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/mir/ ~ Siberian Mouse (Lost Sets)
File 152524934635.jpg - (46.34KB , 1145x538 , smm lost set mm_32.jpg )
18176 No. 18176
please upload this set...please
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>> No. 18250
File 152528527999.jpg - (138.50KB , 2272x1704 , IMG_9682.jpg )
my favorite shot , but that's all this set shows , unless I'm missing pics , must've just put the camera down when jerking off on them
>> No. 18268

That's why so much of this stuff - nude and nonnude - comes from Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan (which is 40% Russian) and Moldova:

the girls are white and poor. Most American (most!) families won't let their daughters do the nn modeling let alone nude modeling or full on underage sex pics/vids.

Russians are desperate for cash - American dollars go a long way in these places.

Just look at HOW MANY girls were LS Girls - there's at least 500 girls with numbers - plus a couple hundred more girls who did one off or just a few sets.

Who's to say how Americans - or British or French or Germans - would act if they suddenly found themselves that poor?
>> No. 18273
yeah , only other boom area for lolis seems to be South America , and I get tired of brown girls :P
>> No. 18275
If I recall correctly Sergei was operating out of Novosibirsk. That's about the same size as Philadelphia. They may have been poor but they certainly weren't peasant country girls like AMS or LSM
>> No. 18280
File 152529136846.jpg - (57.50KB , 500x375 , 1438736259958.jpg )
I wonder if any of his old girls stays in touch with him in prison :D
>> No. 18286
LSM was out of kiev. not poor, just duped and a different moral attitude then the amerifags and their puritan values.
they left britania cause they were too fucking up tight, now a whole nation of self ritchipus assmonger in the closet boy fuckers are telling the world what to and not to do.
Brazil knows where is at , Não tô nem aí!
>> No. 18292
File 152529757898.png - (162.09KB , 384x288 , darkstudio.png )
is Dark Studio , 1st Studio , and Siberian Mouse all the same people?
>> No. 18348

...because let's face it - the argument that these Ukrainian parents were too stupid to understand their tween and teen daughters were doing full on porn...is essentially racist.

Yes, dude, POOR. That's the real reason behind this. Yes, of course, there was the complete collapse of morality under communism.

But basically - poor and white. With white being the most important part here. There's plenty of Cambodian and Filipino parents who would gladly let their daughters "model" up to and including full penetration fucking. And that certainly has an audience.

But the real money is in - white girls. And many ethnic Russians are indistinguishable from European or American whites. yes, there is definitely a "Russian" or "Slavic" look, but many of the girls would not stand out at all in an American junior high school or the British or German equivalent.

These parents, esp in the LS models case - saw that communism had collapsed but the communists remained in charge and were allowed to loot the country and become the billionaire oligarchs.

So, why not let little Lesya and Galina show their pussies for Americans and Europeans willing to pay $30/month for the privilege.

A few hundred bucks must have been a Godsned for a lot of these families...
>> No. 18354
It's not just the lack of morals. More like different morality as well. Those people have a different view on sexuality and children, and I'm not saying they're all pedos or abusers but that they didn't see anything wrong with what was LS doing. In their mind things like this are kinda normal, or at least use to be up until mid 2000s. Westerners have a hard time understanding this and they enforced shutting of LS. For those girls and parents, it was more like a fun and profitable thing to do. Sure, money was great and girls would earn more per hour than average full time worker in Ukraine for a day, but I guarantee you that agencies like LS would have same success even in better economy and parents present on those shootings, as well as models had real fun experience and enjoyed doing it. Not like they were forced or abused.

If LS rebooted today and no one intervened to stop it, they would have even more girls to work with. In early 2000s they got near 2000 girl models within few years, from a single city and that's not even Kiev, and most of them applied through regular, official ads.
>> No. 18360
Agreed. Different customary.
>> No. 18362
Thats because White America believes all that gun-lovin' capitalist, protestant faggotry. Show 'em a kid with a wad of money and a rifle stuck up her ass, and they'll make you President.
>> No. 18367
File 152536076389.jpg - (178.16KB , 1704x2272 , 87345294_029.jpg )
gentlemen , while this is all very fascinating , I cannot fap to it , at least post a relevant pic during prolonged discussion lol
>> No. 18375

Hear Hear Anti Anti says "Hear hear"!
No bollocktics on this sacred site please!

Subscribe to the Guardian or some other BS rag.
>> No. 18433
nope, DS was a one off, too bad.
>> No. 18435
thx , just seemed really similar content to SM
>> No. 18436
small fun fact. LS wasn't shut down for any crime, it was a because of money laundering and international banking violations. The ukrs knew all along what was happening, but the brits and amerifags sent complains to the imf, world bank and the international cc processors. They were being bothered and it was causing them all to have to justify this activity that was illegal in their countries . Then there's the local gov/ mod... they didn't pay the upers and eventually got shut down...
that funfact.

no one ever went to jail!!!
>> No. 18437
File 152538045850.jpg - (30.39KB , 595x447 , 144166215775.jpg )
nice info , what about Paradise Birds , Polar Lights ( which is which?) they went from modeling to hardcore like SM did they go down or just underground?
>> No. 18442
The guy that ran paradisebitds polarlights was busted only 2 years back
>> No. 18536

Given how corrupt Ukraine is, the reason so charge were filed against the owner is obvious - he was paying off the right people!

Because of course it's illegal to take porn pics of underage girls in the Ukraine.

They didnt bust the guy because he was bringing it shit tons of foreign currency AND paying his models in said foreign currency. As far as the Ukrainian gov't was concerned this was a win-win-win.

The owner won, the models won and the Ukrainian officials taking bribes won.

It was only when it was obvious that LS was being protected by that gov't that it was shut down. It was just too embarasssing to let a major child porn ring run in the open.

But they protected the dude - he was never charged or prosecuted.
>> No. 18592
Whats paradisebitds??
>> No. 18616
well i'm sorry or my spelling,it should be paradisebirds
>> No. 18993
File 152561717411.jpg - (38.06KB , 400x259 , SS_ad.jpg )

The part with "regular ads" is correct and I think I've posted this Showstars newspaper ad previously.

Only in the "Wild East" :)
>> No. 19051
File 152563396417.jpg - (116.34KB , 967x375 , Sergey Kropochkin OW.jpg )
"Siberian Mouse" was the work of Sergey Kropochkin, who was based in Novosibirsk (Russia - not Ukraine)and who was aprehended in Nov. 2012 and sent to jail for 14 years in late 2013 (there is a police video of his capture, which took place in the same apartment that is shown in MSH-45). He was caught because the mother of Inna (her sister in SM too) found a large amount of money and the girls confessed about its source.

He used a garage and various apartments around town to shoot the girls.

Link to the video of Sergey Kropochkin capture by police:

Other references on-line to read in Russian, i.e.:

(You can use google to translate the site)
>> No. 19059
Siberian Mouse 2027 . just in time for Masha and Veronika to have kids ;) , Sergei will be back at it I bet
>> No. 19107
Yeah, Sergei will be back...unless he gets shivved
>> No. 19139

I'm not Russian or Ukrainian, so it's hard to dispute what you're saying.

And the evidence - the more than 500 (!) LS models seems to confirm that you're correct - hundreds and hundreds of Ukrainian parents apparently saw nothing wrong with letting their 10, 11, 12, 13, 14 year old ddaughters do full on modelling (in the case of Oliona, full on fucking).

On the other hands - I imagine if the Ukranian economy weren't so fucked up and the avg Ukrainian workers were making 1st world wages, I doubt they'd be signing their daughters up to do porn.

But, as I said, I"m not Ukranian - so you may be right!
>> No. 19140

So ol' Sergei wasn't smart enough to pay the parents off???

That was really, really fucking dumb. By paying the parents, they would have been implicated.

Oth, it's hard to imagine he wouldn't have eventually been caught. Someone who knew the girls would have eventually seen the videos or the website and, voila, busted.

Still, 14 years in a Russian prison - probably shoot myself first.
>> No. 19190
File 152570610276.png - (311.68KB , 720x400 , snitch.png )
ha ha , this ol bitch probably tried to extort Sergei before turning him in when he couldn't meet her price , lol maybe Sergei can avoid death in prison by offering his secret backups and unreleased videos to the Russian Mafia
>> No. 19202

FUCK! It's Bailey's Mom - fucking up JB porn everywhere!!!!

>> No. 20161
File 152607712050.jpg - (1.39MB , 1704x2272 , IMG_1256.jpg )
aren't they Brother & Sister?
>> No. 20176
>> No. 22936
He's dead.
>> No. 22938
File 152709959036.jpg - (341.84KB , 1080x1080 , 722b2c8b8d6a72fc486eee553be738954d5af4ea5bd393289d.jpg )
holy fuck this thread is fascinating
>> No. 22996
according to various sources they are. Like to think it was their first time together and caught nicely for us on cam.
>> No. 23025
File 152714024816.png - (705.51KB , 629x475 , 1471487223108-1.png )
>> No. 36172
If polarlights was busted two years back, does that mean Casey is available now?

Because I want to marry that girl, so she can seduce little girls into our bedroom, and teach them how to please me.
>> No. 36251
Chit-chat all day while seriously entertaining and educational I need some sets vids or links I knew there was a post with all the vids and sets but can't seem to find it
>> No. 36253
File 153725132923.jpg - (79.92KB , 604x403 , 1785387.jpg )
>> No. 37756
those girls are busy persons on social media
my favorite https://sabitova2018.tumblr.com/
http://sabitova2017.tumblr.com/ their names
Alyona Elinkina and Elya (Elvira)Sabitova.
>> No. 37843
you have masha or sasha accounts? omg that one its really lost and has only 14 yo
>> No. 37868
http://siberianmouse280.blogspot.com/2014/09/sets.html https://ok.ru/profile/531643111442?st.layer.cmd=PopLayerClose&st._forceSetHistory=true Masha Babko is a 19 yr old girl now
>> No. 38065
MM_32 pics please
>> No. 38138
unreleased set unfortunately
>> No. 38207
I think I have more pictures of this girl.
>> No. 38215
File 153877216218.jpg - (27.58KB , 400x533 , Brazuca.jpg )
I think I have more pictures of this girl.
>> No. 38252
>> No. 38276
this is pic from MM27

direct link
>> No. 38740
Bump for MM_32
>> No. 38899
She's really hot
>> No. 39350
File 153987041869.png - (1.04MB , 966x546 , sasha.png )
How old was Sasha here? I would say 14 or?

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