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/hebe/ ~ ADVICE: Should I fuck my step-daughter?
File 153504009353.jpg - (5.44KB , 225x400 , 15328474692s.jpg )
78000 No. 78000
My step-daughter just turned 15 and I've been having fantasies of fucking her since I met her when she was 12. The fantasies have increased in the past couple of months, and I've been having erotic dreams about her several times a week.

I know I've posted this pic in a few other threads. Unfortunately, this picture is the only picture I have right now. It was taken in one of the "very few" opportunities to voyeur her. I want to take more pictures. I'm too afraid to get a frontal pic, because she might be able to see the camera. She has a wonderful full bush, and perfect, perky b-cups with average size pink nipples.

I know she'll never allow me to take these pictures. The only way coming to mind is to drug her and take them while she is sleeping.

However, I know if I drug her and take pictures, I'm going to want more.

I do not want to rape her; yet, I know if I cross the line, I know I will cross it completely.

That is my question, should I take the pictures and risk being overcome by lust, or should i do the proper thing, and just keep it a fantasy?
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>> No. 78003
You could groom her little by little
>> No. 78006
wow, what a nice ass! instant boner. Gonna fap to that pic.

So, does she seem interested in you? If so run with that, tread carefully of course. Start with just innocent borderline flirting, etc.

As for your choice whether to keep taking creep shots, or just keep it fantasy- keep it fantasy. If she has no feelings for you and she finds out you're doing that- you're in trouble!
>> No. 78008
take what I say with some serious salt.
Choose to believe I'm telling the truth or not.
My situation is very unique. My wife knows I'm a pedo, she knows I wanna knock up my stepdaughter (her bio daughter) and that I wanna have one of my own to knock up as well.
With all that said there are 2 VERY basic rules of staying safe.
First is to make sure the girl is happy, piss her off and she wont want to keep you safe. You could threaten or something but that never works for long. She has to have a vested interest in covering your ass for you.
second is to not let anyone know what you're doing no matter how far away they seem. No pictures, no locations, nothing.

What you should do is feel her out a bit, start broad: does she like men? older men? paternal older men? narrow it over time. If you can't control yourself in the face of a negative answer don't ask ANY questions and keep it fantasy. My step daughter and I were physical, but she changed her mind. Since I don't pressure her I get free groping access whenever I want and nudity more or less whenever I want but she won't touch my cock, and I can accept that.
If I pushed her I would be in prison in about 30 minutes.
>> No. 78010
Anon guy here makes a good strong point
>> No. 78012
Reply 78006. We're flirty with each other, but nothing beyond that. I'm almost 100% certain, that I'll keep it a fantasy.
>> No. 78013
Reply 78008. You're lucky to be in your situation.
>> No. 78030
You said there's a whole in the bathroom correct ? Give off the hint that you perhaps looked out of curiosity and your wife happened to be there and you saw her butt. Say all this jokingly that the whole is a butt cam or something while also giving her hint that you like nice asses. You'll be surprised what she might do
>> No. 78064
78008 here again
DO NOT PROCEED if you can't control yourself.
If you can handle a negative answer (even just evading is still a 'no') then maybe. But if you can't DO NOT PROCEED. No perving, no joking, (if you can) don't even think of her when you jack off.

The separate issue is the mother.
You can feel your wife out a little by telling her that as a man you think she dresses inappropriately or something. Most women take a not insignificant amount of pleasure in their daughters being seen as sexy.
Unless your wife shows a positive reaction keep it to paternal protectiveness in tone.
>> No. 78085
never keep a map of where you bury a body

don't take pics of daughters

first gently grope her… ignore her complaints and do it again later… slowly work your way up to sex… never give up… her gradual submission to your attentions will appear to be consent…

at 18 start dropping hints to your wife that the girl has been coming on to you… you keep saying no but she keeps trying… THEN you take some pics… and show them to her mom… what a little SLUT! And LIAR!
>> No. 78249
Reply to all. I was extremely horny yesterday and I drank a little bit. Horniness and alcohol don't mix. I can't believe I told everyone my fantasy, but that is all it is. There is no way I could ever do that to her. Thanks for all the support though, I greatly appreciate it.
>> No. 78250
your life would be destroyed if you were willing to act on a fantasy. keep it a fantasy.
>> No. 78344

just take a few pictures of her and use to jerk off. with that ass on the first pic you posted who can blame you anyway- Is that her btw?
>> No. 78537
Dont do it.
>> No. 78544
I was in a relationship with a lady who had a 10 year old daughter. At first she hated me but as time went on and she saw that I would pay attention to her she grew to like me. She would ask me to tuck her in at night. Not every night but at least 2-3 nights. She was becoming a teenager and started becoming more independant and strong willed. She deffinatly knew what she liked. Anyhow when she did ask it was actually pretty cool. She always wanted me to lie in bed with her. So I used that time to bond with her. She wanted me to spoon her and then we would just talk. One day she brought up that she heard me and her mom moaning. I told her that we were giving eah other a massage and she seemed satisfied with that. I told her mom about it and she just shrugged it off and didn't seemed concerned about it. I on the other got hot as hell at the thought of a young girl hearing us so I would fuck the hell out of her mom. This routine went on for a while and the I sensed her mom pulling away. I had just started to think of ways I could do more with her daughter but her mom and I had a blow out. Prior to this blow we had fights before and then I was still hot for her mom. She was a small dark skinned asian honey. She had a pair shaped body, big butt flat stomach, and pointy titties. Her pussy was sweet and her big ass cheeks all smothered me when I rimmed her BUT she was a bitch and after this last fight I did't need the drama. For a little while I made a half ass effort to get back with her but I realized something. I was thinking more about her daughter then her. I knew that if got back with her I would groom the daughter. Daughter was asking more questions about what we were doing and I had been planning how to move foreward. It has been a few years since and as much as I love the young girls here Im glad I did not go back there. It would have been for the daughter and not the mother. I use to always fantasize about her but not so much anymore.
>> No. 78614
When it works out with little girls, i.e. 4-6 or so, then it's magic. However, with older girls, especially 14 yo, they are likely to be discussing (bragging about older boyfriend) with their friends. So, if you're fucking a 14yo, you're essentially depending on her friends (whom you haven't met) not to narc on you. That's a pretty bad bet. Like the others have said, this is the stuff of fantasy. Cross into reality, then you may or may not get away with it, but the odds are pretty bad.
>> No. 78633
File 153528740717.jpg - (115.88KB , 1200x720 , 2306955_0.jpg )
>> No. 78660
Well said!
>> No. 78664
why not? why spend the rest of your life thinking about what you should have done
if it goes wrong and you get to jail you will still have the memories haha
>> No. 78673
What is that dick sign doing on a girl board?
>> No. 80714
Nothing feels as good as your dick buried in a young pussy
>> No. 100291
Forget any ideas of ever fucking her but if you want to fap over pics of her there are cheap cams on the market that can be hidden in places she will not find or think to look at; empty shower gel bottles that only you use for example or make a pocket in a dressing gown sash and leave it on the bathroom door: tucked among some soft toys, etc. Make a small cover so no lights show. It worked for me.
>> No. 100300
u need a therapyur on the way to hell
>> No. 100305
If you want to go to prison, go for it you sick fuck!!!
>> No. 100362
Spread her & breed her.
>> No. 100378
The best is keep away from that girl is trouble i did fuck me stpep-daughter she is 13 and I end in jail I have nice time fucking her hotel and all that but in the end she talk and get me in trouble the best is recommended recording her and that all used a app call detective spy recorder you put on the phone click start and left the phone lock on the bathroom "by mistake " and waka you have video of her on shower so easy I be doing that with my little girls " another step-daughter I have like 300 video of her loving watcher her play with her pussy and me play with my dick is the best spy on her love to fucked but I learned my lesson the first time try that
>> No. 100385
The "right" thing to do here is to fuck her.

Think about it. Do you want to live in torture, trying to control this and fearing yourself? Or give in, and enjoy her before it's too late.(Before she gets old)

You might get caught. She might be too scared to tell anyone. The latter happens most of the time.

But in the end, it's worth it. You'll never get another chance to fuck her.

But don't just give in, no. You have to plan it. You have to make it special. Make it so you won't be interrupted. If you're going to give in, it can't be spur of the moment. It has to have been worth it.
>> No. 100388
File 154286732579.jpg - (20.93KB , 324x361 , tammy-homolka-2.jpg )
In the latter part of 1990, when fiance Paul Bernardo took an “interest” in her 15-year-old sister, rather than end the relationship, or at least call off the wedding, Karla Homolka’s solution was to procure Halothane, an anesthetic used in animal surgery, and sedatives from the vet clinic where she worked as a surgical assistant. The thinking, if you can call it that, was to knock her baby sister out and “give her” to Paul Bernardo as a one of a kind Christmas present; on Christmas Eve, 1990, the plan was put into action.

Tammy Homolka 2It was unfortunate for Tammy Homolka, however, that her sister carried out this demented act; as a veterinary assistant, Karla was well aware that if the “patient” has had any food or drink in the previous 24-hour period, using anesthetic is “contraindicated”. And she certainly knew that Halothane was intended to be used with a calibrated vaporizer, not doused liberally on a rag and held over the mouth and nose. But this is something we can be certain Karla did, not only because the happy couple videotaped themselves attacking Karla’s sister, but also because of a particularly disturbing morgue photo of Tammy Lyn Homolka, with a large raspberry red burn covering her cheek and extending to the hairline on the right side of her face.
>> No. 100389
Please delete this!!!
>> No. 100393
File 15428698392.jpg - (1.20MB , 1944x2592 , 1415287019635.jpg )
You want to delete this? I hope only because your reasoning is that to do such a thing is wrong. Seriously, this should be a good reminder to all the sociopaths out there that it is never ok to drug and/or rape someone, and that the act is one of only pure evil and selfishness. 15 year old girls (and all other ages) are at a beautiful age and should only ever be shown respect and love. Do not do this if you cannot otherwise form an otherwise healthy relationship with them. Please.
>> No. 100414

Paul Kenneth Bernardo was also known as The Scarborough Rapist. Target age 15 to 21. All his victims appeared mature.

After Paul Bernardo met Karla Homolka the victims started looking younger. This period became known as The Schoolgirl Killer.

Paul Bernardo changed his victims after he met Karla Homolka. And switched from rape to murder.

Homolka should have received a longer, more severe sentence for her part in what happened to the Schoolgirls but judges always seem to regard females as victims NOT the masterminds.
>> No. 100415
Watch her...make pics while she is showering or gets dressed...have as many fantasies you like....but always show respect and love! Don't do anything stupid which will ruin all the respect and mutual love...makes you an ass!
>> No. 100416
Watch her...make pics while she is showering or gets dressed...have as many fantasies you like....but always show respect and love! Don't do anything stupid which will ruin all the respect and mutual love...makes you an ass!
>> No. 100627
Just ask her and promise her a car for her 16th birthday in exchange. Lol
>> No. 100684
this not a nekrophile boars or is it?
>> No. 100715
because you are asking, you will never have fun if you do a step forward. just keep it fantasy it is the real pleasure.
I do this with my students. it is safe and more pleasure.
>> No. 100730
Trust me, she wants to fuck
>> No. 100752
Really? I think you are asshole government agents posting this nonsense to justify your media hate material against this sexually type to the public. You very well the majority which have paedophilic tendency are completely harmless. Infact I wouldn't mind betting that the majority of men are pedos. So suck it up bithes. Many other animals are pedos too which is completely naturally. 1950 homo out. You gov. Fuckwits.
>> No. 101458
If u 2 r ever alone and play any kinda games...make some small bets...like if she wins u will do her chorse for 2 days but if u win she has to do some of the things u do...then on ur next bet say if u when we can do what ever u want..but if u win then say do what ever u want..but dont go to far..only rub her leg to let her no u want that pussy...thats how i got my 11 yr old step daughter..rub it first..move to licking it then do the 69...next few times eat it finger it then stick it n
>> No. 101463
I'd love be to get into her
>> No. 101464
I'd love be to get into her
>> No. 101495
No, do not do it. It will eventually ruin your life and there are alternatives.

Most men don't realize just how manipulative and toxic female nature is to men. She is very dangerous and she cares nothing for you. She's using her sexuality as a game against you.

If you fuck her, she can hold it against you for the rest of your life, she can ruin you at any time she chooses and she could care less about you. Women have no remorse, shame or feelings when it comes to men. She'll have her 'metoo' moment and totally destroy you and not give it a second thought.

If you start fucking her, it gives her power not only over you but over her mother as well. Suppose she gets into an argument with her mother? All she has to do is tell her mom you've been fucking her to get back at her. She'll strike an emotional blow against her mother and destroy your life and possible send you to prison all without consequence to her.

She is about the most mentally unstable person you'll ever encounter. A teen aged female. The odds of her not telling someone you fucked her are less than 5%.

Most likely she's flirting with you - letting you get little looks now and then - because she's experimenting with her new found power over men and especially over you. She'll use that pussy to manipulate you and have something to hold over her mother's head.

You have to be smarter than that and realize the inherent evil in female nature. Don't do it and stay away from her.

There are alternatives. Go to the Philippines or Vietnam or Cambodia and fuck all the teen girls you want. Keep a low profile and keep it over age 12 and there's very little risk. Develop a cover story as to why you're going there. Find a single mother with a cute daughter who needs financial help. Stay for a couple weeks and have the daughter live with you. Give the mother some money. Satisfy your need that way, it's less of a risk.

Fucking your step daughter is WAY too risky and knowing what I know about females, they will end up destroying you.
>> No. 106085
There are rugular looking glasses with built in Camera. There are pretty good you simply wear them and she won't even know you are making movie. They are cheap check aliexpress.com there are tons of them available.
>> No. 107258
are u assholes going nekrophile
>> No. 107412
This girl has a gorgeous ass. You are one lucky guy.
>> No. 107485
Get her hooked on heroin and dependent on you. Then fuck her in the ass and see if your wife is open to a threesome. Kidding of course. Fact: you should never have sex with someone underage. It's not worth it. Don't be stupid.
>> No. 107494
Not worth it. Even 20 or 30 years later it could bit you in the ass.
>> No. 107540
Obviously, the answer is no. This should be fantasy only - absolutely never under any circumstances take it to the next level. Her life is not yours to ruin.
>> No. 107543
Not worth it for you or her, even if she enjoys it. Stick to the fantasy realm in my opinion. If you do so, neither of you have something to lose and you still have something to gain. You have the blessing of her presence and creeping. Pick your poison.
>> No. 107624
Thank you, everyone, for your comments and suggestions. I really enjoyed reading everyone's ones opinion, from both the light side and the dark.

I was "REALLY" drunk and horny when I first posted this. Even though I fantasize about having sex with my step-daughter several times a week. I am sure that is where it will remain, a fantasy.
>> No. 109387
Wow! I want to tap that ass.
>> No. 109404
I had an experience with my 8yo daughter a couple of weeks ago. I had just finished showering and didn't put my clothes on because I was extremely exhausted from working a 17 hour shift. I dozed off nude in my bed with my bedroom door shut and my blanket partially over my lower extremities. My daughter knocked on my door but even though I heard her, I didn't respond because I didn't feel like being bothered because I was dead tired and hoping she would go away. But she just kept knocking and calling my name. Without warning she slowly open the door and came in but she jetted back out the door seeing I was nude. I laid there pretending to be sleep and sure enough, I heard my door creek back open. She whispered, "daddy?" I didn't respond. So I heard small footsteps tapping closer toward me. She lightly tapped me but I still played sleep. So she got a little more daring and slowly but cautiously pulled my blanket back exposing my flaccid penis. I moved my leg a little bit to see what she would do. She went under the bed and I went back to pretending to be sleep. After about a couple of minutes, she slowly got back up only this time she started tapping my penis to test me. I started to get very erect but I knew I had to maintain my fake sleep. She started to leave her hand on my penis long and longer but her fear of waking me up must've prompted her to leave my room. Now she asks me when I'm going to bed every night and I've been sleeping naked more often. This is a great way to introduce dick to them because kids can be very curious and horny. Now she has no problem with me touching her when she's fake sleeping, LOL. She even tells me when she's going to bed so I can play in her little holes. This is an absolute true event. I reap no benefit from lying. Just thought I'd share a method/experience that worked for me and could probably work for you. Kids like nude bodies.
>> No. 109408
Great Story.
>> No. 109409
Awesome. Merry Christmas.
>> No. 109478
Wow! Your story is actually believable. That's a first on the Chans.
>> No. 109515
You need to share more experiences.
>> No. 109776
When my step daughter was 14, she wanted something real bad, like the last can of soda or something. I said sure, if you let me stick my toe up your ass. She just bent over and went, "ok". Then she turned around and said, "wait, you mean like ALL the way in?" I nodded , and again, she said "ok". I told her to go take the soda. When she was 15 she wanted a day off school, and I said, "sure, if you let me stick my dick up your ass." She went white, and said "no". I've given her gbl when she was sick, but it didn't make her sleep, so I couldn't do anything. I've tried hiding cameras in her room, but can't get a good angle where it's hidden enough. She's 17 now, and I still fantasize about her bending over, in her PJ's and going "ok". But it would've fucked me up
I'm glad I got to play down me asking to fuck her, but it might not have gone away.
I'd still fuck her, first opportunity I got
I'll stick to the videos here
>> No. 110224
just go ahead fuck the shit out of her, seems like all young girls these days do it anyways
>> No. 110275
You are very late my friend. 17 is too old. You has to fuck her when she was 7.
>> No. 110476
I've been letting my next door niebor 12 year old pay to do some hose cleaning she told me she told me she wanted me to fuck her her first time I dident want to but could not resist cute little blond tits are stating to poke out and had some hair on pussie it was amazing
>> No. 110585
Some punctuation, in your post, would be helpful. :)

>> No. 110618
With 17 they already had plenty of other guys. If you want to fuck your (step-)daughter, you need to start grooming her around 11 or 12. It is only fun if you are the first
>> No. 111994
Ask her about her bush and suggest your helping hand with shaving it off. If she is open minded enough, it should work.
>> No. 111997
i would and like it was said 7 is a better age .i love lil girls alot for love
>> No. 112057
Did she clean the hose by hosing it down with another hose?
>> No. 113794
I would advise you not to touch her. Keep doing what you're doing with the hidden cams and wanking. You can buy outlet expanders with rotating surfaces. I have one that has 3 outlets on each side and they rotate 90 degrees. It helps to get just the right angle from hidden cam shots.
>> No. 113842
Unless she comes to you, don't push it. Its up to her so let her make this choice.
>> No. 127737
Supported file types are: GIF, JPG, MP4, PNG, WEBM
>> No. 127741
Fucked my 14 y.o. niece (daughter of cousin) when I was 25
It was the Best sex ever
But she liked me really much. Cannot say if I would fuck step daughter. Too many underwater rocks. But anyway good luck to you, OP
>> No. 127768
Any tips, how did you get to that point. tactics or whatever
>> No. 130544
Did you yet?
>> No. 135856
I started fucking my niece when she was 11. We started playing when she was 9 [she got her period at 8, so her hormones her active]It was a very slow subtle seduction to the point she thought it was her idea. last time I fucked her was 5 years ago. she just turned 17.
>> No. 135859
>she got her period at 8

>> No. 136126

I really dont give a fuck if you believe me. Of course there is no way for me to prove it to you, and wouldnt care to if there was anyway. But you need to educate yourself. The average age of onset of puberty is 10. That means 1/2 of girls are starting before then.
>> No. 136417
Why did you stop fucking her? There is nothing better than feeling a girl grow up. I loved it to have the tiny titties grow into my full hand, to see how she looses her shyness and gets demanding or when she tells you about that cute guy at school and you just fuck her hard, knowing she dreams it was him.

But the best thing is, when she eventually sleeps with a boy her age and is greatly disappointed. She was already 16 when that happened and it was the second best sex of my life - almost as good than taking her virginity.
>> No. 137282
fuck her

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