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File 154960798596.jpg - (36.04KB , 300x450 , 822-02124377en_Masterfile.jpg )
120426 No. 120426
Can anyone give me some stories or advice?
I have a 10yo friend and I'm pretty confident that we both want to have sex, but I just need some advice
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>> No. 120441
>> No. 120512
i would be carefull .young girls talk to much about what happens. i found out the hard way and get into trouble.even if iam here .learned a Golden Rule: You can look But you can't touch.as much as we love cheese with pizza . don't do something in the long run that will get you into trouble.
>> No. 120593
first off you should talk about it but make her talk about sex,don't be the one who starts. You just lead her/him to it. I'll asume its female. Keep it up for some time so she enjoys it, as she probably can't speak about it with anybody else. When you think she is confident enough and she likes to talk like that, start off showing each other belly, ass etc and make sure you don't show off your dick straight away. Make her want to see it. Thats how it works. Be careful though, you gotta practice with her by dirty talks for quite long, to make sure she can keep it secret.
>> No. 120960
Ok I'll try that thx
>> No. 131349
You didn't say your age but well assume older. If the opportunity arises and you both are in agreement than have an amazing time. Be clear no one can no and girls that age can become extremely emotionally attached
>> No. 132350
For anyone who might consider this, I'd hazard a caution that girls change with time. While she may enjoy things now, when she begins to learn what society tell people about sex with minors she may easily come to decide that it was wrong and then report you. In many places she could press charges decades later. The rest of your like is a long time to be worried...
>> No. 132592
I've been bringing my 9yo daughter to school for the past month because my wife works mornings and I work nights. I just bought a brand new 2019 Corvette Z06 about a couple months ago. I pulled up to the school entrance in the car and the little girls there were immediately attracted to me. I'm also a well groomed, athletic man middle aged man. I picked up my daughter in the same car only this time, she was talking to one of her classmates. They both ran up to my car and her friend asked in kinda of a devilish, sexy voice wearing her short skirted blue checkered uniform, "can I ride with you? I don't feel like riding the bus." I was reluctant but I would've felt bad if I turned her down. So, I accepted. My daughter sat in the front seat and she (her friend) squeezed into the back. I asked her where she lived and she told me. As my daughter and her friend chatted I turned on some Drake's "Gods Plan." I pulled up to her house and luckily no one came out so I sped off. As soon as she left my daughter said to me, "she thinks you're sexy" in an embarrassed manner. I pretend to be shocked but in reality I liked it. I'm gonna try to get her over for a sleepover one day. The moral to this TRUE story is you have to be well groomed, smelling fresh and looking like you have your shit together. Little can be just as attracted to you as an adult woman. If you're ugly, old, busted, stinky and fat, they're NOT going to to be attracted to you.
>> No. 132717
2019 Corvettes have back seats?
>> No. 132734
My thoughts exactly. Good little story but let’s change that car to a BMW something with a backseat
>> No. 132956
Very nice! Love it! Let's see now if the story continues...
>> No. 134580
Even though in reality it isn't true.
>> No. 134586
If it helps at all I'm 14 btw
>> No. 134673
File 155437169314.gif - (42.11KB , 353x234 , another reaction gif.gif )
>I'm 14
Literally fully legal this thread is pointless, if I were you I wouldn't even aim as old as 10 but go right ahead and take the chance. It's not like she won't lose it to someone else by 16 anyway, do it.

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