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/hebe/ ~ The child sex trade is booming in this Kenyan port city
File 150607251897.jpg - (5.52KB , 200x113 , beach.jpg )
7378 No. 7378

Inside a tiny house outside the city of Mombasa on the Indian Ocean coast of Kenya, 11-year-old Sabina sits on a bed, one of her breasts exposed, a 2-year-old on her back.

With an effortless click, the girl shoots a jet of saliva through the gap between her two front teeth. It lands on the floor. Then she begins to talk as she shifts the toddler from her back to her bosom.

“The father of this child is a German tourist,” she said. “He impregnated me and left the country after his vacation. I was forced to drop out of school and take care of the child.”

Sabina is one among many children in this coastal region who have become mothers at too young an age. She and other girls, as well as underage boys, have left school to cater to men and women who pay them for sex.

And the market is booming: Child sex tourism has remained rampant in Mombasa, a port city, despite a spate of terror attacks in the past three years that have scared away package vacationers, crippling a vital tourism sector that contributes about 10 percent to Kenya’s gross domestic product.

European travelers especially have continued to fuel the trade. Many come to the city in search of girls aged between 12 and 18. The industry has made Kenya one of the world's hubs for child sex tourism, researchers say.

“We always believe that white men have money, so when they come here we hope that they will get us out of poverty,” said Sabina. “They give us a lot of money and sleep with us. We use the money to pay rent for our parents and buy food.”

Trace Kenya, a local nonprofit group that works with the United Nations to battle child trafficking, estimates there could be as many as 100,000 child sex workers in Mombasa. The trade extends up and down the coast to the seaside resort towns of Malindi and Diani, according to the NGO.

In a 2010 report — the most recent available — UNICEF released numbers on child trafficking in Kenya that revealed that almost a third of girls age 12 and younger in the Mombasa region were involved in prostitution. European men comprise half of the clients, the report said.

Sex tourism has been blamed in Kenya for increasing rates of school dropouts, poverty and illiteracy as school-age children skip class in pursuit of easy money. At the same time, poverty is the main driver behind child sex tourism, say experts. Some parents even urge their children to become involved.

Emily, a 16-year-old orphan, said she was forced into the business due to poverty and peer pressure. Her aunt encouraged her to engage in sex with white men to help pay family expenses. Emily is now infected with HIV.

“I have slept with different men, especially whites from Germany, Italy and the USA,” she said. “I regret it but I had no option [at] that time. I started the business at age 10, when a friend connected me to an Italian tourist who had visited the country for three months. I had nothing to eat and nowhere to sleep.”

Teenage boys and 20-something Kenyan men known as "beach boys" also hook up with older white women, usually Western tourists who have flown here specifically for sexual encounters.

Jomo Kenyatta Public Beach Pirates

Jomo Kenyatta Public Beach.

Against a backdrop of dazzlingly white sand and the aquamarine sea at Jomo Kenyatta Public Beach, foreign women sip cocktails under bamboo shades. Young men approach them with compliments designed to break the ice.

“This is our work,” said Alex Mwalumba, a beach boy who said he’s 29 but looks much younger. “It’s very simple to lure a white woman. First, know the language she speaks. Secondly, tell her she is the most beautiful woman you have ever seen. For the first time in years, she truly believes she is desirable.”

Mwalumba had few regrets.

“The money will begin to flow,” he said, referring to payments once a temporary relationship has begun. “Some [beach boys] have used the opportunity to build good houses and start businesses.”

But he warned that business sometimes can be risky.

“Some tourists end up either being robbed or murdered by beach boys in pursuit for money,” he noted. “Beach boys are not after love. They are after money. They sometime trick tourists to go to the room and rob them.”

Paul Adhoch, who heads child rights organization Trace Kenya, said prostitution has led to an increase in unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases among teenagers in Mombasa. It has also broken up families in the city, he said.

Trace Kenya is working to rescue girls from the sex trade and to end the practice in the Mombasa region. The NGO has rescued more than 10,000 children in the last seven years, putting them in shelters and making other arrangements for them to earn a living.

“We have rescued many children involved in sex tourism or those who were potentially likely to fall into it, more girls — for young men the number has been lower,” he said. “The police have done little to fight the vice. They have given tourists impunity despite having evidence against them.”

But Regional Police Chief Nelson Marwa says the government has done a lot to battle the practice, including warning tourists and parents against being involved in the business.

“We have put in place laws that will deal with such acts,” Marwa said. “Already we have arrested and charged parents, children and some tourists. We will also close all hotels that allow young girls and old tourists to check in together, and their licenses will be canceled.”

The real problem, Adhoch believes, is culture.

“There is a culture among parents and children that when you get yourself a white man, then you have gotten yourself out of poverty,” said Adhoch. “Tourists always take this advantage and will come here deliberately for that.”

But Sabina, who is still struggling to come to terms with her HIV-positive status, wants the government to do more to help girls in the local sex industry.

“The government should curb the practice by arresting tourists whose aim is to engage in sex with children and dump them afterward,” she said. “They are creating more poverty for young people here like me.”

Editor's note: The last names of children interviewed for this story have been withheld to protect their identities. Tonny Onyulo reported from Mombasa, Kenya.
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>> No. 7379
I'm dumping all /spam/ topics not related to the Triforce such as this into /hebe/. Hebe is for misc discussions and any whinefags who can't find the "Hide Thread" button will be treated as spammers.
>> No. 7731
File 151587709657.jpg - (43.45KB , 630x456 , fake-news.jpg )
I imagine the following dialogue between the ultra progressive female PIR reporter and the girl.

-So what got you into this horrible job?
-What do you mean?
-Sleeping with one white man earns me as much {insert Kenyan currency here} as I would by working in the fields for 10 days!
-And why would you have to work in the fields for a living? Shouldn't you go to school to be a scientist when you grow up?
-Because we're poor.
-Aha! Hold on a second please *scribbles down something in her notes*
-But it's not just me. All my cousins and friends are doing this. The whole town is sleeping with handsome rich white m..
-Aha! Moment please *scribbles down something else in her notes*
-And you said you were HIV positive right?
-Yes but it was before I started working in th..
-I'm sorry dear I gotta scamper now to submit the report. We'll continue later. Thank you very much for your time honey.

Next day horrified American readers see this on PRI:
Emily, a 16-year-old orphan, said she was forced into the business due to poverty and peer pressure. Emily is now infected with HIV.
>> No. 7912
Funny how they always say they're being "rescued" by some generous, freedom loving American orginzation. No, unless they emigrate, most of them are free publicity until they're no longer a news item. Then they go back to the street.
>> No. 8110
I stopped reading news as unbiased facts long time ago. They all have agendas and try to steer you in one direction or another.
>> No. 44909
“He impregnated me...."
Just say HE FUCKED ME!!
>> No. 68845
Dunno if that Bucharest prostitutes thread is genuine but if you're really interested in that sort of thing then poorest countries like kenya is where you should be.
>> No. 68963
How about Oklahoma City?
>> No. 73797
A few years ago There was a story on news several times about child prostitutes in Cambodia. In a city of 2 million they found 100 child prostitutes.
They stopped screaming bout it when Denver announced that it had over 400 child prostitutes.And pot is legal? I am thinking about moving..
>> No. 73799
“This is our work,” said Alex Mwalumba, a beach boy who said he’s 29 but looks much younger.

Is he really a child?
>> No. 74135
File 153347530688.jpg - (30.53KB , 425x262 , c2.jpg )
Another interesting report on Kenya

"Most girls in my village do it. I can get 100 ($1) to 500 ($5) shillings. Sometimes a tourist will give 1,000 ($10)."

According to the latest data available, one in three girls aged between 12 and 18 in Kenya's coastal area is engaged in casual sex work.

If anger could kill then this paragraph is lethal:
"The social acceptance means people don't even see it as a crime, and the girls being exploited do not see themselves as victims. So who will report the case? Who will testify?"
>> No. 76387
>"The social acceptance means people don't even see it as a crime, and the girls being exploited do not see themselves as victims. So who will report the case? Who will testify?"

That's the reason why media and "the powers that be" FORCE PEOPLE to REPORT or SNITCH anybody, only to get him to be the scapegoat of the day. It is part of a social control plot towards the global governance.

There is a name for that new epidemic worldwide: it's called "Reportitis".
>> No. 78563
"Trace Kenya, a local nonprofit group that works with the United Nations to battle child trafficking, estimates there could be as many as 100,000 child sex workers in Mombasa."

Out of a population of 1.4 million people? Yeah right.


>> No. 78741
yeah but who wants to fuck nigglets?
>> No. 78777
Who wants to fuck a white head?
>> No. 78778
Nigglets? What, you stuck in the 19th century or something? Bet you still sit around singing "Camptown Races, doo da" too...
>> No. 78827
File 153538350465.png - (353.28KB , 637x474 , rates.png )

Did you tell your real estate agent, "I'd like to see houses in black neighborhoods please."

No? You didn't?

What are you stuck in the 19th century or something? Do you sing Al Jolson songs or what? Wow, you must be racist.

Dumbass logic. The truth about the races will always exist, no matter what century. I just called you out big time on your hypocrisy. Snap !
>> No. 78837
File 153538971097.jpg - (67.53KB , 501x585 , image.jpg )
>> No. 78839
>yeah but who wants to fuck nigglets?

>Who wants to fuck a white head?

>> No. 78887
lol, racism on a board for pedos. Thats two strikes fellas! you wanna fuck underage girls, and hate naggers.
>> No. 78991
Your fake graphic (this "Crime Statistics Bureau" does not exist in San Francisco) was used several times on the internet, retweeted and later used by Trump supporters and Trump himself. The actual numbers from the FBI (2015):
Blacks killed by blacks:90%
Whites killed by whites: 82%

Youre so smart that you're stupid, neckbeard.
>> No. 78992
Think about it: In actuality, most people get killed by someone they are familiar with, have close proximity to, or look similar to. It's easier to get whacked by someone you know(and this includes pedos by the way). It's why most killers of blacks, hispanics, and whites are of the same race as their victims--its way easier to get the victim to let their guard down when you're around them all the time, live in the same areas, and you all look the same. By your logic, most people in Norway and Russia are killed by blacks too lol
>> No. 79015
No fake crime statistics here, my friend.

6% of the population, black males, commit over 50% of the violent crime in the U.S.

Not to mention the high black on white rape statistics.

It is a fact that blacks are on average 50 times more violent than any other group.

When they are left untouched by humans in Africa, they do not advance and live in the stone age.

People like you who deny such facts have very little experience with blacks or Africans. You have a few token black friends in school but that's about it.

Check out what's happening in South Africa right now if you think blacks are civilized and friendly and like the rest of us.
>> No. 79127
If anyone bothered to read what the white explorers in pre colonial Africa wrote about what they found you'd see that the average African led a short benighted life, plagued by disease, famine and internecine tribal fighting. Blacks have been chopping themselves up since time immemorial. Wherever you find large black populations you find high levels of violence and murder, just think of Jamaica as one example. The truth is that race is a biological condition and there are genetic differences, albeit very small in percentage terms, between the races. This results in a difference in culture and outlook, amongst other things. Blacks have a higher incidence of psychotic breakdown and a lower sense of impulse control, hence they are more ready to fly off the handle and behave in a violently. Sorry but that is the fact.
>> No. 80335
And of those black males that actually murder, it's actually around 5% of them. 6% doesn't commit half the murder, a small portion of it does. I don't why anons keep implying most are responsible by phrasing it like that or just leaving out that bit of information altogether. Weird. It doesn't mean that more of them don't murder, but a vast majority don't. The difference in rates is seven times. this difference can vary depending if you are comparing subsets of crime. Honduras actually has the highest homicide rate.
>> No. 80343
I agree although no one wants to publicly admit it. When left on their own, untouched by whites or Asians, blacks never advance beyond the stone age. They live in mud huts and follow the roaming herds of animals in Africa to feed off the scraps from the kills left behind. It's a squalid and miserable existence. They have the lowest IQ of any group and are mentally retarded when compared to whites or Asians. When intermixed with white cultures, they exhibit immature, impulsive, and violent behavior.
>> No. 80930
Anyone has experience with renting girls from poor countries? I'm getting so frustrated all options are on the table now.
>> No. 104427
hi guys, i also try to find a destination to have sex with childs easily. where is the best and safest place to do my hobby ?
>> No. 104503
Um, Mombasa Kenya?
>> No. 104644
File 154420524475.jpg - (214.21KB , 853x1280 , Sydney 51 Sample.jpg )
Re 7378

I have had a good experience with hooking up with young girls from Thailand, Vietnam, and Philippines. I hired an Asian woman assistant to find impoverished families with a cute young girl willing to be my girlfriend in exchange for me supporting her family. I have had three girlfriends all starting at age 13. I provide the family with a house to live in year round. Cost me $100 per month. I visit them twice a year for one month and the girl stays with me. We enjoy sex, making out, going out, etc. It's quite wonderful and fulfilling. I pay the assistant a $250 finder's fee. The assistant also stays with us so we give the appearance that the assistant is my girlfriend and that the girl is her daughter. (so people don't talk or get suspicious).

It's a whole different culture over there. If you keep your head down and help the family, people are open to having a western man befriend their daughters.

This is all a true story.

While I would rather have a white girlfriend and a bit younger (I prefer 10 to 12), I settle for what I can get. It's very wonderful and satisfying. I recommend doing this and not living in suffering and loneliness. The girl enjoys it and the family is taken off the streets and provided for.
>> No. 104661
East europe, east-germany, poland, first parts of russia were we grew up in pedo/incest nudist resorts in late '70s early 80s. It was all totaly accepted, entire villages, i worked in child brothels for some time, inbreed and orphans atwork mostly. Nowadays its all with the families athome.
>> No. 104791
Are you a Cop or an asshole?
>> No. 104811
File 154424457831.jpg - (677.72KB , 1600x1128 , 210276a.jpg )
Sounds like a great plug for the tourist trade.
>> No. 104814
Damn I got rock hard to this Utopian flyer. We need an anti-trafficking propaganda thread.
>> No. 104825
So sad that Americans will go give money to these people when there's plenty of children to fuck back home *drops mic*

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