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/hebe/ ~ Asian Video Samples From My Collection
File acrobat1.mp4 - (7.21MB )
53581 No. 53581
Made recently a compilation of my fav SCDV moments, otherwise known as "Secret Junior Acrobat" series, so I thought to share them here, maybe someone likes it. I had to split them into several shorter vids and reduce their quality to fit the 8mb limit. In total 16:30min or 11 parts. I used only girls that I like (read: younger ones), so not all volumes will be presented.

There's something that makes me go back to watching these. Don't know much about the background, but seems they were made outside of Japan, possibly China. Production is different from regular idol, it feels more "natural" and sexual. Girls are probably not even Japanese but Chinese, not standard idols or models, but every day girls, although quite flexible. I love their petite, doll-like bodies and personally think they're cute. What they all have in common are amazingly shaped asses, due to regular exercise.

Anyways, let's get started. After finishing SCDV I plan sharing some other samples from my collection.
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>> No. 76332
File 468.webm - (6.13MB )
And here we get to see skinny girl's tight ass as she is still getting rubbed. What a sexy thin body and firm butt. Love how she proudly squeezes her butt cheeks at the end for us.
Can't even imagine how soft their skin will feel like that night...
>> No. 76333
File 469.webm - (4.98MB )
A quick posing after the rub. A just love these two, they make a perfect pair for a fun time.
Love the way girl in pink looked at herself in the mirror at 12sec. Sexy lips.
>> No. 76334
File 470.webm - (6.61MB )
A milky shower.
>> No. 76335
File 471.webm - (4.10MB )
Milk shower pt 2.
>> No. 76341
File 472.webm - (7.52MB )
As skinny girl takes shower we get to enjoy more of her sexy body. And few really close slips down there, especially at 26 seconds in.
>> No. 76346
File 473.webm - (7.14MB )
And the final one. I just edited few interesting moments from the end of the video.
>> No. 76441
Full video please
>> No. 76479
File Hiro82.webm - (4.52MB )
Sorry, full vids are too big for me here, but I've got them from this board couple of days ago. It's called Laspinas and 2 volumes are posted. You can find them, they're here somewhere.

Riko Kawanishi is coming soon, and some other surprises but in the meantime let us enjoy a very sweet girl Hiro Konno. She is wearing a school uniform with a very short skirt, just how every good little Asian girl should, so we can enjoy their soft white panties.
>> No. 76480
File Hiro82a.webm - (3.87MB )
We've all seen famous ''crawling up the stairs on all fours'' scene million times repeated in numerous adult movies, but when it's done by a loli like Hiro in this case, wearing a short skirt, it's on a whole new level.
>> No. 76482
File Hiro82b.webm - (5.13MB )
Hiro wears a bikini and slowly climbs up the window.
Wish she stayed longer in that middle position with one leg up after the 3 seconds in, the pose is very inspiring.
>> No. 76484
File Hiro82c.webm - (3.13MB )
Culmination of the window scene with Hiro lifting one leg up several times. Very, very lovely but the next scene in red is super hot and reminds of good old Secret Junior Acrobat series which inspired me to start this whole thread. So make sure to not miss future posts :)
>> No. 76507
File Hiro82Red.webm - (5.88MB )
This scene reminds me a lot of Secret Junior Acrobat material, which is one of the reasons why I included this dvd. Could be that they're produced by same company?
Hino is in hotel room wearing very revealing outfit and plays on a large bed. Few risque moments here and there, well worth our attention and much better than standard junior idol material that plays too safe.
>> No. 76508
File Hiro82Red2.webm - (5.85MB )
Doesn't she look so adorable on that bad?
>> No. 76511
File Hiro82Red3.webm - (5.73MB )
Asian lolis have a very unique talent. One moment they look like sexiest, boner inducing dolls, only to look completely clueless and cute in next one. Hiro shows this exact talent. Notice how in first 15 seconds of this clip she looks like every day, clueless innocent cutie that you just want to cuddle with all night. Then look how at 16sec in the sudden change on her face, as she assumes that sexy pose. So hot!

Then for the rest of this clip she lays on tummy and jiggles that juicy loli ass.
>> No. 76512
File Hiro82Red4.webm - (6.25MB )
This scene just keeps on giving.
The subtle turn at 14 seconds and view of Hiro's ass. The look she gives us and then striking pose at 25th second, showing us her curves...
Second half of this clip I better not comment. 1:08 - 1:09 this where I usually have to pause and take a break.
>> No. 76514
File Hiro82Red5.webm - (6.98MB )
Approaching the end of this lovely scene. Hiro now lays sideways, looking just perfect for some intimate, close up loving. Pause on 5th second for a nice shot. Personally, this was always one of my favorite positions.
After 24 seconds we get to enjoy more of her amazing bubbly ass. Absolute delight.
>> No. 76516
File Hiro82Red6.webm - (7.32MB )
And with this one ends my favorite scene of this movie. If you managed to come this far, just pause at 1:00, for an obvious money shot moment, as imagined by the producers.
>> No. 76531
Anyone have the link to the full video?
>> No. 76534
File 153445157889.jpg - (52.17KB , 1280x720 , prev123.jpg )
Here's the thread I got it from:

And a pic is a preview of that's coming soon :)
>> No. 76544
File Hiro82p.webm - (3.71MB )
Last scene with our dear Hiro. Didn't know should I include it here but after viewing it till the end, I just had to. You'll see why.
>> No. 76548
File Hiro82p2.webm - (4.57MB )
This is by far best outfit she had in the movie, logically they left it for the end. And I mean the one under, revealed in total at 15sec in. She's so yummy here.
>> No. 76551
File Hiro82p3.webm - (3.86MB )
Sexy posing and we get to see her ass completely exposed. Watching it moving left and right puts me in trance... One of the best moments of this movie, as her body looks absolutely incredible in this outfit.
>> No. 76557
File Hiro82p4.webm - (3.46MB )
Good shot at 8sec in and few near pussy slips. And last 10 secs she's just ready for it...
>> No. 76562
File Hiro82p5.webm - (6.52MB )
Aand this is it for Hiro. She is sexier than ever and shows more of her lovely ass on all fours. That pose at 14sec is what one of my female friends who shares same interest calls a ''you wouldn't even last 30sec'' pose. I think she might be right here, damn. And if that's not enough, Hiro at the end lays again on the side, revealing curvy hips good to hold while loving her from behind. And she plays with her hair and has again that apecial boner inducing look on her face. What a girl.
>> No. 76574
File 153445577972.jpg - (33.96KB , 550x412 , mog.jpg )
Soon is too far. I need that shit NOW.
>> No. 76591
File 375.webm - (7.06MB )
Girl in the preview is Komomo and movie is Summer Peach vol 3. This is frist clip from that movie. She's one of my personal favorites. Her body is extremely hot, as we shall soon see.
Also, she is known for making bit different and more risque junior idols.
I'd compare her to, let's say, Momo Shiina who is known as one of the top jr idols, with perfect body and face. However, she never managed to excite me as much as Komomo. If Momo Shiina is pure elegance, exclusivity and beauty, Komomo is natural joy and radiates pure sex.
Anyways, let's start.
>> No. 76605
File 375a.webm - (8.00MB )
She looks great in tiny red bikini.
>> No. 76608
File 375c.webm - (2.77MB )
Nice smooth pussy
>> No. 76610
File 375d.webm - (5.19MB )
For those who love 'em skinny.
>> No. 76613
File 376.webm - (7.33MB )
Komomo's body is a work of art. My guess is she's around 10 or 11 here.

Btw I have her earlier works where she was 4 years younger than in this video, they're among my favorite.
>> No. 76617
File 376b.webm - (6.74MB )
Close up shots of her skinny body in bikini, and a great ass mmm.
>> No. 76618
File 376c.webm - (5.15MB )
Scene from the preview pic, as promised.
>> No. 76622
File 153446198320.jpg - (212.86KB , 1920x1080 , Komomo.jpg )
I'll post few more previews for future.
This is younger Komomo.
>> No. 76623
File 153446203434.jpg - (214.34KB , 1920x1080 , Komomo2.jpg )
Here's another one of her, different angle.
>> No. 76624
File 153446210159.jpg - (286.95KB , 1920x1080 , Rui2.jpg )
And this is another girl called Rui.
Lots of stuff to post, but maybe some other time. Cheers!
>> No. 76630
Thanks Anonymous! Appreciate your efforts bro!
>> No. 76707
File 376d.webm - (6.61MB )
Couple more clips of Komomo from this video. Second half shows her sexy thin hips and smooth pussy lips in a very hot pose. Would be a hell of a ride.
>> No. 76708
File 376e.webm - (5.76MB )
The rest of this scene. For all loves of skinny preteens in tiny red panties revealing smooth pussy lips.
>> No. 76710
File 377.webm - (6.22MB )
Changed to turquoise bikini. Love her body.
>> No. 76711
File 377b.webm - (5.92MB )
>> No. 76714
File 377c.webm - (5.01MB )
Spankable and highly poundable ass mmm
>> No. 76715
File 377d.webm - (3.91MB )
Super hot ass on this girl.
>> No. 76716
File 377e.webm - (2.72MB )
Wet dripping pussy at 15sec in :)
This is the last clip form this movie.
>> No. 84460
>> No. 84597
These are cutouts from a NN Junior-idol video, and not even the prettiest of girls (short hair, ugh). Just so you're warned.
>> No. 104913
>Just so you're warned

Warned about what exactly, you little faggot?
Posting cp is illegal and no one forces you to watch these videos. They're posted for free as short vids just as the title suggests.

>ugly, short hair, ugh

There are at least dozens of girls posted here, from what I've seen. What short hair girl? Have you ever considered someone maybe likes what you don't like? It's all subjective, you know.

It's not enough that you come to this board to jerk off to little girls, you have to play a snobby little faggot while doing it, like a little disgusting maggot that you are, don't you?
>> No. 105348
File 154440022027.jpg - (339.76KB , 1200x1600 , suku13_oonishi01_016.jpg )
I simple would like to express my sincere appreciation for this AMAZING thread with so many little Japanese idols...THANK you very much indeed to all posters...!!!...Please, go on (despite you are obliging me to almost kill myself by non stop jerking)...!!!
>> No. 105351
the cameraman obviously are hooked on her pussy like us others!
>> No. 115005
No no>>53639
Lo no
>> No. 115035
These Videos are the getestet bullshit

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