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/hebe/ ~ thread of stories
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121011 No. 121011
it does not matter if they are real or false, I just want to read something hot.
>> No. 121017
>> No. 121023
nobody uses that anymore, man
>> No. 136817
Ever since the downfall of "ASSTR" i have had no were to post or host my stories i am an avid writer of pedo erotica and other erotic's maybe some of us can group together and begin a new private site that is geared to our liking without fees and the socialist narcissistic fat old women trying to corner our joys i will check back for future communication thanks guys love not hurt


>> No. 136838
Ooh, I had no idea this existed! Bookmarked for future use and contributions.
>> No. 136853
so you say if i write enough stories you will host a board for myself and many others knowing this is one of the best outlets of our kind because the public hates us like they once hated gays ?


>> No. 136885
I have been addicted to every kind of porn known to man it all started when i was 12 looking at girls in the JC Penny catalog then i moved onto playboy and hustler the found some of my step dads bondage and other "sick" stuff only to come back to young girls i spend countless hours searching the web for pictures of girls under 16 and over 4 but i also like looking at little boys, bestiality, and legal other porn out lets and reading and writing porn stories some about pedo sex others about dominating women in authority like cops and managers and so on I partly believe all this stems from sexual oppression caused by our society further more i find that i am never satisfied with the amount i collect or find weather the girls are clothed or naked makes no difference to me i think has become like a time consuming addiction to collect more and more but then i delete them all and start over each time getting mre and more addicted to collecting pictures i would never touch a child in real life but i do look at them in public and had some flirt with me as young as five its almost as if they knew my feelings about them please if your new to this run while you can i know its not wrong to enjoy young girls but this world we live deeply oppresses us we are not aloud an outlet / how many "child lovers" Pedophile's and other terms they use to describe us have committed suicide because we cannot live freely in this world i am sorry but i am leaving this site and the internet behind destroying my PC and deleting all my files and links not in that order of course then i am taking to the wilderness to live out my life were at least i will have piece to myself and dont have to see overly sexaulized little girls running around like their slutty mothers mini me they never bring that shit up in court when a man is charged do they...? you know the answer those perfect little girls go to court in prissy clothes not the two sizes to small jean shorts they had on the day you met them as one of our founding fathers Patrick Henry said "Give me liberty or give me death"!!!! with that good by my friends...............

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