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/hebe/ ~ **Secret Stars**
File 154775806958.jpg - (552.48KB , 1034x1550 , JuliaSS-011-02.jpg )
116348 No. 116348
This new thread is for discussion, post, thumbnails,
samples, previews, photos, videos about secret stars ONLY. Please, do not insulting, do not threatening and do not posting photos or videos that not related to secret stars.
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>> No. 118534
Guys, I don't understand. The studio is active or not? Can someone to tell us the truth?
>> No. 118558
The truth is:
(1)The once open website is defunct - closed - gone.
(2)Nobody knows whether or not a private site for favored customers exists. No evidence one way or another - only wild speculation.
(3) Meanwhile traders (or maybe LEA - who knows?) who have somehow acquired Secret Stars sets, or are pretending to have them, are posting thumbnails to try to get people to contact them by email and then either rip them off, take lots of money from them, or have them arrested - take your pick.
>> No. 118566
File 154861775344.jpg - (30.81KB , 400x278 , Chief_Wiggum.jpg )
No thanks
>> No. 118573
FFS i told you all the guy that leaked all this only did it to destroy and shut the site down , there will be no more secret stars some might share regular sets they bought but dont hold your breath , same guy leaked the marisol topless pics and silver crashed also , some sits back up now , that is why he leaked here and not on tor , you still can not share on tor except the hurtcore site , sick sick site,
>> No. 118654
File 154866694986.jpg - (241.16KB , 720x1080 , Isabella-008-03.jpg )
whater happen to Isabella and Natasha- NN sets
>> No. 118731
PLEASE +++++++++++++++ SS
>> No. 118738
was there more secret
>> No. 118739
looks GaP was an Inside game to get people arrested. Stay away!
>> No. 118795
So many threads but not enough videos
>> No. 118805
must be rough being out of a job and having no more cp to sell. guess all you can do is "troll" all day?
>> No. 118807
working with cops
>> No. 118843
File 154880991962.jpg - (110.67KB , 834x626 , 911_Hex1.jpg )
>> No. 118911
looks like the undead
>> No. 118932
he's head of TSA!
That means Mossad is involved with the TSA!!
Now we know where those xray people and abuse them before and after they got off of planes come from!

US is Fooked!
>> No. 118959
>> 118932

No, you're fucked. Be careful around sharp objects and electricity. Cuz if you're so stupid that you believe this shit, you're not long for this Earth.
>> No. 119839
dead thread
>> No. 120111
any one have new news about this beautyful girls in special about Nina
>> No. 120169
How many months has it been and not one new leak... time to give up?
>> No. 120173
Yep. I give up. 99% Inconsiderate assholes vs 1% Cool guys.
>> No. 121043
you guys are not trying hard enough. This site has many newer sets. Julia has slips in a few sets. Wish there was still more nina. Buy a month and search month by month for content. nonuderama.net/?p=19591
>> No. 121044
911 was done by Israel right here on your earth
>> No. 121048
Now that ss is allowed to be posted where are all the secret sets and videos?
>> No. 121066
No, 911 was done by girl scouts working for utility commodity brokers in conjunction with skate boarders allied with rodeo clowns... duh.
>> No. 121118
LiluSS-021 set please
>> No. 121129
jar2 com
>> No. 121133
Clearly 911 was done by MrEd & Frog
>> No. 121134
dubs of truth have spoken
>> No. 121138
>>121133 big if true
>> No. 121143
they certainly destroyed star sessions and I am wondering if they are the same persona.

as for this Jar2 com well the world is Complicated Place.

Who the hell as the money to fight against all that...oh great I see Wiki Leaks is scam also...
and...hmm to much stuff.
>> No. 121153
File 154999377968.jpg - (409.15KB , 1366x768 , Julia-wall.jpg )
>> No. 121162
"they certainly destroyed star sessions and I am wondering if they are the same persona."

No they are not the same person. Heads have talked and as it turns out that Ed was barred from entering Forbidden Fruit's VIP section due to being suspected as one of the leakers on Tor. This would explain why R0b1nH00d often mimics Frogs writing so strongly.
>> No. 121194
let's not forget they destroyed pollyfan too.
>> No. 121200
HUH???? PollyFan was a watermark on sets sold to a Polar Lights buyer. How could Frog, Mr Ed, R0b1nH00d or any other user destroy PollyFan? PollyFan as the buyer had control of his sets till he decided to leak them. Once they were leaked of course other people are going to download and re-post them. Blaming the people for re-posting material shared is insane.
>> No. 121207
Pollyfan only released pic sets of his own collection and he normally does it around Christmas in megathreads. Any video with his name was leaked by R0b1H00d or Ed to fuck over traders. Traders that Pollyfan himself traded out his sets to on his own free will.
>> No. 121294
All in all it's way how to kill studios
This thread is evidence
But it's 1 thought only ME WANT MORE
Typical fapping idiots never leave basements never get a life on their own
Fact is it's more idiots like this today then ever have been
Greedy for videos and sets just so they can play with the little dick
Throw them out in bush make them live of nature if not want to they die fapping but that's maybe the best for world

THANK you to all who made one of the most exiting studios go down
I'm vary happy I had the time to buy what I wanted almost all
Thanks to you losers who killed StarSessions I never got everything I paid for
That's why you never get any of ths Secret Stars sets & vids must be more who are mad at you & never post even small previews
Let this thread die NONE of fapping idiots can understand how they killed the studio anyway

BTW never underestimate Mossad they work very close with NSA BUT have more freedom to get results
Anyone remember Anonymous the ones with V mask??
Mossad got screenshots of more then 1 of them
I think 5 have been in court & now in prison
Mossad + NSA + most of the worlds different LAW enforcements & if you are target say good bye;)
>> No. 121296
>Thanks to you losers who killed StarSessions I never got everything I paid for

If you are going to blame someone, let's be honest,

It was the decision of the owner to shut down, take your money and give you nothing. Not anyone here or on other boards.

All studios start out leaking a few previews to forums and chans as free advertising. Yet when they get customers from those places, they don't want them to share. You can't have it both ways. Get free advertising to get customers then put a ban on what brought in the customers in the first place.

Even you as a customer had to find out about the "new" studio somehow. And it was most likely on a chan or forum you saw your first image of a girl that made you decide to be a customer.

Trading is usually the start of wholesale sharing. The studio over prices sets and videos lead to trading. The studio finds out trading is happening and tries to lay down rules or starts banning customers. This makes the banned customers mad and they start sharing for revenge.

So you are right. Greed does have a large part to play in this whole game. But if the studio had reasonable prices most customers could afford they'd have had more customers and less trading.

The use of crypto coins as the only accepted payment didn't help them get more customers. As crypto coins are hard to trace, people know, like yourself, if the business decides to keep the money and give you nothing, you're fucked. This makes people less likely to trust a business who hides behind crypto coins, tickets and has no other form of contact.

All the signs are there this studio was in it for as much money as they could grab. When things went south, they folded, stole money paid and ran like the wind.
>> No. 121320
Thats the dumbest fucking thing ive ever heard. Everybody fucking knows Ed and R0b1nH00d set out to shut them down. Dumb fucking assholes like you try to blame the studio but seriously, HOW? Pieces of shit like you are just pissed off that someone is living good anywhere in the world and try to ruin it.
>> No. 121335
Holy Shit are you a Fucking Idiot!
>> No. 121336
>>121320 >>121335
Name calling >>121296 made some good points. Yet you offered nothing to refute any of it. In the end it is all 2 people's fault. How did Ed and R0b1nH00d get the sets and videos? They had to be customers and traded with other customers. Why did they set out to destroy the studio? You act like you have all the answers but prove nothing.
>> No. 121337
Simply put if you buy content and don't share it immediately you are a hoarding cunt and deserved to be caught by LEA, idiots like you are why so much content will never see the light of day, you retards don't share it immediately and then get caught before anyone else can see it. NO EXCUSES, share it or admit you're a hoarding scumbag.
>> No. 121355
So much gay shit in this thread and now hoarders and bitches that keep complaining pushed Frog, Robinhood, and all others to share their unseen stuff between themselves only in GaP's Red Keep. So, now, we mere mortals that cannot get an invite to Red Keep we won't be able to see anything new. Nice job hoarders and white knights.
>> No. 121502
Ed was selling everything on sinbox. He even had some sort of team buying group that he ripped off. So he would just spend other peoples money, give everything to shitty traders and say that people are trading too much, then just ghost.
>> No. 121513
Selling stuff seems like an easy way for some greedy idiot to get busted.
And then ruin it for everybody else.
>> No. 121924
File 155036472673.jpg - (68.67KB , 546x686 , Lisa_and_Maisie_kissing.jpg )
How hot would be seeing Lisa and Maisie making out
>> No. 121958
That's pretty hot, now that some sites are allowing star sessions posts and secret stars posts maybe some of it will end up on here. Just hopeful
>> No. 122006
Lisa and Maisie making out

was released days ago
>> No. 122016
Lisa and Maisie making out

>> No. 122017
please some one post pics from sets of models Isabella and Natasha , some few hot pics please , thanks you
>> No. 122026
>>122006 already posted on Triforce Chans
>> No. 127245
Someone knows the titles music to star sessions/secret star please?

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