afraid like woman! Hahaha! I don’t have something of secret stars. But if I’ll take something, I’ll share it 1000%! You are junk!
>> No. 115642
>>115637 which jail? want to send food when it stops snowing.
>> No. 115652
No they did not go private. The producer stopped selling sets altogether.
>> No. 115653
So, the site is completely closed ...!
>> No. 115654
Hi guys, starsessions is closed and its creator is on jail , he cant masturbate because both hands are tied.
>> No. 115668
>>115653 public website(s) closed, studio is now private and only releasing collections to trusted customers.
>> No. 115669
>>115668 Well, never we’ll look any new set and never no one will share them!
>> No. 115670
I use Winrar but it onlyworks half the time
I can download any thing but the vids don't always play i have the latest codec pack but they still won't work..maybe its cause i"m using an old version 4 the updated version is really unstable so stick with 7z you will have better luck
>> No. 115672
How did he communicate with them? This is a big question. With the system of tickets? The customer must open a new ticket and talk to him. Not the admin alone. Try to think a little way. With the ricochet? The same. Do customers have to check again and again each message if they sent them? And how does it distinguish reliable customers? And how do they know who they really are? How many people will work? With ten? Twenty; Thirty; Revenue will be minimal. Many questions but no reasonable answer so far.
>> No. 115673
Hope that more collections of Star Sessions (and Secret Stars) models will be posted in the near future. In order of their appearance the models are (1) Maisie, (2) Lilu, (3) Lisa, (4) Julia, (5) Nina, (6) Mila, (7) Nita, (8) Elena, (9) Tika, (10) Natalie, (11) Kathy, (12) Lina, (13) Michelle, (14) Leyla, (15) Natasha, (16) Aleksandra, (17) Angelina, (18) Savannah, (19) Viola, (20) Isabella, (21) Taso, (22) Olivia and (23) Multi Collections. Thank you to original posters.
>> No. 115674
>>115672 Obviously you have never been a customer. STFU
>> No. 115675
>>115674 I was a customer and I bought over 100 collections...
>> No. 115677
>>115670 If you do not have 4K x 60fps video equipment the 4K videos may not play. 4K x 30fps videos are not studio originals and these are in circulation so that they are suitable for 30fps video equipment. Those with 8K video equipment should have no problems.
>> No. 115678
>>115675 then you know how orders are processed and your >>115672 post is just plain stupid. You should hang your head down low in shame. STFU
>> No. 115679
>>115678 Wrong! The ticket system, we all know it. The ricochet system, posted in other thread and it is just a guess of a user! IDIOT!
>> No. 115682
>>115679 you know nothing. STFU
>> No. 115684
>>115668 Everyone has already gotten these stupid words, you fucking repeat these words after they was said by stupid moron, so I think it's enough already to misinform everyone because of your stupidity! Either you show proof or go fuck your mom with your private status! Stupid asshole!
>> No. 115685
Stop the quarrel guys. The site is closed or not? I don't understand.
>> No. 115687
>>115685 of cause it's closed and we could have already all the sets if it weren't for this asshole who are talking nonsense about private and because of this, GaP's admins don't remove the ban from the studio!
>> No. 115691
Com'on guys! The studio already closed! This is a ridiculous that happen! It was never private, admin never sell the collections, only for trust customers. Stop to saying that! Enough!
>> No. 115697
>>115684 and the child throws a tantrum because its not been included as a trusted customer. STFU
>> No. 115698
>>115685 public website(s) closed, studio is now private and only releasing collections to trusted customers. what is it that you do not understand?
>> No. 115702
>>115698 Site is closed, not private!
>> No. 115703
Proofs that site is private! Proofs... proofs... proofs NOW!!!!
>> No. 115711
Just ignore him, he's an idiot fishing for previews.
Previews which will get you kicked out..
>> No. 115716
>> No. 115717

That is the dumbest thing i've ever heard? How do you prove that something has not gone private? Well heres some proof, do you see any new previews coming since the site closed? No? So many of the trusted buyers were leakers it is very doubtful that he is doing any business at all now.

The Maisie Christmas pic was the last straw for the producer. NO MORE BUSINESS. He did mention maybe re-opening starsessions after a break but it will be business as usual. Nothing private.
>> No. 115719
you we will never be on the secret list
>> No. 115721
masie was proof and that is the last leak only trusted customers have access its underground and so far no one is leaking I doubt anyone will leak now someone already mentioned the watermarks and if its leaked producer will know who it is and cut them off the list. For now we have to wait to see if producer goes back on line.
>> No. 115738
Bruh!!! You are an idiot. Its not underground. They stopped. The maisie christmas set was a regular set that was going to be available on the site but you fags got it should down before he could update the site. So your "proof" is "proof" why they are not underground. The producer does not trust NO ONE.
>> No. 115744
>> No. 115754
119 posts to go
>> No. 115761
>>115721 there is a way to show SS went private without any special buyer posting their marked "new" photos >>113172 showed the way. as no one accepted this challenge, the site has to be dead.
>> No. 115762
alive and well without you idiots
>> No. 115763
>>115762 So is Webe, LS, BD, Rebel Shooter and every other child model site that was every up. None of them were ever taken down and none of them were ever busted. They all went private. At least in the minds of morons. So simple to prove SS is alive. Yet not one person can prove something that is only a fantasy.
>> No. 115765
The fact you are trolling a share post claiming the site went private proves it is gone. If the site went private, one of their rules besides not posting new stuff would be not to talk about or draw attention to the private status of the site. So if the site is private and the SS owner reads your posts claiming the site is still up and private, you are risking another cleansing of the so-called private members.
>> No. 115768

Of course! They're all run by the JOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOS to corrupt our Aryan daughters' morals so they willing submit to the JOOOOOOOOOOOOOS' Hebraic domination of Aryan pussy!!!!
>> No. 115774
>>115765 the child like logic of a 5 year old. LOL
>> No. 115775
>>115763 how is >>112980 possible when all the public websites are closed?
>> No. 115777
>>115763 Yet not one person can prove something. You prove >>112980 looks like you are wrong, again.
>> No. 115785
God damn, this guy gets it.

If they really went private this chan would have been paid off a long time ago to shut these SS threads down. Another proving fact that they just stopped.


>> No. 115786
fucking nazi scum
>> No. 115787
>>115786 Respect the Nazis, you fuckhead !
>> No. 115796
>>114414 Sir Nipsey, hope you are in good health. We miss you and hope that you will grace this thread with your reappearance.
>> No. 115812
I just bought Maisie custom set where she first poses in green dress then undresses it and continues posing in green undies and then takes them off and does some dancing.
>> No. 115817
>> No. 115819
Proof or GTFO
>> No. 115820
panties and pussy galore site is private you have no access
>> No. 115821
>>115812 Haha, you are so funny! Good try! Try again!
>> No. 115832
Jews are worthless you weaklings!
>> No. 115833
maybe one day it will come back on line for the public
>> No. 115836
>>115833 we hope about it
>> No. 115839

Tell that to all the cocksucking Arab scum they kill EVERYDAY.
>> No. 115841
File 154756879093.jpg - (294.78KB , 1024x768 , teenfuns339_093.jpg )

Ah hah! You finally get it!!!

When you submit to the JOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOS as your OverLords & Masters, they provide you with all the teen Aryan Pussy you can fuck!!!

SUBMIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!
>> No. 115848
Please post more Nina Secret Stars videos. Thank you.
>> No. 115849
Secret NatashaSS003 set thumbnail, please
>> No. 115862
Please post more Star Sessions Nina videos. Thank you.
>> No. 115872
File 154758300870.jpg - (727.12KB , 1919x1392 , xGZ0uFv1_o.jpg )
Lilu video #40 is available on other forum. Unfortunately only for premium members
>> No. 115873
pass: Sta+rs_e\ssi-ons
>> No. 115874
Lilu#040 and more
>> No. 115875
Lilu is fucking sexy and hot!
>> No. 115876
Something newest thumbnail of secret series?
>> No. 115877
Where are the old trolls of firsts threads? jblvrs, nnlove, RobinHood etc...? They died from the cum, during the watch their secrets collections?
>> No. 115891
Please lilu nude set please please post
>> No. 115893
we got everything we could get and we went away. the studio is shut down now. the leaks have all stopped .
so this thread will die a painful and long drawn out death as well.

I cant speak for any of the other names you mentioned, but I am happy and living on a mountain - smoking huge fatties - taking long walk with my dog - my head is clear and my cock is happy. not from the dog, all the secret session girls. :D
>> No. 115894
>>115893 Another troll with fake name
>> No. 115895
Super dreamer :)))))))))))))
>> No. 115896
>>115893 "my cock is happy, not from the dog." This person needs a different dog (wife).
>> No. 115897
>>115896 Hahaha, you are right my friend. This guy is dreamer. And he has nothing, of course, from secret-stars... hey, moron, go away and don't forget your dog (wife). You are not jblvrs
>> No. 115899
>>115893 What you say? Probably you need a doctor!
>> No. 115901
jblvrs! Fuck off! You are a BIG liar!
>> No. 115905
>> No. 115906
File 15475936541.jpg - (782.09KB , 2048x1148 , Lilu.jpg )
this is what we all want
>> No. 115908
Anyone set-thumbnail like this >>115906 of Secret MaisieSS024?
>> No. 115912
Ha ha. Nobody believes you.
>> No. 115919
Please, someone have secret NatashaSS003 set thumbnail?
>> No. 115921
What is so special about NatashaSS set 003 you are asking daily for thumbnails of the set? Such tiny pics wouldn't show any details so would be useless for any enjoyment. So why do you want thumbnails?
>> No. 115925
What's new?
>> No. 115927
The only Secret Stars that I want is IsabellaSS001
>> No. 115928
File 154760065296.jpg - (274.81KB , 1080x720 , Isabella-001-04.jpg )
Cute looking set
>> No. 115931
looking forward to more Star Sessions Nina Secret Stars videos. Please post everything that you have of this very photogenic model. TYiA
>> No. 115942

Let's see if we can get more real posts and less trolling on this new post.
>> No. 115954
>>115942 there are no secret stars on this thread. Go to https://155chan.gr/mir/res/45656.html
>> No. 115991
>>115928 Secret, idiot!!!! Not regular!!!!
>> No. 116005
File 154762958977.jpg - (1.40MB , 1600x970 , IsabellaSS001.jpg )
>> No. 116006
File 154763009915.jpg - (777.20KB , 1200x775 , NatashaSS-003.jpg )
>> No. 116010
My wish to see this video. so damn
>> No. 116013
What's new
>> No. 116042
>>116006 NatashaSS003 set-thumbnail, please
>> No. 116052
Go to https://155chan.gr/mir/res/45656.html
>> No. 116054
NatashaSS-003 thumbnail scissors please.
>> No. 116055
File 154764922131.jpg - (245.50KB , 579x709 , thumbnail.jpg )
A nice super-sexy (SS) thumbnail.
>> No. 116056
Please, someone have NatashaSS003 set-thumbnail?
>> No. 116061
>>116054 go fuck your mom fucking asshole! after bumplimit we'll go to SS6 > https://155chan.gr/hebe/res/115917.html and you could continue to suck dad's cock....
>> No. 116104
heres some i got
>> No. 116107
>>116104 I advise you to hurry with the sale and exchange, very soon all your hoarder collections will be discounted!
>> No. 116108
>>116104 Hello! Do you have set thumbnail of NatashaSS003 and set thumbnail of MaisieSS024? Not video thumbnail.
>> No. 116109
>>116104 You are a light in darkness
>> No. 116110
ignore this troll thread and post SS collections on Secret Stars thread at https://155chan.gr/mir/res/45656.html
>> No. 116124
this thread is still going??
I bet its the same 5 losers posting every minute and that they have no life, eat crap all day, jerk off and never shower.
get with the reality plane guys. studio is done and the girls are just teasing. go do some crunches.
mods, please lock all of the sad threads.
>> No. 116131
>>116104 Thank you for nothing. You know, in this thread there are users they have not any secret for trade. So... share or go away
>> No. 116133
>>116132 That's right!
>> No. 116140
You're a loonie...lol
>> No. 116144
I dream about videos juliaSS
>> No. 116145
Please please please vid juliaSS pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaasssssee!!!!
>> No. 116159
SS went underground only a few trusted customers have access there will be no more leaks
>> No. 116161
File 154768756690.jpg - (152.11KB , 834x625 , 911_Hex6.jpg )
>> No. 116166
>>116159 god youre so fucking stupid
>> No. 116174
Too bad this thread turned into some ugly stuff, it started out really good
>> No. 116178
>>116159 Good story, but not real! Try again!
>> No. 116207
Love the butt shots of Mila.
>> No. 116213
jar2 com?
>> No. 116242
NatashaSS003 set/video please
>> No. 116243
MaisieSS024 set/video please
>> No. 116245
File 154771586388.png - (6.95MB , 2050x2117 , MaisieSS-024_4K.png )
>>116243 You will never get this, loser
>> No. 116247
>>116245 Does she has pussy slips photos in this set?
>> No. 116250
>>116247 No, she hasnt
>> No. 116260
Please, a topless photo of early LiluSS?
>> No. 116261
File 154772061698.jpg - (490.96KB , 2004x1218 , Lilu Lisa Maisie (bathtime).jpg )
There is a holder of Secret stars named nnlove. He sell secret collections. Does someone has buy from him? Is he a trust guy? Months ago, I contact with him and he told me a big price fro this video (bathtime). 550$ via bitcoin. He is absolutely crazy!
>> No. 116264
>>116261 No. He is not crazy. This video and many others are hard to find. The *nnlove* is trust guy and now, it is one and only way to take some sets or videos of secrets. Unfortunately, only with pay!
>> No. 116265
Dont be an idiot, nnlove is a complete fag that sells after copies of shit already watermarked shit. He is the biggest faggot seller anyone knows. Just look how he spams his previews on these threads. You are better off contacting mimi69.
>> No. 116266
>>116265 mimi69 is moron! He has nothing! I heard that he is asking samples, thumbnails or previews for trade and after, he goes away. Ignore him!
>> No. 116267
Im pretty sure nnlove was the guy harassing the girls on social media. I remember him talking about how he was able to find one of the girls pages
>> No. 116268
>>116267 nnlove?
>> No. 116269
I have never asked for samples. You must be NNlove then?
>> No. 116270
mimi69, do you have SET -thumbnail of NatashaSS003? Not video-thumbnail.
>> No. 116271
File 154772286830.jpg - (476.38KB , 2003x1217 , NitaSS-05_mp4.jpg )
>> No. 116272
Yes I do. Why? has that one not leaked yet?
>> No. 116273
>>116272 No. Only video-thumbnail.
>> No. 116274
Heres what is going to happen if you buy from nnLove. He takes your 500$ and resells the same links to traders and other people for half the price. Pretty much allowing 5,10,30 other people use the links you bought. There is absolutely NO FLOW CONTROL with that guy.

And from the sounds of it he was the asshole who posted the first leaks anyways. Real scum that fucker is.
>> No. 116275
>>116261 If this video has live sound, it must be more sexy.
>> No. 116276
File 154772527688.jpg - (159.55KB , 533x800 , NatashaSS-003-183.jpg )
>> No. 116277
>>116276 Holy Grail for me
>> No. 116316
>>116276 Hey, RobinHood, welcome back
>> No. 116337
nnlove and mimi69 are scammers. They have nothing . Just samples, thumbs and previews and they trade with them
>> No. 116343
25 posts remaining. Somethin' for ending?
>> No. 116344
are you guys done posting the same thumbs over and over again instead of any news info or new thumbs?
>> No. 116345
>>116344 because there is nothing new around
>> No. 116346
This comment will be obvious to many, but it is worth reiterating for newbies to the thread, and perhaps for the naive too:
Most of the thumbnails of Secret Stars sets and videos, and sample full-size images originate with the favored few who were offered the Secret material. Most of those people probably couldn't afford them. The few rich ones who could probably weren't the sharing type. The upshot is that it is unlikely we shall ever see most of the the full sets or the videos. We can but hope, and it's worth checking to see, I suppose. As for the "traders", why should any intelligent person believe they have anything without any substantial evidence. None of them has ever produced any.
>> No. 116349
>>116346 Yes, I agree
>> No. 116350
>>116346 what a load of tosh. another troll wasted post.
>> No. 116352
>> No. 116353
A 1000 posts per thread and not one new collection posted on this thread!
>> No. 116354
Just thumbnails or some photos. Nothing!
>> No. 116357
Please, set thumbnails of secret NatashaSS003
>> No. 116361
thumbnails please
>> No. 116376
the secret is safe!
>> No. 116400
Why is it tosh? Bet you can't think of a good reason - just personal abuse. Idiot!
>> No. 116420
Any vid caps of any Nina secret stars? Supposedly 10 exist but haven't seen but one cap.
>> No. 116483
File 154780743845.jpg - (549.90KB , 2003x1217 , NinaSS-002.jpg )
>> No. 116484
Please, someone have NatashaSS003 set-thumbnail or MaisieSS0024 set-thumbnail?
>> No. 116492
I have an older laptop. Graphics card isn't the greatest. 4K videos won't start. 1080p are full of digital squares. I've noticed in other posts some people experience the same issues. To fix this issue I've been using ConvertXtoDVD to turn these videos into DVD format. Then I use DVDfab to rip the DVD format back to 720x404 AVIs. I was thinking of posting these for people with issues viewing but unsure if there'd be much demand.
>> No. 116494
>>116483 another spam post watermarked nnlove, doubtless stolen from a free posting. This person should be selling SS collections on /cg/ thread and prevented from advertising on this /hebe/ thread.
>> No. 116495
>>116492 I have no problem, but I think this work is very difficult and it needs time, my friend. But, I believe It will be help many people in here, with this problem. You know! :)
>> No. 116496
>>116492 thanks for the offer, but do not waste your time because (1) free video convertors are available from the internet, and (2) HDMI cable from PC to TV gives good video playback.
>> No. 116497
>> No. 116500
>>116484 another post from nnlove to create a market for their watermarked SS collections. Buyer beware of trolls selling something that they cannot deliver.
>> No. 116502
>>116497 speak of the devil, nnlove has now created their troll thread of secret stars at https://155chan.gr/hebe/res/116348.html
because their other Secret Stars thread at https://155chan.gr/mir/res/45656.html
has not instigated free posts of collections that they then sell on. Cheap crooks.
>> No. 116503
Many people ask whole videos or whole sets and I, I would like only thumbnail of set NatashaS003 & Maisie SS024. Nothing else! Jesus! Set-thumbnails ONLY! Not video-captures.
>> No. 116512
How long have you been making the same request? 3 weeks? A month? Yet you spam the same thing every day. Sometimes 2 or 3 times daily. It's time to stop beating that dead horse. No matter how much you beat it, it ain't going anywhere.
>> No. 116528
>>116503 Fishing for Secret Stars thumbnails so that we can all see what is leaking (and by inference who is the leaker). Is this a troll or star sessions admin?
>> No. 116691
any secretstars from Aleksandra?
>> No. 116869
>>116691 go to secret stars thread at
>> No. 116926
Wow, this thread is still open. Mod must be asleep.


>> No. 116945
>>116926 if only that was true, mod would be deleting SS troll posts from other threads on triforce chans.
>> No. 117180
I can't access 155chan.gr/hebe, are we all in the same situation?
>> No. 126573
How to save the video? Can anyone help?

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