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/hebe/ ~ Star sessions do do customs ;)
File 153406809121.jpg - (214.78KB , 1067x1600 , MaisieSS-021-04.jpg )
75558 No. 75558
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>> No. 75563
Full sets or vds please
>> No. 75565
Michelle needed
>> No. 75567
File 153407888699.jpg - (72.48KB , 360x235 , 7.jpg )
>> No. 75570
>> No. 75593
Yes,buit plz dont post
>> No. 75597
So is this photoshop or for real? If real is there a url for the 'secret' site?
>> No. 75608
Full set or more photos please.
>> No. 75611
>> No. 75615
This is Photoshoped
>> No. 75638
oh its real!!
More is coming, just wait.
>> No. 75645
as long as the girls are there modeling and the camera is clicking way , there will always be customs. That is the point of all of these studios. the nn sets and films are a hook tpo attract the real customers. every studio has done it and will keep doing it.
>> No. 75679
is not fake blind stupid, these studio do customs and HC. One of best is Lisa and Lilu
>> No. 75688
>> No. 75692
File 153411082360.jpg - (25.34KB , 480x338 , IMG_4637.jpg )
Nuh uh...
>> No. 75697

>these studio do customs and HC

Ha, ha! Well I'm going to need to see proof before I believe this studio does HC. I don't expect to see that proof any time soon.
>> No. 75701
Haha You guys are fools, I made this deepfakes.
>> No. 75730
There is NO HC. No customs yet, either.

And at this rate they will never happen.

I have about 8 GB of nudes tho. Feelsgoodman to win at something once in a while.
>> No. 75742
>> No. 75747
Way to go !!! wow thanks man !! Now the site will be closed in .. 3...2....1 you fucktard this was the only good NN site now you just helped LEA close it , hope your proud of your work , no more Lisa because of you , DICK!!
>> No. 75758
Pretty sure its the same guy that posts all the fakes. Could have made a better logo than Kirby and plain black text or... the actual studio name.
>> No. 75768
Is the miniscule amount of attention you'll get for the 5 minutes this lasts really worth nipping any future wins in the bud?

Because this is what you're doing right now with these leaks.
>> No. 75789
File 153417079820.png - (735.33KB , 1135x709 , Screening shot.png )
If you stupid useless can find some PRO who can illustrate hidden veins and arteries, maintaining same pixel pattern, well done stupid. When a fake was make you need match the pixels in color and contrast, but the vains and arteries inside skin cannot match with the overlapping picture used for fake.In this case the vains ad arteries are matching outside and inside the boobs. So is not a fake.

So you are stupid blind.
>> No. 75811
If I could write the beauty of your eyes
And in fresh numbers number all your graces,
The age to come would say “This poet lies;
Such heavenly touches ne’er touch’d earthly faces.

Thank you so so much for this really pure beauty
>> No. 75816
I hope we can see Lisa giant pussy lips spread
>> No. 75817
>> No. 75819
That picture doesn't illustrate anything you just said. Go back to tumbler
>> No. 75820
Anymore news there buds?
>> No. 75822
>> No. 75823
>>75822 what did i miss
>> No. 75829
I sell all HC and custom video starsession.

mimi69@secmail.pro Preview in email
>> No. 75830
Proof or nothing happen
>> No. 75832
Why all of a sudden becomes buy and sell there buds?
>> No. 75835

mail check
>> No. 75838
I'm pretty sure that guy is just gonna scam you. He stole some previews from me earlier this year :(

Don't send any BTC until he's proven to you without doubt that he actually has the thing he claims to have.
>> No. 75843
WTF did I miss?
>> No. 75845
File 153419004516.jpg - (90.92KB , 533x800 , MaisieSS-002-04.jpg )
I did not share this for fame or recognition but for no other reason that it amused me. And also because I knew it would make a lot of guys very happy.
As for " Way to go !!! wow thanks man !! Now the site will be closed in .. 3...2....1 you fucktard this was the only good NN site now you just helped LEA close it , hope your proud of your work , no more Lisa because of you , DICK!!".
You are clearly a newbie with no idea and I laugh at you.
You really think the LEA are looking at his site, the public area with photos of girls of 8 on all fours in thongs with the camera stuck up their ass and they are thinking " yeah this guys seems ok. He is not doing any topless photos, lets leave him alone "
Since the dawn of time, maxwell, MX photo,Sierra and all the others from 1998 onwards it follows the same pattern without fail.
Guy likes little girls. Sets up studio so he can photo little girls. Needs more and more. Gets his way with 1 or more little girls. Cant resist the cash from the customs on top of the huge amount he is earning from the website. Little girl tells best friend or mommy what is going on or mommy gets greedy and does not think she is getting enough. The story never changes.
So as it stands at the moment it is Taboo to share anything from this studio as he is a producer. Well, I am very sorry but he is not going to be a producer for very long. Like every one before him he is going to jail.If the LEA can bust darknet at will then what makes you think he is safe if his special works are not generally circulated ?? Everybody knows they exist LEA included. They may be the enemy but they are not stupid. Dare I say they are probably a lot more intelligent and educated than most of us.
>> No. 75849
are you will to talk to me in a pm @secmail?
>> No. 75850
You are trying to get him busted? your fucking scum
>> No. 75851
> I did not share this for fame or recognition but for no other reason that it amused me.
That's what attention whore's usually do once they get called out. Deflect, deflect, deflect.

Here, have a nice, thick & juicy 20 seconds of attention from me. Open wide up, and in it goes. There you go, gobble it all down you thirsty little slut.
>> No. 75852
why are you only posting images from the preview pack? did you just scam this from some noob in a trade? something tells me this guy isn't even a customer..
>> No. 75857
Can you post some of Lisa?
>> No. 75858
hes acamer:


Please send 50 USD to this account to recieve previews
>> No. 75859
Some thumbnails please... only thumbnails! Then I will know that all these are real...
>> No. 75861
File 153419361834.jpg - (28.51KB , 304x116 , 1.jpg )
here are TWO mails profiles with the same scammer message.

Pay for a preview, what a fucking moron. Too bad his full of shit, He could have gotten some very rare and great shit from me. LOL!! Idiot.
>> No. 75863
File 153419432975.jpg - (58.71KB , 564x342 , genius.jpg )
hey mimi69, how will you know who paid if you send the same address tu multiple people? oh wait..
>> No. 75864
No. 75858 Fake previews...!!! Hahahahaha...
>> No. 75867
No. 75863 That's right!
>> No. 75868
The payers usually tell you they paid. I can also verify by time.
>> No. 75870
File 153419477284.jpg - (257.48KB , 1280x720 , 152505143053.jpg )
>> No. 75872
The btc address is for one e-mail/human and the time until to delete is 10-15 minute. In that time zone, someone should to pay with btc. How many btc for 50 USD now? You don't tell us. After the payment you should to give another address. So, all are fake. Please stop this joke!
>> No. 75873
No. 75870 This is original set from site!
>> No. 75874
MIMI has NOTHING - no real trader would ever SELL previews . Thats the point of a preview.
If he is selling for real, he would be very happy to prove that he is in possession and could prove it with time/date stamps on the email and a pic embedded in the image as well. Or he could send a full size image to prove he has the full collection and a contact sheet (preview) of what he is offering.

MIMI dont have shit! Period.
>> No. 75895
>> No. 75906
topless doesn't mean custom. You could go to a park or beach and see as much and it's legal.
>> No. 75917
Oh guys some Lisa please pussy lips
>> No. 75919
SS does no nudes
>> No. 75923
Can we please get a video cap preview of custom just to settle this once and for all if they are previews because pictures can be well photoshop.
>> No. 75932
please moar!
>> No. 75945
nothing but another shitty fake , Lol at these crappy fakes
>> No. 75961
hahahaha the guy who alleged all are fakes is the same person
>> No. 75992
>> No. 75994
OP is trying a classic extortion attempt. This guy got pissed because SS wasnt making the type of content he wanted
>> No. 76004
File 153425650732.jpg - (25.87KB , 552x442 , download.jpg )
Shamey, please post Lisa custom. Just one please.
>> No. 76005
Guy... guy...stop to post saying FAKE to all posts... we know you may pay for starsessions set and you're sad about leaks, but understand SS do customs and HC, Nobody can stop this.
>> No. 76010
HC, Nobody
>> No. 76036
File 153426876239.jpg - (222.25KB , 800x365 , 1.jpg )
no hc, or proofs
>> No. 76042
No. 75992 Haha, she is from Siberian Mouse!
>> No. 76043
No. 75859 Yeah! Just thumbnails or small low previews... so we'll know that are real.
>> No. 76049
Neither nudes sets nor HC videos! Open your eyes! The site is NN.
>> No. 76052
Again and again Euro studios do customes and they leak. All Euro studio doing pics of girl shoing ass in almost no clothing do custom. But again and again cock sucking faggots who must have got fucke so hard by daddy when they were 3 that their eyes bulged and now they are blind and brain damaged say "fake" or "this is NN, they not ever do custome". Kill yourself dumbass cocksucking blind brain damaged faggts.
>> No. 76083
be quiet LUKE i see all your it's fake posts. Don't waste your time. Sit and wait for the nudes and HC
>> No. 76111
Topless customs aren't surprising but there's no way they did hc
>> No. 76144
I will post lilu bj vid in 48 hours if webmaster does not respond to me again. u know who i am.

-the giant
>> No. 76146
Unless we see real Proof of customs Like video caps or a video itself. To date there are no custom.
>> No. 76166
>> No. 76167
seriously who cares about this topless trash, throw the HC
>> No. 76174
>>76144 Lilu is so sexy! I haven't problem to see only nude/hc captures of any star-sessions models. It's enough for me...
>> No. 76177
Oh you're that butthurt moron who leaked a set earlier this year and got thrown out :D

So, even IF you had what you claim to have. The SS guy would stand to win nothing from giving in to your demands. Sooner or later pricks like you come back to get more and more and more. Better to close up shop now and be done with it than to die by a thousand bites by little leeches like you.

Looking forward to your leak, it's not often you see someone just giving away a very valuable trade asset like that!
>> No. 76183
Lisa spread please LISA LISA
>> No. 76194
So outtakes from publicly sold sets count as customs now? FAIL
>> No. 76218
Elena please...
>> No. 76221
File 153434630372.jpg - (324.43KB , 400x600 , 1.jpg )
I have full sets.
>> No. 76222
the admin is fine just post it
>> No. 76223
post... post...post...
>> No. 76231
>> 76144

>> No. 76235
are you looking to trade or buy/sell?
>> No. 76243
Anonymous 18/08/15(Wed)16:02 No. 76235

are you looking to trade or buy/sell?

>> No. 76244
I want to see the giant pussy lips of Lisa.
>> No. 76251
>> No. 76253
Where can one reach you?
>> No. 76256
File 153435138065.jpg - (6.79MB , 4000x2871 , d3c7d3836370733.jpg )
>> No. 76257
>> No. 76261
File 153435333678.png - (187.58KB , 497x278 , Screen Shot 2018-05-19 at 11_20_57 PM.png )
Hardcore with those giant pussy lips please
>> No. 76265
>> No. 76266
You looking to sell some more previews bud?
>> No. 76270
OMG! Look at her pussy! She should to having sex many years!
>> No. 76273
Sure why not?

I can do legit business when i want to. 8 people emailing at once all asking (with no intentions of paying) the same thing. weeds out the leechers
>> No. 76274
>> No. 76277
>> No. 76278
Thanks Shamey, now no new customers will get the chance to buy special stars and those of us who are already on that level get all the good stuff ;)
>> No. 76279
>>75558 Thanks Shamey! Do you have some new photo?
>> No. 76284
Maybe the photographer of star sessions having sex with these models. The models look like in the sets very comfortable and doing everything... hot poses, naughty poses and very sexy smile... I would like to know what they say with photographer during the photoshout.
>> No. 76300
>> No. 76406
thanks I dont care about nudes etc , but pleaser morer from lisa massie nn , thanks to all who share , cant d/l sets so this is a single pic request any and all posted make me very happy
>> No. 76412
just a friendly FYI none of these NN ore nude are allowed to be posted on any Onion site , no exceptions , so dont bother looking or asking
>> No. 76419
what pictures where removed from this thread , any idea
>> No. 76492
So where are the previews?
>> No. 76500
Shamey did a bad thing, he shared a pic of a topless girl. he shouldnt have done that.if there are more and n and xx. they should not be shared , the studio is still open and makig more. dont blow it. if theres more it will come out in the future. sit tight yall
>> No. 76501
People who leak this material obviously don't care about these girls. Having them on mainstream forums will only serve to fuck them over, and we will no longer have this studio. Shamey, you are a real piece of shit for doing this, and even though you obviously have no conscience, I just want you to know that.
>> No. 76521
>>76501 blah, blah, blah... Shamey previews
>> No. 76529
Shamey, how much money you want for full hc video or full nude set of any model? And how much money for video hc captures or some hi quality photos like first photo of thread with Maisie.
>> No. 76561
>>75822 Nita was naked in that photo?
>> No. 76611
The removed photos had nothing to do with starsessions. They were off topic
>> No. 76673
>> No. 76674
>>76611 Thank you sir for the info
>> No. 76733
>> Shamey where are the previews?
>> No. 76797
>>76144 Where is the video of Lilu's bj?
>> No. 76856
i would swim through a river of shit and suck a hundred cocks just to see maisies pussy. i bet its fucking amazing
>> No. 76889
No. 76856 I agree with you, man
>> No. 76896
The interested is Lisa's giant pussy! Lucky photographer!
>> No. 76999
Shamey, do you can to tell me, Who girls of star-sessions doing customs or hc? In the videos doing have sex or blowjob? A description will be great!
>> No. 77008
Funny how an homily girl can be so sexy. She's not pretty, she's not ugly, but there is something about her that makes her sexy. Firm body, budding boobs, hairless pussy, I bet she fucks like a bunny.
>> No. 77090
for the love of all things please, PLEASE post a pussy shot or any nude shot of MAISIE! maisie just has so much sex appeal
>> No. 77102
There are no star sessions customs. You all have lost your minds.
>> No. 77156
You are either:
A. A blind person
B. A troll (and not even a good one)
C. A fucking moron (will accept B as well)
D. The Admin of Star Sessions frantically trying to get control of the situation by denying the existence custom content so your site can live on.

If you answered "D.", I truly hope these asshole leakers and leechers are identifiable and can no longer access your wonderful site as I am a new but very big fan and would love to enjoy everything you have to offer eventually and will continue to support the site and your amazing girls regardless of custom content existing.

If you answered "A.,B.,or C.", fuck off and die.
>> No. 77159
Photographer will be in prison already or will be soon. Everyone should leak all they have so everyone gets to have everything, because there will be no more any more.
>> No. 77163
you mean producing more evidence so to make sure nobody ever after will try to found a new studio? Okay, then people will look at old model pics even in 200 years
>> No. 77184
I thought these had been confirmed faked?
>> No. 77238
File 153469009165.jpg - (427.10KB , 800x1200 , lilu.jpg )
>> No. 77290
FAKE FAKE FAKE FAKE!!!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHA! You are ridiculous!
>> No. 77304
Same stupid who alleged all others are fake make the Lilu horrible fake, but you can't hide the reality: the girls do customs and HC.
>> No. 77307
then prove it or STFU
>> No. 77308
Somebodies hiding it! Because I hadnt seen any HC. This thread is just fakes, memes, and scammers
>> No. 77316
>>77238 Very bad fake!
>> No. 77317
Nice try guy nice try... customs exists
>> No. 77336
>> No. 77379
>>77336 She is not Lilu...
>> No. 77380
More Fakes. Its all a scam
>> No. 77392
File 153472220338.jpg - (106.37KB , 855x708 , Screen Shot 2018-08-19 .jpg )
Some brigth-contrast adjust in lisa pants
>> No. 77499
...proofs, please...
>> No. 77523
File 153478629360.jpg - (70.29KB , 540x815 , Elena.jpg )
I'll die right now, if I'll see topless or full naked photo of Elena!
>> No. 77571
Whether or not there's customs out there I could care less. Just wish there'd be more of their videos posted. Waiting is such an important thing in this part of the web. Dang it!
>> No. 77594
You will live many years yet because you will never see what you wish for.
>> No. 77691
People have been warned not to post on onion sites because it is a young site and they want to let it thrive before dickheads ruin it. That is why I will never post any of my growing collection. If you want them, GO FUCKING BUY THEM.
>> No. 77705
I Would buy everything from StarSession if they just would make it possible !!
>> No. 77706
"People have been warned not to post on onion sites because it is a young site and they want to let it thrive before dickheads ruin it. That is why I will never post any of my growing collection. If you want them, GO FUCKING BUY THEM" I would never assume to be intelligent enough to purchase these videos without drawing attention so unlike you, who is clearly far more intelligent, I must wait in line like every other moron with limited computer skills. Bummer.
>> No. 77790
So... Two topless preview of Maisie. And after... nothing else... the same story of Diana and Bambi from Newstar... Then Joker and now Shamey. Many many years for the nothing. Maybe after 10 years, another 1 photo. ...well... I think maybe Newstar photos are fake, because no one uploaded thumbnails of these sets, for proofs, like Jimmy's set (Ginger's brother). And after of some years, the full set was up! Proofs, please, like Amanda's (Newstar) capture-video. I know, some day it will be up! Maybe starts the same story with star-sessions now. If they exist, please, upload some captures-video of some naked/HC or small thumbnails of nude sets. So, we'll know that they exist. Only 2 photos of Maisie are not proof that they exist. Who knows!
>> No. 77875
go to their website and badabing badaboom
>> No. 77882
that is incorrect the thumbnails and many other thumbnails that you will never see the full pics of were posted by Joker to a select few on 12chan.

The Reason He got busted because of what those Thumbs showed.
>> No. 77976
I dont see the big deal about this studio????
there are much better girls full nude, spread and some sucking the big one.


this is a joke and you guys that are drooling over these two leaked pictures are pathetic.
>> No. 78005
>I dont see the big deal about this studio
Agreed, and from I've seen of the NN stuff that has leaked so far the outfits and settings don't measure up to Candydoll or Vladmodels and the posing is not as "imaginative" as some the AMS girls.

Nothing I've seen so far has persuaded me that I want to ponce about with crypto-currencies, Trezor wallets and all the other paraphernalia needed to purchase sets from this studio.
>> No. 78084
The "problem" is, LS/BD/PL/SM emphasizes the nudity, while non-nude studios starts with sexy non-nude outfits. Then, they offer "special sets" or customs or "leaks".

It's marketing that way.
>> No. 78146
Can we get 1 fucking video cap preview of custom jesus is that too hard to ask dam
>> No. 78148
File 153508009056.png - (348.90KB , 363x555 , ss julia blue dress.png )
We have to understand that SS is just for immature people who is satisfied with that lame stuff.

Yeah some girls there are very beautiful and sexy but come on! this days the internet is full of similar material.

Someone said (i guess SS admin) that the high resolution 4k factor is what marks the difference, but i think is not enough. People (we the pervs) prefer to see EROTIC and NAUGHTY outfits and poses, even being NN, more than ultra high resolution.

And about Secret Stars I thing it seems not to deserve to follow that path of buy first on Starsessions spending lot of money to wait for the supposed invitation to the secret area. Based on what is seen of StarS I guess SecretS is just a little more audacious: topless or pussy slips, but only few girls, and the same boring, repetitive and non imaginative stuff.

Maybe we don't want HC, but what about LS/BD style? Certainly it would be awesome with SS girls.
>> No. 78181

>We have to understand that SS is just for immature people who is satisfied with that lame stuff.
People have different tastes, that doesn't make them immature. I don't know where you picked up that silly notion.. but in case you didn't know, statements like this make you look like an idiot.

>And about Secret Stars I thing it seems not to deserve to follow that path of buy first on Starsessions spending lot of money to wait for the supposed invitation to the secret area.
You're right about that. Offering special or custom content just to anybody who pays alot and manages not to immediatly leak or trade them is an incredibly dumb idea. OP has demonstrated why it won't work. Eventually some of the plebians who get let in using that system will crave for some attention or get butthurt for a reason and will start leaking and teasing.
I guess we're soon going back to the tried and true method of producers selling SC & HC only to a select few friends and the trusted hoarders they refer. Sucks for the rest of us not in the elite :(

By the way, thanks again OP, you really did the CP community a big service with these leaks. /s
>> No. 78196
My taste , never liked sweetie model but at this age in this WW Bikini w that Lollipop , Oh My , Love NN like this , better then Nude imho , way better , Die to see Massie or Lisa in a WW Bikini like this , example below


found in this thread

>> No. 78224
So, where is the "drama"?
>> No. 78226
>>78148 So nice of you to decide what we all want to see. I`ll make my own decisions about what content I prefer. Can`t make blanket statements on what "maturity" levels certain members of the community have or what is constituted as "lame". It`s your opinion, not fact. GFYS
>> No. 78244
I agree...
>> No. 78409
>> No. 79108
Please provide link to Secret Stars - thank you.
>> No. 79280
It seems that all are fakes and lies! Never uploaded again any nude pics of starsessions. The interesting is gone! Without proofs, so everything fakes!
>> No. 79284
never seem people so eager to jump into conclusion that it's fake, or oh no! the guy will be busted by LEA. It doesn't seem fake, if it is fake Shamey is an artist... From SS site sooner or later it will busted...
>> No. 79288
>>79108 I don't think so that exist another site. The deal become with customer and admin and the photos/videos send in mega.nz with this logo.
>> No. 79325
Donald, Mr. President is that you? Seriously the way you scream fake fake fake looks exactly the way Trump tweets when on a rampage. You are as stupid, delusional and phony as he is. Get fucked.
>> No. 79491
>>79325 Yes, I am! Make America Great Again! Hahahahaha!
>> No. 79499
Wouldnt it figure that the troll troll is a crooked hillary supporter
>> No. 79735
>> No. 79821
Well Trump constantly lies (literally multiple times a day) and then says that things that have been or could be proven true are the lies and fake news. Hillary is a crooked dumb bitch who unsuccessfully tries to hide her crookedness and I hate her a lot. But Trump is a crooked dumb bitch and actually tells you he is a crooked a dumb bitch every single day but so long as you drink the koolaid it won't matter to you anyway. And Trumpers love saying everything they don't like is fake so I am more inclined to believe that this moron is Trump. Also he is a pedophile so it would not surprise me one bit if he was on this site. He probably has all the custom content from SS and just wants to keep it for himself so he is trying (and failing as he does with everything) to deter us from looking for the sweet custom stuff. You won't win this war either, asshole!
>> No. 81191
>> No. 81194
Moron read "The Art of War."
>> No. 82116
>> No. 82137
There are no star sessions customs. You all have lost your minds.
>> No. 82139
File 153650936456.png - (1.70MB , 900x1258 , 56262546.png )
>> No. 82140
File 153650937247.jpg - (90.44KB , 688x390 , 61611666.jpg )
>> No. 82184
>> No. 82191
damn, that's a custom topless VID which isn't on the regular site cause her outfit is different and unique.

so they shot custom videos too :O
>> No. 83526
>> No. 83614
Secret Stars model Michelle Custom photos
>> No. 83615
SS Michelle....
>> No. 83616
Secret Stars...
>> No. 83697
File removed...yeah, that proves it. There are real customs out there and somones protecting them.


>> No. 83725
Only Michelle did customs?
>> No. 83811
Can we please get nude samples of one of the hot girls? I'm really not into infants.
>> No. 83822

Admin, so you about to closing your chans? Nooooo!! Fuck! Shit! Oh fuck fuck shit fucking shit!


>> No. 83823
I have seen more at a nude beach
>> No. 83826
Cool. Then go and bring us back some customs.
>> No. 83837
>>82140 Please, thumbnails of sets or vdeos like this...
>> No. 83864
it's hebe not baby!
Fuck post that Lisa Chick!
>> No. 83868
Michelle hot...t
>> No. 83873
there are nude samples of hot girls? whatever did I miss? always late to the party ...
>> No. 83896
Anything on Nina doing customs?
>> No. 83908
All of this Admin collusion here and on all of the TOR forums is bullshit! At this point I hope they get bust and soon.
>> No. 83909
I think this collusion as you put it is great. The less material that leaks while the site is active means more for me and others to buy, and once the site is closed for whatever reason more for the leechers to enjoy later, much later.
>> No. 83942
>>83868 Removed... again and again and again...
>> No. 84064
Just post them on Freenet...
>> No. 84082

no collusion on hurt meh
feel free to leak to on there
>> No. 84099
>>84064 Yes, on freenet...
>> No. 84127
Any Nita "good" set?
>> No. 84158
>> No. 84159
only for 99$
>> No. 84160
>> No. 84247
How I ask these sets/videos? I want many sets.
>> No. 84251
The heavy handed "moderation" of this image-board is sickening! It goes against everything image-boards where invented for. Not to mention what this community stands for.

Mods acting like the wizard behind the control panel... We all know about the curtain.
>> No. 84252
Oh, and by the way, all the pics posted in this thread are held "awaiting moderation" before they are viewed to the public. The "good ones" are downloaded the the "mods" hard drive and then the file is removed. Good bye, in the trash. Such is the way when collusion is involved. I'll bet that the "staff" was given many SS sets for their work. They must feel very elite, indeed.


>> No. 84254

I should know, I was one. If you are old enough to remember, I was one on the big one in the clearnet days before TOR. I could not stand hoarding, so I leaked like a mother-fucker. Like they say, sharing is caring.
>> No. 84258
>Like they say, sharing is caring.
You wait until it's confirmed that the producer has stopped or got busted. If you share before that point in time then all you care about is yourself and the attention you receive for sharing. GO away with that "sharing is caring" mantra, if you apply it without thinking things through then you are hurting the community more than you are helping.

So no, sharing does not always mean caring. Share responsibly!
>> No. 84260
Multiple Deep web sites have put a BAN on posting anything from SS, regular or custom. Anything posted gets taken down by the admins as soon as they are aware of it and can lead to being removed from the site. So no, it isn't getting traded around
>> No. 84301
it is traded, secretly though
>> No. 84508
freenet = jail i know
>> No. 84562
I have a question! Why Admin don't delete these photos with Maisie topless and Michelle & Nita?
>> No. 84612
What if we want to accelerate the process of SS going down. So please share SS stuff now!!

I guess chans and tor forums administrators got access to SS in exchange of put banning on SS sharing

Why not banning as well kvetinas or teenmodels or other still open sites?? using the same stupid speech of "take care of working studios"
>> No. 84706
>>No. 84612
Wait, teenmodels is still around? Got a new URL?
>> No. 84707
> What if we want to accelerate the process of SS going down. So please share SS stuff now!!
WTF is wrong with you? Why would you want an active producer to shut down?
So on one hand you like SS enough that you keep making posts begging for it, on the other you want them to get busted as soon as possible? Resulting in everyone getting less content in the long run?

I wonder who would want to kill off an active producer? Only two groups I can think of are Antis & LEA, so which one do you belong to?
>> No. 84731
>>No. 84707
Antis? That's Hawkeye talk, old man.
>> No. 84732
At this point is there any point in anyone new purchasing from the site? From the sound of it from this and the other SS threads the owner is super paranoid now so even if you dropped serious money you'll never get access to the stuff that's being privately traded now. Sounds like the studio is basically already dead and the rats left are just trying to hoard this stuff to the very end since no one else will ever get it.
>> No. 85086
Basically the mod is in the pocket of the SS owner. He'll allow a few teasers to try to drum up business, but no more than that.


>> No. 85171
Basically, the mod here is just a fucking cunt.
>> No. 85258
the owner that allows this site to exist... right , he the cunt...
>> No. 85303
Someone is dumping all of their NN set
>> No. 85345
Finally, nude we know exist. HC (very important) exist, yes or no?
>> No. 85374
>>85345 Someone said that they exist. For axample: Lilu's bj.
>> No. 85380
So, from the beginning all the fuzz was that the customs were fake, and some people if so strong opinions that were fake, that I thought maybe it's the photographer he definitely knows. Well, it turns out that were not fake, and it moved to the next step, try to hide any evidence not allowing people to share what is already known.
This leads to the question, is there any HC?
Maybe, but, probably it will take years to surface...
>> No. 85430
>> No. 85440
File 153772315748.jpg - (1.34MB , 2140x3211 , Maisie_ready_for_CUM.jpg )
>> No. 85443
>>85440 Is it custom or fake?
>> No. 85457
>>85440 Do you have more?
>> No. 85464
Why not post pics of some of the pretty ones? This girl isn't really a looker is she?
>> No. 85465
File 153772995832.jpg - (1.29MB , 2200x3303 , Maisie_CUM_on_my_face.jpg )
>> No. 85472
>>85465 You make my day!
>> No. 85473
>>85465 more girls, please...
>> No. 85476
I have buy many sets and I have pay over 1000 dollars. But the admin never gave me some customs or previews, thumbnails or never ask me if I want some sets for any price. I spent dollars, baby. A gift! Only a gift!
>> No. 85479
>>85476 I understand you! What is the right way to ask him customs or videos?
>> No. 85496
>>85479 That's a mystery
>> No. 85497
File 153773581767.jpg - (678.72KB , 1732x2238 , Maisie_CUMSLUT.jpg )
>> No. 85499
>>85497 You are my hero! Thanks!
>> No. 85501
>>78034 Do you have this Lisa's photo without black line?
>> No. 85502
>>85497 Can you tell us, Which models do you have?
>> No. 85507
>>85497 Thank you! More, please... non-stop...
>> No. 85517
alright did you guys kill sharechan?
>> No. 85522
Mmmmm the same background color and hair style as set 26
>> No. 85525
my god! if i even got a peek of maisies asshole or pussy i would die a happy man!!!! please i'm begging you!
>> No. 85528
Lisa maybe?
>> No. 85556
File 153776003862.jpg - (705.85KB , 1993x2530 , Maisie_CUMBITCH.jpg )
Post your tributes, to see more!
>> No. 85589
There is very interested for these photos! This is truth! Thank you!
>> No. 85590
>>85556 These photos are cut?
>> No. 85591
>>85522 It is not the same set. But the backround and her hairstyling are same. That's right!
>> No. 85592
>> No. 85594
File 153777687413.jpg - (72.31KB , 853x901 , MichelleSS.jpg )
>> No. 85596

>> No. 85597
File 15377771073.jpg - (81.59KB , 1280x728 , MichelleSS.jpg )
>> No. 85598
Jesus Christ! More girls, please...
>> No. 85599
F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5
>> No. 85601
Good analysis, not set 26 but is obvious the same day. So maybe there is also something interesting from Aleksandra.
>> No. 85602
I adore Maisie but sadly she is not attractive in this set.

Anyway thanks a lot for your ("half-pics") contribution ;-)

Is there anything from Julia?
>> No. 85610
File 153778147788.png - (535.05KB , 521x619 , maisie_ss_cumshot.png )
challenge accepted!
>> No. 85629
>>85610 It is horrible, fucking bastard! Please delete this photo!
>> No. 85631
Isn't it enough that you idiots already caused the secret stars program to be stopped? Do you really need to get the studio shut down? Is it that hard to wait a couple years before fucking shit up? Guess this is why we can't have nice things :(
>> No. 85636
Any customs with Elena/Mila?
>> No. 85639
File 153779391414.jpg - (427.99KB , 983x1474 , Julia_needs_your_CUM.jpg )
>> No. 85640
secrets already out, some do hc,its all good,, Julia is very hot in set with oil all over her, and later she tongues it good for a cum bath
>> No. 85641
set with Julia oil all over her body is really hot... then she gives nice tongue job
>> No. 85643
Jesus! Julia is so sexy! Photographer had sex with Julia after of this shoot. I am sure!
>> No. 85644
so wheres the HC? how can you say that some do hc but haveseen nothing
>> No. 85645
>> 85641 that is insane but would prefer the older ones doing that
>> No. 85648
are there also full nude and spread legs images / films of the other models like with Michelle?
>> No. 85656
there is all, but no hc of these girls!!!
>> No. 85683
Yes sir ! More please
>> No. 85693

There is a level 3?
>> No. 85699
>>85639 More Julia, please...
>> No. 85718
File 153781484512.jpg - (347.56KB , 800x533 , jul11.jpg )
>> No. 85736
Me too. And that's why most of us chear for this shit goes out and what have already been produced comes to surface. Because WE FOLLOW THE RULES, BUT THE HOST NEVER PUT US IN THE PARTY!
>> No. 85792
File 153782372815.jpg - (149.24KB , 983x1474 , julia-cumshot1.jpg )

This should be the real one, isn't it?

plz bring more Julia plz plz
>> No. 85868
Well there is two places on TOR that don't have rules and some NN have been posted
>> No. 85872
>>85718 Is this photo from custom set?
>> No. 85896
File 15378637411.jpg - (311.04KB , 533x800 , Julia-011-04.jpg )
No, it's one of the sample images from the Star Sessions web site, as is this one.
>> No. 85901
Ιn both sets it has the same blanket.
>> No. 85904
Maybe the photographer she shoots again -after the regular set- and this set has more photos without clothes. Maybe is the same way with other models.
>> No. 85912
Are the people who resell secret stars for btc still active? Or have they stopped, since they realized that no new secret stars will be produced and they now have valueable content they could in the future barter for other hoarded shit?

Maybe this was Shamey's plan all along? Buy up all the secret stars, get the studio to stop producing them and then cash in the profit? What's the next phase Shamey? Dumping regular sets in order to increase demand?
>> No. 85943
File 153788904732.jpg - (704.87KB , 1697x2382 , Lisa_Waiting_for_CUM.jpg )
Huge load needed!!!
>> No. 85951

>> No. 85955

She's probably not nude in that set.
>> No. 85957
If you want attention, post something better than this
>> No. 86010
Pls! This girl is the most wonderful thing!
>> No. 86031

Won't happen here mods are paranoid. Afraid of bringing down SS, but the site owner likely knows his secret is out and has stopped producing the customs, and LE likely already knows they've been produced, so at this point, all that paranoia is pointless. It's probably just a matter of time before he's nailed.
>> No. 86042
File 153793277760.jpg - (428.76KB , 1697x2382 , lisa-cumshot1.jpg )
This is the last time i cum on a face.
I really need some good pussy, boobs or ass to really cum harder ;-) and better if shes is posing hot.
>> No. 86043
Some clue please! at least a tiny one. thanks
>> No. 86056
Also site below on Topic links 2.0
>> No. 86076
FYI been on Tor/onion sites for years all but 1 is allowin NN or custom SS to be posted , on the 1 place allowing it there is more in this thread and here


then posted there , the thread has no new posts for days and only 1 guy claiming to sell it , with previews he stole pretending to be a reliable trader , do not give money to any claiming to have these , they are not for sale , only high up VIP are trading them , ok!
>> No. 87274
Damm...would love to see Julias tits!
>> No. 87437
Any SS Mila would be great.
I heard some rumors about SS-008 and SS-009
>> No. 87798
>> No. 87800
What rumors?
>> No. 87860
is the butthurt fag who thinks customs don't exist still around?
>> No. 87861
or has he morphed into the butthurt fag who thinks these models are boring.
>> No. 87862
oh no wait, he's now the butthurt fag who thinks michelle is a goblin. that's it.

hi mr. butthurt
this is his trigger phrase
3...2..1.. CUSTOMS EXIST!!!!
>> No. 87937
It's fucking morons like you that have caused Star Sessions to close ranks, meaning no more for us that had access to them.
>> No. 87999
Up again
>> No. 88011
reup please...
>> No. 88016
You deleted everything about starsessions. The admin of chan and chans are lawful? I don't think so...
>> No. 88061
File 153865823551.jpg - (10.48KB , 244x164 , 8967346.jpg )
>> No. 88074
it seems since he is not releasing the customs they should be leaked as he has no monetary interest in the product at this point and his studio is producing excellent videos for us panty nuts really good stuff for the collectors and that material should not be leaked as he is in current production
>> No. 88075
please support this studio its easy to purchase with bit coin and its affordable and worth every bit coin you send
>> No. 88089
Does someone has the full res photo? >>88061
>> No. 88117
No customs of Elena? Fuck this.
>> No. 88118
>>88117 Yeah! I like Elena, too... but is truth! Very sad!
>> No. 88122
Anybody knows who girls -except from girls we already knows- did custom sets?
>> No. 88124
I still cannot call these unpublished sets customs. Still not have heard of one single customer that has scripted the scene.
>> No. 88131
need more from this set.
>> No. 88134
>>88131 Unfortunately we will very late to see nude sets of Maisie, Lisa, Lilu etc... They start with Michelle and after we will see... Maisie, Lisa and Lilu are the captains of the boat calls StarSessions... and the other models (like Michelle) have smaller popularity, and therefore they starts first. My opinion...
>> No. 88136
What about Mila customs?
>> No. 88279
you will never see this she is big enough to fight back pedo only like 40lb michelle because they can over power her
pedo no like hebe age
>> No. 88328
Yeah! Α possible answer is here >>88134
>> No. 88332
>> No. 88456
So does Nina have special sets ?
>> No. 88464
They all do.
Secret Sessions
Secret Stars
>> No. 88465
Finally, Is there an activation phrase, an activation mode or a specific process for selling naked pictures? Could somebody to tell us?
>> No. 88477
Nope, you're too late. You needed to have been purchasing sets a year ago to get in. Anything you do now will be in vain, he's closed off allowing anyone else in while he tries to subside his paranoia by figuring out who's leaking the Michelle shit.
>> No. 88524
>>88477 Paranoia is pointless. The pussy is out of the bag. Every cop on planet earth and some beyond know he makes CP, he's going to jail sooner or later. Any one with material should share it all now, that way every one gets every thing ever released.
>> No. 88525
Time to share of it will be lost forever like NewStar customs...
>> No. 88589
logic is not your thing, eh? I understand you beg and nag, but until the studio is not really shut down, there is no reason to share content. On the contrary.

If and when it is shut down there is enough time to share it. And even then it is bad for the mission, as it might bring models and parents in trouble and nobody will ever want to open a new studio. So we will go on sharing stuff which is decades old, like most of the activity here already.
>> No. 88590
>>88477 So... anyway... OK! If site will be closed or not, what is the activation code, phrase or the right way to access customs? Anyone knows?
>> No. 88591
>>88524 Yeah, you're right... Share now!
>> No. 88592
If site will close and they will have been lost all good things, the custom-newstar-nightmare will be alive again!
>> No. 88594
>>88590 can't you read? there is no activation code. currently probably nobody gets any special sets (topless or nude).
>> No. 88601
>>88594 I understund it, man. But I would like to know, what was the right way to access the customs. Just info! What was the question to admin about the customs. Anyone asked him that, he said them don't exist! For example, I bought over 50 collections and never he gave me any customs photos/sets/videos.
>> No. 88621
Show him the Michelle's customs
>> No. 88649
Maisie in her videos is provocative!
She send to him passionately kisses, she has sexy smile, she pulls out her tongue
and she is very comfortable with him in front of camera.
She open her legs every time camera comes close to her...
She is only 11yo, but I believe she had sex with her photographer.
>> No. 88650
File 153885394058.jpg - (1.39MB , 4000x6000 , Lisa.jpg )
>>88649 Really? Look at Lisa's pussy lips. It is huge and she is only 12yo. I believe, she was very young when she did sex for first time. Her photographer has party with her in every photoshoot. Lucky guy!
>> No. 88652
...and from that you understand that they had sex with admin? Fucking idiots! Dreams...
>> No. 88653
I heard months ago, that Lilu has a video to give him a blowjob
>> No. 88661
>>88653 Is that true?
>> No. 88719

This is precisely why he won't last and buyers will start sharing his sets. If he keeps saying to good customers (who are more than willing to pay for them) that they don't exist when it's obvious that they do, they will eventually start saying "Fuck you" to him and start sharing all they've bought in order to screw him over.
>> No. 88743
Labia size isn't affected by sex, you retarded virgin. labia shape and size is determined by birth just like how your shit parents' genes caused you to be born with that 4cm microdick. And I hate to break it to you, but it's not going to grow if you finally have sex.
>> No. 88790
the guy above saying her pussy lips are huge cos shes had lots of sex....my god you are a fucking idiot...it's just how she was born you fucking moron virgin.
>> No. 88815
>>88790 I understand what he want to say >>88650 If you look Lisa's videos, how sexy she is, how she watches the camera and if you look -for example, Lina's videos or Nina- you understand different. And Lina/Nina are 11yo. Lisa is 12yo. The age is aprox. the same.
>> No. 88838
Does anyone has custom images like these?
>> No. 88841
>>numerous comments
Some people seem to know an awful lot about what "he" thinks, what "he" is doing, trying to figure out, etc. How do they know? Email messages? ("He" doesn't do them, according to the site). Personal messages on social media? {lol). Snail mail letter (lol). Phone call? (lol). Telepathy maybe...ah, must be that, then.
>> No. 88842
....after which Lilu got hold of explosives and blew up his house.
>> No. 88851
>>88650 OMG! Look at her pussy lips!
>> No. 88876
Thank you so much for sharing.
Please more of her pussy!
>> No. 88877
Would you please share Lisa custom? Without cropping it?

I know. No. :(
>> No. 88879
Keep them for yourself! You are fucking idiots!
>> No. 88909
you guys still don't get it... you should stop sharing any content of an active studio. the guy who shared the custom sets and pics ruined it for all of us... I'm in contact with the studio owner and he won't sell any custom content to anyone anymore. so you guys ruined it all for us... thank you!!! you suck
>> No. 88915
Then it is time to share I guess. No more new customs anyway.
>> No. 88924

And he's doing himself in by dealing with the situation in that way. Once the cat was out of the bag, he could likely have made a killing by continuing to sell them to those willing to pay. If he is already a target of LE because of what has already been shared, selling more is not going to change that; they have plenty of already evidence anyway. Had he continued to sell them to those willing to pay, he could likely have made a handsome sum, some of which he could have used to pay off LE officials so they look he other way (not out of the question in his country). Now he's likely ticked off his regular customers (who know he's made customs despite his denials) and no one will see any reason not to share what they already have.
>> No. 89140
The site has update, trolls...
>> No. 89402
Nina’s update...
>> No. 89412

well it is never really about the money, thats what you people never understand
>> No. 89494
Cropped photos, please...
>> No. 89540

Oh, then I guess he's a charity - just doing it out of the goodness of his heart and because he wants to make any money...or maybe ha's an artist ho does it simply for the love of his art.
>> No. 89543
I have him on record calling it art, so if your trying to be sarcastic it partially fails on that one.
>> No. 89566
>>85943 It's fake. She's probably not nude in that set.
>> No. 89577
File 153921263146.jpg - (1.36MB , 2667x4000 , MichelleSS-009-211.jpg )

>> No. 89600
>> No. 89601
>> No. 89650
Enough from Michelle! Something new?
>> No. 90066
Anyone news?
>> No. 90080

Probably Maisie's cool tits moved you low on his some fucking kind of ranking. Don't worry, nobody will be paying 27$ for one NN collection now, your level will be increase soon
>> No. 90349
>>85943 ...and I am waiting to see you full naked...
>> No. 90350
The hope is died. The dream for customs is passed away!
There is not something neither here nor on onion... So pity!
>> No. 90684
what happened to the lisa thread?
>> No. 90905
need few more pics from this set
>> No. 91141
>> No. 91161
Yes! More pics please...
>> No. 91343
The moment is now! Share the secret sets with Maisie, Lisa and others!
>> No. 91444
Damnit whatd I miss?
>> No. 91463


>> No. 91497
When a site have a customs sets, what are these? Nude, semi nude, topless, very sexy clothes (with nip/pussy slips), hc...?
>> No. 91501
File 153995817594.jpg - (41.47KB , 264x191 , 3.jpg )
>> No. 91502
I don't like StarSessions at all or any other studio nude stuff. It's boring.

I like amateur pthc stuff that gets unhoarded, like Irene, Uranus, Francesca etc...

I don't support studios at all and all I want is to make them out of business, if I somehow got all their material, via blackmailing or something, I'd share it all instantly.
>> No. 91503
I agree with him. You honestly think this mods delete the pics now they save them.

In any case that wasn't Maisie.
>> No. 91508
File 153996049795.jpg - (921.37KB , 1296x1944 , ede_mw005011.jpg )
reply to 75558

Why don't you just admit that you're a broke ass loser in your mom's basement? Stop lying to yourself. If you had money you would buy from studios instead of downloading the shit that ends up on chans like this.
>> No. 91514
being a broke doesn't mean anything

you can always save, i just bought rtx2080ti and i'm broke

i could have put that 1500$ to starsession sets, but having a nice gpu is better investment for years
>> No. 91531
Prepare to stay broke.
a 'rtx2080ti' has a rrp of $1100, so you've paid well over the odds.
And computer hardware can never be an never be an investment. In 6 months it's going to be superseded by a better model and be worthless.
If you've got that sort of money to burn, send it to me.
>> No. 91535
sorry for offtopic, but that price has some outside-of-US taxes, also it'll powerful enough for the next 3 years, so the next update is only necessary after that

what comes to starsessions, i'm pretty sure most of the sets are shared for free in 3 years :DD
>> No. 91542
File 153997621683.jpg - (36.87KB , 320x400 , download.jpg )
Please share more Lisa. I'm begging you.
>> No. 91554
>>91542 Those who have it secret sets or Maisie or Lisa, are fucking bastards. Τhey will not share any sets or photos...
>> No. 91557
>>91554 That's the truth
>> No. 91576

why the fuck would we??
we spent real money on them , asked not to share or resell them.
and ONE fucker was lucky enough to get some and fucked it up for everyone!
no more secrt sets or 4K video . just what we have. so no, we are never going to "give" you a thing that we have. So stop asking.
>> No. 91580
>>91576 You are liar! You don't have photos or sets...
>> No. 91583
>>91576 We don't believe you! Upload just 1 pic. Then, we will believe you!
>> No. 91585
I have over 15GB SecretStars photos and videos! Lisa, Maisie and other girls! Stop you cry about SecretStars! We will never share or upload!
>> No. 91586
>>91576 How much money did you spend?
>> No. 91587
>>91585 Stop trolling!
>> No. 91588
File 15399847051.jpg - (267.18KB , 670x1005 , 1.jpg )
>> 91586
irrelevant. same result for you -ZERO !!


just one
>> No. 91589
Maisie is who doesn't get posted. I just want to see her bend over in that pink thong.
>> No. 91590
File 153998478128.jpg - (289.17KB , 552x658 , 2.jpg )


>> No. 91591
>> No. 91594
>> No. 91595
Even if you posted them, I wouldn't download them..
Tease with 5yo girls please, then I'll get mad.
>> No. 91596
>>91588 Fake! Just fake!
>> No. 91598
Sir, which girls did custom sets?
>> No. 91599
OK! Do you have more? With low resolution and some photos are enouph for me...
>> No. 91601
>>91590 Oh, my... You are my God!
>> No. 91602
how about just pic of Maisie bent over in a thong
who cares about sets sets are for buyers.
>> No. 91608
but this is not your stuff.. however, your shite agony kiddos moan for real something.
Just use butthurt cream and get a life caps-man
>> No. 91610
why did you black out their tits? The first picture of Maisie isn't blacked out.
are you stupid?
>> No. 91613
It's so easy to milk money from pedos and hebes.

I really need to make somekind of "fake" studio with green screen and ask some girls from the street to come pose for a cigarette pack and alchol. If they know where I can get younger girls I'll ask them to pose too for a candy bag. I'll keep all the dirty money for myself.
>> No. 91614
😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😭😭😭😭 the set please 😫😫😫
>> No. 91650
File 15399986924.jpg - (1.24MB , 2667x4000 , MichelleSS-009-015.jpg )
sorry but i need to post stupid comments while i wait stuff to download

i could waste my time with fapping to what i've downloaded, but there's no point, because half of these girls are not for my taste

Michelle is, but I've already fapped to her like 100 times.
>> No. 91693
>>91590 Super double set!
>> No. 91695

Who is this?
>> No. 91696
>>91695 Natasha. So hot!
>> No. 91725
hey!! at least give a warning of what you are about to post. It gave me a heart attack fuck!!!
And now i won't be able to sleep well just thinking of the secretS material that exists and i wont be able to enjoy (without paying good price)
fuck fuck and fuuuuuck!!!!

Well anyhow thanks for these tiny censored pics
>> No. 91736
Anybody does not tell us how much he paid for the sets, if there is a site separate or any other that way to the customs sets. I have no problem to pay.
>> No. 91739
1000 dollars Bit Coin probably.
>> No. 91743

why pretend like it's the holy grail? just post your stuff or move along... no one want's the fucking hoarders in here... these sets will get leaked, just a matter of time. I'm patient enough
>> No. 91753
They will not share anymore! He doesn’t have more. These two previews has been stolen from others users. His mind is empty!
>> No. 91770
>>91753 How do you know that?
>> No. 91771
>>91753 How do you know that?
>> No. 91775
you are a clown
I posted these to prove they exists.

"he dosnt have them"

think what you want to, the deal is simple. you all have to wait until they are all traded out and then they will get to the public . its going to take time because or politics.
no set video combination was more the $300.

you are correct!
just be patient and it will all be released.
>> No. 91780
LMAO nice tease
Hot damn Lisa and Maisie are soooo HOT!
Oh myy

Now off topic, we also want Tropical Cuties 3.0 please haha HA HA
>> No. 91782
>91775 How will I ask the admin? How many NN sets I should to buy, to give me Secret Stars sets? I can to buy and I can to give over 300$ for them.
>> No. 91784
>>91775 For the last thing you said (...just be patient and it will all be released...), I am afraid it will happen, that it happened with newstar. I hope not!
>> No. 91785
Please, more Natasha...
>> No. 91804
We'll never get them just because YOU say so? Sorry, but like everything, they'll be shared eventually, so stop trying to impress everyone with what you may or may not have. You are nothing.
>> No. 91806
>>91804 You are right! This guy is a loser! Ignore him!
>> No. 91884
Natasha is soo hot!
>> No. 91900
Indeed, but at least he has some secret stars pics to make a crappy collage to tease us.
>> No. 91973
File 154005545986.jpg - (32.00KB , 400x285 , 36576558.jpg )
>>91588 Natasha please, one more Natasha! I love her!
>> No. 92041
Does Olivia has custom sets?
>> No. 92046
>>92041 No, she hasn't any custom set.
>> No. 92169
>>91650 Enough with Michelle!
>> No. 92177
It is worth considering the boasts of those who say they have loads of material, and then tell us they will NEVER share it. Just suppose they are telling the truth (unlikely, I know). Then what the hell are they doing on this thread? These chans are for sharing, not for refusing to share. I suppose *they* have NEVER downloaded shares from a live site? I'll bet they have. As for the samples supposed to "prove" that they have stuff - they could have got them from any number of sources leaked from private or VIP forums. Do not believe them until they actually *do* share something. If they have stuff and don't want to share, they should just piss off.
>> No. 92184
and you have spent 100s of dollars if not a 1000 on customs and share for free?
You wouldn't share anything either!
>> No. 92201
That is NOT the point. What are they doing here boasting of stuff they have no intention of sharing? This is a SHARING chan. They are welcome to just go away.
>> No. 92246
Why the fuck there's still no studios who are willing to try the business model of future (twitch):

1. Publish a part of the set for free everyday.
2. Publish a video once every week for free.

3. Let people donate, when a specified amount of cash is received, continue posting free sets and videos.

If you have watched a game stream service called twitch, you can see that people are donating thousands or even more to their favorite streamers to play video games.

Everything should be made with this business model nowadays.

If you like it, you donate.

I'm currently not wasting my money to them and just pirate all their stuff.

But, if they had this free model and people could donate to support them, I'd give them 50$ each month.

I'm currently doing this in twitch, I donate 50$ to my favorite streamer every month. What I get? Free stuff, like I'd get without donating anything, but because I like what they do, I give them a little bit.
>> No. 92275
holy shit kid are you dumb please stay away from marketing and business.
>> No. 92334
>> No. 92667
stop moaning caps-man.
>> No. 92772
Sounds like RH is trying to gas everybody up. No real customer would be such a dick about having or releasing teasers like this.

Hes a dipshit that only wants to cause everyone trouble.
>> No. 92776
Leyla video-008 is up
>> No. 92855
Why removed Leyla's video preview? Are you idiot?
>> No. 92948
Leyla is so hot!
>> No. 93086
If you like Lisa,SS-025 has been posted by Sir Robin on Lolilust(Tor users might want to get your ass over there).These are what you're looking for,now as for >>91590 Does a video exist of this ??
>> No. 93090
File 154019024897.jpg - (3.07KB , 106x160 , x7g7x6bj.jpg )

the only thing i could find there is michelle set 9 by Jeeve
>> No. 93092
whats the onion site for it? havent been on that one before
>> No. 93146
I keep seeing Michelle over and over again. Although she is a bit younger than my normal fap target, and I do fap to girls her age, Michelle is just plain ugly. And though I do like slightly hirsute girls it does not suit her. In short, she is going to be one hairy, ugly girl when she grows up.

Although the SS girls are not entirely up to the ugliness as say, the Jenny's House girls, some of the SS girls certainly do approach.

That said, Elena, being a bit hairy in all the right ways is fucking drop dead gorgeous. It is said that she did no nudes for secret stars and that, folks, is one of the biggest tragedies of 2018.

I'm under the influence of a lot of beer. Good beer.
>> No. 93149
Go to LoliLust. It's a TOR site.
>> No. 93205
its in
Board index ‹ Videos ‹ Hebe/Jailbait
>> No. 93230
Who care about what you like?

Posters post usually what they like.
If you want something special it's better that you do it yourself.
>> No. 93239
Olivia is gorgeous as is Nita why is Michelle ugly? She is very cute. Some of the younger SS models are cute in their own sensual way. What does your wife or partner look like? Probably not as cute as many of the SS girls.
>> No. 93251
File 154023123733.jpg - (2.97MB , 4000x6000 , LisaSS-025-231.jpg )
>> No. 93252
File 154023133385.jpg - (2.71MB , 4000x6000 , LisaSS-025-164.jpg )
>> No. 93258
Thank thank thank you, Much!!!!!!!!
>> No. 93260
this is what Hebe should be not all this Negative crap about girls.
This Hebe! Not Pt!
>> No. 93267
more please
>> No. 93272
File 15402405891.jpg - (3.65MB , 4000x6000 , Maisie-023-02.jpg )
>> No. 93273
File 154024060424.jpg - (3.50MB , 4000x6000 , Maisie-023-09.jpg )
>> No. 93274
File 154024073236.jpg - (3.62MB , 4000x6000 , Maisie-023p-06.jpg )
>> No. 93275
Wow super helpful. Fuckin idiot. Found it on my own anyway
>> No. 93276
File 154024102749.jpg - (3.61MB , 4000x6000 , Maisie-023p-11.jpg )
lol, I see someone else is posting these here.
>> No. 93277
These are extra pics of set 23?
>> No. 93278
Other model with extra pics? Maybe Natasha?
>> No. 93279
File 154024168480.jpg - (4.06MB , 4000x6000 , Maisie-023p-01.jpg )
yes, someone posted them (13 images) on Loli Lust.
>> No. 93280
Maybe all models have extra pics
>> No. 93281
File 154024189038.jpg - (3.75MB , 4000x6000 , Maisie-023p-03.jpg )
>> No. 93282
File 154024205932.jpg - (3.60MB , 4000x6000 , Maisie-023p-04.jpg )
>> No. 93283
>>93280 I think only Maisie in this set.
>> No. 93284
File 154024228158.jpg - (3.63MB , 4000x6000 , Maisie-023p-05.jpg )
>> No. 93288
File 15402425878.jpg - (3.70MB , 4000x6000 , Maisie-023p-07.jpg )
>> No. 93290
and this
>> No. 93291
File 154024291642.jpg - (3.80MB , 4000x6000 , Maisie-023p-08.jpg )
Damn, I must have had fat finger trouble earlier, there are only 12 extra images.
>> No. 93292
File 154024296649.jpg - (3.51MB , 4000x6000 , Maisie-023p-10.jpg )
>> No. 93294
File 154024301354.jpg - (4.03MB , 4000x6000 , Maisie-023p-12.jpg )
>> No. 93309
need to see her ass!
>> No. 93336
anything of lilu?
>> No. 93337
thank you so much! please don't stop!
>> No. 93340
>> No. 93350

>> No. 93356
onion obviously
>> No. 93363

what thread on loli lust? can't find it.
>> No. 93373
The lisa stuff is in a thread literally named Lisa SS-025
>> No. 93377

I found that one, can't find the thread with Maisie's pics
>> No. 93394
Not sure if they're on Loli Lust, but I'm pretty sure I saw them earlier at Hurt Meh in the regular porn > girls board. Just the same 12 posted in this thread.
>> No. 93498
Thank you. Request similar Nina and NinaSS images and videos using dl.free.fr download host. Thank you.
>> No. 93501
Have Natasha custom sets?
>> No. 93506
post more pls
>> No. 93507
Olivia have custom?
>> No. 93510
>>93507 No, I think so
>> No. 93513
Custom sets and videos have only: Lisa, Maisie, Julia, Natasha, Michelle, Angelina, Mila, Nita.
>> No. 93531
Request Nina-030 video and set if anyone can find it.
>> No. 93536
Request Nina-022 video and set if anyone can find it. Thank you.
>> No. 93635
File 154032878155.jpg - (1.08MB , 2195x3295 , MaisieSS.jpg )
>>93294 Maisie has cute nipples! I imagine in this set and make me crazy!
>> No. 93695
>>93273 Jesus! Does she has other sets with extra pics?
>> No. 93701
>>93635 Is this custom set?
>> No. 93774
I always suspected her and Lisa to have extra pics. They are always pulling at their tops and sometimes Lisa is literally playing with her boobs. So now that I’ve seen this stuff I am willing to bet there are more sets with nice extras.
>> No. 93778
>>93774 If all models have extra pics and these pics are like Maisie (topless), I will be crazy! I will be crazy If I will see Lilu, Natasha, Lisa, Olivia and more girls topless!!!
>> No. 93787
what the hell you have to check this stupid site daily just to see if anyone will post something.
>> No. 93813
>>93252 I am waiting for Maisie.
>> No. 93975
Request similar Nina and NinaSS images and videos using dl.free.fr download host. Please post Nina-022 video and Nina-030 video. Thank you.
>> No. 94104
File 154053846844.jpg - (2.40MB , 6000x4000 , MilaSS.jpg )
>> No. 94105
>>94104 Oh, oh, oh... more please...
>> No. 94106
>>94104 Thank you! Other girls, please...
>> No. 94107
Mila is absolutely hot!
>> No. 94111
>>94104 Thank you soooo much!
>> No. 94117
>>94104 Jesus Christ! Her pussy looks like so soft.
>> No. 94118
Wonderful, Mila is gorgeous. Any images, particularly Secret Stars ones, of her are much appreciated.
>> No. 94122
Maisie follows...
>> No. 94124
please share more more Mila pleaseeee
>> No. 94125
Anyone have thumnbails previews of this Mila's set?
>> No. 94130
OliviaSS please, just 1 photo
>> No. 94142
Maisie yet?
>> No. 94191
Maybe after Kathy’s new set, follows Maisie.
>> No. 94206
I am waiting for MaisieSS...
>> No. 94207
I am waiting for MaisieSS...
>> No. 94217
Please, if Isabella or Natasha has a secret photo?
>> No. 94219
Does anyone knows if these girls have their real name in site?
>> No. 94239
File 154058546154.jpg - (365.60KB , 1990x666 , 56652726572.jpg )
>> No. 94282
I definitely choose hell XD
>> No. 94312
Very doubtful.
While some of them have east European sounding names, I think it's safe to say that names like Maisie, Savannah and Olivia are not common, which suggests they're all fake.
>> No. 94313
Maisie's update...
>> No. 94317
>>94239 I want to stay in Hell
>> No. 94329
Please, anyone have Olivia's set3?
>> No. 94348
Georgian female name:
Maisie - is not Georgian name
Lilu - 30 % yes 70 % no
Lisa - 100 % yes (I know her)
Julia - 20% yes 80% no
Nina - 100 % yes
Mila - 100 % no
Nita - 100 % yes
Elena - 100 % yes
Tika - 100 % yes
Natalie - 100 % yes
Kathy - Qeti - 100 % yes
Lina - 10 % yes - 90 % no
Michelle - 100 % no
Leyla - 30 % yes - 70 % no
Natasha - 5 % yes - 95 % no
Aleksandra - 10 % yes - 90 % no
Angelina - 100 % no
Savannah - 100 % no
Viola - 100 % no
Isabella - 100 % no
Taso - 100 % yes
Olivia - 100 % no
>> No. 94357
Request Nina and NinaSS images and videos using dl.free.fr download host. Thank you.
>> No. 94458
As if those are their real names
>> No. 94459
“I know her”.....proof or gtfo
>> No. 94461
Her surname?
>> No. 94469
VK, Facebook, Instagram?
>> No. 94471
File 154066857824.jpg - (117.22KB , 960x720 , 44313037_2167371999948025_8776359794966528000_n.jpg )
Liza's older sister mariam
>> No. 94473

And there it is, the end signal for the site. As soon as the social media stalking begins the models will leave and the site will close.

Well done, you stalking fucks.
>> No. 94475
>>94471 Her FB is private.
>> No. 94476
yes, fuckers do it again - like AMS-site happens.
>> No. 94484
>>94471 url please...
>> No. 94488
Do you see the silly stupid mods deleting anything.
no so if the site closes like AMS well...
>> No. 94489
>>94484 Bastards!
>> No. 94501
Really? This is proof? .... and if that is true - LEAVE WELL ALONE!!
And where is a mod when you need one? If you can delete or modify the odd sample, you can surely delete this sort of thing?
>> No. 94503
Please, NatashaSS topless photo? Just one!
>> No. 94563
idiots, shut up. I can simply inform the Georgian police about this site and everything will be over. administration will be put in prison and the site will be closed. so pray I didn't do it
>> No. 94567
Please share Nina-022 and NinaSS videos. Thanks.
>> No. 94678
Olivia if anyone have?
>> No. 94680
I want to see Olivia topless
>> No. 94682
>>94680 Olivia has not topless/nude or any secret set/video! Idiot! Enough!
>> No. 94688
Just wait... and wait for BJ video too
>> No. 94690
>>94688 Haha, very funny!
>> No. 94696
>>94688 Joke, haha! No topless, no nude, idiot!
>> No. 94698
>>94696 So pity...
>> No. 94699
File 154075411357.jpg - (0.98MB , 1420x4160 , MaisieSS01_6189694_30898242.jpg )
Maisie secret stars
>> No. 94700
>>94699 Oh, Jesus! Other girls, please...
>> No. 94701
>>94699 We will never get it!
>> No. 94703
>>94699 If anyone have set OliviaSS or NatashaSS, please post, at least, just thumbnails.
>> No. 94705
thanks looks like Great One!
>> No. 94706
>>94699 Thank you!
>> No. 94709
Is this on lolilust by any chance?
>> No. 94710
>>94701 That's true!
>> No. 94711
now we just need one full pic from that set of her bending over!
>> No. 94713
Lisa is so hot! I like her tits and smile so much.
>> No. 94715
Lisa & Maisie multi set! Holy grail!
>> No. 94717
RHs next leak I presume?
>> No. 94718
>>94717 What is RH?
>> No. 94729
File 154075884137.jpg - (69.86KB , 698x305 , Lisa & Maisie SS.jpg )
Thumbnails please...
>> No. 94731
>>94729 The best Secret Set
>> No. 94733
for an idiot like you it means Right Hand!
>> No. 94734
>>94733 Thank you.
>> No. 94745
Dear friends,
I suggest we built a new association. If you like this pictures, you are not a monster. Maisie and the girls of this new artistic company deserve another behaviour of our community. Together we could be stronger. If we like the non nude models, we can create a legal non nude lovers national or international association in order to share about our interest. You can find associations for several points of interests like sport, cars, hobbys or so many other activities. We need a NN club to be founded just to get ready for a better future for all of his honest members. Dear brothers, what do you think about that?
>> No. 94746
nn club would be hunted down and destroyed besides those already exist.
>> No. 94781
>>94699 OMG! pray it will be posted! Best secret set for me!
>> No. 94782
Yes mr officer I would love to totally out myself to the whole world....fucking dipshit
>> No. 94783
Ok screw this, if someone posts maisie (cos shes my fav) i'll post milas nude pinky red bikini set with her little hot cunt hanging out
>> No. 94791
OMG please post full set or vid, maisie best model SS
>> No. 94820
hello,link secret stars,please
>> No. 94825
where do these retards keep coming from? THERE IS NO LINK TO THE SECRET SETS! HENCE WHY THEY WERE CALLED SECRET!
>> No. 94870
>>94825 even though there are probably billions of those retards, one would be enough: We keep explaining to him, he keeps asking the same question. That's the problem with retards.
>> No. 94882
>>94783 Which other models you have?
>> No. 94883
>>94783 Can you post the thumbnails of Mila's set, like Maisie's >>94699
>> No. 94885
Anyone OliviaSS or NatashaSS thumbnails?
>> No. 94900
>>94885 Olivia and Natasha have not customs...
>> No. 94929
>>94729 Other photo, please...
>> No. 94941
>>94900 How do you know that?
>> No. 94963
>> No. 94969
guys, youare not getting anything for asking. its an active studio , traded heavily now and there are no more leaks to be had. all the free shit has dried up.
you have to find another purpose in life now, because this part is over now. trust me fellas, I asked the guy that was doing all the trading recently and he said hes done for a while. Im not allowed to share my stuff or he'll cut me off. He there was way too much BS from losers and beggars. making empty promises.
>> No. 94971
>>94969 That's right! Nobody dares to share anything, because they live with the fear of block by admin. The game is over!
>> No. 94972
It will be very good if they shared, at least, images and videos thumbnails of secret stars. Just thumbnails. Only for consolation!
>> No. 94973
retard = slow but will eventually get the msg told

those here not ever getting any msg's = appless as in brains not delivered

i've recently discovered starsessions & have to say thought it's like any other studio like silver or tmtv
i'm grateful for some additional info thanks
>> No. 94974
The admin of star sessions is so hard! The members where have secret sets are slaves him any longer! Τhey will not dare to upload neither a single photo. Losers!
>> No. 94977
It will be leaked a little later chill out!
>> No. 94983
>>94977 I wish, but I don't hope so...
>> No. 94987
What will happen will happen!
Why believe anything that is said here. "I spoke to the webmaster" - "I know so-and-so, and he says...."
Keep and eye out. Don't speculate. Don't believe fantasies. Oh, and buy some sets and videos. It's not very difficult or expensive. The more Mr Starsessions gets in the way of trade, the better. Who knows how the sets might progress in the future? Think of AMS and Cherish.
>> No. 94988
File 154085205252.jpg - (46.07KB , 888x413 , 459867425.jpg )
>> No. 95005
like i said. post this maisie set and i ll post milas set and even the video of her hot cunt, milas is far more revealing than this maisie one too
>> No. 95080
>> No. 95093
Noobs xd
>> No. 95097
Then, since we at least have the Maisie thumbnails, why don't you post the Mila thumbnails? That way, we might be inclined to believe you. Anyway, why shouldn't it apply the other way round?
>> No. 95098
No it isn't.
>> No. 95101
Really? Youguys are still going on about this boring shit ffs
>> No. 95105
Keep deluding yourself. Fact is that Secret Stars is over. Not even his best customers get them any more.
>> No. 95106
>>95105 We know admin does not sell them anymore, idiot! But the leaks are from customers. Customers will share files again...
>> No. 95107
File 154090647044.jpg - (82.34KB , 530x797 , Natasha.jpg )
Natasha new set. What do you think?
>> No. 95108
>>95107 I want to see her naked or topless! Wowww!
>> No. 95130
no we wont!
>> No. 95136
>>95107 Absolutely hot!
>> No. 95137
Nothing ever ends!
>> No. 95170
Then why the hell are you here? Waiting for site sets I suppose, that others have paid for?
>> No. 95172
File 154092720753.png - (291.51KB , 474x648 , 463574765.png )
You are walking around like a goblin here and there and you say "we do not give them, we do not give them, troll and laugh" You paid of all that secret sets and you gave hundreds dollars... but I know, someday, we will take all these sets, FREE! Fuck all!
>> No. 95174
>>95172 Haha, you are right!
>> No. 95175
I would spend thousand of dollars for one Secret photo of Olivia or Natasha.
>> No. 95177
>>95175 Olivia has not a custom. Natasha, I think she has 1 custom set (without video), but I am not sure. Hard to find, of course...
>> No. 95182
>>95175 You are so bored!
>> No. 95189
Yep, after Michelle's SS sets it's only about "we do not give them", because we payed heaps of money for them and with everyone leak more our gods loses value. We will cry, telling stupidity and more and more, because we can do fucking nothing. There are many people in this project now, all will be free
>> No. 95228
>>95189 I agree...
>> No. 95238
Is coming to a Forest Near You!
>> No. 95267
Its not like that is going to stop LEA from trying to find him. Chances are LEA was onto him long before we even knew about the studio. The only chance he MIGHT have is to go completely dark, but it seems he isn't doing that because new sets are getting posted at SS website. So it doesn't matter if he stops selling nudes or not, he should just keep selling until he is caught. And make no mistake, he will be caught eventually. They all do.
>> No. 95365
>>95189 All links will be leaking coming soon...
>> No. 95383
All? Really? - AMS webmaster? Fantasia Webmaster? Newstars?......
>> No. 95402
>>95238 What is R H ?
>> No. 95411
Robin Hood.
Read other thread https://155chan.gr/hebe/res/2753.html
>> No. 95415
"...Is coming to a Forest Near You!..."
What does it mean?
>> No. 95422
"...Is coming to a Forest Near You!..."
What does it mean?

Robin-hood is a character from "Sherwood forest" . its a play on a theme, He "steals from the rich, and gives to the poor".

in this explanation, the rich are the hoarding fucks that have these sets and videos and we are the poor slobs that are begging for this shit. EVERY FUCKING DAY.

So, we all want "RH" to give us these girls, for free. He has been responsible for all of the good leaks from this last year.
so we all just expect him to deliver , just for the asking.
And that's our plan, aren't we just a bunch of geniuses?

Get it now???
>> No. 95424
LOL with the plan.
>And that's our plan, aren't we just a bunch of geniuses?
Indeed that's our only plan. To beg and to beg even more then wait.
Good explanation, professor.
>> No. 95427
NatashaSS please... I love her!
>> No. 95430
Forest is a play on words.
In Robin Hoods time a Women's Bush was considered a beautiful forest.
>> No. 95524
Robin Hood is our hero!
>> No. 95529
>>95422 How do you know everybody who pays for a set is rich? Get that shit out of your head and GIVE something for the things others give to you you fucking egoists. And support the models and the site if you want it to stay alive and produce more and better content. Or found a site and photograph beautiful young girls yourself, then you can sell stuff. And then you will look differently on people who ruin your work.

I'm not completely against sharing, and to some extent it's like advertising for the studio.

If you want to get something you should at least buy a set and then post it in exchange for a set you don't have...

So good luck in relying on Robin Hood. By the way, the times were a bit different back then.
>> No. 95545
File ap.mp4 - (2.29MB )
StarSessions aleksandravid010.4k Video
>> No. 95549
>>95545 Aleksandra has custom sets?
>> No. 95551
>>95549 No, she has not.
>> No. 95560
File 154108348025.jpg - (75.94KB , 316x476 , 4576785838.jpg )
>> No. 95571
Please download Nina and NinaSS videos using dl.free.fr host. Thank you.
>> No. 95572
>>95567 Do you know, which girls have customs?
>> No. 95573
OliviaSS please...
>> No. 95584

>> No. 95585
>>95584 Post in HurtMeh
>> No. 95587
>>95584 That's right!
>> No. 95593
Does anyone knows if Lilu has custom set?
>> No. 95602
Please have Bob and Vagene. Thank you
>> No. 95604
Thanks, man
>> No. 95613
Merci Beacoup Mr Anonymous !!You wouldn't also have gotten Tika-025.4kfrom same source perhaps? If so i beg for a posting if only because it's the last thing I've seen out here but have'nt been able to download.Thanks in advance
>> No. 95909
"Does anyone knows if Lilu has custom set?"
She has 21 custom sets. That does not include customer request sets. Those are strictly one-offs.
>> No. 95920
"Does anyone knows if Lilu has custom set?"
Lilu did 21 Secret Star sets. Only the owner knows how many custom sets she did.
>> No. 95926
Thank you for the info... Can you to tell me if you know, of course, which models have customs?
>> No. 95962
Tika is not beautiful, but she is sexy! But I have a question, guys... Where is Elena? She hasn’t any update over 2 months.
>> No. 95964
she's stop star sessions. It's too bad
>> No. 95967
>>95964 So pity...
>> No. 96012
File 154116810243.jpg - (3.06MB , 4000x6000 , Maisie-018-003.jpg )

no pass
>> No. 96013
>>96012 Something new?
>> No. 96015
looks like set 18
>> No. 96045
I have photos and videos of secret-stars. I accept only trade of SS! PM for share
>> No. 96055
Sorry, 1st share
>> No. 96090
Anyone have NatashaSS thumbnails or small samples?
>> No. 96163
how do you know this?
>> No. 96200
File 154121073319.jpg - (817.20KB , 2390x1593 , LiluSS-021-001.jpg )
yes she does , but just set 21. all the rest are regular.
>> No. 96218
File 154121804942.jpg - (93.39KB , 400x400 , 48423240.jpg )

You're giving out your email address so you can illegally trade Child Porn images.

You had to do the Academy twice for they let you on the Force, hunh?
>> No. 96219
lilu has more secretstars sets than that one
>> No. 96240
>>96200 Do you have some preview NatashaSS or IsabellaSS (if she has)?
>> No. 96254
That SecretStars Lilu set looks great! Will you post it, please?
>> No. 96279
>> No. 96282
im not posting any full sets. I will trade for them
>> No. 96283
Do you have a preview of NatashaSS or IsabellaSS? (like Lilu). Just one!
>> No. 96287
Why a wall of text, noobs!
>> No. 96288
File 154125287096.png - (2.42MB , 1800x1800 , 01parental.png )
>the site will be closed in .. 3...2....1
>you just helped LEA close it
In time, perhaps you will learn to control your hysteria.
>> No. 96293
>>96288 That's right!
>> No. 96303
>>96282 jblvrs@secmail.pro, Do you know if Olivia has custom set?
>> No. 96315
>>96303 Olivia has not custom set or topless or nude...
>> No. 96325
Please download Nina and NinaSS videos using dl.free.fr host. Thank you.
>> No. 96338
>>96325 "upload" idiot, not "download"
>> No. 96339
Girls without custom sets are Elena, Olivia, Natasha, Nina, Kathy, Savannah, Viola, Taso, Natalie & Isabella.
>> No. 96350
>>96339 Natasha Nina and Isabella have custom sets.
>> No. 96353
>>96350 I don't think so... Maybe Natasha, but Nina and Isabella 100% NO.
>> No. 96359
That means Tika has Secret Stars sets/videos? That's good to know, she's my favorite but no one i talked to had any, i was losing hope.
I'm still interested in buying/trading for Tika.
>> No. 96362
>>96359 I heard months ago, Tika has custom. Tika is no very beautiful, but is sexy in her regular sets. I imagine in custom sets, my dick will blow up!
>> No. 96363
None of them have secret sets anymore, thanks to all you losers.
>> No. 96371
>>96363 Admin continues to make secret sets. They simply do not supply them. It will re-supply them to reliable customers in the future.
>> No. 96434
I've lost all hope to see new custom sets. it's so pity. Anyway, thanks those people who has already uploaded customs.
P.S. Lisa's thread is on page 4. :(((( this is what describes everything.
miss you starsessions and secretstars
>> No. 96444
please can you tell me the pass of this file
>> No. 96455
>>96282 jblvrs@secmail.pro Do you know something about NatashaSS or IsabellaSS? These girls are my favorites...
>> No. 96458

not as much SS available as others,but very nice girls!!
>> No. 96460
>>96458 So pity...
>> No. 96476
File 154134566368.jpg - (3.23MB , 3950x5925 , NatashaSS.jpg )
>>96458 So... Is it real?
>> No. 96515
new leaks in 180chan
>> No. 96519
No, it's not.
>> No. 96521
I think Natasha is my new favorite. Anyone can post the pic without the censoring?

Or is Sir Robin the only good guy?
>> No. 96527
>> No. 96542
"180chan.co’s server IP address could not be found."
Anyone else getting this?
>> No. 96611
Please lord post more!
>> No. 96613
I don't understand, why they stopped to upload secret-stars. At least, one or two previews or thumbnails... no set... I have not problem. Just some samples. They afraid the admin? Maybe! If he said them that he will blocked them... maybe for this reason... losers...
>> No. 96618
File 154140816446.jpg - (114.36KB , 938x531 , 345956729.jpg )
>> No. 96625
>> No. 96647
>>96625 This guy is super. I sent him 3 previews and he sent me after 30 mintutes, 51 photos with some girls of secretstars. I am excited! Trust him!
>> No. 96650
Well, if we are to trust you, we need some proof. So why not post some here?
>> No. 96651
He write and answer himself with another name.... pathetic
>> No. 96654
>>96651 That’s right! Ignore him!
>> No. 96655
>>96625 Fuck off troll!
>> No. 96671
File 154144063819.jpg - (377.11KB , 2390x1593 , MaisieSS-024-200.jpg )
dont believe the trolls - they have nothing
>> No. 96674
...and I bet they only have the odd censored image to try to persuade us they have sets. Well, we are not persuaded until we see the proof.
>> No. 96676
if you wanna hoard shit it's okay! but don't tease us so much damn you have the holy grail. please post it or not. but don't tease us. it breaks my heart
>> No. 96677
>>96671 Please, the thumbnails of this set?
>> No. 96678
Are there any posts of Nina-022 and Nina-030 videos?
>> No. 96679
No. Only Nina 018 video at https://180chan.co/cg/res/26037.html#i26605.
>> No. 96691
>>96671 Without censorship, upload in HurtMeh
>> No. 96692
it will surface
>> No. 96693
>>96692 When? I don't think so...
>> No. 96697
File 154145167975.jpg - (130.19KB , 595x752 , SS.jpg )
Like these? It will NEVER surface!
>> No. 96706
New Michelle set uploaded in lolilust:

PW: Jeewe for lolilust
>> No. 96709
This is no new...
>> No. 96714
Pass is correct but files won't open?
>> No. 96717
>>96714 It is not "rar" file. It is "7z". You'll need to download the program "7z" to work.
>> No. 96722
What's the point of this tit for tat. Nobody knows whether it, or any more of the Secret stuff will surface or not.
>> No. 96743
when you see a girl opening wide her ass and smile to photographer... what do you think? Is a little innocent child? or ask for sex? come in! Of coure SS do HC
>> No. 96744
taking a request
>> No. 96771
>> No. 96772
>> No. 96773
>>96743 But she is only 10yo!
>> No. 96775
Starsessions do HC they just haven’t been leaked yet and for those trying to get in the photographers good side don’t even bother you can but the whole starsessions site and never get access so you will be wasting your time and money if that’s the plan only the first few customer that supporter the site from the beginning have access. The only way possible is if they get leaked when the sites goes down but even then people would probably only trade with other vio high level people so we won’t be seeing HC from this studio anytime soon or never
>> No. 96778
All models, probably, do HC. At least, those that are 9-10 yo+. Some are very naughty in front of the camera and they are more comfortablet to do whatever. They open their legs and smile their photografer and he focus on their pussys, tits... How did they get that intimacy? Check out the models from the Newstar and FashionLand. Big differences than StarSessions.
>> No. 96784
Stop to said that. Starsessions models never did HC! Are you idiots?
>> No. 96801
Yes, we are...
>> No. 96808
I believe that Lilu and Lisa had sex with their photographer!
>> No. 96811
i believe in Santa claus
>> No. 96817
Set posted @
on 1st Oct, and still up.
Nice to know our viewers pay attention to what's going on around them.
>> No. 96818
in the video of lilu and julia in metal leotards you can see she stay in floor with legs open and when the photographer look the pussy closer with the camera she try side move the leotard to show pussy,but the cameraman say not yet and she smile. This is the video https://155chan.gr/mir/res/36252.html
>> No. 96819
we get it you have a fantasy and you wish that to be reality. with out any basis of facts you with your reality to be real. This is because you are a dumb cunt!
>> No. 96820
Clearly you cry because try hidden the real facts in SS but, Yes Lisa fucks, Yes Maisie was fingered and do blowjogs, Yes olivia do BJ. All in video and sets. Cry more? CRRY STUPID!!!
>> No. 96823
Anyone bought Maisie’s videos, she will know, when she seems, in all her movements, open legs, her look, her smile, everytime camera is near her, over her, in front of her... When she sits with open legs and she push her pussy towards in camera, again and again... Come on guys! She is only 11 yo but she had sex and did HC!
>> No. 96842
no no one did HC. I think you don't understand the difference between being flirty and really doing something about it.

Would be nice if you would just shut up about it too.
>> No. 96845
It certainly would. I agree. I've rarely seen a thread in any forum with so much twaddle.
>> No. 96856
you know who did HC??

your mother!

And we see how well that turned out you fucking moron.
>> No. 96874
The SS webmaster regularly takes the girls to Iceland where they perform strange, unique acts with Arctic terns and other birds. The videos are going cheep - not cheap though. They are only available to every 5th customer who has bought two thirds sets and one third video, and with half ethereum, half bitcoin. I know because he sent me a telegram.
>> No. 96878
>>96874 I don’t undrestand you, what you said... Tell it again more simple... :)
>> No. 96879
>>96874 HC or Nude sets?
>> No. 96882
imagine what acts they would do with full Bitcoin!
half...now that is something.
>> No. 96920
>>96874 [...They are only available to every 5th customer who has bought two thirds sets and one third video...]
What he means? I am not understand.
>> No. 96956
SS Aleksandra video 011 4K
948 MB / 8min.11s. / 16.2 Mb/s LINK REMOVED FOR SHEKELEERING ON /HEBE/
pass: Sta+rs_e\ssi-ons
Thank you OP
>> No. 96959
>> No. 96961
Thank you work perfect for me!!!!
>> No. 96962
File 15415544278.png - (621.72KB , 1004x671 , Screen Shot 2018-11-06 at 8_26_50 PM.png )
>> No. 96964
THE TIT!!!! delicious thank!@!! downloading now
>> No. 96965
SS Leyla 010
pass: Sta+rs_e\ssi-ons

pass: Sta+rs_e\ssi-ons

Thank you OP !
>> No. 96967
go buy some bitcoins idiot!
>> No. 96972
File 154155713411.jpg - (196.75KB , 601x604 , iluziia.jpg )
compare what you see in the address bar of the browser
original post:
>> No. 97031
The new updates of starsessions are absolutely HOT!
>> No. 97037
can't tell, website is down...
>> No. 97038
>>97037 Yeah... it is down, 1 minute ago...
>> No. 97039
"Error establishing a database connection"
>> No. 97043
File 154158297545.jpg - (11.81KB , 480x305 , 53678228.jpg )
The site is up, again. We woke up from a Nightmare!
>> No. 97069
WOW WOW THE NEW OLIVIA VIDEO SMOKING HOT IN SHEER TOP AND WHITE THONG super hot video along with Viola in thong hot hot hot
>> No. 97075
It's a JOKE!! It's supposed to be ridiculous. Doh!
>> No. 97119
Note to self: must buy 5 of the 6 new updates tomorrow.
>> No. 97157
>>97119 And then, you choice a girl and you take her in your home and you having sex all night! After, you woke up alone on your bed!
>> No. 97337
We have a SS cheerleader! Which, although irritating (he's got huge dollops of crypto), is also quite nice in a kind of a way....for the webmaster...lol
>> No. 97340
@ 01:46 within 08:11 video.
>> No. 97368
need to buy more bitcoins
>> No. 97429
10 minutes ago, I bought 5 of 6 sets from new updates, but It doesn't became anything! He told me "thank you" and closed the conversation-ticket, such as he always does it. Don't believe any bastard! Fuck trolls!
>> No. 97433
>> No. 97434
File 154167252423.jpg - (174.49KB , 600x600 , SecretStars.jpg )
>> No. 97435
File 154167253271.jpg - (133.08KB , 1024x731 , Lisa & Maisie SS.jpg )
>> No. 97436
File 154167254122.jpg - (84.34KB , 534x800 , JuliaSS.jpg )
>> No. 97437
Wow! Jesus! Thank you!
>> No. 97438
>>97436 I love Julia's tits...
>> No. 97439
More, please...
>> No. 97454
thank you so much :)
>> No. 97456
nice, but why?!
share it or not.
>> No. 97459
what was

repost plwease
>> No. 97462
Lol how do you people keep falling for the same "OnlyTrade" scammer here?
>> No. 97464
Thank you for the leaked! More please...
>> No. 97465
>>97435 Holy Moly!
>> No. 97466
We are very happy for these...
>> No. 97475

The same thing happened to me, except he closed my ticket without ever replying. He also removed me from the website completely so that I couldn't even log in again.

Now I don't care if he gets caught or goes out of business. I'll never try to buy anything from him again.
>> No. 97484
The video Maisie-Aleksandra-026 has been published at 180chan. If you notice Messie at the point between from 03:00 to 03:15, Messie is on the ball with Aleksandra, and he goes up and down, with her mouth open and sounds, like to has sex. Of course the models did sex. Maybe not Angelina or Michelle, but the models 10yo plus, certainly.
>> No. 97488
Any NatashaSS pls?
>> No. 97489
Natasha has not any custom. The pic that was leaked few days ago, it was fake!
>> No. 97491
I spoke with admin in a private chat called richohet. He has been very disturbed by the leaks, especially the complete sets and videos released. Individual photos are not a problem, whether they are full resolution or previews. Thumbnails, too. It is possible for everyone to uploads photos individually, but not in total. There is no problem in this one. This subject, helped the site to sell a lot of regular collection. Like adverdisment. The issue about Iceland is true, but she did not want to give me details. There are also HC, but they are not available. I did not want to ask more. So each of us can share some photos of secret-star, but strictly banned the complete ensembles and video. Everything I say to you is 100% true. I uploads some photos in few days, because my disc is crashed. I will be fix it, and I will be shared some things in a few days... Please, the holders of secret stars to share some thing, too. The time is now. Now we can to give the non-holders the happy! Let's share...
>> No. 97493
>>97491 What the hell is going on?
>> No. 97494
>>97491 Is it true?
>> No. 97495
What incident about Iceland? If you mean the one I just made up in irder to lampoon how ridiculous some of the silly HC claims were...then.....LOL as regards the rest.
>> No. 97496
i read that before of the site of starsession start the producer going to sell HC, but one user friend of Fashion model help with the site of starsession then the producer never sell hc, but for sure with the time the money win always
>> No. 97500
Mods are NPCs just like You! Mods delete posts that do not promote Hate towards girls like you.

There basically Feminist Males. Notice everyone on these boards all sound the same. NPC morons!
>> No. 97505
And that includes you....lol
>> No. 97506
post the video men
>> No. 97521
File 154172774797.jpg - (512.95KB , 1998x1214 , JuliaSS-010.jpg )
we will never see but the guy is defiantly molesting some of them,,some are doing some pretty wild stuff on camera..when the camera goes off we all know what happens next...hes just not making them like the sb guy did
>> No. 97524
>>97521 Wow Thank you! Do you have Natasha or Maisie?
>> No. 97535

I begin to love Julia more and more.
I hope to see this vid one day, I already bought all her regular sets, but no custom was offered to me by the admin.
>> No. 97558
top right thumbnail shows arm of male or female photographer? is admin a guy?
>> No. 97562
>>97558 I want to see that video. Her tits are so cool...
>> No. 97564
If someone is uploading only thumbnails photos/videos), It is enough for me!
>> No. 97565

>The issue about Iceland is true, but she did not want to give me details

You mean the issue that some one made up about them doing stuff with ARCTIC TURNS and other BIRDS? lol fuck off troll.
>> No. 97567
Anyone knows if Isabella has custom set?
>> No. 97579
Does anybody know Lisa's age, especially in her photo set and video 025?

Is Aleksandra (14) their only teenaged model?
>> No. 97580
Lisa is 13yo. Aleksandra, Tika and Leyla are 14yo.
>> No. 97581
Can someone uploads thumbnails of Maisie's SecretStars set-024?
>> No. 97582
>>88650 Oh, when I posted my last message, I had not yet seen this message. Lisa's tits do look like a 12yo's in her set 025. But perhaps she will continue posing at 13yo? I hope so.
>> No. 97583
>>97582 Maisie is more naughty and she is only 11yo.!
>> No. 97596
Can someone uploads more of Tika model ? THX
>> No. 97597
File 154175936430.jpg - (59.75KB , 564x1000 , UTB8IVGAwRahduJk43Jaq6zM8FXan.jpg )
>> No. 97721
its a male photographer
>> No. 97722
...... who throws hissy fits like a gurl....
>> No. 97729
>>97721 Lucky guy!
>> No. 97737
dumb Virgin.
triforce only exists to post Star Sessions and Pollyfan
everything else is repeat of years past.
>> No. 97739
It's incroyable if anyone share this vid it's my god
>> No. 97747
I think thats her leg!! ...lol
>> No. 97748
NatashaSS thumbnails please...
>> No. 97805
>>97435 Lisa & Maisie SS
>>97436 JuliaSS
>>97521 JuliaSS-010
Looking forward to watching Videos. Please post links. Thank you.
>> No. 97807
>>97805 My friend, you ask like all of us. They do not understand us. They will take them, to their grave! Unfortunately, we will never see them.
>> No. 97815
>>97805 They are fucking bastard! They will never share it!
>> No. 97819
They afraid the admin!
>> No. 97901
>>97491 yes. yes. in a few days I will publish some nude and hardcore ss sets and videos, too. There are also more unofficial models, about thrice as much as the models you see on the website. For some extra money, you can pariticipate in a lottery, the winner of which can fuck three girls of his choice for 5 weeks non stop. I will post all this in a few days. Only for the moment, I had a hardware crash, just a matter of days. Just wait and post YOUR sets in the meanwhile.
>> No. 97902
looooool, sweet fairy tales
>> No. 98013
I guess this is a dead studio now with the Stars and stripes leaks and more on the way!
and all of you were in a tizzy about some nip pussy slips.

>> No. 98026
and it shall continue to leak.
>> No. 98028
Stars and stripes leaks?
>> No. 98034
That's the spirit! LOL
>> No. 98035
Maybe small secret stars thumbnails on the US flag flying from Trump Tower?
>> No. 98161
There has been a pregnant pause....so here's a bump!
>> No. 98163
>>98161 A pause for rest...
>> No. 98189

Maybe he thinks the CP vid with the girl that has stars and stripes leggings is a SS girl
>> No. 98190
share the latest videos of nina and mila
>> No. 98196
>> 98190
Hey dickhead, how about you buy the latest videos of nina and mila and share them?
>> No. 98218
Yes. Please post Nina-022, Nina-030 and Nina-040 videos. Thank you.
>> No. 98221
>> No. 98265
Where to buy?
>> No. 98277
http:// childstars.info/enter/?page_id=288
>> No. 98280
Interesting Star sessions is actually do real modeling that includes girls learning to walk right and pose correctly.
>> No. 98295
File 154202976159.jpg - (1.35MB , 1416x4133 , IMG_20181112_102551.jpg )
>> No. 98302

post it finally you hoarders
>> No. 98308

or . . . tell us how to purchase the SS sets? do you just open a ticket and ask about them? is it a separate site/url?

help us support the studio/girls!
>> No. 98319

SS as in Secret Stars? I've opened tickets and asked, Star Session person said it doesn't exist.
>> No. 98320
File 154204389074.jpg - (39.49KB , 600x642 , 1493173_570255979717809_1751461373_n.jpg )
>> No. 98324
>>98319 He told me the same, when I asked him about this.
>> No. 98325
And I, when I told him about the leaked and we know that exist the secret stars, he closed me the ticket. Fuck off!
>> No. 98326
There is a misconception doing the rounds. This is probably all the original poster has. I imagine the privileged few with access to the Secret stuff were supplied with thumbnails. It doesn't necessarily mean the OP had sufficient coin to buy.
>> No. 98327
File 154204604382.jpg - (79.25KB , 1024x1207 , 65765372.jpg )
Guys... Maybe... Admin has right... Maybe... there are no secret stars... Maybe... do we dream?
>> No. 98329
>>98326 That's right! They were supplied with thumbnails and after, they decided which sets what they would buy... So, maybe they will bought -for example 2 sets or videos- but they had... maybe 10-20 thumbnails...
>> No. 98336
Oh man!! You need to post these sets they look awesome
>> No. 98359
>> No. 98369
Secret Stars is dead, at least for now. He has lost trust in everybody because of the idiots who leaked stuff. More material is better than no material and because of cunts like Robin Hood we will have no new Secret Stars. At least for now. So if you ask admin, he will tell you no. If you push and talk about leaks, he won’t trust you. Those who got SS were trusted and long time buyers. Now none of them are. Thanks to a few idiots. I would have loved to gain access, but fuck you all. If I ever get access if he ever opens it again, double fuck you all because I will never share.
>> No. 98372
Maybe you are another stupid... the channels are open but you don't know what is the meaning of channels? Stupid lose you don't have real access yet Well i fap with my lisa HC instead.
>> No. 98373
>> 98371

He's either very stupid or very naive to think that because he says he doesn't want stuff of this nature shared that it won't happen. No matter how picky he is with who he sells it to, it is going to be traded and shared and before long will make its way out into the open. His little hissy fits will not change that. If he doesn't want stuff he produces to be shared he should bother selling or giving it to anyone. No one is going to change human nature.
>> No. 98375
Meanwhile, all the 13-15yr olds in japan are getting nude, and having their pussies and buttholes massaged . . . I don't get what all the secretiveness is all about. Why not just have the sets out in the open like kvetinas? So what, girls pose topless/nude, and there's a trillion homemade movies out their with insane shit like a 12yr old girl masturbating and stuffing her pussy with a freaking nail polish bottle, and another one where a 10yo puts a curling iron in her ass . . . lol, like wtf?

I don't get it. They could make so much money, just release sets to the public. Why act guilty by hiding things and not being truthful? All you do is create hoarding elites and mass conspiracy theories.

Well, if it is actually true that SS is gone, here's hoping they make the regular site more hot. I agree with >>98359 , also the newest movie/sets are really nice!!
>> No. 98389
you are all to young to stupid to know how to do a business transaction. Hence you will never get any custom photos ever!

I highly doubt any of you retards even understand investing and using CryptoCoins to buy said customs.

I can tell you are young and inexperienced by what you write and how you write it. It's rather embarrassing to read, yet funny at the same time.
>> No. 98400
I tend to agree with the last anon post .
there is so much shit talking in here you need wings to fly over it .
No one just goes to the dealer and gets the good stuff .
You get shake and cut , you keep buying it gets a little better , then after a while you end up with the pure stuff .
So all you dorks dealing with the admin site asking for customs and only buy a few sets ?
Well i guess you were told (don't know what you are talking about )
Either get a pocket full of coin or just sit tight and wait for the leakes .
>> No. 98403
So what? It’s illegal in a shit ton of countries. I love this stuff, but you think I’m just gonna run around the neighborhood telling people about it? If the producers aren’t in a place where child nudity is acceptable or no one cares and LEA or Interpol or whatever the fuck finds a way to trace them they are fucked.
>> No. 98412
if hc really exist why no one show even a thumbnail or screenshot? you destroyed the idiots who said no nudes at all exist but now we are supposed to believe further claims? just one tiny bit of proof would make buying crypto worth it to use on the site
>> No. 98419
File 154209081436.png - (144.21KB , 267x225 , Aleksandra012.png )
I think SS admin is falling apart from laughing so hard and loud at reading all these posts of all kind, most of them based on heavy imagination and conspiracy theories.

One group of people saying SS HC exists, other group fighting till the death for the SS survive proclaiming and demanding not to share its stuff, other naive group asking out of the blue for set X in hope somebody posts right away, others saying hoarders are evils, others crying hard cause secret stuff will never be do again, etc etc

Meanwhile SS admin keeps updating his site and making his money very happy, giving a big fuck about what you think or what you do.


>> No. 98429
> Secret Stars is dead, at least for now.
It's permanently dead.

> and because of cunts like Robin Hood we will have no new Secret Stars.
Robin started leaking content waaaay late, you can't really blame the closure of Secret Stars on him. The people posting teasers in threads like this and the re-sellers/traders are the one to blame.
>> No. 98442
No one is going to share SStars unless they want to get cut off from the supply. Enjoy what released its all good stuff and spend some money $16 for a super hot video is a good deal its the cost of 2 lattes at starbucks.
>> No. 98443
No one is going to share SStars unless they want to get cut off from the supply. Enjoy what released its all good stuff and spend some money $16 for a super hot video is a good deal its the cost of 2 lattes at starbucks.
>> No. 98444
You can't really blame traders either.
SS admin was often asking a lot of money for what usually amounted to topless sets and videos, so why wouldn't buyers try and recoup some of the cash and then purchase more secret content.

I have very little sympathy for him at all. He is a paranoid halfwit, who trusted the first customers to buy more than 10 sets from his site, rather than wait and see who was trustworthy, and now he is paying the price for his short-sightedness.
>> No. 98445
>> No. 98447
SS admin reminds me of Rebel Shooter.

Both took illegal pics of under aged girls.
Both arrange 'slips' to keep people interested.
Both try to stop people from trading pics.
Both hoard customs for high spending customers.
Both act like their 'copyright' protects them.
You can't copyright illegal stuff.
Both threatened to shut down if the trading continued.

Let Rebel be a warning to you SS admin. He spent more time trying to stop the trading and ignored safety. I wouldn't be surprised if one of his model's parents blew the whistle on Rebel when they realized how much he was making selling sets and vids while paying the models peanuts.
>> No. 98464
> You can't really blame traders either.
Yes I can. They are the ones expediting the dissemination of the material. Each trade increases the risk of leakage. First it starts with previews and single images to tease and drive up demand, then things eventually get so overtraded that someone decides to become a hero and cashes in his 5 minutes of fame without thinking about the far reaching consequences..
Now don't get me wrong, I don't mind things leaking out for everybody eventually. In my opinion all the SM & PL stuff that is still being held onto in the higher tiers of the trading circuit is well past it's time to see the light of day. But doing this with content that is actively being produced is just moronic. The community only hurts itself by doing this.

> SS admin was often asking a lot of money for what usually amounted to topless sets and videos, so why wouldn't buyers try and recoup some of the cash and then purchase more secret content.
Tough luck, a lot of nice things in life cost more than I can afford, doesn't mean that I go about ruining it for those that can.

> I have very little sympathy for him at all. He is a paranoid halfwit, who trusted the first customers to buy more than 10 sets from his site, rather than wait and see who was trustworthy, and now he is paying the price for his short-sightedness.
I think we can all agree on that, even the SS admin himself admitted that he has been a fool to structure to go about his business in this way.
>> No. 98481
Of course that HC SS content exists. Premium SS fuckers make another camouflage, Idiots, your fucking crying only raises a feeling, that content is really good, just that, nothing else. It's irrelevant to what shit you feed us just now. If you want to help your God, just shut up. Will be good for everybody btw.
Heroes like Robin will make our days more pink soon. This thread is for SS content, not for SS premium members bullshits
>> No. 98482
Sharing is necessary. When something goes public it loses all trading value thus forcing those petty individuals to get more new content to bargain with. So it ends up refreshing the material both public and hoarded.
>> No. 98484
So quit bitching lil bitches. Robin Hood is doing gods work, deactivating this material's trade value, giving back to the community and setting the wheel in motion for new material to surface. Nuff said
>> No. 98493
Wow! That hand is driving me crazy!
>> No. 98503
File 154214337136.jpg - (46.93KB , 374x390 , 1_44floppydisk_1.jpg )
The thing is, sharing keeps stuff alive for long after the studio closes down. So much stuff has been lost over the years through hoarders thinking they are being clever/massaging their egos, then their hard-drive goes ftaang and they never bothered to check the integrity of the backup they thought they had made...
>> No. 98536
dreamers keep dreaming buy the product if you are so interested in the sets and video
>> No. 98570

It was Miss Bonita's mother, IIRC.
>> No. 98583
Has anything surfaced on Nina yet?
>> No. 98586
>> No. 98600
Goodness me - a useful post!
>> No. 98610
This file is available for Premium Users only
>> No. 98611
>>98482 so if sharing is necessary, why don't you go buy a set and post it here instead of whining?
>> No. 98659
Any preview for a custom Nina set?
>> No. 98743

dude, you need glasses! Looks nothing like Lisa
>> No. 98754
What a fuckin retard. Not Lisa. Not even close
>> No. 98828
models are leaving the studio and their sets are purged. Its over boys, all the leask and rampent trading have killed this guys studio.
On another note, the owner of this studio is a tool.
No regard for safety, his or the girls.
He saw euros and went bonkers.Selling and selling , without vetting or being descrite.
So now its over, interple is all over this and its just a matter of time until we see the news about him being bust.
wait for week after for the flood of sets and videos to hit.

and fuck the traders and the leakers. they did a bad thing as well by an sharing an active studio.
>> No. 98830
HC does not exist! Stop saying that!
>> No. 98831
Why? Not only does it feed into my fantasy but if I keep saying it idiots will believe it and spread the word around. When the word gets spread around the police take notice of it and make it a priority to take down the studio. And when the studio gets taken down that means previously hoarded material gets posted. It's a win/win for me. Why would I stop?
>> No. 98836

which models are leaving? They are all still listed and all sets are still there.
>> No. 98840
you little kids are starting to show amazing psychological conditions.
I can't wait to see what you post and say in a months time.
>> No. 98846

He is a naive moron to think that he could sell this shit on the open market, or even to selected individuals, and then control what happens to it after it's out of his hands. He shouldn't have bothered going into business if that's what he expected would happen. Like it or not, some who buy it are going to share and trade it.
>> No. 98848

And all his customers who thought that they could placate him by trying to prevent others from sharing are equally naive. I'd bet that a good number of them privately traded the sets then later bitched about the fact that they were eventually shared. They are just as "guilty" for trading to get other sets rather than buying them, as they have no control over what happens to them one they have traded them.
>> No. 98849

Wanna sell without worrying that buyers will share your stuff? Buy without worrying that others will share and you'll lose your source? It's as simple as this: pay someone to set up a studio for you, get the girls and then pay him to produce the material exclusively for you. That way both of you can control who gets the stuff. If you think there's any other way to prevent stuff from being shared, you're just being simple-minded.
>> No. 98861
This is what some people call:
>> No. 98862
PL did it for almost 10 years with zero leaks!

no mystery how he did it, he had less then 10 buyers, he charged thousands, not 15 us or 25 us per set or video.

he fucked himself for being lazy, not grooming the market or buyers for his benefit. He just put a site , an email and started to just churn it out.

he has a "poor" mentality and his nigger thinking is what caused shit to go "bonkers". LOL

Verner was a smart cookie and had it locked down, this guy is a fucking amateur
>> No. 98901
yea verner is so smart he's in jail and his operation shut down,what a genius .....i still think its about the country you are in and what that law enforcement will let you get away with,,,,btw,there is content made that will never be seen,not even on ss, with couple models...
>> No. 99037
Guys can we just end the conversation about secretstars because it’s over so there is no point continuing that being said let’s all share what we have and move on simple this dude keeps putting the price up with the same shit it’s nothing special just new location which is stupid
>> No. 99045
File 154234163077.jpg - (2.70MB , 4000x6000 , LisaSS-025-153.jpg )
>> No. 99047
I love how even the mods here have basically given up on censoring the leaks. Everyone knows it dont matter anymore
>> No. 99059
actually Elenas stuff is gone
>> No. 99098
God are you all NPCs!
>> No. 99105
so Elena must have quit the studio and taken her photos and videos with her. I have a few of her videos not a big flasher but cute smile and body. In her school girl video with the red checkered dress she does wet her white cotton panties. Her mound is tightly wrapped in white cotton and you can see the wet spot.
>> No. 99130
cool story bro~ now post the vid or stfu
>> No. 99142

which is odd since the photographer usually owns the photo's.

When a newstar girl quits her pics stay on the site.
>> No. 99162
some times you have to keep the peace and by taking down Elena the owner avoided any issues a smart decision. She sure was cute and had a tight body. She did not pose like Mila or Nita who are the best followed by Olivia the dream princes with the perky tits poking out of her sheer top.
>> No. 99199
nobody gives a fuck anymore about you guys talking about having the photos, CP is CP its all the same shit, just cos it hasnt been seen yet just makes people put it on a pedestal. as soon as its seen its just boring old shit like all the rest.
>> No. 99223
fully true, amen
>> No. 99267
Star Sessions is the only one creating anything New! Idiot!
>> No. 99271
File 154241081115.jpg - (322.46KB , 1296x1944 , cris_m021052.jpg )
SO .
>> No. 99272

Maybe, but there could be sites we know nothing about. No one outside the inner circle knew anything about Siberian Mouse until Segey was arrested and a lot of the content was then released, and still continues to be. Here's hoping.
>> No. 99283
File 15424131868.jpg - (379.15KB , 1920x1150 , Elena-019_4K_mp4_thumbs_2017_09_03_02_43_20.jpg )
Hi, can we now see Elena's video now that she's gone from SS PLEASE
>> No. 99340

Newstar still has a bunch of sites open with new girls. Same lame outfits and poses, but it is technically "new."
>> No. 99450
Hey dipshit, you pretty much wasted all that posting effort. You do know nobody reads all-caps posts, right? Turn off your caps-lock, you stupid fuck.
>> No. 99540
File 154249241380.jpg - (514.62KB , 3840x2160 , StarSessions Maisie and Aleksandra 4K.jpg )
Maisie and Aleksandra 4K UHD Video 026
>> No. 99563
Thank you. Maisie-Aleksandra-026 also available at
https://180chan.co/cg/res/38620.html#i63534 complete with WM = Water Marks.
>> No. 99571
SS said that only "on location" sets will be $27. Lisa's new set is $27, but looks like its shot in the same old studio to me.
>> No. 99588

Sounds like the SS admin is a greedy liar.
>> No. 99613

sounds like you are a poor dumb fuck
>> No. 99713
>> 99613

Nope. I tried buying sets. The Admin closed my purchase ticket without sending me anything and removed my account so I couldn't log in any more. And obviously, I was replying to someone who pointed out that he raised the price for studio sets when he said he would only raise the price for location shoots.

So, clearly the SS admin is a greedy liar and you're the dumb fuck.
>> No. 99745
>>99713 I agree with you, man!
>> No. 99757
Hes not greedy, hes offsetting all of the reselling, trading and leaks from all you dumb fucks.
>> No. 99765

>>offsetting all of the reselling, trading and leaks

Do go on. Please explain how leaks cost him anything. From the dawn of on-line modelling sites, they have leaked a few suggestive photos themselves on forums hoping to encourage sales of their photos.

As most people hoard a set they've purchased that is truly special, once word gets out about it people end up purchasing and hoarding it themselves.

I offer up the Miss Alli - Save The Tigers set. Everyone knows it exists. There are even people who admit to owning it. Yet no one shares it even years after the site is gone and no one will ever get it again.

Common sets might get traded. This just wets people's hunger for the rare or custom sets.

Only a fool buys CP from some random stranger. Promising rare sets has always been an LEA trick to get dumb people to hang themselves.

I have to agree greed is the SS admin's reason for boosting prices. It isn't like he's listed an increase in cost to justify the higher prices. What's he doing? Renting a suite in a 5 star hotel for location shoots?
>> No. 99777
Maybe he's still hurting financially after that trip to Iceland to introduce the girls to Arctic terns. The food and the beer are pretty costly. {Careful! Someone will as "what trip to Iceland?" - ed.]
>> No. 99789
File 154259729518.jpg - (14.92KB , 480x360 , tern.jpg )

those lucky terns
>> No. 99986
Randy little b*****ds! lol
>> No. 99992

"Nope. I tried buying sets. The Admin closed my purchase ticket without sending me anything"

best evidence that he is NOT greedy. Otherwise he would likely take any opportunity to make monkey, right?
>> No. 100010
File 154266656347.jpg - (488.18KB , 1024x768 , 14768_jeshika007_122_1029lo.jpg )
The reason for the price increase is because thieves and scammers have started to plunder some of the recent sets on the site and upload them to premium shit hosts, essentially stealing from them. Some of the models have even started to get harassed and shamed because of their pictures being shared all over the internet, which is probably why Elena quit and had her sets removed… so nice going losers on causing a model to quit. You can also thank chan/forum owners for being strangely indifferent to allowing these jerks to post stolen sets. All of this combined with the resellers/leakers/traders… in my opinion they are not going to tolerate it much longer based on my recent conversation with the owner. So maybe this can be a lesson for some of you on how to dismantle a great studio.


You are exactly right.

This chan is no exception.
>> No. 100039
Exactly why chans like this should either mot exist or have actual moderators actually doing something. Like thos tread and a few others were being heavily monitored and the nudes were being yanked down and the mods were acting like they gave a shit. Well...HELLO MR MOD, IF YOU ACTUALLY GAVE A SHIT THEN TAKE THESE THREADS DOWN YOU FUCKING IDIOT
>> No. 100053

Greed isn't just about money. It's about control. He arbitrarily decides who can and can't buy his stuff. That's the very definition of greed (Intense and selfish desire - emphasis on the selfish). I'm guessing he cut me out because I asked about getting a custom set. After I asked, my ticket was gone and the next day so was my account. If he's not greedy, he's just mean or stupid. In any case, I don't really care. I tried to support him and he spat in my face. If that's how he treats his customers, I pity his models.
>> No. 100063
Or, you know, he wants to stay out of prison. You actually "asked" him for custom, after all these fucking leaks, expecting him to be open to that idea? LMAO, jesus christ you people are slow.
>> No. 100064

I hate people like you. You make assumptions and treat everyone like crap because of your delusions. I asked him months ago long before anything was leaked. And the custom I asked for wasn't nude or anywhere close to it. It was comparable to what was already on the site. I just requested a specific model wear a specific outfit and do a few specific poses. That's it. Nothing was more extreme that what he's already done.
>> No. 100067
oh... I didn't realize that. Shit, you must be the most important customer in the world to just assume you are entitled to demanding your own scripts, outfits, poses... holy fuck I didn't realize how important you are.
>> No. 100160
Firs of all how does anyone know its a man? I some of the videos there is an older girl moving around in the background. there are a lot of liars on the internet this board included.
>> No. 100161
First of all how does anyone know its a man? I some of the videos there is an older girl moving around in the background. there are a lot of liars on the internet this board included.
>> No. 100207
they don't
>> No. 100208
Yes - wouldn't it be nice if someone would actually share something either here or in a new Starsessions/SecretStars thread instead of the utter drivel contained in most of the posts. Or is that too radical an idea?
(What's that I hear? - Why don't YOU do it then? If that is coming from someone who has stuff, then without sharing at least a little, what are YOU doing here?
>> No. 100231
Can y'all just shut the fuck up ans share if you gonna share
>> No. 100251
this whole thread is a boring pile of steaming shit, fucken wanna be elitist cunts with your softcore sets lol fuck off
>> No. 100278
Anyone got any Angelina or Olivia model pics from star sessions they could share,probably the best sassy models on star sessions /secret stars ?
>> No. 100330
File 154283333252.jpg - (105.11KB , 1077x718 , Maisie.jpg )
New Maisie's set
>> No. 100331
File Maisie-030_4K_mp4.webm - (1.34MB )
>> No. 100344
Can someone post just one nude each of all of the SS girls who have tits and Elena?
I love tits and Elena.
>> No. 100348
The answer to your request is...er...going to stick my neck out here......probably No.
>> No. 100373
Natasha has a secret.
>> No. 100379
>>100373 She has a penis dude.
>> No. 100396
>>100373 No, she hasn't
>> No. 100403
All this childish bickering on this thread and there's been a ton of free new SS posts on another forum. Get them while you can.
>> No. 100406
>>100403 First of all, the register in AMF is disabled. And second, if you say, the new sets of Natasha and Lina are already up in 180chan, but we can't download, because th ex-load is only for premiums..
>> No. 100417
if people start posting maisie stuff i will drop some secret sets on hurt meh
>> No. 100418
Why would people post more of Maisie here if you are going to post on hurt meh? Seems a waste to post here if the reward is to be posted on a forum that deals with hurting girls.
>> No. 100422
That is one bad fake you have!!
>> No. 100423
If Natasha is so sexy in the regular sets, in her Secret stars sets she must be super sexy!
>> No. 100473
No it isn't! What makes you think it is a fake?
Doh! And, no, I am not the one who posted the link.
>> No. 100477
If you would be so good as to post *something* reasonably substantial on that forum as evidence, then I'll bet someone would put *some* Maisie stuff on here as a thank you - hell, they'd probably go and buy some, the Webmaster would get some business and we'd all be thinking it was actually Christmas already.
>> No. 100483
>>100477 That’s right!
>> No. 100486
those are regular sets that were leaked
>> No. 100522
File 15429195932.jpg - (3.28MB , 4000x6000 , ygkaa389l1_5261488_30980636.jpg )
>> No. 100523
File 154291961619.jpg - (3.02MB , 4000x6000 , nsgxrg70sw_1903712_30979255.jpg )
>> No. 100524
File 154291964030.jpg - (4.01MB , 4000x6000 , smdix0vwl4_1082456_30980638.jpg )
>> No. 100525
File 154291970665.jpg - (1.58MB , 3000x2000 , Natasha010_9286532_30979078.jpg )
>> No. 100526
File 154291973248.jpg - (2.21MB , 3600x2400 , Natasha010_6013161_30979096.jpg )
>> No. 100527
File 154292026167.jpg - (4.42MB , 4000x6000 , zmypc67lamtm.jpg )
>> No. 100528
File 154292031064.jpg - (3.11MB , 4000x6000 , 4rbb0d6dnt6d.jpg )
>> No. 100529
File 154292033659.jpg - (4.37MB , 4000x6000 , rnjtzq2oslms.jpg )
>> No. 100530
File 154292036745.jpg - (3.64MB , 4000x6000 , re6y6bn2w0uv.jpg )
>> No. 100531
File 154292041290.jpg - (3.95MB , 4000x6000 , nq3oabalys0b.jpg )
>> No. 100532
File 15429204351.jpg - (3.43MB , 4000x6000 , z0lp52fc4vl7.jpg )
>> No. 100533
File 154292045899.jpg - (3.04MB , 4000x6000 , e12xcubk651p.jpg )
>> No. 100534
File 15429204829.jpg - (3.25MB , 4000x6000 , m3z6jk4vdq0z.jpg )
>> No. 100535
File 154292050382.jpg - (3.17MB , 4000x6000 , w635p9xd6ms1.jpg )
>> No. 100536
File 154292053255.jpg - (2.34MB , 4000x6000 , saxufnvly1qp.jpg )
>> No. 100537
File 154292055111.jpg - (2.20MB , 4000x6000 , r3o1mp4jrup4.jpg )
>> No. 100538
File 154292070619.jpg - (3.19MB , 4000x6000 , hp56oufp2d6i.jpg )
>> No. 100539
File 154292072744.jpg - (2.71MB , 4000x6000 , wkp9dzciutg7.jpg )
>> No. 100558
Thank you for the posts. Keep them coming.
>> No. 100560
Thank you for the posts. Good man....or woman even.
>> No. 100677
At last good stuff!! and No trash moaning spam talk
>> No. 100683
File 15429813455.jpg - (692.98KB , 3840x2160 , StarSessions-Natasha-Red-Knit-Tank-Top-4K.jpg )
>> No. 100686
Natasha-10 4K video

pass: ss/natasha
>> No. 100699
>>100683 I imagine in her secret-stars sets, what she can do...
>> No. 100700

Nice! Thanks. Now lets see some more of this stuff make it out of the vault.
>> No. 100712
Tika do photos for secret-stars ?
>> No. 100714
finally thank you anonymous you are the best
>> No. 100722
Everyone asks if this girl has a secret set or if the other girl has a secret set. I would like to make it clear. Those who have no secret sets are the new models. For example, Viola has not any custom set. Olivia too. Natasha has not, of course and Savannah too. Isabella has not, too. And many other girls, after the leaks.
>> No. 100723
natasha does have secret sets you fool
>> No. 100726
>>100723 Are you sure?
>> No. 100736
>>100726 Yes, Natasha has a secret set, but this is a guess. Not proof!
>> No. 100738
>>100722 I think Olivia has a secret set.
>> No. 100741
Amazingly just fucking Yes
thanks a lot Mr.
>> No. 100742
>>100738 No. Olivia has not 100%. I know it.
>> No. 100749
Anyone knows, if Lina has custom set?
>> No. 100750
Yes - God
>> No. 100753
>>100750 Some samples of LinaSS, please...
>> No. 100793
>>100527 >>100528

>>100524 >>100534 >>100535

>>100536 >>100537 >>100538 >>100539
Leyla-009 Samples

>>100522 >>100529 >>100530
Leyla-011 Samples

>>100523 >>100531 >>100532 >>100533
Multi-003 Lilu & Aleksandra Sample
>> No. 100817
So where are the dl.free.fr download links?
>> No. 100823
>> No. 100824
File 154305094778.jpg - (3.48MB , 4000x6000 , Lina-015-162.jpg )
Lina 015 video. enjoy
>> No. 100825
File 15430514311.jpg - (6.94KB , 225x225 , κατάλογος.jpg )
>>100824 Are you from Georgia? Lucky guy!
>> No. 100827
With this site, we learned and loved Georgia country & Georgian girls. We thank you admin!
>> No. 100831
>> No. 100845
Julia is soooo hooooootttttttttttttt
>> No. 100846
i posted a new topless Julia pic but it got removed
>> No. 100849
Bumping limit is 1000 replies per thread and i just wasted one, 25 something more left :)
>> No. 100850
Yes, she is very hot! I love to see more of her.
>> No. 100851
Post it on hurtmeh leaked thread>>100846
>> No. 100865
Of course. Admin is too dense to know that SS is dead because of it's admin's stupidity in the way he deals with his customers. Face reality, admin.
>> No. 100866

His elitism in dealing with his customers is what's killed him. Many including myself were more than willing to pay for the custom sets only to be told that they don't exist (when clearly they do) or dumped by him for asking. Since that is how he want to deal with me and others willing to purchase those sets whose existence cannot be denied, I see no reason not to share the sets I purchased from him and I have done just that. Let's face it, at this point, it's only those among the "elite few" who he has sold customs to that are so concerned about him closing down.
>> No. 100873
I genuinely do not understand this horseshit kissing of the webmasters ass. Going way back in the day when sets were shared mostly via Usenet you had Molly Model, Peachez16, a very young Sweet Cindy, Chelsea-Marie, Cindysworld2000, young, no-nude Christina, Stephi, Shannon etc, Dickhead Don who had Kailyn Model and her moop-faced sister, the BTM guys, XAM models and many, many more. And you know what they all had in common apart from being whiney bitches who constantly complained about their stuff being shared and how we were stealing from the models by doing it? That's right, not a single one of those fuckers went out of business because of file sharing. Not a fucking one. And I defy anyone to name a single modelling sight that did go bust because people shared their pics and videos. You can't can you? That's because it has NEVER happened. It's an absolute joke. Either he's offering the chan webmaster(s) and onion forum owners an incentive to tell people not to share (thus going completely against the ethos of sharing forums) or he's sucking their dicks. And why? He's proved he's a cunt anyway. Like I say, I don't understand.
>> No. 100882
Julia please please please please please please she's so beautiful. Very very very beautiful
>> No. 100885
Can't dl. Can only view. pitty
>> No. 100887
how do you know its a he and not a she or someone in between? Woman produce videos as do men look at LS series the women photographers who produced videos had a lot of smiling girls.
>> No. 100901
Yes I am Georgian and I am proud of this angelic beautiful Georgian girls
აი მართლა გაღიარებ ამ საიტების მფლობელი ვინც ხარ. ჩემ თვალში ხარ ღმერთი, ქედს ვიხრი შენს წინაშე. პროსტა ვერ ვხვდები როგორ მოახერხე ქართველი ბავშვების დათანხმება შიშველ სეტებზე... ხელი მინდა ჩამოგართვა
>> No. 100902
>>100901 Your country has very beautiful girls!
>> No. 100912
>>100846 Please, post the pic on HurtMeh leaked thread
>> No. 100936
There are beautiful girls everywhere! Get out of your parents house once in while.
>> No. 100941
100% RIGHT!!!!!

the only people bitching are the one that paid and now are seeing iothers get the same shit fre!!!
hoarding tader pay for cp suckers!!!

fuck them all...
Im going to start posting all of my SS collections here !!!
I never paid a cent or traded any of them, Im a thief and stole them all from the sellers and traders!!! I hacked their HDDS when they were sleeping and got all the good stuff!

and fuck R00binhack, hes a loser that ran out of good stuff over three months ago. He aint got shit no more!
>> No. 100942
File 154310323789.jpg - (2.24MB , 4000x6000 , LiluSS-021-202.jpg )
For those doubters.
Heres one:
>> No. 100944
>> No. 100947

LOL - Maybe you should try smoking or taking a little less than you have been.
>> No. 100948

If this one isn't removed, it must not be from a set that the board admin is hoarding/trading on the side.
>> No. 100949

Wow. Lilu's breasts are amazing. Please post that set you beautiful bastard.
>> No. 100950
God damn! Those are some beautiful titties!

more please?
>> No. 100982
>>100942 Thank you, sir
>> No. 100984
Lilu is absolutely beautiful
>> No. 101009
Wow please more
>> No. 101010
And here two, three, four,five...?
>> No. 101011
Mods are Trolls!
>> No. 101039
Man I can’t thank you enough for this picture. My wallpaper as we speak.
>> No. 101054
>>100942 I would like just 1 pic of topless or pussy slip of Natasha's secret set... after, I'll die...
>> No. 101067
there is a full video of here with many tit slips...
>> No. 101069
>>101067 Wow! I would like video thumbnail of this video!
>> No. 101070
>>101067 Secret video! No video of the regular site with red tshirt...
>> No. 101102
Please reup the pic.
>> No. 101106
NatashaSS plz...
>> No. 101107
Lilu is my favorite... Thank you! >>100942
>> No. 101108
Did you see that? Every time we write the thread does not go up, but it continues to be at the same point. Probably the chan admin wants to disappear, like Liza's thread. Are you serious?
>> No. 101110
File 154316779460.jpg - (4.84KB , 220x204 , myhat.jpg )
Bump limit of 1000 posts reached and this thread will thus stop bumping to the top with new posts.

Feel free to open "SS II", but we'll be locking this one for now.

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