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/hebe/ ~ Milana
File 155054418595.jpg - (121.51KB , 900x900 , unnamed.jpg )
122705 No. 122705
That fucking soyboy got Milana taken down. She was so beautiful. I wonder if there are any archives.
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>> No. 122723
File 155056729043.jpg - (64.22KB , 430x719 , Milanа and Stefania_Moment.jpg )
Too bad. I liked her videos
>> No. 122830
picking apples was the best vid. or the lizard in the hotel in her silk nightie
>> No. 122837
so anybody is know what happened
>> No. 122905
Milana is new to me. If you have sets and videos, please share.
>> No. 122928
I can't believe this is true. I just checked the people I subscribe to on YouTube, clicked her Channel and was shocked to find out this was actually true. who is soyboy and how did he manage to get her account taken down? didn't see much phone call account. I personally only saw quick panty shots. YouTube is a mess.
>> No. 122985
Come at me bros
>> No. 122995
I loved her clips too. but I knew it will hapen some day because some of them where too revealing considering the youtube rules. A strange thing : her accoun thas disapeared. No message saying it ha been closed because …no, it has just disapeared as if it has never existed !

During her vacancy, she sudenly felt embarassed, confused, in her hotel room. I’m sure that at this moment, she discovered the voyeur side of her father. Before that moment, she was candid ans smiling. After (lately, in the kitchen), she completly understood what was going on, and she accepted to show cleavages, fast downblouse or sideboobs for money. (any new clip went at last to 50.000 view in only 2 days !)
I’d love to watch some complete and uncensored clips, without edition.
>> No. 123001
File 155074193385.jpg - (64.65KB , 729x490 , Milanа is preparing dinner_Moment.jpg )
>> No. 123018
File 155074475485.jpg - (659.90KB , 1000x560 , milana.jpg )
>> No. 123023
Never knew about the nipples slip and side boobs. Damn! I only saw a quick panty shot. I am guessing Tina might get taken down like Miliana. Doesn't Tina's dad record her like Miliana? Didn't see much from either. Many years ago a Russian guy recorded his two daughters like Miliana and Tina. I was late to everything. It was a new account and he lost his other account and video's. Miss that channel. Love seeing the panty shot.Youtube sucks. I miss YouTube before Google. You don't have to show anything and you can still get ban. Sad.
>> No. 123027
File 155074747260.jpg - (186.37KB , 877x891 , bandicam 2019-02-21 12-01-30-645.jpg )
I loved her picking apples vid,nice little nipple slip
>> No. 123028
She has a second account but i dont know if she will be uploading any vids
>> No. 123039
Milana is too pure for this. Hope she has a happy life.
>> No. 123040
Who is this Tina you speak of? Like you, I'm always late to the party
>> No. 123041
Who is this Tina you speak of? Like you, I'm always late to the party
>> No. 123237
The second account is now closed too ...
>> No. 123256
File 155086638518.jpg - (159.06KB , 455x480 , IMG_20190222_150256.jpg )
Sorry for the late reply. this is Tina. A very beautiful and sexy Russian girl. I am sorry I cannot post a link to her YouTube channel. to many young girls are being flagged and taken down. like I said you don't have to show anything and you can still be flagged and taken down by YouTube. I had almost 2k liked videos now I have about 800. That is alot of video's taken down or deleted. Poor Miliana.Never knew she started young. Wanted that video.A quick panty shot from little Miliana. Didn't get the video. The channel was taken down. I give up. Sad.
>> No. 123284
Milana had a back up channel that was just taken down today I'm bummed.
>> No. 123308
Post her videos. If her channel is gone, no one can get new stuff.
>> No. 123442
I have downloaded some videos as recent as 19/02/03. Uploading right now, but it takes time.
Furthermore, I have made some edits of older videos, of which I don't have the original files anymore (that's why I made the edits). Coming up after that, if you like.
>> No. 123445
File 155098857847.png - (47.59KB , 693x359 , ilan.png )
It's gonna be a big RAR archive of 8 GB, so this is what you'll get
>> No. 123449
so, here you go, you lucky bastards:


these are the videos I haven't edited yet, therefore they still exist. So share them, because once I did my edits, I will delete them.

PW: ?ilan?

>> No. 123458
up next, if possible: Edits of older videos, mainly containing side boob/downblouse/upskirt/pokies/bikini bottom. IF possible. My posts containing Download-links didn't appear without trickery.
>> No. 123460
it seems my posts do appear after quite some time
>> No. 123461
Alright, here are my edits of the older videos.
PW: ?ilan?
>> No. 123462
please share, reupload and contribute. This might be your only chance to grab these, and I will delete them once I edited them, so everything else is up to you! :)
>> No. 123468
File 155100792563.png - (80.07KB , 692x630 , lan.png )

PW: ?ilan?

containing edits of the files depicted
>> No. 123471
I am not sure, but I think I do not have this video. Might you share it? Much appreciated.
>> No. 123571
File 155105192148.jpg - (553.46KB , 1586x804 , MilanaFolderView.jpg )
I have an archive, but its in 240p. There's 283 videos which comes to 13.5 GB. It'll take ages to upload, so while I'm doing this, someone reupload those 1fichier to dl.free.fr, since I don't want cookies.
>> No. 123579
I have an archive, but its in 240p. There's 283 videos which comes to 13.5 GB. It'll take ages to upload, so while I'm doing this, someone reupload those 1fichier to dl.free.fr, since I don't want cookies.
>> No. 123655
anyone good enough to upload them nip slips vids :D
>> No. 123671
check my edits right here, many nip slips included >>123468

also check the recent videos I uploaded, for example "Milana in the kitchen" >>123445

good enough? still missing that picking apples vid, though.
>> No. 123683
I hope someone has her more recent videos. She started wearing this tiny yellow bikini and in the last few videos a rather busty friend was featured.
>> No. 123691
keep asking for stuff that's already there, really smart. Raises my motivation to keep sharing.
>> No. 123730
great edits keep posting. new channel is up but I am afraid the showing days are over. pray that I am wrong . and that actual leaks pop up. do you have of the two versions cle4ning the s3wing machine ? I might have mised the best parts since the original got removed.
>> No. 123731
Heres what happened, for those who dont keep up with bullshit YT drama Some soyboy cunt got offended that he wasnt getting enough views on his shitty videos, and therefore not making as much money as he wanted. So he blamed YT for not giving him enough ads, and not pushing his shitty videos to enough people to see. His response was to try to burn the whole site down around him: he made a video calling out videos featuring minors in skimpy clothing or doing things that certain people could find arousing, and specifically showing how the comment sections frequently feature creepy comments talking about/to the subjects, and timestamps for on topic shots for easy access. He also pointed out that once you watch a few on topic videos, the algorithm offers more and more videos like them. He then stated that he would be sending messages to major purchasers of YT advertising telling them of this situation, and calling for his viewers to do the same. Of course, once this got enough attention, it worked. Few things spook the mainstream more than on topic material for this board, or even grannies that might be mistaken for on topic. Major corporations began pulling their ads, so YT took drastic measures and conducted a swift and broad witch hunt, taking down or disabling comments or demonetizing millions of videos, and deleting ~400 channels with little or no warning. It seems that in their overly zealous and aggressive sweep, poor milanas channel was judged guilty and shut down. Heres the good news: she's back. Or rather, theyve started a new channel from scratch. I wont link to her channel or videos here because we dont want her getting more of those comments and meeting the same fate, but if youve been a fan of hers before, youll be able to find it fairly easy.
>> No. 123751
Thank you for posting Miliana's videos. I downloaded the edited version. I only have a 14 gb SD card. So I couldn't download the 8gb version. Not complaining. Thank you. I have truly missed alot. I should've checked her channel and videos more often.Please do not post a link to her new channel. Thank you. please do not post anything sexual or any comments that could get her taken down. I use to post comments on young girls videos saying how I wanted to eat there pussy, how I bet there pussy looked and taste good.I stopped doing that years ago. got acouple of my channels taken down for that. Never knew how much trouble I was causing these young girls. I think it is stupid that they can get ban for those type of comments.

123731<< Thank you for posting that. I read the whole thing. That is really sad. How does one follow YouTube drama? Many years old a guy posted a video telling everyone about searching webcam videos exposing young girls videos. He got his followers to report the videos. It work. When I discovered this it was to late and all I found was pedo click bait videos. Last year people were posting hastag wakeup YouTube. When I clicked it it was a bunch of videos exposing young girls, comments, timestamps etc. He was mad because YouTube deleted his hilter music and posted links to young girls video who never showed anything.He got all those videos taken down. I have seen videos of girls doing gymnastics and not showing yet still getting deleted. Now it's worse. Even a guy calling himself creep Hunter was hunting us pedos. The witch Hunt will always continue. This is why I stay in the closet. Thank you.
>> No. 123780
I decided to kill a 5yo child today.
>> No. 123783
Killing a child isn't funny, even as a joke. If you want to kill someone, try a Police Officer. At least it would be fair and one of the enemy would be gone if you complete the act.
>> No. 123797
240p archive from 2018-02-23:
13.5 GB + 382 videos + link list + channel screenshot
DL: http://pastebin.space/88/

Pastebin PW: milana
Archive PW: kFEyBTp{jj9QCsDAmW(>c<(n)2vXg}]mOYCjB4gniw[PVJmW4k
>> No. 123798
File 155116848569.jpg - (209.91KB , 828x764 , InsertsFolderView.jpg )
Some HD inserts of files missing from 240p archive:
5.04 GB + 11 videos
DL: http://pastebin.space/89/

Pastebin PW: milana
Archive PW: kFEyBTp{jj9QCsDAmW(>c<(n)2vXg}]mOYCjB4gniw[PVJmW4k

I and the sea.mp4
Milana and the lizard.mp4
Milana cleans the kitchen.mp4
Milanа and Nastya June 2018.mp4
Milanа and night shows.mp4
Milanа and snorkeling.mp4
Milanа and the game quest.mp4
Milanа reads the book.mp4
Milanа watching the animated film “COCO”.mp4
Milanа, Stephanie in winter.mp4
Milanа, the beach, the sea.mp4
>> No. 123799
File 155116866195.jpg - (260.84KB , 1365x614 , DupesFolderView.jpg )
Some HD versions of files in 240p archive:
3.93 GB + 13 videos
DL: http://pastebin.space/90/

Pastebin PW: milana
Archive PW: kFEyBTp{jj9QCsDAmW(>c<(n)2vXg}]mOYCjB4gniw[PVJmW4k

Milana and the flight on the rope.mp4
Milanа and Stefania play..mp4
Milanа and sunburn.mp4
Milanа and the cartoon.mp4
Milanа and the pool (2).mp4
Milanа and the pool with surf.mp4
Milanа and the pool.mp4
Milanа and the way home.mp4
Milanа at school. September 1.mp4
Milanа clean apartment.mp4
Milanа on the Black Sea.mp4
Milanа on vacation.mp4
Milanа, Stefania and toy blocks.mp4
>> No. 123802
File 155117507152.jpg - (4.91KB , 220x204 , myhat.jpg )
Being oriented towards collectors, this thread will be moved to /mir/ shortly.
>> No. 123870
love to find the tina girls channel. Give us a hint.
>> No. 124862
I second that.
>> No. 125004
She's already back on several channels. Apparently even a sidewise mention daddy might be renting her out or providing... different videos for selected people is enough to get youtube panicked their advertisers will retract their payments (after all, that's all that counts - if CP vids would bring in massive income they'd leave them alone..)
>> No. 125789
Seems she has 2 more channels now. You gotta be quick because YT is taking her new vids down within minutes of upload.
>> No. 125941
Her latest vid is version 4 as the first 3 got taken down. Would love to see the original if anyone has a copy...
>> No. 126490

Milana talks about being sad her youtube channel was closed. There is a handfull of new videos, but don't expect too much.
>> No. 126658
Why does the link to milanas 380+ vids not work? Pastebin. Can anyone use DL or help me figure what im doing wrong?
>> No. 127235
chasing the sun is now gone, next one?
>> No. 127689
File 155249616948.jpg - (321.92KB , 1063x700 , milana.jpg )
>> No. 127855
File 155255068696.jpg - (219.11KB , 939x544 , milana2.jpg )
I have recorded 2 topless vids of her, one in this photo and the one in the river with her cousins, on that she already have growing tits so she put on bikini but she just kept pulling her tops showing off her tiny tits, but I cant find in in my pc. This vid is 10 mins 628MB
>> No. 128330
I think the website has stopped working. New link: http://pastebin.zone/EOgi0En5
PW: kFEyBTp{jj9QCsDAmW(>c<(n)2vXg}]mOYCjB4gniw[PVJmW4k
>> No. 128861
File 155275241943.jpg - (56.38KB , 469x160 , IMG_20190316_112341.jpg )
can someone please upload Miliana picking apples and Miliana reading book please. I found Miliana's new YouTube channel. I have no idea she had any more channels. I only reason I found those two channels the only reason I found oceans is because it had name in them. Miliana also has a viemo channel. A couple of videos you can play for free but others you will have to buy or rent. And two of them are the ones I am asking for. someone has already explained why her child was taken down but I found out who the person responsible. His name is Matt Watson. He has a channel called MattsWhatItIs he made a video with a thumbnail of Miliana playing in the sand on the beach as you can see from the picture. The video got 3.4 million views.Why is getting credit for the #wakeupyoutube and for exposing things. Many have done before. Like I said because I saw the #wakeupyoutube last year. It was this guy who got mad because his hilter music for taken down by YouTube. Matt made YouTube worse for his personal agenda. It's amazing how idiots following people. Now you have others like creep Hunter etc doing the same thing. As for Tina. The first name of her channel is Tina the last name I will give a hint.It is animal that meow's and likes milk. With K. Please do not post links to Miliana or Tina's channel.
>> No. 128865
>>128861 So Tina Kat. Tina Kitty. Tina Kitten.
>> No. 128868
nice nice nice
>> No. 128871
Someone living in fucking 2019 needs to make a magnet torrent and start seeding.
>> No. 128953
whats stopping you
>> No. 128978
128865<<< Why would you write the names on here? Not trying to be a jerk. It's the first one.
>> No. 129042
>> No. 129102
I don't mean to sound like an asshole but I ask nicley to not post Tina's channel. Now some idiot posted her channel. I should have never mentioned Tina's channel or gave any hints.No thanks to me and this idiot her channel will probably be taken down.I am going to keep things to myself.
>> No. 129107
Please more ♥
>> No. 129108
its sunday mods are slipping
>> No. 129147

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