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/hebe/ ~ risky wallpapers thread part 2
File 154897880418.jpg - (797.68KB , 960x1440 , 151392406281.jpg )
119086 No. 119086
For the crazy people who publicly show cp on their computer and phone screens. As for the craziest one who openly showed a topless girl on his desktop, I guess the most you could do from here is openly show a nude wallpaper, not just topless.
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>> No. 128089
File 155257067288.jpg - (245.87KB , 3116x1800 , 3886623.jpg )
Here you go then. By herself.
(My current wallpaper BTW)
>> No. 128090
Thanks but can you change the white background to black please? 😵 I have really sensitive eyes
>> No. 128153
lol I love the way you are basically saying fuck you to the dude. You got balls man.
>> No. 128159
>>128090 Boo fucking hoo. Poor baby. Sensitive eyes. Fucking throw your computer in the trash. You can't escape white backgrounds on the internet and no one is going to customize the internet for you.
>> No. 128177
Actually I have an add on that makes all websites black/grey. Millions of people use the particular add on I use which is one of hundreds of similar add ons.
>> No. 128186
Not him but your rudeness in response to his polite request was really unnecessary.
>> No. 128328
File 155262970315.jpg - (506.32KB , 1125x1940 , F3F5A0A8-AABB-439B-BB9E-CA403692E7E5.jpg )
Felt like Camy today.
>> No. 128338
use that and tell some stories!
>> No. 128368
Can’t when I click on it I get 404 not found
>> No. 128384
File 155265123638.jpg - (454.03KB , 720x1228 , 20190315_085759.jpg )
I use this girli, love her
>> No. 128395
File 155265374667.jpg - (503.42KB , 1920x1080 , camy desk.jpg )
Nice now you need to go out in public with that and tell us all about it. As for me I am still in a Camy mood today.
>> No. 128525
as hot as this is im inclined to call bs

unless you got pics of the 9mo...
>> No. 128546
All these cuties, but wheres the hot tales of ppl seeing them?
>> No. 128767
need to set your screensaver to be some lil girlies
>> No. 128851
hey anon can you give me the picture from your phone pls? the original one :) ty
>> No. 128852
File 155274762940.jpg - (473.17KB , 1125x1953 , D393ECF5-1C9E-440F-8071-C0F4501E8A3A.jpg )
Yeah in retrospect I should have. Next time. Not doing much today but I am about to go through the drive-thru with this on my phone. Will angle the phone so they can see it
>> No. 128966
Got this right now
>> No. 128969
So I did end up going through the drive-thru I had the phone placed in my cupholder facing the window. A black girl waited on me and she looked past me and directly at the phone. She then looked at me and shook her head. She muttered something but I couldn't make it out. Then when she handed me my food she was very abrubt with me. I guess she didn't like it lol. Still it was pretty hot knowing she saw Ultra's bare ass and pussy.
>> No. 128970
File 155277284140.jpg - (457.14KB , 1920x1082 , ultradesk.jpg )
Thinking of using this one tomorrow when people come over and yes I will make sure my screensaver is either off or have naughty pics.
>> No. 129024
File 155279158515.jpg - (430.94KB , 720x1248 , 20190316_234917.jpg )
My screen today
>> No. 129027
Now all of you guys need to take the next step. It's a real thrill. The best! Get in front of a cop in line at some store, or get pulled over on purpose for some little thing. And make sure the cop can clearly see the phone or tablet with the cp picture brightly displayed. It's an even better thrill for you if the cop is female! I promise you won't regret it.
>> No. 129028
I have been following this thread closely. I stroke while I read and I may be old fashion but 2/3 through reading this I started to cum. Thank you for sharing
>> No. 129080
File 155281689883.jpg - (273.15KB , 1152x766 , bd-ys_alena22_02-064.jpg )
>> No. 129088
File 155281874687.png - (5.23MB , 1440x2672 , Capture+_2019-03-16-20-38-10.png )
>> No. 129096
who is that beauty u have for ur background, @129088 ? shes sexy as FUCK
>> No. 129100
File 155282527655.jpg - (427.00KB , 1600x1600 , drago_ncito.jpg )
Mine, have just taken on the beach with loli posing for me, not fake, really-really!
>> No. 129125
My game starts soon. I can't wait for everyone to arrive. I am making sure that my pc is clearly visible to anyone passing by to go to the bathroom and I turned off my screensaver so the pc never goes to sleep the pic will be on full display. My heart is fucking pounding. Wish me luck.
>> No. 129126
If all goes well today I will be blowing a massive load at some point. Thanks for the support.
>> No. 129134
That black lady was probably thinking "fuckin white people"

She is from Polar Lights
>> No. 129136
File 155284736780.jpg - (3.67MB , 4608x3072 , DSC_0077.jpg )
First timer here! Set this as my iphone background and pretended to accidently show a few girls at the arcade. One girl looked up at me then glanced back down at my phone. I looked at her and she seemed so curious and puzzled. She walked back over to her friends and was pointing at me while talking to them.

They walked by me a few times trying to get a look without being obvious. My heart was racing very fast and my cock was so hard it hurt. One of the people working at the arcade came near the area I was at to clean so I left. I rushed to the womens bathroom and rubbed out a huge load of pedo cum.
>> No. 129195
File 155286014956.jpg - (1.56MB , 2278x3430 , DSC_9376.jpg )
Think her name is kirsten
>> No. 129502
lol good luck and happy fapping!
>> No. 129532
File 155290047583.jpg - (1.37MB , 4951x2309 , 59993.jpg )
>> No. 129533
File 155290214212.jpg - (161.02KB , 1830x855 , pussy35.jpg )
I had four friends over for poker and set up my wallpaper to cycle through 100 different wallpapers on random. I slipped this one in and watched every single one of them check it out without saying anything every time it came up.
>> No. 129570
So it was pretty awesome yesterday. As I said I left it in full view of anybody going to the bathroom and several people did. When my cousin came back from the bathroom he kind of gave me a look and I just pretended I didn't see him. Later I saw my dad stopped outside of the room looking at the pc. He saw me and sort of cleared his throat and said. "So ah how has everything been with you?" He obviously saw the screen and at least was curious about it but didn't want to acknowledge anything. Nobody actually made a reference to it but they had to see it. It's been 24 hours so I think I am okay. Can't wait to push things further next time.
>> No. 129932
File 155296520788.jpg - (601.01KB , 766x1152 , tfm028 - 036.jpg )
This is something my wife and I do that's not quite the same but along similar lines.

We're fairly sexually open people. We watch porn together and in front of ach other. When one of us starts th oter will usually come over to check it out and lend a hand sometimes. She has a very petite build (used to regularly get coments about looking under age) and she knows my body type preference.

I started making folders of BD and LS girls that were definately young but could be seen as "looking realy young". I remember going through this set with her and her saying "Oh my god, she's fucking adorable!". She's spent her whole life being pissy about comments from people saying she looks too young so she is a bit predisposed to see a naked girl and think oh, she's super petite like me. Looking at these pics with her hand wrapped around my dick was a huge rush, it's really unlike anything I've felt. I also have OP's set in my folder.
>> No. 129951
File 155296686340.jpg - (210.60KB , 1440x956 , lsm-007-028.jpg )
LS especially is a treasure trove for this. You can find risky picks that could pas to the forgiving eye as really petite.

For the record I've lurked on these kinds of websites since LS was still producing content but I've never posted until now. This thread is what I've been coming to this site to check on.
>> No. 130114
>>129532 . What is her name cos im crazy about her
>> No. 130541
File 155304212446.jpg - (182.27KB , 766x1152 , 000-075.jpg )
She goes by Nastya and she's very seductive.
>> No. 130548
That's her alias from 8 years ago lol.. If you seen her now you might pop off
>> No. 130602
Do you know her name now? I love seeing how these girls turned out. What do I search?
>> No. 130718
She is hot
>> No. 131235
What is her name please
>> No. 131253
File 155324499085.jpg - (167.78KB , 765x1024 , 555622492.jpg )
I love using this one on my phone when nobody's looking. I had a less daring wp of a loli when I was on a bus one time.
> I kept using my phone without the wp visible
> I accidentally locked it and the loli popped up for a second on the lock screen
> a high school girl behind me starts laughing
> her friend is like "why're you laughing?"
> she whispers in her ear something
> now they're both laughing
> giggles for the next few bus stops
> I feel embarrassed but aroused
> Get off at my stop, making sure to keep eye contact with the girl while smirking
> should've winked at her
>> No. 131329
>>131253 She's hot. Any more of her?
>> No. 131384
File 155329098546.png - (4.36MB , 1440x2672 , Capture+_2019-03-22-21-40-25.png )
>> No. 131395
File 155329304787.jpg - (1.03MB , 2765x4147 , IMG_00148.jpg )
Was at a book store on my iPad and I had this pic up. I chickened out on doing anything too risky but on my way out, I locked the picture. Then carried it in my arm, screen facing out for people to see as I walked by. Some girl tried confronting me as I left but I pretended not to notice her.
>> No. 131452
File 155331044893.jpg - (566.45KB , 720x1280 , 20190322_234822.jpg )
>> No. 131458
best one yet! got any stories about flashing it?
>> No. 131571
The photo, full set please!

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