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/mir/ ~ Looking for more/vids
File 152317148612.jpg - (211.66KB , 2272x1704 , 01_02 016.jpg )
13085 No. 13085
I got a 196 pic file from here featuring this girl but gave more questions than answers. Is she a model elsewhere? I recognise her. Who is the blonde girl? And the eternal question, is there more available or would I be on a fruitless search?
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>> No. 13347
File 15233027516.jpg - (335.41KB , 2272x1704 , mm029.jpg )
One of the girls from the MM series from the Siberian Mouse photographer. Saw some different sets back in the Lolita City days, on the couch, in the bath, in the minivan. seem to remember a video of them sitting in the kitchen smoking. good luck with your search.
>> No. 13361
Thank you. I have seen that minivan set before but had no way to keep it at the time. Any links would be much appreciated
>> No. 13374
File 152331327545.jpg - (242.45KB , 2272x1704 , M%20(6).jpg )

and many more SM sets hidden there - browse all posts in this shread
>> No. 13379
Love the girls who smoke
>> No. 25889
Three skanks all in one place, good, keep them there
>> No. 25905
I would love to know the story behind this set. Was the blonde one of their regular models? Did she need any convincing (non-threatening) to do this?
>> No. 25906
I would love to know the story behind this set.
>> No. 26133
Girl in centre was with another playing with young boy cock
>> No. 26134

"It's easier enough getting them to do what they want to do. It's getting them to do what *you* want them to do that'll give you a headache."

"And them, as often as not."
>> No. 36129
Elya pic plz
>> No. 36170
Well, when I look at most cp, I wish they WOULD just let them do what they want to do most of the time. Usually they are much sexier than the photographer lets them be, because he has some kind of “porn” idea in his head of how they should behave or pose.

Case in point, the Masha and Veronica Babko lesbian vid. Just when whichever girl is getting licked is starting to get into it, and you can see it on her face, and her head goes back and it seems she would be right on the verge of either squirming her crotch into her sisters face, or grabbing her hair... her eyes suddenly pop open and look at the cameraman, and once she hears his “direction”, does something totally unnatural and non-sexy.
>> No. 55298
Eluana kids
>> No. 55398
Totally agree. How the F.U.C.K anyone thought licking yogurt from a dildo was sexy I do not know. Works as a total bone killer instead. Poor old Masha is putting in the hours trying to get sis or some other to orgasm and then its flash to the dairy commercial!

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