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/hebe/ ~ My Confession
File 153901422085.jpg - (376.03KB , 1200x1600 , 4491333E-A5E4-4D1F-8200-DC2AE175C039.jpg )
89073 No. 89073
Hi My Name is Olivia, I’m a pedo woman, new to all the Chan’s, however I have posted a few pictures on some of the threads including the peeing thread! My 7 year old Niece got me started on pee. Are there any other pedo women on here?
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>> No. 92862
Olivia and Charlotte too, you've got a great thread going here. Thanks for your shares and excited to hear of your new adventures
>> No. 92968

You are so fake, Your whole story is such shit, Found your photo off of les-amin naturists out of Quebec, Canada as your photo that you posted calms to be from France but was found in Canadian nudest site "This is one of my favorite pics I got while in France"

So yeah your story sounds too good to be true

>> No. 92969

PS also I found your OP from the opening post, so fuck off you fake fuck!

>> No. 92973
Hi Olivia,
It’s me Charlie, it’s been a while since I’ve been here and I have been having so much fun with my 3 nieces. As I mentioned previously I wanted to try to get my nieces into watersports. We still play “suppy” and I wanted to advance to getting them to pee. Now, being a woman and their aunt, they feel comfortable being naked around me since we all share the same thing between our legs. So, I was lounging on my chase getting some sun and the girls were naked swimming in the pool. They all got out and laid on their towels to dry off when the 5yo approached me and asked me to play “suppy” with her. “Ok sweetheart”, I said, so I got up and laid on my raft as usual. I had already drunk 4 IPA’s and really needed to pee. She got to my pussy, kissed it as usual and I let out a small amount of pee. “Auntie do pee pee” she said with a sour look on her face then leaped forward until her pussy was in my face where I kissed it and said “suppy”, keeping her straddled across my face and licking her. She jumped off and went around for another turn. Before she got to me I had my legs spread open which was very unusual since my legs were always close together. She got to the end of the raft, slid aboard face first with her mouth smack on my pussy and said “suppeeee, do pee again”. I was astonished and excited at the same time so I allowed a short flow to squirt out directly in her face and giggled. I looked at her wet little face and she was licking my pee from around her mouth. She leaped up on me and planted her pussy right on my mouth and said “my turn” and began to pee. She didn’t do much, just a couple of dribbles and said “auntie drink it”.
My other two nieces were watching us but I knew the 4yo had no clue about pee since she was still in training pants. Although being naked most of the time with me, I let her squat and pee on the ground when she needed to go. “I want to play to” I heard my 6yo say with her little sister right behind her saying ‘me to, me to, I want to play to”. Now I am on my 6th IPA and have a bladder full and really needed to go. The girls lined up as usual by age, when the 4yo got to my pussy I was already leaking and trying to hold it in so when she began to kiss it saying “suppy” I squirted out a stream and she raised her head slightly and laughed as she gurgled. She didn’t swallow any but did allow me to pee on her face and in her mouth. When she leaped forward and her pussy was over my mouth, I kissed it and said “suppy” and asked her if she needed to pee. “Yes auntie, I have to”. “Ok, honey” I said “do you want auntie to drink it?” “uhuh” she said “can I?” “It’s ok honey, you can if you want to”. I could feel her pee hit my face and had to adjust her position to get it into my mouth. I waited for her to finish then licked her dry.
Now, my 6yo niece not wanting to give her sister another chance, pushed her aside and told her “you already had your turn, it’s my turn now”. “Auntie” she said “I can do it myself”. “Ok sweetie” I said “you are the oldest and I’m sure you can”. She slid herself up on the raft holding my knees and going directly for my pussy. She started to kiss it saying “suppy, suppy, suppy”. All of a sudden, I erupted with a hot golden flow of pee and she allowed it to enter her mouth opening and closing it, letting it in then spilling it out and letting her face get soaked. I think I peed for 2 minutes emptying my full bladder all over her face. I could hear the other two giggling as my vag just kept erupting like a nonstop volcano. After I was empty and relieved, I closed my eyes for a spell, I felt so relaxed and fulfilled but when I opened my eyes I saw her kneeling over me holding her pussy open, exposing her pee hole looking at me with an evil grin she said “Auntie, now we have two games to play”. “Two games?” I asked. “Yup” she said “now we have suppy and pee pee suppy”. I looked up at her as she held herself open waiting for her to open her flood gates and said, “yes we do, so are you going to pee for me?” With an evil grin she said “uhuh” and began with just a dribble then to a steady flow of pee rocking back and forth squirting her pee all over me and giggling, I grabbed her hips and pulled her closer to my mouth making sure I wouldn’t miss a drop. When she was done I pulled her even closer sliding my tongue between her lips and licking and sucking her clit only to realize that I was eating her and loving it. OMG Olivia, I think this is the beginning of a whole new experience with my 3 nieces and so looking forward to more.
>> No. 93009
Personally, I don't care if Olivia doesn't post real pics of her family members especially of her or her nieces. I wouldn't and won't post any pics here either. I think it's to risky and who knows who might recognize me or my nieces. Who knows, I might not be the only girl perv in my family or circle of friends so cheers to Olivia and I will have an IPA just for you.
>> No. 93101
Honestly the way you treat women is insanely disrespectful. Shame on you’re self! You don’t belong on any of the Chan’s and you get certainly get the HELL off my thread! I don’t care where you think the picture came from, you have no idea that I can also post the pic in other places besides here!
>> No. 93103
File 154019484994.jpg - (758.43KB , 1600x1200 , IMG_5449.jpg )
thanks for this blog link!

i'm actively looking blogs with cute little girls for legit content

i need to rip this one too :3 i just need some heartwarming content when every other pedo from every corner pressures me to get nude/model/hc stuff
>> No. 93105
OMG that was amazing to read Charlotte, so my story is, me, my Sister, and Niece where in our hotel, and I got the thought in my head to grab my Nieces cute pink underwear off the floor after we all had stripped down. I licked the crotch of her parties, then it was time to begin with the fun, so I lay my Niece on her back on our bed and I had her open her legs, I woded her panties in a ball and laid the wod of panties over her vulva and had her pee on them. After she finished peeing I just took her freshly pee soaked panties and rubbed them all over me. While I was doing that my Niece wanted the same treatment, so she grabbed my panties and woded them into a ball, placed them over my vulva and rubbed my freshly pee soaked panties all over herself. Keep in mind we had drank a lot of water so we could keep the panties wet. After doing that for a while we then peed on each other a few times. We peed on each others belly, chest, and vulva. After that I came a lot and so did my Niece. So we then sat and watched a movie and because we drank a lot of water we still had some left over. At this point my Sister joined in. So while sitting on the bed watching the movie I was cuddling my Niece when she needed to pee, she peed on me soaking me and the bed, I peed on the bed and my leg was tucked under my Sister and she also peed on the bed while also peeing on my leg. After the movie we soaked the bed pretty good. And before the night ended, we did our usual bath time peeing fun. The at bedtime to end our night the bed had almost dried completely, my Niece peed on the floor in front of the entertainment center. My Sister and came and we went to bed happy that night!
>> No. 93107
Welcome Sweet Baby Girl. I hope to hear more from you soon Sweet Heart!
>> No. 93843
Hi Liv,
I want to share another experience with you and again it is a bit long. Very unexpected but a new experience for me. It brings back some things in my memory which I thought were buried forever.
>> No. 93844
Hi Liv,
I want to share another experience with you and again it is a bit long. Very unexpected but a new experience for me. It brings back some things in my memory which I thought were buried forever.
>> No. 93845
Most Definitely Charlie! I actually like reading lengthy stories! I’m ready!
>> No. 93880
I love hearing your stories. Don't worry about it being long, they're great.
>> No. 93888
Dang it I just realized that I forgot to put my name on the post again! Any yes I would love to read another story Charlie! I love your stories!
>> No. 94056
Hi Olivia,
Charlie here and I have to tell you about my most exciting experience. I didn’t plan this to happen this way and it was something I have never done before with any of my nieces. Me and my 5yo niece were at the pool naked as usual and just wading in the shallow end and hitting a bit red ball back and forth. We got out of the pool and laid on our lounge chairs to enjoy some sun. It was getting a bit chilly so I decided to head off to the hot tub with my niece in tow. We stepped into the tub and I got into a position with my back against the jets feeling them massage my back and shoulders. It felt so good so I laid my head back to relax and enjoy my water massage. It was only for a short time, just a couple of minutes and I awoke to find my niece straddled across my legs with her head on my shoulder sleeping. It was such a wonderful and tender moment I wish there was someone there to take a picture. I turned my head and kissed her on her cheek and began to rub her tiny wet butt in a circular motion and I felt this warm feeling inside. My hands began to caress the back of her legs as far as they could stretch and then I brought them back to her butt and kept this motion going, barely breathing and having a feeling of comfort and joy at the same time. I didn’t want to disturb her sleep and I thought that my caressing her was making her sleep sounder so I kissed her again but this time on the nose which woke her up groggy and lazy eyed. She looked at me, kissed me and said “that feels nice auntie”, placed her head on my other shoulder and closed her eyes. I let out a slight sigh, kissed her cheek and continued to caress the back of her legs and butt. I could feel my pussy beginning to ooze and get wet and couldn’t help myself and slid my thumbs and index fingers in between her tiny wet butt and squeezing her butt cheeks. I was able to do this for about 5 minutes when she finally woke up with my hands squeezing her ass. She lifted herself up, looked at me and said “I love you auntie”, then put her arms around my neck and gave me a big long kiss right on my lips ending with a “mwah” sound. I looked at her and smiled and said “auntie loves you to” and kissed her back, right on her lips and ending with a “mwah” sound. We kept on kissing like this giving each other lip to lip kisses saying “love you”, love you too” and ending with those “mwah” sounds. My hands were still just resting on her butt with my two index fingers twirling while we kissed but I knew I wanted to kiss her more passionately. So, I removed my hands from her behind and placed them gently on the back of her head and held her there while we kissed. I began trying to making out with her, opening my mouth, sucking on her lips and gliding my tongue over them. She pulled away for a moment, looked at me and came back to me with closed mouth and her tongue out. She licked my lips and while she was doing that I stuck my tongue out and we allowed our tongues to touch and wiggle against each other. We giggled for a bit and I knew she didn’t mind kissing so I began rubbing her butt and the back of her legs again. I repositioned myself in the hot tub allowing the jets to hit my pussy knowing that when she straddled me again the jets would hit her between her legs. When we were in our new position we continued to kiss and suck face. I started rubbing her legs and butt again, gliding my hands up and down her inner thighs and sliding my thumbs and index fingers between her legs and rubbing gently against her clit and butt hole while kissing and making out with her. She is only 5yo and my niece but I just couldn’t stop. I took my left arm and laid it on her lower back still sucking face and slobbering I slid my middle finger up and down from her clit to her butt hole. I teased her butt hole with my finger, rimming her with a circular motion and sliding my finger in up to the cuticle. She didn’t flinch, moan or complain so I stopped. I lifted her head away from my face and said “auntie loves you so much, I love doing this with you”. “I love you too auntie” she said and wrapped her arms around my neck and began making out with me and sucking my face with those “mwah” sounds. As I said before it was a might sloppy but she tried her best. Realizing that she didn’t seem to mind my finger in her butt I proceeded to try to get it in further. As I pushed I could feel her butt clench so I stopped and asked her if I was hurting her. “No auntie” she said “but when you put your finger in there it makes me feel like a need to go poo”. I told her that it was a normal feeling and not to worry about pooing on my finger. We kissed, hugged and began making out again and again I began rubbing her ass crack gently trying to get my middle finger in her butt. I could tell she was getting tired, most likely from the warm water and she fell asleep with her thumb in her mouth. I got out of the tub holding her in my arms, laid her on the lounge chair, covered her with a towel and climbed back into the hot tub thinking about what just happened. I know I’m going to try this again some time in the near future but I will start a lot sooner before she gets sleepy. I’ll let you know how that works out.
>> No. 94101
Beautiful Story Charlie! We have not been doing much here. We are still working on packing and actually we will be finished today. We now have to have a truck come in to transport our things to customs for inspection before finally getting them on a ship. Hopefully we get the truck in tomorrow and while we wait for customs to inspect our stuff we will be on a flight to our new home! But before bed we have played our usual games because my Niece seems to sleep good if we play before bed! Once we get to our new house while we wait for our things to arrive we will definitely be doing a lot more fun with her pee and vulva! I want to try a pee holding contest with her, my Sister, and my self. So when we get to our new home I’ll let you know how it goes!
>> No. 94103
And again with forgetting to put my damn name on the post! Fuck My Life!
>> No. 94283
I've been out like that since I was ten sleep play with my major thing like to sample the merchandise when they're asleep how are younger than me some older got my stepmom to come from a family of incest my favorite age ranges is from 5 to 15 girls not into boys or men but willing to train a young one in how to use his tool. Like i did my stepson from 12yr to 16.while i sexual adviced his 15yr sis while letting my hood homiez fuck her .i recently fucked my daughter starting from 9yr to 11yr can't take all the credit her stepdad and his meth dealer prepared her for me bout time i got her she was taking grown dick witb ease bbc to my surprise the meth dealer was black. Stepdad told me they tag teamed her for an 8ball
>> No. 94349
hello I understand you, if you want to write me on my private email we can freely talk about our passions, oktana2016@yandex.com
>> No. 94366
Hello, great to read the stories here, glad theres going on enough, grew up on nudist resorts pro incest/childsex as kid in 70/80s with sis, niece and other kids that all got cocks and cum. Incest was legal there guys walk hard, openly sex. I love to vring our kind together, pedos unite! Love the black meth dealer story btw! Greatz to all
>> No. 94553
Charlotte! I said I was going to do the pee holding contest with my Sister and Niece. So we arrived at our house and we don’t have any furniture because our belongings are in transit, except our luggage with our laptops and tablets, and our hiegine products. Our living room has a blue carpet throughout. So we got nude, we went ahead and decided to do the pee holding contest, we drank 2 bottles of water each, sat down in the living room on the floor! I decided to cuddle with my Niece, this will prove to be the best decision I made later on! So we sit and watch one of our favorite tv shows on YouTube. At time goes on my Niece and I feel the Urge to pee, but knowing we are doing the pee holding contest we ignore it and continue watching YouTube! A little bit of time goes by my Niece is very fidgety at this point, besides fidgeting from my Niece I’m still doing ok, we continue watching, but at this time I am getting very horny knowing how badly my Niece has to pee and I have to pee. I then bring my Niece closer to me so her pussy is on my lower stomach! I already just want to masturbate, but refrain from doing so afraid of losing control of my bladder and lose the contest. I try ignoring my hornyness and the urge to pee and continue watching YouTube. Then after a couple of minutes my Niece loses control of her bladder and her pee is slashing every where, and I never seen my Neice power piss before, but oh my god she was power pissing, I positioned my Niece a little lower and had her piss hit my Vulva and instantly got an orgasm, the best one to date, in the midst of my orgasm I lost control of my bladder and pissed all over the lower part of my Niece, she had finally finished pissing after a minute of peeing, while I was pissing on her, my Niece then had her orgasm, and I peed for a minute straight as well. My Sister looks over at us and the beautiful pee mess we made, my Sister was ready to orgasm as well, she then said well it looks like I won! I said sure did! She then let out her piss, and added to the mess my Niece and I made! She then rubbed her clit for a few seconds and had her orgasm. The rest of the day I couldn’t get my mind off of seeing my 7 year old Niece power piss and give me the best orgasm of my life!
>> No. 94572
Hope we cpuld chat. i have Kik, telegram if interested. hope you could give the chance to perverto your niece
>> No. 94830
I'm down for ir too
>> No. 95618
Hi Liv, that was an amazing story and made me very wet just thinking and imagining how hot wet piss can fill a room with aromatic and erotic smells. I have to tell you about my very first squirting orgasm which I experienced with my 3 nieces. I am going to write it in "word" then post it here. I really enjoy sharing stories and experiences with you and hope we can continue. I don't have kik or instagram or Facebook and tend to stay away from social media as to keep my personal life away from the general public. I share my information here only because there are others like us who share our feelings and desires and our sexual attraction to children. Although, most of the pedo ppl here are men it's very rare to find a pedo girl/woman willing to admit their love of preteens. Some or most pedo woman are into boys and that's ok, but not me. I have a very strong attraction to preteen girls and my nieces. I do have a GF but she has no idea how I carry on with my nieces. I actually enjoy spending more time with my nieces because they make me feel like a little girl again. They have no idea about pussy hair or puberty because auntie has a smooth bald vagina which makes them feel and or treat me as their equal. Ok, auntie has boobies and they love to play with them and I can hardly wait until my oldest niece begins to bud and sprout her nipples. Of course that will be a few years from now but from what I can already see she is going to have a great rack. I will bet that she is going to have and be in a 32b before her 10th birthday. I am going to begin my story in "word" and will publish it when complete. Eat more preteen pussy, drink more preteen girl pee. After all, that's what our Lady Lord God intended.
>> No. 95619
Yeah, NOT happening, sorry
>> No. 95652
Yeah I totally agree with everything you just said Charlie! I don’t have any type of social media accounts because I don’t like putting my personal life, my Sisters life, or my Nieces life out to the world to see. I like being able to come here and share the things my Niece, my Sister, and I have done together. I will continue to come here and share my stories. When I was a little girl, I liked when me and my step brother did things together, but as I got older I developed an attraction to little girls and water sports, I would never turn back either. I love having my Niece around to give each other the beautiful feeling of an orgasm!
>> No. 95830
I look forward to hearing your story Charlie.
>> No. 99497
Charlie, I haven’t read your story yet! My Niece and I sleep together all the time, so last night we decided to try something different. My Niece wakes up about 3 to 4 times a night to go the bathroom to pee, when she wakes up I wake up because we have to uncuddle so she can go to the bathroom, she doesn’t like to wake me up just so she can pee, so I went to a hardware store and purchased a role of clear plastic and I put it on top of the mattress, and put a plastic fitted sheet over that, then I took an old sheet we had in the linen closet and put that on over that. Then we put the bed back together and l my stood there and watched what I did in the nude of course, (my god did she look so gorgeous though) after I was finished, I told her, now you don’t have to wake me up and uncuddle you can pee just laying in bed when you need to pee. So this morning I woke up and I was definitely soaked and so was she, and to me it was the best feeling in the whole world. I turned on my back and put her on my stomach and hugged her. We stayed like that for a while and then she told me I want you to have your first cum of the day, I was a little confused at first but then I felt her pee running down my pussy, I quickly realized oh that’s what she meant, and pretty quick I came with her pee running down my pussy. Later in the day after lunch we did some things with my Sister that made me squirt for the first time. I’ll tell that story at a later time!
>> No. 99841
That was solo hooot
>> No. 100287
I cum so hard just by reading this! Pls Olivia and Charlie,keep posting
>> No. 101156
I'm a 16 y/o boy and I'll exchange pics and vids of me in exchange for girls
>> No. 104450
I had a squirting story I was going to tell you but I was kind of waiting on Charlotte, but I haven’t heard from her yet, I hope all is well. So I will tell you a little story of how I got started on changing my preferences from boys and guys to little girls. I used to live in a trailer park back in the states a long time ago, back when I was just 8 years old. We had a House just up the hill from ours which had this cute 4 year old girl living there, then just catty corner from on the left side of our house across the street was where this other cute 5 year old girl lived. Back then our three mobile homes are brand new and very nice houses. At 7 years old I had a big brother his age at the time was about 12 years old he’s been touching me since I was in my later year of 6 years old. I have enjoyed every moment of when he and I could be alone in either his room or mine and strip for him so he can touch me. He always used to give me the best orgasms. One day after having met this cute 4 year old a few months back I was swinging on our swing set on a nice day. She came down to my house we swung and talked for a bit and she sad I want to show you something that will feel good, I got kinda nervous at first, we went to the sea saw part of the swing set and I placed my hands on the bar in front of me, she then opened her legs to get her leg over the sea saw and her shorts were short shorts and I saw she had no panties on. As soon as she got in place she started rubbing her vulva with her shorts still on over my nuckels and I started enjoying that, the look on her face told me she loved it. Then I began thinking should I stop her and pull her shorts off and have her vulva exposed to me and and rub her bare vulva over my nuckels. I didn’t do that and I think about that today and always wondered why I never pulled her shorts off. After a while of that she had her orgasm, and then she asked me to do the same. So even at 8 years old my brother liked touching me as I said before, so to make it easier for him I too was not wearing panties! So as I was getting into position she too saw I had no panties. So I rubbed my vulva with my shorts on over her nuckels and after a while I had an orgasm as well, but this orgasm felt different from what my brother would give me, this one felt a little more powerful then normal. And the rest of the time we were outside we just talked and then went inside. But this was not the last time I saw her, we hung out all the time. About a month later after the 4 year old and I doing our thing, I hung out with the 5 year old girl. Through the times we had together we did a lot of sexual things together. She also influenced me into public nudity. In this mobile home park kids running around nude was the norm. So one day we hung out we had a pool in our back yard and she comes over and swims with us. We swim for a good while, the we all get out. She then wanted to walk around the neighborhood so we (me and her) walked around the neighborhood wearing our bikinis. About 2 blocks from our house on the way back she pees through her bikini bottom. She loved peeing outside any chance she got. Then we walked back to the house and swam some more. Later on we left the pool she went home I went inside and changed. A few days later she came back over to play outside. This day was hot, so after a bit of playing she was sweating so was I and she said take your clothes off. I was taken back a little bit by that, she said go ahead take off your clothes it will be ok, go ahead. So we both got nude. And per usual once we were nude she peed standing up in our backyard! I felt like I had to pee too, so I thought awe why not, so I peed standing up as well. I actually kind of liked it so I would pee outside when I would have the chance. I look over and about a few feet away was my brother and he looked like he was super horny after seeing an 8 year old nude girl and a 5 year nude old girl pee outside! Me and her then just jumped in the pool and swam nude for a while! Then she grabbed her clothes and ran back home nude, I grabbed my clothes and went inside nude, my parents saw I was nude but didn’t care because every now and then I was nude around the house. So my brother managed to get me alone in my room while I was grabbing my pjs to have them set out for later on that night after my bath, I just ran around the house nude until after bath time. But me brother was touching me with one hand and the other masturbating him self from seeing two nude little girls outside and peeing. A few more days passed after that at the beginning of the day I played outside with the 4 year old girl and I finally got to touch her bare vulva and I absolutely love it. We hid in a wooded area near our house and we went inside and got nude and touching each other until we both orgasm and ended that with peeing where we where sitting then got redressed and the 5 year old girl came over and we played outside more then got naked played more and peed, then we took a walk through the neighborhood again this time while naked. I was holding her hand while we walked, then I began to think to myself “man this little girl is so sexy, I love seeing her nude”, then she opened her legs and then started peeing and I dropped my head to where I can get a clear view of her stream fresh from her vulva, and I became very aware that I was horny and I felt like I had a crush on this sexy little girl, and after that we continued walking back to the house. We discussed her staying the night at our house and sleeping in my room with me. So my parents called over to her parents house so she can get confirmation on if that’s cool with her parents or not. Her parents said yes they are cool with her staying the night with us. I got very excited I didn’t tell her yet but I very much had a crush on her. So we ran around the house nude together and before bath time I set up a secret spot in my closet which my closet was a very good size, this secret spot was not going to be known by my parents nor my brother, I wanted to take things to the next level with her peeing and mine too. So after that secret spot was good to go we got in the bath and everything was good mom left me and her alone and told us we have 30 minutes. So we washed our hair and bodies, and then I told my best friend “I have a crush on you”. Looks at and smiles, I have a crush on you too, we both hugged each other tightly for a minute and feeling her wet baby smooth skin was so incredible. After that we touched and while sitting in the water she placed my hand over her vulva and I could feel the hot stream of pee and after she finished I did the same with her after a while before it was time to get out of the tub she had to pee again, she had me bring my belly out of the water she stood over my belly and went pee and it felt so good. After she finished I rinsed her pee off of me, we got out of the tub and dried off and put our pjs on and went to our room. It was close to bedtime. She told me that she sleeps naked all the time every night, and she wanted me to try it, I’ve never slept naked so this was a new experience yet again for me. So we both get naked. Just one minute before bed both of us had to pee again, so I wanted to try something different and get a little bit more naughty and go to the secret spot in my closet, so I tell here come here and she gets in the closet with me and we get really close together and crouch down in I tell her it’s ok go ahead and pee on the carpet I need to pee to I’m going to do the same thing with you so we hold hand and make a big puddle of our pee on the carpet in my closet. The sound of both our pee streams hitting the carpet is such a sexy sound. After we finished peeing we get into bed and we cuddle together I put my right arm under her head, and my left hand on her vulva and she put her left arm under my armpit and her right hand over my vulva.
>> No. 104451
We kissed good night and fell asleep. Later on in the night I felt her peeing on my hand and got a little horny, I didn’t realize it at first but I began peeing too onto her hand. Once we woke up in the morning I could feel the wetness was still there after both of us had an over night pee. We both looked at each other and we laughed hugged and kissed. We both had to take a guess our second morning pee so we both went inside the closet again and peed on the carpet in the same place! From this day forward I knew I really liked little girls. There was no turning back and I began to distance my self from my brother and he began to touch me less and less to where his release came from cp and masturbating. I am 23 now and I as really blessed when my Niece came along and able to do with her as I did as a kid and water sports is her middle name, she loves to pee for me. My child hood crush has come to France and is living the nude life with me my Sister and Niece. We are going to get married, and it’s not going to be your tradition wedding, we are going to get married while nude. We recently also had a sperm doner sponsor us and we both are pregnant hoping for a little girl we can raise and then about 3 years old we can introduce them to what me and her did as kids and when they have kids they can keep the family tradition going!
>> No. 104453
I hope you guys enjoy the story of how my fantasies came to pass of what my life is now and spending the rest of my life with the girl I had a crush on as kids and now being able to marry her. This story took me 2 hours to write because I had so much stuff coming to mind with all the things we did as kids. I might keep you updated on things as far as our pregnancy and of the babies are girls or not, fingers crossed they’ll be girls. Charlotte I hope your reading this and all is well with you and you’re Nieces!
>> No. 104488
Thank you so much for that story Olivia. That was such a turn on and I'm glad things are working out for you and your friend. Good luck with your pregnancies. Please keep us (or at least me) up to date on how things are progressing.
>> No. 104700
Thank you so much. I definitely will try to provide updates as I get more info. It won’t be for another few months before we know the sex of the babies!
>> No. 106204
This is so hot, I want to watch you eat that pee and pussy
>> No. 106205
We should do a telegram or something
>> No. 107916
So yesterday was a pretty good day for me and my Niece. When we woke up yesterday morning my Niece came over to me and said “Auntie I want you to cuddle me and never stop, I can just go pee on you when I have to pee”. I don’t know why after she said that I glanced down at her beautiful pussy but I did and I always love looking at her beautiful 7 year old almost 8 year old pussy. I couldn’t deny her that, lord knows how much I love that little girl! I said back to her absolutely beautiful baby girl. She shreaked in happiness. I got out of bed we both shared the toilet and took our first pee of the day together, Brushed my teeth and my hair and we sat down to eat breakfast as a whole family. After breakfast my Niece then drank her first glass of water out of the many she had yesterday. We then went to the couch and sat down, I placed my Niece in a perfect position to where here stream would hit my upper bladder and run down on the couch cushion when she would start peeing. Because she wanted endless cuddles with me my Fiancé fetched us water. I didn’t drink as much as my Niece did though. So after about an hour and 2 glasses of water later she began to pee. OMG her pee felt so good. She began to giggle and I said I love you so much baby. She replied I love you too. I later began rubbing her little butt I loved touching her butt. She has a soft butt. She peed quite a few more times and after bath time and we just got cuddled in to bed she peed again because of the water she drank was still enough in her to make her pee before she fell asleep.
>> No. 107962

That Pepsi can has Russian labeling on it. You import Pepsi from Russia for your niece? lol Like someone else said, the other pix posted in this thread are from a Canadian nudist site, etc. Plus, it would appear, Olivia is also Charlie in this thread, and maybe one or two other posters lol It's all good I guess, but incredibly phony :P
>> No. 108197
No you stupid dumb ass, Charlie (Charlotte) has 2 Nieces she is an actual person. I haven’t seen her post in a while and I mentioned that in a post a little while back. I have 1, the Pepsi in the pic is Pepsi Max. In the US Pepsi Max is in black cans and in bottles it’s a black label. So if you can’t get your facts straight or your a fucking cop trying to cause problems then you can see your ass out of this thread and off this website and never come back!
>> No. 108199
I would like to chat trade with anyone who is also into pee
>> No. 108200
I would also like to chat or trade with anyone who is into peeing
>> No. 108496
So nice to see you here posting again Olivia. I've missed hearing about you and your niece peeing together. Thank you for that sexy update.
>> No. 117429
Would love to hear from you again
>> No. 117431
I cant stand this dick olivia, HE is so full of shit, HE bores me, HIS posts are all over the place, HE has nothing to contribute, HE just waffles on about bullshit
>> No. 117432
Snuff sniff, cats... no, dogs... no,
Oh, its bullshit
>> No. 118031
Yeah I’m noticing that! He’s 1 just trolling, or 2 he’s a fucking a cop that has nothing better to do with his life!
>> No. 118034
With been pregnant I feel really bad for my Niece. I haven’t been able to do the things we used to. I almost miss her in a way even though she’s in my house. My Sister however has been able to spend more time with her daughter. I am doing everything I can to take it easy. I’m now in month 2 of my pregnancy and I had an ultrasound yesterday and everything so far is looking great. I can’t wait til we find out the sex my Wife’s pregnancy is looking great as well. I wouldn’t mind if we had a boy but I’ve got my fingers crossed hard for girls because in my opinion it’s much more fun to do sexual things with girls then boys. My Niece has been a living testimony of that. I can’t wait until when my kids are born and of the age to begin adding them to playing field of my Niece and put all three girls together our house is definitely going to be lit. I will more then likely be more hornier then I’ve ever been. I can’t wait!
>> No. 120023
Good to know, pls keep us updated! This is the only way to know something from you and it's just too hot

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