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/hebe/ ~ 14 yr olds
File 154725616636.jpg - (67.34KB , 420x619 , 10599599_692759440811868_5116545697545698916_n~2.jpg )
115022 No. 115022
What would you do with Maddie and Kendra?
>> No. 115091
"What would you do with Maddie and Kendra?"

Ask them to hook me up with their younger sisters
>> No. 119026
one in the cunt and one in the ass
>> No. 119036
That's Angie Verona. She's 16 in this pic.

A few years ago she was briefly a big deal on the InterWebs when she released a bunch of sexy pics of herself.

She falsely claimed someone had "hacked" her. The reason she lied? Her Daddy got PISSED his little girls sexy little ass was all over in panties, bikinis and thongs sexin' it up.

But believe me - she released them alright. Just another InterWebs Attention Whore...

...there was also a big debate on whether she'd had implants! Girls under 18 can't get them legally but there's always doctors who will do it....
>> No. 119050
What? That's no 16.
You must be a douchebag. Those are sweet middle schoolers.
>> No. 119113
Didn't know there was a set look a girl at 13 had to look. Or at 16. Time to get out of the basement and visit the real world. In the real world there are girls who are really 14 passing themselves off as 18 to 20. There are 18 year olds who look so young, people mistake their age for 12.
>> No. 119161
A faggot who has no interest in biological pursuits
>> No. 119193
Just Google "Angie Verona", dipshit. You'll see I'm right.
>> No. 119280
I did. You're wrong dip shit. You can't even back up your lie right. Lead me to this at ABC news no less. So you can go tell ABC they need to up their 7 year old report from 14 to 16 because you say so.

>> No. 119350
I’d bake them magic feather duster brownies which are of course weed infused double dark chocolate sprinkled with female Viagra and cross my toes that gets them lit enough to toss themselves at my knees haha
>> No. 119433
I would both fuck as hard as I can in the ass
>> No. 119585
Any videos with girls in this age, maybe webcams or periscope ones ?

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