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/hebe/ ~ These sites
File 155001667785.jpg - (89.42KB , 567x800 , IMG_0546.jpg )
121187 No. 121187
I'm confused about the sites 144chan, 155chan, and 180chan. What's the difference between these sites and what's the difference between the boards within each site. What kind of pictures and videos are supposed to go with which site and which board? If someone could clarify this for me, I'd really appreciate it.
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>> No. 121198
Ahhhh....go ask your Supervisor and he can explain it to you.
>> No. 121205
>>121187 Those are legit questions. You can start your search for answers here.
>> No. 121227
Imo, 144 is just a way to get you to click on those annoying capchas over and over and over again. 180 is more heavily regulated than 155. It feels more like a social club than 155. I like 155 the best for now. It's got the same trolls as librechan did but it's as if they've kind of gotten a little burned out on the trash talking because they seem to do it a bit less here.
>> No. 121234
EASY, all of them are ways for TINY-DICK pedophiles to get their rocks off under the radar...having 3 sites instead of one pedo chan is harder for the authorities to shut down..I'm a lawyer bro !
>> No. 121248
>I'm a lawyer bro !
Let's not start that horseshit trolling again!
>> No. 121254
I'm the person who thinks trolls belong thrown off bridges into traffic below instead of on the internet trying to stir up shit like this >I'm a lawyer bro !
>> No. 121258
File 155004499081.jpg - (39.88KB , 646x460 , 55da2ad0-0466-0132-076f-0eae5eefacd9.jpg )
I'm a lawyer...you're busted ..bro !
>> No. 121261
File 155004535865.jpg - (23.06KB , 300x225 , troll-crusher.jpg )
Just for troll lawyers.
>> No. 121274
File 15500580207.jpg - (444.39KB , 1000x1199 , 872185.jpg )
> I'm a lawyer bro!
You should read:
> Oy Vey I'm a Jew, goyim!
>> No. 121282
None her know where post things everyone post whatever everywhere
Look around TriForce first post something fit in one of the sites
For others not important what you post if they like your posts
You may think about this before posting maybe:)
Mods have job to move or delete wrong posts later
Much work needs much time & I never want to change place with Mods who go thrue every post many thousands posts also promise
>> No. 121358
I am a bro, lawyer.
>> No. 121362
File 155012023737.jpg - (148.66KB , 1356x768 , 5b7e41e19a805.jpg )
hey bro ...umma lawyer on TMZ

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