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/hebe/ ~ Sexdollonline official thread
File 153061849247.jpg - (81.96KB , 800x1200 , insert.jpg )
68509 No. 68509
Hello everyone, this is Maggie from www.sexdollonline.com. We Provide over 600 different high-quality & cheap price sex dolls worldwide free shipping! We have warehouse in Europe 、United States 、Russia and Canada, we shipping love dolls from our warehouse to your home in local country. You don't need to face customs and pay customs duties! This post is for answering your curiosity about teen sex doll. If you have any questions, reply here please. I will reply to your information here.

sexdollonline.com 's based in Shenzhen China. We are the most complete sex doll online shop! sexdollonline.com is a leading internet retailer committed to providing professional customer service, exclusive sex doll, and a superior experience. Also we are Professional sex doll designer. We design different doll face and body according to customer's requirements.

We are the largest worldwide partner (the top 15 sex doll factories) in China with 100% authentic products and a sophisticated customer service system. We have one of the best reputations among online sex doll retailers. We always strive to make your online shopping experience the best it can be. Thank you for choosing sexdollonline.com
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>> No. 68601
I'm posting here to support and bump. Had conversation with Maggie recently, I can only recommend. She's kind and helpful for any question and for my opinion everyone will find something good in the store. Just have a look. Awaiting my order and greetings from my side :)

Hint for Maggie: It's an official ads topic. Post some pictures of different dolls to trigger some interrests...
>> No. 68618
Thank you for reaching out to us Maggie. I have looked around the site a lot and am very impressed by the products. I do have a couple of questions:

1. Is your company following the current bill in the US Congress that will outlaw childlike sex dolls? I am aware of your process of bypassing customs, but will this law affect your business in America if it passes? Also, do companies like yours lobby in any way, in order to prevent such laws from gaining traction?

2. I have never used a sex doll before. One thing that concerns me most about the idea of spending so much money on one is realism. I notice that your site promotes the use of TPE as a body material, and you claim it is more lifelike than silicone. However, I have watched some of your videos on xvideos and it seems like the skin of the dolls is very elastic and rubbery, and looks like it stretches much more than human skin should. Is there some way of better explaining to those like myself, who do not have experience with these materials, what exactly the dolls feel like and how they compare to real skin?

Thanks in advance for any answers, and thanks again for contacting our community.
>> No. 68652
To your point 2.
Remember it's about a doll and not about a real child. You did see the pics and vids. What are you expecting? What answer do you expect? How more realistic do you want? Realise, that no doll can replace a human. If you're about buying a doll, it's about phantasy. It is "life-like" and not "real-life"... you know...
>> No. 68793
Easy for this company to produce great "P.R." but do they deliver or is it a scam? I am ready to buy, but already scammed once. I do have a TPE doll but this company has what I really want. I just can't find this company on my doll referral page.
Anyone else have such a link? Admin, could you recommend this dealer?
>> No. 68819
Thanks as always support
>> No. 68820
1. Regarding the US bill, they have not yet been passed or executed by the customs. We have warehouses in the eastern and western United States and we are still working. Because our warehouse is also working for Amazon in the United States, we have not received any legal documents for the time being. I don't want to worry about it for the time being.If anything happens, we will give priority to the customer.

  For the difference between TPE dolls and silicone dolls, please check out our blog. If you buy dolls for sex, we recommend you use TPE dolls or TPE body + silicone heads :

what is TPE ??how about TPE sex doll?

What is Silicone? how about silicone doll?

We recommend using TPE dolls for sex, and silicone dolls are recommended for display. The classification of TPE dolls and silicone dolls can be found in the classification of our website. Welcome to view and choose.
>> No. 68821
File 153078211720.jpg - (166.21KB , 800x1202 , young_girl_doll_18.jpg )
NEW LOLI doll :
>> No. 68822
yes it just a adult toys . We keep updating the doll's Process and quality’, it is to make it more realistic, so that our customers can feel more realistic and more fun when using.and ... some buyers like them, for the sake of someone, we respect each customer's requirements and choices. Only provide the best services and products.
>> No. 69057
Have you considered making your site javascript free and/or a .onion site?
>> No. 69073
File 153094660778.jpg - (2.34MB , 2448x3264 , Order 180743.jpg )
The last confirmation before shipping to Germany. Share it to everyone
>> No. 69168
Do you accept crypto currency?
>> No. 69247
File 153110357550.png - (80.82KB , 1333x702 , Bitcoin.png )
Yes, in order to protect the privacy of our customers, we accept bitcoin payments. For more questions about payment and registration, please check our FAQ:
>> No. 69316
File 153114257029.jpg - (82.53KB , 600x800 , order_M_usa.jpg )
Green eyes LOLI doll will be shipped to the United States,She is here:

Do you like her too?
>> No. 69556
Bad news folks

>> No. 69575
Fucking loli doll video - share by Buyers from sexdollonline.com ,DO u want to know what it feels like? Look at it by yourself....

>> No. 70373
File 153171278973.jpg - (843.85KB , 800x1066 , 106cm doll hand.jpg )
Show details of Asian skin color dolls
>> No. 70374
File 153171294292.jpg - (835.61KB , 800x1066 , 106cm doll pussy.jpg )
>> No. 70684
File 153186913765.jpg - (112.68KB , 800x1200 , tiny_sex_doll_6.jpg )
I would like one of these for xmas
>> No. 70686
File 153186923266.jpg - (109.92KB , 800x1200 , teen_love_dolls_11.jpg )
or maybe this one
>> No. 70740
tell me you are from 155chen when you order , i will give you discount, thanks
>> No. 70950
File 153198395046.png - (44.04KB , 784x581 , received.png )
We are moved by the praise of each buyers, your support is our greatest happiness.
>> No. 71408
New blog recommend to you:
>> No. 71543
It would perhaps be better if your website were not full of photos stolen from actual known manufacturers. I doubt the dolls you may ship look anything like the photos you show. Bad imitations and knockoffs most likely. If they weren't then you'd display the actual manufacturers info for the dolls you post.
>> No. 71777
Just saying. I've ordered a doll from sexdollonline. I waited. And finally I received EXACTLY the doll I've ordered as shown on the pics (with custom wishes to alter). No problems at the shipping process, just had to wait because it was a long way to my home. UPS delivered it and I am happy I gave it a try. I can only recommend you to contact Maggie if you have any questions.
>> No. 72138
File 15325180695.jpg - (94.77KB , 600x800 , 20180725190915.jpg )
Please do not worry about the quality. We will be responsible for the quality of all the dolls from sexdollonline.com . In order to prove that the picture is from us , I wrote something and show it to you.
>> No. 72139
Thank you for your support and proof. :)
>> No. 72232
Your website and doll descriptions are confusing. If you look under TPE dolls some of the descriptions says silicone.
>> No. 72267
Yes, you are right ,
the text that appears in the title is for web page optimization(GOOGLE SEO). So please pay attention to the classification and product description
If you have any questions, please contact me.
sales@sexdollonline.com .
>> No. 72268
File 153259621616.png - (460.23KB , 1343x652 , tpe or silicone.png )
There are categories(tep doll or silicone doll) on the top of the homepage :
>> No. 72750
if i had one of these flat chest loli dolls i wouldnt be looking at cp. but they banned them where i live and im too scared to order one
>> No. 72751
i would want ones that looked like 8 and 3 year old and a baby version but i got real issues. at least i dont touch real kids tho. if i could get dolls like in those ages i would be here either. but the fuckin cops and judges would have less work and would get less $
>> No. 72998
Thank you Maggie

You have a brilliant product and sales strategy here
>> No. 73064
Help me, I'm not comfortable trusting this much money. I too would like the "any age" doll idea
>> No. 73105
What does "TPE" stand for?
>> No. 73142
Please check the details of our blog below:
what is TPE ??how about TPE sex doll?

any other questions , let me know please. and welcome to www.sexdollonline.com !
you can find the chat window in the lower right corner of our website. We can chat online about any questions of our doll. thanks
>> No. 73146
File 153292115446.jpg - (165.39KB , 600x1285 , new doll.jpg )
2018 Newly designed Asian girl doll, coming soon!
Please pay attention to the following directory, she will be listed within 10 days.
>> No. 73149
Got it. Pity it doesn't compare TPE vs Silicone. That would've been even more useful.

So, just some friendly advice. I dare say one of the best investments you can make will be hiring a professional English writer to rewrite everything on your website. The grammar and spelling is so bad that I assumed it was a joke/fake/scam website. Since you don't really care about making it look like a professional sex doll website, it could easily make potential customers wonder if you care as little about your product. Making all the reading material clear, concise, and well-written will speak volumes about the quality of your business to potential customers. Food for thought.
>> No. 73198
thanks for your advice,We are in continuous improvement
>> No. 73241
In fact, if you look at this post carefully. I have reply about "TPE sex doll" VS "silicone sex doll" on it.
ok, i reply for one more time, hope can help you to know diffent between them.
what is TPE ??how about TPE sex doll?

What is Silicone? how about silicone doll?

We recommend using TPE dolls for sex,because TPE is more soft and feel better, and silicone dolls are recommended for display. The classification of TPE dolls and silicone dolls can be found Menu at the top of the site. Welcome to view and choose.
>> No. 73265
If any one wants to buy one of these you better hurry, the Bill to ban them has passed the House and has been referred to the Senate Committee.
>> No. 73266


2d Session

H. R. 4655


June 14, 2018

Received; read twice and referred to the Committee on the Judiciary


To amend title 18, United States Code, to prohibit the importation or transportation of child sex dolls, and for other purposes.

Short title

This Act may be cited as the "Curbing Realistic Exploitative Electronic Pedophilic Robots Act of 2017" or as the "CREEPER Act of 2017".


The Congress finds as follows:

There is a correlation between possession of the obscene dolls, and robots, and possession of and participation in child pornography.

The physical features, and potentially the "personalities" of the robots are customizable or morphable and can resemble actual children.

Some owners and makers of the robots have made their children interact with the robots as if the robots are members of the family.

The robots can have settings that simulate rape.

The dolls and robots not only lead to rape, but they make rape easier by teaching the rapist about how to overcome resistance and subdue the victim.

For users and children exposed to their use, the dolls and robots normalize submissiveness and normalize sex between adults and minors.

As the Supreme Court has recognized, obscene material is often used as part of a method of seducing child victims.

The dolls and robots are intrinsically related to abuse of minors, and they cause the exploitation, objectification, abuse, and rape of minors.

Prohibition of importation or transportation of child sex dolls

Section 1462 of title 18, United States Code, is amended—

in paragraph (a), by striking "or" at the end;

in paragraph (b), by striking "or" at the end;

by inserting after paragraph (c) the following:

any child sex doll; or

; and

by adding at the end the following:

In this section, the term child sex doll means an anatomically-correct doll, mannequin, or robot, with the
features of, or with features that resemble those of, a minor, intended for use in sexual acts.


Passed the House of Representatives June 13, 2018.

Karen L. Haas,

>> No. 73304
Or you can just buy them overseas, go there, put them inside your luggage after tying them with duct tape and bring them to the US. TSA xray scanner guy will get really surprised when seeing the inside of your luggage for the first time...
>> No. 73332
Not a real law. Cool attempt at satire though.
Creeper law Funny.
>> No. 73470
It is not clear what impact this bill will have on us. but It is still normal work now.
I think lots peoples hope it will not be passed, any progress, we will continue to update
>> No. 73473
File 153311702172.jpg - (126.00KB , 800x600 , 1533020217744.jpg )
Thanks to the buyer from 155chen(United States and Germany). I will contact you separately and update shipping tracking number to you . Thanks
>> No. 73474
File 153311736094.jpg - (117.01KB , 800x600 , 1533020643903.jpg )
Little girl going to Poland,this doll link:
>> No. 73475
File 153311743496.jpg - (21.61KB , 432x381 , jewmod.jpg )
See webmasters? With just a small banner at the Triforce Mr sexdollonline is already making millions. Contact us for a ripoff priced dirt cheap banner space now!
>> No. 73767
if you have any questions about our sex doll,please contact :sales@sexdollonline.com
>> No. 73948
If you are interested in our young tee sex dolls, please read this article before order:
>> No. 74566
Today ,we received real feedback from a German buyer who left feedback In the product link below on our website:
>> No. 74567
File 153365488822.png - (41.83KB , 810x509 , c-GE.png )
>> No. 74568
File 153365496322.png - (69.64KB , 947x393 , real feedback.png )
>> No. 74674
Still too damn creepy looking for my taste.
>> No. 75367
File 15339777276.png - (35.21KB , 907x345 , feedback from GE.png )
After I got the buyer’s authorization, we can share his feedback about our doll to everyone.You can see this comment in this doll's link:
>> No. 75944
File 153423509764.jpg - (147.55KB , 399x800 , Selfie Show - New Zealand.jpg )
Buyers from New Zealand, share with us his lover,do you like this doll? For more dolls, please visit the following address:
>> No. 76489
File 153443519711.png - (171.80KB , 306x436 , new doll.png )
2018 NEW design life like body is coming now , she is more realistic thank before! because we copy a Japanese little girl's body and produce this doll.Including her hand and foot lines! You will be surprised by her realistic body and face after you open the box.
>> No. 76902
File 153457905934.jpg - (93.77KB , 600x800 , TO_155_CHEN.jpg )
Mr. J:
Picture of this doll's pink labia and normal skin color, Thanks for interestex in this doll:
>> No. 77634
File 153484206567.jpg - (76.05KB , 600x800 , freckle and blue eye.jpg )
New makeup - blue eyes, freckled little girl
>> No. 77771
I would buy one of these if i could do it anonymously, but customs employees need just one little look inside the pack and your further life is ruined.
>> No. 77903
This doll makes me want one! I am thinking long and hard about this one...
>> No. 78756
If you are not from the UK, Australia, New Zealand or Islamic countries, we can safely transport TEEN SEX DOLL to you.For safety, please confirm with me your country. thanks
>> No. 79829
File 15357867397.png - (300.65KB , 506x546 , NEW doll head.png )
2018 New product in coming now! , cute doll with tongue!

all teen sex doll photos are all update to this link:
please see the photos and The name of the album is" product code"+ The height of doll.
so , it easy to find out on our website :
if any questions , let me know please , thanks
>> No. 81399
File 153631150781.jpg - (104.08KB , 800x1202 , Baby_face_sex_doll_10.jpg )
i will update all teen sex doll photos here. At least one diffent doll pictures per day
>> No. 81666
File 153638430569.jpg - (59.49KB , 800x532 , young_teen_sex_dolls_15.jpg )
She has cute tongues and teeth, and the eyelids can be opened or closed. This is 2018 new young teen sex doll!
>> No. 82020
136cm doll- product code : C136J
>> No. 82021
File 153646618633.jpg - (95.10KB , 800x1202 , young_girl_doll_13.jpg )
>> No. 82318
File 153655515135.jpg - (81.43KB , 800x1202 , adorable_sex_doll_13.jpg )
Product Code: C106C2

MORE clear photos at:

order link:

>> No. 82590
File 153665319827.jpg - (108.83KB , 800x1200 , teen_flat_chest_sex_doll_09.jpg )
MORE clear photos at:
order link:
>> No. 82834
File 153672357239.jpg - (105.29KB , 800x1201 , Young_girl_doll_13.jpg )
Product code:C137M1
MORE clear photos at:

order link:
>> No. 83068
File 153682250058.jpg - (98.07KB , 800x1201 , TEEN_DOLL_SEX_02.jpg )
Product code:C137S
MORE clear photos at:

order link:
>> No. 83153
Do you have any videos of dolls testing?
>> No. 83257
Check this video, this doll is from www.sexdollonline.com :
produce code : AX10001F
>> No. 83258
File 153690996117.jpg - (108.78KB , 800x1202 , young_girl_doll_08.jpg )
Product code:C149J
MORE clear photos at:

order link:
>> No. 83474
File 153700564641.jpg - (111.08KB , 800x1202 , IMG_1606.jpg )
Product code:C137M2

MORE clear photos at:

order link:
>> No. 83874
File 153715361346.jpg - (91.13KB , 800x1200 , sex_doll_teen_16.jpg )
Product code: AXB128CMMT

MORE clear photos at:

order link:
>> No. 84298
File 153726738728.jpg - (100.35KB , 800x1200 , asian_young_sex_doll_6.jpg )
Product Code: AX120F

MORE clear photos at:

order link:
>> No. 84517
File 153735321953.jpg - (112.21KB , 800x1421 , young_sex_doll_08.jpg )
Product code: AXBDH132
MORE clear photos at:

order link:
>> No. 84705
is it still legal to buy one of these in the US? updates on the bill? and do you have these onhand in the US?
>> No. 84850
yes , it is still legal now.If you have any other questions, please let me know :sales@sexdollonline.com(Maggie)
>> No. 84852
File 153749818233.jpg - (121.45KB , 800x1202 , young_looking_love_dolls_3.jpg )
Product code: C149X
MORE clear photos at:

order link:
>> No. 84858
In the United States, there is no limit to the law, so it is still legal.
if you pay by card , there will not any adult words on your bill. You will receive a debit request from a very common store name.
We have a warehouse in the US,after your payment ,we will shipping your doll from our US warehouse.so,your name will not appear in the customs, this is to protect the privacy of the buyer.
>> No. 86036
File 153792972543.jpg - (81.46KB , 800x1200 , young_looking_sex_doll_11.jpg )
Product code: C106F
MORE clear photos at:

order link:
>> No. 86148
File 153799666840.jpg - (58.41KB , 810x758 , Doll.jpg )
I am a proud owner of one their dolls for some time now and I want to share some of my experiences with you. First of all, I am from Germany and there was no problem with the delivery, the shipping was exactly as save as promised and the doll is exactly the same I saw on the pics on the website.
The quality is very good. The feeling of the skin is very close to real skin. I would suggest you to order a tanned or darker skin cause "natural" is too bright for my taste, but every customer has to take his own choice. Custom wishes for every 'body part' are possible, just contact the support for that (choose color of nipples, clit an so on). The doll is with me now for some time. And for me it is not only a sextoy. I love posing her. I love just being with her. Chilling with her on the sofa or even in bed while stroking her. I love spending time to look for nice new clothes on the internet. Call me sick, but she became a family member. Of course you're interested in the original function - sex toy. I can only tell, it's heaven. No matter if vaginal, oral or facial. It will do it's work! To speak clear: You will have the feeling to fck a child without harming a child. For me it's THE perfect invention! If you are thinking about buying a child doll from them, I can only suggest you: do it. You WILL be happy with it.
BUT... there always ist a BUT:
The doll ist very sensitive. You always will have to treat her very carefully. My suggestion: order the standing feet. I did not and I regret it. Cloth her only with bright coloured clothes to prevent her from colour stains. love her as you would a real child and treat her like a raw egg.
Last thing I want to say: It won't repalce a real child!! You have to be really clear about that before ordering! It is a doll, a dead thing without feelings, emotions, reactions. A DOLL. Owning a doll means a lot of phantasy and imagination. But if you are able to, you will find your satisfaction!

@Maggie, hope you remember me. this is DRD :)

Greetings to Maggie and the sexdollonline team
>> No. 86646
> vaginal, oral or facial
Sorry. Of course I meant 'vaginal, anal or oral'

>> 82834
this is her by the way. tall and skinny with very little titties but not flat.
>> 83068
same body with another head. Pic shows the upper body shape very good
>> No. 87707
Thank you for sharing, she is cute.
>> No. 87708
File 153854612188.jpg - (79.64KB , 800x1200 , cheap_teen_sex_doll_21.jpg )
Product Code: AXB100G
MORE clear photos at:

Order link:
>> No. 88087
maggie plz upload previws 2 not mega i wand 2 by if can you do
>> No. 88278
>> No. 89262
File 153905581055.jpg - (160.73KB , 800x1066 , IMG_20180726_160328.jpg )
Preview before product packaging? like this ?
>> No. 89911
File 153932797283.jpg - (215.04KB , 800x600 , 106cm before shipping.jpg )
Share an order photo before shipment. this buyer form 155chen , An extra wig is presented to you as a gift. Thank you for your support.
>> No. 89919
File 153933236881.jpg - (150.26KB , 800x1066 , 149cm doll before shipping.jpg )
149cm doll photo before shipping .
product code: C149X

clear photos at :
>> No. 90164
There's NOTHING in the Americas or europe that will get you arrested faster than ordering one of these. There are people already doing time for buying one in Germany, UK, Spain and Several States as well.

Perhaps you could order one to an address in Mexico and get away with it. Order them to your door and the FBI will deliver it and cuff you as soon as you sign. Then they will search your home and one picture off this site (or even the link to 155chan on your pc) will put you in jail for 15 years.

No thank you.
>> No. 90274
File 153948768884.jpg - (161.40KB , 800x1066 , 116cm before shipping.jpg )
116cm smile face cute doll photos before shipping
product code: C116A

Clear photos at:
>> No. 90356
File 153954002434.jpg - (197.98KB , 1608x1068 , lexie-080-064.jpg )
stupid skb 18/10/13(Sat)18:26 No. 90164

Stop spreading misinformation. If you're in the U.S. it is still legal to order and have one of these. There is a CREEPER ACT (look it up) that passed the house but is waiting for a vote in the Senate. It is not a law yet.

There is a case of one man arrested for ordering one of these, it was seized by customs but the charges were dropped.

This company ships your doll from China to their warehouse in the U.S. and then it is shipped to you. Therefore, if customs opens it, they do not have your information only the warehouse address.

To open and search the package from their US warehouse to you, they would need a search warrant. And since it's not illegal, it's highly unlikely they would get a search warrant.

Do not come on here and spread misinformation unless you are prepared to provide proof and facts.
>> No. 90421
File 153958868147.jpg - (126.88KB , 800x1202 , adorable_sex_doll_03.jpg )
Product Code: C106C2

more clear photos at :
>> No. 90642
File 153968197346.jpg - (105.26KB , 800x1510 , 106cm doll.jpg )
Her expression is so innocent, delicate tongue and teeth.

order link:

clear photos at :
>> No. 90971
Sure officer, you make it sound totally believable. Sadly, nobody with an IQ over 50 believes your shit.

Still, making these illegal is one of the dumbest moves they could have made. Now frustrated pedophiles with frustration-induced lowered morals might take the leap to attacking an actual child.

But hey, that's america nowadays for you.
>> No. 90980
File 153976322723.png - (477.40KB , 800x556 , new doll head for 137-149cm doll.png )
Cute new sex doll will coming soon ! the head on photos is only for 136cm -149cm doll body.Please pay attention to the product catalog:
>> No. 91422
File 153991215590.jpg - (78.71KB , 800x1066 , light brown.jpg )
doll‘s light brown labia ,Can be customized. I think it is more realistic ,if on the 149 cm doll.
>> No. 92449
File 154009149993.jpg - (67.01KB , 800x600 , Tan skin color.jpg )
A buyer from the United States, he order a tan color doll from us , this is a picture before transportation, share it with everyone.
product code: C106C1

>> No. 92472
>Now frustrated pedophiles with frustration-induced lowered morals might take the leap to attacking an actual child.

that' what being a pedo is, i just got a van without a register plate and candies

child lovers != pedo != just rapist

i'm still not a rapist, i love to have sex with little girls and fap to fully clothed pics while chatting with littlies and give them comments that make them want to have sex

it feels much better to have sex with a real little girl than a plastic bag even if it's forced a bit, they usually stop crying after you give them free disneland tickets
>> No. 93108
File 154019598946.jpg - (105.37KB , 800x1066 , sexdollonline.jpg )
Buyers from the United States - Pink clothes will be transported with his doll
>> No. 93135
Has anyone got mp4 or webm of fucking one of these dolls
>> No. 93344
Lol the eyes are a bit crooked. But its enough to make me not trust buying it.
>> No. 93374
File 154026200041.jpg - (131.10KB , 800x1201 , young_love_doll_8.jpg )
NEW doll is coming now !
product code: C116H
order link:

more clear photos at :
>> No. 93424
the eyes are removable so its not a big deal, just reposition them.
>> No. 93762
File 154039911934.jpg - (114.66KB , 1080x1440 , axb100c.jpg )
The picture of the brown skin of the 100 cm doll before shipment.
product code:AXB100C
order link:

clear photos at :
>> No. 93768
please can you must use dl.free the mega not works every where.
>> No. 93838
would totally buy... need full set... mom = sex doll 3 daughters = sexdolls and 1 son in the corner, hehe
>> No. 93927
File 154045579429.jpg - (208.35KB , 600x800 , dark tan skin color.jpg )
Darker tan skin color 106cm cute doll photo before shipping .
Product Code: C106QEM
order link:
clear photos link:

Please note that:“”I am from 155chan, I also like the **th wig“”. when you checkout, you will get extra wig as a gift.
>> No. 94027
can you load these to another pic host, mega is crap
>> No. 94826
File 154079845155.jpg - (144.38KB , 800x1066 , new 127cm doll body is coming soon.jpg )
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>> No. 95300
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>> No. 96167
dont buy this shit,i have one.
pussy broken after 5 times fucking.
>> No. 96203
File 154121168366.jpg - (74.67KB , 810x1049 , Doll.jpg )
Don't know what you did, but that must be your own fault or you're just talking bullshit. Pic for prove or it didn't happen.
I have one too for months now. I fucked her multiple and multiple times and everything is fine just as day 1. No idea how to "break" her pussy because it's highly flexible. For cleaning I even stretchted her pussy wide open and nothing broke. So prove or leave.
>> No. 96205
Forget about these expensive sex dolls. Just grab a homeless toddler on her way to or from school. Kidnap her, take her to your place where it's nice and warm comfortable and cozy. Keep her fed and healthy, give her a puppy to keep her company. Soon she will forget all about her homeless family and you will own her. As she grows she will be grateful to you for saving her life from becoming a common street slut simply providing for her useless family. Work the streets guys, there are so many children out there willing to become sex slaves just for a free meal and a roof over their head.
>> No. 96209
You are exactly the type of guy that makes our world worse and people like you are the reason why pedos are hated. Did you even read yourself what you wrote? Keep your thoughts for yourself. Or better kys.
>> No. 96213
Can you tell me where you bought it from? There is also a picture of your doll, maybe I can help you to fix it. If you need it, you can contact me.
>> No. 96214
The doll on the picture was taken care of very carefully, thank you for your care. As a supplier, we are very pleased. Thanks for your support!It is our pleasure to meet you .
>> No. 96215
>>96203 Well just like little girls, these dolls have to be treated like them. You cant just fuck them like an adult or they will break. Then there goes your child fuck doll. Guess maybe investing in a real girl wouldve been a better option.
>> No. 96239
But how can you 'do' a little girl without harming her? And without going into prison sooner or later? Be responsible. Leave the kids, buy a doll. I know the dolls are not legal in many countries, but the shipping is save and no one will know(!!).
And I can tell you from my own experience the doll won't break from 'doing' her. Just treat her carefully.
Of course, investing into a real WOMAN would be better. But look... maybe there are people who are just lonely and not able to simply make company with someone...
>> No. 96311
File 154125985916.jpg - (41.19KB , 800x451 , on-sandwiches-1447667794-8529.jpg )
Investing in a 'real woman' is not better. It's the worst thing a man could do in his life nowadays. All that 'real woman' has to do is say, "I want a divorce." And the man will lose everything. Everything he owns, all of his investments, his car, his house, his kids. His life will be ruined both emotionally and financially to the point of suicide. The woman will be lauded and treated as a hero and source of inspiration. The man, stripped of his assets and self worth, will be thrown to the gutter as a useless, toxic masculine pig.

Real Woman? You can have her.


>> No. 96390
File 154128611020.jpg - (53.44KB , 680x586 , rdq8xl1sacs01.jpg )
>> No. 96623
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>> No. 96694
File 154145142670.jpg - (109.41KB , 1024x768 , GEXyZX7bXtCp9lJPuEkWfS6U+pTj2y+tzdKz68QGdqs=.jpg )
Sirs Sex Doll ON Line...your products seems to be good...I am considering buying one...but, need more information (pics/vids) about them...I am not able to get access to your page and Mega is impossible for me to download...please, try with more suitable hosts (dl free, for example)...TIA...!!!
>> No. 96770
"And the man will lose everything. Everything he owns, all of his investments, his car, his house, his kids"

These days a lot of women earn more money than their husbands. And, guess what, the Alimony and child support laws work both ways.

There are a LOT of women these days paying alimony to their husbands.
>> No. 96917
File 154154392427.jpg - (333.63KB , 1068x1608 , sharona-007-024.jpg )
""""""And, guess what, the Alimony and child support laws work both ways.

There are a LOT of women these days paying alimony to their husbands."""""

Bullshit. This is just your opinion. Like most people you think your opinion constitutes fact and that makes you right. You're wrong and you're full of shit. It's well known and well documented that men get the shaft in divorce court and women rarely pay alimony. Oh sure, you can find me exceptions here and there but as a whole, men get shafted. Here's some facts for you:

And though only 3% of the roughly 400,000 alimony recipients in 2010 were male, per Census data, the trend of spousal support awards from women to men is “definitely on the rise” as women’s earnings continue to increase, New York divorce lawyer James Sexton told Moneyish.


3% is not 'a LOT' as you claimed. You even did lot in caps to emphasize. Well you're full of shit.

Consider the fact that 38% of married women make more than their husbands (according to Bureau of Labor Statistics when both partners are working), the 3% figure for women paying alimony or child support is particularly striking and clearly shows divorce and family court bias toward men.

Don't just post our of your ass, do research, get your facts straight.

3% is not 'a LOT'.
>> No. 97032
File 154157689492.jpg - (169.04KB , 800x1200 , 128cm body 4.jpg )
A buyer, he is a professional photographer. He shared with us the pictures of the dolls He bought。The doll on the picture is: “AXB128CMMT” doll body with “C116R” doll head
>> No. 97076
File 154160627152.jpg - (126.99KB , 1200x800 , 128cm body 1.jpg )
>> No. 97522
File 15417282119.jpg - (153.20KB , 800x1200 , from M3.jpg )
>> No. 97569
File 154175125918.jpg - (167.30KB , 800x1200 , 128cm body 2.jpg )
>> No. 97570
File 154175139335.jpg - (179.74KB , 800x1200 , from M5.jpg )
keep share the photos taken by the buyer-a professional photographer
>> No. 97804
for starters not into dolls at all.....
but if i'd seen this pic somewhere else without the logo at the bottom jeeez
i'd thought it were a real girl well at least until a closer look

and i'm not against anyone who are into dolls
everyone hav diff likings so no offence meant
>> No. 98114
Lovely things. Too bad buying one in the US, Canada, or most of Europe will get you vanned.
>> No. 98243
It is safe to buy from us . We have warehouses in the US, Canada, Hungary ,Germany and Russia. Buying from the website, we ship from our warehouse, do not need to pass the customs by your name. Similar to domestic delivery.
  PS: If you are from the UK, please don't buy a young doll, you will have trouble.
There are no problems in other countries.
>> No. 98245
File 154198667260.jpg - (148.66KB , 800x1065 , teen_sex_doll_sexdollonline01.jpg )
I don't know if you like this doll:
She is very expensive and her head is a wax-level craft.
In order to maintain softness, the body is made of TPE. (You can choose flat chest or other body you like)
Hair Eyelashes Eyebrows are planted.
C-cup as photos:

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>> No. 98246
File 154198698195.jpg - (119.34KB , 800x1066 , silicone_sex_doll_head_101.jpg )
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File 154210540133.jpg - (83.09KB , 800x1202 , Baby_face_sex_doll_11.jpg )
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>> No. 98607
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>> No. 98915
File 154233334042.jpg - (78.83KB , 800x1092 , 15.jpg )
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