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/hebe/ ~ Desktop Wallpapers
File 15147533401.jpg - (144.54KB , 1080x1000 , 1513731854158-2.jpg )
5497 No. 5497
would/have you ever used a loli image as your desktop picture?
Expand all images
>> No. 5498
File 151475362627.jpg - (448.59KB , 3072x1820 , 319841651.jpg )
Currently using
>> No. 5499
>>5497 Currently using hitgirl (live-action) for wallpaper.
>> No. 5501
File 151475507727.jpg - (48.31KB , 656x369 , chloe hg.jpg )
>>5499 Didn't load last time.
>> No. 5503
File 151475538221.jpg - (226.91KB , 1444x960 , lsm13-03-016.jpg )
A friend saw this image as my wallpaper one day, he thought it was very amusing.
>> No. 5512
File 151476470467.jpg - (435.85KB , 2000x1333 , IMG 1076.jpg )
Here's mine, co-workers just love it. ;-)
>> No. 5534
File 151477916013.jpg - (214.24KB , 1920x1080 , 1265143_10200783456614792_219838711_o (copy).jpg )
>> No. 5540
May I get a job with you?
>> No. 5560
link please?
>> No. 5581
File 151481435313.jpg - (1.07MB , 3000x2000 , Silver-Starlets_Bella-bikini-1-099.jpg )
>> No. 5582
Current one can't be posted here due to reason :D
>> No. 5587
File 151481946382.jpg - (1.06MB , 2000x3008 , 1514712689931.jpg )
Current wallpaper
>> No. 5605
File 151482799722.png - (6.45MB , 3200x2400 , Alina-11yo.png )
>> No. 5846
I had a selection of LauraB, Newstar Candy, Oceane and others... After a while I just got tired of being so fucking horny all the time xD
>> No. 6012
>> No. 6508
File 151542822747.jpg - (261.63KB , 1366x768 , Laptop_Screenshot_2018-01-08_17-08-16.jpg )
My laptop
>> No. 6514
surprised not many one has anything too risk. I'll post mine when I get home.
>> No. 6559
File 151544480531.jpg - (207.76KB , 1920x1080 , Screenshot.jpg )
>> No. 6565
I'm enjoying seeing what other desktops look like more than looking at the girls.
>> No. 6566
File 151544605819.png - (1.65MB , 1920x1080 , desktop.png )
Censored for obvious reasons. Currently using this on my desktop.
>> No. 6567

Wow, excellent man. -Well done!
>> No. 6568
File 151544760473.png - (4.58MB , 1894x1084 , desktoppic.png )
>> No. 6569
thank you very much. I plan to keep it till I can find another quality image like that :). Been a while since it has been up.

Very nice picture you have as well.
>> No. 6570
I should say that that pc never see the light of day. Why I can do it.
>> No. 6571
File 151545028684.jpg - (41.44KB , 400x348 , office-office-computer-laptop-hide-hidden-jza0099_.jpg )
dude ... you hid your laptop in the basement?
>> No. 6572
Half the fun is the chance somebody will see it. As much as that would be catastrophic it turns me on that somebody who has never experienced Oceane's perfect tits will see them.
>> No. 6662
Haha. No just general no one going to see it.

This as well. The risk is always a turn on.

Hoping more people start posting more like that.
>> No. 6665
File 151549430775.jpg - (226.81KB , 1920x1080 , desk.jpg )
I removed all the icons but here. Nothing too bad.
>> No. 6667

Perfect pictures to use. Current wallpaper is just standard, need to change it.
>> No. 6688
>> No. 6700
I even took it a step further once. I changed my google profile to a topless pic of Oceane. I waited for it to sync up to everything.

Then I went to youtube and changed that profile to the same pic.

Next I posted comments on a bunch of videos.

Some people had to see the picture. I came so hard thinking about people experiencing a naked preteen for the first time.

Of course google did eventually ban me, but I just opened up a new account.
>> No. 6701
File 151552176938.jpg - (633.55KB , 1920x1076 , wall8-templatex1920w.jpg )
Made this collage awhile ago but never had the nerve to use it, plus I couldn't get the icons to fit in the blank space
>> No. 6702
would love to know the new account name. That be hot to see.

that is awesome
>> No. 6723
File 151553097655.jpg - (931.41KB , 3000x2000 , 6zrhkdxvg44f.jpg )
>> No. 6725
File 151553160921.png - (4.13MB , 1920x1084 , desktoppic.png )
Here it is on my desktop. I think I like it.
>> No. 6726
File 151553168741.png - (1.34MB , 1366x768 , Laptop-Screenshot_2018-01-09_20-56-47.png )
>>6508 here, just put >>6701 on my laptop; had to lose a few icons but here's how it looks
>> No. 6727
I didn't do it again. I figured I was pushing my luck ONLY being banned. I don't know though just the thought again is making me tingle. mmmmmm
let me think about it.
>> No. 6730
And that wallpaper is why there won't be a definitive "best butt" thread. Choose between Oceane & Ultra? Hermione or Sonja? Tanja or Zhenya? Impossible, it's like a selection box of chocolates with all my faves in it!! :)
>> No. 6733
File 151553898677.png - (931.11KB , 1920x1084 , youtube.png )
Okay, I did it again here is some pics to prove it. I may delete it soon though. Man my heart is pounding.
>> No. 6734
File 15155391047.png - (269.11KB , 1920x1084 , account.png )
>> No. 6735
File 151553918221.png - (624.89KB , 1920x1084 , youtube comment.png )
>> No. 6737
File 15155427019.jpg - (196.98KB , 1608x1068 , amanda-075-028.jpg )
I prefer wallpapers that have an element of subtlety and finesse
>> No. 6738
File 151554276023.jpg - (272.17KB , 1440x956 , lsh-001-105.jpg )
>> No. 6739
File 151554289550.jpg - (794.66KB , 3154x2102 , Oceane-dreams_007_053.jpg )
And a range of colors.
>> No. 6740
File 151554293812.jpg - (688.32KB , 2000x1333 , IMG_9519.jpg )
>> No. 6741
File 151554300040.jpg - (285.16KB , 1728x1152 , destiny-282-044.jpg )
>> No. 6742
File 151554306527.jpg - (273.81KB , 1526x1018 , 47.jpg )
>> No. 6753
File 151554534015.jpg - (1.50MB , 3069x1842 , 122819653914.jpg )
Got the nudes my dudes :)
>> No. 6754
File 15155454462.jpg - (676.56KB , 2469x1852 , images_weserv_nl.jpg )
>> No. 6755
File 151554553860.jpg - (43.13KB , 800x600 , 100000001.jpg )
I'm tempted to start a Jessie thread now but.... She's a freakin magnet for the feds I hear.
>> No. 6757
i am lookin for this. put it in a RAR and copy it to the frenchserver, not to zippyshare..
>> No. 6761
File 151555094065.jpg - (1.31MB , 2757x1937 , 199999999991.jpg )
Upfile.mobi? In respect for the chans/mods, The file will comply with the rules so it may not be all you're expecting.
>> No. 6763
File 151555168495.jpg - (1.40MB , 2612x2102 , Nerd.jpg )
Nobody hijacks a thread like jessie
>> No. 6766
pass: jess13155chan:"(

Can't use many other share sites. Enjoy if you can, hope you do xxx
>> No. 6768
Already down. Can you re-up, please? TIA!
>> No. 6770
In bed now lol, you'll get it, will re-up after sleep. Vry tired
>> No. 6771
>>6768 damn
In bed now lol will re-up on diff host after sleep, very tired
>> No. 6786
File 151558724146.jpg - (357.16KB , 2150x1612 , 124026703831+28229jpg.jpg )
Same Pass.
>> No. 6807
File 151559502910.jpg - (469.74KB , 2304x3072 , 0f9b1241ed581903572d7f16dc57b878.jpg )
Thanks for the re-post, mate!
>> No. 6819
Nice pictures everyone using. Post more desktop settings if you can.
>> No. 6821
That is awesome. Never seen anything like that. Just the previous image is the most I pushed it >>6566

I got other pc/mobile around not sure if I want to place it on there yet.
>> No. 6835
File 151560205820.jpg - (52.11KB , 800x378 , 123785674652.jpg )
A reminder to seekers of the Holy Grail... It does exist, march onward and you'll eventually find glory in the arms of KeK
>> No. 6849
come on man you cant do this to us you have to give us at least a hint
>> No. 6855
Some of the pics in the folder are watermarked with > LOLITA ART BBS http://loartbbs.ah.to/ which I presume I got it from there. Or I may have got it from MagicKingdom. It was years ago, I just forget, obviously.

What's the rule regarding sharing kitties in folders off-site? lol can I get a 5min free-pass from the mods? XD
>> No. 6856
fuck yeah, found an active site http://arlobbs.wo.to/

have a look for yourself, there's quite a lot to look through
>> No. 6858
if only we could switch to a different chat room ;)
>> No. 6859
144chan chatbox.
>> No. 6860
or you could take the risk and post a link for about 2-3 min
>> No. 6861
Can't get the pass to work.
>> No. 6869
got it loli?
>> No. 6870
ty ;)
>> No. 6871
>> No. 6872
yup ty
>> No. 6873
and the pw?
>> No. 6874
>>6861 pass

>> No. 6876
already tried this one not working
>> No. 6877
>> No. 6878
>> No. 6879
this link is down
>> No. 6880
mods removed the links, I deleted the file. All shares are final.

I don't want to hijack this thread. The passwords are what they are.

Not going to talk anymore about this fine young lady.
>> No. 6881
previous one isn't working, or I'm copying it wrong
>> No. 6886
File 151561585026.jpg - (440.93KB , 1920x1080 , Nicole- polarlights.jpg )
Doesn't anybody else find that with a loli wallpaper, you're horny all the fkn time? I have custom Paintings in Minecraft with HD CandyDolls and Oceane etc, can't play the game for more than 5 mins without fapping
>> No. 6924
first of all ty for the file. But the pass is really not working
could you pls drop the working pass ?
>> No. 6943
Dude. I've just tested both pass's, what's every1's problem?
Original. jess13155chan:"(
Custom. <3tehmods

Try typing instead of copy pasta
>> No. 6944
Yeah it's a little dangerous but the risk is worth the reward. Get's me so hot thinking about other people seeing something like that.
>> No. 6946
It is a curse to live with. Can mods delete the thread hijack stuff?


>> No. 7227
File 151568140543.jpg - (417.61KB , 1800x1375 , LauraB05_083.jpg )
If you have a nice pic that's too short and the toolbar gets in the way, you can add a little box below so the picture sits on top of the toolbar. If I didn't edit this, I'd be butt-blocked. It works for my screen resolution so you may have to tweak it for your own.
>> No. 7280
File 151570495627.jpg - (243.50KB , 800x574 , P2070032.jpg )
My wallpaper is 12 yo Anna ... been my favorite for years!
>> No. 7289
Are you a "legs" kind of guy? I'll look thru my collection for legs if you like
>> No. 7372
File 151574243399.jpg - (131.66KB , 1920x1081 , Tanya y157 fake 02.jpg )
One of my favorite wallpaper images
>> No. 7373
File 15157474839.jpg - (1.42MB , 2560x1080 , zxcvsdfgsdfg.jpg )
shopped bottoms, top is natural, only 1 i have of this set. made it ultrawide.
>> No. 7512
File 151578620525.png - (3.45MB , 1920x1084 , deskoceane3.png )
Let's return this thread to what it was originally intended for. Here is my new desktop.
>> No. 7513
Google did eventually ban me again, but it was up for a few days. I posted a bunch of places hoping somebody would see and hoping somebody would click on my profile.
>> No. 7514
This guy here. Still nothing as good as this image yet. Maybe I will change my game and go boys.

Nice new picture.
>> No. 7520

NO - never - my kids would kill me!!!!
I have their image instead!!
>> No. 7739
File 151588214877.jpg - (290.73KB , 1608x1068 , amanda-075-064.jpg )
>> No. 8618
File 151629085251.jpg - (24.57KB , 700x437 , 43946640FkE.jpg )
>> No. 8646
File 151630472220.jpg - (194.82KB , 1920x1080 , 151520198386.jpg )
>> No. 8647
File 151630476331.jpg - (192.02KB , 1920x1080 , climbing.jpg )
>> No. 8648
File 151630482791.png - (3.79MB , 1920x1080 , z416228306jköa687707569zz.png )
>> No. 8650
File 151630501299.jpg - (344.27KB , 1920x1080 , fdsafd.jpg )
censored 4U
>> No. 8681
File 151632259986.jpg - (42.74KB , 600x800 , P2070016.jpg )
I am a legs guy when those legs belong to Anna!
She still gets me off. Very few people know her!
I love her!
>> No. 8693
Good luck Newstar. You'll never get anywhere with this kind of bullshit. A fake carrot as the end of a jump rope handle pressed against a girls lips is supposed to represent what? I don't know about anybody else but my dick head looks like the the bulb end of the carrot, plus your girls are ugly. Except Lexie, Gabrielle and Abby.
>> No. 8800
File 151639311513.jpg - (186.97KB , 876x662 , Destiny Lui.jpg )
If you're starved for such things, I suggest you look into teen porn. Open a few windows, have a vids running and a few pics in the background. Find teen porn stars with a passing resemblance and fap to your hearts content.
>> No. 9090
File 151642982464.jpg - (4.36MB , 3070x1842 , DSC04622wp.jpg )
Did the same thing myself, and I swear I'm not trying to re-hijack the thread - I made this about two years ago XD
>> No. 18533
File 151862098732.png - (1.21MB , 1920x1080 , Untitled1.png )
So I just had to do it again. Check out my new youtube channel wallpaper.
>> No. 18534
File 151862103429.png - (610.30KB , 1920x1080 , Untitled3.png )
>> No. 24974
File 151989863813.jpg - (745.50KB , 1900x1371 , CherishMod_5650972_27423905.jpg )
Been using this one as my desktop wallpaper for years now!
>> No. 25155
File 151993441622.png - (3.44MB , 1920x1080 , desktop.png )
Today's Desktop
>> No. 25336
File 151998035545.jpg - (295.78KB , 1280x960 , 1469439432946-1.jpg )
One of my desktops from high school, Bunny helping me to study hard.
>> No. 25337
>> No. 25575
Thx for file but to sad thad the pass dident work :(
>> No. 25585
Loved bunny from webe web. Sets r hard to come by now
>> No. 25586
If u have sets of her please share
>> No. 29031
File 152049291867.jpg - (556.75KB , 879x879 , 1511074996514.jpg )
Well done, son! I'm proud.
>> No. 29051
File 152050067186.jpg - (279.93KB , 1152x864 , image.jpg )
>> No. 29251
File 152053889951.png - (2.48MB , 1365x767 , Screenshot_1.png )
my nootbook, and more
>> No. 29261
>> No. 29262
File 152054103897.png - (4.03MB , 1920x1080 , todys dsktop.png )
Thank you. Here is my current desktop
>> No. 29272
File 152054391961.jpg - (920.60KB , 1600x900 , enchantment-under-the-sea.jpg )
>> No. 29273
File 152054393941.jpg - (705.83KB , 1600x900 , klara-clouds.jpg )
>> No. 29274
File 152054395671.jpg - (636.20KB , 1600x900 , klara-foursome.jpg )
>> No. 29275
File 152054396919.jpg - (456.29KB , 1471x900 , sofiya1.jpg )
>> No. 29276
File 152054398291.jpg - (480.90KB , 1600x900 , sofiya2.jpg )
>> No. 29277
File 152054400825.jpg - (62.99KB , 1600x899 , 174964852.jpg )
>> No. 29278
File 152054401698.jpg - (111.54KB , 1600x899 , 298584058.jpg )
>> No. 29279
>> No. 29280
File 152054408613.jpg - (575.22KB , 1440x900 , 150077965528.jpg )
>> No. 29281
File 152054410093.jpg - (210.22KB , 1280x720 , 151332271768.jpg )
>> No. 29282
File 152054411361.jpg - (190.44KB , 1280x720 , 151332277026.jpg )
>> No. 29283
File 152054414732.jpg - (1.33MB , 1600x1200 , Natasha-Devil-1p.jpg )
>> No. 29290
File 152054554849.png - (1.75MB , 1920x1080 , Screenshot - Copy.png )
something new I found here and using.
>> No. 29291
I cant believe in this day and age you guys would have this stuff as wallpapers. Back in the early 2000s I remember having underage girls as wallpapers, but that was a different time. My hats off to you all having the guts to do it, but I certainly wouldn't chance it today especially on a laptop or cellphone.
>> No. 29307
App pedo, please!!!!
>> No. 29308
That's what makes it fun. Besides I have taken it one step further read the whole thread. I posted naked preteens on youtube.
>> No. 29763
File 152064011529.png - (4.29MB , 1440x2560 , 2018-03-09 17_58_11.png )
Android wallpaper running Nova launcher. I fucking love this girl.
>> No. 29765
File 152064039095.jpg - (88.63KB , 1254x886 , WALLPAPERO_4264536_18405160.jpg )
>> No. 29841
File 152066076350.png - (4.46MB , 1920x1080 , tdyuswlpr.png )
my latest wallpaper
>> No. 29851
File 152066429887.png - (2.05MB , 1920x1080 , lol.png )
>> No. 29872
File 152067200748.png - (2.54MB , 1920x1080 , GGHHH.png )
>> No. 29925
Who is this lovely little sex machine?
>> No. 29995

Multi desktops for your PC.

Can use password protection. Learn how to use it before you use it:

>> No. 30328
Nice thanks
>> No. 30473
A virtual machine is even better :)
>> No. 30572
File 152076291755.jpg - (350.05KB , 1920x1080 , 12760260175_onionib.jpg )
>> No. 30573
File 152076295260.jpg - (594.47KB , 1920x1080 , 21.jpg )
>> No. 30575
File 152076297342.jpg - (493.05KB , 1920x1080 , 22.jpg )
>> No. 30576
File 152076298370.jpg - (665.74KB , 1920x1080 , 23.jpg )
>> No. 30577
File 152076299495.jpg - (820.34KB , 1920x1080 , 24.jpg )
>> No. 36867
>> No. 37197

Here is a tip: I don't want to sound conspiranoic but some users say that windows 8 and 10 send screenshot of your computer to their servers for error analysis.
if you want privacy install windows 7 or windows xp.
>> No. 37317
File 152147675449.png - (1.44MB , 1920x1050 , shot.png )
>> No. 37382
they dont, they just come configured for maximum privacy violation and you arent really told too much to go change it. they datamine to target adverts.

the issue with the wallpapers is it saves a copy of it in one of the windows folders someplace on your system drive, and removes the .jpg part so there isnt a thumbnail. so you need to basically go to that folder and scrub that file with eraser b4 you shutdown every time.
>> No. 37383
oh and its only the most paranoid of us who survive the busts and shit for any long time.

its not really paranoia because they ARE out to get us all. better paranoid than very sorry and dead in federal jail
>> No. 37549
Well, then every state of the onion must build more jails than schools or hospitals...just saying!
>> No. 37914
File 152172711368.jpg - (230.62KB , 743x990 , oceane-dreams-phoneset26-59.jpg )
This is the wallpaper on my phone for both screens. It's perfect.

I know that only a few inches lower is a perfect nipple but to the casual observer it's just a picture of a young girl.

Anybody asks, "She's my niece, or my cousin or even my daughter."

It keeps my dick hard knowing that she is really topless but you can't quite tell.
>> No. 38497
File 152180713853.jpg - (102.62KB , 469x704 , 151580300135newphone.jpg )
I decided to push things even further. I changed my wallpaper on my phone to this one.

Then I left my phone on the break room table and called it from my desk. Somebody actually handed me my phone and asked about the picture.

They said. "Hey who's the girl?" I told him it's my niece. They said "Pretty girl." I thanked him and answered the pretend call.

He either didn't notice the exposed nipple or didn't say anything about it. My cock almost exploded.
>> No. 38537
on the edge. sounds stupid to me
>> No. 38608
File 15218284475.jpg - (892.96KB , 1801x2702 , 152172812131phone.jpg )
LOL. You think that is crazy. Let me tell you what happened about an hour ago.

I changed the wallpaper on the front of my phone to this picture. (Also you should know that the brightness on my phone is set to the highest level)
Then I went into a gas station to play the lottery. As I was standing in line I kept checking my phone nonchalantly.

When it was my turn I set my phone down on the counter and hit the button on the side of the phone. Oceane's perfect flat chest on my phone lit up.

I handed the clerk my money and card he glanced down at my phone (I know he saw the picture) but didn't say anything as he went over to the machine and played my numbers.

Then from behind me I heard. "What the hell is that?"

I played dumb not knowing if she was talking to me. Then I felt a tap on my back. "Excuse me sir."

I turned around. "Huh."
"What the hell is that on your phone?" She said pointing to it.

"Oh that't my girlfriend." I said (Dumb answer I don't know why I said that)
She shook her head.

"That's sick. She must be 9 or 10 years old and she's naked. I'm phoning the police." She grabbed her phone and started to dial.
Just then the clerk handed me back my card and tickets. I grabbed them and got the hell outta there fast.

Nobody followed me outside and my car was parked well away from the building.
I got into my car and sped away as fast as I dared my heart pounding and my dick steel hard.

I love the rush and I plan on trying other things like this again. If I get caught then I get caught.

My hope is that that clerk goes home tonight and thinks about Oceane and maybe even looks her up on the net.

Will keep posting of my adventures if people like.
>> No. 38611
Dude Im not worried about you its the people you encounter that will fuck your world up.
>> No. 38712
shes seen your face. your most likely on camera..
>> No. 38714
she does have cute tits
>> No. 38715
ocean not the cunt from the store.
>> No. 38716
yeah I need more of her
>> No. 38717
was the cunt from the store hot?
>> No. 38719
File 152183424356.jpg - (276.94KB , 1307x871 , Oceanelvr1.jpg )
Maybe but I'm not too worried and no she was a fat bitch.

It really was one hell of a rush. It's one of those things that I wanted and didn't want to get caught.

Anyway let you guys know what I do next.

There is a whole thread I started on Oceane just scroll down or on the next page.

Maybe I will use this one next.
>> No. 38730
File 152184515781.jpg - (265.52KB , 1271x1588 , 1515phone.jpg )
I use this one when I'm not trying to be conspicuous. It's simple and not revealing.
>> No. 38768
File 152187286086.png - (639.61KB , 480x792 , Capture+_2018-03-24-01-24-02.png )
>> No. 38770
File 15218750697.jpg - (1.08MB , 2336x3504 , oceane-fdssdspecial-003-037.jpg )
That's fuckin awesome.

Now you gotta try it out in public like I did. I'm telling you the rush is amazing.

You don't have to be as daring as I was but simply pulling your phone out in a public place and looking at a loli is an incredible rush.
>> No. 38772
File 152187595454.png - (2.94MB , 1118x1988 , IMG_1152fg.png )
Next time I go out I'm using this one.
>> No. 38792
Damn you guys are crazy lol
>> No. 38807
Thank you. I plan on going to get some breakfast soon. Gonna leave the phone right on the table when the waiter or waitress comes and press the button. Can't wait to see what happens. I'm using the screen from above.>>38772
My cock is so hard thinking about it. Wish me luck.
>> No. 38809
if you want a rush use harder pic or with kitty
>> No. 38810
File 152189172862.jpg - (448.92KB , 1216x1372 , IMG_E1153gdfg.jpg )
I was just about to leave when I saw your post. I love Oceane that's why I was using her but I suppose I could try this one.
>> No. 38811
File 152189184619.jpg - (417.35KB , 1242x2208 , IMG_1154.jpg )
>> No. 38812

Too brave (some might say stupid). Never tired anything other than desktop pictures. >>6566 one I still use.

One day might try mobile but it will be hard since mobile is used widely for work etc.
>> No. 38813
File 152189229117.jpg - (288.89KB , 3456x2304 , 152067893644.jpg )

you should try this if you want to be less risky but still hot.
>> No. 38815
I'm using this one. >>38772
Because I think it's more noticeable and I love Oceane. Okay I'm leaving now wish me luck. Either I go to jail or I will have a great story to tell.


>> No. 38817
that what I was thinking. To each his own
good luck friend
>> No. 38822

a little bit late now but wanted to say good luck. Hope there will be a good story instead of jail time.
>> No. 38843
Okay folks. Obviously I am not in jail, here's what happened.

(Keep reading I promise it's worth it)

So I went to the restaurant and was seated.

As the waitress came over to take my order I hit the button on the phone. I know she had to see the picture as I left the phone right in front of me.

But she didn't say anything. (She was older so maybe she didn't really look at peoples phones idk) anyway while

I waited for my food I discovered that if you scroll up on your main page and discard the notifications you basically have the whole wallpaper in view and you don't have to keep hitting the button.

I left the phone right near the edge of the table the entire meal hoping anybody would see it. My cock was hard the entire time. Sadly the (or not) nothing happened during the meal.

I paid and left. Then I headed over to the mall and walked around. (I like to walk around the mall) I checked my phone as often as I could while I walked.

Then I headed over to a Kmart and went inside. I walked around the store holding my phone in my hand proudly displaying Ocean's perfect tit's.

I walked over to the toys section. I walked up and down a few aisles then I saw a little girl by herself in the aisle. She was looking up at a barbie doll on the shelf.

She must have been about 7 or 8 (a little younger than I like) but she was still a little hottie. Light blonde hair, blue jeans with a pink top that didn't quite fit her and sneakers. Her ankles were showing (something I love.)

I slowly walked down the aisle trying not to obviously check her out. As I walked by she said "Hey mister can you grab that doll for me please" I looked over at her.

"Sure which one?"

I was nervous and my heart was pounding. She reached up to one of the dolls and pointed at the one near the middle of the shelf. As she did her shirt rose up a bit and I caught a glimpse of her flat belly.

"That one." I looked at it and moved toward the shelf. It was an imitation barbie not a real one.

As I went to get it for her I set my phone down on the shelf. (Not even thinking about it) I grabbed the doll and handed it to her. She smiled and said "Thanks." I started to walk away.

"Wait mister you left your phone." I looked back at her and immediately my heart started beating even faster. "Oh shit" I thought.

She looked down at the phone then handed it to me. (Remember I had it on full display) I thanked her and started to move away.

"Is that your daughter?"

I froze. "Yes" I stammered. Then she giggled a little bit. "Her boobs are out."

"Yes they are." I said. Immediately looking around thankfully we were alone in the aisle.

"Why are her boobs showing?" She asked me.

"Ah, because she likes to show them, she's very proud of them." I said. (I know not a good answer but I was completely caught off guard and nervous as hell)
Then she looked down at her doll and sighed. "I wish my boobs looked like that."

My cock was throbbing at this point. I looked around again, still nobody.

"I'm sure you have really nice boobs." I said looking at her flat chest. "You're a very pretty girl."

"Yeah but they don't look like your daughters." She actually reached up and put her hands on her chest, I couldn't believe it.

I was just about to ask her to maybe show me when we heard. "Cindy, where are you." From a lady in another aisle.

"Sorry mister I gotta go that's my mom." She started walking away and said "I'm right her mom."

Knowing it was my cue to get the hell outta there I walked as fast as possible towards the front of the store and outside.

(Who knows what she might have told her mom. Hope I'm not on the news with attempted child luring.)

Anyway I was so fucking turned on after that I went to my favorite park which I have been to before. I parked and walked up the trail to a bench that has a clear view of the road but not visable from the road. As I have done many times before I stripped completely naked then placed my phone in front of me and jerked off. It only took about a minute (as the day I have had) and I was blowing an enormous load onto the wooden bench. I quickly dressed and came home to tell you guys all about it. (I would have posted earlier but for some reason I was having trouble accessing the site)

Well that's my adventure hope you all liked it. I plan on having more.

(Some of you may say I made this whole thing up but I assure you it is 100% true. If I could have discretely or had more time I would have taken a picture of Cindy)
>> No. 38850
>> No. 38856
Anyone have any good recommendation for a new laptop wallpaper? Might take it outside if its something risky but at the same time not too much.
>> No. 38857
This one worked well for me today if you read my post. It's not too bad but it is risky. >>38772
>> No. 38859

would be better if there was a little bit of kitty involved. Image is good though might try on phone like you did but still want something with a bit more kick for laptop.
>> No. 38866
File 15219284324.png - (3.17MB , 1920x1046 , Capture.png )
Using on desktop
>> No. 38867
Fucking sweet. Let me know how it goes in public.
>> No. 38882
I think I'll put it on my t-shirt and then go to police station!
>> No. 38914

haha I don't plan to go out with that. Too risky.
>> No. 38924
Oh sorry I thought you were this guy. >>38856

You should try it though. I had a great adventure using this for my cell phone wallpaper today. >>38772

You should read about what happened. >>38843

In fact I used it tonight at a Mc drive thru I placed the phone in my cup holder facing the window.
The girl at 1st window never noticed but the guy (a young kid maybe 17 or 18) absolutely saw.

He didn't say anything but he gave me a look. I don't if he liked it or what but he definitely saw.

I'm telling you guys the rush is out of this world, just grow a pair and try something risky.
>> No. 38927
File 152194941692.jpg - (342.26KB , 540x960 , 2018-03-24_20_40_49.jpg )
>> No. 38929
Nice now you gotta try it in public.
>> No. 38952
I can't wait to try something again. Keep thinking about the little girl in the store.
>> No. 38989
Great story. Reading the part about the girl got me hard. I think you should stick to that for your own safety. An adult will want to call the police on you if they see what you have but a girl might not think twice about it and even if they do they probably won't tell anyone.
>> No. 38998
Thank you. You're probably right about the girl.
I think I got pretty lucky though with her. Finding an unaccompanied minor these days is not as easy as it used to be, and one that doesn't freak out over a nude pic is even more rare.
(Although girls are not as shocked as they once were)

Yeah I have been binging this week I think it might be time to reign myself in a bit before I really do get caught.

I promise though that I will post about any new things that happen and I would love to hear about anybody else who try's this.
>> No. 39005

more mobile here please <3
>> No. 39006
This guy here >>38859

I still have not found a good image to use that is cloaking enough for mobile or laptop. I understand I can use the images you used but I want something with a little more kick.
>> No. 39009
Yeah I'm not sure how to help you on this. The reason I like this one. >>38772
is that even from a distance you can clearly see her tits and like I said I love Oceane.

Keep looking and post I would love to see what you finally come up with and if you go out in public with it what happened.
>> No. 39011
I talked about this earlier but I went through a drive-thru last night with it and the guy from the window clearly saw it was pretty exciting. >>38924
>> No. 39015
File 152197968936.jpg - (681.79KB , 1402x2103 , 14667870fgd.jpg )
what about this one. You might need to crop it a bit for cell phone
>> No. 39017
It checks a few boxes. You got ass,tit, and bare pussy plus it's Ultra.
>> No. 39018
File 15219800677.jpg - (92.65KB , 475x712 , svcvdsfabbacv.jpg )
Here is another suggestion.
>> No. 39019
File 152198025462.jpg - (215.94KB , 1439x959 , fsdvvxcferfsdsd.jpg )
And finally one more suggestion.
>> No. 39023
love that image. Will be using on mobile.
>> No. 39024
Sweet let me know if you have any close calls or adventures using it on your mobile.
>> No. 39031
File 152198499344.png - (692.03KB , 402x767 , screenshot.png )
Using :). Will go out with it later today.
>> No. 39037
Fuckin awesome.

Now I don't know how it works with droids but on iphone on my main screen if I scroll down and delete notifications and in settings set screen to never turn off it you basically have the full wallpaper on all the time with no apps in the way.

Good Luck dude.

I think we are in different time zones it's a little later in the day here and I am going out soon, I just can't help myself.
>> No. 39039
File 15219908306.jpg - (349.15KB , 1125x2001 , IMG_1157.jpg )
The more I looked at your pic the more I like the Ultra pic I suggested for you. I'm gonna use one of these two. One I made vivid the other I didn't
>> No. 39040
File 152199085455.jpg - (367.89KB , 1125x2001 , IMG_1158.jpg )
Here is other one.
>> No. 39063
Went out again. I used the ultra model screen.>>39040
Nothing as eventfull as yesterday. Had fun walking in front of restaurant windows holding the phone towards the windows. I walked around the store holding the phone in my hand. I even purposely checked it in full view of the guy behind me in the checkout line. I think he saw. I tried to get the phone in the mirror on in the corner of the clothes area, you could see it but not as good as I hoped. Plus I was trying not to be too obvious as a lady was stocking clothes. (I try to stay away from women they are more likely to say something I think) Sadly no kids like yesterday. Hope to hear from the other guy and really anybody else who dares to this. It really is a rush.
>> No. 39065
I was at the local park where the pervs like to cruise awhille ago, and I had some pics of Lesya on my phone and i was masturbating to them in the woods and a guy came up and started masturbating with me, i showed him Lesya's pic and he started jacking twice as fast and twice as hard and shot a huge load that must have gone a few feet
>> No. 39071
Nice. Next time change your wallpaper to Lesya and go somewhere without the pervs. (It's more of a rush)

I don't know of any parks where the pervs hang out the park I jerk off in is not one of those so I have to be careful. It's more exciting though because I am always completely naked when I do it and I gotta watch out for others.

Great story though. (Everybody loves Lesya)

Keep em comin.
>> No. 39072
Who is Lesya?


Went out with this, nothing major happened. Use phone around some small stores and the rush was great. Not sure if anyone saw, I didn't try to push the image into other people, just acted normally.
>> No. 39073

I would love to do this again with something else, and try something more risky next time. I'll be browsing around and seeing what you guys are using, might end up doing the same.
>> No. 39074
Lesya is an LS Model. I will try to find a pic. Glad you had fun. I'm not encouraging anybody to get caught. Do what your comfortable with. It's just one hell of a rush to be looking at a naked pedo with other's around.

I just keep pushing it because I can't get enough of the rush.

(Maybe I'm stupid, but I've had some of the best orgasms over the last few day's doing this)
I encourage anybody to try this.
>> No. 39079
File 152200886187.jpg - (514.98KB , 933x1406 , 152075186725vccv.jpg )
Here is Lesya. Look around you can find a bunch of her. She is fuckin hot. Definately in my top 5. (After Oceane, Ultra and a few others)
>> No. 39082

She is a beautiful girl. Wonder who I can use next. >>39031 This was a perfect image, not too easy to see if its a young girl or not.
>> No. 39083
Yeah but you sure can see her bare ass. lol.
>> No. 39084
Also I got really lucky yesterday with the young girl. Chances of that happening again are slim. But the rush of that experience will keep me trying for a long time.
>> No. 39094
What do you need a file shredder for when you actually willingly possess CP?
>> No. 39096
>She must be 9 or 10 years old and she's naked. I'm phoning the police.
People really believe underage nudity is automatically illegal, huh?
>> No. 39097
haha true

if you have any good pictures, let me know and I'll see if I can use it. I'll be working tomorrow and it would be hot to have something good for that.
>> No. 39098
You should try playing a candydoll video on the train or the bus with your earphones on, right next to people.
>> No. 39099
Lol I know right. It was fucking hot though showing off her pic.
I gotta go to bed soon (I work nights) Just look through this thread and all over the site there are tons of great pics. I usually crop them a bit using windows photo. Good luck at work if you find something let me know what happens.
>> No. 39100
You sound like a fed.
>> No. 39101
It's like being chemically castrated and still taking viagra...it just doesn't make any sense which is why I'm asking. When you willingly possess CP, what else are you so scared to possess that you need a file shredder for?
>> No. 39102
You should play an LS video now that would be hot. Or better yet a periscope video. I don't know how to post vids or I would post one for you.
>> No. 39103

Is "Hey girl, you have a nice clit" a nice
compliment for a little girl?
>> No. 39104
I hear ya. But forgive me I just don't know why you are asking. Don't take offense but I'm not answering.
>> No. 39105
Not to Lesya. She'd probably love to hear that.
>> No. 39106

Yeah, most of the Little girls have amazing clits.

So, is "hey girl you have nice buds" a todo compliment tho?
>> No. 39107
I don't know but if read my post >>38843
I met a girl yesterday that was perfectly okay talking about her "boobs" I guess it depends on the girl.
>> No. 39108

Do all little girls want to have big breasts?

Buds are okay to me, buds are perfect.
>> No. 39147
i love hearing stories like this, it gives me new ideas of different ways to perv. Thanks!
>> No. 39149
You should try it with your phone like we did it’s a hell of a rush>>39040
>> No. 39184
Been using this one all night at work. Not to exciting because only a few ppl around but seeing Ultras ass and pussy every few minutes keeps me going. I did stop at gas station to buy cigarettes on my way in and checked my phone in plain view of him I’m pretty good sure he saw
>> No. 39204
File 152206872291.jpg - (348.38KB , 1125x2001 , IMG_1161.jpg )
Gonna go out again (after I sleep a bit) thinking of using this one. Let me know what you guys think. Too risky or just the right amount.
>> No. 39205
You're crazy guy! I hope you will not be caught
>> No. 39442

Oh man I don't know if I can sleep now it's perfect there is no mistaking this one for anything other than a young girl spreading her pussy wide.

My cock is steel hard thinking about it. I wanna go somewhere and put my phone down in plain view of someone and see what happens. I know it's fucking crazy and risky but if I get away with it... it'll be fucking amazing rush.
>> No. 39451
And he was never heard from again...
>> No. 39463

I used this one as I said before. >>39204

I walked all around the mall holding the phone right out in my hand taking care to turn it towards the windows as I walked.

I went into Kmart again and walked all around the store casually browsing with my phone right out in the open. Then I went to the clothes section and made sure to get it right in front of the mirror so anybody could see her spread pussy and flat tits.

Then I bought something as I was in line I kept checking my phone holding my arms out to let anyone see.

When I went to pay I set my phone right down in full view of the cashier and the guy in line behind me.

They had to see. Either they liked it, didn't care or weren't paying attention because nothing was said. But the thought they could have seen the screen was worth the whole trip.

Now excuse me I'm gonna go blow a gigantic load.

(I highly recommend you try something like this the rush is amazing)
>> No. 39564
File 152209097161.png - (1.10MB , 477x891 , screenshot.png )
Went to a meeting at work today. Nothing much happened there but I did use my phone throughout the day. Even picked up some calls around some people. Really a rush and was hard throughout.

Later went out to a family members house, let one of the son play on my phone. He saw the image but still wanted to play around with the phone. Extremely exciting.

He did not ask who it was or mention more on the topic. I changed the image right after he handed me my phone back and let others see its 'normal' after.

He is a quite kid and I am one of his favorite people.
>> No. 39569
File 152209213125.jpg - (91.87KB , 733x1195 , cellphonex1.jpg )
This one keeps me entertained all day long.
>> No. 39571
File 152209240184.jpg - (178.10KB , 886x1446 , cell6.jpg )
>> No. 39575
does she ever show her asshole
>> No. 39579
That's fucking hot. Glad to hear you had a good day with it. The naysayers have no idea how much of a rush it is to do what we have done. (I like your pic)
>> No. 39580
I'm not sure about her actual asshole but she does show her ass. (Have to check my collection and see)
>> No. 39583
if you have one shows her asshole please post
>> No. 39590
File 15220957597.jpg - (1.40MB , 2336x3504 , ULTRA-MODEL-bits-22.jpg )
This is about as close as she gets in the nude set. This is the only set that she gets completely nude in but there are others (That I don't have) that might show a glimpse of her asshole (maybe around a thong)
Maybe somebody has a pic that shows it. This is the best I can do though.
>> No. 39596
Thanks. It was indeed a rush. The image was from long time ago I found here in one of the threads. I saw it being re-posted recently.

I plan to go out later today to get some gas. Might have my phone out then. Not sure if I will keep that image or use >>39590

Another great image to use that is risky but still a little hard to tell who it is.
>> No. 39598
if someone has one even a thong please post I used to have long ago on newsgroups
>> No. 39600
love it
>> No. 39606
File 152209876528.jpg - (221.04KB , 982x1697 , cell199.jpg )
>> No. 39607
File 152209881114.jpg - (114.21KB , 801x1321 , cell95.jpg )
>> No. 39608
chatstep or chatango ?
>> No. 39641
i came here today just to look at this thread and to get an update to read about what you did - it makes me rock hard to read about what you do and I really want to give it a try soon
>> No. 39649
>>39640 This also applies to afro males, they all prefer white girls. Black girls are forced to be lesbians because only a few males want them. Just look at these fake pictures
>> No. 39650
comments disappear at speed of light! lol


>> No. 39666
This doesn't belong in this thread.
>> No. 39668
Thanks man. I love doing it. Definitely can't get enough of it. There's another guy pretty much doing the same thing read his post's too. I highly encourage you to try it.

Well off to work now I probably won't post much overnight unless something exciting happens.
>> No. 39730
So used this one at work for most of the night sadly nobody really saw but it kept me going. >>39204
Then after work I stopped at a convenience store and as I payed for my cigs I set my phone down. At that point I was using a pic from the same set as this one. >>38608
Then I headed over to Walmart. Walked around the store holding my phone out not many people at that hour. Tried to make it obvious. (I even contemplated finding a secluded area in the store and trying to jerk it but decided not to)

I changed my pic to this >>38772

(my favorite, I love all versions of Oceane from the early flat chested to the later ones were she is just getting tits) I headed over to the register and put my phone down in plain view of the cashier.

As he was scanning my item he looked down at the phone. I swear he mumbled Oceane? Maybe it's just wishful thinking on my part but I think he recognized her.

I was going to say something but somebody came up to the line. (He was the only cashier at that hour) I payed for my item (Still leaving the phone visible for the new person in line) Then I left.

I want to try to go back again tomorrow and see if he's working. Would love to talk to a fellow pedo in public. (Of course I could be wrong and that might be worse)

Anyway that was my night. I think I will sleep a bit and then maybe go somewhere later.

Love to hear from anybody else who has tried this.
>> No. 39744
mmm very hot, im rock hard reading abbout these adventures of yours
>> No. 39750
File 152216419946.jpg - (432.65KB , 1920x2880 , ULTRA-MODEL-1228.jpg )
Thanks man. Gonna go out again soon would love some ideas for wallpapers if anybody has any suggestions. Thinking of this one but not sure.
>> No. 39751
File 15221643937.jpg - (427.35KB , 1125x2001 , IMG_1178.jpg )
>> No. 39755
I was thinking of putting Pedo Bear as my wallpaper - not as daring but anyone who is like minded will know what it is
>> No. 39757
File 152216676847.jpg - (491.69KB , 1920x2880 , ULTRA-MODEL-2051.jpg )
>> No. 39762
File 15221677748.jpg - (445.42KB , 1920x2880 , ULTRA-MODEL-2340.jpg )
>> No. 39763
File 152216797783.jpg - (393.50KB , 1125x2001 , IMG_1181.jpg )
>> No. 39764
I think this might be today's wallpaper. Heading out let's see what happens.
>> No. 39840
File 152217513668.jpg - (309.50KB , 1286x2350 , cell977.jpg )
>> No. 39858
Nice pic. I challenge you to go out with this one. Went out today really nothing much happened.

I walked around holding the phone out but seemed like a slow day at the store. (I'm gonna have to go somewhere else tomorrow it's probably looks like I'm casing the place.)

Used this pic (Maybe that was part of the problem, not my most risky of pics and prob not my favorite but oh well.) >>39763

Would like to hear from anybody else who tries this. (Hopefully tomorrow I will have a more exciting story)
>> No. 39868
I kind of did the same thing, but in reverse - I printed out pics and cut them out and put them deep in to pockets of pants and purses, etc., at the store, so that they will find the pictures in their pockets after they get home from the store with their new purchases
>> No. 39873
ROFL. That's fucking amazing. Just call you the pedo Tyler Durden. I'm so proud.
>> No. 39942
Don’t post this fuckin shit in this thread please
>> No. 39948
Thank you mods. To each his own but I prefer models whi at least have a pretty good idea of what they are doing. I don’t even much care for pthc but I am not judging. It’s stuff like that, that makes people hate us YEAH WITHOUT IT THEY'LL TOTALLY LOVE US. At least with Oceane, Ultra and others they pretty much know what they are doing.
>> No. 39952
Yeah I’m not taking the bait you guys love to argue. Lol
>> No. 40044
>>39948 I agree to a certain extent.
Do the models get paid fairly? I'm much more comfortable with models too, they give consent for their pics to be shared worldwide, they know what's up. Not sure if they knew we're all pedos but I'm sure they did eventually and didn't complain with a loaded bank account before being an adult.
I'd hate it if my pics were taken by somebody I trusted then ended up being circulated for millions of peeds to see fap to, it's equal to rape on an emotional level. It's worse than revenge porn and if you can't see this, you're sub-human with the awareness of a dog.
You have to remember, these are kids, they barely know anything, they trust everybody, they're living in this fantasy world where they've been alive for just moments and know nothing about the world and the sexual drive of men. If they trust you, they can be manipulated so easily, like putty in your hand....

What do they get out of it? Nothing but the knowledge that millions of ppl have access to your naked body. The men that circulate these images/vids deserve what they get. It's 1000x worse than revenge porn. This is why I don't share, If any of these girls asked me to delete their shit, I would.
>> No. 40045
File 152223862685.jpg - (1.42MB , 1892x2839 , oceane-dreams-set19-10vbnvbn.jpg )
I absolutely hear what your saying, and you may be right they are trusting. But look at this picture of her.

She is not only so comfortable being naked and having her picture taken she is stretching with a smile on her face.

This is not a girl that is being coerced or abused. Look at her various set's she is very playful with the camera and about lifting up her shirt and exposing her breasts. She has at least some idea that she is exposing her breasts and not just having her picture taken.

Also I would say (at least in her case) she started as a younger model with the "petite Oceane" sets and then (obviously at least a year or two later if not more) she came back and did sets where it is obvious that her and her breasts have grown.

I would submit that she has a fair idea of what she is doing and is fairly compensated for it. Maybe she doesn't fully understand about men but I think she knows that she is being a little naughty.

Also a favorite LS model Dasha has talked about her experiences modeling as a young nude model and said that it was very tastefully done and the parents were involved to make sure things never went too far. She is proud that she was a model and compensated fairly.

When you see some of these "homegrown" pics in a lot of them the girls look scared or confused or even in some cases drugged. I know that I should not throw stones but to me that is the extreme.

Just like there is honor among thieves I think there is a code even among us pedo's that some of us don't cross. TOTALLY NOT JUDGING ANYBODY just stating my opinion. I just think that there is no place for baby pics (at least in this thread)
>> No. 40046
Absolutely, Oceane can't be faking that smile she has, she's legit happy, rarely uncomfortable but who wants to be laying naked on the floor these days? lol

I agree about the home-grown pics. I've seen a fair amount of girls who look a bit dazed and confused and even disturbed. Sexy as fuck sometimes but I'm not a big fan, they were probably given Vodka or at worst, Nymphetamines. Euro'Rusky gypsies with carpets on their walls don't exactly have that moral code that you talk about.

I'll judge people, for sure, some people around here need it. Why shouldn't I tell a shit person they are being a shit person? They'll continue being a shit person doing shit things to good people. I rarely do it tho, these chans are not too bad. Most of the rapey faggots here are just trolls trying make the board look bad inbetween reporting links.
>> No. 40047
Thanks it’s nice to know that I am not the only one who has a code. The reason I say I am not judging is that at the end of the day I am still a guy who is basically in love with a young girl. Who am I to judge. But like you said some ppl really do take things to far and they need someone to keep them in check. Would love to know what became of Oceane hope she grew up happy and is doing well.
>> No. 40048
This thread went off the rails quickly. Let's get back to the subject at hand please
>> No. 40049
Sorry, your right it's just somebody posted a baby pic this morning and it set me off. I'm as freaky as the next guy just can't stomach that shit. (AGAIN THANKS MODS FOR DELETING IT)
>> No. 40050
But look at the pic above that "happy girl" look at this one >>39840 on the same thread. Does she look happy for you? She's scared as hell, also she just cried recently.
>> No. 40052
Yes I didn't post it and didn't see it. That is the kind of stuff we were talking about. I am not into that kind of thing. So thank you for inadvertently proving my point.
>> No. 40060
Yeah well, we do have Bondage threads and Toddler threads so I wouldn't be surprised if people were flirting with raping toddlers. These chans are like walking through a prison, we all belong in one (by reason of law alone I mean), to your left is a nice guy and to your right there's a scumbag but we all find our ways of getting along, we all stick to our own gangs but somtimes we mix and slowly a storm brews and there's a huge fight in the yard, then mods have to step in with rubber bullets... then we get put into solitary for a day or two and come back and get on with what we were doing because we learn it's not worth the trouble and eventually accept that we have to stand shoulder to shoulder with one another whether we like it or not... we can make it easy on ourselves or hard.
>> No. 40144
bump for more desktop or cellphone
>> No. 40149
File 152227228588.png - (7.49MB , 1125x2001 , B412EA44-2442-42E4-B7A4-18E0F033D190.png )
Using this one currently (around family)
It’s perfect I know she’s topless but you can’t quite see the nips.
>> No. 40180
Anybody have any adventures using a pedo wallpaper in public today?
>> No. 40181
very hot, let us know how it goes!
>> No. 40184
>These chans are like walking through a prison, we all belong in one (by reason of law alone I mean)
Uh, no. I'm just here for legal modeling pics. Also, this isn't a CP site although some of it is posted.
>> No. 40263
I had a psp (playstation portable), I lived with my mom at the the time. My mom used to babysit for my sister, a 7 year old blonde grill. She's smoking hawt. My mom tells me that my niece found my psp and saw the wallpaper.. It was oceane I think, defo a topless girl. I laugh it off and tell my mom to chill (fuck off woman). I speak to my niece afterwards and ask, "do you think she's pretty?".
She says, "I dunno".
I say, "well I think she is"
Then we played with Lego. Fun times.
>> No. 40312
File 152232520198.jpg - (409.38KB , 1125x2001 , IMG_1195.jpg )
So was over with some family kept the phone visable the whole time. The only thing that was said came from uncle. He asked who the picture was I told him it came with the phone.

(He's old he wouldn't know the difference) but he did comment "It looks like she's not wearing a shirt. Maybe I should get a cell phone." He said laughing. I was instantly hard. Especially because if he had really looked at the pic by that time I had rearranged it a bit so that if you look at the very bottom you can just see the hint of her nipples.

May or may not go out today with a riskier wallpaper. We'll see.
>> No. 40331
I am bumping this thread to get rid of some of the shitty troll threads that have recently popped up. But I would love to hear from anybody who has used a naughty screensaver on their phone or pc in public.
>> No. 40340
Sometimes I like to have kitty wall papers on my phone but I am careful in public. Sometimes I want to look at kittys whenever I like:)
>> No. 40369
Got to be real careful putting even legal pix of kids in minimal or no clothes on your phone. You never know who could be watching and calling the local Polizei on theirs. In USA they might even call it 'probable cause' to get a warrant to take you, your computer, and your life apart.
>> No. 40370
chatstep or chatango or other site ?
>> No. 40385
Yeah I don't worry too much. If you read some of my other posts on here it is quite a rush to have a naughty wallpaper on your phone in public. However, I'm not completely stupid I do try to look for the right opportunities and I always try to look for an out if I need it.

I am curious, I haven't heard from any of the others that have tried this in the last few days, hope they didn't get busted or something. >>38843
>> No. 40389
File 152235768769.png - (728.25KB , 407x772 , Screenshot.png )
Still here.

Tried with this image yesterday.

On my way to work, I went to get some food had my phone on display and placed it down at the till. The guy looked but didn't comment, don't think he saw the full image of the nipple peeking.

Later in the day I went to meet my family. Let one of the kid play on my cellphone again. This time he asked me who she was and I just mentioned she is one of my friends, and asked her if he thought she was cute. He shook his head and gave a big smile.

Went to get gas after and had the phone on display. Saw some eyes looking at the wallpaper but do not think people fully noticed she was topless.
>> No. 40390

I want to try with a risky image next time and try to do the same steps.
>> No. 40411
Nice glad to hear. I like the pic. Just a peek of nip. It's exciting knowing it's there but you really have to look to see.

Go for it man. The rush is awesome.
>> No. 40424

Problem is trying to find a risky ultra picture. Only have one that is posted above in one of the other comments.
>> No. 40428

was thinking this might be a good alternative. She is happy and its a playful image.
>> No. 40429

all the images I have used so far. Might go with second one again if I can't find anything to replace it.
>> No. 40432
>>40429 just use the same picture the other guy use next time.

Wait and see.
>> No. 40435
Well I like to use Oceane. That's no secret. >>40312
But I did use this one once.
And this is the one that I met the little girl with.
Here are a few other Oceane suggestions.
And an Ultra
Good luck with whomever you decide.
>> No. 40688
>> No. 40727
Yeah sorry I don't have much to report so far today. I didn't go out last or this morning.

Using this one just because I love to see her tits. >>38772

Maybe I will go out later today with something risky.
Maybe one of these couple.
We'll see.
>> No. 41178

any update from either of you?
>> No. 41182
No,and you?
>> No. 41370
These guys have been so quiet starting to think they got caught..
>> No. 41418
I'm still around. I just didn't do anything the last few days. (Been sick) Sorry for the lack of updates.
>> No. 41617

Still around myself, I did something recently and will post update soon. Other than that I haven't had time to do anything more yet, been busy.
>> No. 41770
please keep us updated, your updates are encouraging me to do the same thing
>> No. 42002
File 152264651879.png - (1.68MB , 1600x900 , Screenshot002.png )
>> No. 42003
File 15226467381.png - (2.31MB , 1600x900 , 037.png )
>> No. 42005
File 152264684472.png - (1.90MB , 1600x900 , IMG 000 (48)a.png )
>> No. 42007
File 152264717291.jpg - (657.29KB , 2000x1333 , IMG_2066.jpg )
>> No. 42008
File 152264723660.jpg - (1.06MB , 2000x1333 , IMG_6683.jpg )
>> No. 42013
File 152264822335.jpg - (599.35KB , 2000x1333 , 82l7xasqp2s6.jpg )
>> No. 42220
File 152269879626.jpg - (339.33KB , 2857x1440 , my wallpaper.jpg )
this is mine
>> No. 42395
>> No. 42492
File 152273918320.jpg - (263.39KB , 956x1440 , lsm13-07-088.jpg )
>>42395 my source
>> No. 42619
Wanna breed with her.
>> No. 42677
Not even sure how to reply to a certain message here.
Anyways just wanted to say that I’ve been following along with guys who are showing their wallpapers in public. I cmpletely understand the rush. My wife and I have been posting pics of ourselves for years and it’s a rush to think who’s seen us through the years at a publick place and recognized us.

I found this place while looking for canine stuff for her. It was through a long series of redirects and finally clicking on the right link.

Looking forward to updates from the guys I mentioned earlier
>> No. 43089
File 15228654877.jpg - (734.97KB , 4098x2318 , !spreadx.jpg )
For your Desktop.
>> No. 43350
File 152290862225.jpg - (1.17MB , 1800x1200 , AlissaP02_065.jpg )
>> No. 43399
File 152291770888.jpg - (472.71KB , 3589x2021 , Polly70.jpg )
>> No. 43404
File 152291784536.jpg - (360.26KB , 2500x1645 , PollyFan600a.jpg )
>> No. 43528
File 152293964832.jpg - (2.68MB , 2688x1976 , BV02.jpg )
>> No. 43529
File 152293975214.jpg - (2.58MB , 3382x1612 , BS02.jpg )
>> No. 43597
Just a little update. I am still around but not in home country and will be a few days till back. Will update with a few stories including the last promised one.
>> No. 43624
Beaver any chance of you upping some more of your good vids please man
>> No. 43806
mmm I cant wait to hear all about it - this is my favorite thread on triforce currently
>> No. 43879
File 152302593179.jpg - (6.93MB , 3566x2374 , s01.jpg )
>> No. 43949
File 152303595149.jpg - (261.65KB , 2021x1347 , Sandra Teen Model (2).jpg )
current wallpaper, subtle and my all time fave model besides MB
>> No. 44042
Nice I like it. Love Sandra.

For those asking I too am still around. Wish I had something to report. Have gone around using my favorite Oceane wallpaper>>38772
but nothing really much has happened. (of course I haven't really been pushing things either)
Maybe tomorrow I will go out and really try to show off a good wallpaper.
>> No. 45005
File 152327196527.png - (897.31KB , 485x927 , Capture.png )
Early morning update 1

Used this lovely image all day a few days ago. Took cell phone to work and been using it every chance I got. Unfortunately no one truly saw the image.

Went to get gas after work and while I was paying I pretended to check my phone, aiming the cell phone display towards the guy. His eyes lit up but he didn't mention anything. He definitely saw it.

Later it in day went around family house and let one of the kid play on my phone while he was next to me. He saw the image and mentioned "she hasn't got any clothes on". I agreed and asked if he liked it and he shook his head. I asked which one he liked better this or one from before >>40389 and he said this because he can see down there.

Was hard throughout the day and masturbated right after this exchange.
>> No. 45006

I have another small story which I will place later in the day. Going to bed right now.
>> No. 45034
You know what would be great. (I know this is far fetched) but it would be awesome if somebody could pull this off.

Hack the tv's in a Target to play hardcore cp for a few minutes. Like the guy who played porn audio over the loud speakers.
>> No. 45081

asking for the impossible but yes would be hot if that were ever to happen.
>> No. 45095
>> No. 45114
thanks for the update, that is all i needed to finish off masturbating, i love hearing your stories
>> No. 45121
Hopefully we get update from this guy
>> No. 45948
update to >>45005

Few days after during work trip. I had a picture of hc picture printed and placed around a park and placed it around. It's not easy to see unless people go looking into closed area. Hope some people find them. Obviously didn't and couldn't stay around to see if anyone got them.
>> No. 46376
>> No. 47919
Luv this one. Any more out there
>> No. 47921
File 152415298258.jpg - (91.32KB , 1296x864 , EAE2E891-8786-4B18-A974-F13569865591.jpg )
>> No. 48225
File 152421180088.jpg - (742.97KB , 2400x1350 , 1517944528508-1.jpg )
>> No. 49518
File 152445724129.jpg - (151.09KB , 799x586 , wallpaperxp.jpg )
>> No. 49900
File 15245806532.png - (3.61MB , 1908x1080 , todys dsktop.png )
Thought I would use this one today. And yes I am still around sorry I haven't updated much. I've been using my pics on my phone but not much exciting has really happened.

Love this one btw>>49518
>> No. 51082
LEA has so many ways that they can trick you into giving yourself away, like posting pics with images in the background, ornaments, room color, paintings on your wall or what kind of computer you're using.
>> No. 51083
47921 awesome
>> No. 51102
Who the fuck is LEA? I've seen it so many times here Lea does this and that... Sounds like a girls name for me. Is she hot?
>> No. 51106
LEA = Law enforcement authorities
>> No. 51382
File 15249013459.jpg - (669.50KB , 2400x1350 , 151615576178.jpg )
>> No. 51383
File 152490141468.jpg - (666.80KB , 2400x1350 , 151879164396.jpg )
taste of ginger
>> No. 51440
File 152491221380.png - (3.50MB , 1440x2560 , Screenshot_2018-04-28-01-02-15.png )
Drove through a drive through with my phone left on the lock screen. I have it mounted by the driver side window. I watched the eyes of the employee leave my eyes and make contact with my phone. He looked stunned, so delicious.
>> No. 51446
>>51440 I hope you just fantasize these stories, because otherwise I do not understand how you are still here
>> No. 51447
That wasn’t a “stunned” look. He was just memorizing your license plate number
>> No. 51460
plus they have it all on camera as you drove through .... Yeah i get it, that it's a rush to have people see kiddies and you seeing their reactions, but it might fail with the cops busting in your door at your house and seizing all of your devices incl Cellphones ,computers ,tablets etc
>> No. 51464
I wonder if these dudes know that when you delete pics off your phone that another copy is still in the hidden thumbnails folder ?
>> No. 51467
not sure i believe all these public cp flashing tales.
either they making it up, or they wanna go to jail.
>> No. 51469
It was a fantasy story unfortunately. How would you flash something like this to someone. Let me know
>> No. 51474
lets all get this thread back to what it was and that is using loli images as your wallpaper.
>> No. 51476
File 152492221217.png - (3.27MB , 1440x2560 , Screenshot_2018-04-28-09-29-01.png )
>> No. 51481
only thing i can think of is something like pervs used to do with porn mags - dump them near a school where kids walking to school would find it.

so printing them up and handle with gloves and drop them late at night someplace is about all you can do i guess.
>> No. 51487
>>6566 this guy should come back and post uncensored one.
>> No. 51501
File 15249266849.jpg - (282.30KB , 2560x1440 , Laura-wallpapers2.jpg )
Back to wallpapers.
>> No. 51502
File 152492670858.jpg - (303.34KB , 2560x1440 , Laura-wallpapers5.jpg )
>> No. 51503
File 152492673428.jpg - (200.12KB , 2560x1440 , pink laura wallpapers1111.jpg )
>> No. 51504
File 152492678177.jpg - (223.07KB , 2560x1440 , yellow-wallpaper-16284-16809-hd-wallpapers3.jpg )
>> No. 51505
File 152492680832.jpg - (160.03KB , 2560x1440 , yellow-wallpaper-16284-16809-hd-wallpapers1.jpg )
>> No. 51506
File 152492685214.jpg - (868.47KB , 2560x1440 , wallpapers.jpg )
>> No. 51516
>> No. 51518
File 152493145314.png - (2.51MB , 1440x2560 , Screenshot_2018-04-28-12-01-59.png )
>> No. 51519
File 152493193847.jpg - (1.15MB , 3000x2000 , Silver-Jewels_Alice-bikini-1-088.jpg )
>> No. 51523
how good ls spread
>> No. 51548
File 152494299818.png - (776.57KB , 1280x800 , Screenshot_2018-04-28-15-12-11.png )
>> No. 51624
Let's see some dirty backgrounds
>> No. 52030
File 152500190236.jpg - (2.75MB , 3000x2009 , Hanna Wings.jpg )
How would normies react to this wallpaper? I want to use it so bad but it might be too much.
>> No. 52185
They definitely don't know and they also probably don't know that Google and Apple copy every picture on their servers. The people who do this stuff are asking to jailed unless they root their phone, encrypt, block off all outgoing connections etc..

Looks fine to me.
>> No. 52312
File 152510242450.png - (689.81KB , 1280x800 , Screenshot_2018-04-30-11-32-59.png )
>> No. 52319
For those that are calling bullshit. I assure that I regularly go around with this >>39040
and others. >>38772
All the time. In fact I just went through a drive thru a few minutes ago with this one >>39040
I wish I could prove this to you but it's hard to take a pic of both me and the phone at the same time.
Don't judge us because we have the balls to do what you don't. You will never know the incredible rush of showing a naked preteen in public. I assure it's exhilarating.

BTW I love this one. (I know it's a fake Laura B but it's still hot) >>52312
>> No. 52338
>> No. 52339
I'd love to see you go through a gas station or drive through with that.
>> No. 52341
I'm gonna try and figure out a way to take a picture of myself at a gas station or in a store or something with a naked lolly clearly visible on my phone. I don't know, maybe have to get a camera or something just to prove that I do in fact do this all the time.
>> No. 52344
I've fantasized doing it myself but I don't have the nerve to pull it off. Can't wait to see you actually doing it
>> No. 52347
File 152511082912.png - (2.55MB , 1440x2560 , Screenshot_2018-04-30-13-52-45.png )
>> No. 52352
It's exciting and I've also had fantasies about doing it. Maybe one day.

Anyone had any interesting experience, some random strangers seeing your wallpaper and reacting?
>> No. 52383
File 152512370318.jpg - (472.17KB , 1960x1088 , Untitled.jpg )
I like to use this one when I have company over. It's perfect it shows just enough to make you guess. I know that there is a completely naked preteen there but the setting doesn't show it. I just resized it and set it to "tile" and it only shows that much.

People have asked about the girl I tell them it's my niece. Don't know if they buy it or not but it's hot as hell for me.
>> No. 52385
Oh the original picture is this one btw. >>39015
>> No. 52397
File 152513188318.jpg - (320.06KB , 1920x1080 , 155 chan.jpg )
This is mine, minus the banners of course ;-)
>> No. 52403
Schoolies Link Pls..
>> No. 52404
File 152514100375.jpg - (211.69KB , 1000x1500 , 018.jpg )
my phone wallpaper
>> No. 52407
File 152514253285.jpg - (348.76KB , 1600x1200 , P4240015.jpg )
>> No. 52426
Now that’s a motherfucking wallpaper.
>> No. 52538
Years ago I had a picture of Sandra as a wallpaper (with those budding boobs of hers exposed, forgot which set but I'm sure everyone has seen it). It was one of those photos I call a "pedomaker" material.
Anyways, one day a friend of mine drops by - and he is one of those easy going guys addicted to regular porn so instead of changing my wallpaper I decided to leave it on and see his reaction. I'll never forget that moment - he starred for good several seconds without saying a word, with mouth open. Shit was hilarious, like he couldn't believe what he's seeing - obviously an underage girl but impossible to deny she's hot as hell.
He asked if there's more so we ended up watching rest of the set together, it was a quite an exciting experience sharing thoughts and what would we do to her.
>> No. 52560
File 152518603684.jpg - (15.94KB , 500x325 , 1.jpg )
Here's mine, plenty of curves and 3 holes
>> No. 52589
File 152519841557.png - (3.32MB , 1440x2560 , Screenshot_20180430-231907.png )
One of my fav fakes by Alex
>> No. 52656
Any updates on this phone wallpaper flashing?
>> No. 52899
File 152538723085.jpg - (548.96KB , 1440x956 , kid for today.jpg )
I use this one sometimes, usually when I feel moody or depressed.
>> No. 52905
File 152539401744.jpg - (693.14KB , 1800x1200 , ValensiyaS20_013.jpg )
i use this one:D
>> No. 53332

that is a beautiful image
>> No. 53339
File 152561206052.jpg - (688.95KB , 1444x960 , 13-05-011.jpg )
>5332 Thanks, playing with ls images relaxes me for some strange reason, here's another example :) I used to have much more but got rid of it.
>> No. 53396

I can see why you find them relaxing.

I seem to find enjoyment looking at tease images. Will post one when I get a chance today.
>> No. 53454
File 152565888371.jpg - (829.35KB , 1920x1080 , Bratzoutofthebox.jpg )
>> No. 53476
Please post the original images no screenshot.
>> No. 53545
Lets get back to wallpapers
>> No. 53552
File 152571294696.jpg - (699.20KB , 1600x913 , yulyap0050449a.jpg )
>> No. 53559
File 152572420324.png - (2.87MB , 1440x2560 , Screenshot_2018-05-07-16-15-02.png )
>> No. 53576
File 152573019446.jpg - (210.33KB , 1728x1152 , 02b5 (33).jpg )
>> No. 53674
amazing wallpaper
>> No. 53800
File 152586227613.png - (7.54MB , 1125x2001 , 39926A83-657D-4514-B949-462D61704BFB.png )
Ate entire breakfast with this prominently displayed on the table. I know the waiter saw it he gave me a look a couple of times. Then went to gas station and set it on the counter while I paid. The attendant had to see. So fucking hot. My cock is throbbing.
>> No. 53825
My adventure continued after that. I went over to Walmart and walked around keeping the screen on display as I perused the store. I went over to where a guy was stalking the shelves and set my phone down as I pretended to be looking at something. He definitely saw because he said "nice phone" as I was looking at the item. I said thanks.

Neither of us said anything else (we were both probably nervous I know I was) then at the checkout I set the phone down as I was paying for something and the old man ringing me out looked at it then up at me and kind tried to not smile but I could tell he liked what he saw.

Went home finally and blew an enormous load thinking about my morning. (I gotta do this more often) it's so fucking hot showing naked preteens to the public.
>> No. 53842
IF this is just a fantasy - then fine - I can understand that - BUT - if this actually happened you are asking to get busted. And that could ruin your life. Think and engage brain before you act.
>> No. 53846
Oh I assure you it’s real and the rush is amazing. Of course it’s risky but that’s what makes it hot. Remember the first time you saw a naked preteen, your heart pounding, your cock steel hard because you know it’s wrong but it’s so fucking hot.
Well, this recaptures that feeling. I can’t stop now and I will keep pushing it because it feels so good.
>> No. 53872
File 152590229889.jpg - (569.53KB , 3800x1824 , Polly488d.jpg )
>> No. 53879
Please post the original pics or set if you have. I love her!
>> No. 53885
File 152590491236.jpg - (1.52MB , 1991x2987 , 137441974027_IMG_5371.jpg )
Excellent! Polly shows us the way to pleasure, the way to underage sex... She's not only the initiated but also the initiator!
>> No. 53886
File 152590494471.jpg - (1.37MB , 1693x2540 , 148304278329.jpg )
>> No. 53887
File 152590626640.jpg - (151.12KB , 516x547 , 516;548.jpg )
>> No. 53889
File 152590707092.jpg - (233.84KB , 381x679 , TMPDOODLE1525907065290.jpg )
I love this site :)
>> No. 53890
File 152590790988.jpg - (57.62KB , 450x600 , IMG_5002.jpg )
>> No. 53891
File 152590793234.jpg - (55.31KB , 450x600 , IMG_5208.jpg )
>> No. 53893
File 152590797459.jpg - (145.67KB , 768x1024 , 147741306950.jpg )
>> No. 53895
File 152590858333.jpg - (243.79KB , 1024x768 , 09-05-2018.jpg )
>> No. 56348
These look really good. How did you achieve these effects?
>> No. 57470
who is she? name? 53890
>> No. 57471
https://155chan.top/hebe/src/152590790988.jpg WHO IS SHE? NAME? 53890
>> No. 57472
>> No. 57477
File 152611995012.jpg - (640.91KB , 1440x960 , 016-024.jpg )
Thanks, I just use photo editors like Fotor, Gimp or Photoscape, they have bunch of effects and filters. I use effects that suits each photo the best, for my taste of course. I usually go for vintage, dreamy look. And also "out of focus" effect in the end makes a good touch.
>> No. 57478
File 152612016629.jpg - (499.58KB , 956x1440 , 224.jpg )
Here's one more example, love using this one on my phone. Here I just added bokeh effect, simple but makes it interesting imo.
>> No. 57498
57478 nice shot, for those not in the know bokeh
is a photo effect and not a sexual act !
Those little models are a tremendous team,
they put on some of the best poses, I think the set is called Rough Stuff or Tough Stuff.
>> No. 57502
File 152612661624.jpg - (716.96KB , 956x1440 , 04-01-007.jpg )
Thanks Ziggy you are absolutely right, and yep it's "LS Magazine Issue 13 Tough Stuff", image set 7. One of my absolute favorite LS volumes, both video and image sets. Too bad most of it can't be shown here.

Here's another one of my phone wallpapers. Taken from "LS Magazine 4 Young and Fresh", a classic set.
>> No. 57506
Young and Fresh is a lovely set with Maya aka
Dasha and her co star getting up to all sorts
of girly mischief, the co star (can't recall her
name) has some nice solo sets and vids.
>> No. 57535
File 152614134454.jpg - (863.21KB , 1444x960 , 04-019.jpg )
Best thing about these is that I can use them openly
>> No. 57536
File 152614151933.jpg - (526.90KB , 1444x960 , 03-088.jpg )
Except maybe this one. In any case, that's all from my LS wallpaper collection.
>> No. 57537
A great shot of the Tough Stuff blonde,
when these girls play together the results
are mouthwatering, especially when bouncing on sofas and showing off their holes.
>> No. 57545
I been inlove of this girl since years, had the sets but lost it in a hd crash and its the first time I see it again. Please tell me whats the site name to search and download it.
>> No. 57552
I particularly like the blur effect here >>52899
Which editor did you apply it with?

This one looks really good. I wish I could edit some pictures like this.
>> No. 57553
Besides, how do you remove the watermarks?
>> No. 57554
File 15261520893.jpg - (793.09KB , 1444x960 , 03-064.jpg )
Thanks, some turn out better than the others. Maybe I'll make some more and start a separate thread.

It's actually very easy, I'm a total noob so anyone can do it. You just need Photoscope and Fotor, both are free to download.

I remove watermarks in Photoscape with clone brush. Photoscape also has a nice gallery of "film effects" adding that nice effect like on a pic you asked about.
I also use Fotor because of good additional filters and it's very easy to use. I especially like "vignette" ones. Just go through them and you'll see which one you like the best.

For that specific pic, I think I added a film effect in Photoscape and then additionally "Dallas" vignette in Fotor. I'm not 100% sure though. Blurs can be done in any of those two editors, there are two types - "out of focus" and "fake tilt shift". You can choose how strong and wide it will be.

All in all, if you really want to make pics like this just get those two programs and practice, it's super simple.

Here, just made another one :)
>> No. 57557
Thank you very much for providing me with all this helpful information, I appreciate it.
>> No. 57680
Where are all of my naughty phone buddies? Today is the perfect day to visit Mom and the relatives with a dirty phone wallpaper. I think I will use this one today again. >>38772

Hope you guys are still around. I know I continue to use naughty wallpapers almost everyday. Would love to hear from you guys.
>> No. 57702
I have an app that plays all my gifs so it is like having candy movies as my bg
>> No. 57810

who is she? name? 53890
>> No. 57837
File 152625263762.png - (3.13MB , 1440x2560 , Screenshot_2018-05-13-19-00-15.png )
Still looking forward to seeing public exposure of wallpapers
>> No. 57857
File 15262651379.jpg - (346.74KB , 1792x1200 , pv84cv8qyt.jpg )
>> No. 57938
Can you post the original without your text?
>> No. 57942
Please original of these fake. She goddess!
>> No. 57980
File 152632240687.png - (6.19MB , 1200x1800 , laura best fakes (40).png )
>> No. 58030
File 152633575746.jpg - (693.83KB , 2000x1333 , 152264822335.jpg )
>> No. 58031
File 152633583666.jpg - (0.97MB , 1800x1200 , VIP_BellaK05_091.jpg )
>> No. 58123
who is she and where can i get more?
>> No. 58242
File 152648258271.png - (657.31KB , 1600x900 , Screenshot_2018-05-16_15-49-08.png )
Late to the party but here's my modded Xubuntu-Xenial XFCE desktop
>> No. 58251
Never too late. Awesome wallpaper. The only thing missing is Oceane's ass but that's just my preference.
>> No. 58267
If you moved Liliana down a little bit it would be perfect. But it needs more Cherish and Ultra! ;-)

Post the original!
>> No. 58270
File 152649326166.png - (801.70KB , 1920x1080 , Eightprofferedposteriors1920x1080.png )
Here's the 1920x1080 alpha-channel .png I used. It is shrunk down from an original that is just too damn big!

Thing is, where to stop? Rabea, Ranja, Sonja, Anya/Oxi, Sarah, Inna... too many to choose from! ;D
>> No. 58485
File 152660663975.jpg - (1.27MB , 1920x1080 , angels 2018 Nfull.jpg )
like mixed videos these compilations never end.
it will be very interesting when this artform becomes popular enough to support some share of cuts.to just grab from the toy box cuts instead of having to do the cuts for those who know time consuming.being its fun to toy with variations if it was easier more would partake.i still want to make a kitty one someday.
>> No. 58547
Nice to see some creative pictures everyone is using.
>> No. 58630
File 152666728024.jpg - (240.12KB , 900x1601 , IMG_1270.jpg )
Thinking about using this one in public today. What do you guys think? Had to resize to post here the original is better quality.
>> No. 58641

should do something more risky, that shows that it is indeed a little loli.
>> No. 58647
Agreed and maybe some proof :]
>> No. 58676
I'm really hoping that you're doing it. You're my hero if you are
>> No. 58680
>> No. 58709
Good luck in jail!
>> No. 58789
Somebody explain to me how I can prove it and I will. I can't exactly take a picture of my self and my phone and I can't exactly just ask somebody to take my picture with my phone out.
>> No. 58791

if you have another phone or recording device, use that to record the phone in a public setting. Obviously cover up faces and etc to ensure safety.
>> No. 58841
Just use a mirror and have your phone take a picture of itself.
>> No. 58858
File 15267733247.jpg - (126.32KB , 1918x1080 , desktop2.jpg )
Here's mine. Maybe something more risky?
>> No. 58894
Seems like fun but what happens when that random someone you "accidentally" show your wallpaper to turns out to be an off-duty cop?
>> No. 58968
Can some post the original picture?
>> No. 58992
File 152686233670.jpg - (56.45KB , 800x600 , btm8kb5w.jpg )
Here's the original one, unedited.
>> No. 59089
File 15269143768.jpg - (115.11KB , 996x1500 , Alli Gallery 144 (8).jpg )
I really like Miss Alli so I have a lot of her NN
pics but I have them randomized as a slideshow I also like Alona and have a lot of hers.
>> No. 59090
File 152691510041.jpg - (226.14KB , 1024x768 , gffff.jpg )
>> No. 59112
any update?

go more risky.
>> No. 59176
File 152695794686.jpg - (1.12MB , 1800x1200 , 148379667972.jpg )
I have this somewhat unusual fetish with girls with different socks and love lacy ones like Alona has in this pic. I think it's like the Howard Stern theory only you never know what your going to see next.
>> No. 60647
File 152700407317.png - (674.18KB , 1280x800 , Screenshot_2018-05-22-11-46-55.png )
>> No. 60686
File 152702000997.png - (656.69KB , 1600x900 , Screenshot_2018-05-22_21-10-21.png )
Xenial-XFCEfag here, been messing with png's, this is sort of a work-in-progress, need to mess with the scaling a bit more.
>> No. 60817

Please post all of the component images of this.
>> No. 61241
>> No. 61543
File 152749761244.jpg - (488.81KB , 3000x1714 , polly800s.jpg )
>> No. 61544

very sexy feet and ass
>> No. 61688
File 152755805032.jpg - (169.84KB , 1916x1080 , desktop.jpg )
Okay, how about this? There's others i can try that are a lot worse.
>> No. 61689
bump for hc
>> No. 61723

It's great. If you do go more worse but can't upload here just upload on a image sharing site and link.
>> No. 61895
File 152764457737.png - (546.92KB , 1280x800 , Screenshot_2018-05-29-21-41-49.png )
>> No. 61905
File 152765034692.jpg - (460.37KB , 2000x1302 , kiddycunt34.jpg )
>> No. 61908
>> No. 62069
She is so lovely ...so precious ... so delicious ! I would love to love her !
>> No. 62385
File 152784775180.jpg - (264.11KB , 3000x1786 , pollyDesk59.jpg )
>> No. 62390
>>61895 the original pls
>> No. 62486
File 152790072595.jpg - (141.02KB , 2400x1300 , P Point01.jpg )
>> No. 62503
File 25028977_137214576941627_7904905029323063296_n.mp4 - (3.00MB )
This dude on instagram has him watching candydoll at work
>> No. 62517
That video isn't illegal so there's no real risk. What's his IG anyways?
>> No. 62632
File 152793517685.jpg - (84.80KB , 998x503 , kiddy2018.jpg )
>> No. 62713
paolohoyos is his ig
>> No. 62720
Let's get more people do these kinds of things
>> No. 62723

Do what exactly?
>> No. 63012
Just a guess but he probably means using girls as your wallpaper.
>> No. 63080
Just go to a police station and light your screen up all you tools want to talk about risking it. Total tools.
>> No. 63149

Tools are useful you fool. Call them what they are which is fake.

If you believe any of this shit from the risk stuff. Your an idiot, unless they prove it. Which none of them will! The wallpaper thing is the only possibility in this, that they use it at home.
>> No. 63214
File 15282084655.png - (1.60MB , 640x1136 , 93300FBB-89B9-401A-BCFA-5D41B0B790F7.png )
>> No. 63275

Very nice :). Where is the original image from?
>> No. 63489
File 152840153132.jpg - (470.03KB , 1922x920 , dsltp.jpg )
I like to use this one sometimes. It doesn't show anything but leaves little to the imagination.
>> No. 63497

That's smart idea. Just you know what it is. Might do something similar.

I'll upload mine later not on pc at the moment.
>> No. 63498
File 152840558724.jpg - (541.05KB , 1921x1088 , 151738925752 - Copy.jpg )
Using now :)
>> No. 63499
Nice. Love that you can just see the top of her nipple. I like to do that stuff too.
>> No. 63500

Same :). Was asking myself if I should keep one nipple in full view or not. For now I think I'll use this as so.
>> No. 63566
File 152846521784.png - (2.94MB , 1440x2560 , Screenshot_2018-06-08-09-37-55.png )
>> No. 63588
Awesome glad to see your still around. A lot of people think we all got arrested or something or that we are bullshitting when we say we go out in public with these pictures on our phones. They just don't have the balls and would rather tear us down.
>> No. 63590
File 152847889999.png - (7.61MB , 1125x2001 , 73E68918-5766-434A-8769-0F5863B3F8C1.png )
>> No. 63612

very hot.

Everyone else post more loving this thread and probably my fav.
>> No. 63620
Do you have the original?
>> No. 63625
You can find the original in my Oceane Dreams thread here. Should be on this page or the next. Plus a whole bunch of others.
>> No. 63633
Went through a drive-thru with this one earlier.
Should have seen the look on the guys face when he saw it. I position the phone facing the window in my cup holder so it is very visible as he handed me my food.
>> No. 63661
File 152854426312.jpg - (387.81KB , 975x1734 , 52E06C64-8FE3-4C1C-B30F-F8D75BD08F94.jpg )
Back at it again
>> No. 63663
You're still not in prison? Well, the reports of prevailing pedo hysteria have been greatly exaggerated! Looks like the normies doesn't care much about your phone screen LOL
>> No. 63664
File 152854552469.jpg - (556.29KB , 1922x1080 , dsktopp.jpg )
Nope and here is my current desktop
>> No. 63666
Posting your desktop isn't the best idea unless you really want them to get you. Giving LEA too many ways to calculate your id. The only thing that saving you now is that you are not "bad" enough.
>> No. 63672
Original please?
>> No. 63673
Well I don’t like the hc crap anyway I just like the professional models and even then I mostly focus on Oceane.
>> No. 63676
I know it’s a very fine line in most people’s eyes but I do try to draw it at models. There is some real disgusting shit on here that I have no part of. I see myself as a pot smoker not a coke head if that analogy makes sense.
>> No. 63680
File 152855719755.png - (3.23MB , 1440x2560 , Screenshot_2018-06-09-11-11-27.png )
Im using this cutie today
>> No. 64035
>> No. 64086
File 152878230749.jpg - (256.70KB , 2969x1979 , 0855.jpg )
Have been using this on my laptop for a few years now. I have no issues going out to coffee shops and working with this on in the background. i'm sure more than a few people have raised their eyebrows at this one: Sophia. I like the view of her tits down the scoop of her leotard...
>> No. 64139
File 152881968160.png - (3.72MB , 1440x2560 , Screenshot_2018-06-12-12-04-50.png )
>> No. 64140
File 152881981252.jpg - (527.48KB , 1922x1080 , dskttttpp.jpg )
Using this one currently. Again it's one of my revealing but not completely revealing desktops. She is showing just enough of skin to make you think she is topless (and of course she is) but you can't actually see anything. It's perfect for company.
>> No. 64187
File 152885751093.jpg - (757.15KB , 1436x1980 , jjj2.jpg )
>> No. 64213
thinking of setting a wallpaper, but not sure what photo to use for first time!
>> No. 64218
Go with something a little daring but not too bad. Or crop or set it to tile like I did with this one. >>64140
Play around with a few photos and settings until you get one you like. Or you can go all out like this one >>6568 or even further
>> No. 64867
>> No. 64885

You DO realize that Jordyn Jones is already 18+?


>> No. 65279
>> No. 66943
These are all great photos but wouldn't you like to be the photographer?
>> No. 67114
come on guys don't get good threads die
>> No. 67164
>> No. 67633
>> No. 67651
I must be an idiot to have never seen her before. What's her name? Info? PLLLEEEAAASEEE someone tell me
>> No. 67985
>> No. 68712
File 153072065313.png - (1.13MB , 1366x768 , kiddy porn stars.png )
Here is my lab top wallpaper
>> No. 68714
File 153072092061.jpg - (99.56KB , 453x792 , Snip-it_1530500559026.jpg )
And here is my phone wallpaper, thought I would go with something a little risky.
>> No. 68724
Sure! Under some circumstances (sexual training, kiddie porn movie,...), cute and sexy girls under 10 can indeed make a grown man cum really hard! Even older.
Very nice wallpaper too!
>> No. 68748
Very nice. Gonna use my old standby for my 4th of July celebrations just gonna have to be careful but it’s gonna be fun glancing at my phone in front of people. >>39040
>> No. 68799
File 153075866524.png - (1.30MB , 1360x768 , desktop_001.png )
Here's my current wallpaper girl. Emmie Model!
>> No. 68828
Very nice! Dragging my attention away from Emmie and getting geeky, what distro/DE are you using? Also your clock/calendar/sysinfo display has a distinctly conky-ish feel to it?
>> No. 68915
Distro is secret for security reasons. And you'd be right in thinking the clock was a Conky theme. Just a premade one I decided to use cuz it went well with the Emmie wallpaper. :o)
>> No. 68930
File 153084006822.jpg - (314.41KB , 1280x799 , my lapto.jpg )
This is the desktop picture on my laptop and cellphone
>> No. 68934
File 153084156249.jpg - (129.57KB , 1024x768 , 454576.jpg )
This is the picture on my cell phone
>> No. 68979
damn shes so cute
>> No. 68983
File 153088376210.jpg - (97.15KB , 480x800 , clean_Screenshot_20180706-062556.jpg )
>> No. 68984
More of this
>> No. 68992
That’s hot as fuck. Now I have pushed it with some nude Oceane and Ultra and even one with the girl spreading her pussy but I have never gone full CP on my phone in public. If you go out with that on your phone your my hero and you got huge balls my friend. Keep it up everyone. Love the pics.
>> No. 69026
>> No. 69033
This whole thread is making me feel like a coward. Especially this one >>68712
Keeping vids and pics on your laptop with windows 10, damn!
>> No. 69107
File 153097085339.png - (1.00MB , 720x1280 , Screenshot_20180707-163504.png )
>> No. 69124
File 153098982138.png - (736.55KB , 441x781 , esll - Copy.png )
inspiration from this

hopefully this will be allowed.
>> No. 69135
that's awesome
>> No. 69157
>> No. 69178

which is better
>> No. 69179
or this?
>> No. 69180
File 15310456642.png - (1.11MB , 561x1001 , wall3 - Copy.png )
>> No. 69188
>> No. 69212
>> No. 69213
>> No. 69214
>> No. 69216
links in case its removed :(

>> No. 69220
Dude if you go out in public with these on your phone I will bow down and call you a god. Those are so hot and inspiring. I gotta think about what I can do now.
>> No. 69221

don't plan to with something as risky, maybe one day. These are just for home.
>> No. 69267
File 153112266285.png - (1.01MB , 1360x768 , Screenshot from 2018-07-09 03-49-16.png )
Todays desktop cutie.
>> No. 69284
April's dad was such a lucky guy. (Well at least until he got arrested) but he'll always have those memories. These are awesome by the way and so is this one. >>69267

Keep it going
>> No. 69345
Okay. So, many of you are going to hate this or me but I don't care. There is just something about this picture that does it for me. Maybe I am just becoming more perverse I don't know but here is my latest desktop.
>> No. 69350
File 153114978964.png - (1.21MB , 1920x1080 , Desk - Copy.png )
mine right now

No one know if he is arrested or not. There no news after they left.
>> No. 69426
File 153119271919.jpg - (13.13KB , 379x161 , Screenshot_4.jpg )
Can u link that set please??
>> No. 69487
Picture of the day

link just in case: https://framapic.org/r2szRpVhOYr3/UnC77rbiBvCn.png
>> No. 69496
File 153125478134.jpg - (251.11KB , 1366x738 , s&g.jpg )
>> No. 69497
I had a picture for desktop, young (about 14) girl topless. Came thru customs at San Ysidro. I think about 20 officials 'inspected' the picture and machine. Guy hands it back, smiles and says 'welcome home' and that was it.
>> No. 69500
Under American federal law, breasts don't represent pornographic imagery, no matter the age of the model, so U.S. customs did the right thing by not charging you for having that picture.
>> No. 69613
File 153132108495.jpg - (56.35KB , 480x347 , US-Customs.jpg )
Here's some facts about U.S. customs. I consulted with an attorney after a bad experience with them.

It's illegal to lie to them. If they catch you lying to them. They will arrest you. They are trained in tricking people into lying to them. Even innocent lies will get you arrested. Keep your mouth shut.

They can search your computers and smart phones. But you do not have to give them your passwords. They can confiscate your computers and smart phones to give them time to crack them and search them. So do not bring your lolita pictures with you. If you have digital media, encrypt it fully and mail it to yourself. And always remember, you do not have to disclose your password no matter how much they try to trick and threaten you.

If you are a U.S. citizen, they can not deny you entry into the U.S. They will lie to you and try to trick you, but they can not deny you entry.

MOST IMPORTANT: If you are a U.S. citizen, you do not have to talk to them or answer their questions. All you have to do is fill out the customs declaration and that's it. If they question you, say, "I have nothing to say." and cooperate with their physical demands. They will try to threaten you and trick you and all sorts of games, tell them you have nothing to say. They put you in a holding cell for about a half hour, call the supervisor, and then they let you go.

If they ever pull you aside, STOP TALKING. Say nothing. They have to allow you entry and you don't have to say anything.

I travel frequently. Best way to handle them is to not bring digital media with you. Fill out the customs form, answer a few basic questions but if they go beyond that or pull you aside, STOP TALKING. Tell them to fuck off and they eventually let you go after a half hour or so.

U.S. customs are notorious for being rude assholes. If you're a citizen, don't put up with their bullshit. They are the rudest assholes I've ever run across. It's embarrassing to have these assholes greet visitors to the U.S.
>> No. 69635
>> No. 69711

love that picture, the new leaks make great wallpapers and I love the edit.
>> No. 69726

It's routine for Americans to sucker-punch TSA employees. And legal. If you get tired of their shit, deck them. When they wake up, they'll have a better understanding of how things really work in the United States of America.

TSA employees are OK with unconsciousness.
>> No. 69763
Damn that is stylish
>> No. 69812
TSA won't even care if they see half these desktops, most of them are cp lovers themselves.
>> No. 69892
I went out to get a bite to eat the other day, brought my cell. Not to far to my left maybe three chair there was a guy and behind me to the right there was an old guy on his lab top. I light up my phone even looked though some pics. The guy to the left did not notice a thing dispite are distance and the one behind me I think he did see but he did not say anything. I thought this was funny I had a blast. Lol
>> No. 69893
File 153144109772.jpg - (427.57KB , 956x1440 , pedopride 1.jpg )
I think I might tweek my cell phones wallpaper and try this or I might try a hardcore too.
>> No. 69905
But CBP is different from TSA. TSA are rejects from any professional organization. Pro Organizations like greeter at Walmart.

Customs and Border Protection will throw your ass in Jail and sell your children into permanent sexual slavery.
>> No. 69963
>> No. 69964
TSA is part of the DHS which is run by a guy that was part of the people who did 9/11
TSA was created to treat people like cattle.
Or as Jews say in Israel non Jews are cattle.
>> No. 69967
File 153150168440.jpg - (348.29KB , 1364x734 , poly.jpg )
>> No. 69970
File 153150337228.jpg - (179.22KB , 1151x1080 , ooo.jpg )
>> No. 70177
Some very nice creative desktops I am seeing.
>> No. 70301
File 153168372384.png - (846.25KB , 541x959 , wall1 - Copy.png )
bump with something old
>> No. 70310
>> No. 70385
Oh I remember seeing this, do you have the set? Haha Tia
>> No. 70467

love how he streches her little preteen mouth with his giant pedo cock
>> No. 70609
File 153184005424.png - (4.14MB , 1440x2560 , Screenshot_2018-07-17-11-05-25.png )
>> No. 70610
>> No. 70611

nice picture.

any of the mobile guys have any more stories of dare they done outdoor?
>> No. 70622
>> No. 70830

both very good
>> No. 70854
Nice ones man, like ;)


>> No. 70959

thank you, hoping others join in with more risky images.
>> No. 71228
>> No. 71761
File 153229173467.png - (647.29KB , 542x960 , wall4 - Copy.png )
>> No. 71774
>> No. 71775
File 153230390149.png - (487.61KB , 541x960 , wall2 - Copy.png )
>> No. 71991
So my latest thrill is I downloaded a few card games from the app store that let you play against others and most importantly they let you create an avatar. It’s so fucking hot posting nude pictures of Oceane and then playing a game against someone who’s picture looks like a soccer mom. I know it’s dangerous but all they have done is delete the pic they haven’t banned me or anything so I can just change it again. What a thrill!!
>> No. 71997
File 153242470670.jpg - (272.50KB , 1000x1500 , 002.jpg )
I have windows 10 so I use the random wallpaper slideshow function and have over 3000 pics like Miss Alli that go at random.
>> No. 72044
retards connecting to cellular networks with cp pics
>> No. 72048

What do you mean they delete, do you send them a picture?

Is it not the avatar of you?
>> No. 72070
There is an option to upload an avatar so I upload topless pics of Oceane Then I play the game against other people the pics are clearly visible. Its hot as hell knowing they can see her perfect tits.
>> No. 72074

can we get a picture of that?
>> No. 72110
File 153249186062.jpg - (394.92KB , 1125x1399 , 5C3ACA25-15D3-4AF6-BA59-A794A9DFFCB8.jpg )
Okay doubting thomas here you go. I edited the name of the app out in case you’re not on the up and up
>> No. 72125
File 153250000752.jpg - (570.19KB , 2102x3154 , Oceane-dreams_013_006.jpg )
I fucking love Oceane Dreams. I could fap to her cute tiny titties all day.
>> No. 72129
Yeah Oceane is pretty much my favorite in fact I could do without most of the stuff on this site but for me there’s always been something about Oceane that does it for me.
>> No. 72144
So where is the motherfucker that asked for proof??? Your not going to say anything now that I have provided proof?
>> No. 72145
File 153252654827.jpg - (414.37KB , 1125x1429 , CE5031B0-0261-48F9-B15D-3C3D4262CFA7.jpg )
I’ll even give you one more just so you don’t think I am bullshitting you.
>> No. 72147
My current safe for visitors desktop. Got some friends coming over later gonna leave this on in plain view. It's revealing but doesn't actually show anything. Can't wait my cock is going to be so hard when people see it.
>> No. 72162

Those are extremely hot. I'm currently working up the courage to go out with something similar outside.

I recently looked at some LS models during a family gathering, other than that haven't done much.
>> No. 72166
Well don’t do anything you don’t want to. The truth is I am really pushing things and it’s not very smart it’s just I never get off better than when I am doing something daring So my advice you might not want to emulate me.
>> No. 72167

I enjoy your posting so hoping for more stories and risk taken from you in the future :)
>> No. 72170
Thanks. But they aren’t stories I really do the crazy things I talk about all I am saying is I don’t recommend it. I live my life looking over my shoulder. That is when I am not having the best orgasms of my life. My friends will be here soon we’ll see how the above Oceane wallpaper plays. Wish me luck.
>> No. 72177
File 153255000989.jpg - (708.95KB , 4000x2222 , desk4.jpg )
>> No. 72190
Please more of this sweet beautiful angel !
What a sexy wonderful moment .. I love this precious girl !!
>> No. 72199

When I meant stories I didn't make it was fake :). Keep it up and looking forward to more as always.
>> No. 72242
it's easy even on linux mint my personal fav but anyway. try try site
>> No. 72288
File 153261235131.jpg - (311.67KB , 1440x956 , ufo-011-090.jpg )
Send some cp pics to microsoft support and ask if you can use them as the wallpaper!
>> No. 72377
So my friends did come over last night. It was so fucking great. I made sure my desktop screen saver was turned off so it would be on full display. I know everyone had to see it and two of my buddies commented. The one said who's the girl on your computer? I told him it was my niece. The other said "Why do you have a naked little girl on your computer?" My heart was pounding and my cock got hard when he said that. I said "She's not naked she's wearing a bathing suit you just can't see it from the angle of the picture." He looked at me strangely. (Fyi if you look closely the top of her nipple is visible.)
I told him it was niece as well and that it had been taken when they were on vacation. That she was an aspiring model. I don't know if he believed me or not. I guess I will find out if there is a knock on my door. But for now it was fucking awesome to do that and I jerked off as soon as they all left. Let you guys know what happens.
>> No. 72399
>>72377 I like to leave CP around my local police station. There are some bushes close by that a strip naked in and fap like a mad man while people are walking around cleaning up the cp I left.

Shit's so hot I cum so hard that I can shoot cum on the door of the police station from across the road.

Sometimes I go into the station naked and fap too. Shit's so fucking hot!
>> No. 72406
>>72399 what the shit are you people talking about? How can anyone fap to police are picking up a pieces of paper?
>> No. 72410
He is making fun of >>72377 this post.

Amazing post, clearly only real one here. You win everything.
>> No. 72426
Same. Sometimes I go into the police station completely naked and the cops strip nude too and we all fap to cp together. It's super hot and stuff.

Everyone should definitely try it out. Cops love to fap to cp with other people. It's all the do most of the day.
>> No. 72429
cool stories bros
>> No. 72442
File 153266190661.jpg - (53.91KB , 615x422 , 138515419720.jpg )
i used to use this. ppl assumed it was me and my sis as kids but say ppl these days would think we were having sex so its too risky lol
>> No. 72494
Original pic pls pls pls?
>> No. 72513
File 15327074115.jpg - (181.16KB , 1000x1500 , MissAlli-117-061.jpg )
Here is all my wallpapers including all my sets of Miss Alli including the older sets Alli model.
https://ufile.io/l0up0 it's a 7zip file with over 3,000 nonnude/partially nude pics.
>> No. 72688
Yeah I don’t worry about people questioning me ir making fun of me. I know what I do is dangerous but for me that’s part of the thrill. So far no repercussions from my friends seeing the wallpaper. So I will continue to do things that are daring.
>> No. 72704

forget them, keep it up.
>> No. 72716
File 153279946630.jpg - (301.97KB , 3670x2072 , 100x.jpg )
>> No. 72752
man if u really wanna get arrested just use this n show it
>> No. 72753
>>8618 lsm
>> No. 72756
ITT : LEA trying to make you get yourself caught lol
>> No. 72757
This girlie is delicious.
>> No. 73015
I really am not trying to get arrested. It's just that by pushing things a little it makes it more exciting and it feels better. I know it's dangerous and if I were ever to be caught my life would pretty much be over but I guess I just like the danger to add excitement. I will say however, the stuff I do is nothing compared to a lot of the stuff that is shared on this site in fact I am downright tame.


>> No. 73096
>> No. 73309
File 153301573796.jpg - (99.82KB , 927x540 , fatherly love1.jpg )
Made a new laptop wall paper
>> No. 73360
File 153304617292.jpg - (558.27KB , 1920x1080 , 4-1.jpg )
>> No. 73532

both creative
>> No. 73601
more good clear gape shots of Sophie please. The closer and open the better.
>> No. 73679
File 153323217433.jpg - (219.65KB , 1366x768 , walls_001.jpg )
>> No. 73680
File 15332321951.jpg - (356.30KB , 1366x768 , walls_002.jpg )
>> No. 73681
File 153323221651.jpg - (268.78KB , 1366x768 , walls_003.jpg )
>> No. 73682
File 153323223627.jpg - (329.37KB , 1366x768 , walls_004.jpg )
>> No. 73683
File 153323226075.jpg - (354.03KB , 1366x768 , walls_005.jpg )
>> No. 73684
File 153323228012.jpg - (771.78KB , 1366x768 , walls_006.jpg )
>> No. 73685
File 153323230178.jpg - (364.93KB , 1366x768 , walls_007.jpg )
>> No. 73686
File 153323232064.jpg - (314.14KB , 1366x768 , walls_008.jpg )
>> No. 74132
Love those edits on the images, they all look amazing.
>> No. 74374
File 153357968831.jpg - (1.91MB , 3264x2448 , 20180806_093125.jpg )
>> No. 74557

WOW!!!! that's awesome. It would be amazing if more people done this. >>72688 could you do something similar?
>> No. 74558
File 153365188714.jpg - (100.62KB , 918x440 , h-16853.jpg )
>> No. 74710
>> No. 74948
useless faggots keep creating request threads and ruining all the good stuff on hebe
>> No. 75392
File 153399073624.jpg - (509.21KB , 1920x1080 , 00_001.jpg )
>> No. 75393
File 153399075043.jpg - (409.78KB , 1366x768 , 00_002.jpg )
>> No. 75394
File 153399077517.jpg - (769.44KB , 1920x1080 , 00_003.jpg )
>> No. 75395
File 153399079387.jpg - (958.56KB , 1920x1080 , 00_004.jpg )
>> No. 75396
File 153399081011.jpg - (570.30KB , 1920x1080 , 00_005.jpg )
>> No. 75397
File 153399082715.jpg - (907.54KB , 1920x1080 , 00_006.jpg )
>> No. 75681
Thanks for sharing them, they are really great.
>> No. 75685
Would be awesome if you could share more like them in the future
>> No. 76051
>> No. 76288

do you have any like this
>> No. 76324
April wallpaper <3

backup https://framapic.org/WuYak0N42NUg/pnJ2t9iLKYeM.PNG
>> No. 76351
Your https://ufile.io/l0up0 link is dead :( can you reuplad it? Thousand thanks :D
>> No. 76472
File 153442911928.jpg - (296.77KB , 1043x1856 , B8CEC553-A41F-4D68-87BE-89A2E3CF31C4.jpg )
Which one should I use today?
>> No. 76473
File 153442919789.jpg - (342.48KB , 994x1710 , F6EE5868-16CD-41AF-9B29-37DFD3AF9C88.jpg )
Or this one
>> No. 76478

this one is best
>> No. 76615
>> No. 76734
Excellent desktop pic
>> No. 76767
Kik me: Galperti
>> No. 77072
to the top
>> No. 77508
>> No. 77533
File 153479066445.jpg - (647.85KB , 2800x1867 , panty4911.jpg )
>> No. 77553

Love that image
>> No. 78257
>> No. 78268
I agree ...what a sexy magic moment when a beautiful and precious little girl invites you to love her !!!
To love and adore this angel would be pure HEAVEN mmmmmmmmm so wonderful !!!
I how there is more of this set showing her being loved !!!
>> No. 78401
File 153519758849.jpg - (554.03KB , 1125x1872 , 52E9A621-612B-434A-B571-636243F54AC9.jpg )
Which one to use for today?
>> No. 78402
File 153519763636.jpg - (468.96KB , 1125x1835 , EA3B30B3-2B09-4193-A741-F88BA6018A88.jpg )
Or this one
>> No. 78527
You guys are crazy using shit like that as wallpaper
>> No. 78603
File 153526985499.jpg - (1.13MB , 1080x1920 , Screenshot_2018-08-26-15-45-01-177.jpg )
I always keep a fucking hot nude pic of my girlfreind charmaine
>> No. 78650

Love this one

I need a new image soon, got a default wallpaper right now. Been a while since I had a loli on.
>> No. 78688
Yeah I ended up going with that one I like it cus it shows her tits, her ass and even though you can’t see it (I had to shorten it to post here) her pretty little feet as well. I went to lunch and shopping with it. Every chance I got I checked my phone. Really good day however I wasn’t as daring as I have been in the past but I did have the screen in plain view a couple of times.
>> No. 78773
File 153536076525.jpg - (1.16MB , 2456x3680 , image.jpg )
Love this sexy one
>> No. 78832
File 153538669920.jpg - (170.86KB , 960x1440 , twlba5j7oo5g4kj5_onion.jpg )
this is a perfect image for one of you brave souls to use
>> No. 78901
File 153539499535.jpg - (512.83KB , 1125x1851 , 99B53BD0-5F38-4BFF-B3AC-FBB6806ED7D7.jpg )
I think I’m gonna use this one at work tonight what do you think??
>> No. 78920
use this instead >>78832
>> No. 78922
File 153539853447.jpg - (535.21KB , 1125x1844 , 27F35875-8568-4608-A052-932DA886C37A.jpg )
Maybe I am feeling frisky today maybe one of these two ad well
>> No. 78924
File 153539861350.jpg - (388.67KB , 1125x1844 , A5174716-11AD-42FC-9F73-9CFB08D8CF4B.jpg )
Or this one
>> No. 78925
they are all pretty good :)
>> No. 78952
File 153540619646.jpg - (538.45KB , 1680x2519 , Juliette-SD_031_005.jpg )
hey, phone wallpaperguy- you have fucking balls dude. U trying to get arrested lol. I love it!
here are two I like:
>> No. 78953
File 153540624611.jpg - (385.52KB , 1395x2095 , Juliette-SD_021_052.jpg )
and the other one....
And Be careful with your pics- thoughts I saw location on a few of them...
>> No. 78956
ok can't help it- posting a few more suggestions. would love to hear about reactions you get!





>> No. 78965
About an hour ago at least two people clearly saw the pic I used this one. >>78924

I was and am still nervous as hell but after it happened my cock was fucking steel hard.

I waited a bit and finally couldn't take it anymore so I went into the bathroom and I figured well if I'm going out then I'm going out with a bang. Nobody was in there so then I pushed things even further. I put the phone up on the counter then I stripped completely I'm talking shoes and socks, everything.
Watching Ultra's perfect fucking body I started jacking super fast. It only took about two minutes and I swear I thought my heart was going to explode out of my chest. Knowing that I had been caught and then being completely naked jerking my cock in a bathroom that anyone could walk into at any moment while I had a naked preteen prominently displayed on the counter was a rush I will always remember.
I squeezed the tip of my cock as I felt myself cumming and I couldn't fucking beleive it. My load shot across the counter over the sink and splattered onto the mirror. Then I let go and finished cumming my cock spewing all over the edge of the counter and onto the floor.

I'm back at my work station now and nobody has said anything so I got my fingers crossed that maybe the people who saw thought it was something else I don't know. Hopefully I make it throught the rest of my shift and back home. I will keep you all updated or I guess if you don't hear from me for a few days then it's been fun and you know what happened. (I don't want to say the words)
>> No. 78966
File 153541197951.jpg - (60.39KB , 792x790 , 3696.jpg )
>> No. 78967
when a police officer shows up you are FUCKED!
>> No. 78975
So far so good. No cops no nothing. Another 3 1/2 hours to go on my shift. Gotta go.
>> No. 79020
Well for any of you that might be wondering. I survived no cops or anything I did get a weird look from one of the people that saw the screen but so far I am good. We’ll see what happens going forward. If I get away with it I am already thinking about doing it again. ( there must be something wrong with me).
>> No. 79028
File 153544169498.png - (5.72MB , 1536x2048 , 9C657F0A-75AF-4B81-99DC-9221D7DA522E.png )
>> No. 79029
File 153544188275.jpg - (239.61KB , 1267x1900 , 1360038537_2523627_30572356.jpg )
use this one. nothing hotter than that front thong
>> No. 79030
I double dog dare you to go out in public with this. Although I may have been caught the cum I had was one of the best ever.
>> No. 79155
>> No. 79252

>> No. 79270
File 153556284514.jpg - (274.13KB , 956x1440 , lfs-008-059.jpg )
>> No. 79475
Well it’s been several days and I am still here. Lol don’t know how I have seen the people who saw the screen several times and nothing has been said. So I guess I am just going to have to do it again. It’s all I can think about. Somebody help me. I know this too I am definitely going to jack off at work again regardless lol. Maybe I will use some of the suggestions from the last few days or maybe you all have one. It’s gotta be something that looks good on the phone.
>> No. 79627
Any more of this set she needs to be spanked
>> No. 79630
A thread just fort her pls
>> No. 79755
File 153575491928.png - (4.01MB , 2048x1536 , 55B8AC9F-060A-4239-9ABC-EBA2A5B4B5A0.png )
My wallpapers
>> No. 79792
> Well it’s been several days and I am still here. Lol don’t know how I have seen the people who saw the screen several times and nothing has been said. So I guess I am just going to have to do it again. It’s all I can think about. Somebody help me. I know this too I am definitely going to jack off at work again regardless lol. Maybe I will use some of the suggestions from the last few days or maybe you all have one. It’s gotta be something that looks good on the phone.
Are you trying to get caught?
>> No. 80020
Yes lol when you get caught and lose your job. Did you think maybe someone did notice and is being quiet until the time is right.
>> No. 80023
File 153586499372.jpg - (1.21MB , 3840x2160 , Lil Fall.jpg )
>> No. 80069
Daphnée wallpaper
>> No. 80175
>>80023 this is great

any more like thi
>> No. 80176

do something different like this

>> No. 80209
One of my favorites. I'd get on my knees and and
start kissing her stomach on down to her pussy.
>> No. 80396
File 153598552889.jpg - (1.68MB , 1920x1079 , maya heaven.jpg )
Hey guys long time no see :)
My current wallpaper, another edited ls pic.
>> No. 80400

I love this! You post some of the best wallpaper images on this thread.
>> No. 80465
I will be going around family house again and sharing my phone with the kids (two boys) to play. Anyone have any good idea for pictures, can be boys or girls.
>> No. 80467
Go for it everyone is always telling me I am the crazy one good to see you again. I am always partial to Oceane pics but you had some pretty good ones in the past
>> No. 80476

Hey again, been a while. I'm leaning towards doing a boy image because it would be something completely different for them. I want to see how they would react :D .
>> No. 80478

dude could i make a request please
make a wallpaper on april please if you can
>> No. 80608
File 153605605987.jpg - (678.47KB , 1920x1080 , 73494.jpg )
>>80400 Thanks!

>>80478 I'll try although with April I have very limited resources. Just made this one right now for testing. If I find a better pic I'll see what can I do.
>> No. 80611
File 153605618535.jpg - (1.13MB , 1920x1080 , april1.jpg )
Another version of the same photo. Her pics are harder to work with...
>> No. 80672

thank you for trying

i'll upload some good picture here if i find for you to use
>> No. 80675
Love all of them.
>> No. 80743
File 153611625996.jpg - (433.32KB , 1440x960 , 152098667041.jpg )
my current background <3
>> No. 80744
File 153611650045.jpg - (333.53KB , 1000x1504 , 152055286044.jpg )
tho sometimes i love using NS Krystal as my wallpaper because she has such an incredible ass! it gets me throbbing!
>> No. 80769
Good man wish I could be so brave!
>> No. 80979
File 153618344867.jpg - (1.91MB , 1600x2400 , _.jpg )
I use this in cellphone, found it in google. That's how I wish my daughter will look like.
>> No. 81043
File 153620616697.png - (2.80MB , 1366x768 , Pant.png )
>> No. 81050
File 153620688899.jpg - (161.86KB , 1366x768 , Mead.jpg )
>> No. 81158
File 153624694616.jpg - (2.28MB , 3840x2160 , 4k-high.jpg )
>> No. 81389
File 153630661149.jpg - (747.31KB , 3840x2160 , Captn.jpg )
>> No. 81390
File 153630666738.jpg - (2.49MB , 3840x2160 , 25.jpg )
>> No. 82015
File 15364626386.jpg - (833.24KB , 3840x2160 , Poles5.jpg )
>> No. 82016
File 153646268278.jpg - (878.63KB , 3840x2160 , Poles24.jpg )
>> No. 82017
File 153646271587.jpg - (875.83KB , 3840x2160 , Poles21.jpg )
>> No. 82018
File 153646274646.jpg - (920.40KB , 3840x2160 , Poles3.jpg )
>> No. 82101
File 153649729984.jpg - (661.45KB , 3840x2160 , Mint.jpg )
>> No. 82102
File 15364973206.jpg - (682.91KB , 3840x2160 , Mint3.jpg )
>> No. 82103
File 153649734537.jpg - (591.96KB , 3840x2160 , Mint6.jpg )
>> No. 82104
File 153649736820.jpg - (789.50KB , 3840x2160 , Mint33.jpg )
>> No. 82105
File 153649738869.jpg - (640.88KB , 3840x2160 , Mint36.jpg )
>> No. 82106
File 153649741079.jpg - (633.79KB , 3840x2160 , Mint336.jpg )
>> No. 82107
File 153649743441.jpg - (765.44KB , 3840x2160 , Mint633.jpg )
>> No. 82109
great model thk u
>> No. 82117
cheers...happy desktoping
>> No. 82131
File 153650668880.jpg - (312.31KB , 1920x1067 , _151969591692.jpg )
Old favorite but still a good one
>> No. 82164
Dasha for ever !
>> No. 82166
File 153651501655.jpg - (779.63KB , 3840x2160 , Stein1.jpg )
>> No. 82167
File 153651503713.jpg - (703.05KB , 3840x2160 , Stein2.jpg )
>> No. 82168
File 153651505755.jpg - (782.65KB , 3840x2160 , Stein3.jpg )
>> No. 82169
File 153651507746.jpg - (698.29KB , 3840x2160 , Stein4.jpg )
>> No. 82170
File 153651509438.jpg - (530.86KB , 3840x2160 , Stein5.jpg )
>> No. 82171
File 153651511623.jpg - (744.91KB , 3840x2160 , Stein6.jpg )
>> No. 82173
so hot
>> No. 82329
File 153655934250.jpg - (659.22KB , 3840x2160 , Mined1 (23).jpg )
>> No. 82330
File 153655937359.jpg - (662.44KB , 3840x2160 , Mined1 (24).jpg )
>> No. 82331
File 153655940644.jpg - (833.82KB , 3840x2160 , Mined1 (26).jpg )
>> No. 82332
>> No. 82333
File 153655952249.jpg - (659.94KB , 3840x2160 , Mined1 (12).jpg )
>> No. 82498
File 153661949861.jpg - (593.20KB , 3840x2160 , Mined (28).jpg )
>> No. 82500
File 153661953529.jpg - (661.53KB , 3840x2160 , Mined (29).jpg )
>> No. 82501
File 15366196258.jpg - (655.09KB , 3840x2160 , Mined (30).jpg )
>> No. 82502
File 153661967129.jpg - (557.05KB , 3840x2160 , Mined (31).jpg )
>> No. 82503
File 153661975231.jpg - (630.41KB , 3840x2160 , Mined (33).jpg )
>> No. 82505
File 153662052830.jpg - (638.49KB , 3840x2160 , Mined (34).jpg )
>> No. 82792
File 15367112943.jpg - (695.37KB , 3840x2160 , Mine (35).jpg )
>> No. 82793
File 153671137169.jpg - (607.04KB , 3840x2160 , Mine (36).jpg )
>> No. 82794
File 153671141555.jpg - (831.21KB , 3840x2160 , Mine (37).jpg )
>> No. 82795
File 153671143970.jpg - (891.93KB , 3840x2160 , Mine (38).jpg )
>> No. 82796
File 153671146115.jpg - (745.69KB , 3840x2160 , Mine (39).jpg )
>> No. 82797
File 153671148067.jpg - (610.63KB , 3840x2160 , Mine (40).jpg )
>> No. 82798
File 153671150073.jpg - (678.71KB , 3840x2160 , Mine (41).jpg )
>> No. 82799
File 153671152497.jpg - (592.71KB , 3840x2160 , Mine (42).jpg )
>> No. 82801
File 153671159324.jpg - (645.81KB , 3840x2160 , Mine (44).jpg )
>> No. 82829
File 153672124152.png - (2.72MB , 1440x2560 , Screenshot_2018-09-11-22-58-39.png )
>> No. 83021
File 153678851449.png - (1.17MB , 1600x900 , Desktop-Screenshot_2018-09-12_22-36-34.png )
XFCEfag here, been messing with my wallpaper..
>> No. 84209
File 153724397639.jpg - (710.39KB , 3840x2160 , Mined32.jpg )
>> No. 84212
File 15372440105.jpg - (830.46KB , 3840x2160 , Mined43.jpg )
>> No. 84216
File 153724403770.jpg - (553.77KB , 3840x2160 , Mined45.jpg )
>> No. 84217
File 153724407127.jpg - (1.12MB , 3840x2160 , Mined47.jpg )
>> No. 84219
File 153724410430.jpg - (1.11MB , 3840x2160 , Mined48.jpg )
>> No. 84220
File 153724414232.jpg - (1.33MB , 3840x2160 , Mined49.jpg )
>> No. 84222
File 153724418079.jpg - (1.22MB , 3840x2160 , Mined51.jpg )
>> No. 84223
File 153724422563.jpg - (1.06MB , 3840x2160 , Mined50.jpg )
>> No. 84442
File 153732658956.jpg - (266.04KB , 960x1440 , IMG_1062.jpg )
>> No. 85934
Just wanted to let you all know I am still around no repercussions from my adventures at work. I have been keeping a low profile just in case but I am itching to do something again, any good suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

I know I am stupid but I just love the rush of it.

If you’re knew read this thread basically I go around in public and at work with naked girls on my phone and try to display without getting caught.
>> No. 85947
You guys think that I am crazy. I just saw the most amazing thing, dude was broadcasting CP right on Periscope. Like he showed his computer and he clicked on files. It was fucking awesome until he got banned. Now that takes some fucking balls. Hats off to you sir if you ever see this.
>> No. 85967
File 153789927758.jpg - (392.23KB , 1475x2412 , PL3717.jpg )
>> No. 85985
go to a kids playground.
>> No. 86737
File 153819001253.png - (2.79MB , 1440x2560 , Screenshot_2018-09-28-22-58-13.png )
>> No. 87071
Hey guys can you send me vids.. Sex vids... ??? Plss.. I'm new to this
>> No. 87476
I am most definitely a PolyFan. Her and her little sister are phenomenal. so many countless things I would like to do to Poly. In the position she is in in this pic my nose would be stuck up her arse and I would be tongue fucking her preteen pussy. Pushing my face deeper into butt, butt fucking her with my nose, rubbing her peach fuzzed love mound twirling her clit with my thumb sliding my tongue up and down and in between her smooth love crack tasting her dripping cunt juice ooze out from her snapper. Then doing the same to her little sister while she watches.
>> No. 87513
Is that an Ultra fake? Because if it’s real I have to have it please tell me where you got if it’s real. Either way nice wallpaper.
>> No. 87514
>> No. 87515
>> No. 87516
>> No. 87521
>> No. 87941
File 15386363096.jpg - (401.90KB , 1125x2001 , 4BC4EB12-2646-4E12-BC31-BE1C29EEA749.jpg )
Been playing this game for a couple of hours and no ban yet. Oceane’s perfect tits have been on full display for all of my opponents. Must have had a sympathetic or lazy mod usually they delete the pics quickly. So happy.
>> No. 88067
They finally took it off. So awesome that so many people saw her little tits. I swear I would put her picture up in Times Square if I could.
>> No. 88068
File 153866099746.png - (1.31MB , 1125x2001 , 5CEF3E5F-37DF-4539-B692-43E2CEDB67D7.png )
This guy added me as a friend check out his response lol
>> No. 88254
>> No. 88298
At it again today. I think one of the mods must be one of us ONE OF OUR MODS IS A PEDO? UNTHINKABLE! because someone keeps approving some of my pics until I get reported then they take them down. Have had messages about them too from other users which is awesome because it means they actually saw them. I bet at least one or two do a search and eventually become one of us. How can you not after seeing Oceane’s perfect tits.
>> No. 88302
Slightly offtopic but this reminds me of something I've seen on mainstream porn tube recently. It's one of those cum challenge compilations and at one point whoever made the video used a clip of Ella Horan. For anyone who doesn't know it's a kid dancer known for modelling sexy dancewear and she's 14 now.
I couldn't believe when I saw her there.
Best part are the comments, people openly admitting they lost it and blew their load at her.
>> No. 88374
HEY MR MODERATOR I was talking about the moderators on the game I was playing and uploading pics to.
I know you guys are busy but don’t fucking try to make me feel stupid because you didn’t read or understand my post.
>> No. 88377
Masha seems to be coming into mainstream porn more and more. I've seen a couple of her earlier videos (I think she was 12-14?) on xhampster.
>> No. 88380
Yeah they take em down quick though because people report
>> No. 88383
File 153875798155.jpg - (206.72KB , 1366x768 , wals01.jpg )
>> No. 88384
File 153875805023.jpg - (243.71KB , 1366x768 , wals02.jpg )
>> No. 88385
File 153875812132.jpg - (524.69KB , 1366x768 , wals03.jpg )
>> No. 88386
File 153875822736.jpg - (2.53MB , 1920x1080 , wals_0001.jpg )
>> No. 88387
File 153875830983.jpg - (1.09MB , 1920x1080 , wals_0001a.jpg )
>> No. 88388
File 153875839040.jpg - (1.36MB , 1920x1080 , wals_0002.jpg )
>> No. 88389
File 153875846470.jpg - (437.30KB , 1920x1080 , wals_0003a.jpg )
>> No. 88390
File 153875853831.jpg - (479.06KB , 1920x1080 , wals_0004.jpg )
>> No. 88391
File 153875861016.jpg - (408.80KB , 1920x1080 , wals_0005.jpg )
>> No. 88414
File 153876331348.jpg - (2.11MB , 2399x1915 , 09082004-088a.jpg )
>> No. 88415
File 153876336266.jpg - (1.00MB , 1512x1200 , AlissaP03_075.jpg )
>> No. 88416
File 153876337971.jpg - (2.15MB , 2502x2000 , ang_030050_jpg.jpg )
>> No. 88417
File 153876339650.jpg - (2.69MB , 2250x1800 , CherieB02_003.jpg )
>> No. 88418
File 153876342666.jpg - (3.47MB , 4230x3384 , IMG_0136 copia.jpg )
>> No. 88419
File 153876344881.jpg - (6.29MB , 6464x5184 , IMG_0142 copia.jpg )
>> No. 88420
File 15387634827.jpg - (3.86MB , 4326x3456 , IMG_0145 copia.jpg )
>> No. 88421
File 153876351846.jpg - (5.98MB , 5034x4000 , IMG_0750a.jpg )
>> No. 88422
File 15387635466.jpg - (5.36MB , 3232x2584 , IMG_2048.jpg )
>> No. 88423
File 153876362545.jpg - (5.78MB , 4114x3288 , IMG_2064.jpg )
>> No. 88424
File 153876365782.jpg - (3.83MB , 3823x3048 , IMG_2067.jpg )
>> No. 88425
File 153876370911.jpg - (4.62MB , 3354x2674 , IMG_2091.jpg )
>> No. 88426
File 153876380554.jpg - (2.05MB , 3127x2494 , katiemodel_orangebikini_teenmodeling_tv_046 copia.jpg )
>> No. 88427
File 153876382328.jpg - (1.94MB , 3078x2486 , katiemodel_orangebikini_teenmodeling_tv_047.jpg )
>> No. 88428
File 153876384239.jpg - (1.41MB , 2959x2360 , katiemodel_orangebikini_teenmodeling_tv_060.jpg )
>> No. 88430
File 153876386878.jpg - (910.71KB , 1204x956 , lsh-019-056.jpg )
>> No. 88431
File 15387638828.jpg - (865.59KB , 1215x965 , lsh-019-094.jpg )
>> No. 88432
File 153876393154.jpg - (5.41MB , 6501x5184 , MS-N-26-004.jpg )
>> No. 88433
File 153876400094.jpg - (0.97MB , 1556x1242 , SharlottaS10_015.jpg )
>> No. 88434
File 153876402196.jpg - (1.08MB , 1502x1200 , VIP_AlissaP05_100.jpg )
>> No. 88437
Recommended for 1280 x 1024 screens
>> No. 88595
File 153883509815.jpg - (434.71KB , 2550x1700 , Alina.jpg )
>> No. 88596
File 153883517370.jpg - (532.52KB , 2550x1700 , My Post-1.jpg )
>> No. 88597
File 153883521913.jpg - (484.69KB , 2550x1700 , My Post.jpg )
>> No. 88598
File 153883530946.jpg - (514.31KB , 2550x1700 , My Post-2.jpg )
>> No. 88599
File 153883535266.jpg - (554.61KB , 2550x1700 , Zhenya.jpg )
>> No. 88638
>> 88596
You might want to recheck this girls name, 'cos it isn't Alina.

HINT: It does begin with an A.
>> No. 88672
File 153886187822.jpg - (485.98KB , 1920x1080 , sophie_0002.jpg )
>> No. 88673
File 15388620063.jpg - (0.96MB , 1920x1080 , xxaaa.jpg )
>> No. 89125
>> No. 89515
File 153918081857.jpg - (497.36KB , 2550x1700 , Karina.jpg )
>> No. 89516
File 153918090978.jpg - (604.33KB , 2550x1700 , My Post-6.jpg )
>> No. 89519
So what happened to this thread does anybody still do crazy things like the one guy always did? All I see lately is one person posting a lot of pictures.
>> No. 89523
Moar Karina please
>> No. 89602
she looks like that ugly big tit chick from the mainstream sites just go to ph or xvid and type in Nadane and you'll see what I mean
>> No. 94605
Mods please I am begging you to delete these two pictures. I can't believe somebody was so careless as to leave their name visable on a folder on the desktop in these two pictures. Please for this persons safety delete these two pictures. Thank you so much you guys are awesome.


>> No. 94606
That's great it said post screening was enabled. Now I have really drawn attention to them. Great.
>> No. 94607
Thank you. Thank You Thank You. I can't believe the guy was so careless. (he says sheepishly)
>> No. 95565
Moar of Karina's hairy bush Plz
>> No. 97142
File 154161681914.jpg - (746.16KB , 3518x2345 , oof.jpg )
I would never get any work done if I had this tight cunt staring at me every time I open my desktop.
>> No. 97479
File 154170540130.jpg - (81.61KB , 1366x768 , wall_001.jpg )
>> No. 97480
File 154170556035.jpg - (165.07KB , 1366x768 , wall_002.jpg )
>> No. 97481
File 154170569887.jpg - (345.99KB , 1920x1080 , wall_003.jpg )
>> No. 97482
File 154170581296.jpg - (473.33KB , 1920x1080 , wall_004.jpg )
>> No. 97486
File 154170710462.jpg - (123.52KB , 1920x1080 , wall_006.jpg )
>> No. 97490
glad to see you back here with awesome looking pictures again
>> No. 97726
Where can I find more of her?
>> No. 97756
>> No. 97757
File 154178365148.jpg - (364.81KB , 1920x1080 , 154170710462.jpg )
>> No. 97758
I'd love to fuck the cunt off her
>> No. 97770
File 154178807195.jpg - (182.01KB , 1920x1080 , wall_005.jpg )
>> No. 97771
File 154178815430.jpg - (970.43KB , 1920x1080 , wall_007.jpg )
>> No. 97860
>> No. 97862
File 154181830831.jpg - (407.88KB , 814x585 , 14.jpg )
Note: unless you've a computer monitor the size of Texas, all that enlargement is pure crap. And, yeah--duh-the lighting counts, too.

Fuckin' idiots!
>> No. 97876
>> No. 97878
>> No. 102917
w3ll this thread died
>> No. 103842
File 154394013061.png - (7.46MB , 1125x2001 , 83583F79-8932-469C-B174-63787B135064.png )
Yeah it kinda looks like it has died. I am still around. I don’t even try to hide my wallpapers anymore I have been caught so many times and nothing has happened to me yet. Still hot though when people realize they are looking at a naked little girl. I have had tons of adventures in stores and at work but lately this site seems to just be riddled with pthc and nobody wants to hear about someone putting naked pictures on their phone or something pc. But like I said I am here and would love to share if anyone wants to hear. Here is today’s. I rotate every day and never once do I not have some sort of naked pic as my wallpaper.
>> No. 103867

I hope you keep this thread going with your adventures, love to read them.
>> No. 103899
I’ll post some stuff tomorrow or much later today gotta work soon.
>> No. 103934
iwas sad it had died tbh but had nothing to contribute so let it go
>> No. 103944
File 154397690149.jpg - (245.45KB , 956x1440 , lsbar-010b-070.jpg )
I can't find the file right now but it's her with two pics to each side from the same set.
>> No. 103954
ignore the trolls i always enjoyed the stories in this thread.
>> No. 103985
File 154399246524.jpg - (472.65KB , 1066x1896 , F770536D-9B14-4732-8109-48823D79B14E.jpg )
Using this one tonight at work.
>> No. 104048
we look forward to hearing about it
>> No. 104065
File 154401729434.jpg - (1.45MB , 1920x1080 , BaskinRobbins1080a.jpg )
>> No. 104069
File 15440183806.png - (4.40MB , 1440x2560 , Screenshot_2018-12-05-08-55-59.png )
I have tarra as my wallpaper today
>> No. 104072
Love these but go more daring please <3
>> No. 104077
Well where to begin? Not gonna make a massive post but I will start with, sometimes it’s about almost getting caught that makes it hot. I have been caught and exposed many people to naked preteens with my phone and it’s always thrilling but recently for example on Thanksgiving I used a wallpaper that would have pretty much ruined my life had anyone seen it. I left my phone lying around all day with family all around, nobody saw or at least said anything but it was so fucking hot knowing that it was visible. I made absolutely no attempt to hide my phone or the pic.
>> No. 104078
File 154402155954.jpg - (461.77KB , 1125x1902 , 09E5AD79-F4B1-4655-8CDF-F2AF284C0B8D.jpg )
Here is the one I used I found it browsing on this site. Imagine having this on your phone with people all around. My cock was hard all day and I almost had a heart attack from heart beating so fast
>> No. 104080
File 154402178597.jpg - (451.19KB , 1125x1963 , 4C586172-6DC2-4072-A21C-90D2658F279A.jpg )
I have also used this one many times. Now I know she isn’t naked but how do you explain a little girl wearing a thong to people?
>> No. 104081
File 15440220398.jpg - (352.65KB , 1125x1968 , 81D93C1E-1ECF-4F1E-9F2A-380D56BDC21E.jpg )
Sometimes I do almost ones that are very risky but don’t actually show anything.
>> No. 104082
File 15440221603.jpg - (428.96KB , 1125x1966 , DF89B2A1-03AB-423B-B0A7-D61F296984B2.jpg )
Or this one. One thing though I never do hard core.
>> No. 104102
Don’t know if I would ever do something like that again because it was seriously crazy but then again I’ve said that before and found myself being crazy again so you never know.
>> No. 104113
File 154403848713.jpg - (233.07KB , 1000x1000 , phone.jpg )
Glad to see you still around! No, you really should use something like this, even if you love Oceania the most. Many seeing your screen think she's about 16-18 yo, people usually tend to see what they expect to see, if the image is not tough enough. If little Madison a bit too young for you, then she looks even younger to others lol
>> No. 104132
yea the possibility of getting caught does make things exciting i can understand that. i do love many of the going out stories earlier in this thread so whatever story you want to share is fine by me.
>> No. 104140

Yeah something like that would be amazing. >>78832 this is a great image you can use.

something like this if you are really going for it
>> No. 104204
its funny cause the first thought people think is "oh my god. thats a child pussy on his phone"
they probably dont even know what to do
>> No. 104321
File 154409546337.jpg - (378.76KB , 1093x1844 , 73D349AF-CD0C-44B7-871D-7A0F8AF0C3E0.jpg )
Yeah the April one would be pretty fucking brave but I would have to be really horny to try that one in public. Here was last nights.
>> No. 104322
Maybe that’s why I haven’t been really busted people just don’t know how to react lol.
>> No. 104350
This one checks all the boxes for crazy, brave adventures even more so than some others. 1 you can clearly see her very young pussy, 2 you can clearly see her flat undeveloped chest, and 3 she is stroking a cock with her feet. In this one there can be absolutely no doubt that you are looking a full on hard core child pornography. Anybody seeing this would know what it is immediately. Going out in public and exposing this wallpaper to people would be the ultimate in daring and probably arresting behavior. But man it would be hot if you could get away with it.
>> No. 104360
File 154411066617.jpg - (347.85KB , 1920x1080 , ag01.jpg )
>> No. 104361
File 154411074543.jpg - (529.59KB , 1920x1080 , ag02.jpg )
>> No. 104365
File 154411207878.jpg - (1.08MB , 2160x2880 , 100_3350.jpg )
>> No. 104372
Nice thanks.
>> No. 107298
File 154509881637.jpg - (40.95KB , 240x320 , df44fa892ce7a8547243c62f782aea46.jpg )
i have a fetish for showing others child porn so this is right up my alley
>> No. 107304
File 154509979977.jpg - (379.28KB , 1783x1084 , A9D2B33.jpg )
Not sure who she is..but my wallpaper is likely an underage nudist game-girl sex freak..
>> No. 107306
File 154510095858.jpg - (632.75KB , 3595x1650 , kids9492jp_1859079_31025882.jpg )
all you can eat wallpaper
>> No. 107351

this one is so hot..

FOR DIRECT REFERENCE REMOVE THE i BEFORE THE POST NUMBER, LIKE THIS https://155chan.gr/hebe/res/5497.html#104113

>> No. 107537
This is a great Thread!!!!
>> No. 107622
i have been tempted to have a sexy wallpaper on my desktop or phone but not sure which to start with. any suggestions? i find the idea extremely hot
>> No. 107626