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/hebe/ ~ Your first experience with CP ?
File 154687902629.jpg - (62.41KB , 553x678 , Gd18038.jpg )
113763 No. 113763
I'm posting this in hope of finding other like minded people of shared interests.
My first experience with CP was when a good friend (perV) showed me so e classic Lolita magazines back in the late 90s.
I remember seeing the beautiful little girls from ages 5 to around 12.
They were so perfect and naked.
I was amazed at how hard my cock got. It was throbbing and I came without stroking.
I came harder than ever before. No girlfriend or wife ever made me cum that hard.
My question to any that would care to share or be honest is this : What was your first experience with CP ? Pic ? Vid ? Did it make you cum ? How did you feel ?
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>> No. 113817
I saw an article about a guy busted for boy cp and being a member of NAMBLA. I’m not into boys so I wondered if there was a NAMGLA (girls) and there it was on the internet!! I’ve been trolling the cp internet ever since.
>> No. 113827
File 154689149141.jpg - (162.12KB , 614x872 , bc_lo-Vanessa(13yo)040.jpg )
My first experience was with preteen nudes, not CP. It was around 1996, on 56k dialup… I was browsing through multiple teen sites, looking at thumbnails… I followed a particular rabbit hole down to an area where I found the photo I posted. I could barely breathe! The sight of this amazing young beauty, in a grainy low-res photo, made me realize what I am. I wanted more. My quest was pretty fruitless, until I discovered usenet. There were several user groups, but only a few that had good content. Unfortunately, there were no previews, so often times you would spend all evening downloading a 20mb file, only to find it was some skanky chick that wasn’t even hebe!

Anyway, this photo of “Vanessa” was the one that lead me into the abyss. It lead me to discover BC-scans, then eventually, BDco, LS, Teenfuns, and on from there. I don't really enjoy CP. I love photos and video of beautiful, young pubescent girls, and don't really enjoy seeing them violated by some grotesque fat slob.
>> No. 113839
My first exposure to CP was European nudist literature when I was 13 (in the 70s).
My friend showed me a hardbound volume his dad had "hidden" away.
Seeing girls my age (and much much younger) completely nude made my heart race.
As I grew, my tastes didn't grow with me....I continued to be aroused by much younger girls in my neighborhood & at school.
Little girls (and occasionally boys) continued to be my primary masturbation fantasies.
My first exposure to hard-core CP came when I was in my 40s & first went on the internet.
I knew it was out there, but actually seeing it....right THERE on my screen....was overwhelming at first.
But I've never looked back with any regrets.
>> No. 113841
Anyone ever had there ass licked by a young girl? Any storys to share?
>> No. 113844
My first experience was on one of those spam sites with a million thumbnails that lead to nothing.
One of the thumbs looked EXACTLY like a neighbor girl (6yo) who I had a boner for.
I realized once I saw that naked picture that I was into little girls more generally.
>> No. 113845
Back in 2000 I found a video of a cute blonde girl of about 12 - 14 years old. She hurriedly masturbated and squirted. It was hot as fuck.
>> No. 113849
it was LS magazine photos from issue 8 from that brunette who later appeared in "Karina World" - i just remember my heart racing from unbelievable excitement - then followed by that "salty milk" video - that just corroded my mind forever
>> No. 113860
My first experience with CP was actually at around age 25yrs at a "Nudist Club" in Australia that was actually just a front for sex of all sorts once you had been a member for a while and known to the members. My real first experience with actual child sex was at an age of approximately 8yr old living at my Uncles house as my mom and dad had divorced and my young niece about 6yo and her brother about 12yo introduced to their sex games every night this went on for about 2yrs while we were living there. And have been a child lover ever since.
>> No. 113907
Thank you all for your honest responses. I truly believe that us "pervs" are the only people that can really understand eachother.
Basically we should be far more understanding of what we are and what our needs are and possibly even help eachother even if its just chat and communicating our mutual interests.
>> No. 113926
If nothing else, it's nice to be able to tell somebody, ANYBODY! This is not a subject that you can discuss with friends or family. It's nice to hear that other have been through similar experiences, or even very different experiences.
>> No. 114073
Yes. Its very cool to talk about it here. I really love little girls. I love watching them. Enjoying their beauty and innonce. I am from belgium.
>> No. 114084
My first CP experience was as a kid, my pedo uncle showed me Euro mags while he molested me. I also had pix taken of me and some little girls (never seen them online). I was reunited with CP on usenet in 1995.
>> No. 114120

I had multiple experiences with sex as a child. None of them molestation or raping types. In kinder garden a girl always lured me into a secret place to touch her butt. She was only a year older than me at the time ( 6? 7?) I dont know why i liked it, but i did.
Another time in grade 2 this girl would always want us to touch her everywhere, boobs, vagina you name it. Me and 2 other boys did this togher for a whole year. Again only ages 7 or 9
This is what started me liking lolis and little girls. Kids are not as innocent as you think. They are very sexually curious creatures.

I Never thought much of it at the time. However when I was 16 I had a magical night that sealed the deal with me being a loli fan.
>> No. 114169
Can I remember exactly. I was in the classroom at 12 o'clock in school and quickly learned to spare from friends. Show me porn sites, I still liked Chr all I saw and quickly developed my own taste. Lesbian, dildo, fisting, with dog or horse, trans gender, girl 11-16, later as I got older also on cute guys. All that, but I always loathed violence and forced. I am not very technically gifted and I do not really know myself with good sites and exchanges exchanges, I often browse only on Google in search or sometimes by chance on pages. Only my girlfriend knows of my inclination to teens. I myself but never with teens intimately with teens. When I see a lot of girls or boys looking like them, I also feel very attracted to them, but I never let it show me that they happen to me in public. I find girls and also young and especially teenagers very attractive. But I would never force or harass anyone without their consent.

Forgive me if there are mistakes in this text. I can only speak broken English.
(Google translate)
>> No. 114172

jesus christ! don't just stop there go into more detail , eg: did he suck you - did u suck him , did u both get off to porn together ? perhaps along with those "little girls" you mentioned
>> No. 114173
File 154698030427.jpg - (290.88KB , 669x1000 , alissa p la niña vestida de prostituta 1.jpg )
>>113763 mi hermano fue quien meiso al mundo del pedo el me enseñó fotos de sus hijas desnudas y las vestía bien sexys y también lo vi follandose así nieta de 8 años y yo pude follarmela cuando ella tenía 10 años y de hay me facinan las niñas y encontrado unas modelos en el internet llamadas alissa p y Rikki
>> No. 114252
I once met a guy who worked for AOL security. He showed me his stash starting with scans from an old Lolita mag of the girl in the blue shirt and three older boys.
Around that time I found out about AOL chatrooms where if you typed "list me" in chat you'd be put on an email list and receive pics and sometimes small vids. One that stood out was a little pigtailed blond girl sitting on an old vintage TV wearing only stockings.
Since then the pic/video quality has gotten MUCH better, the girls have gotten MUCH younger, and the action has gotten MUCH harder. After taking a few extended breaks from porn to help reset my tolerance I honestly prefer quality NN the most.
>> No. 114254
File 154701213938.jpg - (949.33KB , 1200x1800 , LeraC.jpg )
always was interested in JB

but this LeraC 03 pic really made me look for younger.

ty Japan for Candydolls
>> No. 114257
I remember someone in highschool telling me to search pthc on limewire and I saw some basic stuff then (Vicky stuff) and I remember a particularly hot video (turned out to babyj) that was titled something about how you can hear her moaning. It was the scene where she is riding daddy's cock. I remember being turned on but I knew it was wrong so I forgot about it for years. I also remember reading an article they had in the paper that was about CP that described a scene in somewhat graphic detail. I think it was supposed to be shocking and horrifying, but I found myself turned on by the description of the young girl engaging in oral sex with a full ground man. Then when I was just out of highschool I found a site called jailbait gallery that had pics of young teens, usually in bikinis or underwear. I remember they had a tag called "babybait" that was for the youngest of them (usually around 10-12) which I found extremely erotic. Fast forward 2 or 3 years later and I found out about non nude models. I loved seeing girls that were so young dressed up and posed in ways that were obviously supposed to be sexual. Eventually I came across the nonnude stuff (wiley studios and some candy doll like valensiya and laura b for example) that had younger girls not only dressed more skimpily and provocative, but also posed in ways that were clearly supposed to be sexual, things like showing off their camel toe, or posed in a way that could easily be described as a sex position (doggy style). Eventually it got to the point where I needed to see a camel toe for it to really get me off. I loved seeing the fabric pulled up against the puffy mound of a preteen girl clearly being displayed and sexualized for people to cum to. I imagined what it would be like to rub my cock against the smooth, warm and puffy mound, imagining myself and the camera crew for the shoot taking turns with her after she teased us so. I loved the thought of seeing my adult cock against their tiny, preteen pussy. I loved imagining how small they would look against a full grown mans body, and imagining how many adult men where looking at them, stroking themselves and cumming imagining fucking them.

Eventually, I found actual CP and finally seeing bald pussy underneath thepanties was so exciting. I loved how puffy it looked, and I loved seeing what should be such young and innocent bodies in such sexual positions. The first CP stuff I really fell in love with was babyj. It combined what I absolutely loved to see, small undeveloped bodies and smooth, puffy pussy with hard pedo cock, rubbing up and penetrating it. To this day there isn't really much thaat can come close to the babyj vids (some gretel stuff and some HMM stuff come close). Seeing how hard the cock was as he tries to penetrate such a small and undeveloped pussy had me hooked.


This is the type of sstuff that would have had me rock had back in the day. Nowadays I find her to be a bit old, but the outfit and clearly sexual intent of the pic still turns me on
>> No. 114404
I was on a hunting trip in Colorado and one of my friends was from Japan and he confided that he new about Asian girls on the web. This was the first time I’ve heard about CP on line so as soon as I got home I started searching and my first experience was Asian but god dam it hooked me I got hard instantly and was worried that big brother was watching me but I couldn’t stay away later I discovered videos and anime now I find myself thinking about ways of being able to taste the apple.
Good luck to all you fucks like me it’s been hard
>> No. 114981
It started for me in my late teens, I am currently in my 40's now. Of course typical teen boy, I stumbled acrosss my dads stash of Playboys and Penthouses in a box in the garage. One day during the summer while my parents were working, I headed out to the garage to enjoy some viewing pleasure. I knew what boxes the Playboys, and Penthouses were in, but I decieded to look what was in the other boxes before I enjoyed myself.
I found a box underneath some others, and opened it. It was full of tons of pictures of naked young girls, most of it in foreign writing. Underneath all that was some VHS tapes, unlabled. So of course me being curious I but everything back neatly, and took some pictures and a tape back into the house. Went to my room and turned on the light, now viewing these pictures in a better light I started getting aroused like I did with the Playboys. But this was more intense, I go so hard that it hurt, immeaditly started jerking like I was starting a fire. I walk over while jerking to put the tape in my VCR, after a few seconds a video of a naked young girl laying on a bed pops up. Shes posing, touching, and looking right at me (the camera). I sat on my bed, shot my load in probably 5 seconds. Cleaned up, but the stuff back in the garage. I didnt do anything for about a month, then I became curious again.
I ended up living with my parents until my early 20's, and looked at that stuff almost daily.
Thats how it all started.!
>> No. 115050
it started for me in 1999 at age 30 one dya i was surfing regular porn and came across a link in the middle of the page which said young,younger, youngest i nevr dreamed it would be cp but when i clicked it up poped a picture of a 6yo with her legs spread wide open from that day until present day i have not stopped it really is addicting looking at this stuff..i have never acted on my perversion though and never will cause i like my freedom
>> No. 115079
I was introduced to the real function of my penis by a cousin. He was 13, i was 10. His parents did not want to give the birds-and-bees speech so he relied on books for his age and school sex ed.
He showed me what polishing the clown means...
We masturbated together 1-2 times. He also read/showed some pics of pleasuring girls various ways.
We tried to assfuck each other once, but we did not have/use any lubricants. So there was no successful penetration.

I already had a childhood love. (7/girl neighbor) We kissed a few times. Now with all the new information from my cousin i wanted to go further. To my surprise, she agreed.
I stole a condom from my parents, as i had some kind of cum (somewhere between pre-cum and normal adult cum). I did not want to make her pregnant. Little i know the chances were close to zero even if i blow a full load in her. Anyway...

Pajama party time...
All the other kids sleeping.
We started kissing, i started to rub her flat little nipples occasionally kissing them, sucking on them. I continued down to the pussy. She liked it very much. She pressed herself against my face, grabbed my head with her hands.
I made some room to put my pinkie in slowly. It went in easy but caused some pain. I tried to suck on her clit to ease it but did not help much.
She gave me an awkward (compared to my mastered jerking skills) handjob for a minute. I put on the condom and tried to penetrate her.
Tiny wiener did not go in the even tinier hole.
I put her hand over my dick in the condom and jerked off with her hand.
I came harder than ever before.
Everyone is happy next morning, adults and other kids did not notice anything. Good.

Few weeks later we were unsupervised for an hour or two in her room while parents had a party outside. We ended up spooning on her bed. Pants down halfway, so if we hear someone we can quickly get dressed. I was able to penetrate raw. I am in heaven. I started thrusting when we heard steps from the garden door. Abort! Abort! Abort! Pulled out, puled up pants, quickly went back to play Lego.
Later she said it felt good and wants me to screw (sic!) her again. I did not really understand how it was so easy to penetrate her from behind, and why she did not feel any pain. Now i think she had some exploration on herself after the first night.

Anyway, the property negotiations finished and we moved to the other half of the city a few weeks later. We saw each other every few months but we did not have any opportunity to be alone. (at least separated from the rest of the children, or adults)

That was the best time of my life.

This is where you should stop reading if you are not interested how it fucked up my whole personality, and life. You were warned.

I grew up, my preference did not. I am still attracted to 7-10 yo girls. I did not have any relationships with older girls or basically anyone else. Other little girls were not into me or i could not build trust so they do not tell anyone. I did not have any girlfriend in high school. Even the freshmen were too developed. College was the same.
If i am walking on the street, in a mall, beach, etc. i notice the 7-10 age group. I occasionally point out a good looking mother if there are friends with me but i watch the little girl next to them.
This is not really the life i wanted. Friends and family does not understand why i do not have wife and children. Some advised i should get my depression handled.
I try to spend normal time with friends and family who have little girls. Just normal play, nothing sexual until i am home alone with the fresh memories.
It is all fucked up. :(
>> No. 115082

Out of all the BS posts, in several threads like: "this is my neighbors daughter and I fuck her, or I know thousands of JB girls and..."

I feel that this is an honest post, at least, I believe it! WHY? Because it mirrors my own personal experience... with a few minor differences. My experiences were with a neighbor girl who was ~11yo... don't remember exactly, but she had a bit of downy fuzz on her girl parts, and I was mesmerized. Back in the 70's, I didn't have the street knowledge to even know what I was doing, nor how to proceed. BUT it was a defining moment in my existence. I didn't realize that, until countless girlfriends and 3 marriages later.

>You were warned.

I am in my 50's now... I don't have any intentions of pursuing an underage girl, but I now realize that my lack of interest in 'real' women is because, I have always been seeking the holy grail, ... the unobtainium of a hebe girl. This is why I know, I will never have a successful relationship with a woman that society would consider "acceptable". Even if I were to date an 18yo, everyone I know, would be outraged. But that's not anywhere near what I want. Girls now are brash, self absorbed and slutty. Any 18yo that would be attracted to me now, would only be after money, ... and would most likely get fucked by many others on the side.

Yes, I do suffer from depression, but not because of this realization... and there would be no way to safely seek treatment for this, without exposing this dark secret, and I am not willing to take that chance! So there is no way, IMO, to seek treatment for my depression, for I will NEVER admit to anyone, what is going on inside my head! The underage experiences that I had, will forever be locked up inside my head, except in an truly anonymous form.

Anon, I feel your pain, and hope you realize that, we will NEVER be accepted. The attraction to young girls, IMO has a biological/evolutionary component, that has been twisted and reviled by religion and society... in the same way that homosexuality, or even free thinking women were outcast. Unfortunately, we now live in a global, cyber-nazi era. Anything you do online, is considered fair game. There used to exist right to privacy, i.e., cops can't wait outside of bars, and arrest people driving away at closing time. They can't intercept your mail, without probable cause and a search warrant, they can't spy on you and monitor your activities, inside your own home without the same court ruled precedent... but yet, what you view on the internet, seems to be fair game. They entrap people, and are free to spy on every email sent by anyone... look at the NSA facility in Utah... they claim it's for "National Security" yet with all that computing power, they seemingly can't catch terrorist, that clearly spell out their intentions months in advance on social media! So, WTF are they REALLY up to at NSA? Who are they really after?
>> No. 115106
File 154729886317.jpg - (236.97KB , 960x640 , mastbus001.jpg )
I had never thought I’m a pedophil until age 34. Once my wife was away and I started masturbate on porn magazines. During that I noticed the 12 yo neighbor girl looking out the street at her window. The distance was only a few meters between us. I always wanted to masturbate ion front of young women. She was younger then I wanted, however I was going crazy about the opportunity.
I pulled out the curtain and continued masturbation standing in front of her. It was a frenetic feeling when she had noticed me and grabbed her eyes on my masturbating dick. She couldn’t believe what she saw and watched until the end excitedly. I almost fainted with plesaure when I cum in front of her.
It made me a pedophil forever.
It was a long time ago, and the story continued. I regurarly masturbated in public places in front of little girls.And, I was watching childporn, of course. Finally, I tound some clips on the net. One of then named Kelly’s blowjob. My dick was rockhard. When I first saw Kelly took her father’s huge dick into her mouth, I cum immediately.
Well, I have never made real sex with child. However, I want.Can somebody help me? I’m from Hungary.
>> No. 115333
I was the oldest boy in my family after 6 older sisters. Inevitably my sisters and their girlfriends would want to play doctor, and I was always the patient. Which meant they would disrobe me completely and inspect my private parts and my asshole. I don't have any recollection of me getting aroused by it, and I don't think that it created my CP leanings now.

I was married with three children before I found CP on the usenet. It was the brunette girl with the nice bush and pointy titties (vintage porn) that was my downfall. I would find other teens (my preference back then was 13-16) and jack off to them, but it was always the brunette girl that I would come back to to finish to. I wasn't just into CP back then though. In fact I preferred looking at naked young women 18-30 as much or more than CP back then. My downfall came after my first wife died, and my daughter was around 12 and her friends would come over and want to engage in tickle fights, or just wrestling. I didn't realize that they were showing me they were attracted to me, and when tickling then got pretty handsy around my cock and ass--so I felt that gave me permission to do the same. I still didn't perv on them though, and didn't think about wanting sex with a 12 year old until after they were around 15 and were to cool to get handsy with me like before. I started missing it and then fantasizing about having sex with the girls at the age when they would want to be tickled--around 12-13. I became very enamored with budding tits and vaginas that had wisps of dark hair forming, and that was the porn I started looking at at least 60% of the time. I got remarried, and had another daughter. She was very sexual--liked to show off her naked body and dance in a sexy way. at around 4-5 she would put on her mom's lingerie. Whenever her friends came over, she and her friends would put on sexy clothes and give me a fashion show. When my daughter was 8, she googled "boobs" on the computer and was introduced to PornHub. That made her very curious. She regularly took showers with me from the time she was a toddler, and was still doing so. But now she had learned enough on PornHub that she had some questions about why boys' cocks get hard, what is that white stuff that comes out of their cock, and why does it do that. Anyway, she's asking these questions while we're in the shower, and I'm washing her all over top to bottom. When I'm done, she asks if she can soap me up. I figure why not, so I let her. So she soaps me up and gets to my penis and asks if I want her to wash that too. I'm thinking she's still innocent and just curious, so I let her. Let me tell you, she knelt in front of me and gave my cock a serious washing for about 5 minutes and I was rock hard. Then she rinsed me off with the shower handle then handed the shower handle to me and told me to rinse my tummy. The water flowed down my stomach and off my cock, and she positions herself about six inches away from my cock with her mouth open and drinks the water dripping off my cock. "Look daddy, it looks like you're peeing into my mouth!" I was turned on, and I kept letting my cock get closer and closer to her mouth until she stuck her tongue out and licked it. And moved straight from there to giving me a blow job/hand job. That was about 7 years ago and I've never been the same since.
>> No. 115350
>That was about 7 years ago and I've never been the same since.

HOLY SHIT! What happened after that? Sex or frustration?
>> No. 115369
"we will NEVER be accepted" Maybe not accepted but possibly tolerated. Most of the push against anything man-girl related comes from women who know they can't compete with young girls, and their cucks husbands who are forced to agree or else. Meanwhile the gays are encouraging young boys to be drag queens and nobody dares to say anything except the evil right wing hatemongers. Best case we'll reach a point where they say, "OK, go ahead and fap to pics and vids, just don't fuck kids...or at least not until they've got pubes and A cups."
>> No. 115370
When I had 10 years, I was at a friend's house he had a sister who had 7 years. She asked when I was alone if I wanted to see her without her underwear on. I said nothing and was stunned. She pulled down her panties and I saw her vagina. I immediately turned away but did not tell anyone. This fucked me up for good. I had two similar encounters with same girl and her friend. Then the same happened with a different friend of me when I had 12 years. Lost virginity at 14 years to 14 year girl. Had sex with 12 year girl when I had 15 years and other 12 year girl at 17 years. I had traded pictures with girls ever since I had a personal phone so you can say I had seen a lot of CP. When I had 17 years I found the deep web, and found CP when it was still on Hidden Wiki. It is a good way to not interact with young girl sexually, to come here and see it.
>> No. 115382
Cool story
>> No. 115783
Definitely NOT frustration! She had a friend that would come over often. That friend would wear a dress most of the time when she came over, and goad me into tickling her and she would stick her legs in the air and and comment that I could see her panties. One day they were running through the sprinkler and after they were done her friend wanted her clothes dried in our drier. She borrowed a clean pair of panties, pants, and a top from my daughter and asked me where she could go change.

I told her there was a bathroom right around the corner next to the drier, so she could put her clothes into the drier right after changing. As I was standing in the kitchen, she came out a minute later bottomless, only wearing my daughter's top and asked me to help her turn on the drier. Holy shit that image is still burned into my brain. After I turn the drier on, she starts asking me dumb questions to keep me from leaving while she put on my daughter's panties and bottoms. She sees me staring at her, and I can tell she likes it. After that whenever she would come over, she would suggest that she and my daughter strip down to their panties and do gymnastics. They would use me as their munkey bar. That eventually turned into them wanting me to carry them around and give "tours" of the house.

I could only carry one at a time, and so they took turns. During one turn while I was carrying my daughter's friend around, my daughter got herself naked in the upstairs bathtub, and so when we got in there, I commented on my daughter's beautiful naked body, and I put her friend down. Since my daughter was in the bathtub, I told her to get on her hands and knees while I pretended to wash her all over with a pretend bar of soap. I started with her back, then her front, her butt, and her legs, and even "soaped" between her legs. Her friend pulled off her panties and asked me if I thought she was beautiful naked too.

I said that she was absolutely beautiful. She wanted me to wash her the same way I was washing my daughter. So I told her to get in the tub too, and I would wash them both at the same time. With my left hand I'm pretend washing my daughter, and with my right hand I'm washing her friend. I had the biggest boner at this point, and they are loving it. I had them both roll over on their backs so I could rub their tummies and their flat little chests, and then first I had my daughter lift her butt up "so I could soap it," and I lingered between soaping her butt and her vagina. At one point, she put her butt down and pushed my hand onto her mound and worked it back and forth for a bit.

Of course her friend wanted the same treatment. And so I did. I let my finger linger in her vaginal crack while I rubbed back and forth. After a few minutes, her friend stood up and said, "Now you get naked while we bath you." At this point I couldn't say no if I wanted to (I didn't want to), and so I pulled my clothes off, and both girls bathed me just the way I bathed them. My daughter took the lead in washing my cock, but her friend stepped right up and started playing with it too. Then her friend noticed the pre-cum dripping off my cock, and she had questions about what it was, and was there anything else going to come out, etc.

I answered all her questions, and now that she knows that playing with my balls and cock cause me to cum, now she wants specifics. They had me roll over on my back and my daughter took over at this point and showed her how to give me a blow job, and she and her friend took turns pleasuring me. Eventually I stood up and took over and jacked myself off into the toilet with them watching. In my previous post I said that my life has never been the same since, and that was because after that experience, sex with my wife was not satisfying after that point, I could only get satisfaction having sexual relations with my daughter and her friend. After a while her friend stopped coming over.

I asked my daughter if we should worry about her friend telling anyone, but she said no, that she started having sex with her own dad since, and that she had promised to never tell a soul. The footnote to your question is that yes, I have fucked my daughter many times, although now that she's older, she doesn't want to do it with me quite as often. But when she gets horny, she initiates it still and I take it when I can get it--but I sure wish I could have a couple of 8-9 year olds to play with again.
>> No. 116050
I first came across cp in the late 1990’s having a picture pop up while browsing the internet. That took me to one of the old aceboard sites that had soft core and hard core cp sections. I loved it, especially because they always had a links section for other cp boards. God I miss the old aceboards.

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