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/hebe/ ~ Shareing is careing
File 154816680319.jpg - (93.27KB , 500x375 , img_1496.jpg )
117051 No. 117051
We all think of screwing other peoples kids or own but the question is have we thought abour even shared our own kids with fellow pedos?
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>> No. 117062
File 154817198252.jpg - (1.86MB , 2448x3264 , img_1500.jpg )
??? Love to watch big cock pedo useing and abuseing my girls
>> No. 117064
cute girls
>> No. 117067
Thank you. 4yo and 7yo
>> No. 117072
they look yummy
>> No. 117073
I apologize for breaking your air castle but just stop talking bullshit! They are not your kids, you pathetic fantasizing fool. No woman make a kids with a dumbass like you! Deal with it! lol
>> No. 117074

Those girls would be welcome here on my lap.
>> No. 117075
File 154817333447.jpg - (2.05MB , 2448x3264 , img_1504.jpg )
Got to love the haters lol
>> No. 117088
If there’s a chance you are looking for someone who might help or have sex with one or both count me in
>> No. 117105
LOL.... The trucker dude is full of shit. This dude "Truckerdad" used to hangout on the now closed Chatstep chat rooms posting the same pics years ago. He's a fraud.

Until he posts one of his girls holding up a sign the says "We Love 155chan/Hebe" with the current date, he's just bullshitting again as usual as he has for years.

I think Truckerdad underestimates "chan" people for his former chatstep people he bullshitted......

Proof of real or STFU!
>> No. 117124
BAM well said. Drop mic and walk off........
>> No. 117132

Pics are from 2013...... What a fake!
>> No. 117147
"Haters?" Yeah, you're right. People "HATE" it when dumb, annoying mother fuckers like you come on here clogging up the chan with fake ass bullshit pictures of random kids claiming them as your "daughters."
>> No. 117148
It was two and three months ago not 2 yrs and of course they are same pics i didnt change daughters
>> No. 117182
>It was two and three months ago not 2 yrs

Most people here know about EXIF data. A little hidden data file recorded on every original digital photo. And what does the EXIF of these 3 photos reveal?

Make: Apple
Model: iPhone 5
DateTime Original: 2013:07:15 16:00:44

As iPhones use Satellite updating to auto set date and time, your months, not years is 5 1/2 years ago. The girls in the photos would be approx 10 and 12 today.
>> No. 117184

You are in a class of moron all to yourself...... Dude, your photos contain metadata with the dates. Give it up! Plus you were outed to have done this crap on Chatstep as well.

Either present full res photos of your girls holding up a sign saying we love 155cha/hebe with todays date like many have done before, or get the fuck out.
>> No. 117917
prop a fed hoping 1 of you idiots will hook up privately and get busted

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