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File 152468860399.png - (46.33KB , 200x324 , pbgrail.png )
16309 No. 16309
what are you looking for , missing , have never seen personally?
M_41 along with everyone else of course :P
later and current pics of Ultra Model
mask girl ( the blonde one) first fuck vid
any and all old Sally full vids , shit that's the best stuff ever

Fantasies :
granny Cherish fucking
2 guys one loli (yeah that one Deli vid , but better)
just think if BabyJ's dad had brought a friend over!
family fuck vids that aren't grainy as fuck ( 70's)
Preteens that can actually fuck to completion
multiple family orgy ( why didn't "photo by carl" ever get a damn video camera :P )
loli / teen boy bukkake
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>> No. 16331
Alina y111 completely nude
>> No. 16337
i would like to see the linda bj/sex vids
>> No. 16342
Vicky and linda lmao spend 5 minutes on tor and stop begging
>> No. 16343
That someone somewhere actually ordered a special custom vid of Veronika Babko doing a MS-45 style blowjob vid and then decides to release it to the rest of us.
>> No. 16348

yeah , we can dream , so far just fakes
>> No. 16352
File 15247042779.jpg - (61.73KB , 640x360 , 1442728143529-2.jpg )
someone needs to interview ol Sergi and get a list of what got sold :)
>> No. 16362
this man is fucking hero ... his girls are national treasure
>> No. 16363
I'd just be happy to see a young girl get fucked and actually enjoy it. Would take me back to my childhood mmm
>> No. 16366
File 152470895285.jpg - (111.20KB , 900x600 , goddess_astarte.jpg )
Just follow me, my teachings, and I'll show you the way...
>> No. 16367
File 152470898429.jpg - (122.45KB , 900x600 , goddess_astarte2.jpg )
>> No. 16370
File 152470919788.jpg - (84.67KB , 500x751 , 140205063714.jpg )
>> No. 16375
File 152470928387.jpg - (80.51KB , 363x301 , 14146220799.jpg )
So far Mask Girl seems the best , she fucking loves it! cums hard , Linda might , but with the one shortened fuck clip that's out there with no sound ( or worse that fake sound one) , it's hard to tell she seems to be having fun. Sally whether she likes it or not is the hottest still.
>> No. 16379
File 152470973983.jpg - (106.43KB , 700x1050 , 14669817167654.jpg )
>> No. 16382
the Jessi/Brianna suck/fuck vids that we'll never see>>16309
>> No. 16505
reup of mask girl vids?
>> No. 16594
Fantasy that I have is pee. The only proper pee I saw was the one that French girl Christine received in the 70s, and that you can see in Lolita Magazine and their movies.
She gets peed on by three guys (her 2 brothers and that old guy that shot the movie/pics), drinks pee, licks balls and ass, so, the whole circuit.
One REAL grail (not just hoarded stuff) would be exactly those Christina movies and shots, BUT ALL OF THEM, not only what was released in Lolita Magazine in the 1970s and 1980s. Just before the guy that shot the movies was jailed in 1990 something, he was interviewed by one of his fans for a fanzine, and he said he got a huge stack of Christine shots. She was fucked by older men, got DPed, airtight, gangbanged, and so on.
She was a pretty preteen that is probably in her 50s today, and her material is the BEST material Lolita Magazine produced and released.
>> No. 16608
reup of sally please?
>> No. 16620
File 152476077925.jpg - (9.70KB , 89x147 , sally.jpg )
Here's the Hunt for Sally starter kit :P


it's a shame it was so long ago , original tapes probably destroyed / confiscated , but maybe some pedo Gandalf has them all , even if grainy I don't care , or someone that knows more about her , might not even be her name , I doubt the person who put the compilation together was the producer
>> No. 16622
File 152476136412.jpg - (106.49KB , 587x457 , 96117_ll_c1_01_123_600lo.jpg )
Her? I'd like to see that vid :) , I've heard all kinds of tales from the golden age of pedos in the 60's 70's
>> No. 16639
Why did you make this post asking everyone what they wanted? You never fallowed through on answering anyone's request.
>> No. 16647


they need to have post "tags" by topic so people could find stuff on here more easily
>> No. 16682
>>16620 Hope somebody cums up with some sally vids to download
>> No. 16807
There's a thumbnail preview that somebody posted in the other thread "hoarder's nightmare" (no. 16780). One is for a vid called "anal_latino.avi". I've seen several different previews for what I consider the same vid but never found it or found out the name. Alongside the blue dress girl and the one that appears under chinese anal or chin anal is what I consider my holy grail. Can somebody up it or give hints? (Oh, and Sally, Linda, Estefy...)
>> No. 17743
I have two that have been driving me crazy for a couple years, on the edge toward the sw side of what we do here, but screw it, I'll list them anyway, maybe someone can help.

1. Before Diddy had her site Diddylicious, she had a site Diddydoesit, and before that she was on... some other site that I can't recall. That site had a great video of her wandering around in a park, sunbathing, and changing outfits.

2. The girl in this set (and a couple others) with Sarah Peachez had her own site, but I've forgotten her name (https://get.google.com/albumarchive/102991864033125515135/album/AF1QipMU9G4Emk4NZpo8Jyji6g7ruxgwY07d6eOhd98e). As a bonus, that site had a companion site with another girl, whose name was something like Tania or Tatiana, and there was at least one crossover set where they were showering in quite sheer bikinis/underwear.

If anyone can refresh my memory, even if it isn't direct links to sets, I'd be appreciative.
>> No. 17751
>>16620 Anbody got her vids to drop
>> No. 19006
some of the same footage and still grainy , but SOUND! , and apparently they kept at it for years so there's tons of footage yet to be re-released
Thanks to anon @ 144 for the 2nd piece of the puzzle

PASS: sally144chan
>> No. 19097
File 152565887478.png - (172.16KB , 359x519 , sallygrail.png )
pass 144chan

Man Sally's Dad was the Godfather of all producers , holy shit!
>> No. 19339
yes, bred so hard
>> No. 19412
File 15258000201.jpg - (787.87KB , 2048x1536 , 2003-03-19_19-38-45.jpg )
Always fantasized about this little lady doing a salty milk comparison between daddy and old Rover
>> No. 19419

I have never seen Jenny's Dad cum ??? does his dick not work? he ties her up , makes her blow a dog , but can't squirt his juice all over his little girl? what's wrong with him lol
>> No. 19426

LOL - correct.
The only video i have is of her giving dad a BJ while he fingers her at the same time - never seen him cum though. Wouldn't take me more than 5 seconds!!
>> No. 19439
My fantasy video would be of any of our favorite lovely ladies actually going through a leg shaking, body tensing orgasm. There are a few out there of girls having orgasms but I have yet to find/see one of a girl being licked to orgasm. In so many videos it is just the guy getting off.

Oh, another fantasy video would be one with Valya taking it up the rear al-la Cat Goddess style on the sofa.

Oh, one more fantasy... A collaboration video of two or more of our favorites. Holly getting licked by Lakia... Or Peach and Cherish having a foursome with Casey and October... Cambodia fat man having an orgy with LS girls...
>> No. 19453
File 15258165309.png - (164.94KB , 352x288 , masha.png )
one day there will be holodecks and maybe our grandkids can make any loli fuck mixtape they want :P , or just go buy a robo-loli

Girlgasms are hot , but definitely rarer , best one that comes to mind is Masha , not that Masha , no the other Masha :P , she gets a lil anal in one vid in a car , but her best is solos and getting rubbed the right way

Some others:

Viola just fakes it and is so fussy It's hard for me to get into her enjoying anything

Anna from Pbirds has a nice bate vid , but even if she's faking I don't care she's just so cute :)

Valya does tons of anal , but she doesn't seem to enjoy it much

Ronald Franco's girl Karen appears to love it
currently trying to track all her stuff down.

Tara might be cumming a couple vids , but she's
probably just making noise to appease Bart the Clown

and then their's the hottest of all MaskGirl
no , not that mask girl , the other one , no that one...
she's the best lil cummer out there , she'll break your dick off with a smile! :P
>> No. 19596
First post - hope it works!


PASS: 155chan-top
>> No. 19598
works , yeah that's probably one of her best ( doesn't have all the covering up of her face , you know a lil girl is enjoying it / cumming when they cup their little breasts , Mask Girl does that and its so hot!
>> No. 19691
Wrong Pass?
>> No. 19700
Never mind. Copy paste did not work but typing it in manually worked. Thanks
>> No. 19768
File 152598028794.jpg - (43.10KB , 371x148 , maskgirl.jpg )
the other "Mask Girl" is hot too , anyone got her unmasked vids?
>> No. 19769
File 152598039627.png - (865.71KB , 200x200 , bucket.png )
^ look in the bucket for thumbs
>> No. 19789
i am posted all her movies here (13 movies):

>> No. 19799
Bump for her stuff. Also Daphne fron YVM. And anything from ALA Sierra Model that was... exotic
>> No. 19821
Rose and Ruth from Primteens and fantasiamodels. Rose is absolutely gorgeous and Ruth is a Goddess
>> No. 19896

fuck that! premium shit
>> No. 25022

"i am posted....."?
What kind of language is that??
Fucking niggas piss me off!!
>> No. 25027
i ma sorry fo yu, if you are in a country with english native, you`ll be fucked, cause youre watching illegal
>> No. 25107
Great comeback, spat my pint all over the laptop
>> No. 25112
the whole wolffire pedomom collection :(
>> No. 25113
Sorry about your laptop!!

But, if you can't "speeka da inglish" then they should write in their own fucking language and lets do the "Google Translate" thingy! lmao.

Much rather that than reading bastardized versions of a sacred language!
>> No. 25135
It was that april video with the tiger mask that haunted me for the longest. But a kind anon uploaded some of her gems and I'm really grateful.

RIP opva

But I just misplaced my stash and the only files I really miss are the Valya blowjob videos. Would love to have those again.
>> No. 25142
found a mega with a ton of color climax retro magazine scans once. always wish id saved them. if anyone has any, id be greatful!
>> No. 25460
todos los links caidos resubir por favor
>> No. 25466
broken links reopen
>> No. 25948
excellent. I found my stash. So now the only thing I need to be complete would be Valya 28 and 30.
>> No. 35304
File 153650506420.jpg - (313.64KB , 1240x964 , 47 (4).jpg )
my holy grail to watch masha 2nd bj m32 i believe ok m41 would be fu?king amazing as well but m32 would do me fine hint to anyone who has it have most of siberian sets so can swap
>> No. 35305
Here 2 videos from me.
>> No. 35316

These fakes are so bad. You guys are just embarassing yourself with your bush league shop skills.

Just stop.
>> No. 35322
I wanna see real interracial action, preferably a BellaK body type.
>> No. 35325
reuplad please its gone on dl.free please :(
>> No. 35326
pls reaup sally please its gone on dl.free :(
>> No. 35344
Lost fave: this kinda chubby girl with dark curly hair, and a boy, only ever saw one pic of her touching his dick and one where they're kissing. No idea about a name.

Fantasy: Candydoll Sonya M getting pissed on by two guys, then spit roasted, then she takes more piss in the mouth and swallows it.
>> No. 35596
reup plz
>> No. 35613
the picture of the ls girl with bbc up her chuffer is not fake has have whole video i think that LS did a japanese nude rating video and then they would do a hard core version as at end of video ls takes the bbc in the mouth and finishes him of
>> No. 35682
I'm still looking for the video ( or videos ) of the girl webcamming while her little brother in a wheelchair is trying to grab her tits and take her tops off. Really fucking hot
>> No. 35689
File 153682044168.jpg - (910.97KB , 1200x1800 , ValensiyaS12_013.jpg )
>>35344 I have a similar fantasy, only fuck the other guys, it's ME who piss in her mouth! And then we are change the roles, now SonyaM piss into my mouth, but she can't piss enough i able to drink so she calls the others Candydolls like LauraB, ValensiyaS, AlissaP and HannaF to help her and they all start drinking soda and pissing on me and into my mouth and i drink it all!
>> No. 37609
I need videos of daphne and her dad daphne is pure sexy slut I'd lock her in my room and fill her with gallons of cum
>> No. 52655
Link is dead. Please reup!!! thanks!!!!
>> No. 52661
Would have been great to see the LS girls posing for hardcore pics with men and women!
>> No. 52925
Don't deny her reup plz. she's clearly begging for some sausage
>> No. 52946
Looking for a vid haven't seen it in over a decade. Girl maybe 8 or 9 standing and then in bed showing off naked butt laughing, then standing in a dress doing two-handed tug on a guy,really putting all her weight into it and giggling the whole time. He points to the tip as if he's asking to be sucked. She shakes her head no and continues tugging.
>> No. 52959
File 155272791698.jpg - (538.50KB , 1313x720 , woof.jpg )
Would seriously have liked to see Tara with Old Rover. Reckon Bart had her well trained and she was up for whatever he came with.
A real dick in her instead of micro-bart would have truly turned her into an animal!
>> No. 52998
File 155276943258.jpg - (193.19KB , 970x900 , Do000SS.jpg )
I think the hardest thing to find is real videos of dogs fucking lolis, or even hebes. You know it happens, and must have been captured on video. I've never seen a real one. Would like to see it.
>> No. 53025
can sb reup it please ?
>> No. 53043
File 155281908766.jpg - (38.82KB , 409x595 , LIZADOG1.jpg )
certainly lots of webcam stuff with underage doggy play proving girls like to experiment with it.
But unfortunately as good as nothing in an adult- preteen way except Jenny of course.
Read a while ago of a norwegian who claimed she was shared out by her father to drinking friends. He included the family dog in the shows she had to put on at the tender age of 9 and upwards.
Get quite chunky thinking of her on hands and knees being literally doggy fucked while a group of guys sit around her jerking and commenting on her degradation.
>> No. 53082
That girl ridin g a mechanical bull

she was asian a nd there were more girsl with her
>> No. 53103
Hey all. I remember a looong time ago seeing a video titled 13yo.3gp or 14yo.3gp. The file was an Asian girl getting fucked by an older guy with blonde hair on a couch. She was moaning pretty loudly and had painted toe nails. I think she also had braces but I’m not too sure. She was also laying on her back. Still trying to find it but I’ve had no luck :/

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