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/hebe/ ~ How to approach
File 153807617112.jpg - (107.29KB , 591x494 , 7634crop.jpg )
86472 No. 86472
Hi, my little princess is turning into the age of 7 next week and I promised myself long time ago that at this moment I want my piece of cake.

So, I don't want to hurt her physically, but on the other hand, I don't want to go vanilla. It must be full sex. I want to penetrate my daughter's every hole.

So I kindly ask you, guys, if you have some personal experience on that matter - how should I approach this? Some practical tips and tricks would be helpful.

Thanks in advance :)
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>> No. 86473
Unless you want to regret it for the rest of your life, you should break your promise.
>> No. 86474
say goodbye to your happy family
>> No. 86487
File 15380803458.jpg - (102.53KB , 867x668 , 6825370.jpg )
>> No. 86490
the sweetest part of this puzzle is that young ladies want the attention ever bit as much as you want to give it...seek not...allow
>> No. 86496
хуй тебе на плечи за такие речи.
>> No. 86500
You waited too long. You should have started touching her when she was a toddler, just soft playful stuff like tickle and rubbing her bald little cunt. She would have been used to that by now perhaps even wanting it. You blew it dude, have another baby girl and start from scratch at the age of 3.
>> No. 86501
Dont touch her for the love of all things holy please dont
>> No. 86504
Bring your expiations down to just a BJ.

Whip cream and chocolate syrup.
>> No. 86505
fuck her asshole. cum on her pussy. post pics.
>> No. 86509

If your daughter is special to you then you shouldnt be sharing this shit on the interwebs with a bunch of perverts. I feel bad for her if you could care less. Dont get me wrong. I am 100% for it if consensual but this does not sound like you will be waiting for a green light from her.
>> No. 86517
That is how old I was my first time, oxycodone, ecstasy, and lube will make it fun for both of you. If you do it right, she will grow up to be a kinky pervert like me ;-) Good luck!
>> No. 86521
Unless you're a slav, don't do it.
>> No. 86545
Rape and fuck the shit out of the little bitch. Make her into the Lolita slut you always wanted her to be. Tie her up in bondage, make her helpless, drill that tight tiny cunt until it bleeds. Blow your load all over her and keep telling her that she is a no good little cunt, fuck her hard again, plowing her balls deep ripping her insides apart with your shaft of steel until she begs you for moar. That little princess is now your 7yo whore. Invite your friends over for an orgy and fill every hole of hers with cock and semen, cum all over her so she enjoys a hot cum bath. Double fuck her ass and pussy while she has a mouth full of cock while she has a cock in each hand turning her into a true baby cock loving nympho slut. Give her $50.00 every time she performs and she will be the best little porn star of the century.
>> No. 86555
Oh come on man!!...this cannot be true... and you are so cynical to call her " my little princess " this comment must be a fake or just a joke but if you are talking seriously, you are insane, it is repugnant. How could a real and responsible father not even think in a thing like that? If you really love her you cannot feel eroticized or horny by your own daughter, if you really want to fuck a little girl Why don't you think how to find the way to fuck someone else's daughter, for example, your neighbor's daughter and face the moral or legal consequences that it might bring to your life, I am not an Angel and I think that sexually savoring a little girl could be exciting and delicious if she agrees on it of course! but...your own daughter?? and post it in a place like this?? Come on man..are you crazy??..I hope you are not talking seriously but if so? you are nothing but an animal... worse than an animal!! I feel pain for her and your family!!
>> No. 86576
Well said
>> No. 86603
Relax, the guy's a total faking fuckwit who will be beating his meat to how many are joining in his fantasy. If ya gonna deflower little girls, do it to someone else's daughter and don't stick your stupid fat cock into tender and easily damaged little holes.
>> No. 86636
lets get morals out of the way.
You'll hurt your family more often than not. Its against the law. If you're not extremely careful you will ruin everything you have.
You know all this already.
I am sexually active with my daughter, wife is ok, daughter is ok. Everyone is happy.

If you don't want to hurt her and don't have a micro penis you won't get in her holes for a few more years. If you do love her you will respect her wishes.

Here is the best advice I can give besides the "don't do it" type:
If you're a sick fuck who wants to hurt her this advice will help the girl. If you're a loving dad who really cares this will help you AND her.

ALWAYS ALWAYS, make sure she wants it and never coerce, force, or encourage it with rewards. If you bribe her it WILL come back to you.
You will only stay out of prison if she WANTS to cover your ass. Threatening her into submission will work, until it doesn't and you get murdered in prison. Bribes will work until they don't.
Make sure you're a good father, and a kind sexual partner and she will more than likely WANT to protect you, keeping the secret and having a good relationship with you. WHEN she says 'no' its no. Push or force and you'll find yourself in prison sooner than you realize.
>> No. 86642
Ok, you're right, I won't do it. Tnx for advise.
>> No. 91465

How did you tell your wife? What was your plan if it backfired?
>> No. 91469

Dont't touch your daughter.
She is an Angel and you have a beautiful family.
>> No. 91505
File 15399595615.jpg - (481.31KB , 1536x2048 , LM-F-12-06-13 (44).jpg )

It's a good thing that there's a hurtmeh forum on deepweb, so I can share all rape stuff there.
>> No. 91519
Truthfully it was the luckiest stroke of idiocy I've ever had. My plan was to run the fuck away if it backfired which is obviously a shit plan. As I told her I was trying to figure out what the fuck I was thinking.
The most "planning" that was involved was deliberately getting uptight about how our daughter dressed and gauging how she responded.
She started flaunting our daughter at home (bikin's, new underwear and such) which is probably why I let slip, but I can't stress enough that it was stupid and damn lucky for me.
>> No. 94067
Get her alone and watch a movie or her favorite show. Spike her drink with vodka. When she's out cold, rape that bitch.
>> No. 94068
Get her alone and watch a movie or her favorite show. Spike her drink with vodka. When she's out cold, rape that bitch.
>> No. 114839
File 154720077356.png - (790.88KB , 663x885 , nurse.png )
Hi, i am a real nurse and i have some experience both as a child with my dad and later with a few girls. She looks very cuteand sweet by the way.

In my experience as a child i think it wasn't a bad experience, i did love the special attention and affection.
1. Best to be alone with her away frim home so it seems more like a date. Find a reasin to take her to a nice hotel for a weekend

2. Keep it affectionate and gentle if you dont want to cause her later emotional problems

3. Make it sort of a gama a special secret game
My dad played doctor with me. It was embarrassing but also kind of exciting to expose my privates.

4 go slow a little touching and exploration at first and explain to her about a mans penis and why it ge5s hard.

5 next move to some gental oral licking feels good she will like it.

6 masterbate for her and let her see you com and taste it on your finger before you try to cum in or on her

7. When you are ready to try some penetrateion, i reccomend rectal. At that age the pelvic bone has not expanded so vaginal penetrateion can be very painfull or even do damage. Also at her age her rectym is more sensitive to stimulation than her vagina. The nerves dont fully develop there till puberty.

8.when penetrating her rectum use some ky and squirt some up her bottom first with the nozel end. There is no natural lubricate there, once you push past the sprinter your finger should go in easily. Try telling her to push like shes trying to poo then r3lax this helps the spinter open up.

9 lastly its not unusual for girls that age to pee in little spirts when stimulated, lay down a tiwel and tell her its normal.

Hope its good for you both.....
>> No. 114934
very good advice
>> No. 114948
Well Nurse if that picture really is you, can we play doctor.....? I'm 28! Your like the perfect wife. I hope you find a likeminded partner in life. Hot for nurse I am :)
>> No. 114965

This is touching (pun not intended). I hope your relationship with your father is still just as good. Pending he isnt in jail.
>> No. 114976
>8.when penetrating her rectum use some ky and squirt some up her bottom first with the nozel end.

An enema first if you can get her to do it. While fags like to talk about fudge packing, nothing more painful for a little girl then trying to go to the bathroom after anal sex when she has a tight plug of shit blocking the passage.
>> No. 118724
this is almost exactly how I seduced my niece when she was 9. Only difference was I knew my niece had some sexual curiousity as she started her period at 8. I penetrated her vagina first as she was very responsive to touch over and under her clothes. although she was nervous, she was equally curious and aroused to consent to intercourse just after her 10th birthday. That was 4 years ago and we have enjoyed a very pleasurable relationship, although now she is beginning to gain the attention of boys her age. I suspect she has already given one lucky boy something he will never forget
>> No. 118760
>>114839 you have made the best reading in a while I would love to get to know you. You sound amazing

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