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/hebe/ ~ DAISY
File 155011106475.jpg - (471.08KB , 1024x768 , 26may041.jpg )
121342 No. 121342
Please can someone share Daisys Destruction. Ever since I watched the interview on youtube my cock has been throbbing hard to see the video. If someone shares I will be the happiest boy alive. I NEED to see the full video ASAP. Thanks in advance.
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>> No. 121345
If you share I have Zed Brinfham baby decapitated video to post. Its 45 minutes long starts off with 5 babies in their cribs and masked men slowly torture and kill them all. They end the clip while all 5 babies are still twitching and struggling for life. Lots of crying and one by one they cut their heads off and cum on the bodies. Much hot video and the last 3 minutes they take a fresh girl alive shes 8 or 9 and three men beat her into mush while a guy is fucking her. She pleads in Spanish "stop I just wish for my mom" "please I just wish my mom" and as she begging her last breathers one guy puts a knife in her stomach
>> No. 121347
take a hammer to your head and hit yourself with it four times as hard as you can!

we'll call it Stupids Destruction.
>> No. 121363
Gabriel Kuhn The boy in the picture Gabriel kuhn (12 yo)was lent some fake ingame money from a mmorpg called "Tibia".

When he refused to pay his "friend" (16 yo) back he came to his house and sodomized and then dismembered the boy and tried to hide him in his attic but his mom came home early from work.
>> No. 121365
>>121345 I hope that's just a fantasy of your sick imagination. Just reading that description will give me nightmares for months.
>> No. 121371
File 155012336677.jpg - (48.75KB , 467x700 , tumblr_p9icpr60Xm1vwjbyro1_500.jpg )
"and as she begging her last breathers"

>> No. 121372
just another inbred fucktard under bridge dweller..probably jerkin it to his fat obese mother as she rams a honey baked ham in her blown out ( smells like shit ) cavernous pussy.
>> No. 121387
>> No. 121390

What is "mmorpg"?

I really hope for you all that you will find a similar end to your useless lives. You're welcome.
>> No. 121395
File 15501333988.jpg - (1.09MB , 1542x1599 , aftermath_anonib.jpg )
Full Set
including the intro
>> No. 121405
No! You've go too far.
>> No. 121412
sick people
>> No. 121415
What the fuck is wrong with you people
>> No. 121416
go directly to prison then to Hell!
>> No. 121418
you deserve to be alone and DIE a slow painfull miserable death
>> No. 121421
delete this thread? supposed to be a cp board not gore and mureder fantasies
>> No. 121422
File 155014645570.jpg - (186.25KB , 863x797 , trollocop.jpg )
Do cops nowadays have no other work than trolling internet forums or what?
>> No. 121533
Does anyone have the video "790_misha"? I saw a preview but can't find full. Starts with her getting sliced by a knife all over her body then cuts to a clip of her being punched in the head by a guy in a blue mask. She keeps scraming as he punches her. She's like covered in blood but still very alert. Saw the preview on hurtmeh
>> No. 121535
Any have I will be so grateful
>> No. 121762
holy fuck where are the mods??
>> No. 121764
Have no doubt Karma, Cosmic Justice, God the Father - whatever you know it as - will catch up with these slaves of Satan. Meanwhile I carry a high caliber pocket gun and it was once my pleasure to help cull their herd by two. The good guys are only now waking up en masse to what has really been happening . . .
>> No. 121822
There are a lot of people who are into that sort of thing, I have never seen the video. But when I was stationed in Afghanistan about 10 years ago, I went with a couple of my buddies and took a little girl, maybe 8 or 9,
into the mountains and took turns raping her and punching her to get her to stop screaming, then smashed her face in with our boots so no one would recognize her if found. It was the best experience ever. So if you're into that sort of thing, join the army! It's so easy to get away with it in those kind of countries!
>> No. 121830
MOAR of this girl, please!
>> No. 121959
What the fuck? Mods??
>> No. 121960
Are those pics real? Please tell me those aren't real
>> No. 121966
I did this to an 11 year old, never got caught. Raped her for nearly two months and slowly killlrd her. Towards the end she got so desperate which only made me hornier. I made sure she suffered hard before killing her. I cut half way through her neck then fucked her as she bled out. Never seen someone so desperate to survive.
>> No. 121977
what a piece of shit....murderous ball less fuck. Id like to peel your skin off while every person you did that to watches.
>> No. 121978
what a piece of shit....murderous ball less fuck. Id like to peel your skin off while every person you did that to watches.
>> No. 121998
File 155039918420.jpg - (66.10KB , 660x371 , i5so4dg0xg1.jpg )
>>121966 Tell them more these stories, good doggie! That makes them want to kill each other.
>> No. 122092
While I would never do this to a girl here, but I see no problem doing that to a girl from one of those third-world shit holes like Afghanistan. They're already getting killed like flies down there. At least they would die for a higher purpose which is our pleasure, better for them than being ISIS sex slaves. Maybe it'd be a new kind of tourism,"Rape and Murder Tourism" LOL.
>> No. 122096
>>122092 well said. Imagine relentlessly tearing through a dozen loli hymen with no reguard for the girls? One ripped cunt after another until your dicks bruised from fucking such tight little holes.
>> No. 122587
i hate them and all like to do this to a child.
love not pain.
more or less the weel will turn...
>> No. 122844
did anyone have a set of her?
>> No. 122845
did anyone have a set of her?
>> No. 122846
EVERYONE that actually enjoys this kind of of sad, horrible garbage are nothing but sick, twisted, worthless bags of festered, rottening, maggot riddled shit!!
>> No. 122850
I'm a law abiding citizen, never committed a crime and hopefully never will. but let's say if there's ever a scenario where I can rape torture and kill a little preteen girl without any possibility of getting prosecuted, I would do it in a heart beat, it's my biggest fantasy, am I the only one?
>> No. 122881
I came so hard to daisy destruction. Its so hot watching that stupid toddler fuck slowly dying.
>> No. 122886
It what happens when parents do not love their children and drop their babies on the head. Their babies become monsters.
>> No. 122944
File 155070120557.jpg - (521.50KB , 1066x1600 , shedeservesit.jpg )

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