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/hebe/ ~ What picture was your downfall?...
File 152459998884.jpg - (100.32KB , 512x768 , MyDownfallorEnlightenment?.jpg )
49966 No. 49966
.. or indeed, enlightenment?

>be me
>divorced for many years
>various flings, nothing meaningful
>stooge around adult porn sites
>itch not really being scratched
>click on some random 3rd party link (yeah, yeah, I know)
>before brain can say "WTF" knob hares up, like rock-solid
>OMG,OMG, OMG! what do?
>fap, and deal with guilt afterwards, fucking best hard-on I had for years!

And that was it in a nutshell. That one low-res pic of Liliana led me down a path that, looking back, I'd have never thought I would take. It's not even pornographic really.

Thread inspired by the OceaneLover guy whose posts I've seen around. I guess if Liliana hadn't been my downfall/enlightenment Oceane could well have been if I'd found her before.
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>> No. 50068
File 152462417224.jpg - (214.77KB , 1333x2000 , IMG 4042.jpg )
Liliana is great, but it was Cherish that got me.

About 7 years ago I was looking for regular porn and I somehow stumbled upon this set of Cherish on Imgsrc. After I fapped to her I looked for more and I have been enlightened ever since.

I imagine the Art Modeling Studios girls have been the downfall of many men.
>> No. 50077
It was probably masha allen for me. Or maybe 5yo inga. Masha was unbelievable at the time. A russian import with gorgeous blonde hair, a lazy eye and a killer body sucking and fucking all over the house!
>> No. 50087
File 152463654363.jpg - (753.79KB , 2592x1944 , Felixxx_063443_YpK_Felixxx_084859KaX_1389052051324.jpg )
Found this little hottie while looking at teen babes on those endless rabbit hole porn sites of links to links to links. I could hardly believe my eyes and my cock knew what it wanted more than anything we had seen before. Fapping ensued and the search for more was on.
>> No. 50088

I LOVE little girl panties!
>> No. 50207
I'm crazy need to find liliana videos, I only have those 3, I know there is +, there's a 6 of them
>> No. 50210
/hebe/ probably isn't the best place for requests, try asking on one of the /mir/ boards
>> No. 50252
File 152467590889.jpg - (284.86KB , 974x1298 , 104850.jpg )
Sandra in thong and heels on college library computer in 1999. I had to ask an instructor if photos could be saved and he said just right click on them with a knowing look. I bought a lot of 3.5"/1.44 Mb floppy disks from the librarian and even more when I discovered ChildSuperModels and WEBE Sandi. Caught one dude jerking off in an empty computer classroom back then.
>> No. 50283

damn whos she
>> No. 50309
File 152467810433.jpg - (3.03MB , 5720x2880 , Ultra-model_007_0368.jpg )
Girls like Cherish made me realize I was truly in it for the long run, no looking back now.

I'm your typical porn addict from a young age, used to steal nudes out of newspapers as a kid and stash them. Surfed porn in my 20's and was naturally into teen porn. Every now and then, I'd find underage porn on public porn sites like motherless etc and it would drive me nuts, eventually my itch wasn't being scratched either.

I googled, "Young teen Models", then "preteen models". I found this girl with blonde hair in a bedroom wearing her PJ's, the site was called Breezy.Tv but it's vanished, can't find anything, she was a young teen with "fuck me" eyes, pulling on her pink hot-pants. Have never been able to find her since. I thought it was a fluke then I looked a bit more and found ULTRA. Who's considerably younger, then I found girls like Cherish it kept blowing my mind.... I paused, stared into space and realized I was a fucking pedo, It took a while to click because I'd been lost on the net for a few days, barely stopping to sleep and eat, barely stopping to even think. I thought I was just into younger teen girls but... I'd never seen girls like this before.
>> No. 50753
Sandra in 1999? Damn, sometimes i forget how old some of this content is. Late 90s and early 2000s were supposedly the best era and I can see why. Almost 20 years later and it's still some of the best stuff. Sandra and many other legendary girls and sets are from this era which is crazy if you think about it and makes me wonder is there any future for child modeling? Will those times ever come back? Feels like same content is recycled over and few remaining modern agencies can't even compare.

I was late and missed those golden years but joined the bandwagon sometime after 2005. Chan boards were wild back then and little girl threads were constant. Can't even remember what picture, but girls like Sandra, Liliana, Cherish and other models did it for me. I don't consider it a downfall though, it's perfectly natural to feel attraction to these girls, from biological and evolutionary to sociological level and all objective scientific data and entire human history show that. If anything, I'd call it breaking the matrix, the final and hardest red pill to swallow.
>> No. 50775
File 152474401758.jpg - (237.56KB , 720x1280 , 152199040382.jpg )
I need this video, please pleasee
>> No. 50777
For me it started back in college. It was the early 90's, I had just bought my first laptop and I sprung for the higher speed modem, a blazing fast 14.4! When I set up the computer for the first time I saw that there was AOL already installed on it. Hmm. What's this? I opened the program. and created an account.

Wow. This internet thing was great! There was all sorts of stuff out there. And what's this? Chat rooms? Let me check them out.

My computer made a chime noise and then I heard the famous, "You've got mail" come from the speaker. Who could be sending me an email?

That email was my first step into this new world that we are all a part of. That email had an attachment. The attachment was my first hit. It was my gateway drug. It was the one single image that changed my life forever.

I opened that file and saw that wonderful photo of Lakia on the floor, sitting up with her arm holding her up and she was looking off out of the frame. Her long hair cascading down her gorgous figure.

I knew that there had to be more.

If you were on AOL back then, you may remember just how much of this content was floating around on that system. The chat rooms were filled with it. It was a gold mine.

Unfortunately, my hard drive was only 170MB. And my floppy collection was getting out of hand. I had to limit my foraging for new material drastically.

But it was Lakia that did it for me. I still can't make it through an entire set of her's without needing some tissues.
>> No. 50778
File 152474646349.jpg - (630.44KB , 1600x1200 , 62.jpg )
>> No. 50779
File 152474651963.jpg - (259.80KB , 956x1440 , lfs-008-041.jpg )
This little tart from LS Future Schools.she's no classic beauty ! I saw a thumb of
her on a pornsite then later a pal of mine on the amf models forum sent me the whole set plus her vids , she's not shay about displaying herr fanny and arsehole, must
have wanked off for hours at theam !
>> No. 50782
How funny, she was my first ever LS experience too. That Short Skirts video with her, changing skirts and interaction with the camera woman got me so hard. Still does, actually. LS set the standard that will probably never be surpassed, at least not in any time soon. It's like a glimpse into a world where lolis are legal.
>> No. 50783
What got me going was pix on alt.binaries.picturea.preteen in the mid-1990s, especially all the 1970s kiddy porn from Denmark and the Netherlands. Lolita Love magazine scans, pure classic. Wish I had some examples to post, don't see them much anymore. Then LS magazine cemented my allegiance.
>> No. 50784
50782-I view her stuff a couple of times a week, together with the brunette on the bookcase and the roundfaced blonde who sorts out the magazines, they love to tease and its worth the wait when they finally reveal all,
I get stiff as a board !
>> No. 50790
File 152474944087.jpg - (270.36KB , 956x1440 , lfs-007-032.jpg )
59783 - in the XUSENET altbinaries there were quite a few LS sets, I took out about 40 log on names to get round the daily free limit, never forgot the the ls set with little blonde Dasha poledancing nude, still get a tingle at the very thought !
>> No. 50803
Brunette on the bookcase, the one with the tie on? Oh man, she's stunning and has one of the best looking pussies and great ass. One of my recent favs is with another brunete drawing a cat while laying on sofa. She wears a blue outfit and slowly teases her pussy before taking pants of. There's a moment when she turns around and opens leg up, exposing her pussy. A look she gives to the camera is just amazing, every time i go on a ls marathon i can't pass that video.
>> No. 50809
50803- the brunette drawing the cat appears
in a great set of videos with a blonde girl,
the poses are outrageous, getting in a Y shape to show off their fannies and bumholes terrific !
>> No. 50825
File 152475723748.jpg - (138.81KB , 800x533 , My1stOceane-(MoreEnlightenment).jpg )
OP here, thanks for all the responses guys. Kind of fascinating that none of us seemed to have set out with the intention of finding preteen stuff, just finding it more or less by chance and discovering "Hey, this actually does 'scratch my itch' ". It was one hell of a discovery for me, the concept of young girls modeling in thongs or G-strings never even entered my imagination beforehand.

Cherish and Ultra were among my early discoveries, once I'd embarked upon the search for 'moar', along with the other Dreams girls like Oceane, Katy, Dany etc, (not to mention Zhenya from Vladmodels, wow 0o0). I found the searching itself became almost obsessive, as the more I found, the more I found that there was more to be found, if that isn't too grammatically mangled.

>endless rabbit hole porn sites of links to links to links
Yup, it was during one of those sessions that I landed on the Liliana pic in my OP.
Something like
>seen before, boring

>>50777 (trips checked)
Highly envious of you all, and humbly resign myself to the fate of forever being a newfag! 1.44Mb disks though, I remember them coming into my working life at the time, boggling to think that, these days, a single 'Silver' studios image would struggle to fit onto one of those.
>I don't consider it a downfall though
Yes, almost as soon as I typed that it didn't feel quite right, so I hedged with 'enlightenment'. At the time though it felt like a downfall, a move to some kind of dark side, as I was steeped in the MSM propaganda about "pedo-monsters/child-killing psychopaths".
>> No. 50840
File 15247663794.jpg - (511.85KB , 1335x2000 , IMG_9692.jpg )
mine was lolitassmile but i haven't seen any for years from that site...i would love to see some...any ideas where to find some from that ancient site...much appreciated...now i spend tons of time on rajce
>> No. 50856
File 152478047833.jpg - (108.95KB , 614x867 , VanCover.jpg )
Around 1996, like others have mentioned, I stumbled upon This girl, while surfing some teen porn sites. And that's when I knew!

Over the next few years, I insatiably combed USENET with a dialup modem and downloaded everything I could find. In doing so, I discovered Black Cat Scans, then LSMagazine!!! That was it for me.
>> No. 50892
I knew what I wanted to see when I first got the internet.I had seen on the news the internet was full of "girls". I did not know how to find it search after search yielded nothing.Then out of the blue a pop-up from L.S. Studio. A gallery of about 5 complete sets.The first was a beautiful girl from 911.I could not believe what I was seeing.In my wildest dreams I could not have imagined what I was seeing.I started shaking I almost passed out. I think L.S.Studio was the best thing ever to be on the internet!
>> No. 50994
File 152481482947.jpg - (53.22KB , 373x420 , pic.jpg )
Few years ago I was looking for a gift for my niece, the I enter to a online store, enter in the kids/girls section and I stumble upon into pic related, from that day I start to look for girls swimwear pictures until I find an small thumbnail of an LS girl that took me to 4chan/b/ in the time CP was posted and was un-moderated for hours. And don't look back.
>> No. 50997
File 152481637233.jpg - (78.23KB , 499x696 , imgsrc_ru_55595966eDc.jpg )
I've been fapping to pics of young girls since I was about 12. Never knew it was "wrong" until a couple years later. Then, it was weekly ads and store catalogs. Got my first computer in 2000 and was looking up "kids swimsuits" or something and stumbled onto "pauljonesphotography" (later "pjcrew") and immediately fell in love with Emily. Lost all that years ago. Later, found this pic and others like it, and was like holy shit, TOPLESS girls? All downhill from there.
>> No. 51075
File 152484207555.jpg - (75.10KB , 563x768 , 1094338181.jpg )
I would die on a Russian beach , all those topless gymnast lolis :D
>> No. 51077
File 152484297129.jpg - (164.19KB , 1440x960 , show-020-086.jpg )
Black Bart,you're not alone sir ! I was amazed at the quality of LS stuff, closeups of little girls holes and the models always seem to be enjoying it !
>> No. 51397
LS-Girl-078. It was back in the napster/Limewire days, I downloaded her UFO set by accident, it was inside a music folder I downloaded. There was a Vicky video there too. I was very scared so I deleted it but It sent me on a downward spiral.
I already knew though, I watched a lot of Lizzie McGuire and was attracted to Lilith from Darkstalkers.
>> No. 51432
File 152491116379.jpg - (124.86KB , 671x800 , JtK_OMG.jpg )
I first saw this girl around 2000 and thought it was Anna Chlumsky. Then I realized it was this girl named Jessica whose site was basically just a photo album for her relatives, a few pages of pics from her Spice Girls-themed birthday party. Then she started doing sets and videos as Jessi the Kid. I soon came to know and love Molli, Stacy Starlet and the Lil Ambers along with countless others.
Nearly two decades later I still LOVE this smile.
>> No. 51457
File 152491861432.jpg - (184.07KB , 611x759 , burda.jpg )
Main was before internet, it was kids section in Burda fashion magazine. There were little girls in their underwear. No chance i can find the particular picture so i post a random one But I still remember it.
>> No. 51472
File 152492183098.jpg - (161.49KB , 1024x768 , angelica11.jpg )
mine was part my own childhood (stuff happened to me and sis and we loved it)
so i was into loli and on a loli board, and someone spammed it with cp and a chat link.
the text was 'this is what you really want' and a link to the chat. 4 years ago i left because i got uneasy at some changes, and the whole place went down 6 months later. i trashed 1tb usb drive of hc sorted cp mostly movies.
>> No. 51486
I also remember shaking after discovering pics of little girls. Like, I'd see a pic or video of LS or other models and felt like a strong rush of energy inside me. Nothing else ever made me feel this way. And even today, many years later, i get this sensation, although not as extreme.
Anyone know why this happens?
My ex-gf who was also into little girls would feel similar way, she said she couldn't control her orgasm and usually would feel dizzy and cum in less than a min if we watched little girls together.
>> No. 51941
Yes, I remember these old magazins and catalogs. Maybe my first experience with CP.
>> No. 52070
What about "downfalling" in real life? It happens that i have two really sweet nieces. 6yr and 8yr old, blonde long hair, blue eyes, great thin bodies, look like real dolls and every time they're around they wear those damn short skirts and i get to see their panties because they always spread legs. Couple of years ago they even peed in front of me, their mom was there with me too and she thought it's funny and i got to see their smooth puffy pussies. I almsot fainted at first. And not that long ago the older one wanted to show me an app on her phone so she sat on my lap. I played with her long hair and got a chance to feel her here and there while she was busy talking about apps and i even felt her ass rubbing on me. That same night i just couldn't resist and had to jerk imagining threesome with my nieces, for the first time. I came like a horse thinking about that, but felt guilty later. It's so wrong but feels so amazing. Of course in real life i would never do that.
>> No. 52229
>before brain can say "WTF" knob hares up, like rock-solid
>my cock knew what it wanted more than anything we had seen before
>I'd see a pic or video of LS or other models and felt like a strong rush of energy inside me
>I came like a horse thinking about that
Is this how normal people feel towards other adults? I've always wondered if pedos have some kind of heightened sexuality, but obviously I can't just go up to somebody and ask them.


>> No. 52283
File 152507963316.jpg - (156.61KB , 658x583 , 1524650359196.jpg )
I don't know what's going on on the brain level but it's a feeling and sensation that cannot be compared to anything else. I'm speaking for myself of course.
Is it a heightened sexuality or even beyond mere sexuality? I just don't know.
I have a story that kinda explains what I mean. I'll cut it short, think I even wrote it down in detail on some other board before.

When I was around 20 and pretty much still a normie, watching mainstream porn and all of that, I ended up spending some time and babysitting a 6 year old girl.

She was sitting next to me and whispering into my ear random things, like cartoons she watched. Wasn't just her soft whispering voice, but also her lips touching my ears, like little kisses. Before I could even react or say anything I got paralyzed. I'm not overexaggerating at all! I couldn't speak - my voice totally cracked - and my body quivered uncontrollably. You guys probably know what's ASMR? Well it was like that but thousand times more tense. Imagine an orgasm flowing through your whole body and it just keeps going and going, you can't really talk and your body movement is limited. All of the senses were like in heaven and this was just from her whispering and slightly kissing my ear. I had several girlfriends and I haven't felt anything even close to that, no matter how good sex was, and it was amazing. But first experience was literally beyond that, on a whole new level. It felt almost spiritual.
This was couple of years before I got internet and discovered preteen models and realized what I love. Little girls have this natural ability to enchant men and make them feel something that's probably a peak for a human being, a true heaven on earth beyond any mere sexual act.

I used to wonder why is that. I won't get deep into conspiracies here, but I think there's a reason why is little girl love considered greatest taboo and evil in modern age. It's a mass social engineering and conditioning tied closely with the rise of feminism. Sexuality is inversed, like everything else in our age. It became this visceral, animalistic porn fetish. A parody of purity and spiritual experience of love. And when so called "pedos" break this conditioning, they feel this urge of energy, like seeing for the first time. That rush is the result of breaking the conditioning and restoring the original state of mind and soul. You see, "pedophilia" is a buzzword purposefully created to condition our minds. "Pedophilia" doesn't exist. "Teen" is another invented category of modernity popularized by hollywood since the 1950s. They are all spells of social engineers and sophists. When you say pedophilia, people's first association will be a rapist or a monster. But rapists are exactly that - rapists and monsters.
There's a reason why were females by the age of 12 viewed as completely adult and mature up until the rise of secular, anti-spiritual feminist modernity.
I recommend everyone to contemplate on these mind-games and see through the "matrix".
>> No. 52298
File 152508792721.jpg - (145.89KB , 682x1024 , cherish1.jpg )
OP here, was half-hoping things wouldn't get too deeply into the psychology stuff; all too often those kind of discussions become circular, with disruptive drive-by's from lurking antis.

For myself, I know that the impact of my first discovery set up a fierce internal dialog between the moral conditioning of my higher brain, "This is so wrong" and the deeper, instinctive, almost hormonal response of "I really like this". Took some time to resolve that one! Looking back I realized that part of it was my rejection of what the adult porn industry was serving up as 'attractive', 'hot' and 'desirable'. Botox lips, silicone tits and relief maps of the Grand Canyon between their legs... just ain't doing it for me guys! Kind of related to
>Sexuality is inversed
not just inversed but commoditized; packaged, commercialized and marketed back at us as a consumable, and if you don't like the product then you're mad/bad/sad. The number of glibertarians I've got into online arguments with when I point out that a true free market-based economy would have a thriving and open child-modeling industry...

Pic-related is my first-ever sighting of Cherish.
>> No. 52299
52298 That is my favourite pic of Cherish
showing off her beautiful backside, I prefer her
at that age as later she became quite hairy down under which I'm not keen on.
>> No. 52301
>quite hairy down under which I'm not keen on
Agree, even some of the older LS models with obvious shaving stubble can be a boner-killer.
>> No. 52992
What a tingle I got when I first downloaded an LS set
it was the redhead in the field in a green bikini
which comes off to give fantastic views, enjoying the closeups I had to shop a couple of images which showed flies on her close to her pussy and
bumhole ! Later I saw the set with the green ballet type dress , superb. She doesn't seem to have done many sets unfortunately.
>> No. 52993
File 15254323366.jpg - (115.54KB , 867x1300 , IMG_1425.jpg )
This girl will always be my favorite Laney ALA is a goddess
>> No. 53006
What a lovely piece of ass!
>> No. 53147
Been luriking for a while. Damn, you're all making me realize how new I am. For me, it was probably around 2006-7ish. I was in 8th grade and I was downloading porn for my new mp4 player on limewire. I ended up finding a file with a name like "13yrfingersherself.mp4" and I thought "Finally, something around my age!." Instant diamonds. After that I dove in. I didn't want to watch grannies, I wanted something sexy and young like me! I started downloading as much as I could of off limewire. I'm honestly suprised I never got big brother knocking at my door, limewire was dangerous. I didn't even know it was illegal back then until my dad found my stash and told me I had to delete it and stop downloading, that it could get him into big legal trouble.
So I did for a few a couple years until I got my own computer, I didn't know where to find any after limewire was gone anyways. Then I learned about encrypting and programs like Onion and Freenet, and I dove back in. And as I grew up the urge for it never left.

Though that was just my first encounter with cp, I'd had experience with kids before that since I was sexualy active since 10-11ish.
Some girls down the street had a pedo mom, though I didn't know at the time, and they taught me lots of things when we'd play in the woods. I'm glad that my stupid kid self never told anyone about our sessions in the woods. Those years with those sisters are found memories, sadly their mom somehow got caught one day and they were gone forever. I KNOW they were happy back then, because of that I've always been red pilled on this subject.
>> No. 53155
Laney is so hot ❤
>> No. 53170
File 152549293331.jpg - (147.87KB , 867x1300 , IMG_4531.jpg )
>> No. 53188
File 15255105007.jpg - (1.27MB , 2136x2848 , 1412633975943.jpg )
who could resost ?
>> No. 53763
What was the video link
>> No. 57433
Who is her? Do you have more? Or at least do you know more about her?

Also: More Laney!
>> No. 57458
File 152609557695.jpg - (149.28KB , 867x1300 , IMG_5262.jpg )
>> No. 57461
File 152610165175.jpg - (134.49KB , 1300x867 , IMG_1146.jpg )
>> No. 57462
File 152610168515.jpg - (153.24KB , 867x1300 , IMG_1144.jpg )
>> No. 57463
File 152610172288.jpg - (140.61KB , 867x1300 , IMG_1251.jpg )
>> No. 57464
File 152610182357.jpg - (61.79KB , 549x686 , IMG_1843.jpg )
I swear on everything that this is a Jennifer lawerance when she was young
>> No. 57602
Hmm... This angle breaks the immersion.
Srsly that 1st shot.. I swear she looked pretty much 1 to 1 as someone I know IRL (and 2005 also matches)

And thanks for Laney. She's way too pretty for that (maybe just my type, IDK)
>> No. 60842
this sweet fuck toy was the fist child porn i ever seen. after i blew a huge wad i dedicated my life to the greatest thing ever ,being a pedophile. i have 6 little girls under my belt (i only got to fuck one though she was 7 (in her ass)
>> No. 60891
File 152717865792.jpg - (298.10KB , 512x768 , 1524599988842.jpg )
>> No. 61073
You make it sound like its illegal!!??
>> No. 64146

who is she?
>> No. 75709
For me, three stand out: Liliana, Laura B,and lsm 8 vids. Latest obsession is Alice from Polar Lights.
>> No. 75717
I stumbled upon cp one day 17 years ago and never looked back i work at a shoping mall veryday some little girl opens her legs and i get to see her panties it just seems to happen
i have never touche any child in a sexual way but i love finding chat vids of preteen girls seeking attention they never disappoint
>> No. 75812
You guys had a pic trigger it? My girlfriend had me watching her best friends kids one night. A couple of boys, maybe 3 and 4. And a girl about 5. She stretched out on the couch with her back to the boys and laid her head in my lap. So, I started caressing her and the next thing I knew, my hand was in her pants and she wasn't complaining. She even let me watch her pee, though she wouldn't let me lick her dry. After a few years and a few more girls, the laws started to get tough on pedophiles and I stopped touching the little ones. It's only since I came here that I worked out why some girls can be touched. I might add that the little girl had already been trained by an uncle. The other girls, except one, were already trained by someone they knew when they were younger.

The exception? I was sitting at a friends house who had, you guessed it, 2 boys and a 4 year old girl. The girl was in a dress and backed into my lap, so I made a seat with both hands. She didn't complain, so I put a finger inside her little pussy. She looked up at me and smiled and never said a word. Both her parents were in the room. I enjoyed her for almost 2 years before she didn't want to do it anymore. Her parents even had me babysit the kids a few times. I shudder to think about how much trouble I could have gotten into. But what a blissful time that was.
>> No. 75824
You still could there is no statute of limitations on that stuff be careful man. I have never done anything only looked at pictures and even then my tastes are pretty tame by this sites standards.
>> No. 75866
yes me too, i think it was Laura B in shorts
on the couch
>> No. 76339
I had a similar situation a very long time ago with my best friends brothers girlfriends little girl. She had two kids from a previous marriage a boy 5 and a girl 4. When I was first introduced to my best friends brother we got along as if we had know each other for years. We sat at the kitchen table and began to play cards using match sticks as poker chips. The little girl, so cute with big blue eyes and golden hair and tiny baby teeth. She must have sensed something about me and climbed up from under the table and into my lap. I felt a bit strange and somewhat uncomfortable but no one in the room seemed to care or notice. I reached down to reposition her on my lap and her legs spread open across my lap and she put my hand between her legs and smiled at me. She pressed my hand against her pussy and began to move it in a rubbing motion. She must have been molested before and knew she liked having her pussy rubbed. Before I knew it, my hand was inside her pants and I could feel her warm, moist, bald little slit. This went on for 6 years and us guys would always get together at his house to play cards and drink. When it was time for bed, she would ask me to read her a story before bed. The kids both slept in the same room on bunk beds with her on the top bunk. It was so effortless for me to gain access to her pussy since she had already prepared herself by not wearing anything under her nightgown and laying there with it already pulled up beyond her bellybutton under the covers. I wish I could bring those days back again.
>> No. 76352
Yes, today there is no statute of limitations. Back then, there was. I've been assured by a lawyer who specializes in this that the statute expired for me over 10 years ago. The government cannot pass laws retrospectively UNLESS IT'S SOPA/PIPA. That means they can't make up laws to punish you for what you did when there wasn't a law, as well as not being able to change the statute on you after you've committed the crime.

NB: I am not a lawyer, but I have consulted a lawyer on this as it applies to me and my specific situation. This is not legal advice.
>> No. 76353
And don't forget Clarissa Explains It All!!!!!
>> No. 76354

Yes. That's pretty much me. I love little girls, but somehow I'm wired so that that love reaches the sexual part of my brain. I've talked this over with my daughter (whom I never touched) and we've come to the conclusion that since it runs for at least several generations back, this is a gene-related problem.
>> No. 76638
The moderator said "UNLESS IT'S SOPA/PIPA."

I'm sorry, but I don't understand. Who was prosecuted for something they did before SOPA/PIPA laws were passed. I can understand why you would know what's about, but I simply don't. ---Note that my "retrospectively" comment doesn't mean that they passed a law that prohibits you from continuing to do something. It's only concerned with punishing you for doing something that was legal when you did it.
>> No. 101985
>> No. 101986
>> No. 101996
File 154346865458.jpg - (168.74KB , 1280x960 , kK7qP.jpg )
Back in the good old 2007 days of JJAM and chan4chan I found the inimitable, controversial and scandalous 13 year old sherri-model ..and I fapped myself red and sore for years afterward..she and her right tit with the little black mole still give me lover's nuts..
>> No. 102048
File 154348392632.jpg - (169.14KB , 784x1175 , ZLTHR.jpg )
she was my fav
>> No. 102077
File 154349824570.jpg - (168.72KB , 659x923 , 007.jpg )
Victoria. First saw her set (outside by a wall) in the mid nineties...never got over it.

Took almost 20 years, I think I have seen all the pics she is in.
>> No. 102140
File 154350253765.jpg - (404.01KB , 1333x2000 , 1fEBSSX.jpg )
Lolly 2 was my obsession since I saw her for the first time years ago...I then though her amazing butt could be photoshopped...She was the cause of my crazy fapping adiction to CP idols, which I am enjoying happily even today...let´s go on cumming hard on them, friends...
>> No. 102160
File 154350759921.jpg - (431.12KB , 1181x800 , 0VG1.jpg )
Vogue Bambini, not too many pictures of girls per issue but in a world without internet it's vital. Igor Borisov seemed to love taking pictures of tiny cuties who looked great in black leather and boots.
>> No. 102210
dude, she's hot
what set and studio is she?
looks familiar but cant' recognize her well
>> No. 102270
File 154352102741.jpg - (45.94KB , 600x800 , s019-27 copy.jpg )
Mandi, or as she was known on Usenet at the time, "Princess Bubble Butt"
>> No. 102275
I remember her and the controversy that was involved which I could never really figure out all her pics were very tame.
She really was pretty much the first web model. Before Sandra, Webeweb, etc.
>> No. 102301
>>102160 Who is she?
>> No. 102383
File 154355981496.jpg - (45.96KB , 408x595 , b7488.jpg )
While I have always adored every female (until they might prove to be a witch), I've had normal relationships with adult females. I only acquired an appreciation for the beauty of girls when my daughters became legit child models, and I met dozens of girls who looked like

BTW, my younger daughter was a cover model for Vogue Bambini, and I know girls who went on to be on the covers of Teen Vogue, Vogue, Cosmopolitan and other magazines. I wish there was still a place to appreciate their beauty without the porn prevalent here.
>> No. 102384
When is 144 going to be back up? Its been down for several weeks.
>> No. 102385
144 has been up for months
must be blocked by your isp
>> No. 102505
Hey maybe I am late to the discussion here but first thanks for the compliment I am glad I sort of inspired you. For me it was definitely an Oceane picture. (For some reason it won’t let me post here because of duplicate posts) but it was one from her fourth set. The one in which she is completely top less and wearing a red bottom. Don’t remember exactly how I found it but I think I had maybe casually searched young models before but still mainly got off to adult porn. Somehow I found a blogspot that had full sets of her posted right on the site. (Remember the good old days folks). Anyway saw her pic and instantly fell in love. Never before had I seen a young girl so casually pose naked before. I mean she looked like a professional model only young. Her pictures and demeanor were not creepy like a lot of the stuff we see. She genuinely looked happy to be naked and showing herself to the world. That was it my life has never been the same since. (You can check out the pic in my Oceane thread just search a few pages here and you should find it pretty easily). Thanks and enjoy hearing and seeing peoples “origin” stories.
>> No. 102635
File 154365178760.jpg - (66.19KB , 680x684 , 08700.jpg )
I'm trying to remember exactly when it started for me & I think it was years back, around 2008. I was living with a surrogate family & somehow stumbled upon Limewire. On top of finding Limewire, I found out that people were sharing child porn on there. So I'm gonna say it was most likely Vicky that started it for me because she was pretty prominent on there at the time. I think it was the video where "Hit me baby one more time" was playing.
>> No. 103326
File 154382074726.jpg - (288.75KB , 1440x956 , lsbar-010a-004.jpg )
Apologies in advance for gravedigging.

my First: I was browsing normie porn on rabbit hole sites and this girl was the first preteen model I ever saw. My poor cock got rock hard the second I saw her. I felt in my stomach a way I've never felt and I could barely breathe.

When I stroked I felt like I was going to cum almost instantly so I edged. It was painful and so much pleasure at the same time all to one pic. My heart and cock couldn't handle the pressure and I soon figured out I never want to cum to this girl. Instead I will ruin every orgasm I have to her.

Since then any angel I come across I realize my ruined orgasms keep them from fading and keep me interested. I blow 5 to 6 ruined orgasms in 10 minutes and I'm covered in cum and still horny.

To me this is the best way to reserve a girl you love just Jack off right before you cum and take your hand off then repeat. I do this so much and for me it's way better than cumming and losing momentary interest.
>> No. 103329
so true
>> No. 103342

I am an absolute child panty FIEND. I enjoy being filmed buying 5 panty packs of Disney panties at the Self-Serve Checkout!
>> No. 103343

I am an absolute child panty FIEND. I enjoy being filmed buying 5 panty packs of Disney panties at the Self-Serve Checkout!
>> No. 103933
File 154397379029.jpg - (115.93KB , 667x1000 , IMG_5660.jpg )
For sure it was Lolly, so long ago
>> No. 103950
"Panty fiend" 😆 love it
>> No. 104053
One sunny afternoon about 10 years ago, my dad yelled at me to stop looking up little girl's skirts at a family picnic. I was 19.
>> No. 104565
File 154417808346.jpg - (84.03KB , 1024x638 , 1444238029_miss.jpg )
It started when I was 12. I was bored with gross adult women and wanted to find porn of girls my own age, and I somehow managed to stumble onto one of those junior nudist websites. And then I just never stopped being attracted to the "girls my age"
>> No. 104568
I so agree
>> No. 104581
File 154418065093.jpg - (21.21KB , 332x500 , 154413137322s.jpg )
maybe her...one of so many :)
>> No. 104583
>>104581 Who is she?
>> No. 104817
Who is she???
As her name is printed in the upper left corner and the lower right corner of the photo, she is a hint you need you eyes checked with maybe a thick pair of coke bottle glasses in your future.
>> No. 104829
>> No. 105389
To add to my previous post, I spent hours, on dialup, just to download a few pix, sight unseen, from BBS/Usenet (there were no thumbnails on usenet). Several years later, when wifi/high speed internet was born, things changed dramatically!

I have taken several breaks, of many years, and suffered a couple of computer/HD crashes, so I lost a lot of early shit. But, I'm content with what I have now.

This photo was one of the first underage nude girls I ever found, but it was HER, that made me realize who I was! Then came more Borboulon, Black cat, LS and BDco. I lost most of that around 2005. I threw out 99% of what I had when I got remarried... I only had a few CD's of my most coveted pics.

About 3 years ago, I was surfing the web for photos, ... of something I can't remember... and saw a photo of Sonya M, wearing a leopard outfit and boots. My jaw dropped and I realized, that I needed more of her. At the bottom of the photo, I saw the CandyDoll logo. I searched until I found more... I discovered that Sonya wasn't even the best of Candydolls! I found Allisa, Valensiya, Laura, Elona and BELLA!!!! OMFG! I spiralled down the rabbit hole at warp speed!

...NOW, here I am.
>> No. 108610
File 154549094169.jpg - (176.57KB , 856x1280 , 56669898_m105_s142_39.jpg )
this girl was my demon, i was 13 years old when i found her casualy,i was surfing searching for a scientist called laurent and she pop up, i stare at her and star masturbating,i masturbate for hours, there was a 9 yr old girl in my block that looks like her, so i went to a mall bought a little bikini and convince the little girl to try it out, she doies and i start masturbating for her, she helps me, the worst masturbation of my life... she was to clumsy and harm my dick, lol
>> No. 108660
Can someone tell me where to get this?
>> No. 108675
I tried to upload the set, its only 5mb zip but it gave me an error for filetype
>> No. 108721
I can^t download from that server
it always reload the page
>> No. 108731
It was a pic of Sandra which I stumbled upon which had me search out the set and got me so hard, I started wanking over the set and it was like a knee trembler cum. I couldnt believe what I had found but then discovered LS Studio and I was hooked. The preteen on the bookcase was a fav of mine, but most of the preteens are great. I then went on to find pthc which just blew me away and my constantly hard cock. Since then I have had plenty of really good stroking sessions helped by preteens posing with their legs wide open. While flat chested adult females occasionally catch my interest, preteens are my choice for a cock stroking session. All helped by your excellent Chan.
>> No. 108837
My "downfall" (I do NOT consider it like a downfall, but like a blessing) didn't happen because of a picture. Nor because of a video. But because of my precocious sexual intereting. At the age of 7 I was craving for touching and licking pussies. Well my craving for sex happened much earlier, was masturbating and trying to suck my own cock at the age of.. four, alone in the laundry, I was so inexperienced, I didn't understand anything back then... Which is what I fucking did. There was this cute girl around my age, with that fine ass. I forced her to lick my small kiddie cock. I licked of pussy. Put my cock on about all the parts of her body. I loved it. Loved it so much I kept forcing her again and again other months. I was 8 I guess. It continued with one year. Maybe two.

Then it stopped. I was a teenager. Started watching hard porn and hentai at the age of 10 or 11 when I'd access to a computer and internet. Before than that it was crypted channels on the TV or erotic shows at midnight.

Then at some point I came accross kiddie porn and modeling stuff. Was already into lolicon from the start anyway, therefore it was plain simple natural for me.

Slutty Oceane Dreams with her pretty ass and slutty face must've have been the very first for me. Or maybe it was straight CP. I can't remember. It was a very long time ago. I was so young. 12 maybe.

I've always craved for little girls pussies. Since I was a kid. So in the and there was no downfall to begin with.

I simply type "PTHC" in Google and fapped to any fucking content I came across. I could never have enough of it.

My early years crush with Liliana, Cherish, Valya, Oceane, Ultra, Laura, Vicky and Tara. Still about the same to this day. Especially Liliana, I've always dreamed to watch a scene of a big cocked dude ramming her helpless asshole. She has the finest ass I've ever seen. And her asshole, that her thing thong barely covered on the some sets, looked to tasty. So unique. It looked like a hole that had been gaped widely. I still dream of her being a slutty anal princess. Moaning like the dirty slut the seemed to be when she as a very fuckable preteen.
>> No. 108909
candy doll Laura and Valensiya started me off, then fell to AMS lilliana, even further after finding LS island and finally this triforce
>> No. 108959
File 154557788230.jpg - (330.46KB , 1600x1200 , 529.jpg )
This also one of the girls who got me hard and interested in underage pussy, there are a number of pics in the set but this one I like and stroke to.
>> No. 108967
More of her?

Anyway, Sandra was and is my demon. I can't ever get enough of her.
>> No. 108990
She is a Dutch girl in my country. There are also photos of her naked with Dutch numberplate car behind her .
>> No. 108991
She is a Dutch girl in my country. There are also photos of her naked with Dutch numberplate car behind her .
>> No. 109160
File 154561362677.jpg - (57.83KB , 614x819 , s041-023.jpg )
well sorry I dont know how to help you
I put the link in jdownloader and got in in a few hours
>> No. 109382
thank you anyway
>> No. 112840
File 154655839536.jpg - (599.84KB , 1168x1752 , 542a9aeb60383.jpg )
As I posted earlier it was Sandra who got me hooked on preteen pics and into the rest..she still does it for me and I occasionally stroke off to one of her pics..although some are showing her at an age which is just outside my normal interest she is still boner good..
>> No. 121318
shes known as wilhelm's daughter on GAP
>> No. 121359
File 155011887735.jpg - (560.10KB , 1667x1320 , 152996473263.jpg )
She had a good mentor.
>> No. 121360
File 155011922414.jpg - (1.90MB , 1692x1874 , Many Ages.jpg )
It was Oxi for me.
>> No. 121374
File 15501249723.jpg - (1.68MB , 1696x2544 , va034x16.jpg )
This little bitch was my awakening. What a sexy girl. I could lick every part of her body and then start over again. Just look at her. What man in his right mind would not want to ravish her?

After I downloaded every pic of her (and yes, I know her real name and know exactly who she is. I even have a rare interview with her and her mom. Do you? ) I thought back in my life and all the little girl contacts that I have had. I thought they were normal. I thought every guy lusted after preteens and played flirt games with them. But I guess not.

I am an attractive man and I do have women going after me my whole life. I have fucked about a thousand of them by now but I rejected so many. I'd much rather fuck their daughters. I fucked a lot of these single mom old bags just so I could give their daughter a long sweet good night kiss. It's funny how the old bags think they're still sexy.

Once they hit 15, kick them to the curb.
>> No. 121530
File 155019625654.jpg - (91.36KB , 959x575 , 1.jpg )
>>108959 This would be a sensational pic if not for the asinine dildo she's being forced to hold.
>> No. 121763

Fuck she's perfect. I love seeing young, skinny bodies showing off in bikinis... Pics like this were my downfall too... Once I saw Laura B in her skimpy bikini, the average non nude stuff did nothing for me... I needed to see younger and more skin, especially if they were showing off their mound/camel toe
>> No. 121779

You're way off on those ages, pal. What you have listed as 18 & 19 were actually done at age 15 in 2011. She was 11 when she started at Vladmodels in 2007.
>> No. 121852
Shit dude Liliana has some of the best thong slips. Whats hot about here from a young age all the up to here late teens she never seems to loose the innocence.
>> No. 136813
File 155519106466.jpg - (647.91KB , 1200x1800 , zjnguiq5xqq8.jpg )
Laura B set in the cat girl outfit would love to find the full UN-sensored set she reminds me of my little niece Tina which i had fond memories of our summers at the lake she is grown now and talks to me so randomly Laura B i would love to make love to her for an entire weekend
>> No. 136857
File 155520405950.jpg - (52.42KB , 582x1024 , alissa la niña putita tmv.jpg )
esta niña desde que la conosi es mi inspiración para pajearme seve bien rica y sexy así vestida
>> No. 136858
File 155520417844.jpg - (360.79KB , 669x1000 , alissa la niña putita micro mini falda.jpg )
>> No. 136883
Yo derrame un mar de semen por Liliana, Tania Y157 y Ultra ... Y hoy lo hago por las nenas de star sessions
>> No. 136890
Mine was some naturist pics of girls around 12ish from some site called habitantesadolescents or some shit. This was back in like early 2000s. It was literally a .com domain. Anyways I eventually got caught by a family member and though they didnt tell they are constantly suspicious of me...
>> No. 136938
It was in the early 80s - At the bookstore I saw an issue of Sonnenfreunde - Junge Welt der Nackten. On the frontpage was a nude girl at the age around 13-14 (was 16 myself). That instantly makes my dick hard and I had to buy the mag.
>> No. 136942
Then I was off for almost 40 years - a few weeks ago I found on old issue in a suitcase - was like an ignition - after a little research i found this site and i am back home and lost forever...
>> No. 136944
Part 2 is missing:
At home I realized that the mag was full of boys and girls. And then I found out that the fav age for me is is 9-12. Hairless pussies and little cocks makes me extreme horny and I reach intense orgasm by looking at their pix..First I feel ashamed but the feeling was too good. In the next 2 years I collect every issue of the mag...

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