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/hebe/ ~ Bieyanka Moore and Marsha May
File 155209301123.jpg - (49.87KB , 634x357 , marsha-may-mugshot.jpg )
126594 No. 126594
So does anyone have any of these vids? I can't seem to find them. The Bieyanka Moore one shouldnt be too hard, but the Marsha May one might not even exist online. So if any one had anything, I would love for you to share it. Thanks! http://www.boobsrealm.com/2017/02/06/marsha-may-sentenced-for-pedo-porn-did-you-know-bieyanka-moore-was-the-new-tracy-lords/
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>> No. 127017
File 155225743243.jpg - (56.38KB , 768x432 , JT_cmfiesta_sweetbieyankamoore_mp4_snapshot_05_28_.jpg )
Here it is Bieyanka
She seem to enjoy it a lot and have climax.
>> No. 127221
don't forget the dancing bear underager!
>> No. 127431
Thank you so much friend! You're the best. You wouldn't happen to have the Marsha one too? Or do you know if i even exists online?
And who is the dancing bear girl? I'd like to see for myself!
>> No. 127521
PLEASE! Someone post the 15 yr old dancingbear video
>> No. 127551
File db.webm - (2.99MB )
Here's a clip of dancingbear chick. The dude was her boyfriend and he wasn't aware of her age lol.
>> No. 127594
>> No. 127595
>> 127521
>> No. 127601
Which has the 15yr old? No idea of the title.
>> No. 127605
That clip is fucking AMAZING! I NEEEEEED to see that 15 year old pussy banged for the entire video!! Please LOL
>> No. 127606
I think both >>127017 and >>127551 are 15, but the second is only a clip. Now if we can just find the Marsha vids, my day would be made!
>> No. 127610
FULL dancingbear with 15 year old fucked needs to be seen... anyone? Searching for a long time to see this... thanks for the clip, though!
>> No. 127688
The vk link is to the full video.
>> No. 127760
Are you sure? Cause I just see a whole bunch of vids, none of which say where the 15 yo is. So I'm not sure about that man
>> No. 128188
I'll upload the dancing bear vid later bookmark this thread if you want it.
>> No. 128222
Thanks man. You wouldn't happen to know anything about the Marsha vids, would you?
>> No. 128324
What about the camsoda video?
>> No. 128709
Capping CamSoda requires you to be a notRetard so I would guess that no one capped this since barely anyone even uses that site and anyone that did that night Marsha May did her little underage gangbang that the only people watching were probably retards.
>> No. 128841
Dancingbear 15 year old- Gotta see that full vid!
>> No. 128992
I's just like to see marsha eatin some underage puss
>> No. 129190
So any finds yet?
>> No. 129473

Video is listed as Bonus vol.2, if anyone can download it and upload it that would be nice
>> No. 129676
Can a kind soul please upload the full dancin bear video on dl? the vk video is not playable if you not registered.
>> No. 129843
GOOGLE Bieyanka Moore she is all over the net and X-Rated adult porn sites
>> No. 129939
So what is the name of the dancingbear chick?
>> No. 130556
It took me 2 days but I finally found it. I believe the title was House Party.

41:30 mark..

>> No. 130728
Either that guy is really short, or that girl is fucking tall for being 15 years old. At 43:07 you get a good sense of their relative heights.
>> No. 130861
Thanks a whole lot man. I'm still having trouble trying to download it, do you know how I could do that? I've tried looking at the page info to see the vid, but it's just grayed out when I do that. Either way, thank you so much. You wouldn't happen to know anything about the Marsha stuff, would you? That would be amazing if you did!
>> No. 130865
How do we know she's underage? I can't find any information at all about her being 15.
>> No. 130873

No problem. Yeah, the DownloadHelper doesn't work on that website. I think I'm wrong about the title, House Party. If I find the title and vid I'll gladly upload it. There's also a bunch of clips of this chick/vid on xnxx.com.

I haven't found any "legit" proof that she's 15. Just read comments on the clips, supposedly they took vid down from their website because of it.

>> No. 130893
"According to police, Marsha May and her co-defendants “engaged in sexual acts” with the victims, who at the time were 12, 13 and 14 years old. Marsha May, investigators alleged, transported the minors to the home where they later drank vodka and gin, took Xanax, and had sex. The sex acts took place when streaming shows on Camsoda."

1. My god! This sounds like fucking HEAVEN!
2. Do the Camsoda vids exist?
>> No. 130946
The Miami New Times article "This Is How BangBros Made a Porno Featuring a 15-Year-Old Beauty Queen and a Murderer" appears to be a reliable source, plus the brunette's sex scene referenced by 130556 is the same scene I saw mentioned many months earlier on other forums.
>> No. 130964
Yeah, I've been looking everywhere, but it looks like they aren't on the clearnet. Only place they might be is on some onion site.
>> No. 131118
>Venetian Productions records contained in police reports reveal Amber had oral or vaginal sex in at least four shoots and appeared nude or masturbated in two others, making at least $3,000 under the screennames Josie Monroe and Monica Perez.

Damn where are those scenes at?
>> No. 131138
>I'm still having trouble trying to download it, do you know how I could do that?
If you sign up on pornbay.org you can find a torrent that has this video. The torrent is:

Dancing Bear - Scenes With Sex MegaPack [CFNM] (47 Scenes) / Freeleech!
>> No. 131214
I am pretty sure I am remembering the Dancing Bear thing when it happen. There is pretty much no sexual action involving the 15yr old. At one part one of the guys is gyrating for a group of women and she is close by just barely in the shot. Later, a guy if fucking one of the other women and she is sitting in a chair right next to them and at one point the girl has her hand on the woman getting fucked leg. That is the extent of it (if I am remembering correctly).

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