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/hebe/ ~ difficult choice
File 153720070392.jpg - (681.99KB , 1594x1192 , g075cc9d21lam6gd30xipq7.jpg )
84062 No. 84062
If you were given a choice to choose between...
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>> No. 84063
No contest. BJ all day long.
>> No. 84068
File 153720216723.jpg - (24.50KB , 297x550 , pbtroll.jpg )
I'd take the ounce, sell it for $1200, add $2000 for plane tickets and hotel, and get 9 more loli blowjobs in Cambodia.
>> No. 84137
Na, your calculations don't add up. You forgot to factor in the medical expenses needed to treat all the diseases you'd pick up from those Cambodian girls!
>> No. 84170
BJ cause money comes and goes but memories are forever.

Really Kike, Quantity over quality....
>> No. 84208
>BJ all day long
Not me. I choose them, but balls-deep anal for hours until they are sweaty messes. And of course, I would video it in HD and post it here for my fellow Anon. I have an honest-to-god 8", suitably-rigid cock so it would be a good show.

Either that or we would go bowling.
>> No. 84234
But Cambodian lolli wont be blonde, blue eyed and fair skinned. They are more likely to be black haired, darkish skinned and probably a bit whiffy in the gusset regions.
>> No. 84297
So give 'em a fucking bath, then. Jeez, you white boys...
>> No. 84328
Is there a place you can go to fuck white girls as easily as fucking girls in Cambodia? What's a poor white country where you could get away with it?
>> No. 84335
I'd rather take the two girls, of course.
On condition that they are both virgin and have no bad diseases.
For my taste, girls should be 10 to 12, no pubic hair and flat chested, or a slight bump of their tits.
I don't complain about their races, skin, hair, eye colours as long as they are cute girls.
>> No. 84337
>>84328 You can do it in every white country, at least as long as it is still mostly white, the only condition you have to be circumcised.
>> No. 84338
russia obviously
>> No. 84343
Probably most of the old soviet blok countries would be best. Or any of the poorer countries bordering mexico or any of the smaller islands around cuba.
>> No. 84344
almost any girl between 10 and 12 will have some pubic hair even if it is just blonde fluff. If you look closely you will see a light down covering around most girls pussies as young as 5 or 6.
>> No. 84370
You are so wrong about a former soviet countries. Im from one of them. This time is over when the old order had collapsed and the new one was not created yet so you could do whatever you wanted.
I'd rather recommend liberal countries like Netherlands or Sweden, even if you get caught you will spend couple of years in a three star hotel what they call their euro prison. And you definitely do not want to be caught in Russia with this "topic", you will not leave from Russian prison alive.
>> No. 84373
If the Russian mafia got to you they'd have your bollocks on a skewer like a shish kebab. Of course if you like that kind of body piercing.....
>> No. 84377
I stand corrected. Thank you for that information. I dont normally assume anything. Thanks........
>> No. 84382
I will take the gold, it's less risky and lasts longer and is worth more.
>> No. 84410
File 153730913694.jpg - (70.39KB , 928x732 , thatsmyboy.jpg )
>> No. 84412
I'll take the gold but Polly is welcome to marry me for free US citizenship.
>> No. 84425
I will take a BJ from the oldest while I eat the little ones pussy. Then do it the other way around. Fuck the gold.
>> No. 84427
Give me the blowjob anytime darlings
>> No. 84749
well, I could get the gold for rent a womb to have my own daughter.
>> No. 84835

Fucking idiots saying nigger girls are cute... Yukk
>> No. 84841
Fuck the blowjob and the gold, just let me at those sweet bald hairless pussies. put the little one on top of her sister both spread wide open and let me lick, suck and eat those tender young snatches. That is worth all the gold I need.
>> No. 94603
Um... yes it does, that's how I had it
>> No. 137204
>> No. 137313
Of course you pick the BJ. If you wanted to create a hard choice, you should have put like 5Kg of gold on the right side. 30g of gold is nothing.
>> No. 137361
Gold , there to young for my taste
>> No. 137559
then i would buy them and make them my personal slaves
win win
>> No. 137676
With that gold bar I can go to Ukraine, Hungary, Poland, Brazil or other US colony and buy 100 kids to blow me at same time.
>> No. 137684
I take the girls, the gold is worth $2000 on a good day which won't buy much in today's economy.
The two girls would be a thrill of the lifetime (priceless) !!!!
>> No. 137685
good call
>> No. 137733
Now that you ask, I'd take the gold.

Hmm, guess I care more about money than I thought.
>> No. 137880
This question has the interesting side effect of showing where you come from. Developing countries are poor but it's easier to get a loli making the ounce more economically feasible, whereas rich whites don't need anymore money but will be lynched if they touch a loli so they pick the blowjob.

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