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No. 5963


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>> No. 5964
Uh....so, what are you trying to say?


>> No. 5966
Agent smith has taken over. The matrix is no more.
>> No. 5970

well then what's the alternative? VPN?


>> No. 5971

Well maybe not just from visiting a chan, but these sites do link to other websites, and it's not hard to imagine someone got busted for visiting a site he got linked to via an image board.

Also, this chan "loophole" could get shut down any day.
For a while, people thought Kik was secure, but now people are getting arrested for sharing softcore stuff on it.


>> No. 5972

Well, I don't think browsing this site could really be considered "normal surfing" considering the thread below this one has pictures of naked children doing sexy poses.
And I know, "it's art so it's okay" and all that. But if you were to post these pics on facebook I can guarantee someone would come knocking at your door.

And regarding the first part of your comment, it knid of goes back to my original question.
If Tor is compromised, what's the alternative if I want to "hide my ass"?
>> No. 5982
I have been using tor since it's infancy. I can remember it being so slow back in the day a single image could take 15 mins or more to download. Back then it was worth the wait, and you had to manually set everything up yourself so you had to know what you were doing. These days any idiot can install the TBB and they're on the dark web.

If you don't do anything stupid, like try to set up a CP forum or host CP to be downloaded, and have good OpSec tor is more than adequate to hide your ass.
>> No. 6203
File 151525684277.jpg - (61.20KB , 619x387 , rot.jpg )
Then Tor is only a rotten onion...
>> No. 6246
Most do not understand tor, and tor relays & nodes, the biggest problem people run into is they think they are protected once they are on no matter what they do. That is the problem.

You can surf unseen open images rght click save etc. YOU CANNOT login and stay hidden, complete captcha's and stay hidden, or download and stay hidden.

If you look back on tor history are the crack downs started at the same time the popular sites started using captcha. site owners on there thought that was being more secure and instead just opened up straight paths back to members.

You cannot do anything that requires the 'system or site' to verify your identity without it also identifying the route back too you, by knowing the path back and forth for the captcha to work. If it uses Google capcthcha it cab even identify what browser you are using down to the installed version.

Some downloads are safe mainly due to the sites but not the downloading function itself. It is unbelievable how many people think they can have a DL streaming to their computer for 20 mins and think it cant not be followed back to them.

You have to think of data packets and how the move across the internet and how files of multi data packets needed to complete all have to follow the same path, and 'acknowledge receipt' for the next packet to be sent. all that road-maps a path to the down-loader. It cannot be circumvented, tor proxy, etc.

Use only known safe tor dl host, no java, no captcha, etc. change I.P. 9idenity) in tor after each and every interaction, comments etc..NEVER sit static on an identity for any length of time.
>> No. 6252

Very interesting Anon but I have a question, does this mean that any Onion site requiring you to login using user name and password is automatically fatal to anonymity or does what you say only apply when captha using google.com and gstatic etc is required?
>> No. 6283
I can answer that for you, It would depend on the type of login used, if it is basic -open the door- type html, etc. it is safe, but those are almost non-existence now. If it is a cookie type (that remembers your login) then yes it is tracking you.

Example: if you can change identity in TOR and still be logged in to the site your on?
that should be self explanatory as to it knowing your computer.
>> No. 6419
Great Info.

Another point you did not make is your 'home' IP, log off and on with a new IP as often as you change identity in TOR, and close TOR complete at least once an hour and restart it under a new home IP.
>> No. 6428
Understood. But being tracked around the Onion site is not quite the same thing as being 'traced' back to your IP which is the real concern.
>> No. 6480
No. 6428

I believe that is what they are telling you, if a site can id your computer after changing tor identities, then it is tracked back to you, not just some onion site.
>> No. 6576
File 151545463356.png - (10.26KB , 469x390 , your computer ID.png )
Well, if the real problem is the PC ID "number" (i.e. the name of the computer), what about the using of a virtual machine? to mask the PC real name?
>> No. 6578
They also do keyboard biometrics that are as unique as your signature.
>> No. 15667
Argos are you here?
>> No. 15682
Seems rather paranoid thoughts here. Article does not say person was captured because of Tor. Tor is probably safer then any other option. At least top of the list.

Logging in with a cookie means they can track you? Yeah having the same cookie from bogus IP A as you did with bogus IP B means they know both are from the same system. Thats not oh they took in a cookie now we know their IP. If it were that simple there wouldnt be eleaborate sting operations where LEA operates CP forums for extended periods of time.

Extended downloads reveal your IP? I somehow doubt that too. All they would need to do is get cooperation of any download site for large CP file and they would have everyones IP. Again why bother with elaborate LEA hosted CP sites then.

And that second reply saying that using Tor means you are being watched closer. How can they watch you closer if they dont even know who you are. I suppose they could ask ISPs to let them have complete access to their database and determine who in that database uses Tor and then watch all of them just because of Tor- if you live in such a police state. For those there are bridges to hide that you are using Tor. Like if you are a political dissident working against a evil empire.

Also regarding captions that requires java which should be disabled anyway. But presumably it would only know the browser you are using for the caption- not all browsers installed on system. If it is just the browser being used and its a TBB that has been kept updated then you will have the same exact browser as almost everyone else.
>> No. 15687
So what "Tor is dangerous" has to say is, NSA is all powerful- the distopia future is now. But for some reason NSA approves of CP since they clearly don't share their all knowing information with such with LEA.

Otherwise multitudes of sources of darknet CP that have come and gone, including this site, would never have been or would have been sparks in the night.
>> No. 15688
Too much internet assisted crime happening for NSA too be that powerful.
>> No. 15772
NSA ain't that powerful.

And it's primary mission is Law Enforcement - it's national security.

The Russians, the Chinese, the Iranians, North Koreans and the Jihadis.

CP isn't one of their foci.

Also, no matter what info the NSA picks up - accidentally or on purpose - Prosecutors still need a warrant to use that information against US citizens.

And that means the information has to be obtained constitutionally.

Which means the 4th Amendment. Much of what the NSA does simply isn't consitutional.

IOW - the FBI is the primary agency in this department.

And they generally spend their time on distributors.



>> No. 15774
You literally don't know what you're talking about.

But that's nothing new!
>> No. 15988
FBI only cares about CP if you got illegal copies of US-produced CP :D
>> No. 17000
Seriously though wouldn't they rather go after the people who are producing and/or distributing cp? Seems like a lot of effort to nab some dude stroking his peenerand then signing off
>> No. 17071
This is why I'm browsing triforce from my real IP, so cops can see that I'm not distributing anything, just downloading, so they don't care about me. I'm just at a bottom of their priority list since I'm not a threat to a society.
>> No. 17121
It ain't what you're browsing, it's what you're downloading. That's what they care about.
>> No. 47268
I agree a little over paranoid..and for sure Tor is for lamers. That is a Cop trap. A good VPn that doesn't keep your anything...and many other stuff..there is always someone better so you are always taking a chance... this fella knows some stuff, and even they or he has trouble so there.
>> No. 47397
Browsing from real IP? I love it, but I prefer a simple burner phone, prepaid everything, cash only. Yes, a lot of paranoia.
>> No. 47440
File 152398323129.jpg - (33.59KB , 627x362 , 627px-autopx-scale-to-width-down.jpg )
poor admin he doesnt know that Taskforce Argos is already behind him its a matter of time before they get him locked in prision for facilitating hardcore child pornography xD
how many year are goin to give you admin :v


>> No. 47444
File 152398385862.jpg - (138.70KB , 1200x814 , Argos-No33-1990-SpringSummer.jpg )
Argos?? That's retro, used to browse their catalog, specially the childrenswear pages...
>> No. 47459
You are wrong.
NSA has everything on you.
The problem LEAs have in processing you is that they have to build a false narative for a courtroom that explains what they know about you as if the information came from legitimate police work so as to protect the NSAs tactics from being known and subject to there own court hearing.
>> No. 47509
I suggest you all read EFF's article on how https and Tor works, just duckduckgo/google it. Law can't just magically snap their fingers and track random users, that's not how Tor works, at all. Please read the article. Why do you think they go through such trouble to catch users by hosting honeypots/exploiting javascript/whatever? Because Tor works, that's why.

ALL cases so far have been user error. E-mail used on clearweb, username, password, file scanned by win10 antivirus/program/windows defender or whatever, no Tor, no vpn, logging vpn, javascript exploit, bitcoin tracking, or something along those lines.

Now, yes.. you'll probably never get in trouble for simply browsing a chan on the clearweb but, if you start hoarding content I can almost guarantee you that someone somewhere will take interest in you.

If you plan on downloading.. I suggest going all out on protection. Too many eyes everywhere these days. Not worth the hassle in my opinion.. so I just lurk these chans every now and then.
>> No. 47523

Finally someone who actually knows what the fuck he's talking about.

Yes, the odds are, just visiting this Chan site isn't going to get you into trouble, per se.

IF, however, someone scans your hard drive, ALL of the CP pics that are splattered all over these chans will be on your hard drive.

***Guys have gone to prison for just what was in their browser's TEMP folder*** So keep that in mind.

Lurking ain't necessarily harmless. You can also drive around randomly with an ounce of cocaine in your car. Odds are, you'll never get stopped. If stopped, odds are you'll never be searched...but if you are...

As for Downloading - that's simple. Don't download ANY illegal content EXCEPT thru TOR or VPN. That simple.

If you have a collection, make sure it's locked behind 128-bit encryption with a really strong (40 character plus) password. Memorize the password. Do NOT keep a copy of it somehwere. Not even somewhere you think is clever.

***The cops are usuall smarter than you are!!! REMEMBER that!!!***

Even if you're detected downloading, as long as they can't find the file as evidence, it doesn't matter.

It's like having a picture of a gun you own - without forensic testing, the pic doesn't matter!
>> No. 47953

>IF...someone scans your hard drive, ALL of the CP pics that are splattered all over these chans will be on your hard drive.

Tor works in memory, does it not, so the browser images never get written to hard drive in the first place.
>> No. 48707

No. TOR works like any other version of Firefox.

It's just configured to be able to connect with the Tor network. And set up to stop scripts, javascript, etc.

It also only launches in "Private" window mode. SOOO, none of the web pages you download are stored permanently in a temp or cache folder (they way it works when you browse the clear net with a regular browser).

HOWEVER - and this is IMPORTANT - just because the browser does not keep the files does NOT mean they've been "destroyed."

EVERYTHING - every HTML frame, every PICTURE, gif, etc, is STILL on your hard drive/ssd.

Therefore, I only install Tor on one of my encrypted drives. It doesn't matter what is or isn't on my hdd - it's sitting behind 128-bit encryption.
>> No. 48721

I'm sure there are plenty of private TOR groups, but any chan lurker doesn't give two sh*ts about TOR anymore, especially after the honeypot/sting Java exploit nonsense.

Thanks for the legitimate discussion.

Why Freenet isn't discussed here, or Frost etc. ?

Your data, cookies, frame and window relativity, is all on the user behind their machine.

Ad Block, No Script, blah blah blah... it's still a browser on your windows machine.

You're better off bootin and old 98 SE machine with a knoppix boot disk if you're that keen on browsing privacy. Otherwise, just use common sense.

What ever happened to scanning proxies, and using a php judge script for leaks? Pop in a socks, and bounce it through a hacked server like all the commercial sccp sites did it during the Clinton days?
>> No. 48811

"common sense" lol - a lot of these fuckers can't figure out passwords or winrar files.

TOR - there is no "java" exploit if you turn javascript completely off.

Tor adds a distinct layer of protections that is very difficult - not impossible - to defeat. And most LEAs aren't going to bother with the expense and expertise necessary to bust someone for a couple of LS sets.

As with drug dealers, they concentrate on "distributors". If you're selling a few eighths of weed a week, the DEA ain't gonna care. Start selling cocaine...

ENCRYPT your collection! That's probably the best advice.

It doesn't matter what's connected to your IP address, if they can't find the pics/video, there ain't any case.
>> No. 48821
What get retained also depends on which file system the OS uses. With NTFS there's a good chance of stuff that's "deleted" is still retrievable as it writes to the next available blank space; whereas ext4 will write to the next available space, including blocks/sectors flagged as deleted.
>> No. 48849
Tor,,, but you also have to use a cleaner, and understand how a cleaner works. Each file you download needs to stay where it is and be cleaned from that location after it is copied off that drive.

You need the FF browser in tor to not use temp folders, or ram, but to use a partition on your drive, so what is browsed or viewed or saved all stays in the original location the browser placed it when you viewed that web page.
Once you copy it to another device you run a cleaner ( CC, etc. ) erase all the history and other places like normal, also overwrite that entire partition and all the frr-space locations on the original OS partition,

when you copy or move to a new drive or device the O/s makes a copy when it moves the file, and registry entry, that is what you need to make sure is not left behind. You need to clean (check) EVERY option in your OS drive to clean, and Every option in both browsers in both drives/partitions.

A good way to experiment is remove it all, clean, and wipe drive or partition and all free-space, then run SEVERAL different recovery programs, SEE WHAT THEY FIND AND IF SO WHERE!!!
then make sure those are included to be overwritten and wiped when you wipe the drive free space, always do both!!!

clean and overwrite the files, which should show that location as empty, then also wipe the free-space of the drive, which again should overwrite that location as an empty (free-space) when you wipe to hit it entirely again, to get remnants left behind.
>> No. 48851
Clean clean clean even if you don't download anything always clean free space temp files. I once visited a porn fakes site and admired ) a nude fake of a young celeb then went about my business than about weeks later I ran a file recovery pgm as a test and there it was alive as ever. Ithen wiped free space and the rest and it was no more. Wipe often just like when you take a shit.
>> No. 48887
Find an equivalent for your OS to the following:
dd if=/dev/urandom of=/dev/path_to/partition/you_want_to/overwrite

This will write random data to all sectors/blocks in the specified drive or partition. Be very careful to specify the correct path for the operation, dd is known as 'disk destroyer' for good reasons. Point it at the wrong place and you will brick your system.
>> No. 48892
@Mod, just a suggestion but could this discussion benefit from being merged with
where a security/browser/OS thread was started by 'SecurityMattersBro'?
>> No. 48969
TOR was funded by the US Military and Special Interest Groups. They control so called TOR.

Just like the US Military Created the Internet.
>> No. 49333

Yes, TOR was developed by the US Navy. But so what?

The Navy doesn't control it or maintain the TOR nodes any more than DARPA controls the Internet.

Your info is about 30 years out of date.
>> No. 49392
Leechers really should consider using a Linux distribution for this hobby. Nothing is 100% foolproof but you'll have much more granular control over your system and where it puts stuff like temporary files etc, plus encryption is offered as an option when first installing. If you must keep Windows for (((reasons))) at least look at setting up a dual-boot arrangement.
>> No. 49456
30 years out of date Whahah really?
this information just leaked months ago about TOR being funded by the Military and the whole thing is a scam.
I could post the link for you but no I think you could do your own research.
>> No. 58191
Read the fucking article. He was nabbed because he gave up his identity to other pedos.

Not because of TOR.
>> No. 97485
Russian propaganda.

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