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/hebe/ ~ Suspicious D/L
File 154991496944.jpg - (135.94KB , 662x831 , imgsrc_ru_60839698FrB.jpg )
121001 No. 121001
Files from Solidfiles with the pw chan are executable files/self extracting. Norton caught it. Don't D/L these files.
>> No. 121003
Now have added salefiles...same thing
>> No. 121006
bump for safety
>> No. 121009
Looked at it with an old HEX editor.
The EXE seems to have been written in MS Visual Basic.

Other contents of the EXE include links and local paths:

C:\Users\Public\7z.dll 7z.dll
C:\Users\Public\7z.exe test

>> No. 121010
We're analyzing the attacks and the poster is an idiot script kiddie from Algeria who couldn't even configure his proxy settings.

His links were deleted but also if we didn't have noobs clicking on .exe's and shortcuts he wouldn't have had an incentive to post more. Please be careful with what you click, it's security 101.

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