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/hebe/ ~ Vintage
File 155051142757.jpg - (121.03KB , 850x695 , MAQ.jpg )
122623 No. 122623
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>> No. 122662
If antis gave a shit about kids they'd be more permissive of alternative outlets like sexdolls and toons. But no, it's not about protecting kids. It's all about their victorian, puritan, disgusting control of sexual orientations they don't approve of. This is gay persecution 2.0.
>> No. 122731
File 155057959810.jpg - (447.23KB , 1500x1500 , q50a.jpg )
>>122662 Ain't this the true?
>> No. 122765
File 155060194166.jpg - (187.60KB , 849x1235 , 172.jpg )
>> No. 122796
Sure, kids do enjoy sex but if we all ran around fucking kids imagine what else people will start clamoring for, meh just enjoy yourselves.
>> No. 122797
If you want this pic to convince anyone, you'll need to remake it
a) with a more sexual photo, and
b) without the "pedo rights" shit
Exploit people's cognitive dissonance.

>> No. 122918
File 155068985752.jpg - (69.36KB , 474x640 , 15303045906_ce7d5eb143_z.jpg )
I won't get deep into conspiracies here, but I think there's a reason why is little girl love considered greatest taboo and evil in modern age. It's a mass social engineering and conditioning tied closely with the rise of feminism. Sexuality is inversed, like everything else in our age. It became this visceral, animalistic porn fetish. A parody of purity and spiritual experience of love. And when so called "pedos" break this conditioning, they feel this urge of energy, like seeing for the first time. That rush is the result of breaking the conditioning and restoring the original state of mind and soul. You see, "pedophilia" is a buzzword purposefully created to condition our minds. "Pedophilia" doesn't exist. "Teen" is another invented category of modernity popularized by hollywood since the 1950s. They are all spells of social engineers and sophists. When you say pedophilia, people's first association will be a rapist or a monster. But rapists are exactly that - rapists and monsters.
There's a reason why were females by the age of 12 viewed as completely adult and mature up until the rise of secular, anti-spiritual feminist modernity.
I recommend everyone to contemplate on these mind-games and see through the "matrix".
>> No. 123228
File 155085444558.jpg - (242.67KB , 1133x1600 , szx.jpg )
>> No. 123264
Anyone seen the vid of the FL mom who did a 20 min with her daughter?
Anyone notice the look of bliss on baby girls face as mommy slid her tongue up and down her little cunt?
When mommy asked if she liked it when daddy does it too and baby girl moaned "uh huh"?

And Tara didn't look too sad choking on daddies dick after he had been ramming her ass for 3 minutes straight.

Karen and Ronoldo. Bonus 7 video. That work she put in for a creampie didn't seem like someone who didn't it the way she was working it.

There is rape and there is lovingly teaching them how to enjoy sex.

But welcome to the new world. A few rapists have ruined it for all :/
>> No. 123496
File 155102408248.jpg - (227.48KB , 590x952 , P53.jpg )
>> No. 124920
File 155163843350.jpg - (109.68KB , 584x820 , 153.jpg )
>> No. 125175
File 155171102192.jpg - (63.55KB , 420x620 , 250.jpg )
>> No. 129049
Well said. I couldn’t agree more. It’s been a while, but our three loved it.
>> No. 129111
File 155283589587.jpg - (91.04KB , 1128x704 , 5381.jpg )

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