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/hebe/ ~ Arianna
File 154836606787.jpg - (1.23MB , 4288x2848 , 090.jpg )
117834 No. 117834
pls more of her!!!!
she is arianna from teenmodels.club
and tiffany from brimamodels.

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>> No. 118902
File 154886441824.jpg - (699.78KB , 1024x673 , arianna 13.jpg )
>> No. 118903
File 154886487668.jpg - (591.82KB , 1024x673 , arianna 14 arianna and kiome.jpg )
>> No. 118916
4, 5, 6
>> No. 119019
File 154894570326.jpg - (1.45MB , 4288x2848 , 79.jpg )

>> No. 119020
File 154894626959.jpg - (831.15KB , 4288x2848 , 100.jpg )
>> No. 119022
File 154894664949.jpg - (833.08KB , 2848x4288 , 34.jpg )
>> No. 119027
File 154894815594.jpg - (0.99MB , 4288x2848 , 082.jpg )
>> No. 119028
File 154894830189.jpg - (7.46MB , 4000x6000 , _DSC7406.jpg )
>> No. 119037
NedFag, NedFag,
Most boring, lamest photographer
In the history of jb modeling...

Boring, boring, boring.

The lighting sucks - he really has no idea how to light a shoot.

The poses - the worst. Always the same boring, military poses - ramrod straight.

And the girls are usually pretty fuckin' far from cute.

NedFag should give it up. He sucks at it.
>> No. 119042
File 15489537346.jpg - (7.34MB , 4000x6000 , _DSC9761.jpg )

if this girl aya is not cute than i dont know what cute is! easily one of the cutest on whole chan ;)
stop trolling ;)
wtf is military pose? lol
>> No. 119045
File 154895465456.jpg - (39.43KB , 624x351 , image_update_3568336bd9f62727_1339445708_9j-4aaqsk.jpg )
He's mad because he had to do his paper route in the rain today.
>> No. 119069
File 154896865048.jpg - (1.14MB , 2848x4288 , 044.jpg )
>> No. 119070
File 15489687718.jpg - (1.03MB , 4288x2848 , 65.jpg )
>> No. 119071
File 15489691128.jpg - (1.66MB , 2848x4288 , 078.jpg )
>> No. 119072
File 154896931290.jpg - (1.77MB , 4288x2848 , 87.jpg )
>> No. 119073
File 154896974526.jpg - (1.29MB , 2848x4288 , 001.jpg )
>> No. 119200
Thanks very much! The first time I see sets of Aya. She's so awesome, she'd deserve her own thread. >>119037
You must be kidding! Far from cute? They're among the cutest models ever. The only point I give you is the poses. Yes, they could be more varied. The rest of your criticism can go into the garbage can.
>> No. 119235
File 154903404982.jpg - (1.15MB , 4288x2848 , 031.jpg )
i cant choose between arianna and aya. they are both awesome!
ukrainian angels:)

>> No. 119244
I'd rather look at the 1967 SEARS catalog than these...geez
>> No. 119257
File 154904247823.jpg - (873.92KB , 3559x2363 , 64.jpg )
>> No. 119258
File 154904260147.jpg - (772.12KB , 2363x3559 , 024.jpg )
>> No. 119260
File 154904269223.jpg - (815.76KB , 2335x3516 , 44.jpg )
>> No. 119261
File 15490429825.jpg - (6.33MB , 5598x3732 , _DSC7632.jpg )
>> No. 119301
Trying in vain to make rhyme or reason of this operation as one would find more beauty & sexyness just sitting on main street on a fine summer's day.
For bad weather there'd still be u-tube & insta, much better, and free.
Or IF you'd want rather tame commercial-style sets there's been TPI/WALS for ages, legal & much better.
And then always the stupid jealousy remarks, while even the kinda-pretty girls are somehow way too creepy for even wanting to be close to them.

But the SEARS catalogue remark gave an answer, finally: This IS a CATALOGUE !!
Better though call it dollhouse.club or girlstown.ne that people will get it.
No wonder none of the girls looks happy, poor things.

Fukk u, Nediot!
>> No. 119392
File 15491061962.jpg - (687.18KB , 1024x673 , ayaandfriendsvid01.jpg )
>> No. 119413
File 154912328996.jpg - (63.99KB , 624x351 , paperboy.jpg )
Re: No. 119301 >>>>

I know you're upset. It's hard delivering those newspapers in the snow and cold. Mommy will make you some hot cocoa when you get home and you can play a game on your xbox
>> No. 119490
Dude, get a beamer and project these excellent high res pictures to your wall. It's lifesize gals for your face. That will change your mind and light up the darkness you're in. I bet!
>> No. 119512
That's really funny. Though sad as well as obviously there're no girls in your real life. Otherwise you'd know that they ALL are life-size all the time. And many like showing off, much more than J-Edgar-clone Ned shows, at least in his catalogue. (Don't know what they're doing after they're sold, don't really want to think about that, I'm no sadist.)
>> No. 119539
They might be life-size all the time, but I meant life-size girls you can actually masturbate to. Do that in front of a real girl and I guess you'd soon have a bit of a problem. Unless you're experienced with real life-size gals and u know what you're doing of course. In that case though, you wouldn't hang around on a wanker's board for pic collectors but be busy doing real life stuff.
>> No. 119543
File 15491928397.jpg - (700.46KB , 1024x673 , ayavid2.jpg )
>> No. 119554
File 154920054535.jpg - (7.32MB , 3865x5797 , _DSC4588.jpg )
>> No. 119558
Cant download vids.Only a stream starts to play.
Pls help
>> No. 119719
it has something to do with browser settings, it starts playing media. can be disabled, i don't recall, just google it.
>> No. 119744
...got it.It works
>> No. 119792
File 154932308691.jpg - (45.93KB , 500x753 , mackenzie5_054.jpg )
Please someone post sets of Makenzie
>> No. 119961
thank you for the collection. I love Brima girls
>> No. 119982
File 154938043414.jpg - (669.65KB , 1024x673 , ayavid3.jpg )
>> No. 119984
File 154938170063.jpg - (953.07KB , 2848x4288 , 69-864.jpg )
Someone can post sets of Sophia P pls?
>> No. 120047
There is the teenmodels Key Club (comes with yearly subscription)

I only have seen a couple of pics from there and it seems that that area is "less boring" if you know what i mean ;-)

Hope somebody share something from KeyClub
>> No. 120086
File 154943786989.jpg - (4.89KB , 220x204 , myhat.jpg )
We don't usually add /hebe/ threads to our master directory but this one is now too big to move to /mir/. Congrats nigga.
>> No. 120089

Wait. People pay EXTRA to see NedFag's Sears catalog poses and homely models?

Wut? Wut?
>> No. 120106
I actually started fapping to catalogue pictures back in the day (without internet, yep I'm older than your mum). So, this stuff is like going back in time, except the pics are big and good quality. And seriously, if a nylon fetishist like me can find delicious loli legs covered in the finest fabric mankind has ever invented, I don't care much for anything else. Just give me the shit and I will fap to it!
>> No. 120126

You're over the age of 80? And you're still fappin' away?

>> No. 120130
Nope, I'm not even 40. I truly thought your momma is under 35. But I guess I was wrong? Anyway man, I love girls, legs, feet and pantyhose. I fap to whatever is presented to me. Nylon is so underrepresented in our little hobby we must go for everything we get. I might even pay for it.
>> No. 120254
I agree. I'm 57 and I totally remember a time when girls wore pantyhose and stockings and were very feminine. Not like the girls today who dress like men. I feel so sorry for young men nowadays. All the females are bitchy feminists with chips on their shoulders. They're all fat, with tattoos and abortions and laden with student debt. None of them know how to cook, clean, and in the absence of that, bring home a paycheck. I advise young men now to NOT get married. Stay away from them. Don't let them trick you or manipulate you into making them pregnant. Women are a nightmare now. I used to sit in class and admire 10 year olds in skirts, socks, and pantyhose all day long. Look at the pantyhose and stockings on Ned's girls. I love it. You little punks that complain remind me of the butthurt liberals crying after Trump was elected. Funny to watch.
>> No. 120965
I am over 3/4 of a century and still fapping about 2-3 times a week. I made quite good use of the catalogs back in the day. Feet, ankles, nylons are big turn-ons for me also. Panty hose killed the garter belt but did usher in the mini-skirt. I have loved hebe as long as I can remember.
>> No. 121126
Who needs garter belt when there are hold-up stockings. :)
>> No. 122018
File 155040877814.jpg - (658.78KB , 3687x2449 , 0hhhhhhhhh59_2 (21).jpg )

i have a few pics
>> No. 122019
File 155040927641.jpg - (584.93KB , 3687x2449 , 0hhhhhhhhh59_2 (54).jpg )
>> No. 122749
File 155059433167.jpg - (672.57KB , 2449x3687 , 0hhhhhhhhh59_2 (39).jpg )

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