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/hebe/ ~ Desktop Wallpapers
File 15147533401.jpg - (144.54KB , 1080x1000 , 1513731854158-2.jpg )
5497 No. 5497
would/have you ever used a loli image as your desktop picture?
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>> No. 116051
File 154764674533.jpg - (484.73KB , 1125x1969 , E86F9DA1-4E4E-4648-B989-98F14FC8F4F3.jpg )
So I was in a Rabea kind of mood today. Went shopping holding my phone out with this on it. I know some of you always say be more daring but I just felt like showing off Rabea’s tits today. Believe me it was very obvious too I made no attempt to hide my phone in fact I angled it so people could see it. I even stood in the frozen aisle to see and even from a distance her perfect tits were very visible. Some people had to see it was that obvious. Soo hot.
>> No. 116062

When you absolutely, positively have to get arrested as soon as possible...

when you can't wait for the cops to actually examine your phone...put a pic that'll get your 5 years in the penitentiary right on your Home Screen...

Is the brain damage organic or did Mama drop you on your head every time she burned her fingers on the crack pipe?
>> No. 116076
Yeah it was awesome though. Knowing that she was clearly visible to anyone who saw my phone. What a rush. I stood at the checkout right in front of the camera that's visble to everyone like at Target and angled the phone directly onto in front of it so anybody walking by would see it. What a great morning.
>> No. 116083
You just have little pea balls and I have massive huge ones.
>> No. 116084
Thinking some of these stories about boldly showing off CP on their phones are feds trying to get the impressionable ones here to try the same thing.

Not that they need to try hard. Some people have been busted for viewing CP while traveling on planes, trains and subways. There are always nosy, bored people cranking their necks trying to see what their fellow passengers are up to.
>> No. 116085
Don't know about any of that but I assure I very much went shopping this morning and I definitely was not shy about hiding my phone from people. I just like the rush. I am not stupid I know it's risky.
>> No. 116118
Dude you have balls of steel man.
>> No. 116173
Anybody else want to share their experiences?
>> No. 116222

hannah is so sexy, she's one of those models that really turned me on before I found CP cause shes always posing/dressed in a way that really teases the fact that shes being displayed sexually for men to cum to. I loved seeing little girls like that dressed and posed in a way that was clearly meant for men to look at/jack off to while jacking off thinking of fucking them
>> No. 116235
Love to see her ready to go
>> No. 116321
Man what happened to this thread? I remember when it was one of the hottest (I mean that both ways) threads here. Now it’s like hardly anyone posts here and everytime I do I get shit from people about “going to jail” or “don’t you know the Fbi is watching”.
Then I don’t post for a while and the thread gets buried under fucking nasty baby threads, fucking sick scat threads, faggot threads, or people arguing endlessly over defunct websites. Or I just have to post dumbass comments to keep it relevant.

This place is not what it was a year or two ago.

Come on people do something daring. Not asking you to do what I do but live a little. Put a sexy pic up on your desktop and share it. Or just make suggestions for others. Hell give me a crazy idea and maybe I will do it.

Let’s return this thread to glory and stop with all the really fringe stuff. Let’s just be normal pedos. (Yeah I know how that sounds).
>> No. 116323

soon a new thread will have to be started since it's getting close to the 1k limit.
>> No. 116326
File 154774897090.jpg - (490.76KB , 1908x1086 , rabea desktop.jpg )
I would love that as long as people are posting stuff. Sorry for my long comment I just get tired of all the haters and I really am disgusted with this site some days. I mean I know I go around in public with naked girls on my phone but it's never anything like some of the nasty shit that get's posted on here.

I have family visiting so I am using this one on my current pc desktop right now with them here.
>> No. 116327
It shows just enough for you to question what your seeing but not enough to really be incriminating
>> No. 116328
File 154774930763.jpg - (200.38KB , 1137x768 , 40086ec2.jpg )
I agree totally with the guy who spoke his mind regarding the terrible pedo threads on HEBE. Maybe they could educate them selves and truly understand what these chans are for. They are, too me at least, a place where I can freely express myself without fear of some power-tripping mods from 4chan deleting my account due to their judgement that a girl could be underage. I am anonymous on here, I never never never post any babies ...nor do I post scat or fakes ...that makes me one of a rare breed,sadly.
>> No. 116332
That is precisely what I was talking about. Thank you. Sadly we seem to be a dying breed. Like you I remember getting shit from other sites and forums for posting and loved this place when it first got started.
I remember there were rules like you had to at least gray out or blot out the kitties. And absolutely no PTHC. Sadly nobody follows those anymore.
BTW love the pic you posted I might make my desktop that.
>> No. 116333
File 15477500293.jpg - (49.42KB , 960x393 , 7D78F8D.jpg )
>> No. 116335
File 154775070757.jpg - (44.51KB , 600x800 , BPNn0ZxCYAASU8c.jpg )
You're welcome. I love underage girls who go with the laws of mother nature and start fucking at age 12..and showing it all on social media at age 13..but even I have my limits. Babies are in no way sexually attractive..neither is shit smelling or eating attractive...who does this stuff ? In a Darwinian society the laws would allow us to weed these genetically inferior primates from existence...I blame Walt Disney.
>> No. 116359
File 154776064152.jpg - (748.12KB , 1920x1080 , bd-wpap254.jpg )
>> No. 116362
File 154776151280.jpg - (767.78KB , 1920x1080 , bdh-wpap274.jpg )
>> No. 116363
File 154776159411.jpg - (1.17MB , 1920x1080 , bdh-wpap233.jpg )
>> No. 116367
File 154776263325.jpg - (1.95MB , 1920x1080 , lchr120.jpg )
>> No. 116369
File 154776315874.jpg - (1.40MB , 1920x1080 , bdh-wpap924.jpg )
>> No. 116371
Who is this?? She's beautiful!
>> No. 116463
File 15478012811.jpg - (166.66KB , 1040x768 , 8ba8fe4f.jpg )
>> No. 116556
File 154783773284.jpg - (529.83KB , 1125x1889 , 9CBAD07B-8000-4D2B-8609-8FE926D767F8.jpg )
>> No. 116559
So I used this one again this morning after all the fun I had had with my Rabea pic the other day. The key is to turn the brightness way up on your phone to make it really stand out.

I walked up and down the freezer aisles and Ultra's perfect ass was very very visible in the glass reflection. Then I was walking down another aisle and a guy stalking the shelves said "That's a nice ass" Nervous I just said "Thanks" and kept on going.
I don't know if he was just reacting to a bare ass or he actually knew what he was looking at either way it was hot.

Finally made my way up to the self check-outs like the other day only this time I held the phone right up to the camera lens I noticed the other day. Looking up at the screen the picture was very clearly in the screen. Anybody walking by or watching the monitor could see her. My heart pounding I kept checking out my groceries (I set my phone down but it was still visible just not as much)
I paid and left the store still holding my phone out for anybody walking past me to see. What an adventure.
>> No. 116560
The time stamp doesn't match because I didn't take a screen shot until later. And the quality is not as good because for some reason this site makes me reduce the quality to post.
>> No. 116561
The time stamp doesn't match because I didn't take a screen shot until later. And the quality is not as good because for some reason this site makes me reduce the quality to post.
>> No. 116566
File 154784013163.png - (2.89MB , 1906x1064 , Ultra dsktp.png )
Might try this one next time I have company over. It's very obvious that she is naked but you can't actually see the nipple or her ass cheek. Just the sort of side of her. I played with this for a few minutes to get it right. let me know what you guys think? Should I chance it or is it too revealing for company?
>> No. 116632
Very nice
>> No. 116634
File 154788072347.jpg - (444.47KB , 3000x2009 , 1509865002552.jpg )
I haven't thought about it but this little girl is just like the the first little girl I deflowered.
>> No. 116719
So I went ahead and used this yesterday when I had some friends over to play cards.
3 Differnt people made comments. I told them she is a porn star named Ultra XXX.

I don't think they realized she's a young girl. Or if they did they didn't say anything. But 2 of my buddies did agree that she looked hot.

I doubt they will actually go looking for her on the net and I gave them her wrong name. As soon as they left though I had a great crank thinking about them seeing a naked preteen and not even realizing.
>> No. 116803
File 154803215038.jpg - (430.65KB , 1104x1904 , A57C9AB7-9252-43A5-981E-A3F045A24016.jpg )
On my way to work soon. Tonight’s photo.
>> No. 116871
Another adventure at work and at the store this morning. I guess I am binging now and I am getting more daring than ever.

So instead of going to the self checkout I went to the only one that had a person. I set my phone down right on the side facing her. My fucking heart was pounding.
Unfortunately she started talking with some girl in the next register getting ready for her shift and never even glanced at my phone. I was both relieved and disappointed.

Anyway maybe I will work up the courage to use one of the really nasty ones people have suggested before I don't know. I took a break for a while after I was almost caught at work but the last week I have been binging hard on public showings.

Like maybe this one >>104078
>> No. 116923
File 154810187643.jpg - (411.12KB , 1918x1082 , rabeadktopp.jpg )
I can't take it anymore. I just have to push things further. I have people coming over in a few hours and I have decided to use this desktop.
I know it's fucking crazy but already my dick is hard and my heart is pounding. Don't know what I am going to say if they ask about it but I will make it very obvious to them.

Somebody talk me out of this.
Either I will let you know what happens or it's been nice knowing you all. The rush is going to be amazing even it's my last one.
>> No. 116954
>using windows and mobile devices for cp
retards. enjoy getting v&.
>> No. 116960
keep us updated, loving this!
>> No. 117063
Tried to post twice took to long and fucking pop up erased everything I typed. Goddammit.
>> No. 117076
So gonna make this short because pop ups keep fucking me up. Buddies came over saw the pic said I was a weirdo even though I am pretty sure one friend liked it. Don't think anything is going to happen to me. They did know though that they were looking at a naked little girl in fact one friend said as much. If anything they will just stop hanging with me but I doubt it.

Only thing really left to do is go full PTHC but problem is I don't really like that stuff usually I draw the line at fully naked LS Models.

I will keep you all updated. It was still incredibly hot showing a naked little girl to other people and seeing their reactions.
>> No. 117111
if using windows 10, its not enough to use encryption. you also need to delete the thumbnail cache after you open your shit to fap, if you use thumbs. or set thmbs off and have to guess what shit is what.

ccleaner can show all kinds of shit in registry with parts of file locations for torbrowser or freenet even if those are installed on encrypted partition. there are at least three registry locations which windoze compatibility uses to save what settings programs use - includes partial locations (only thing missing is drive letter but folder names and shit are there)

thats like a hardwired recent programs run list.
oh you can clean it out with regedit (ccleaner cant do shit properly) but you fuck up one time and delete the wrong entry and bam you brick the fucking comp.

you CAN use windows. you just need a shitload of tech know because you cant turn off thumb caching even on the fastest pc - i mean my shit is so fast the cached thumbs slow it down.

it helps that thumbcache files and icon cache files are all on ssd. once you delete them, and then you tell win 10 to optimise, it writes zero to all that location so it is GONE forever. but thats about the only good thing.windows does 'optimize' (uses trim on ssd) only on latest versions.

and NEVER defrag a ssd man, it can reduce the life real fast. thats why windows 10 uses trim when you tell it optimise ssd.

and thats not all. i bet there are other locations in registry or old windows files. and dont get me started on the automatical unturnoffable telemetry windows 10 wants to send out. basic is lowest you can get, not none
>> No. 117121
So what you’re saying is I am screwed. Maybe they come after me maybe not. I gotta believe I am small potatoes to them there are a lot bigger offenders than me.
>> No. 117131
I mean seriously do you see some of the shit people post here.
>> No. 117239
File 154823107319.jpg - (519.79KB , 1089x1937 , D130BFBC-7F1C-44C7-9B4E-55628FE13627.jpg )
So as I suspected I don’t think they did anything other than just shake their heads at me lol. Anyway here is tonight’s wallpaper.
Also this thread is about to exceed 1000 posts and will automatically be archived so if anybody wants it to continue keep posting and I will open a new one. Pretty awesome it wasn’t even my thread but somehow I sort of took it over anyway. Having fun at work with my naked Ultra wallpaper. Later
>> No. 117288
Well I hope you keep posting, your stories are hot as hell
>> No. 117448
File 154833979226.jpg - (468.99KB , 1125x1947 , FAC1E015-4DE1-4C12-8CA5-5B0660A1C753.jpg )
Justices used this one at work last night nothing really special happened. Gotta go out later will try to show it off or maybe use a different one we’ll see.
>> No. 117449
Lol supposed to say just used. Not justices.
>> No. 117809
Let's just get this thread archived so we can start a new one this is post number 1000
>> No. 118919
File 154888647561.jpg - (901.23KB , 4000x1987 , wall2x.jpg )
I would fill these kids holes up with my cum every day.
>> No. 127712
I’ m using this one. Except when the grandkids are here. Tricky part is not forgetting to change it. I cum to this a lot.

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