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/hebe/ ~ Star sessions do do customs ;)
File 153406809121.jpg - (214.78KB , 1067x1600 , MaisieSS-021-04.jpg )
75558 No. 75558
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>> No. 100738
>>100722 I think Olivia has a secret set.
>> No. 100741
Amazingly just fucking Yes
thanks a lot Mr.
>> No. 100742
>>100738 No. Olivia has not 100%. I know it.
>> No. 100749
Anyone knows, if Lina has custom set?
>> No. 100750
Yes - God
>> No. 100753
>>100750 Some samples of LinaSS, please...
>> No. 100793
>>100527 >>100528

>>100524 >>100534 >>100535

>>100536 >>100537 >>100538 >>100539
Leyla-009 Samples

>>100522 >>100529 >>100530
Leyla-011 Samples

>>100523 >>100531 >>100532 >>100533
Multi-003 Lilu & Aleksandra Sample
>> No. 100817
So where are the dl.free.fr download links?
>> No. 100823
>> No. 100824
File 154305094778.jpg - (3.48MB , 4000x6000 , Lina-015-162.jpg )
Lina 015 video. enjoy
>> No. 100825
File 15430514311.jpg - (6.94KB , 225x225 , κατάλογος.jpg )
>>100824 Are you from Georgia? Lucky guy!
>> No. 100827
With this site, we learned and loved Georgia country & Georgian girls. We thank you admin!
>> No. 100831
>> No. 100845
Julia is soooo hooooootttttttttttttt
>> No. 100846
i posted a new topless Julia pic but it got removed
>> No. 100849
Bumping limit is 1000 replies per thread and i just wasted one, 25 something more left :)
>> No. 100850
Yes, she is very hot! I love to see more of her.
>> No. 100851
Post it on hurtmeh leaked thread>>100846
>> No. 100865
Of course. Admin is too dense to know that SS is dead because of it's admin's stupidity in the way he deals with his customers. Face reality, admin.
>> No. 100866

His elitism in dealing with his customers is what's killed him. Many including myself were more than willing to pay for the custom sets only to be told that they don't exist (when clearly they do) or dumped by him for asking. Since that is how he want to deal with me and others willing to purchase those sets whose existence cannot be denied, I see no reason not to share the sets I purchased from him and I have done just that. Let's face it, at this point, it's only those among the "elite few" who he has sold customs to that are so concerned about him closing down.
>> No. 100873
I genuinely do not understand this horseshit kissing of the webmasters ass. Going way back in the day when sets were shared mostly via Usenet you had Molly Model, Peachez16, a very young Sweet Cindy, Chelsea-Marie, Cindysworld2000, young, no-nude Christina, Stephi, Shannon etc, Dickhead Don who had Kailyn Model and her moop-faced sister, the BTM guys, XAM models and many, many more. And you know what they all had in common apart from being whiney bitches who constantly complained about their stuff being shared and how we were stealing from the models by doing it? That's right, not a single one of those fuckers went out of business because of file sharing. Not a fucking one. And I defy anyone to name a single modelling sight that did go bust because people shared their pics and videos. You can't can you? That's because it has NEVER happened. It's an absolute joke. Either he's offering the chan webmaster(s) and onion forum owners an incentive to tell people not to share (thus going completely against the ethos of sharing forums) or he's sucking their dicks. And why? He's proved he's a cunt anyway. Like I say, I don't understand.
>> No. 100882
Julia please please please please please please she's so beautiful. Very very very beautiful
>> No. 100885
Can't dl. Can only view. pitty
>> No. 100887
how do you know its a he and not a she or someone in between? Woman produce videos as do men look at LS series the women photographers who produced videos had a lot of smiling girls.
>> No. 100901
Yes I am Georgian and I am proud of this angelic beautiful Georgian girls
აი მართლა გაღიარებ ამ საიტების მფლობელი ვინც ხარ. ჩემ თვალში ხარ ღმერთი, ქედს ვიხრი შენს წინაშე. პროსტა ვერ ვხვდები როგორ მოახერხე ქართველი ბავშვების დათანხმება შიშველ სეტებზე... ხელი მინდა ჩამოგართვა
>> No. 100902
>>100901 Your country has very beautiful girls!
>> No. 100912
>>100846 Please, post the pic on HurtMeh leaked thread
>> No. 100936
There are beautiful girls everywhere! Get out of your parents house once in while.
>> No. 100941
100% RIGHT!!!!!

the only people bitching are the one that paid and now are seeing iothers get the same shit fre!!!
hoarding tader pay for cp suckers!!!

fuck them all...
Im going to start posting all of my SS collections here !!!
I never paid a cent or traded any of them, Im a thief and stole them all from the sellers and traders!!! I hacked their HDDS when they were sleeping and got all the good stuff!

and fuck R00binhack, hes a loser that ran out of good stuff over three months ago. He aint got shit no more!
>> No. 100942
File 154310323789.jpg - (2.24MB , 4000x6000 , LiluSS-021-202.jpg )
For those doubters.
Heres one:
>> No. 100944
>> No. 100947

LOL - Maybe you should try smoking or taking a little less than you have been.
>> No. 100948

If this one isn't removed, it must not be from a set that the board admin is hoarding/trading on the side.
>> No. 100949

Wow. Lilu's breasts are amazing. Please post that set you beautiful bastard.
>> No. 100950
God damn! Those are some beautiful titties!

more please?
>> No. 100982
>>100942 Thank you, sir
>> No. 100984
Lilu is absolutely beautiful
>> No. 101009
Wow please more
>> No. 101010
And here two, three, four,five...?
>> No. 101011
Mods are Trolls!
>> No. 101039
Man I can’t thank you enough for this picture. My wallpaper as we speak.
>> No. 101054
>>100942 I would like just 1 pic of topless or pussy slip of Natasha's secret set... after, I'll die...
>> No. 101067
there is a full video of here with many tit slips...
>> No. 101069
>>101067 Wow! I would like video thumbnail of this video!
>> No. 101070
>>101067 Secret video! No video of the regular site with red tshirt...
>> No. 101102
Please reup the pic.
>> No. 101106
NatashaSS plz...
>> No. 101107
Lilu is my favorite... Thank you! >>100942
>> No. 101108
Did you see that? Every time we write the thread does not go up, but it continues to be at the same point. Probably the chan admin wants to disappear, like Liza's thread. Are you serious?
>> No. 101110
File 154316779460.jpg - (4.84KB , 220x204 , myhat.jpg )
Bump limit of 1000 posts reached and this thread will thus stop bumping to the top with new posts.

Feel free to open "SS II", but we'll be locking this one for now.

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