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/hebe/ ~ risky wallpapers thread part 2
File 154897880418.jpg - (797.68KB , 960x1440 , 151392406281.jpg )
119086 No. 119086
For the crazy people who publicly show cp on their computer and phone screens. As for the craziest one who openly showed a topless girl on his desktop, I guess the most you could do from here is openly show a nude wallpaper, not just topless.
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>> No. 119129
File 154899048570.jpg - (98.68KB , 807x807 , IMG_20190131_190207_863.jpg )
I use this picture she is sexy nice view of her lovely pussy and the picture fits well as a background imo
>> No. 119144
File 154899120572.jpg - (46.59KB , 501x758 , 191.jpg )
>> No. 119147
File 154899133390.jpg - (51.74KB , 519x759 , 48-1.jpg )
>> No. 119148
File 154899145742.jpg - (129.45KB , 1440x960 , IMG-20170109-WA0047.jpg )
>> No. 119163
>> No. 119254
I would totally like to try an all nude wallpaper. It’s just been way too cold and fucking snowy to really do anything.
>> No. 119403
I could go all day with these two, fill all their holes.
>> No. 120649
File 154973375328.jpg - (241.77KB , 960x1440 , show-019-101.jpg )
>> No. 120650
File 154973430770.jpg - (274.44KB , 956x1440 , lsr-025-069.jpg )
>> No. 120658
File 154974036777.jpg - (271.95KB , 1440x956 , lsr-025-109.jpg )
better aspect ratio for desktop screen
>> No. 120922
skanky whore
>> No. 121340
If any of you are actually stupid enough to set a CP image as your computer or phone wallpaper then you idiots deserve to get caught. The utter stupidity.
>> No. 121425
File 155015255343.jpg - (419.16KB , 1125x1909 , 33BC6252-4C3F-4A4B-9782-8F58060892A1.jpg )
Last night and todays nothing too crazy just Oceanes perfect tits
>> No. 121426
File 155015520297.jpg - (953.68KB , 2765x4147 , IMG_00145.jpg )
My uncle just got married and had a huge party. He left his computer open so I plugged in my thumb drive and set this as his desktop. I was so high from the rush it gave me that I checked if his email or social media was logged in. Sent it to like 50 people on his Facebook account in a group message, and a few family members in SMs. After that I left the party abruptly. Was so hot!!
>> No. 121429
Okay that’s hot but also mean. At least if I get caught I am the only one going away. Wow. Great story though I wonder what people thought?
>> No. 121468
She is and always will be my Valentine
>> No. 121594
>>121426 You forgot the fingerprints on the keyboard and other things. If the police start investigating you are busted. Congratulations!
>> No. 121755
I didn't use gloves but 10 plus ppl used the computer besides me. Check his Facebook and like 10 people outted him. He sent me a text asking if I knew anything and I said no. As far as I'm concererd hes fucked.
>> No. 121768
Wow you must not like your uncle. I mean I am all for risky stuff but like I said if something goes down I am the only one in trouble. You basically set your uncle up, that’s downright mean.
>> No. 121773
looking for girls transition growing up from 9-12yo. Growing boobs and pubes. And it's gotta be the same girl.
>> No. 121808
File 155032537034.jpg - (439.28KB , 1916x1082 , Oceanedsktopp.jpg )
Buddies are coming over again today to play cards. Last time I used a topless Rabea and all seemed well. Today gonna use a topless Oceane and see what happens.
>> No. 121809
File 155032553070.jpg - (467.37KB , 1920x1082 , oceanesafedsk.jpg )
Course if I get nervous I could always use this one it's close but you can't actually see anything but the top of her nipple. Think I will go with the first one though.
>> No. 121812
File 155032820678.jpg - (75.74KB , 1067x1600 , 217FE69F-08B6-42DE-94F4-5F50EDF02D1E.jpg )
>> No. 121819
Oh please they don’t care about me, I am totally small potatoes. Also there is nothing identifying on there.
>> No. 121825
No shame to like the lil girls !
>> No. 121835
Exactly and like I said I am not who they are after. I don't download or share PTHC or anything like that. I don't even like that shit. I just like beautiful girls and Oceane falls into that category. If they come after me it's a waste of money.

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