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/mir/ ~ Looking for SEVINA sets
File 152429142892.jpg - (86.96KB , 540x810 , sevina-wo1-540.jpg )
15352 No. 15352
I am a huge fan of Sevina, and I used to have all of her sets but lost them on a corrupted thumb drive, and was hoping that some kind soul and fellow Sevina fan would understand my dilemma and share her wonderful sets here.
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>> No. 15354
File 152429145661.jpg - (194.12KB , 853x1280 , sevina-model-m119-s053-001-18.jpg )
>> No. 15355
File 152429148371.jpg - (63.99KB , 480x640 , Sevinasilv_3248919_29789492.jpg )
>> No. 15356
File 152429150685.jpg - (157.57KB , 856x1280 , sevina-silver-00210.jpg )
>> No. 15359
File 152429316755.jpg - (156.03KB , 856x1280 , 07.jpg )
don't have much , but post what I got :)
>> No. 15360
File 152429322968.jpg - (277.07KB , 853x1280 , Kot6s.jpg )
>> No. 15361
File 152429328961.jpg - (130.44KB , 853x1280 , m119-s054-050_500jpg_e_134929.jpg )
>> No. 15362
File 152429333530.jpg - (186.38KB , 853x1280 , SJoAi.jpg )
>> No. 15363
File 152429338087.jpg - (171.88KB , 856x1280 , 1414744058974-1.jpg )
>> No. 15364
File 152429342611.jpg - (191.76KB , 856x1280 , 1445438021696.jpg )
>> No. 15365
File 152429346355.jpg - (166.98KB , 853x1280 , 1450898680130-2.jpg )
>> No. 15366
File 15242934847.jpg - (194.41KB , 853x1280 , 147188225585.jpg )
>> No. 15367
File 15242935274.jpg - (142.67KB , 853x1280 , 151615409759.jpg )
>> No. 15368
File 152429355632.jpg - (253.02KB , 853x1280 , 151615414047.jpg )
>> No. 15369
File 152429357339.jpg - (230.70KB , 853x1280 , 151615419570.jpg )
>> No. 15370
File 152429363135.jpg - (174.56KB , 853x1280 , 151615424839.jpg )
>> No. 15371
File 15242936479.jpg - (164.73KB , 853x1280 , 15161543239.jpg )
>> No. 15372
File 152429366916.jpg - (175.92KB , 853x1280 , 151615437675.jpg )
>> No. 15373
File 152429370778.jpg - (221.91KB , 853x1280 , 151615447897.jpg )
>> No. 15374
File 152429373034.jpg - (123.07KB , 1280x853 , 151615451884.jpg )
>> No. 15375
File 152429379883.jpg - (147.64KB , 853x1280 , 151615457257.jpg )
>> No. 15376
File 152429389225.jpg - (300.91KB , 963x750 , 1439849370364.jpg )
this is either a slip or a fake :D , and that's all I got
>> No. 15425
File 152432247691.jpg - (242.47KB , 853x1280 , m119-s054-010 ce .jpg )
>> No. 15430
Thanks for all of the sexy pics of Sevina
>> No. 15438
File 152433297877.jpg - (39.18KB , 400x400 , sevina-1519918992_003.jpg )
I agree, but it would be nice to have some of her complete sets. I know that loserplastico used to have a bunch of them before they got dulled down, so hopefully someone grabbed them from there and is willing to repost the sets here.
>> No. 15442
File 152433588760.jpg - (205.92KB , 853x1280 , Sevina-Model__m119-s39-53.jpg )
>> No. 15520
File 15243828496.jpg - (219.15KB , 853x1280 , Sevina-Model__m119-s39-48.jpg )
>> No. 15532
File 15243937281.jpg - (182.10KB , 1280x853 , Sevina-Model__m119-s053-120.jpg )
PASSWORD: iLoveTeens.Info
>> No. 15572
File 152441892847.jpg - (196.96KB , 853x1280 , Sevina-Model__m119-s054-028.jpg )
I appreciate all of the people posting sexy pics of Sevina, and I have obtained the full set of her as linked above in the shekeleered links, so I am filling my own request here and am sharing the full Sevina sets with everyone here on 155chan as a way of saying thanks.

The archive is a 7zip file that has been split in to 3 parts,
(WebeWeb)_Sevina_(56_Sets 001-054_And_02_Bonus).7z.001 (250 MB)
(WebeWeb)_Sevina_(56_Sets 001-054_And_02_Bonus).7z.002 (250 MB)
(WebeWeb)_Sevina_(56_Sets 001-054_And_02_Bonus).7z.003 (197.31 MB)

Download from any of the following file hosts (you only need one of each part):

PART 1 (250 MB):

PART 2 (250 MB):

PART 3 (197.31 MB):

Download all 3 parts, and join them using HJsplit or a similar file joining utility.
After they are all joined use the password 155chan to unzip (WebeWeb)_Sevina_(56_Sets 001-054_And_02_Bonus).7z (697.31 MB)

Apparently there are also some videos featuring Sevina (I heard around 1 GB worth) and if anyone has even a dew second long clip that they can share here it would be great to see her in action.
>> No. 15674
you're awesome dude! , she is now a favorite for sure. Thanks for all the effort!
>> No. 15747
Thank you, but I can't get hjsplit, as I am using a Mac, and the standard Mac conjoiners don't seem to be working. Any advice?
>> No. 15749
get keka for mac
>> No. 15791
Thanks so much!!! This post should be added to the Triforce mega model directory listing!
>> No. 15873
You are great. Very honorable man. I love sevina too :)
>> No. 15874
I think sevina's main video is lost forever. It was a "sevina.vob" file from a dvd about 1 hour long, probably got it from usenet in 2008 or so. It has many of her photoshoots in motion. But nobody can find it not even people on freenet.

There are a few recompressed, lower resolution clips from that vob file still floating around on freenet last time I checked.
>> No. 16080
I should look in my archive. I dont remember if it's a vob file but quality wasnt too bad. I remember when I got this vid I didn't like the terrible music so I cut on the video maybe 9 pieces without resizing ad some better music so it's possible that these freenet vids are mine lol I saved the original too.
>> No. 16097
Sevina is hot I have her sets (and other collectible stuff) but everything I would love to share but everything I post here gets deleted. So I guess I am a hoarder.
>> No. 16121
vid #1 to #14 in 1 file
sevina dvd 1,res 768x576,runtime 1h 00m 59s,format mp4

Pass: 53V1N4

>> No. 16136
Ok,checked that I have 3 original vob files 2gb in total, funny mine only 720x480 30fps which is dvd standard but someone posted the video already and saved me from uploading such a big file. Thanks. Only I dont know if they are put together from edited videos or made from original
>> No. 16219
The .vob files are from the official Webe Sevina DVD released by Webe.

All other formats are re-encodes/combines of those DVD vob files. The vob files are the highest quality, sharpest videos available of Sevina.

I know for a fact that true collectors would want your VOB files. They've almost died out and can't be found anywhere anymore. You are one of the last people who have them. :P
>> No. 16220
The metadata shows that the .mp4 file is a basic reencode using iTunes/QuickTime/iMovie on a mac, which is blurred due to the recompression.

I suggest the original vob files instead, if the hero above feels like posting them. :P
>> No. 16221
File 15246550365.jpg - (592.10KB , 972x987 , sevinna.jpg )
>> No. 16228
File 152466030346.jpg - (103.73KB , 856x1280 , zm119-s25-28e.jpg )
>> No. 16266
>>16220 There is a problem, because unfortunately, i'm a security freak, so if you're willing to download 20 files 100mb each, then I really want to share it especially after you said that i'm the only person on the planet who own the original vob's. lol But you have to wait 2-3 days, uploading takes time for me. Sorry.
>> No. 16284
20 separate files and 2-3 days is nothing compared to the 4 years I have spent looking for the original DVD vob files all over Usenet and the internet, and giving up recently after nobody on even freenet has them... ;)

It should be possible to split them into around 300mb zips and upload via mirrorcreator or mirrorace though, which will place them on sites that allow such large files for free (solidfiles, zippieshare, dl.free.fr, and similar). Unless you have a specific reason for needing 100mb parts? :) Maybe 100mb is to maximize the number of hosts that can hold the files without needing any premium?

Anyway, thank you man, this is great news after years of searching. <3
>> No. 16285
I would love to have the best quality videos as well if you are willing to share
>> No. 16286
By the way, some more info: vob is a file direct from DVD. It's the original video, as good as it was ever released.

And yes I agree that the music sucks. I had never heard this kind of music in my life before seeing webe's videos. ;)

Idea to everyone: If the vobs will be posted here, and you (any person who is reading this) is also on Freenet, you should consider posting the vobs to the "child models-girls" frost board, so that they are archived forever and can't be lost again. I am not on freenet anymore otherwise I would do it. Sevina's original DVD vobs are rarer than diamonds and really need to be saved forever before they're lost forever. xD
>> No. 16297
>>16121 my post

sorry to post a crappy mp4 well the original poster 2 years ago claimed he used the VOB to create his file
why he did is a mystery to me as a VOB are as is already said the top notch when it's about vids

let me in in the line of seekers for the VOB's
for the record does anyone knows if the music are the original in the mp4 posted by me???
thanks guys for an awesome thread
>> No. 16302

VOB Video Object is the same quality as the DVD
but VOB is only a container holding MPEG2 video
and even if it is a very big file it might still only have a low quality video

> vob files 2gb in total, funny mine only 720x480 30fps

sounds about right, DVD quality seems bad now compared to new video

MP4 rencoded version above is about 1GB half the size, with the right settings on a modern computer you could probably convert MPEG2 to even smaller MP4 with almost no noticeable quality difference

that is only to try and explain why someone would convert from VOB to MP4,

I understand of course others prefer VOB when they have good bandwidth
>> No. 16328
Absolutely NO apologies necessary whatsoever! I am very pleased to have the files you posted, and also look forward to having an "upgrade" if possible. Does anyone know if she ever did any custom sets? She actually doesn't show nearly as much skin or camel to as many of the other WeBe models however to me she is by far the hottest, and I never get tired of her at all.
>> No. 16507
>>16302 & >>16328

thanks guys

VOB is double size common compared to mp4 avi or wmv???
if so i've probably dl'd avi's and other formats to save some space until storage got affordable
the guy who posted the mp4 must have made it to save some space i guess......

don't have that much of sevina or any webe web but 1 set with sevina is a hot one

until this post >>15572 million thanks did'nt have that much of sevina previously

had set # 53 for some time and that's a hot set
gigi and satine got some more sets like that particular 1 with sevina
>> No. 16510
Well, it took less time than I expected


just in case someone doesn’t know what to do with these parts:
1.download all parts in separate folder,
2.left click on any part,
3.choose extract here,
4.enter the pw, hit ok, enjoy.
>> No. 16511
shit almost forgot THE LAST PART:
>> No. 16589
File 152473800379.jpg - (179.24KB , 1024x839 , Sevina full_mp4_thumbs_[xxx].jpg )
Posting preview too, it's from my 348 MB conversion from the original vob's, funny I can't see any loss of quality, but you can make your own conversion.
>> No. 16592
Thanks so much!
>> No. 16621
does she talk? or just music?
>> No. 16632
There is no talking, just some really really craptacular music. I wish she had talked, I would love to hear her sexy Texas accent
>> No. 16638
Texas accent? She was french...
>> No. 16652
What makes you say she is french? her name? WeBe web was based in Ft. Lauderdale and used many girls from Texas. Have you ever heard Dori adn Tori talking?

>> No. 16660
French as over six models were French
>> No. 16664
Ok, you claim to have special super secret knowledge, what else do you know about her?
>> No. 16665
I can't wait to hear this explanation. I can help fact check.
>> No. 16672
File 152479218914.jpg - (194.13KB , 853x1280 , Sevina-Model__m119-s35-12.jpg )
secret info....bleh I was around when this whole thing started and here we are again...
let's call this chan boards the wayback boards.

So Sevina was part of Budding Beauties. Which is part of Chemal and Gegg
>> No. 16765
Does that mean that there are even MORE Sevina images and vids out there to be had? Do you have any pics of her with the budding beauties watermark or from those sets she did for them? are they the same images?
>> No. 16803
lol , YOU WISH , Budding Beauties WAS THE SITE WEBE MODELS USED TO TEST NEW MODELS , Many got there own site many did not , I was a Member , and FYI to all most Webe models where from America , most shot by the owners , some others In America shot buy a guy in the desert example my first love Megan , then there was the French photog , who Shot Laurie , Sevina etc etc and yes they where nudist family's , many vids still easy to find like the Nudist pageants and French Xmas.

Chemal and Gegg was completely diff studio in a different country FFS
>> No. 16814
File 152484102570.jpg - (752.20KB , 1920x1284 , Sevina-Model__m119-s29-54resize.jpg )
you just contradicted what you said...no Budding Beauties did not just use American Models shot in America.
>> No. 16815
you belonged to Budding Beauties that was 14 years ago you sound like you are 14!

lol you wish that is the dialog of a teenager.
>> No. 16816
File 152484122920.jpg - (152.72KB , 853x1280 , Sevina-Model__m119-s41-43.jpg )
oops I forgot a picture how careless of me.
>> No. 16847
File 152484656211.jpg - (0.97MB , 1365x2048 , Sevina-Model__m119-s34-25xray3.jpg )
clothing really close to skin able to xray
>> No. 16903
extracted just as it should no probs at all:)
thanks a million taking the time doing this for us
>> No. 16929
File 152486641793.jpg - (606.12KB , 1557x583 , compare.jpg )
Seriously: Massive thanks for sharing. You have just ensured that Sevina's original DVD vob files will live on. This is perfect, you literally have the original DVD files. "VTS_01_1.VOB" for example means "DVD title 1, part 1" and there are 3 pieces up until "VTS_01_3.VOB". This was the holy grail! The files you just shared were ripped straight from the DVD and are the best ones available! WOW!

And if anyone here is still on Freenet they should really post it to "child models-girls" since Freenet is the king for preserving materials forever.

About the quality mysteries you guys were talking about: I have attached a comparison which is the originally posted H264 MP4 from this thread, and the video from the VOB files which I extracted and merged into a MKV *WITHOUT REENCODING*. You can see a HUGE difference. I am so happy the original VOBs were found!

A VOB file is basically a MPEG-2 file. That's a codec from the 1990s used in DVDs. It was amazing at the time but doesn't support HD quality and doesn't compress very well.

These days we are up to MPEG-4 (h264) and even h265 is on the way. So you can understand why MPEG-2 produces larger files than top-modern H264 files!

But the problem is that it doesn't matter that modern H264 files are smaller. Because EVERY time you re-encode a video (such as going from MPEG-2 VOB to MPEG-4 H264 MP4 files), the video will be going through this process which loses quality every time:

1. First the original MPEG-2 file is decoded to convert each compressed video frame into a fully decoded raw pixel image. This puts them "decoded" into memory where they take a TON of RAM (imagine it like converting a JPG file to a BMP file; the pixels are identical since BMP is lossless but the BMP takes probably 10x more space). This decoded version from the originally released VOBs is the best-quality image available in the world, because they never released the videos in any better qualities, so the VOBs are the closest to the original video camera quality.
2. Then those decoded, "massive RAM usage" "BMP-like" video frames are pushed into the MPEG-4 encoder as its input.
3. The MPEG-4 encoder throws away details to compress the massive "BMP-like data". So it has to delete details that were available in the decoded VOB frame. It does this by blurring details, smushing together colors, removing fine grains of high quality, etc.
4. The final result will be a very small MP4 file for sure, but to get there, the encoder needed to trash the video quality. In motion you may not notice it but it can be seen if you pause the videos.
5. If anyone wants to create MP4 files for modern player purposes, you should always encode with the "veryslow" (or ultraslow) x264 preset and a CRF of 14. Because that's your best chance at keeping as much of the original VOB's quality as possible... But there's always going to be a quality loss by re-encoding the VOB to MP4. Always.

There's an alternative method which doesn't cause any quality loss at all. That's to KEEP the MPEG-2 video format, but change the ancient separate ".vob" files into a single combined ".mkv" file which keeps the original MPEG-2 video and AC3 audio.

You can do it like this: Download the "ffmpeg" tool. And if you are on windows download "HJ-split".

1. First, combine the .vob files. They are just a single file cut into multiple pieces so that each chunk is no larger than 1GB, so to combine them you just have to merge all files. On Linux: "cat VTS_01_1.VOB VTS_01_2.VOB VTS_01_3.VOB > MERGED.VOB". On Windows: Open HJ-Split, choose JOIN, choose all the 3 VTS_...VOB files, and join them into "MERGED.VOB".

2. Next, open a terminal or command prompt and run this command in the folder where MERGED.VOB exists: "ffmpeg -y -fflags +genpts -analyzeduration 1000000k -probesize 1000000k -i MERGED.VOB -c:a copy -c:v copy SevinaDVD.mkv" (Windows users need to type the whole path to ffmpeg.exe as the first word)

3. After running that command, you will have "SevinaDVD.mkv" which is a combined file that contains the EXACT video and audio quality from the original VOBs but in a modern .mkv container. So that you can enjoy the best quality but all in a single file.

4. If you run "ffprobe SevinaDVD.mkv" you will see that this is indeed an exact copy of the original video and audio data:

Duration: 00:59:56.90, start: 0.000000, bitrate: 4725 kb/s
Stream #0:0: Video: mpeg2video (Main), yuv420p(tv, smpte170m, top first), 720x480 [SAR 8:9 DAR 4:3], Closed Captions, 29.97 fps, 29.97 tbr, 1k tbn, 59.94 tbc (default)
DURATION : 00:59:56.896000000
Stream #0:1: Audio: ac3, 48000 Hz, stereo, fltp, 256 kb/s (default)
DURATION : 00:59:56.768000000

5. Now you may be wondering if you can just put ".mp4" after the file in the ffmpeg command and would have gotten a mp4 instead? No, you can't. MP4 doesn't officially support MPEG-2 video in most players and the file you would get won't work in most players, so if you want zero problems just use .MKV and then use a modern video player such as VLC which supports MKV files.


Now let's talk about Webe: The French Webe models (Laurie, Sevina, BluJeanne etc) are all photographed in a French mansion. Most or all of them were recruited from a French nudist camp, and there are videos of Laurie as a nudist model. No nudity of Sevina unfortunately. And there are no videos where Sevina speaks. This garbage music was the way Webe released the DVD.

There is zero relationship with Chemal and Gegg which was in Eastern Europe.

Lastly: If people decide to join the files and preserve the original quality via my method, then be sure to also keep the VOB files, or at least upload them to Freenet where they'll be archived by people who have the disk space to preserve them. Collectors prefer the original files and it would be a shame if the world loses them again.
>> No. 16931
I forgot to say this about the old posted MP4's squashing: There's a part at the start of the video where you see a keyhole logo. The round part of the keyhole is round in the VOB and is totally squashed in the old MP4. That's how you can be 100% sure that the image on the right (with the "taller, less squashed Sevina") is how she is really supposed to look.

And also note that the resolution on the right is lower (720x480) compared to the old posted MP4 (768x676). That's actually because the MP4 has not just been squashed to make Sevina shorter and fatter. It has also been stretched to make the image blurrier.

We should all be happy and thankful for the hero that posted the VOBs! :D
>> No. 17110
>>16955 The reason why I uploaded on anonfile is I use tor for obvious reason and anonfile, dl.free etc provide the best possible security in a given situation. Tor works at a good dl speed for me on anonfile up to 1,2 MB/sec. So try a last version of tor browser and if you still have a problems then try to download when America sleeps :P
>> No. 17118
>>16931 Thanks for your kind words they mean a lot for me! I'm not so big Sevina fan, my heart belongs to Laura B and it's incurable, but I hate when a good stuff just disappears with the owner's death for example...

>A VOB file is basically a MPEG-2 file.

Despite the fact that vob use mpeg video codecs too, vob is only meant to be read by hardware players, they are not the same. To get a mpeg 2 file you still have to convert it? I'm not an expert so i just used HandBrake to convert these 3 vob's to 3 separate mp4 containers and then put it together using PlayMemories Home
>> No. 17120
My post and request wasnt intended as a criticism at all, I just can't connect there at all not even to get one file,and I know how to download lol. I will keep trying though, thanks again.

Just use VLC to view a .vob file, or any other video file
>> No. 17121
>>17120 I just became curious so you say you can't connect there, but it's impossible! I just tried and it downloads for me at average speed of 1 MB/sec. If you use a direct connection then I pass, i can't help you.
>> No. 17161
I am very happy for you that you have such a great connection to anonfiles, however that isn't the case with me. On a good day I can download from anonfiles at between 6-16kb a second, and then it eventually errors out every time before it is complete, and I have tried many times. I did not ask for a post to a different file server lightly, or without having tried to download without success many times, or because I am lazy, and I will continue to try to download them because Sevina is one of my favorite girls ever. As I said, if I am ever able to get them all I will be more than happy to post them to a mirror other than anonfiles so others who might be having the same issue can be helped as well.
>> No. 17170
File 152492869996.jpg - (170.39KB , 680x854 , error.jpg )
>> No. 17171
>>17170 Try TOR browser, I guarantee it works.
>> No. 17176
Thanks for the tip, however I have done that many times as well with the same results, but I will keep trying.
>> No. 17177
Been looking for this dvd for years she one of my favourite ever models! Is it possible to upload in a menthod more easy to dl pls? Anonfiles keeps timing out for me and the dl speed is very slow. A thousand please and thank yous.
>> No. 17189
File 15249348892.jpg - (662.28KB , 2216x1522 , screenshot.jpg )
Sorry for uploading on such a shitty site, i didn't know :( Try to run your tor browser through an european proxy server, this may help. Anyone who dl it please make a mirror. I have good dl speed but low upload speed and really do not want to upload again.
>> No. 17215
all sets and bonus sets for free
>> No. 17226
No apologies needed - it was in fact MY vpn causing the issue, I turned off the VPN and the files are coming in quickly, I will mirror them soon
>> No. 17270
it needed a password so it's good you deleted it.
>> No. 17274
As promised, here are the mirrored file links for the Sevina VOB as posted earlier. I have not repacked the file, so the parts will also work with the originally uploaded files on anonfiles. Thanks again to all of those that helped with this thread.


>> No. 17285
Sweet, great job mirroring them! :)

> Thanks for your kind words they mean a lot for me! I'm not so big Sevina fan, my heart belongs to Laura B and it's incurable

I am a big Sevina fan, but I love Laura B too. You have good taste ;)

>but I hate when a good stuff just disappears with the owner's death for example...

Yes, so much has been lost. After 4 years of searching I thought for sure Sevina's DVD files were lost. You really surprised me when you said you had them! :D

>>A VOB file is basically a MPEG-2 file.

> Despite the fact that vob use mpeg video codecs too, vob is only meant to be read by hardware players, so they are not the same? To get a mpeg 2 file you still have to convert it?

Yeah, VOB is a container type which is meant for DVD players. It is a really bad container which lacks even basic stuff like metadata about how long a video is (so jumping to locations in a .vob file is always a bit slow because the player doesn't have an index that tells it where to jump in a .vob file when the user wants to seek to another location).

The .VOB is a container. And so is .AVI, and .MKV and .MP3 and .MP4 etc. A container is just something that "contains data" and tells the player a bit of info about that data, such as how long it is, what formats are contained in it (multiple streams such as video, audio and subtitles and chapters are all placed in the container).

.VOB is just for DVDs so it can only contain MPEG-1 or MPEG-2 video formats. (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/VOB)

.MP4 is a modern container but it's very limited (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MPEG-4_Part_14#Data_streams) and can only contain MPEG-4 (basic), H264 and H265. It can also hold MPEG-2 and MPEG-1 but most players won't be able to play such uncommon MP4 files.

.AVI is an old Windows container format which can hold a lot of media types.

.MKV is the best container (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Matroska). It can hold an unlimited amount of video, audio, picture and subtitle tracks and supports every format.

> I'm not an expert so i just used HandBrake to convert these 3 vob's to 3 separate mp4 containers and then put it together using PlayMemories Home

By doing that, it re-encoded your video, which is going to drop the quality. Just like this did (left = the 2 GB H264/MP4 someone posted earlier, right = 2 GB MPEG-2/MKV done by copying data directly from the VOBs into a MKV): https://155chan.top/mir/src/152486641793.jpg.

So in this case, where we have .VOB files that contain MPEG-2 video, all you need to do if you want to keep 100% identical video quality, is to find another container that supports the MPEG-2 video. And then you can do a direct copy of the MPEG-2 data from the .VOB container into a .MKV container instead, without any re-encoding. It's basically like taking a photo (the MPEG-2 data) out of an old photo album (the VOB) and putting it into another newer photo album (the MKV). If you read my big post above you will see a guide.

If you follow that guide, it will give you a .mkv file with data copied directly from the .vob without any re-encoding. So there's zero quality loss. It's totally identical. But much more convenient to play.

But even though this creates a perfect copy of the video data with totally identical quality (nothing is changed or lost), I am sure most serious collectors want the .vob files... So it's up to each person if they want to follow the guide or not. Some may feel it's ok to be playing the .vob files directly. I prefer the identical .mkv file for convenience.
>> No. 17288

> > I'm not an expert so i just used HandBrake to convert these 3 vob's to 3 separate mp4 containers and then put it together using PlayMemories Home

Btw be very careful about apps like that. They very often put metadata into the exported file, which contains "Author: your real name". So if you share mp4s you have created you can be screwed for life if they can be traced back to you.

Metadata can be viewed by various apps such as MediaInfo (https://mediaarea.net/en/MediaInfo/Screenshots).

For example, I won't say what videos I found them in, but here's one example:

> author: Ти... Ke... Исх.... (censored for his protection, but it had his full name and nickname)

Home movie/compression apps are very bad about privacy and usually put author like that. This is a warning to all people here I guess...
>> No. 17349
password please 17274
>> No. 17391
Are you blind? it is at the bottom of the post you referenced
>> No. 17447
thanks awesome explanation about VOB's
plus a small note about HJSplit
just that particular info major useful info about Vob's parts to 1 file

webe and France
that mantelpiece inside of the mentioned mansion were discussed a lot even long time ago
at the time i've searched for satine & gigi which started my interest for webe
after a vacation sort of for a couple of years finding sevina was a really great find to me

a question did any of other webe models made any DVD's similar to sevinas?
no rush time limited means no visits here for a while.....
>> No. 17502
Great to hear the info helped. :)

> webe and France
>that mantelpiece inside of the mentioned mansion were discussed a lot even long time ago

Yeah exactly, there's a "coat of arms" in some photos, which could lead people to where in France the mansion is located. I don't know if anyone actually figured it out though. :P

> a question did any of other webe models made any DVD's similar to sevinas?

Yeah Laurie made one too, and she looks incredibly beautiful in it. Sexy, tall and suntanned. ;) I don't have it anymore though, since I lost most of my interest in Laurie a long time ago. She's super cute but doesn't do it much for me anymore. :P

Not like Sevina who always and forever drives me nuts. ^^
>> No. 17514
The nude webe videos (with other girls) are posted here: https://180chan.info/mir/res/4908.html

Search for:
"Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!"
"French christmas celebration"
>> No. 17590
satine have always been my fav but found out sevina is great as well mainly cause by this thread;)
the mansions location well may have been nearby sometimes not knowing it
the bloke who owned it was for sure a quite creepy guy even about other kind of business
location of mansion may interest some blokes not me as much it's enough knowing all beauty being a part of it;)

laurie well no intentions of being rude she's never been my cup of tea & i don'r know why.....

for those who don't have these vids they're just beautiful
got them since long time ago
stored collecting dust all caused by a perm ban somewhere just mention the particular vids lol
vids are posted from time to time but mostly as premium links on some obscure site or forum...
>> No. 17593
the info useful as i've never seen anyone telling that small part about HJSplit:)

about the laurie DVD nice for the collection & filling the blanks in the webe will for sure take a long time as i don't have that much of anything webe

another question please bear with me.....
anyone got an index or list with models of webe & their sets and vids?
not asking for the stuff just what they made for the fun of it hmmm and to know more of what i'm missing;)
>> No. 17632
File 152510659382.jpg - (218.29KB , 853x1280 , m119-s055-035balt.jpg )
>> No. 17633
File 152510662969.jpg - (194.92KB , 853x1280 , m119-s055-034.jpg )
>> No. 17845
WOW! anymore of her topless??
>> No. 17875
isn't she wearing a thong
>> No. 17877
I thought this was fake then looked at with photoshop
is it part of a set?
>> No. 17968
File 152519127131.jpg - (224.41KB , 853x1280 , m119-s055-035b.jpg )
Sorry folks, these are fakes I made a few years ago. As there is now new or unpublished stuff obviously...
>> No. 17993
I must say they are good fakes!
>> No. 18043
File 152519895429.png - (93.17KB , 244x327 , maol.png )
>> No. 18088
there were plenty of nip slips etc but I never seen real thong pics
>> No. 18141
wtfI dl whole thing. Go to extract. It tell me it needs file 21??? wtf
>> No. 18619
File 152548018392.jpg - (84.03KB , 856x1280 , zm119-s25-28f.jpg )
I posted the Seve been trying to get you here or on a Tor site fou Amazing artist , you can as you see post her naughtiest pictures here no problem , please please do , Thanks for all your hard workt the other place you post never lets those messages thru , I have all your work so far , your anr ever bina fakes you made , I hav
>> No. 18945
nip slips etc
>> No. 18984
File 152561560787.jpg - (466.79KB , 780x1170 , y068 (3).jpg )
2nd of Yulya.
>> No. 19041
wow is she going to be a beautiful women
>> No. 19056
>> No. 19161
File 152568776129.jpg - (125.23KB , 856x1280 , folder.jpg )
nip slips etc
>> No. 19245
>> No. 19330
is fake
>> No. 19580
DUH still fuckin hot
>> No. 20774
File 152641058626.jpg - (211.05KB , 853x1280 , m119-s054-001.jpg )
huge fan of Sevina,
>> No. 21202
>> No. 21629
File 152698853212.png - (433.42KB , 720x540 , vlcsnap-2018-05-20-14h09m23s787.png )
Someone must have all the pics from the unpublished witch-set...and alle the never published pics made when you see the flashlight in the videos
>> No. 23214
please reup sevina videos
>> No. 23936
>> No. 27362
I use Keka. It doesn't work for me with those 3 files
>> No. 30031
>>16803 Your statement Webe used Budding Beauties as a TEST is totally false.
Models that had their own sites BEFORE BB and no Galleries at BB were: m101 Quinn, m103 Karen, m105 Laurie, m108 Alyssa, m109 Whitney, m111 Bambi, m114 Daisy.
Models that opened after BB and also had NO galleries at BB were: m137 Leslie, m139 Deana, m140 Tabitha, m141 Chastity, m144 Bobbie, m150 Gigi, m151 Aubrey, m153 Satine.
The only models that were BB then opened their own site were: m118 Phoebe, m119 Sevina, m127 Alexis, m128 Farrah, m143 Juliet-1, m155 Lane

However there were many BB models:
m102 Danei-1, m104, m106, m107, m110, m112 Sonny, m115 Alice, m116 Jessie, m117, m120 Tettie sister to m118 & m119, m121 Julliete aka Niki-1, m122, m123 Elfie, m124, n125, m126 Addiie sister of m151, m129, m132, m134, m135, m136, m142, m145, m146 Natasha aka Tasha, m148 Juliet-2, m149 Barbie sister to m144, m152 Tawny, m154
>> No. 31364
File 153332652051.png - (492.54KB , 598x1024 , untitled.png )
is this sevina model
>> No. 31366
File 153332940559.jpg - (140.84KB , 724x1024 , nuc02.jpg )
Not Sevina. Pic is from old German nudist magazine. JungFrei
>> No. 31447
File 153338277130.jpg - (54.47KB , 395x500 , cOgI5.jpg )
anyone know if there is a video or set to this pic
>> No. 31557
31447 Looks like she was getting her bald little slit spanked! She is a sexy little thing, delicious ass---thanks for the picts
>> No. 31808
the pass words are not working
>> No. 32714
blowjob with sevina
>> No. 32789
Had many a good fap over her pics.
>> No. 32799
Some fakes of sevina!!
>> No. 32891
Some cumshot fakes with sevina!!!
>> No. 32917
File 153469853241.jpg - (134.05KB , 856x1280 , 9EC9A571-9E55-4344-8035-2E625943BE4D.jpg )
>> No. 33705
>> No. 33706
So sexy!!
>> No. 33839
>> No. 33840
>> No. 33910
We can do some new fake of sevina?
>> No. 34047
slut needs it in all holes
>> No. 35066
password for videos do not work,help.
>> No. 44217
>> No. 44218
Sevina super!!
>> No. 44266
Sevina has a body made to be fucked hard in all positions.
>> No. 44277
File 154498760829.jpg - (102.05KB , 856x1280 , sevina_8194 gloryhole 10.jpg )
>> No. 44310
More please!
>> No. 44348
File 154504749419.jpg - (164.92KB , 1200x1600 , p6020075.jpg )
>> No. 44382
More fakes!!!
>> No. 44398
So many words used, to say "Use mkvtoolnix to merge them losslessly. In the GUI just drag VTS_01_1 to source file and it handles the rest, hit start multiplexing".
>> No. 44402
someone post a conversion please
>> No. 44616
>> No. 44700
File 154527010538.jpg - (173.64KB , 1200x1600 , folder.jpg )
>> No. 44701
File 154527014360.jpg - (167.41KB , 1200x1600 , p6020009.jpg )
>> No. 44772
she was Webe Phoebe's much cuter younger sister
>> No. 44785
Qué culazooooo...

what a great asssssss...
>> No. 44969
File 154549507846.jpg - (257.88KB , 1024x767 , Sevina 10691.jpg )
>> No. 44970
File 154549510982.jpg - (135.29KB , 769x1024 , Sevina 19691.jpg )
>> No. 44978
File 154550150963.jpg - (147.15KB , 856x1280 , m119-s56-031.jpg )
>> No. 45018
>> No. 45019
Great jobs!!
>> No. 45020
Sevina super!!
>> No. 45100
File 15455918406.jpg - (95.49KB , 677x901 , teenfuns242_102.jpg )
Looks to be Teenfuns Sonya
>> No. 45104
Damn that Sonya is one banging hottie. One of my favs.
>> No. 45113
File 154560715619.jpg - (175.40KB , 1600x1200 , p6020012.jpg )

OMG Thanks so much , you are a Faking God . by far the best Fakes of her I have eever seen LOL you used my Sonya wallpaper , now I have a Sevina Wallpaper that loouk Beautiful beyond words
Happy Holidays
hope you bring more gifts
>> No. 45125
File 154562204749.jpg - (118.26KB , 864x1321 , lfix675_131.jpg )
Sonya & Nancy - thats what heaven looks like to me
>> No. 45167
File 154566842968.jpg - (127.82KB , 1200x1600 , Yulya y113-013-p6020079.jpg )
Vlad's Yulya y113
I'd recognize those stems anywhere
>> No. 45173
Sevina super!!!
>> No. 45175
I would recognize that ass wherever
>> No. 45206
I would sniff that sofa hoping to find wet spots
>> No. 45351
More sevina fakes!!
>> No. 45352
Wow! So cool!
>> No. 45353
I always love sevina:))
>> No. 45379
Sevina was 2 minutes in Webe web as Karen model.
>> No. 45415
File 154592685759.jpg - (169.18KB , 1200x1600 , p6020006.jpg )
>> No. 45440
More pleasee
>> No. 45509
More more more
>> No. 47232
File 154730711176.jpg - (350.18KB , 875x654 , 152100254065 sevina model 9706.jpg )
>> No. 47353
>> No. 47354
Wow compliments!! So cool
>> No. 47355
Sevina the best
>> No. 48092
Wow!!! Cool
>> No. 48099
Thanks so much ,
>> No. 48212
More photos!!!!!
>> No. 48231
what a sexy girl!
>> No. 48908
More fakes of this fantastic girl!!!
>> No. 50886
more fakes:


>> No. 50888
File 155038367967.jpg - (96.66KB , 853x1280 , m144-s064-041.jpg )
I am a webeweb fan from way back...I may have some files u seek. I will look tomorrow and see what I can post. (maybe have a semi-full site rip...I have to check).
My webe fave is Bobbie-model. I am seeking to complete her sets. If you have any to share let me know. ;-)
>> No. 50952
File 155043202361.jpg - (197.40KB , 1600x1200 , p8040022.jpg )
Hey Bobbie Fan - this thread is about Sevina!
>> No. 50973
Sorry about that. I think I posted it here after having a few mixed drinks... Otherwise I would have known better. Sevina is hot too, and this thread is dedicated to her, and only her.
>> No. 50974
How to download from DLFREE using table/phone?
>> No. 50988
File 155046790028.jpg - (169.74KB , 1600x1200 , p8040022.jpg )
>Hey Bobbie Fan - this thread is about Sevina!
So why ruin a photo of Zhenya by shopping Sevina's face onto it?
>> No. 52434
File 15521466475.jpg - (188.19KB , 1200x1600 , p8040050.jpg )
Because Sevina is way hotter and has - opposite to Zhenya - a sexy facial expression...
>> No. 52439
File 155214856033.jpg - (114.70KB , 856x1280 , m119-s56-012.jpg )
I´m bad I´m nationwide
>> No. 52471
Das ist wirklich eine schöne Kindermöse!
>> No. 52507
File 155223059619.jpg - (229.75KB , 853x1280 , m144-s085-068.jpg )
I love it when they give hand jesters and facial expressions....she is pretending to jerk your.....and ...u know what I mean.
>> No. 52518
File 155224192030.png - (214.80KB , 475x360 , Lexi Belle HJ.png )
Me too brah! I know exactly what you mean! Its the reason I watch slide shows of these little cockteases with teen JOI vids
>> No. 52530
File 155225282030.png - (215.23KB , 480x360 , Lexi.png )
I know exactly what you mean. Thats why I watch slide shows of these young hotties with JOI vids with teens like Lexi Belle who high squeaky voices.
>> No. 52531
sorry for the double post these boards are so twonky
>> No. 52540
not more

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