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man's ideal realm (free links & requests)
File 154536601761.jpg - (136.44KB , 684x524 , 2.jpg )
44796 No. 44796 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
do you know her names?

pls info
>> No. 44837
File 154539841892.jpg - (91.59KB , 1608x1068 , lexie-129-072.jpg )
1) Candydoll's Laura_B https://144chan.pk/mir/res/2000.html
2) Silver's Tamari https://144chan.pk/mir/res/1103.html#1116
3) Newstar's Cutie https://144chan.pk/mir/res/54275.html
4) A Magazine Fashion model, possibly the one appearing in issue 8 https://144chan.pk/mir/res/347.html#782
>> No. 44896
thank you so much

File 154545049832.jpg - (222.73KB , 720x900 , 1.jpg )
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The archive on 180chan has lots of girls, not the set.

File 152005649211.jpg - (633.84KB , 2560x3840 , 111677880_1460178542011__id.jpg )
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Anyone know who she is or have the full image set?
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>> No. 31674
Plz reup Diana videos
>> No. 31804
>> No. 31844
Plz reup her vids
>> No. 31854
File 153368470451.jpg - (259.08KB , 1000x800 , Dianna.jpg )
You can find these 2 Dianna full pics
sets along with hundreds of other models
all in bikini's...



>> No. 44890
the link is down

File 154543877698.jpg - (18.74KB , 474x426 , th.jpg )
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Searching brazilvideo pics vids dvd links

File 154485962552.jpg - (67.68KB , 474x588 , imgsrc_ru_62340536nNp[1].jpg )
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hello. can anyone tell me how are these girls where can I find more of hers?
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>> No. 44593
File 154522214459.jpg - (241.30KB , 1200x1800 , Bella K.jpg )
>>44539 That's Bella K. a Candydoll girl.

Sorry, the material I have uploaded is Valensiya S. only.
>> No. 44597
File 15452240605.jpg - (29.16KB , 400x600 , 2266777.jpg )
Bella K Candydoll.
>> No. 44604
Thanks I will look her up, she is hot enough to stroke over..and over..
>> No. 44656
IMO, her best sets are from Candydolls. She also worked with Silver and Fashion land, they are hirez, but she is a bit older... still hot as sin though.
>> No. 44883
Full sets of Bella k please

File 154539176039.png - (184.79KB , 410x439 , 154085767072.png )
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>> No. 44881

File 152002299770.jpg - (653.49KB , 1352x2032 , jb19_4017_1.jpg )
8731 No. 8731 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
anyone got more of this girl?
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>> No. 9210
One more
>> No. 44367
super ......more please
>> No. 44387
>> No. 44812
Who is the fucking dumb mod who randomly deletes perfectly good files??
Admin Mod - Fer fuck sake get rid of him if you want to keep your customers.
>> No. 44870
File 154542682789.jpg - (25.19KB , 320x480 , 1451255320565.jpg )
> Admin Mod - Fer fuck sake get rid of him if you want to keep your customers.

If you are a paying customer, [note PAYING], you may well have a case for a refund. Could you please advise the rest of us how much you paid to come here? Just so the rest of us don't feel ripped off??

File 154524827732.jpg - (447.13KB , 1204x1806 , 154190763350.jpg )
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I need to know if anyone has more of this fine girl!
>> No. 44649
woww,her body is fucking attractive
>> No. 44869

File 15133101616.jpg - (138.75KB , 770x768 , g75y6o27cp26.jpg )
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>> No. 44727
File 154529502751.jpg - (535.34KB , 960x1280 , tin.jpg )
>> No. 44814

read it - >>23534
>> No. 44860
Tiny Tove looks like 12 , Oliona looks like 17 or 18
>> No. 44867
absolutely & it's quite decieving isn't it;)
a lot of others who can be taken as a lot younger then they actually are none mentioned none forgotten though.......
nature the wonderfull illusionist at work
i do prefer oliona as she's a fav of mine since a long time but tiny tove got some appeal is not as much though but that's imo only
>> No. 44868
then you also know who the associated photog were at virginz info
not as great with his own stuff but it were sought after at the time which been a couple of decades ago at least
organizing his stuff were not his field i'm afraid & he almost never were seen in the shoots
enjoyed the more active part though

TAC is a great piece of info ad to have all of them may need paitence going thrue all of the info
thanks to me it's a treasure.....

File 154541951413.jpg - (593.03KB , 1154x1632 , tmp-cam-253818880.jpg )
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File 154371135021.jpg - (22.30KB , 500x333 , 154077662673s.jpg )
42979 No. 42979 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
alguien tiene este set o video.
2 posts and 1 image omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 43453
I have this video. There is nothing worth watching. You get the most pussy from her TL 1 series in the first 5 videos. which i have everyone of but I can never post ever due to the law. The site costs like $50, pay the producer and have access to every video
>> No. 43480
Card declined. How do you pay? Which site? kvetinas.club? duo3.kvetinas.bz?
>> No. 44115
Haven't tried it myself but maybe try one of those Visa Vanilla gift cards and just register it with a random name and address to plug into the nnpay. But I'll say again, I haven't tried this, but if anyone can confirm that this'll work I'll get a slip bits membership and post.
>> No. 44844
can you please add the video
>> No. 44845
can you please add the videos

File 15453939161.png - (371.22KB , 400x237 , 154285051848s.png )
44826 No. 44826 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
hello guys,Can I reupload this video file,I would appreciate it very much:)

File 154539184295.png - (269.63KB , 1148x503 , 154117420780.png )
44825 No. 44825 hide watch quickreply [Reply]

File 154096505055.jpg - (171.07KB , 811x1081 , 153396455599839.jpg )
44833 No. 44833 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
>> No. 44834
Yes please more of her
>> No. 44835
File 154099714961.jpg - (65.89KB , 600x600 , 30601951_600964196927918_49937971297648640_n.jpg )
Pls post videos and nudes of her
>> No. 44836
Post HER nudes please

File 153156930510.jpg - (9.20KB , 197x350 , thumbnail_preview_1_1514694413_37e24775b2c1cbfd9a2.jpg )
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>> No. 29466
The vid only lasts for a few seconds, what you see in pic is about as good as it gets
>> No. 44524
Anyone have any more of her also nipsey what's your name for pws im new here and if u want I'm email able at a secure redirect from bononzaz@gmail
>> No. 44776
5yo Sexy Little Blond

File 152518354231.jpg - (85.91KB , 500x751 , IMG_ (41).jpg )
17907 No. 17907 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts]
Exactly, just Madison...
53 posts and 33 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 43929
File 15446950751.jpg - (0.96MB , 2336x3504 , IMG_0457.jpg )
can you imagine how her little tummy spasms as daddy masturbates her beautiful cunt? She trusts him to make her feel good
>> No. 44188
File 154489387961.jpg - (960.36KB , 2243x1496 , Madison CS36 IMG_0318.jpg )
>> No. 44190
Wow yes! Very nice stuff! Like Polly with her hottest pics, Madison gets more and more fuckable and sexually attractive!
>> No. 44370
bump for more Maddie
>> No. 44765
More Maddie please.

File 154532312919.jpg - (684.16KB , 1920x1479 , Anyutka_Whip_Cream_and_Banana.jpg )
44745 No. 44745 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
did she ever make any other special vids?

File 15451940604.png - (336.13KB , 854x480 , Screenshot_2018-12-18-23-24-02.png )
44568 No. 44568 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Can anyone ID the hebe on the right and how many sets/vids she has? How old was she in this vid?
1 post omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 44598

Actually it's from Polar Lights (PL). Verner abandoned the Paradisebirds project early on, around the time Dreambosard started getting heat. That was a very long time ago, pre TOR.

Fun fact: A just budding pre-teen Casey's sets were being offered for sale 10 years ago. My how time passes.
>> No. 44601
Both at the same time
>> No. 44605
Thank you kindly.
>> No. 44610
Do you happen to have any links to threads with her content?
>> No. 44611
Do you happen to have any links to threads with her content?

File 154508576129.png - (375.07KB , 295x822 , 2356.png )
44452 No. 44452 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Who is she?
>> No. 44453
Looks like a cock sucker
>> No. 44454
nude please
>> No. 44657
>>44453 So are you.
>> No. 44660
File 154526233788.jpg - (54.04KB , 719x719 , __DTqkWFSXcAAcBR6 virgin for sale.jpg )
>> No. 44716
pretty girl, gimmie!

File 153511051785.jpg - (167.36KB , 480x480 , MyFPD.jpg )
33638 No. 33638 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Content: This one is a classic old favorite you may know, but for those that don't it features a day in a life of a pedo such as Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday (tho I'm sure Saturday and Sunday exist it's not on any forums)... just a guy (in eastern countries) flashing and doing all sorts of things with lolis of all ages.

File: MFPD.rar
Size: 347.7 MB
Pass: zoneplayer

Enjoy! zp
33 posts and 5 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 44617
pw: zoneplayer
>> No. 44619
These are really bland movies,don't waste your time,3 mins out of a hour worth watching.
>> No. 44651
>> 33883

More so. The current laws are creating a "war on drugs" situation. Let me explain. I was a child, I knew lots of girls around my age. Many were engaging in sex with older teens. 8 year old girls are very sexual and will pull their pants down in a moments notice.

Sex for me started at 6 with 5 and 6 year olds. We had no idea but by 8 I knew what to do. I have been making girls cum since 8. First PIV at 9. By 12 I had over 5 lovers and I was fucking the 7 year old neighbor almost daily. This went on through my teens. At 24 a 14 year old was my GF. At 27 an 8 year old neighbor just popped on my lap one day and started humping, needless to say we fucked for 4 years until she moved away. Every day. I think its laughable what LEA are attempting to do. Children are sexual. You can "entertain" that or you can shun them, make them ashamed as a good fucked up christian/judaen fuckwit would do. Maybe in an ideal world sex would not be "a sin" and people of any age could be open about it. What we have now is a system that creates victims. Because of the shame, we have rapists getting away with it because shame is preventing the kids from speaking up. Instead they should be free to speak about it so we can find these rapist and get them.

Rape - actual rape - not a technical SJW term used for automatic jailing of 2 people (regardless of age) engaging in activity beyond words.

What we have is a system that drives horny kids and teens to jail bird meat heads who will fuck them to get off, not because they are pedo's but they know they can just fuck them. Some will harm them - badly. Others will ply them with drugs and abuse them.

What if they could just engage in sex with a person of their own choice and not be harmed but have a positive life experience with someone who actually gives a shit about them.

Current laws are not stopping curious or horny kids / teens from rape and molestation. They are driving them into harm because human nature is sexual. Sexual people will hunt, sometimes the hunter is hunted but not by a pedo, by a cunt.
>> No. 44698
Excellent points, many of which I'm sure LE is aware of but can't admit, namely that certain (vice) laws aren't protecting anyone. I'm sure it really pisses them off when they investigate someone and hope to rescue kids in cages but they end up finding yet another shut-in living at home surrounded by video games and drives full of porn he DL'd for free.
I'm waiting for the entire system to collapse. The prisons are at capacity. About a million Americans are on the registry and that number keeps going up because judges hate to let anyone off easy if their record includes anything involving women or children, even if it was a victimless offense like porn possession.
To LE's credit they appear to be concentrating on violent crime. There aren't enough of them to be everywhere at all times. Even if they wanted to put all the deviants away something tells me they wouldn't be dumb enough to more than triple the prison population. Even if there were enough institutions to hold them all by the time they got out this whole country would look like New York in The Warriors.
In short, don't give them any excuse to lock you up forever....but keep on speaking the truth and embarrass the shit outta them. That's the only way to make them change their policies, to make business as usual impossible for them.
>> No. 44703

Hey much appreciated and well thought sentiments on this Ol' post of mine and glad to see some still find it worthwhile. For me the key argument is the physical reality... biologically they have everything to be mothers at 12 or even younger, hence: nature law says it's not only ok, it's suppose to be so. If they can give life then they are bonafide 'mothers' under God's laws. So men's laws means absolutely zero here and no amount of 'brainwashing' by LEA will change these facts and realities. Easy as that!

File 15450421534.jpg - (216.57KB , 1024x838 , Valya269Yo_3138643_29916899.jpg )
44338 No. 44338 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
(9Yo Sucks & Cum In Chair) http://dl.free.fr/jrTa5nEHU pw:Feyk@_takay
>> No. 44590
thanks for the vid, she sucks a mean cock! She's such a sweet little whore
>> No. 44659
do you have more videos of her

File 154146069330.jpg - (1.59MB , 2336x3504 , ULTRA-MODEL-bits-56.jpg )
40899 No. 40899 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts]
do you know Ultra model ? yes
do you know she do ONE NUDE set ?
here i go to share it
start with non nude and at the end the gift of Ultra
58 posts and 22 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 44609
searched the catalogue and found other ultra thread,question did she do only 3 audition pics or is there a set?Any other pics from that set great fully received.
>> No. 44620
me also like see auditton photoz ultra gracias
>> No. 44645
Ultra Model Sets most files in 180 cg section.
>> No. 44646
Some fakes in 144 mir.
>> No. 44654
Correction fakes on 180 mir

No. 43827 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Part-1 http://dl.free.fr/si9sZkNIc Part-2 http://dl.free.fr/vQJjCWVHO Part-3 http://dl.free.fr/uW5FCFMBG Part-4 http://dl.free.fr/o5aHF1YIe Part-5 http://dl.free.fr/ifNjLWlHr
PW:12345 need all the parts
7 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 44420
What I find confusing is, I already said exactly what to rename each file. Same file names, different extensions.
First file - .zip
Second file - .z01
Third file - .z02
I'll let you figure out the remaining files.
>> No. 44435
Any possibility to post short kill shot clips here on in video threads here...see front page
>> No. 44551
You only unlock and extract first file. Other two are automatically done.
Archive file 101 for newbies.
>> No. 44636
done like this no wonder why it's a struggle with thes fucking files lol
do it right for starters and the prog used will make files as they've should been done
ie. file.7z.001 and as many parts the process with chosen size of parts all is simple as hell
but this bloke chosed to do it the stupd way
and you're not really that much of a help you know your example fails big time too just sayin'
>> No. 44647
Thanks buddy. I assume this is that one studio which is banned at GaP?

File 154517859921.jpg - (56.10KB , 705x901 , xc4x96hris.jpg )
44537 No. 44537 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Anyone have anything on this girl, my utmost favourite!
>> No. 44573
love those titties

File 153995267813.jpg - (32.88KB , 350x450 , 117 (2).jpg )
39461 No. 39461 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
looking for her
8 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 42195
please reup
>> No. 42745
Pleaaaase reup
>> No. 44553
Any more sleeping vids
>> No. 44566
The file has been deleted.
>> No. 44571

File 15452065184.jpg - (636.84KB , 1024x838 , My dearest Valensiya_mp4_thumbs_[2018_12_19_03_34_.jpg )
44565 No. 44565 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
This is a short compilation, a gift you could say, for my princess Valensiya. I will always love her and daydream with her.

(Yea, I know it sounds gaye but it's the truth)

Here's the link

File 154516392835.gif - (126.85KB , 670x379 , 5C49129C-0B45-421D-8AB5-421D5FF7B540.gif )
44513 No. 44513 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Anyone know the video?
3 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 44536
Known as JM. There's 18 videos.
>> No. 44543
Use this link for downloading all of her video sets. Wish You the sweetest phantasies while watching her videos...
>> No. 44545
>> No. 44556
JM Daddys little girl
>> No. 44562
Yes, the video exists, too bad it's way too heavy (314MB) and I can't upload it to somewhere (Slow connection)

But hey, don't stop looking, if you ever find it you're gonna enjoy it. JM girl is very sweet.

File 154517458399.png - (52.09KB , 173x101 , bdsdm 3.png )
44533 No. 44533 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Alice & Gvenet pee and bd please !!!!!!!!!

File 154387984088.jpg - (128.83KB , 1152x794 , pic016 (1).jpg )
43096 No. 43096 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Anyone have anymore of this chunky girlie? She had the sites Alinateen.com and Alina-girl.com from 2000 to around 2004. Was 13 or 14 when the sites started..
9 posts and 5 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 44131
"Little boy"? Punk, I just could be your father. Unless your mama was a fatty, of course.
>> No. 44149
but hes right. shes not only fat but also ugly and looks like a granny even if shes ~14 whats very good
>> No. 44159
Don't like?
Don't let the door hit you on the ass on the way out.
>> No. 44527
File 154517108281.jpg - (266.88KB , 1200x1354 , chh097.jpg )
Agree. Chunky girls are so cute.
>> No. 44529
File 154517391127.jpg - (73.86KB , 640x441 , pic007(7).jpg )

File 154459511476.jpg - (197.24KB , 1142x956 , 153373435859.jpg )
43816 No. 43816 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Need more of this girl
10 posts and 5 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 44292
erreur 500 erreur interne du server
>> No. 44293
she is over 18 in those vids afaik.
>> No. 44436
File 15451152489.jpg - (756.40KB , 1200x1600 , 152008908265.jpg )
>> No. 44506
Does she ever sing "Where is My Hairbrush" from Veggie Tales?

This should be required viewing for all preteen girls and their fathers and uncles and grandfather's and older brothers and male teachers, schoolbus drivers, grade school janitors, priests ...
>> No. 44528
Single vids please.

No. 20473 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Any info or set?
14 posts and 4 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 28188
>> No. 31851
Share please
>> No. 31872
Drop all sets and vids PLEASE somebody.
>> No. 31997
OMG! That set. Bump!
>> No. 44525
Any vids for this

File 154144639245.png - (595.09KB , 1189x632 , req chan2.png )
40863 No. 40863 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts]
looking for the full videos if them
109 posts and 6 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 43986

you're right, the only good pthc video is that live.me video where that dude is fucking a girl anal balls deep and there's even shit on her butt cheek

>> No. 44357
>> No. 44419
File 154510003421.jpg - (247.34KB , 1021x1221 , ustudio132.jpg )
Hi guys, if anyone have this videos please share it with us.
>> No. 44510
Dear god! I'd have no trouble at all staying rock hard every second I was with that hot little fucktoy.

The only trouble I'd have would be worrying about a premature ejaculation. That and deciding which one of that little bitch's slut holes to flood with jazz.
>> No. 44511
Showing your face while having fun with loli - well, that's smart! (no)

File 153964355425.jpg - (279.06KB , 956x1440 , dddd.jpg )
39108 No. 39108 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Sets :
LS Island 3 - 26
LS Land : 5 - 15; 6 - 24; 10 - 14; 16 - 17; 17 - 10; 31 - 1


Password : @-Drifter-Long-Upload-Password-@
14 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 41677
>> No. 41678
>> No. 41680
>> No. 44496
>> No. 44509
I sure as hell would. Right after I finished pumping her hot little ass full of my boiling

File 154077662673.jpg - (146.10KB , 800x532 , 019.jpg )
40241 No. 40241 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
any one have this set, please
11 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 42261
File 154296151596.jpg - (85.29KB , 1920x1080 , 153167520418.jpg )
That looks promising.
>> No. 42267
She is not getting anything shoved in her cunt its that moron serge with a material penis cover
>> No. 42548
File 154328121075.jpg - (869.84KB , 4200x2803 , 039.jpg )
wait to join , nothing good yet
>> No. 44380
do any one have the set or the video
>> No. 44502
I think Serge is gay. If she was doing those things with me my dick would screaming out of my pants and give her pussy a hard pounding. He can’t get his dick hard even when she grabs it

File 15432128806.jpg - (382.45KB , 4288x3216 , Cream_54.jpg )
42491 No. 42491 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
does anyone know the password to this archive?
2 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 42891
Have a look at some software called "John the Ripper" it's available on most platforms. It cracks archive passwords using Brute Force. Very easy to use on Linux, not sure about Windows and Mac
>> No. 42894
lmao you idiots are just asking to get caught
>> No. 43153
Who knows where this comes from?
>> No. 44446
>> No. 44492

Good luck trying to crack winrar and 7zip passwords. Ain't gonna happen.

File 153496379023.jpg - (1.16MB , 2000x3000 , Silver-Starlets_Jess-Jess-whitelace-2-081_JPG.jpg )
33361 No. 33361 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
I need this set.
>> No. 33503
me too very sexy little bitch
pull them panties down a stick it up her!
>> No. 44464
Any new jess pics or good fakes?

No. 44263 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Does anyone have a working link to this video?
9 posts and 2 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 44417
Please, reup, please, for The love Of All The Little girls in The World, please.
Dl.free please.
>> No. 44418
All that time downloading to just have the links snatched in less than one day. Links are down.
>> No. 44427
Thank you so much, but the links are already dead.

Would anyone be willing to help a brother out and reupload this?
>> No. 44430
Links do not work
>> No. 44441
I think some of the shekeleers from /cg/ reported the links so he motherfu..,r can continue to earn money by posting premium links, posting stuff that isn’t his own and he probable got it for free! I started uploading on dl.fee but can't promise anything now

File 151842008023.jpg - (136.88KB , 800x600 , IMG_2239.jpg )
5976 No. 5976 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts]
Anyone have the set?
90 posts and 45 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 41779
Get some rest, Pam, you look tired.
>> No. 41792
Well played sir!
>> No. 43483
The link in 6152 is dead. Someone can re-up, please?
>> No. 44405
Any chance to ever see TA_M_013...19.wmv?
>> No. 44434
+1 me2 would like see TA_M_13 to 19 video please Santa i was good

File 154500483352.jpg - (9.71KB , 274x365 , 15408057s.jpg )
44346 No. 44346 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Pls help find her
>> No. 44432
So hot. Seconded.
>> No. 44447
Already here https://144chan.pk/mir/res/65436.html

File 154420036016.png - (862.12KB , 1086x996 , nozomi1.png )
43437 No. 43437 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
please guys, share this material
>> No. 43561
File 154430856912.jpg - (95.59KB , 714x1045 , NK_01_18.jpg )
>> No. 44304
Any one :'(
>> No. 44415
it is very difficult to find the material you are looking for since it has already been deleted for a while if you know 144 chan so you can find the complete one ask for help from an anon

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