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File 153169440976.jpg - (198.10KB , 1304x642 , qWw6QbG.jpg )
70317 No. 70317
All of you don't know why in USA has begun "PEDOPANIC" ? All of you don't know why in TV has begun "FIGHT AGAINST CHILD PORN" (with false stories) ? All of you don't know why raise age of concent ? All of you don't know why ALL mens declare as "PEDOFILIES" (maniacs)? All of you don't know why ALL underage girls declare as "CHILDS" ?
>> No. 70321
I don't entirely understand where you're coming from here but it compelled me to remember/share this line… "pedophiles *love* children" - Palindromes :) I still believe most of the people engaging in the material exchanged on these forums (and the dark web) are no less pure of heart than some of the most revered moral stalwarts.
>> No. 71799
tandomwerk "pedophiles *love* children" - Palindromes :)

Dude thats NOT a palindrome

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