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/hebe/ ~ Temmie on Peri
File 154990319155.jpg - (7.31KB , 168x299 , images.jpg )
120959 No. 120959

83fced818d.7z - 12yo Temmie 1.mp4

2824c89724.7z - 12yo Temmie 2.mp4

aaff84facd.7z - 12yo Temmie 3.mp4

f9156fc8e6.7z - 12yo Temmie 4.mp4

0dcc628ca7.7z - 12yo Temmie 5.mp4

01408d5707.7z - 12yo Temmie 6.mp4

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>> No. 121037
Anyway to get these with Winrar? All I get is "file is corrupt" whenever i try. Do I have to use some other method?
>> No. 121046
download all 4 links then and unzip the first one and it should unzip all 4 of them as one
>> No. 121047
My god she is gorgeous. Amazing body, lovely pussy and is sexy as hell. I wish I lived next door to a girl like this.
>> No. 121064
>>121037 Yes another method works best. Ends in 7z. It is packed with a free program called 7zip. Get 7zip and it opens rars, zip and 7z files.
>> No. 121091
if you are really in a sharing mood the put the files in regular Mp4 format inside the rar no password...for the record 7z is the companion for Windows7 it will work on the other windows but its made for 7
>> No. 121092

"for the record 7z is the companion for Windows7 "

This is completely wrong. 7zip came out years before Win 7.

and they are made by different companies. ;)
>> No. 121139
>> No. 121161
>>121091 Clearly we have some deep thinkers here who do their research before posting an opinion.

>put the files in regular Mp4 format inside the rar no password

This is the solution of every WinRAR fan who doesn't want to come out of the 1990s. Someone else should download their out-of-date program (if they were more up-to-date, WinRAR could open 7zip like 7zip opens RAR files), download and re-pack everything and while they are at it re-encode the videos so they are not so big and easier to download. How about YOU get with the times and get a better, more up-to-date program instead of being lazy hoping the whole world switches back to WinRAR so you never have to get another program.
>> No. 121185
File 155001038260.jpg - (86.81KB , 446x579 , WINRAR.jpg )
wait, what????
>> No. 121199
>>121185 So what you just proved is these asshole whiners who complain WinRAR doesn't open these files are all liars or are using old versions they are too lazy to update.

Your example is a single file. But as most of these uploads are split using 7zip, getting the right program is still better then trying to make WinRAR work. They'd need a program like HJsplit to put the split files back together. WinRAR's splits are a different format.
>> No. 121206
you are one to talkmost of the material posted here including yours is old shit that keeps get posted over and over i"ll upgrade when you post some decent material that isn't old
>> No. 121217
Not mine asshole. If you don't want to upgrade who the fuck cares. But when requests like >> 121091 start getting made where a WinRAR whiner expects people to do re-ups and goes so far as to dictate "put the files in regular Mp4 format inside the rar no password." now I find that offensive. Sounds like someone used to ordering servants around. They don't want to get a new program but they want someone else to get their program, redo the uploads and go so far as to tell the uploader not to use a password? What fucking world do you WinRAR losers live in?
>> No. 121224
Screengrab shows two girls in OP post. Which one is that?
>> No. 121240
Love how comfortable she is with her body. Very sexy looking. Would love to see more. Thanks.
>> No. 121242
File 155004249287.jpg - (213.15KB , 1022x658 , 12yo Temmie 1.jpg )
The OP pic doesn't match up tp any of the 6 posted videos.
>> No. 121243
File 155004251212.jpg - (200.61KB , 1022x658 , 12yo Temmie 2.jpg )
>> No. 121244
File 155004252545.jpg - (198.61KB , 1022x658 , 12yo Temmie 3.jpg )
>> No. 121245
File 155004254336.jpg - (215.56KB , 1022x658 , 12yo Temmie 4.jpg )
>> No. 121246
File 155004255460.jpg - (224.11KB , 1022x658 , 12yo Temmie 5.jpg )
>> No. 121247
File 155004256913.jpg - (144.98KB , 1022x658 , 12yo Temmie 6.jpg )
>> No. 121264
Yea.. thats total clickbait !
>> No. 121291
any videos in it?

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